Wnt10b and Hair Growth

Hair loss news first:

— Two important studies were published in Japan in the past several weeks. One on the unusually named topical penta-peptide Gly-Pro-Ile-Gly-Ser (GPIGS); and another on the somewhat less esoteric Wnt-10b. Update: A 2020 study finds that Wnt10b promotes hair follicle growth and dermal papilla cell proliferation via the Wnt/β-Catenin signaling pathway. Note that the research was done in rabbits.

— Samumed and its Turkish CEO Osman Kibar are featured in a Forbes magazine cover page story and article that everyone was talking about last week. Turkish media also picked up on the story. I did not realize that Mr. Kibar was such a good poker player. I do not agree at all with some hair loss forum members who have said that winning and placing second in his first two tournaments is just luck, especially when considering that the second tournament had 3,000 participants.

More importantly, Samumed is potentially valued at $12 billion, so Mr. Kibar is worth $4 billion with his one-third ownership stake. An unreal number for a company with somewhat unproven products and potential. Further proof that the biotech sector is extremely overvalued. As far as Samumed’s SM04554 hair loss product goes, the article does not divulge anything new that would raise my optimism level above what I gauged in my last post on the subject.

— The UK’s Mirror had an excellent article on the dangers of getting bad hair transplants and the importance of picking an experienced surgeon and adviser. Also see my posts on the dangers of getting hair transplants abroad and on hair transplants gone wrong.

Pfizer and Allergan have scrapped their merger plans after US tax rule changes limited potential benefits. I mention this news because Allergan has two important hair loss treatment drugs in the pipeline in Bimatoprost and Setipiprant.

Does PPR for hair loss work? A new study from Spain suggests that it is an effective treatment for hair growth.

— New study summarizing 11 older LLLT studies concludes overall favorable results when it comes to hair growth.

— French spiderman climbs an office tower to call attention to hair loss. Well done monsieur. The French are supposed to be among the best in the world at realizing the important things in life. For example, hair loss day was celebrated (or mourned) in the country on March 24th 2016 per the last sentence of that article.

— Someone from the HLT forums asked me via e-mail to help in publicizing a group buy of ingredients to make Dr. Brotzu’s lotion. I never participate in group buys, and I do not like posting about them on this blog. I do not want to be responsible in case someone purchases a dangerous ingredient from some unreliable international vendor. Nevertheless, I will make an exception here and encourage blog readers to visit this link and decide for themselves. As always, I am not a doctor or medical professional, and I take zero responsibility in case the group buy ends up being something illegal. I have done no research about the ingredients involved in this venture.

And now on to medical items of interest:

— Salamander’s are known for their limb regenerative abilities. And now, a team from Australia claims that a stem cell therapy that is capable of regenerating any human tissue damaged by injury, disease, or aging could be available within a few years due to the development of new techniques.

Implant lets paralyzed man play guitar. Just imagine if hair loss and paralysis both get cured by the end of 2020.

— Mind transfer to a computer very possible by 2050. Very popular story on Reddit based on number of comments, but I think they have this same kind of mind uploading story every single month.

The convergence of programming and biology.

— Two new breakthroughs in diabetes treatment: one makes sense, but the other is a bit of a surprise. For probably the 4th time on this blog, I repeat that the UK’s much maligned gossip rag “The Daily Mail” seems to be at the forefront of covering important hair loss and medical news stories.

Gene therapy that restores eyesight in some to be tested on humans. Everyone seems to be having an easier time moving from testing on animals to testing on humans in comparison to hair loss researchers.

First 3D printed drug Spritam (Levetiracetam) for epilepsy treatment now FDA approved for sale in the US.

