Intelligent Balding Men Post Their Theories

In the little over two years since the inception of this blog, I have covered a few people (e.g., Liu Xuewu and Swisstemples) who have been promoting untested and controversial theories and regimens. The reason I have mentioned such people and their theories is because my intuition has told me that they were making some very salient points and deserved to be heard.

All these people have especially impressed me with their hard work and intelligent forum posts. I have generally not taken the time to fully understand all the details of what these people are saying (it would take me way too many hours to do so), although I have tried to understand the gist of their theories. On hair loss forums, these people’s threads often get forgotten as they move into lower pages.

Interesting Theories on Baldness

This week, we have two examples of new arrivals who deserve to be heard, and one example of someone from the past that I should have discussed a while back:

  • First, username “FGF11” posted his theory on hacking baldness by making around 30 (!) comments in here. He was willing to write a post about this for this blog, but I am reluctant to take up a guest post offer for now. Later on, Mr. FGF11 started this thread after joining the Bald Truth hair loss forums, and it has garnered significant feedback. Mr. FGF11 claims to have had his papers published in official journals, but he has many errors in his English and seems to be a fairly emotional and outburst prone person (not at all typical of most journal article authors). In any case, he seems very bright and hard working (even if I doubt his self-proclaimed authorship credentials) and therefore worth at least a quick read. At some point, I hope to get the time to read his posts in detail while googling all the acronyms and pathway interactions that I have forgotten or never heard of before. Even though I write a hair loss blog, there are 100s of hair loss forum members with more scientific/technical knowledge than myself.
  • Second, username “Chemical” despite joining the Bald Truth forums in May 2014, only made his first post on there about a week ago, And boy was it an interesting one. His thread is worth a browse as are all his later posts. He covers a wide array of topics that yet again I am not qualified enough to analyze in any detail for now. He is far less emotional than FGF11 and comes across as very professional. I should have probably posted this paragraph first.
  • Finally, while going through “Hellouser”‘s Hairlosstalk forum thread on his interview with Dr. Gail Naughton, I noticed a rare new post from veteran senior member Stephen Foote. I should have covered Mr. Foote in a separate post on this blog before, just as I have done with many other hair loss forum legends (e.g., search this blog for posts on Arfy, Bryan, Desmond, Ernie, Hellouser, Jotronic and Spex). I have read posts by Mr. Stephen Foote for years, and it is worth your time to join the Hairlosstalk forum and go through some of those posts after clicking on his username. He has a very unusual theory (hydraulic pressure) behind the process of hair loss and I am somewhat skeptical about it, but I do take him seriously as he has actually been published in journals and generally makes sense. Pubmed Links to his papers can be found here (from 1995) and here (from 2002). Mr. Foote and Bryan Shelton used to get at it on various forums and Bryan raised some good points arguing against Mr. Foote’s hydraulic theory. Run some google searches to find these debate threads.

Typically, there are at least 50 highly childish or amateurish posters for every 1 genius level poster on hair loss forums. I think that I am glad for both of these types. The former gives all hair loss sites more traffic and therefore makes us and our cause much more visible. The latter works to help solve our problem and expand our intellect.

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  2. Hats off to everyone who’s working hard to find a cure and share the knowledge that will benefit all of us.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Internet cures my condition before any pharmaceutical companies do.

  3. The first two approaches seem interesting, wish they will post their new photos, to see what are the results? and maybe start using their formulas.

  4. Hair loss community might find cure themselves before the big pharma money making companies. amazing to see such detailed theories. hoping in near future we will not just rely on few company names but more people like this come forward who can solve the issue. and not just think about money making… thank you so much Admin for sharing this!

  5. yep guys, okey, nowdays a lot of companys and users know how and why MPB works, the thing is, WHEN is gonna be solved, that’s the key..
    i know, we know more about it than years before, but , i still doesnt see one guy cured with a full head of hair from the hairline to the nape (not even swisstemple)

  6. You know, I really wasn’t that impressed with Chemical. Seems like an awful way to live. He must do nothing but think about his hair.. My heart weeps for him. Balding is really tragic. I never really thought about it before I noticed that I will have lost most of my hair someday, but every time I see a bald guy now, I ache for them… At the same time, I also realize that they don’t look half bad, and it is probably not as big a deal as I make it out to be.

