Updates from the 2015 WCHR and Related News Items

The 9th World Congress for Hair Research just ended in Miami and there is a surprising lack of online publicly available information regarding key developments. Some companies often publish their presentations on their websites several days after the end of such conferences, so I will update this post in the next week as new information comes out.


Update: 9th World Conference for Hair Research abstracts now available online.

Update: Below is the unbelievable before and after image from Histogen’s Dr. Gail Naughton’s presentation that everyone is talking about.  I just wish they got someone other than Dr. Ziering to also conduct these trials since we have had some issues in the past with Dr. Ziering’s “stem cell” hair loss treatment website loading, then not loading, then shifting to a new address, then not loading again etc…  Then there is also this.  I would be a lot more confident if more than one physician displayed similar results.

Update: Samumed’s poster and Samumed’s slides.

Update: Hellouser’s Youtube channel.

Update: Hellouser’s interview with Hostogen’s Dr. Gail Naughton.

Update: Spencer Kobren’s interview with Histogen’s Dr. Gail Naughton, including all her slides.  Very encouraging and an absolute must see!

Update: Hellouser’s interview with Replicel’s Dr Rolf Hoffman and Lee Buckler.

—  Update: Spencer Kobren’s interview with Replicel’s Lee Buckler.

— The best place to get updates remains Hellouser’s thread on the HLT forums.  He is apparently back in Canada and fatigued at present, but will slowly update that thread (or perhaps create new threads on different companies in that portion of the HLT forums).  He is going to load his audio files somewhere outside the forums too.

Samumed came out yet another press release today, summarizing its presentation at the Miami Congress.  I am getting more optimistic about the company’s unique SM04554 topical product that tackles hair loss via the Wnt pathway.  At present, the company has only concluded that the product is very safe based on its recently completed 300 person trial (interestingly, one of the co-organizers of the 2015 WCHR, Dr. WIlma Bergfeld, was involved in this trial via the Cleveland center).  Actual data on new hair growth will come out as it becomes available, which I am hoping will be in early 2016.  The conclusion of the press release is encouraging, even if not pertaining to humans: “SM04554 has been shown to generate new hair follicles and increase hair count in multiple animal models.”  At the same time, we have to be wary from past experiences that all these press releases could very well be just a means to attract publicity and funding.  The final product could at best always end up being no better than Rogaine.

— I am disappointed that the 2015 WCHR Twitter account has been completely silent during and after the Congress.   It is unlikely that they will publish anything this week either, but maybe it is still worth keeping an eye on that account before it ends in Twitter purgatory. Maybe “Helllouser” should get the wwww.twitter.com/2016WCHR account now while no-one has it and then tell the Japanese organizers of next year’s Congress that he will do a much better job of updating it?

— I discussed Allergan twice in this blog recently (see here and here) and it seems like the company is now definitely merging with Pfizer. Together, the new entity will be by far the world’s largest pharmaceutical company.  Too early to tell how if at all this will impact the release of Allergan’s Bimatoprost and Setipiprant drugs to treat hair loss.

— Replicel usually publishes its latest presentation on its website and announces them via its Twitter account.

— Histogen remains the big mystery.  A few months ago, most people had given up on it. Then things changed and I wrote this post. Now “Hellouser” is saying that he was very impressed with their presentation.  I am really looking forward to his interview with CEO Gail Naughton.

185 thoughts on “Updates from the 2015 WCHR and Related News Items”

  1. @FGF11, very interesting posts. I dont know much about the science your explaning, or if I understand you correctly. Are you a scientist? Basically what im reading is that you have found a simple way to regrow hair in significant amounts and that none of the companies currently working on treatments will succed with anything noticeable that cant already be done with fin or minox? Well, I have an open mind and really hope you will share your findings with us like u said.

  2. @FGF11, okay cool that your a scientist:D If we cant get the stuff your using until a year from now why not just tell us what exactly it is your doing. Also, you should work with the admin on this site to have an official post made with pictures and everything. If any site deserves to post your findings its this one. By far the best site on this topic!

    1. It’s not like I have the treatment that can be a miracle! lol, I have seen some hair growth that has not happened before. Therefore, I have what can potentially seems to be very effective. I’m sorry, I wait a few months and if it works with certain degrees, then I probably will try to start a start-up. I shouldn’t probably have written this with this excitement, lol, I’m young and I get exited sometimes. hahaha, it many not work at all either.


      2. I really appreciate your findings FGF11. We will be greatful if you really can bring us a cure. I believe this blog is the best place in internet world to express your findings about hair loss & this blog deserves that to be the best in the world as you said. I’ll follow your every comment passionately & will request to admin to contact with you for the best outcome. By the way, thanks for your research and thanks admin for this blog. We really deserve a cure ASAP.

  3. To FGF11 or “God”,
    please dont’t waste our time with your useless scrap.

    Either post some evidence based and dont’t spam your excitements here. Please spare us.

    Get yourself your hair back and please found your own start-up but dont talk about open science then.

    Sorry for this comment.
    Good weekend to all of you.

    1. I agree with Guest 22. Stop getting our hopes up with nonsense! Shit I thought my conspiracy theory was bad but shit making up fake cures to gives us false hope is just mean.

