Updates from the 2015 WCHR and Related News

The 9th World Congress for Hair Research just ended in Miami and there is a surprising lack of online publicly available information regarding key developments. Some companies often publish their presentations on their websites several days after the end of such conferences, so I will update this post in the next week as new information comes out.

2015 Word Congress for Hair Research (WCHR) Updates

Update: 9th World Conference for Hair Research abstracts now available online.

Update: Below is the unbelievable before and after image from Histogen’s Dr. Gail Naughton’s presentation that everyone is talking about (Edit: Image was later removed from source site).

Update: Hellouser’s Youtube channel.

Update: Spencer Kobren’s interview with Histogen’s Dr. Gail Naughton, including all her slides. Very encouraging and an absolute must see.

Update: Spencer Kobren’s interview with Replicel’s Lee Buckler.

— The best place to get updates remains Hellouser’s thread on the HLT forums. He is apparently back in Canada and fatigued at present, but will slowly update that thread (or perhaps create new threads on different companies in that portion of the HLT forums). He is going to load his audio files somewhere outside the forums too.

Samumed came out yet another press release today, summarizing its presentation at the Miami Congress. I am getting more optimistic about the company’s unique SM04554 topical product that tackles hair loss via the Wnt pathway. At present, the company has only concluded that the product is very safe based on its recently completed 300 person trial (interestingly, one of the co-organizers of the 2015 WCHR, Dr. WIlma Bergfeld, was involved in this trial via the Cleveland center).

Actual data on new hair growth will come out as it becomes available, which I am hoping will be in early 2016. The conclusion of the press release is encouraging, even if not pertaining to humans: “SM04554 has been shown to generate new hair follicles and increase hair count in multiple animal models.” At the same time, we have to be wary from past experiences that all these press releases could very well be just a means to attract publicity and funding. The final product could at best always end up being no better than Rogaine.

— I am disappointed that the 2015 WCHR Twitter account has been completely silent during and after the Congress. It is unlikely that they will publish anything this week either, but maybe it is still worth keeping an eye on that account before it ends in Twitter purgatory. Maybe “Helllouser” should get the wwww.twitter.com/2016WCHR account now while no-one has it and then tell the Japanese organizers of next year’s Congress that he will do a much better job of updating it?

— I discussed Allergan twice in this blog recently (see here and here) and it seems like the company is now definitely merging with Pfizer. Together, the new entity will be by far the world’s largest pharmaceutical company. Too early to tell how if at all this will impact the release of Allergan’s Bimatoprost and Setipiprant drugs to treat hair loss.

— Replicel usually publishes its latest presentation on its website and announces them via its Twitter account.

— Histogen remains the big mystery. A few months ago, most people had given up on it. Then things changed and I wrote this post. Now “Hellouser” is saying that he was very impressed with their presentation. I am really looking forward to his interview with CEO Gail Naughton.

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  1. “The final product could at best always end up being no better than Rogaine. ” – well said admin. We will be f***** up again if that happens so. By the way, thanks for the article & your great effort.

    1. Well, actually in the patent for the drug, it states that the aim is to be more effective at regrowing hair in greater amounts and quicker than both rogaine and propecia. If this is the aim for their product, then success means results would have to be visibly superior.

      They do not have the efficacy data tallied yet, but I’m fairly sure they see some pretty good effectiveness. I think we should expect something good, because when they made that press release about SM04554 and the WCHR, their statement was tied directly to the success of their osteoarthritis clinical study, and their platform for Wnt modulation

        1. Thanks!

          I also forgot to mention that in their latest press release about SM, there is a lot about the drug proving to be completely safe. Why give a crap if it’s safe, if it does not work?

          It works. However, it would be unprofessional of the researchers to make any pronouncements before data has actually been collected. It looks good, though. I really like this statement as well: “We are hoping to see exploratory efficacy data consistent with our promising preclinical results, which would constitute another significant milestone for Samumed.”

          Sounds sort of like forward thinking, maybe?

  2. Christopher1 Any Updates?

    I believe The Great Experiment that he is doing has been closed by the website (my guess since I tried to comment and the site would not let me).

    This does pertain to this thread in that if he is successful it would be the greatest news in The Hair Loss World.

  3. Note to everyone, abandon TheBaldTruth forum. It has now become a propaganda forum. They have had no updates or interview with regards to new treatments in at least a year. (Not including pilowfocus which I think Spencer is in on, as it is about the only thing apart from standard hair transplants he is pushing, and unless they can multiply donar hair it is really a waste of time).

    Now Hellouser is posting his 9th Annual Hair Congress updates on Hairlosstalk, suddenly we have a interview with Replicel on BTT. Coincidence much?

    Also PayDay is one of Spencers cronies. Nice edit to JayM’s post by Winston doesnt even sound like something he would say!

    1. AWESOME POST. Farkhairloss you are 100% right. Spread the notice about TBT. Pathetic forum. The don’t want a new treatment. Bad news TBT…The treatmentS are SO CLOSE.

  4. Hi Admin

    The research I’ve done suggests that even if this was only as good as rogaine it would be a better choice with less side effects. Hopefully no side effects. Has you herd of any possible side effects? Another side question is would the inhibition of the wnt pathway render the dht aspect hairloss ineffective? As in would dht eno longer effect the hair follicles?

    As much as Im rooting for Rch-01 and Histogen to find a “cure” even if it means periodical injections (again with no side effects) which I believe we will see within 5-10 years max with all the attention on the industry now.

    Getting a Rogaine level solution with no sides would be a God send for me atleast. I’m sorry for those of you who are alot further along. Heck I’m norood 1.5 with some thinning out and just want to stop the process and go back to my 18 year old thick as hell hair.

    I am currently 25 and just starting to thin out. My dad and I seems to thin out evenly over the top rather than receed like the Norwood scale. At 65 he is certified NW6

      1. i got confused i thought it is of your interest
        ” I am also interested in the update on topical Finasteride product P-3074 as I would love to stop taking oral Finasteride next year”

  5. There will never be a topical fin because DHT will still be in your blood.

    Samumed not really important for now, because the WNT pathway can be sorted with wounding and LiCl once a week.

    I’m looking fwd to Seti coming to market as I wanna get of Dut.

    1. I would much rather pop a safe pill every day than “wound” myself and apply “Lithium Chloride” ……… Just saying.

      Im just curious of two things. Is we stop taking SM will the newly grown hairs fall out like with minoxidil?

      As well, how does the modulation of the WNT pathway prevent DHT from shrinking the Root of the Hair Follicle?

