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Male-to-Female (MTF) Transition Hair Growth

Even though I am not a transgender person, I have long been fascinated by men who become women. i.e., Male-to-Female (MTF) transsexuals. Note that nowadays, the term transgender seems to be preferred to transsexual.

Hair Growth During MTF Transition

My biggest reason for this fascination is due to observing how such MTF transitioning people get much better scalp hair. I am also curious to see how much body hair reduction happens in those who are transitioning. In particular, beard growth slowdown.

Scalp hair loss cessation and regrowth happens once MTF patients start estrogen, anti-androgen (e.g., Spironolactone) and other hormone replacement therapy (HRT) treatments. Some do not even take Finasteride or Dutasteride and still get much improved scalp hair growth. A select few get tremendous hair regrowth.

Many people assume that hair cannot regrow once it has been lost. Especially if the loss happened many years ago. However, reversing hair loss and regaining hair in totally bald areas of the scalp is possible.

If a MTF transgender person completes the full transition process, he will also get the orchiectomy testicle removal procedure. Thereafter, further androgenetic alopecia type hair loss stops entirely. This is due to the lack of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) production and drastic reduction in testosterone production.

Sona Avedian

Sona Avedin MTF Before After
Sona Avedian MTF Before After. Source: Facebook.

In the second half of this post, you can see some incredible before and after transformations of scalp hair in MTF trans persons. All have been verified as legitimate.

Previously, my favorite  MTF transformation was of Sona Avedian. Her before and after image on the right is astounding. Like many men with excess body hair, Sona also suffered from scalp baldness.

Many newspapers covered her story since she was a former US marine. However, according to one post on Sona’s Facebook page, she wears a hair system :-( So although not my favorite transformation anymore, Sona’s new look after transition is still astounding.

Side note: When a woman decides to become a man (FTM transsexual), the result can often lead to baldness. The testosterone supplements can cause hair loss in those that are genetically susceptible.

Caitlyn Jenner’s Hair

This week Caitlyn Jenner (previously, Bruce Jenner) is in the news again due to her running to be the next California Governor. And being misgendered.

At age 71, Ms. Jenner has phenomenal hair that does not look fake to me in the below recent video. I am nevertheless going to assume that it is not entirely real, especially the color and length. Some articles on the web suggest that she might have had a hair transplant or hairpiece in the past.

Spectacular Hair Regrowth in MTF Transgender People

Nowadays, societal norms make it much easier for a very young person to transition from male to female (or vice versa). In many cases, such young people reverse their hair loss and even regrow most of their recently lost hair. For middle-aged people such as Danielle Hallet, hair transplants are often required to get back a decent hairline.

Below are some of the best MTF transition hair regrowth examples that I have seen on the web. Make sure to click and scroll through the below links in their entirety for further closeup shots. Most of these people have a presence on Reddit as well as on Imgur.

The below person has more photos on Imgur:

I wondered if I would make it to 30, now I look forward to the future for the first time ever (1 year hrt)
by intranstimelines

The below person was almost entirely bald for 3-4 years, and the regrowth is real (not a hair system) per his comments. He was on HRT for 14.5 months.

I didn’t think this was going to work, but I think it is safe to say that it did. 14.5 months hrt.
byu/neederbellis intranstimelines

The below person (Bree) has a detailed thread on HLT with a timeline of treatments and regrowth. You can swipe on the white arrow on the right to see all 14 images.

Hair loss recovery

The below person also has a lengthy thread on HLT regarding the power of super aggressive regimens. You can swipe on the white arrow on the right to see all 22 images.

View post on

This before and after on Reddit is hard to believe at all. We live in a strange world and you never know what you will get.  For example, this muscular body builder decided to transition into a woman. The longer and thicker new scalp hair growth is impressive.

There are dozens of such examples on the web. Feel free to share the ones that you like the most. I am especially interested in a discussion of the treatment regimens that each of these MTF persons takes. Especially if they see great results before orchiectomy.