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    1. Shut up Farhan. Your sense of humor is terrible. Who are you trying to impress? Just be quiet and be thankful

      1. Dude crispwan iam glad that you eat Street side food.. No wonder you crap out of your mouth… Secondly iam an Australian… And thankful for histogen seriously.. I am not against anyone not releasing a cure as it is a complex thing and I understand that people are trying and iam more than thankful.. Like Angela christiano… But people like Gail Naughton are just scammers playing with our emotions.. They should not be encouraged… And dude she started trials like way back… How many years dude.. Why the hell is she not releasing the product.. Look at samumed.. Did the trial on months… Every hair loss Congress histogen presents saying they have the best efficacy.. Then why not release.. Just tell me dude why should I trust her… Histogen is the only company that really annoys me…

        1. It’s because you don’t actually read what is being put out… Tell me what is their efficacy? Go back and read. Your comments are based on reactionary feelings you have to numbers. They haven’t claimed anything outrageous without the data to back it up. I’m not saying that I think histogen will be the cure or first treatment or even a treatment at all but the words that come out of your mouth just aren’t backed by anything. You guys get hyped off treatments that have no data and then bash the companies that actually release it.

          Histogen, while they have delayed their timelines, continues to update us about when they expect to have a product. It takes time to do the trials and set up a system for distribution. Relax and wait for actual news before making categorical statements. If trolling blogs gets you off… Try Reddit -> wallstreetbets… You’ll love it there.

          1. curious bro…. do you know how emotional it is for some people showing good results and then not releasing the product….I dont have anything against any company ..nor iam that desperate…cos Iam not bald at all….but people like histogen should not get any attention…. and you are saying about their results…how are you even sure that they are true….dude if they are real she would have released it ages ago…its all fake pics….and the product is released in mexico…of all the places in the world mexico really…

          2. Farhan… I live in Mexico, I’m from the states.. Your “bro” comment goes right along with your “bro” mentality. Mexico has just as high, if not higher standard of care as the United States in their major cities. Yeah if you go to some small beach town they aren’t going to have state of the art equipment but the hospital half a block from my house, in Mexico City, is one of the best hospitals I’ve been to, including those I have visited in the states… I’m not sure what you are trying to say beyond that you have a narrow view of the world.

            Again I ask… What results, specifically numbers, are you referring to? If anything I remember people being disappointed that it wasn’t great data so I am really interested in what you are referring to. Check the numbers again. The photo they released recently… All is speculation on your part that it is fake. I don’t take photos seriously at all unless they are accompanied by data. If you are insinuating that they are creating false data that is a big accusation. Please share the info that you have that supports your theory. Have you been digging through their offices and their files?
            These conspiracy theories are understandable because there have been plenty of companies selling snake oil but I highly doubt histogen is one of them. I’m not saying their product is the next gen treatment we are waiting for but I don’t think you would go public with your numbers in the middle of testing if you are selling snake oil… Especially because they aren’t selling anything yet.
            Histogen neither excites me nor makes me feel disillusioned. They simply interest me in the fact that it is one more company trying to put a hairloss product on the market. All companies could release press statements tomorrow saying their products are shit or they could all release products tomorrow… Speculating on that shit is nothing more than a waste of time. Keep your opinions to yourself if they add nothing to the conversation.


          3. Usually don’t say anything on the forums but Farhan.. And others that believe Histogen is a scam.. Remember what happened a couple years ago? They got sued and had to lay off over half their employees so yeah I’m a little upset about it taking forever but that can happen when a company gets sued. And on top of that if it was a scam they would just released by now to cash in.. Like guys cmon the company has been around for almost 10 years trying to solve part of the puzzle of hairloss. I’d rather have an effective treatment come late then to treatment at all. Be a little optimistic for once, all these pessimists bug me

      1. It looks like this piece of text on the Belgravia website, sort of, underlines the theory that shrinking hairs / hair follicles eventuelly (don’t die but) turn into skin / are covered by skin.

        This could mean that the Follica theory of wounding plus topical mix gives the body at least the opportunity to create new follicles instead of covering the holes again with skin.

        Putting minox on your shiny scalp areas does not work, because it can not reach the underlying tissues.

        “This is because the hair follicles need to be alive in order for treatments such as high strength minoxidil, to help them back to promoting healthy regrowth. When someone becomes bald, the hair follicles die and the skin scars over – which is what gives bald scalps a shiny appearance – meaning treatments can no longer penetrate the skin.”

  1. @Netshed, I also checked a few days ago and could’ nt find anything. Also, someone mentioned in a previous post that he tried their topical Fin and got severe sides. Their product sounds very good in theory but they might be exaggerating when it comes to the side effects. I take it your in europe? You should read @admins great post on Polichem. It might be available very soon.