  6. My biggest hope is decidedly Replicel as it will be able to stop miniaturisation. Even if it isn’t great for regrowth, it will be possible to make regrowth from SM and Histogen and then immunize new hair (I think these to treatments are VERY close). Combination of these treatments, even if top FUE, will be as a cure without necessity of taking fu*king drugs forever. I was considering Propecia, but I can’t decide myself. Psychologically, I couldn’t stand that fear about side effects during many years until something new will come. When it comes to my predictions:
    Replicel – 2019 in Japan (considering their delays 2018 seems too optimistic)
    Histogen – 2018
    SM – 2017
    As you see, there is no more 5-year term, so we are very close. Actually I am NW 2 or 2,5, I will observe my situtation and waiting for concrete news when it comes to SM and Histogen timelines. If these new treatments come out, I could easily make small HT on the front.
    Propecia is pathetic and BTT also. I am user there but with other nick and I won’t be posting there. It’s pure propaganda. I saw recently that Spencer’s collegue, so called Spex, published un article on some website about ”curing” the hairloss an again : Propecia, because it’s crucial to cope with ”DHT”. It’s just absurd to write somethink like that AFTER THE CONGRESS WHEN DHT WASN’T EVEN MENTIONED as a hairloss factor. How he could be so retarded and posing for hair loss specialist?!

  7. I, too, am a little tired of Spencer. He is a total crony for the hair transplant industry. The bull he spreads is all about Propecia and hair transplants. He is a walking billboard for the stuff. I just don’t trust him.

  8. Hey guys I’m back it’s hard not posting on here lol. Admin this is the only normal hsir loss forum,thank you for creating it. So what I have gathered from replicel is that they won’t start phase 2 till 2016. Sishedo is on plan to start in early 2016. Phase 2 takes 2 to 3 yrs. Then phase 3 for US approval takes another 3 years. I think we should put this treatment in thr back burner guys. That 6 years before approval. 3 to 4 if you want to fly to Japan and if things go smoothly and if it even works. I don’t like how they have delayed so long. Since 2011 phase 1. Wtf are they doing. If this shit had real potential they would have rushed like hell to get this approved not wait around so long. Samumed may not be a full cure but they are progressing quickly, completed phase 2 and are excited to show actual results on Norwood 4 5 6 men. That’s giving me a gut feeling they have something good in their hands. If a phase 3 starts next year that lasts 2 years, we could have something in mid to late 2017 2018. Or sooner if phase 3 is 1 year. I am still waiting to hear about histogen presentation . I hope hellhouser found out a time line for them or results pictures taken on a male not female with mpb. We shall see what she said in the interview. Anything on cotsarelis? Did he talk about follica?

  9. Hey Admin, that tweet from the Samumed marketing dude seems very positive!

    I’m excited, but I’m going to contain my level of excitement until we actually get news about phase 2 efficacy. It looks like they are really banking on this being successful.

    1. Hey Whoa. I am with you on this. The only reason why I am feeling positive about samumed is how quickly they are moving. No other hair loss team has moved this quick. Let’s see what they show us phase 2 results

  10. Something interesting – Local news stations all around the country put out press releases on the phase 2 safety report, and the announcement that they would soon release those results. There were a lot of them I found, and were all over the country – Rhode Island, Texas, Louisiana etc. etc.

    Are they doing some marketing already? Kinda seems that way, with WCHR presence, the announcements etc.

  11. problem with MPB… it affects almost every one at some age but only a few admit it causes them to suffer, feel less attractive, detracts from their social lives and so on.. because of the social stigma, because it is supposed to be considered minor, just cosmetic, because of this prejudice that makes everyone feels bad because “just this unimportant issue” makes one feels bad!

    Helloes started this thread to discuss this aspect of the baldness problem:


    And that basically is the main culprit why things take so long, why maybe there isn’t a new treatment or even a cure by now!!

  12. Only Hellouser has all the news right now and I don’t know why he is revealing it so slowly. He said that he had exciting news from Histogen and even their powerpoint presentation. I hope it will be on HLT today, I can’t white anymore! Frankly speaking, all my plan when it comes to my hair loss is based on the news from Histogen and SM. (If there are chances for them to be released in 2017, I will be just waiting for them and I will be using them for the crown/midscalp and I will do in few years small HT to fix hairline with for exemple Erdogan).

    1. That’s what I was wondering about…if he had anything positive to say, like with regards to Histogen, why not share it immediately? Not too hard to summarize something that is actually exciting…so I doubt it really is…but hope I’m wrong and he has something new/promising…

  13. Microneedling Treatment in Men with Androgenetic Alopecia showed a response of + 2 to + 3 on standardized 7-point evaluation scale means Norwood 7 to Norwood 5 or less. It’s a really great news for us. Dear Admin, what do you think about Microneedling Treatment ? Is it really potential ? Here is a indian journal that shows efficacy of hair regrowth using Microneedling with some images as proof. it’s really exciting me & I really expecting all of your (viewers) opinions on this.


    1. the result of patient 4 looks impressive. https://imgur.com/OS1KZsT
      Considering Fin and Minox had not helped him before he began microneedling, this, to me, is a proof that microneedling can help.

      I’d prefer to simply swallow a pill everyday instead of doing this every night to cure my AGA but to say there’s no alternative to Fin and Minox is not true anymore, unless you’re lazy.
      Perhaps combine this with natural oil treatments for 6 months? (castor, lavender, jojoba, coconut oil or onion juice, etc…)

  14. I don’t know. Doesn’t seem very sane. Your wife and kids are all watching TV on a Thursday night, and you are upstairs, injuring your scalp for a little bit of thickness. lol Sounds awful.

  15. Haha so true Ddog. Wife kids il be upstairs dermarolling my scalp. Ignore the blood on the towels when you wash your face lol. Sad this is what we have become after all these years. Let’s hope histigen and samumed pull through in the next year or two. Not sure how much longer I can hide my thinning hairline. I has a question to ask everyone. If a new treatment like samumed, seti or latisse comes out how long will these treatments be effective . Propecia for the most part lasts 6 years before the body adjusts and minox is like 3 years or shorter from what I hear. So even if these new treatments cone ouy is it possible that the human body will only allow it to work for like 5 years then plateau and decline in effectiveness? Will we all be back in the same boat again losing hair 5 years later waiting another 20 years for a new treatment? I guess if this new treatment like seti or samumed can buy us 5 years then maybe sishedo or repkicel will be released by then. Histogen is something that can be used as well.

  16. Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I have posted an update to my JAK inhibitor trial on Hairsite. I would have posted the trial here, but this site is not really set up for users to keep relevant data updated. Great blog btw. Sorry to inform you all that I have not noticed any results yet. I will be posting more in a few weeks when I will finish the trial.

      1. Christoper1/Admin – Agreed, it takes about 3 months to show results. Since Christopher1 plans to use it for another 2 weeks (total usage time 6 weeks) that means by the end of January we will Finally know if Tofacinitib Lotion is the cure for MPB. I’ll tell you one thing if Christopher1 regrows his hair it will be one H@ll of New Year in 2016. I will be the 2nd one to put Tofacinitib Lotion (my own risk but with doctor’s prescription and review) on my ENTIRE head (I do have hair but do not want anymore to fall out) and watch the Locks Roll In.

