Hair Loss Chat is Restarting

In 2014, I created a hair loss chat for this site (see bottom of this post). However, the free plugin that I used was not that great, and I also lost patience in dealing with excessive spam. After several reader suggestions, I am running a Discord chat as of 2020. You are free to join, but read this post thoroughly for instructions.

Hair Loss Chat and Discussions.
New Hair Loss Chat Screenshot.

New Hair Loss Chat

September 20, 2020

Recently, one of this blog’s readers encouraged me to create a hair loss chat on Discord. After a day of hesitation, I started the chat last week. So far, it has been going great with no spam. I initially only invited people who emailed me useful intelligent information at least a few times over the years.

I now want to invite other serious people so that we can get at least 100 regular participants. If you are interested in joining, please post a comment in this post under your existing username. If possible, also use a legitimate email address. Thereafter, email me using the same email address and let me know your blog username and why you want to join the chat. Also your city/state/country location. If you do not post comments on here but have a solid posting history on any of the hair loss forums out there, let me know too for verification purposes. If all seems ok and I feel like you will not spam the chat, I will send you an invite link. My e-mail can be found in the contact us page. Make sure to check your spam folder for my reply in case it goes there.

Initial preference will be given to those who have made mostly useful comments on this blog in the past. These do not have to be scientific comments. As long as you have been courteous, I am okay with your participating in the new chat.

For the most part, this chat will help people looking to compare their existing hair loss treatment regimens with others and make improvements. Including by using newer products, delivery mechanisms and alternative or esoteric ingredients. I hope to benefit from this information too.

I would not recommend joining the chat just to always vent. Nor just to always complain about delays in future hair cloning and hair multiplication related prospects and trials. Some venting and complaining will be acceptable. The moderation in the hair loss chat will be strict. If anyone posts dozens of emotional comments in a day with nothing useful to say, they may get banned.

If anyone looks like they are there as a hair transplant surgeon representative or are primarily there to promote specific products, they will be banned. If anyone keeps repeating that there will never be a hair loss cure, they will likely get banned. Any excessive cursing or insulting of other chat participants will be grounds for being booted.

I am sure that 100 percent scientific and technical discussions can get dull and dissuade those who are not interested in chemistry and biology. So I will give some leeway for off-topic comments. At least in the general chat channel. I will rarely have more than a few hours a week of time to devote to the chat. So if you join, please try not to message me privately unless absolutely necessary.

Discord Channels

In chats on Discord, you can break things into channels to separate key subjects of interest. Among the hair loss related subjects that most interest me at present include:

Please do not be disappointed if you are not invited immediately. I want to be selective initially and see how it goes. I do not want to waste my time again by accepting spammers, trolls and overly negative people.

October 31, 2014 — Hair Loss Chat

I recently installed chat functionality on this site. I initially allowed anyone to post, but due to spam, you now have to register. If popular, I might pay to get a better chat on the site in the future. The current one is based on a free plug-in.

Also, if people are keen, I can arrange a once a week fixed chat time when many people show up at the same time. I cannot promise to be there each week. Please post recommendations on the time and day when you prefer to chat under the comments to this post. Try to post Eastern US time preferences to keep things easy for me. I am located in the Pacific zone.

92 thoughts on “Hair Loss Chat is Restarting”

  1. How about we start working on a questionnaire and collect data and provide this to a Pharma company that they can use. My first thought would be Dr Christiano

    1. Are you talking about this buzz called “Dr Christiano”? She was just a fling, I had to move on and I had my 5th surgery, companies like Rapunzel aren’t supposed to find anything, they
      get funded and …die …Fox04 and Crispr on the other hand

    1. Hi, first time commenter but a reader of your blog for many years.

      I’d love to join, contribute, learn and be updated about the latest hair loss cure development.