    1. That’s correct, I’m from the Netherlands. MINOX is not saving my hair, so I need a topical DHT blocker which isn’t available yet. I hope the Swiss are able to produce something that stays in the scalp without going into our system.

      I just saw that Dr. Antonella Tosti is also a consultant for Polichem, while she’s involved in so many future hair loss treatments worldwide. Admin has mentioned her several times before, and I bumped into her myself when I searched info about the MOU the Bahamas signed with the University of Miami.

      While it’s not easy to be patient, I’ll try to wait 2 more years before I really start considering a FUE HT. It totally depends on the info / results we will see from injection and stem cell treatments in the upcoming 12 / 24 months and off course my hair loss rate.

      While hoping for a non-surgical treatment, I am already gathering info about the best HT surgeons, preferably in Europe. However, it’s hard to determine which HT surgeons are the most honest and give the best results.

      For example, Feriduni from Belgium still offers besides FUE the opportunity for a FUT, to be clear, they don’t force you but you can opt for it at their clinic. There are people who state that if a HT clinic provides the opportunity to undergo a FUT, you should immediately leave that place, even if you are considering a FUE yourself.
      Others are stating that Feriduni gives great FUE results. So what to choose …

      As I mentioned before, the claims that are made in case of hair multiplication FUE’s are very hard to verify. So is Coen Gho right about the claims, or is the density in the recipient area as bad / low as I see on their online photos?

      What do you guys think about this clinic in Spain, Injerto Capilar? They document their procedures very well on Youtube!





      1. I live in Spain actually in Madrid, there is also Svenson which i was thinking about going to.. They have the ARTIS robot.

        Good luck man with your decision.

  2. lol Thorn medical is a scam and so is Okyanos it’s one giant scam and the Bahamian government is at the bottom of it. Now go out and buy some powerball tickets then pray to god at church and watch cable news because thats not rigged and totally legit.

  3. i want to copy paste the emails and news i’ve been geting but i’m wait until after i’ve been processed to share anything mjones, i have nothing to gain and alot to lose otherwise.

  4. thank u hlscc.. comments like urs is the reason why i come here
    i didn’t know brotzu’s product even had a name
    I’ll email the company now

      1. Thorn have only said that Dr Irum Khan would provide stem cell treatments for baldness. But Dr Khan is a hair transplant doctor with experience doing PRP and scalp tattoos! She is not a scientific lab researcher.

        Just look at some of her tweets from last year that suggest micro scalp pigmentation.

        Why would Thorn Medical get her on board when stem cells are obviously not Dr Khan’s area of expertise? Could nepotism be at play?

        “Irum Khan ‏@ikclinics 7 Mar 2015

        Scalp Micro-pigmentation works by tattooing natural pigments into the scalp to replicate the appearance of individual hair follicle.”

        “Irum Khan ‏@ikclinics 16 Feb 2015

        Twitter: https://twitter.com/ikclinics

        Linkedin profile: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/irum-a-khan-12512ba8

  5. Am I the only one who feels that things have taken a turn for the worse lately? SM04554 holds little to no potential according to the Forbes article, the italian lotion’s release got delayed, the topical finasteride from H & W supposedly had systemic side effects, no new info on the Kelopesia treatment, no new treatments coming out within the next year (at least it seems like that).. Man I swear, this hair loss sh*t is really an emotional roller coaster.. one day you read good news, the next day you read bad news.. It is getting very tiring.

    Over to something else: Has anyone here tried CB/ Breezula? If so, did you get any results from it? And did you experience any side effects?

    1. Not at all. If anything i feel the opposite. Recently we’ve seen 10+ passage dermal papilla in vitro expression, Follica news (far from dead and have been very quiet for a reason), tsuji partnership, JAK I.P. being bought by a company whose head is also on the board of Follica, Follica looking to hire a vp for commercialization of product… lots of good stuff. Things move slow in this industry but no doubt they are moving towards at bare minimum vastly better treatments than we now have, if not a full blown cure. I don’t think the title of this blog is inaccurate at all. It’s just we have to let the regulations run their course. I’m a big believer in Follica especially. They have been very quiet throughout all of their clinical trials. Why? They don’t want massive responses and “copycats.”