        Christopher1 I hope it works for you I really, really do. Just let us know either way if it works at end of January (or sooner if it grows back).

        I hope to come ALL the way back in 2016:) Thanks.

        1. Adding –

          All the facts I have ever seen point to Tofacinitib Lotion as a strong possible cure for male pattern hairloss.

          BENO (JAK type drug) and 2 guys regrow their hair who had MPB for decades; the campfire guy who had Male pattern hairloss who was old and probably on an Arthritis drug; recent proof with Rats and Male Hair Grafts on rats where the hair grew thicker and stronger on rats; and finally researchers switching their position and now saying it might be possible for Tofacinitib to regrow hair on people with male pattern hairloss.

          2 Final Months, after all these years, and we will know if we have a treatment to correct male pattern hairloss.

    1. Chistopher1 – Greatly appreciate the update. I would add I think it takes a while for the results to show at least a few months THUS still a good chance it will work just takes a while. Please send us at least another update after you have done two months and even if you stop using the drug send us an update a month later as it might just take a while for the hair growth to re-kick in. Thanks.

      “in patients with moderate-to-severe alopecia areata (with more than 30 percent hair loss). In three of the trial’s early participants, ruxolitinib completely restored hair growth within four to five months of starting treatment, and the attacking T cells disappeared from the scalp.”


  17. I don’t think it will be as much of a worry with these new treatments. The old treatments didn’t really target the root of the problem. Those weren’t even invented for hair loss, which, fundamentally, is their problem. We will have to see.

  18. Admin can you please post the histogen interview here? I click on the film icon and nothing happens. It forst say error or anything. Im not tech savvy so have no idea how to fix it. I’ve never had problems opening things in the past….ugh!!

  19. Hey Tom many people are having trouble with it, but if you change browsers and/or mobile devices it will work. I can not legally post it here for now unless Spencer allows embedding via youtube.

    1. Admin im using my phone as always. Anyone else able to open it up using their phone? Can anyone assist me? Thanks so much!

      1. I had also faced your problem in Android phone. The problem is with your browser. Change your browser it will okay then. I switched from my CM browser to chrome .

  20. That Histogen pic is too cool. Is there a chance that the treatment will become even more effective by the time it is released?

  21. So histogen released in 2 to 3 yrs. Hopefully sooner because I don’t know if I have that long the way my hairline is accelerating:(

  22. Guys for god sake don’t get excited for everything, It’s like you guys are trading addictions. One day, it’s this, one day it’s that. Unless, you see a complete conclusive study or picture, don’t believe anything. This picture by histogen is completely not honest. First, the guy is holding his head higher, in the left photo than the right. Second, the hair at the middle side is combed forward in the left compared to right, and the hair style is completely different. No need to mentions difference in hair colour blackness, indicating lower light reflection in the right from the left. This picture is pure garbage, and the results are not even comparable to Finasteride. I don’t care what you guys are, but, please don’t let it shadow your rational.

    1. The pictures are 100% REAL!!!!!!!!!. Stop being disappointed. A better treatment is coming. We heard a lot of ( UPCOMING TREATMENTS ) many are trying to help MPB to have their hair back. Im really Happy that every 1 week i hear about a new thing in this website about MPB, thanks admin love your work and update. im sure its going to take more than 2 years for a better treatment to come out in USA but trust me on this its going to be sooner to release a treatment in the other countries because there are some countries that just skip every thing and go to phase iii tests.

      1. Right, so what is your prediction on histogen becoming available in Canada or Mexico? And do we know when sm will be available and where if it does well in its next phase?

    2. don’t know about that, fin does not grow hair on the temples, and not to mention you’re messing up your male hormones and nuking your manhood…I’d prefer slightly less growth and still have rock hard erections any day…no question. Couldn’t pay me to take fin.

  23. Lol whatever. Those results in that amount of time are way better than Fin.. There is significant regrowth there. The pigment change is a sign that the hair is now healthy and thriving…

  24. Not sure about the photo…maybe if they used a more credible source, not a guy who’s ads have been banned from t.v. recently for being fakes. Why is there always something stupid like this…(the hair is combed different, mid scalp is comber forward in 2nd pic and to the side in the first, and the hair appears darker everywhere…why can’t they take the exact same picture with same lighting?…gods sake, not that hard. Feel like slapping this doctor for doing that, maybe there’s good regrowth, but he raised the question by combing it differently!!)


      any company who grows hair to the extent of being a cure will comb the hair to stand up so we can actually see the scalp and the density of hair vertically… and light shining straight to the scalp.. histogen ( xiering) is clearly exagerating this patients results ( which are good) by combing the hair forward who knows what the front really looks like.. i don’t buy it man.

  25. I am skeptical based on the length of hair shown in the photos. From what I have read hair grows about .5 inches/ month. The photo shown could reflect this but that would mean that the guy received zero hair cuts over that time which is possible. But my guess is that like most people, once you hit around 2 inches you start maintaining your hair a bit better with hair cuts, especially if you haven’t had hair for awhile… You would probably want to style those new locks. Any thoughts?

  26. I would like to share ppls excitement but I honestly dont know what the fuzz is about. I mean, come on…that pic is pathetic. The comb(over)’ing, the length, the lack of different angels, close-ups etc. If this guy had significant growht why not document it better?? I guess ppl see what they wanna see.

  27. I for one believe histogen to be a fraud. I am sorry to say this, but crooks run with crooks. To select this ziering guy, a known con artist, is all I need to know to put a big red cross on this company. I can say with a great deal of certainty that the photos everyone’s clamouring about are actually doctored / comb over / insert other dubious method. That’s ziering for you, a conniving con artist who’s ripped countless people, at work!

    1. HSC is a very good treatment with a hair transplant. The results are much better than Propecia! I’m sorry to say this. The new treatment will be a commercial success. (HSC, SM, RCH-01, Seti, Bim). Follica NO.


  28. Hmm…The stats in her presi looked promising but I have to say the pic is less so, the colour has been re-touched and there has certainly been some creative hairdressing. My guess is that there has been some growth but it is disconcerting to see them try to overplay it through styling.

    Sad to see Christopher1s comment above that he hasn’t noticed any real results from his JAK trial yet…curiously, nasa_rs is nowhere to be seen, would have enjoyed his input (for the first time, probably)

    Quick question to admin/forum : Has anyone tried Carboxytherapy on the scalp before? I think there is huge potential there, yet I can’t find any studies on it….

  29. we need a scientific report about the results declared by the companies in the last conference, wish admin can give us one, which is the right cure?

  30. This just goes to show how gullible this community is. I mean you guys are ready to believe anything out of your desperation. Think about it: a company of this size couldn’t spend few hundred dollars to get the equipment necessary to scientifically and accurately document the progress of their patients? Instead, they resort to all sorts of “spin” from the classic favourable angle and lighting to the predictable comb over?
    And then, to top it all off, they use a dubious character known for engaging in all sorts of scams and plain old deceit?
    Come on people, too many red flags for even the most gullible of you not to notice. I am not surprised either that they are struggling to get funding, it all makes perfect sense. Another one to bite the dust soon.