  7. In a word: AWESOME POST. And Really NICE BLOG.
    We are in 2016. More than 30 years without any real progress in androgenetic alopecia ( treatments). Pathetic hair loss industry….PATHETIC.

  8. Seems like a lot more knowledge and potential keeps coming out so at least there is steady progress being made. Does anybody know if Histogen will halt further hair loss though? And if can be repeated every so often? Would kind of suck if it grew back only limited hair only to continue to lose some.

  9. I spend a great deal of my time not dealing with hair loss cures but on staying in great shape. I can’t do anything about the top of my head but I can do something about the other 98% of my body, and that is to develop a great physique and mind.

    If Christopher1’s great Tofac experiment does not work out in the next 6 weeks then I will never visit a hairloss site again since I will simply accept it and never ever worry about it again. But I do hope JAK drug does work.

    1. Me too nasa. This hair loss crap is exhausting! Tired of it and very disapointed that 30 yrs and no better treatment is out. Even if it’s a better rogaine or propecia. Just nothing but failed attempts. F it. Either they have a cure and won’t release it due to some stupid corporate bs financial reason or it just can’t be done with today’s brains and technology. Either way it’s unacceptable and disappointing

      1. mJones – Just 6 Weeks and we will know either way. I believe Christopher1 and I await the further information on the progress (or lack of progress if that is the case) over the next 6 weeks. Then I am forever out of the hair loss world (either way).

        1. Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work on Christopher Nasa. Remember he is not a research scientist nor is using the right method and carrier for this jak. There might be a certain tweak christiano us using to apply the jak inhibitors to penetrste the hair follicles accurately. I don’t think it will work for him but I have a good feeling christiano will get it to work on her test subjects. The issue is when she will tell us it works and how long till she gets it through clinical trials. There is a big rush now for bringing a solution to market asap since all these companies like histogen, replicel and samumed are almost at thr finish line. 2016 will be the year of the hair loss trial completion race. Let’s see who has the balls to finish first and grow us back some hair

  10. It ain’t an easy egg to crack that’s for sure. The likes of Cotsarelis / Christiano have been at it for decades without a glimmer of success. Can’t fault those two intelligent balding fellows for trying, but we all know it’s just philosophical musings on their part.

  11. If replicel & histogen can regrow hair moderately then is it possible to regrow them in donor area after multiple HT. If it happens then i think we can get infinite donor area & it’ll be the treatment of nearest of cure.

  12. Very true, i wish everybody making movement’s forward towards a cure for aga success. I think it would be good if people like Swiss,chemical,fgf11 (god)lol etc. All got together in a lab and had a proper shot at creating a cure.

  13. Follicum looks pretty good but that is 5 years away. Tsuji is quiet, follica is quiet and cots better surprise us with something good in 2016 because it’s been 8 years since he started follica…we want some pictures Mr cotsarelis lol. Theracell looks like they may have some good future stem cell treatments. When I go to Greece to visit family next summer I will stop by their office in Athens to see what is going on. Their office is in a very rich area in Athens too . Good sign ! Plus there are so many hot girls there too so I can get some ass and update this forum with some theracell news. Hopefully I can purchase that stem hair product they have on their website for 1000 euros

      1. Ruh, not technically true. Here is an excerpt from the patent:
        The invention also provides methods for identifying compounds which can be used for the treatment of hypotrichosis (for example, hereditary hypotrichosis simplex (HHS)). Non-limiting examples of hair loss disorders include: androgenetic alopecia, Alopecia areata, telogen effluvium, alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, and alopecia universalis. The methods can comprise the identification of test compounds or agents (e.g., peptides (such as antibodies or fragments thereof), small molecules, nucleic acids (such as siRNA or antisense RNA), or other agents) that can bind to a polypeptide molecule encoded by a Jak 1, Jak 2, Jak3, Stat 1 or Stat 2 gene and/or have a stimulatory or inhibitory effect on the biological activity of a protein encoded by a Jak 1, Jak 2, Jak3, Stat 1 or Stat 2 gene or its expression, and subsequently determining whether these compounds can regulate hair growth in a subject or can have an effect on symptoms associated with the hair loss disorders in an in vivo assay (i.e., examining an increase or reduction in hair growth).

  14. Hi guys, I got the chance to have a little chat with a well respected dermatologist. He basically told me that recent researches about stem cells will give us “the cure”. He said that there will be no MPB problem for men in the next few years.