      I feel you man, it is a roller coaster. I have been losing my hair since 16/17 years old. Took fin for 5 years, stopped when i was 21 maybe at most at a NW 2. My dad was completely bald by 23. Both grandfathers started losing hair in early 30’s. Now I am 27 and definitely a NW 4. Have been battling myself mentally on whether i want to get back on finasteride or not for the next year or two to hold me over until something much better comes out 2017/2018. I’m leaning towards getting back on it. I definitely had sides while on it the first time, but they weren’t super terrible. Noticeable though. But they went away after about 6 months of being off. I know this is one mans opinion, but i wouldn’t let others scare anyone from taking fin. A VERY small percentage of men have permanent side effects from this. You will notice sides while on it but for 99% or greater they go away not too long after cessation of taking it.

  6. runningman Kelopesia dr. sahin emailed me back personally a month or two ago and said they are going through processing with the government and it will be available in a few months..

    I’m going to email him back at the end of may to see where they are at

  7. I just wanted to know if anyone else in addition to thinning hair had thinning eyebrows and sideburns.

  8. I wrote on the other post about Brotzu’s lotion: a forum member called him and he said that the product “works wonderfully on AGA” and that we have to push Fidia to make it available fast.

  9. While the big boys like Samumed and Replicel continue their research, smaller companies I’d never heard of are claiming to have found a cure already, out of the blue. Brotzu, Kelopecia, and now N2C, all three from Europe and none of them has convincing before and after pictures. And seeing how no one is even mentioning about n2c, I guess it could be another snake oil.

  10. We need to stop coping…there is no cure on the horizon… Time to lay down n rot boyos… Balding is a death sentence…

  11. Hi Admin, outstanding work as usual. I would like to know your current opinion about topical finasteride. Thanks!

    1. Hi Manuel thanks. I have a good feeling about topical Fin, but its hard to tell how accurate the Hasson/Italian company studies are and will be regarding efficacy. I am fairly confident that side effects will be a bit less than with oral Fin even if the topical product is absorbed systemically. I hope we can see more proof that efficacy is the same as or better than oral Fin.

  12. Brindey, thanks for the picture. Yes follica will make holes for the hair follicles to form. This mean that NW 7 will become NW 0 and also will grow on a scar. Who is going to perform the procedure? Hair transplant surgeons

  13. Can anyone read the PRP study? Usually I have access to journals since I am a university student but this one doesn’t seem to work. The abstract is interesting but I wonder how much hair count and density increased after PRP, if they mention cosmetic significance (i.e. was it a visible difference, how the participants rated the improvement), and if they discuss long-term efficacy.

  14. How do you know that khourli? We shouldn’t make assumptions about follica that it can make a nw7 a nw0. I hope it freaking does but let’s not over hype it till we see pics and more info from follica

  15. Mjones im drinking a beer right now its still day time here in columbia south carolina. just found out Thorn is releasing this year. So im done prevaricating now. Khan emailed me last week I’m waiting for prescreening with the med coordinator I’ll take before and afters of trial. I’m not going to paste private emails but roboc I already knew all of that. Dr. Bashir is the scientist not khan. This is going to be free for me hence my sarcastic scam jokes. If it is ill let tall know

  16. Mjones this is what follica says man. Creating new follicles is the cure which you can create in a slick bald head. Kindly review the follica approach from their website

    1. Cool khourli, that is a solid point. If he can create one follicle with wounding then technically he should be able to create unlimited follicles. I need to set up my appointment with him at upenn. I have been slammed with work but I will do it this week. Maybe I can convince him since we are both Greek to create a few follicles in my temples while I’m there. Haha I will bring him some homemade baklava and mousaka. Lol
      Admin thanks for this great blog buddy. I will also check out Theracel in Greece when I go this summer. Their office is near my house in Athens. Maybe I can go there and get some info on their hair stem cell treatment in trials

  17. Thanks a lot for the information and patience admin…you are the best…..I urge all you guys in future if hair loss is cured we all donate money to this site for keeping our hopes alive….