  31. @Athmane is right. Wake up people!!! I myself have been so hopeful about Histrogen. The interviews with Dr. Gail really are spectacular she sounds so optimistic and certain about their product. If the documentation backed up what shes saying it would be the greatest thing ever. But…would any of you honestly document significant hair growth by growing it long and combing it all forward? If this guy had so much growth why not a single pic of the hair line? I

  32. Plz, it’s pathetic to claim that there are no result and it’s matter of hairstyle or angle. In before picture he had just NO hairstyle to combover antything. We are here, with Histogen, Replicel and SM in the next 2 or 3 years we will be saved without struggling with finasteride. Finally we are seeing the light in all that cauchemar, we aren’t more in ‘maybe 5 years’ term, but gamechanging treatments is coming in about 3 years. After that the situation will be getting better and better: SM, Bim, CB, Follica, Follicum etc. There would be here a plethora of alternatives.

  33. Even if a new product is only as good as Minoxidil, that’s not bad news. If they work with a different mechanism, then using both would likely have results that accumulate. Perhaps the solution in 4 years time will be a series of complementary treatments rather than one miracle pill.

  34. Okay, lets hope that im horribly wrong and need to get my eyes checked. Still, would one of the believers on this board explain why on earth they think a pic like this makes sense if there really is significant regrowth? If there was growth on the forehead like they want you to believe then why not a pic with the hair combed back or to the side so we can see the new hair line?? Because there is none thats why. Its just combed together with hair from the sides and leftovers on the scalp.

  35. Someone on the bald truth corrected the lighting of the photos: https://www.baldtruthtalk.com/threads/22156-Histogen-Complete-2015-World-Congress-Presentation-and-Interview/page6

    With the new lighting the differences in angle and the way the hair is combed/ styled becomes much more obvious.
    For me the long part in his hair in the before photo is no obscured/ minimized by the new hairstyle, suggesting that some of that hair is being combed forward. That along with the fact that it looks like the part is getting wider (another result from hair being combed in different directions).

    I’ve always been a fan of histogram and while their numbers haven’t been amazing I have always thought they have had some of the best data to date. With that said, they have always backed their photos with data and it seems very odd to me that they didn’t share numbers with us at this point… Especially when we ate dealing with dr. Z.

    That said, I do think the photos Show significant hair growth but they are also trying to create better photos by combing the hair forward. I would hope they will have numbers to back up these images soon as I only rely on numbers when it comes to scientific testing… Everything else is too subjective.
    If histogen and dr z are trying to pull a fast one it will only mean the end of them as they (histogen and their researchers) most likely will never be taken seriously again for presenting a false outcome. I think the stakes would be too high if they claim to be the next cure, creating cosmetically significant hair, and then the whole thing to turn out to be a sham.
    Just my thoughts.

  36. No guest, it’s not your eyes! It is actually that con artist ziering doing his usual tricks to deceive the gullible few – by the looks of it the desperate simpletons in here. Look at the photo again and see how far inclined his head is in the second picture, how the hair is combed etc etc. I believe the lighting was also altered.
    For me, them associating with ziering in itself is enough to discredit them. Google this scam artist and you’ll know what I am talking about. We’re talking Nigam with a license to steal!!

  37. This is a message to Spencer and the Bald Truth Talk: Stop promote Finasteride. TWO MORE negative clinical trials for Dutas and Propecia. This is incredible…

    A survey of men reporting symptoms: sexual, emotional, and cognitive impairment Persistent post-finasteride. (2015)


    5α-reductase inhibitors alter steroid metabolism and May Contribute to insulin resistance, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and vascular disease: a medical hypothesis. (2014)




  38. This is a message to Spencer and the Bald Truth Talk: Stop promote Finasteride. TWO MORE negative clinical trials for Dutas and Propecia. This is incredible…

    A survey of men reporting symptoms: sexual, emotional, and cognitive impairment Persistent post-finasteride. (2015)


    5α-reductase inhibitors alter steroid metabolism and May Contribute to insulin resistance, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and vascular disease: a medical hypothesis. (2014)




    1. If you use different computers or emails each time, spam software sends to moderation queue first. Sometimes also if you have links or spam type words in text I think.

  39. So I just looked at these pics. Not too shabby even for some comb over tricks lol. The dude had like no hair before. Straight up Norwood 5ish. He is now a Norwood 3 with some combing effects. I always said that histogen will be good for those with low norwoods. Nw 3.5 maybe 4 to a Norwood 1. If you have slight thinning, bald spot in crown, miniaturized hairs but no severe balding then this treatment is AWESOME! if you are a high Norwood this will help you in conjuction with hair transplant or future treatments like samumed if it shows great results. I honestly believe histogen and samumed will be the next treatments to hit the market in the next two years. It will be great for low Norwoods and a good for high Norwoods in conjuction with HT. This will not be a cure. Cure will be hair cloning or sishedo if they can grow hair with stem cells. If HSC cane out today my hair loss problems would be over and I would be a happy camper. Fingers crossed the results if HSC will get better in their next trial and that they release a treatment in 2017 with no more delays. I honestly want samumed to be the first to make it to market. I only respect them as a research and biotechnology company. They have zipped through trials, no delays, released credible press releases and clinical trial updates on a timely fashion. I want them to reap all the money and wish them all the success! I will pray for them to have successful phase 2 and 3 results with amazing regrowth and a release in 2016 haha ok getting carried away in 2017:)

  40. Paul Phoenix please stop with the hate on propecia man. I know the drug has bad sides and all but it has helped tons of us keep our hair. We get how much you want a new treatment brother, we all do! Let’s focus on the new stuff now:)

    Nasa don’t be disappointed by Christian 1 jak inhibitor trial. Let an expert like Dr Christiano perform the study on a legit scientific NIH clinical trial to show the results. Some guy rubbing a jak inhibitor on his scalp in his basement may not be doing it right, with the right dose or delivery and right jak inhibitor

  41. I also looked closer at the pics on a bigger screen. I still wanna believe that Histrogens product is something to get excited about but pics like this is making it pretty hard to stay optimistic. Its nothing more than a well made combover. I dont even think there is any ‘significant growth’ as they call it. A serious company doing serious results would release serious documentation. Show the scalp / density, or even better, a guy with buzzcut clearly showing all the new hairs so there would be nothing to argue bout.

  42. That guy didn’t originally have enough hair to comb over, so I don’t really understand what you guys are mad about. The statistics cited by the company show significant changes in density and terminal hair growth in 20 weeks for all patients. What are you guys hoping for? To me, positive changes in hair count is better than hair loss, no? Isn’t that what we are trying to do here? Not lose hair? What has me excited is that Histogen has proven to other companies that hair can be regenerated. They have upped the competition. Let the race continue.