      1. Nonsense? Are you a scientist?
        You don’t know shit either. You’re just being negative.
        There’s a reason why he’s posting this here, it’s an open minded community, he never said he had the cure, he’s just posting a bit of his research.

  4. The pictures are not of a very good quality,but definitely a huge improvement. Cant Wait till this treatment is perfected and publically available,does anyone know of a ruff price line for this treatment? And how much better the result will become when dosage and frequency are finalized. Any news on jak inhibitors…………………………………….

    1. I heard it will cost around 2 to 4k. 2x time injection, second injection at 6 weeks. 50 shots in the scalp per treatment. Early release in Mexico by 2017. I wish she could pick a better country like Canada or somewhere in Europe. Who thr fk will trust a doctor in Mexico to do this treatment lol. I won’t travel there at all. Get shot or kidnapped by some cartel. I guess Gail Naughton is thinking of medical tourism for this lol. Anything in Mexico sounds shady to me

  5. I really wonder why Hellouser is revealing all the news so slowly. I haven’t got account on HLT yet, so I am writing here: PLZ FASTER! We are waitning for all info about Samumed/Laustner/Christiano/Tsuji!

    1. Im just frustrated because of my bald scalp.. I just wish something new comes out.. Thats why me and nasa are hyped when hearing about a new treatment or “” cure “”. Please god let there be a solution for MPB or else im going for hair transplant next year.

      1. My prediction – in 2 more months Christopher1 will have his New Hair. Then we are all ready to regrow IF Tofac Lotion works for MBP.

  6. Why couldn’t histogen fill in hair at the part on the top. It’s like that part couldn’t grow hair. Plus you can see his scalp on the hair line area. Some regrowth but I wouldn’t be shocked if this was a transplant and toppik. Just doesn’t look like normal hair growth.

    1. You shouldn’t search conspiracy in everything mjones. Why a reputed company proclaim hair regrowth that isn’t by them ? That will be destructive for them. They’ll never do that. No way it’s a plantation or toppik.

    2. Really getting tired of your negativty, like why are u even comming here? All you post is negative crap, and you clearly don’t know shit

      1. Mtl I know more than you. I post the truth and reality. You are taking it in a negative way . I keep saying samumed is where it’s at. That’s positive thinking . Not sure where you and others are negativity on my posts. This forum needs peoplr like me to keep reality in check. I think samumed, tsuji, sishedo will be good treatments. That histogen photo just looks weird. Why didn’t the bald spot on the top his head not fill in while his temple got darker and thicker unevenly. Shady in my opinion. Oh for those of you who said how could histogen post fake pics….well it’s simple they want money and tons of it for their HSC treatment. It’s corporate America man…they will do anything for profits. Lie, cheat, fake pics, exaggerating results etc.

      2. I think he’s overly negative too, but there’s too many issues with that photo that make me more angry than mjones’s negativity. Should also be MORE photos taken of the same subject, not just one that clearly has soo many issues. Then, on top of this, you have the fact that this guy has been caught lying about before and after pics. This all made me depressed because it’s so stupid and careless on histogens part. They need to better document their work

  7. I am a doctor and understand what FGF11 or god..lol… is talking about…it is interesting and it could work. ..it has as much potential promise as any of the phase 1 to 2 drugs put there.

    Basically he is making an anti androgen gel compound from some new substance that binds to the andrown receptor more effectively then even a pure androgen antagonist…some time down stream or up steam that is a choke point….

    It is a good theory as good as any out there.

    I am balding too..so I hope it works..lol

  8. @FGF11, your openness is refreshing. The approach sounds very logical and like Joseph said, seems to have potential. Please continue to share. The more minds involved the quicker the solution.

  9. It’s a shame that Histogen is now looking very fraudulent. Essentially, why is it that they only have photographic results for one man? Any successful trial should have multiple results. Second, and far more important, why would they only have ONE “after” picture of such ridiculously phenomenal results? Would they not be proud or excited to change the world? Would they not want to make the result completely obvious for investors? Are they THAT inept as to not know how to show angles and lighting that actually matter to us all? Lastly, why would their after photo of the man show no identifying features that prove it’s the same man??? Very carefully selected angle indeed!!

    This all seems to me like carefully crafted BS to stir up hype while still avoiding any real evidence. Essentially, it’s the same garbage we’ve been fed for years.

    I remember a time when Dr. Cooley had an incredible slide show proving that acell with plucked hairs had a 70% success rate of regrowth. But.. turns out that presentation was complete BS.. just like this presentation.

    But really, Histogen… that’s ONE great photo.. literally shady

    1. Did you even read the study? They have statistical evidence that it regrows hair significantly over 20 weeks – Look at the numbers. They also have 4 subjects photographed… All have evidence of significant hair growth, especially the woman. Seems like everyone is just focusing on one picture. You have to remember that any regrowth is a victory since hair is not supposed to be able to regrow… lol

  10. I really believe that microneedling mix with jak inhibitor lotion is the cure for baldness. Id like to try but I have no clue where to get jak lotion.

  11. Hi guys,
    So what kind of treatment is this? Permanent or is just like Minoxidil, propecia etc? Once u stop taking it your hair will fall again or you just take it once and it s done? I would be diaappointed if is not permanent after all these years and all this new technology..

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