  15. I was reading recently about 2 drugs that are currently going through clinical trials that are supposed to slow aging down. One of them is based on the diabetes meditation metformin. If I can live longer with a youthful body maybe that will give me time to enjoy a full head of hair. I just turned 32…maybe just maybe ill be a hot studly 70 year old :p

      1. Metformin (diabetes drug that has been tested/used for many decades) and Rapamycin I am guessing.

        See here:


        In the past there was also much hoopla about Resvertarol, but things have calmed down lately. David Sinclair did most of the initial work in this area:

    1. Liz Parrish is experimenting herself with Telomerase. which also may turn out to be a life/youth extender… and that would buy us, theoretically, some more time to wait for a cure and enjoy it while being young, even as a young 70 year old, as you put it.. lol

  16. Hearing that Histogen and Replicel could potentially both be available to the public within two years from now is amazing news. It brings a great joy and a sense of relief. I believe very strongly in both of these treatments. I feel that the visual evidence I’ve seen from Histogen has been more impressive thus far. Though when I hear the people from Replicel speak about their technology it sounds to me that they believe they have a superior technology for growing hair follicles. I’m excited to see new results from Replicel’s trials.

    It’s interesting to imagine the possibilities of the treatments and how they might work together. At first, everyone will be learning the best protocols. Do we space out the injections over a period of 5 weeks? Do we use Histogen and then Replicel, or Replicel first? Can we combine the treatments in the same injection? Then over time the hair transplant surgeons and the companies themselves will know much more about how the products work and the optimal ways to use them.

    Is this a “cure”? I think it’s just about everything we’ve hoped for right now. A way to grow hair through simple injections. Histogen’s product is so simple you only need to step into the office and get injected and be our your merry way. Replicel’s product requires a small sample of your scalp hair to replicate cells from. As far as it being a cure for everyone, it just might be, although for some it may be a longer process. Here’s a thought. If you use one or both treatments on your scalp, you’re basically guaranteed to grow some cosmetically significant hair. If necessary, you can couple these treatments with a hair transplant; a conservative number for someone using a large portion of their donor might be 3,500 grafts. 3,500 grafts + Replicel + Histogen would produce a meaningful result for anyone. Then we can now think about injecting Histogen & Replicel into the donor where the 3,500 grafts were taken from to regenerate those follicles. Obviously we have not seen results from this kind of protocol so far, but one would imagine it would work efficiently. So now with Histogen & Replicel we are in the realm of unlimited donor.

    1. I could be wrong but I believe Histogen and Replicel will work to revitalize existing follicles and not create new ones therefore I don’t think regenerating the donor area with these two treatments will be possible.

      1. I agree with you. On the other hand we have SM which they have claimed that it produce new hair follicle. So treatments are coming soon, if not a cure

    1. I need samumed now! Freaking right temple is thinning out so quick. Not sure that it’s normal to lose hair so fast in just one area of my scalp…Sucks :(

  17. Very good post admin. As others have said-best hairloss blog out there.

    @ khourii- where have you heard SM can produce new follicles? That would be a HUGE leap forward in itself since any hairloss site you visit states “the amount of hair follicles you are born with are all the follicles you will ever have.”

    Im a little confused with histogen and replicel, especially replicel. If they are taking your own cells to create more hair, those hairs will also be prone to MPB no? So it may grow for a little bit, maybe a year or so, but they would eventually shrink back down again, no?

    I do have high hopes, maybe I shouldnt but I do. There are a lot of things in the works right now. The only other thing i can say is, all these scientists have these good ideas on how to regrow/reverse mpb… WNT pathways, stopping DHT, prp therapy, stem cells, JAK inhibitors, pgd2 etc. All great ideas…why are they trying them all individually? Clearly it isn’t one single issue that causes hair loss, so I dont understand why every treatment focuses on one path to correct it. Like they JUST focus on controlling dht…or just on WNT pathways, or just trying to clone hair, or just on JAK.. I feel like the reason all these treatments are just “okay” at what they do is because all alone they barely scratch the surface of why we are losing our hair. If each one of these paths shows slight to moderate signs of improvement, maybe using a method where you get a package deal is better? Itd focus on all points instead of individual ones. If there are 10 things (example) contributing to hair loss and they fix 1 of them, how can they expect it to be a “cure?”