  2. hi admin, can you ask to cosmo pharmaceutical when they think to release cb 03 01 for alopecia? a drug for alopecia whitouth sides it’s great. unfortunately they are beginning phase 2 so I think we have to wait at least 3 years

  3. Is this chat going to affect in any way the blog? Because I understand I might not be any use regarding some of the cutting edge treatments some of you guys are experimenting, but I would still like to be regularly informed about hair loss related news

    1. The blog will continue to function as always. You can join the chat too if you want, as I see that you have not made pointless comments in the past :-) Just email me if you wish to join.

  4. Mi nombre es foros es “cuellar” y tengo bastante experiencia en foros de pérdida de cabello y discord. Muchas gracias.

    1. Hi I got your email in Spanish, but this is an English Discord chat. You still want to participate? Also, your Spanish forum posts’ link did not work :-(

  5. I’know this is off topic, I apologize for that.
    Do you guys thik that it’s possible inject ru58841 under the skin like the mesotherapy with dutasteride?
    About mesotherapy with dutasteride, ho do you prepare the dutasteride solution? just saline and duta?

    1. Yes increase in testosterone causes hair loss because more test= more DHT. Test, a % of that coverts to DHT. You ever see a bodybuilding trophy with Hair on it? Also test converts into Estrogen.

  6. As far as microneedling goes, microneedling1/2 weeks @ 1.5mm with a 1ml minoxodil 5% treatment is pretty much the best at home thing you can do for regrowth by the numbers. It wont fixed the accelerated ageing caused by androgen mediated disruption of the wnt pathway, that is propecia or other androgen/5ar inhibitor’s job.

    The dr pen a6 is pretty legit,good price, extremely effective. Derminator is an alternative option I’ve never tried myself. What controls how much the micro needling hurts is the diameter of the needles. smaller diameter = less pain. Don’t get the cheap cartridges. I tried that they hurt.

    Another option is 1/ 2 weeks or 1 / week at .9 mm depth since this is Follica’s depth in their patent. I’ve tried it and didn’t notice a difference from the 1.5mm. I went back to the 1.5mm because it is tried and true. There are tons of picture and tons of papers with 1.5mm depth. Microneedling until pinpoint bleeding is an option I just go until I get a pink edema myself. I’ve done the pinpoint bleeding thing, didn’t seem to improve my results.

    Seriously just try the microneedling how many nw 4 to nw 2 in 6 months of big 4 results do you need to see before you try it out? It might not work for everyone, but the pictures and the numbers are crazy impressive.

  7. I want to join chat! Don’t lose time admin start microneedling ASAP it’s miracle and everything could make more blood come to your head and less scalp stretched head muscles.

    1. Hi Mrpig, you have used several usernames on here in the past and many short sentence posts. Can you email me with more details about your history and usernames and where you are from?

    1. Hey James, please email me per the instructions! And let me know your username here in the e-email and try to use the same email that I see underneath your name in my interface (assuming it was a legit email). You will get the invite right away as you have good posting history on this blog.

  8. Its the first time me posting here but I have been dealing with hair loss the last couple of years and been on active on other forums such as hairlosstalk or local German hairloss treatment forums etc.

    I would love to participate in the Discord chat.

  9. Admin do you think there will be clascoterone solution for purchase in 2021? If not from cassiopea from some group/individual tossing it up on the Ebay or something?

  10. Hi admin long time reader. Would like to access your chat to learn more about others microneeding and share my experience with others when I start. User name is lat1 thanks

  11. Not new by any means but Organ Technologies website, the whole web page doesn’t even work anymore. Previously, certain sections of the website were still functional. Remember they had that quote on their website: “Long but just a dream, hair regeneration blah blah” got me hook line and sinker, still surprised by the fallout.

  12. Please if you can convey it to anyone necessary
    After using minoxidil my hair has become better and i feel it’s because of more fat accumulated on the top of my head
    I can actually feel that my skin is more thicker and oily and with more mass if it makes sense.
    I really feel hairloss is due to the loss of fats in our scalp and if we can solve that it will be a tremendous success

  13. Dear Sir,

    I have been following this forum regularly for the past three years (at least) and am a major fan. I do not usually comment.