    1. He’s tilted forward in the second picture makeing the hair from the back and middle appear like their is more hair in the front of the scalp kinda…and there’s different lighting and looks like no flash in the second photo, that is absolutely retarded. You go to a HT doc and in 5-10 min he will have amazingly clear pictures with great lighting, and like 20 pictures, this is awful considering it’s a scientific experiment. There is likely regrowth but this picture makes it impossible to truly tell how much, and raises more questions than answers.

  43. http://www.theracell.eu/?product=stem-hair-egfm

    Hey guys this is a new hair loss treatment derived from Theracell . It supposed to come out in the next few months. From the looks of it might be a better prp solution or rogaine. Not sure though. We know Theracell is working on stem cell approach to baldness so maybe this treatment will be a mid level example of what they are trying to accomplish. Hopefully this can work better than rogaine. It’s 1,000 euros though. All I know is a few of my Greek friends went to Greece this past summer. They are Norwood 3s. They came back with thicker hair. Maybe Hair transplant I don’t know but one of my friends from Cyprus has been balding for the past ten years and now his hair is full and with gel in it. His crown was all thinned out last spring and now it’s covered with hair. Need to find out what is going on

  44. @Ddog im not mad about anything. Its just depressing that the community is getting their hopes up about a fatamorgana. The pic does not prove anything other than that Histrogen knows a guy whos doing great combovers. Like Guest99 said; Its just plain out horrible that this is being presented as proof in a scientific experiment.

  45. I had PRP with acell. I believe I derived some benefit to my current hair. It’s only been a couple months since, but I am relatively pleased.

    1. Did it regrow hair ddog or just thicken up dying miniaturized hair? My right side of my scalp especially right temple is losing pigment, becoming thinner and less dense. Would prp give those hairs the nutrients needed to be healthy again?

      1. Mjones, just thickened hair. They never claimed it would regrow hair. Just thicken what I have and help me keep it. I definitely see a difference in thickness. I was pleased. I got into it because I had a back injury when I was younger… Cortisone shots and PT failed, but PRP injections cured my back problems. Haven’t had any back issues to current date. I have a little more faith in such things than others, I guess.

  46. Hey guys, I’m experimenting with a high-tech drug I’ve designed chemically myself.
    It’s never been used before for any treatment.
    It’s not found in any natural product as it’s chemically synthesized.
    I’ve been on this for about a week, and I have already seen new hairs forming. I’ll keep you guys updated. BTW, I’m a researcher in a big pharma and I have access to almost anything I want.
    FGF11, known as God, ]
    Stay tuned

  47. I’m not a scientist and will keep an open mind. I do have some questions for the Histogen team
    1) is it the same subject in both photos?
    2) Why didn’t they test this protocol on a Norwood 6 slick bald scalp?
    3) why no pic of the hairline?
    4) is this all new regrowth? how can it grow all at the same time and such length in only 6 weeks?
    Again i’m no scientist or hair loss expert so will accept these findings for now in good faith.

  48. Admin,
    you previously offered me to write a guess post, I think I can make your blog the most famous blog on the whole web. I promise :)
    let me know if you like me to write one post on your blog. I can get in touch with you by email.
    You may think I’m kidding or joking, but I’ve think I have actually science the shit out common baldness, and I might have the cure in my hand.

      1. FGF11 – How long until you know that your Treatment really works?

        We are all ears… and hopefully if your cure works we will have hair over those ears (joke).

        Good Luck.

        1. I am already sure that it works. The reason I will post it here, is because I believe in open science and I want to encourage other smart people to do the same. If you have something that you want to solve, no one is going to help you but yourself.

          1. Ok, I thought that it’s not fair to not talk about what I have achieved so far. This works and I have been able to grow hair in areas that did not had hair before. Admin of this blog, if wants, can publish this comments also as a post on his blog. Once again, this is not a joke. I’m not going to post any pictures. But hopefully, this post will go viral and people will try to do what I have done, and, gain results. This posts will be numbered, therefore this comment is comment #1, and so people would know which comment to follow. So let’s begin.

        2. But to make sure, I will refrain from posting on this site in the next five to six months. Let’s wait to see if I can keep what I have regrown.

          1. “So, in the face of overwhelming odds, I’m left with only one option: I’m going to have to science the shit out of this.” – The Martian

  49. #1,
    Ok, I thought that it’s not fair to not talk about what I have achieved so far. This works and I have been able to grow hair in areas that did not had hair before. Admin of this blog, if wants, can publish this comments also as a post on his blog. Once again, this is not a joke. I’m not going to post any pictures. But hopefully, this post will go viral and people will try to do what I have done, and, gain results. This posts will be numbered, therefore this comment is comment #1, and so people would know which comment to follow. So let’s begin.

  50. #2,
    This is the first time that this is mentioned, although, I’m not an attention whore, I appreciate if you guys give me the credit for, because no where else in the world this has been mentioned before.

    I think all of you already know that hair follicles have a paradoxical appearance in development. We are born with a hair that is fuzzy and then it falls down and a terminal hair is grown, on the head.
    Eventually, with puberty, hair follicles and other parts of the body (for example) bones are told to act differently, and change their nature. Inactive follicles (let’s call them dormant), are activated by a signal (testosterone and DHT) to produce hair shaft. It’s very important to know that during development hair follicles are originated from different populations. For example, dermal part of the hair follicles on the head come from a different part in development than in the body. Their nature is so different they can be quite different physiologically than follicles from the body. This is the main reason Body hair transplantation will not work, and never will. Because these follicles are developmentally different.

  51. #3,

    Now some males are susceptible to hair loss, this highly genetics and almost environment plays no rules. It was found out that people who gets castrated early on (before puberty hits) will never go bald. Basically, they don’t produce testosterone. This however, is not quite right. As testosterone, in small quantities, can be made elsewhere, maybe in adrenal glans. So they basically can go bald, but, since their population is so small and they have low testosterone they don’t go bald. There is one other condition, call androgen insensitivity syndrome that these people also don’t go bald, these people, in contrast to castrated people, have a mutation (more than 400 known mutations) in their Androgen Receptor (AR) gene. Many of these mutations don’t let these Androgen Receptor genes to get into the nucleus and transcribe a set of gene that can cause baldness. So even though they might be prone to baldness, they may not go bald. (imagine introducing a normal AR gene in their nucleus, they will go bald if they have the genetics for it, this experiment is like injecting testerone)

  52. #4

    Now another population was identified that they also did not go bald, and they were people who did not have 5-alpha reductase gene (or some mutations in it that made this gene not active), and so these people also did not go bald. As you know, 5-alpha reductase converts Testosterone (TT) to Dehydrotestestrone (DHT), these people also had a smaller Prostate, so Pharma got interested and stepped in to make a products. They basically cultured cells, and added thousands of different chemicals to these cells, to see which one, inhibits DHT production and boo, finasteride was born.