  18. Rancidmango, i’m disagree with you about replicel. It already proved that donor hair follicle exists on bald spot after HT & it can lasts long time, so if we can generate donor hair with replicel+histogen+sammumed then i think those follicles will be last for long time also in balding area after HT. If we can retain our hair till our 50’s with those company’s product + HT, then it’ll be great thing for us. God bless us.

    1. Hair from donor also miniaturizes after implanted in balding receptor region. They gradually miniaturize, just like the original lost balding hair.

      1. What? Whered you hear this? Not if it’s taken from the proper donor region…maybe if you take from too close to the typical area that goes bald…but this is the first I’ve heard transplanted hairs miniaturized once transplanted

  19. Samumed has been proven to create new folicles in different animal studies. It was written in their phase 1 study or poster from their website. I wish I could rub some samumed on my hair line right now

  20. Samumed WILL create new follicles. I know it will work. I am currently wounding with LiCl to create that WNT pathway. Result? Little follicles have been created on my slick bold temple. When Samumed is made available it will be an easier and more effective way of achieving this result.

  21. @ Ruh. If I could hold onto my hair into my 50s I would be ecstatic lol. But being 24 and a NW 3V sucks. I wasn’t saying replicel wouldn’t work though, i just am confused at HOW it could work. From what I have read, a lot of people that get HT are not happy with the results because a couple years later they find that they have thinned again and need another HT or something. And I heard after a HT you have to take finasteride in order to keep the hair, thereby defeating the purpose since im losing hair because I can’t take fin and need something in its place. Maybe I missed something about the way they work though. Still have hope lol.

    Thats pretty awesome news on SM though. I don’t see how it isnt something to be excited about if it creates new hair follicles. Even replacing 30% of my hair would be a blessing right about now. Hairline is practically non existent, and for some reason even my sides above the ears and nape of the neck are thinning very quickly. I have more hair on top of my head than the sides now which I thought wasnt even supposed to happen. So I am looking forward to SM.

  22. It has been demonstrated that miniaturized hair follicles, when implanted into mice grew big again and regained their normal size thus proving that the miniaturization (baldness) is reversible.
    It clearly points to being a problem in the region, into the scalp and not in the follicles as it was supposed before. The fact that the transplanted follicles from HTs also become gradually small over time is another proof that problem lies in the spot. The follicles are not weak, or dying as it was thought, they remain perfect!! Something – DHT, PGD2, DKK… or all together are just preventing them to grow normally in the balding regions. That is pretty obvious from these experiences that have proven that they go back to normal state once these condition change (when put into mice skin, for example) and when a hair that would not miniaturize (from the back of the head) starts to do so after put into the top of the head.

    1. Inflamation makes sense then doesn’t it? Chokes off The keys things to hair growth in that area… And those jak/stat whatever addresses the inflammation doesn’t it?

  23. HT are barbaric, painful and the results are just not good 90% of the time. I have seen pics pre and post op and I am too scared to have some ht surgeon mess up my head. I want a small fue on the right temple. All I need is like 200 hairs there to even my hairline but I’m terrified of doing. I am just hoping something cones out soon. Anything that can stop it from getting worse and growing some hairs back.

  24. Dr. Christiano published results for jak inhibitors and what now, we must wait next 5 years?
    Slow so so slow progress.
    People wake up, we must do something.

  25. @mjones and jere +1. You are right. Hair transplant are very expensive too…We are very tired of this situation….

  26. I agree, avoid HT! However, if there’s still nothing new out in 8 more years (ill be 40) and nothing on the horizon I may look into a HT…I don’t want to spend all of my youth thinning/bald and by that time something will be better than nothing.

    1. Yes they are extremely expensive and if you go to the wrong ht doctor you just screwed yourself for life. Butchering our heads for crap results is so 10 to 30 years ago. 2016 means cell based transplants, new topical to signal hair growth and meds made to grow hair and stop hair loss.