      1. hi Admin, you def deserve one, I’m sure everyone that reading your posts on this site will be more than happy to chip in some money to you for your contribution.

  18. Sorry, but once again there is Histogen bashing. Someone posted in this thread or the other about bashing Histogen without READING the facts and considering the efficacy. People are writing off Histogen purely because of what they read on other boards. “It’s a scam” “Look at the pictures” “OMG Hazcheezburger, gets robbed in Mehico”

    If you even look at the photos, the treatment looks fairly effective in the zones where the injections are taking place:

    1) He has gone from having a frontal region that is completely sparse to it being actually presentable.
    2) The hair length seems to be near enough the same.
    3) The combed forward parts, there is 3 parts combed forward from the crown that wasnt before.

    1) Angle is different, someone highlighted a mark as a reference point and you can see the outline
    2) The quality of the hair in picture 1 is crap. Thinning, poor hair count. Picture 2 seems seems like HQ has improved and restored to it’s natural colour and you can see thicker clusters of hair.


    1) Look at the thinning in picture one, clearly highlighted by the pull back of the hair You could argue the lighting is slightly different, but there is hardly hair in that region. Look at pic 2, look at the hair count, look at the thickness

    Again, like Curious. I’m not promoting it as a bonified treatment which is there for everyone to go for.. it’s an option. That’s what we need, we need options. HT, Minoxidil, Finasteride costs could be reduced from 2 treatments in a clinic with simple injections. My point is.. let Gail present their findings in 2 weeks, if it’s good it’s good.. If it’s inconclusive, don’t get it. But if you want to bash the good Dr and it turns into an exciting treatment, maybe you should stay at home whilst everyone else is in Mexico playing with their new locks.

    Who knows, they might even take the follica treatment of wounding and mix that with a Histogen injection. Maybe it could improve the results. We know nothing, they’re the doctors. They’re the professionals. They know more about what’s wrong with the hair on your head than you do, so stop commenting like the experts and writing off hard work as immediate scams. Let’s see the presentation, let’s see what they’re showcasing and judge based on the facts.

    1. Great post. Now if we could get idiots like Farhan to shut up and go back to selling samosas on the street..

        1. Haha nope I’m educated and come from a great family. But nice try. Stop criticizing the very people working to help your pathetic self.

          1. Dude Iam an Australian citizen and Iam an IT manager having 150k package…my dad’s a millionare….and im just 29….im not at all bald..I had fue with Rahal…so visit imracistb..d.com and leave your comments there..

          2. anyways dude l want to end this conversation with your bad joke….but yeah lets see if histogen really cures…keep waiting bro

      1. Googled for images. Seems to follow a pattern of all their other results slides and it’s in a baldtalktruth thread about Histogen.


        Look for the image string in a page search or comments by “Westonci”, few people discuss it.

        There is only one results photo that left me questioning what happened, which is this one: http://i40.tinypic.com/bflt8k.jpg

        In any case, all the others we see actually good change imo add that with another treatment and you might be a new man.

  19. Samumed, the Forbes article sounded pretty negative for Hair Loss in comparison to their other project. I did say initially that the results weren’t great, but i changed my mind. If it can offer what it already has.. 10% regrowth and stopping future hairloss, it could still be effective for me personally.

    If they take it back to the drawing board thats good and bad news. If they scrap it completely, i would be disappointed but i would understand as it is their business and the treatment needs to be viable to the market.

  20. I can’t believe that a simple blog has turned out to be the most straight-forward, clearly presented hair loss site to go to. Shows how regular hair loss forums are really lost in terms of presenting news to the readers.

    Great job admin.. the blog and your efforts are worth many men’s peace of mind.


  21. Polichem taken over by Amarill few months back? Also, Thorn Medical treatment looks to be nothing more than FUE transplant + Kerastem kind of injection of fat stem cells to be done simultaneously.