  53. #4

    First, it was used for, the treatment of Large Prostate in Old people (male) but interestingly everyone kind of knew it will also help hair, and so did it help! and then with a push from Merk, it was also FDA approved for hair follicles. Now what it does is that, it stops production of DHT. Therefore, no DHT is available to bind Androgen Receptor, and it can’t get into the cells. However, androgen receptor is still able to bind other hormones and get into the cells, like testosterone. Interestingly, no matter how much people increased the dose of Finasteride (or propecia) it never reverse hair loss, in already miniaturized hair follicles. Even castration of people did not help, hair follicles, did not come back to life. This was very disappointing for big pharma, they jumped around like idiots, and they did not know what to do.

  54. #5

    Before propecia, another drug, minoxidil also approved that no one had any idea how it increased hair numbers and how it made some hairs to go terminal. I will get back to Minoxidil. Anyways, researchers, still did not know what to do, and so they started to look deeper. They started to look into stem cells, of the hair follicles. Now, these stem cells are adult stem cells, a set of cells that don’t divide often and when they do, they create one cell that ( progenitor cell) that can divide so fast producing a set of other cells ( Transit amplifying cells) that can the differentiate to other cells (for example dermal papillae or matrix cells) . Scientists found out that, hey, hair follicles are alive in the bald scalp and they have the stem cells but they are just not activated, and they lack the signal to call them to get activated. This was interesting, and it made the birth for many companies. Which as I will say are all wrongly formed.

  55. #6
    There were a set of signals known to activate adult stem cells, of these, WNT signals were the best known. However, the way these signals work needs a decade more research, there dozens of WNT molecules, and each of the gets modified in dozens of ways and each cells have dozens of receptors for these wnt molecules and each of those receptors bind dozens of other receptors that each can have dozens of different responses, and each of these responses can act synergistically, or separately. So we are far from understanding these signalling pathways, and secretion molecules. However, some companies tried to mimic these pathways but it will never work out for the simple fact that explain later, here, in the next post.

  56. #7
    Imagine, you want to tell an asian to go buy you a certain flower and come back home with that flower and put it in the right jar next to the window. Now, you know certain words, when you through out, will have some effect on this Chinese girl ( who don’t understand english) but you will never be able to exactly tell this girl by saying some words randomly, or even mimicking some TV shows (other stem cells, the technology of Samumed or Histogen) to go and do this complex process, this is just too complex. So any technology or company pursuing secondary signals is doomed to fail, because it’s impossible as of now to know the signals.

  57. #8
    I don’t get much into details, however, take my word for granted when I say cloning hair follicles is also not possible. We are FAR FAR from that. Any company claiming that is lying, through away replicel, theracel, aderans, intercytex, and other companies that say they will do that. They won’t. It’s possible but it takes a long time to learn the signals. To learn when to add BMP, when to add WNT, when to add FBS. When to co-culture with Keratinocytes, when not to. So it needs tons of research, and no single company is capable of doing this.

  58. #9
    anyway, getting back, to research. From time to time, some factors where shown to be involved in hair follicles. Some pathways, some kinases, some proteins, some inhibitors, they made hair follicles grow. Some made them shrink. But these factors were also so confusing, and almost no one knew what was going on. It was hard to make sense of these factors. For examples, it was known that TGF-Beta makes hair shrink and go to Catagen, no longer staying long enough in anagen to produce hair shafts. IL-6, was shown to cause hair follicles shrinkage. WNTs caused hair follicles to grow, they activated beta-catenin but how was it making it’s change. Why minoxidil had some effect. Why Arthritis drugs were effective. What was the role of immune system? what were cytokines doing in the hair follicle.

  59. #10,
    What was the role of PGD2? what was the role of PGE2? how where they effecting the hair?

    So 5 months ago, I started to read almost EVERY PAPER and PUBLICATION on hair follicles, adult stem cells, hair cloning, hair immune system, …

    and here is how I found all the connections, and led me to develop a chemical that can grow hair. Now, publishing this here, does not mean, it’s not true. I am pro open science, so that’s why I am publishing here. Like, the trend that is now going on. for example this person, solved the biggest mystery of math [http://www.nature.com/news/the-biggest-mystery-in-mathematics-shinichi-mochizuki-and-the-impenetrable-proof-1.18509] , and just wrote this on this website. So don’t think just because you’r reading it here, it’s not original. It’s actually original, and if you look into literature, and forums, you will not see one person or scientist mentioning this finding that I am about to say.

  60. #11,

    Any ways, back to the story, I sat down and tried to think how all these connect, and here is what I found. Let me tell you right now, that I have sent this over the past two weeks, to 4 famous scientists ( you know them), and all of them have told me this is highly probable. But I’m posting this here, to make a movement, so people who are interested in research can try this for themselves, and may be make a movement for other diseases as well, and people this will serve as model for open science in biology. We need to do what has happened in Computer science and bring it to biology, self-driven motivation to make science progress.

  61. #12,

    It all came to me, when I read about castration-resistant prostate cancer. Thanks to researchers studying Prostate Cancer (PC), the complex biology of Androgen Receptor has been under heavy investigation. This has led to fascinating discoveries regarding AR activation, localization and dynamics. Not only involved in baldness, AR is also the major deriving force behind malignancy of Prostate Cancer (PC) cells. Among current therapies for PC is the complete inhibition of testosterone production to stop androgen-dependent growth of PC cells. However, in some of the cases, a recurrence of PC will happen by appearance of a set of androgen-independent malignant cells (CRPC). However, these CRPC cells are still AR dependent. This led researchers to further study mechanisms by which AR activation can happen regardless of androgens. Interestingly, it seems some post-translational modification (phosphorylation) of AR is both necessary and sufficient for activation and nuclear localization of AR in an androgen-independent manner. Notably, the role of cytokine receptors (such as IL-6 receptor) is gaining more ground amongst researchers.

  62. #13,

    Also I told you earlier about the involvement of Androgen Receptor in male pattern baldness or CMB. Androgen Receptor (AR) is conclusively involved in Common Male Baldness (CMB). Upon binding to androgens, notably dehydrotestestrone (DHT), AR translocates into nucleus to transcribe a set of AR-responsive genes. Finasteride, an FDA approved drug for CMB, inhibits production of DHT by blocking the action of 5 alpha-reductase. However, Finasteride is not capable of inducing hair regrowth in the majority of already miniaturized hair follicles (HFs). Given that an increase in AR levels alone is not the causative agent deriving HF miniaturization, it’s quite probable that AR nuclear localization and/or cytoplasmic retention and not its increased levels is the cause of CMB. AR is a very complex transcription factor that undergoes multitude of post-translational modifications which dictate its function and dynamics. Interestingly, androgen receptor nuclear localization can occur in an androgen independent manner. In fact, androgen-independent AR nuclear transport and activation is a common phenotype of castration-resistance prostate cancer (CRPC) cells. Here, I propose a unifying theory for the onset and progression of CMB and will delineate a possible road map for adapting/inventing more effective treatment pipelines of CMB.