  27. I was thinking about getting a hair transplant until my buddy got one from Dr. Shapiro. I didn’t even really notice the difference one year post op, and he still is thinning in the region that the transplant didn’t cover. Hair loss is progressive, so he has basically locked himself in to more hair transplants for life. That is going to be like $60,000.00 in investments and a lot of travel and pain down the road. He can never shave it, even when he gets old. Let’s be honest, the transplant doesn’t look like your real hair, either. It is thinner… I am going to wait. If something awesome comes out within the next 5-10 years, I am sure I will be glad that I waited.. Let’s say there is an injection or stem cell therapy that brings our hair back, the dudes that had the hair transplants will have spent a lot of money, and have the deep scars. Some of them have messed their scalp up so bad that it will be a problem.

    1. Totally agree ddog. My friend got a ht done a couple years in Greece. It looked great! He was thinning only half front of head so I guess he was a Norwood 3.5. The doctor did an amazing job. Now his transplanted hairs look much thinner when I saw him a month ago. Still looks good but not the same at all

      1. That’s why the hairs transplanted continue to miniaturize gradually. So it’s not a good idea! I prefer using a wig.

      1. Correct. Patent was filed in 2013. It was just granted now. However, her method is unique, which the patent shows, and it may promise further applications to other hair disorders, as noted in the patent language.

  28. MJones, his transplanted hairs are the same, but the problem rests with the hairs around the transplanted hairs. As you probably can imagine, they transplants about 2000 grafts into a particular location around other hairs… Some of those grafts don’t thrive, and some blossom and become hair. After a year, it reaches it’s full potential.. but the viable natural hair around the transplant continues to thin, sometimes at an aggressive rate. Within 5 years, one is left with little choice but to get a second transplant… otherwise, they are left with these thin strands that they have to comb over their bald patches… in 20 years, they have to buy toupees… scary stuff. I have read many blogs about guys who get hair transplants, and I haven’t seen one with a guy who 20 years later did not regret it. Let me know if you guys find one. I know we think hair thinning is a big deal now that we are young, but the funny thing is that our 50’s and 60’s statistically are supposed to be the happiest years of our lives because no one gives a damn about that kind of thing. Wouldn’t it be nice not to have a scar?

    1. So true ddog. I will say this again and you guys can yell at me and call me crazy but I honestly believe the HT industry is a big reason we haven’t had a better treatment comes out sooner. They will do whatever they can to hold on to their business. Yes they will be able to make money in addition to histigen and replicel injections but it will be mini transplants of less than 800 grafts instead of her 2500. Now for low Norwoods they will lose this market completely! Histigen , samumed and repkicel will be the new solution for Norwood 1 to 3.5 maybe 4.

    2. transplanted hairs also thin!! they are not for life!! they thin the same way cause the balding area affects them as well.

  29. We will see, Mjones. Like I stated before, I am not too hopeful in anything that is our there. If anything amazing comes out, it will be completely by accident. I still don’t believe in the conspiracy theories. Hair transplant doctors would just learn how to do the injections or whatever the next big thing is. Industries evolve all the time.

  30. I agree on the HT. I wouldnt be able to anyway, but even if I did have the donor hair I wouldnt do it. Two of my uncles have had HT, one of them was just over 2 years ago, and to be honest he is in the same boat he was before and his hair is just as thin. The other one just had a HT for the middle forelock (think thats what it is called?) And now all the hair around it is gone and he is left with no hairline and just an island of hair in front that always sticks up. Looks terrible and I feel bad because he took a loan out on his 401k twice to do it spending around $6k total. Not worth it.
    As I said before, I agree it probably isnt the follicle and more with something else in the scalp affecting it, which is why I cant understand why each medication focuses on one fix. They ALL grow a little hair and slow down mpb…so clearly every issue each medication addresses is contributing to hairloss. Until we can fix them all, we will not be cured.

  31. HT is a terribly bad idea!!! it leaves you a little less bald, for a price that should give one a full head of hair. Donor area is limited, off corse, you can’t multiply hairs. I’m yet to see a HT that I will like the result. I would never do it and my advice will be always: don’t do it!!

  32. it is not even close to being called a SOLUTION to hair loss! the ones that think it is are really bad mistaken, and the ones that say it is are being fooled and/or fooling everybody else.

  33. Someone needs to try to talk some sense into that writer for “Follicle Thought.” He is trying to raise the money to have an FUE procedure. He needs to think more long term. HT is nothing but a very short-term solution, and could possibly make him feel very upset after… It’s amazing what baldness can make you do. It impacts all of your reasoning..