    I hope to observe any posts/information is posted in relation to hair loss in the Discord server and discuss the science if possible.

    I have an education that I feel is highly relevant to hair loss (Biomedical Sciences BSc. Hons, Regenerative Medicine MSc. and am currently studying Medicine, MBChB). I have worked with stem cells in previous jobs (Dedicated Cord Blood Collector) and am ever eager to learn.

    My LinkedIn profile has been attached with this comment (as my website), please see for more information. Would be very greateful to join this server.

      1. I still visit this site roughly weekly, and didn’t notice that you had replied (apologies).

        So my details are as follows:
        City, State and Country: London, England, UK

  14. Update for the admin:
    There secret Group Buys on discord
    To all the future treatment you read today.
    People already bought the drugs from the lab.
    AR degraders: ARV-110, UT-34
    AA : Pyri (by kintor),
    The group chat of your’e discord does not push the hairloss comuunity as those expirmental GB.
    We plan to find the cure by using the drugs before everyone.
    If you want to get an update tell me.

    1. Hi I currently prefer not promoting Discord group buys here, but people can find them easily on the forums as well as via google searches. I do not have the time to figure out which ones are legit versus scams. Some of our Discord chat members already participate in group buys fyi.

  15. Hi,

    I would really like to join the discord chat. Ive been following this blog since early 2019 and i am most interested in discussing the potential of haircloning and HMI-115.

  16. Hello Admin,

    some minor news regarding “Exicure”. Company had some troubles with one of their drug candidates and a former employee – apparently wrong reporting. They filed a so called form “12b-25”. Seems to be resolved somehow.

    A little later they announced that they discontinue and/or suspend their top drug candidates. Furtheron major cashflow problems and a reduction of staff by 50 % by next year and a new CEO. The founder (David Gilijohann) had to resign for this position but stays in the company.

    The good news is that they still pursue AbbVies partnership program regarding hair loss treatments. They even sped up the development by strengthening their R&D staff in that sector. I can imagine AbbVie demanded quicker results – for sure they don’t want to sponsor an endless research program.

    To remind everybody: AbbVie/Allergan splashed a staggering 25 million USD in 2019 onto Exicure – with additional milestone payments in the 100s of millions.

    This is vaguely good news – they must be on to something if they still stick to their program of hair loss treatment. I hope we hear something official from them very soon.

    This whole story shows also how volatile the biotech-startup-scene is. Yesterday a breakthrough technology, today a “unicorn”, tomorrow bankrupt.

  17. Hi,
    I would like to join the chat if still accepting new people. I recently started topical dutas and I’d like to see if anyone else is trying.

  18. Hello! Would love to join the discord if possible. I’ve had successes and failures with hairloss prevention over the years, would be happy to share what worked for me and also interested in hearing what others have to say.


  19. Hi Admin.

    I wonder if it would be possible for me to join. I read the forums and different blogs but have never registered or posted so have no post history


  20. Hello Admin,

    Long time follower of your blog (over 5 years at this point). I don’t have posting history unfortuntely, just keep myself informed. Would love to participate in the chat. I have just started my first medicated treatment (topical dutasteride) and would be happy to share my experience.

  21. Proven natural method without spending a penny. Simply take spoon full of rice and add water. Wash rice without throwing away the water. Massage water on scalp and apply on hair. 100% guarantee hair will stop falling. Next level..take onion, curry leaves (available at any indian grocery) and rice add water and put in mixer grinder. Filter out the water and start using just as mentioned above. Keep jt for 30 minutes and wash it out. Store water in refrigerator for next uses.

  22. Hey Admin!

    I’m a long time follower of your blog, and I would like to be a part of the chat if you’re still accepting new participants. I just completed a 2,000 graft FUE and would be happy to share my experience so far and discuss with other members.

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