  63. #14,

    This made me think of this, a unifying theory for male pattern baldness. I call this theory:

    Androgen Receptor Nuclear Localization: Towards a unifying theory of Common Male Baldness

    and let me tell you based on what I have now know, this has proven true.

  64. #15,

    Recent findings regarding the involvement of cytokines in the progression of CMB, the inability of potent anti-androgens to reverse HF miniaturization, involvement of AR in the malignancy of castration-resistance prostate cancer (CRPC) cells, and paradoxical AR levels observations in facial and scalp hair follicles, led me to develop this unifying theory of CMB. To better understand my theory, I’ll start by explaining these seemingly unrelated factors in the context of AR nuclear localization and will propose some key experiments to conclusively test fidelity of my theory.

  65. #16

    Recently, pharmacologic inhibition of JAK-STAT signalling pathway by Tofacitinib, has been shown to be involved in early activation HF anagen cycle in mice. Interestingly, in mice AR localizes to nucleus during telogen and catagen but not anagen (in hair bulbs). The binding of Interleukin 6 family of cytokines to its receptor cause STAT3 phosphorylation. Notably, STAT3 phosphorylation is involved in ARDAI nuclear localization in CRPC cells through unknown mechanism(s). This further supports that ARDAI nuclear localization might be involved in miniaturization of HFs.

  66. #17
    Fiona watt [http://www.nature.com/jid/journal/v135/n11/full/jid2015242a.html] , recently, showed that Beta-catenin and androgen receptor, recent findings of Dr. Watt regarding beta-catenin and androgen receptor nuclear transport in anagen and other HF cycles. Basically, proves why samumed or Histogen are seeing some basic regrowth but not much.

    When you activate WNT pathway, what you do is you activate beta-catenin, and this causes beta-catenin to get into nucleus, and in unknown process you keep Androgen Receptor out nucleus, proving that their effect might work from Androgen Receptor axis of signalling.

  67. #18

    Basically Setipiprant will not work, as there are lots of cytokines that are increased in the hair follicles microenvironment. Like IL-6, TGF-Beta, PGD2, … and so on. An just stopping one, is not going to have an effect. It’s like a domino, you can’t stop the domino, while it’s in the middle you have to stop it from the start. So prostaglandin theories did and will never work.

  68. #19

    Now here further explanation of my theory: CMB usually beings with observable miniaturization in the vertex and frontal regions of the scalp and progresses forward and backward, respectively. The progression continues until the two miniaturized regions meet one another. Histological studies showed that cytokine levels are increased in the bald scalp of males with advanced CMB compared to haired scalp (occipital regions). This is important as cytokines are involved in AR androgen independent nuclear localization. Cytokines surpassing a threshold level, therefore, can switch miniaturization of HFs from AR-dependent androgen-dependent (ARDAD) to AR-dependent androgen-independent (ARDAI). This, however, has not escaped my mind that ARDAD and ARDAI nuclear localization can synergistically control AR dynamics. This can explain why early administration of Finasteride is extremely more effective. Since, it theoretically can stops ARDAD switch to ARDAI as the dominant AR nuclear localization signal in miniaturized HFs. Once switched, ARDAI HF miniaturization creates an indefinite loop of positive feedback further strengthening its androgen independent nuclear localization. This potential explains pattern formation and progression through involvement of immune cells (cytokine production).

  69. #20,
    Now knowing this I set out to see if individually I can test, whether my theory is true, or not. And It seems after thousands of years, I can say, we have a treatment so effective that can reverse hair follicle miniaturization with one single simple intervention with no side effects, Yes, it seems like a fairy tale, but it’s true. ( at least so far)

  70. #22, again, I know this may be a bit hard for lay people to understand, but you can ask, other people to explain this to you, ask other forum members who are knowledgeable comment on this and explain it further so you can understand. There is just so much typing that I can do. haha, before my fingers go numb

  71. #23,

    okay, so I sat down thinking how can I prove my theory. I had access to any inhibitor I wanted. ( I am lucky). Basically, Androgen receptor inhibitors are three types:
    Therefore, I would say, it should completely be possible to HF miniaturization, by using one of these two approaches:

    Pure AR antagonists, (these include MDV3100, ODM-201, ARN-509 and other safe AR antagonists).

    Non-pure AR antagonists such as (such as RH58841 [lol we all know about this], Flutamide, Bicalutamide and many others)

    5-alpha reductase inhibitors(finasteride, dutasteride) can cause regrowth. [ these are actually not AR antagonists but I brought them here so you know them]

  72. #24,

    Based on my theory so far, any of Pure AR antagonists, (these include MDV3100, ODM-201, ARN-509 and other safe AR antagonists) should be able to reverse HF miniaturization.

    1. #25,
      We know about sulfasalizine, when you go and look at its structure(open wikipedia) it represents non-steroidal pure antagonists, and in a bit non-steroidal non-pure antagonists.

      There fore, I thought that they may be more effective, and they ARE. but they are not a cure, I’ll talk about what I found out to be the cure later, but let me say, if you want to keep your hair and grow it significantly:

      the effect of anti androgens are as follow:

      1- pure
      2-non pure
      3- 5 alpha inhibitors

      BTW, just because pure antagonists are cancer drugs, it doesn’t mean they are more dangerous than other anti-androgens, You have to look at IC50, and other things, site of actions. any ways, I say they are not dangerous, at al.

      But they are still not effective in CRPC cells, and so I thought other mechanisms should be involved!

  73. #26,

    I sat down with a beer, my option were either I go buy MDV3100 and apply topically to my hair, or think of something else. And here was the eureka moment!

  74. #27,
    Okay, I really have to go sleep, I’m so tired, will come late to update.
    Admin, again, this is the only site that I post this in, I probably could have published my theory (not the experiments, lol) [ I have several publications in decent scientific journals so I know what I’m talking about] but I hope this will turn into a movement.
    I’ll come and explain what I did later. However, everyone should know, I honestly don’t want to sell anything. lol never buy anything from me or any website I refer. ( if I ever do), I don’t care about money at all.

  75. #28,

    Just to mentions, pure antagonists not only bind AR, but they don’t let it get into nucleus no matter what, or how many cytokines are telling it to get into the cell Nucleus. Remeber, some AR can get into the cells without androgens, and this is what causes complete none reversal of hair follicles. And that’s why the other two types wouldn’t reverse HF miniaturization.

  76. I don’t want to however talk about my findings, and will wait four or five month before, telling you what I am exactly doing. Then I’ll provide everyone with a reference so they can do it for themselves. I believe one should not say anything that they don’t believe it’s true.

  77. Plus I’m using a high tech chemical modification that only few (two) companies in the world are doing now, so even if I tell you, you probably don’t have access to it, until one year from now.

  78. @FGF11, very interesting posts. I dont know much about the science your explaning, or if I understand you correctly. Are you a scientist? Basically what im reading is that you have found a simple way to regrow hair in significant amounts and that none of the companies currently working on treatments will succed with anything noticeable that cant already be done with fin or minox? Well, I have an open mind and really hope you will share your findings with us like u said.