  34. If an FUE wasnt so damn expensive it wouldn’t be so bad since the scarring is so much less. Even if it didnt all take at least itd be something. But like someone said above, for the price it should be a head full of healthy hair, not crappy thin, lifeless hair that eventually goes away anyway. The quality should match the price. These companies just prey on the fragile state of mind people with hairloss usually have. I know a couple years ago before hairloss I was a way different person. With it now confidence has plummeted and im much more socially withdrawn.

    1. It is new, just released today by samumed. Looking good guys! At least we know phase 2 was a success. Now we need start date for phase 3. Hopefully this will be 6 months long and we can get this stuff soon!

  35. Wow! Big Samumed news. Thank you for the link mjones. Now we just need to see some pics that proofs what we’r reading:)

    1. They will probably release the pics at a hsir loss conference. There is one in the spring right? Prob after their phase 2b completed. Either way this stuff works on humans and creates new follicles in humans not just animal models. Yes, I will get very excited once I see pics of good regrowth:)

      1. Be a good thing to check their twitter feed
        Not functional at the moment but I suspect they will tweet something soon
        @samumed_llc Also one of their employees @GaryChoy1

  36. Hi guys, have any of you had or seen (smp)combined with fue? Just wondering if you could pull off a zero blade round bk and sides and a number 1 blade on top?

    1. Yeah it looks dumb. Don’t do it. HT and scalp tattoo dots. If any woman knows you got your head tattooed to look like hair you can kiss your sex life goidbye. Just do a normal fue if you really want more hsir. Smp only let’s ht transplanted docs know we are at their mercy. We need to boycott ht doctors in 2016

        1. Khourii… are you kidding us? Please…this is a serious blog…We need hair donor regeneration or new treatments. It’s easy.

          Best regards. Awesome blog.

          1. Paul, everyone of us wants a real hair today before tomorrow and there is no kidding around. But if there is no cure and they gave a 2 choices of a buzzed look or NW5+ look, which one do you choose? I hope you get my point.

    2. I have an SMP.
      Sure you won’t have the feeling nor the look of an head full of hair, as it’s not it and will never be. But trust me, it’s still 1000 times better than being bald.
      Just the fact of having an hairline back is worth it in my opinion. Just make sure you go at the right place and do not over do it! You have to be really careful with your choices. Never do sides and Never go lower than your natural hairline!

      And is it good mixed with FUE? Well if you have the money for it, yes it can be. But at the same time, you must know that an SMP is trying to mimic a buzz cut. So if you get an HT, these new hair might no be strong enough to be shaved for a buzz cut, resulting in a huge waste of money.

    1. Samumed’s Phase 1 trial in Australia was completed and failed to show any hair growth, according to sources at the company. Subjects felt better, but hair counts were no different in the treated vs. placebo groups. To be fair, the study was only one month in duration, so quite short for a hair growth/re-growth trial. This trial will tell if activation of Wnt signaling in the scalp is a potential treatment for baldness. Keep in mind that like rogaine and propecia, you’d still have to use this to retain your new hair.

  37. Do you guys think that once the ‘cure’ is discovered the other pharmaceutical companies will abandon their current mpb hairloss projects? Or, do you envision a future with multiple treatment options?

    1. This samumed product will be better than propecia and rogaine but not a CURE so let’s not get carried away. If this can take us down two Norwoods then I think it will be great! This in conjuction with replicel and histigen will be very good for high Norwoods and even better for low Norwoods. Howecer, for samumed to test this product on 4 5 6 Norwoods it must mean they are aiming for substantial hair growth. The Australia trial was for safety and it was short so I’m not shocked if they didn’t see much growth. Like all hair treatments you need at least 3 to 6 months to get growth. Let’s wait and see what “significant” hair growth and hair count means from the pictures they will provide us. Fingers crossed guys.

      I still think other hair loss researchers will continue to bring out new treatments because like propecia and minox they don’t work forever.

  38. Anyone know if allergan is still continuing with latisse ? That was prob thr worst result of a hair loss treatment I have ever seen. I used latisse for two months made my face oily and increased hair loss in my temples. Pissed! Now I am using rosemary with coconut oil to try and grow back the lost hair. Plus my nightly rogaine use .

  39. Samumed could testing on high Norwoods just because it is easier to see any hair growth on a slick canvas. It may have nothing to do with how good the product works. I am getting cynical. lol

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