  79. @FGF11, okay cool that your a scientist:D If we cant get the stuff your using until a year from now why not just tell us what exactly it is your doing. Also, you should work with the admin on this site to have an official post made with pictures and everything. If any site deserves to post your findings its this one. By far the best site on this topic!

    1. It’s not like I have the treatment that can be a miracle! lol, I have seen some hair growth that has not happened before. Therefore, I have what can potentially seems to be very effective. I’m sorry, I wait a few months and if it works with certain degrees, then I probably will try to start a start-up. I shouldn’t probably have written this with this excitement, lol, I’m young and I get exited sometimes. hahaha, it many not work at all either.


      2. I really appreciate your findings FGF11. We will be greatful if you really can bring us a cure. I believe this blog is the best place in internet world to express your findings about hair loss & this blog deserves that to be the best in the world as you said. I’ll follow your every comment passionately & will request to admin to contact with you for the best outcome. By the way, thanks for your research and thanks admin for this blog. We really deserve a cure ASAP.

  80. To FGF11 or “God”,
    please dont’t waste our time with your useless scrap.

    Either post some evidence based and dont’t spam your excitements here. Please spare us.

    Get yourself your hair back and please found your own start-up but dont talk about open science then.

    Sorry for this comment.
    Good weekend to all of you.

    1. I agree with Guest 22. Stop getting our hopes up with nonsense! Shit I thought my conspiracy theory was bad but shit making up fake cures to gives us false hope is just mean.

      1. Nonsense? Are you a scientist?
        You don’t know shit either. You’re just being negative.
        There’s a reason why he’s posting this here, it’s an open minded community, he never said he had the cure, he’s just posting a bit of his research.

  81. The pictures are not of a very good quality,but definitely a huge improvement. Cant Wait till this treatment is perfected and publically available,does anyone know of a ruff price line for this treatment? And how much better the result will become when dosage and frequency are finalized. Any news on jak inhibitors…………………………………….

    1. I heard it will cost around 2 to 4k. 2x time injection, second injection at 6 weeks. 50 shots in the scalp per treatment. Early release in Mexico by 2017. I wish she could pick a better country like Canada or somewhere in Europe. Who thr fk will trust a doctor in Mexico to do this treatment lol. I won’t travel there at all. Get shot or kidnapped by some cartel. I guess Gail Naughton is thinking of medical tourism for this lol. Anything in Mexico sounds shady to me

  82. I really wonder why Hellouser is revealing all the news so slowly. I haven’t got account on HLT yet, so I am writing here: PLZ FASTER! We are waitning for all info about Samumed/Laustner/Christiano/Tsuji!

  83. Sam are you drinking the same stuff as Nasa? Very similar posts. Absolutely pro something that has obvious flaws.

    1. Im just frustrated because of my bald scalp.. I just wish something new comes out.. Thats why me and nasa are hyped when hearing about a new treatment or “” cure “”. Please god let there be a solution for MPB or else im going for hair transplant next year.

      1. My prediction – in 2 more months Christopher1 will have his New Hair. Then we are all ready to regrow IF Tofac Lotion works for MBP.

  84. Why couldn’t histogen fill in hair at the part on the top. It’s like that part couldn’t grow hair. Plus you can see his scalp on the hair line area. Some regrowth but I wouldn’t be shocked if this was a transplant and toppik. Just doesn’t look like normal hair growth.

    1. You shouldn’t search conspiracy in everything mjones. Why a reputed company proclaim hair regrowth that isn’t by them ? That will be destructive for them. They’ll never do that. No way it’s a plantation or toppik.

    2. Really getting tired of your negativty, like why are u even comming here? All you post is negative crap, and you clearly don’t know shit

      1. Mtl I know more than you. I post the truth and reality. You are taking it in a negative way . I keep saying samumed is where it’s at. That’s positive thinking . Not sure where you and others are negativity on my posts. This forum needs peoplr like me to keep reality in check. I think samumed, tsuji, sishedo will be good treatments. That histogen photo just looks weird. Why didn’t the bald spot on the top his head not fill in while his temple got darker and thicker unevenly. Shady in my opinion. Oh for those of you who said how could histogen post fake pics….well it’s simple they want money and tons of it for their HSC treatment. It’s corporate America man…they will do anything for profits. Lie, cheat, fake pics, exaggerating results etc.

      2. I think he’s overly negative too, but there’s too many issues with that photo that make me more angry than mjones’s negativity. Should also be MORE photos taken of the same subject, not just one that clearly has soo many issues. Then, on top of this, you have the fact that this guy has been caught lying about before and after pics. This all made me depressed because it’s so stupid and careless on histogens part. They need to better document their work

  85. I am a doctor and understand what FGF11 or god..lol… is talking about…it is interesting and it could work. ..it has as much potential promise as any of the phase 1 to 2 drugs put there.

    Basically he is making an anti androgen gel compound from some new substance that binds to the andrown receptor more effectively then even a pure androgen antagonist…some time down stream or up steam that is a choke point….

    It is a good theory as good as any out there.

    I am balding too..so I hope it works..lol

  86. @FGF11, your openness is refreshing. The approach sounds very logical and like Joseph said, seems to have potential. Please continue to share. The more minds involved the quicker the solution.

  87. It’s a shame that Histogen is now looking very fraudulent. Essentially, why is it that they only have photographic results for one man? Any successful trial should have multiple results. Second, and far more important, why would they only have ONE “after” picture of such ridiculously phenomenal results? Would they not be proud or excited to change the world? Would they not want to make the result completely obvious for investors? Are they THAT inept as to not know how to show angles and lighting that actually matter to us all? Lastly, why would their after photo of the man show no identifying features that prove it’s the same man??? Very carefully selected angle indeed!!

    This all seems to me like carefully crafted BS to stir up hype while still avoiding any real evidence. Essentially, it’s the same garbage we’ve been fed for years.

    I remember a time when Dr. Cooley had an incredible slide show proving that acell with plucked hairs had a 70% success rate of regrowth. But.. turns out that presentation was complete BS.. just like this presentation.

    But really, Histogen… that’s ONE great photo.. literally shady

    1. Did you even read the study? They have statistical evidence that it regrows hair significantly over 20 weeks – Look at the numbers. They also have 4 subjects photographed… All have evidence of significant hair growth, especially the woman. Seems like everyone is just focusing on one picture. You have to remember that any regrowth is a victory since hair is not supposed to be able to regrow… lol

  88. I really believe that microneedling mix with jak inhibitor lotion is the cure for baldness. Id like to try but I have no clue where to get jak lotion.

  89. Hi guys,
    So what kind of treatment is this? Permanent or is just like Minoxidil, propecia etc? Once u stop taking it your hair will fall again or you just take it once and it s done? I would be diaappointed if is not permanent after all these years and all this new technology..

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