    1. the line is further back to enhance the illusion. COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY to add that line unless the intention is to try to MANIPULATE immediate visual perception of some sort of COSMETIC RESULT. Histrogen is absolutely BS for this reason! No need to mess with pictures if you are a proper biotech company with a legit treatment. Everyone involved in those presentations deserves a round house kick to the face. Enough with the BS of people being pissed at others being REALISTIC with those pictures. Stop lying to yourselves. So f*ing annoying. They are struggling to raise a measly $20 or so million, that is NOTHING. My dad could get that backing and he’s a farmer, not claiming a cure for the hundred of millions of people with hairless in the world.

  22. I agree with yeep’s opinion! I follow several forums and they are so stucked in the same subject and never present new information, what I think really dicourage hairloss sufferers.
    This blogg with so much new trustable and optimistic information really made me feel confident again and live my life hoping that hairlosscure is close to our hands and my future wont be dark ;)!
    Thank you very much for this hardword devoted by the admin!

  23. If histogen is really manipulating their pics and lying about their data that is some serious shit! They should be penalized and fined heavily. She better not be cuz that’s just a dick move to get our hopes up for her to make money.

  24. Agree, great blog thanks. It’s my go to for info. It’s tainted though by infighting. None of us want to read arguments between the you-know-who’s.
    Thanks again Admin.

  25. @Guest9, I believe your completely SPOT ON about Histrogen. After their presentation later this month we’ll see the same shitty pics and hear alot of talk without evidence from Gail Naughty.

  26. Why would someone spend 12 weeks with ink on their head? It’s reference for the photo and they redraw the line again to take another photo.

    Again, you don’t know their stumbling blocks behind their funding. Let’s judge photos 12 weeks apart and slam these “fake” results, because i certainly could tell 12 weeks apart how much hair i’ve lost and exactly where i’ve lost it without inking or reference points. Let’s just not use our brains and read the information they published. Let’s slam the product before the presentation comes out. Let’s just write useless non-informative posts on a board full of strangers, damning the product from our expert knowledge.

    Get a grip.

    1. Also there is videos in this thread that shows they ink heads in FUE transplant to mark the areas to be treated, for reference. Will they redraw the exact same line next time? Will the person keep the ink on their head? Not showering, not washing for 12 weeks?

      You guys are actually laughable. Read your own posts sometimes, it’s funny.

      1. Reread my post. Its serious (guest9, iphone says 99 for some reason) that front line is moved back in the seccond picture by an inch or so going from that mole on his forehead to make the appearance that his hairline is coming forward. Then, their one “remarkable” case they decide to show ONE f*ing picture from a different angle. I visisted a HT doctor and he snapped like 30 pictures with a very expensive camera and crystal clear quality of pictures in a very well lit room, for free. Took 15 min. Absolute joke, would fail a highschool level lab report. The fact you can’t see why people are upset with that is beyond me, cuz I find it insulting and its upsetting how shiity their practises are. If they dont know how to conduct proper lab experiments, like hell id inject my head with “growth factors” in mexico. Peace. Seriously, conducting terrible labs is worse than the “5 years away” statement.

        1. I agree with guess99. Going to Mexico and injecting my scalp with growth factors sounds super shady. I wouldn’t be surprised if this stuff caused cancer. Good luck suing a Mexican doctor in getting a trial in Mexico City lol. It all sounds weird. If her treatment really worked as well as it claims she would have rushed this stuff to market ASAP not wait years and years of delays and nonsense. SM pushed through trials quickly, yes it may not bring back our full hair but at least they didn’t delay and lie.

          1. I’ve said all i can say about Histogen. I’m positive about most of the work being done around the world to come up with an effective treatment.

            If it were so easy we would have cures for cancer, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases and ways to regrow functioning limbs. These things are all more complex than we know, let the experts do their thing. If you think something looks shady and you can’t back it up with reasonable facts, don’t say anything.

        2. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out these scammers. Some people will believe anything to entertain their wishful thinking. I’ve said it numerous times: this Ziering guy is a known scam artist and their association is yet another indication of where this is heading. Case closed

  27. Thank you for contacting us regarding Prof. Brotzu’s hair loss remedy. We provide you here with some information on the project, that you may find useful.

    Professor Brotzu has been working on an innovative hair loss therapy, in collaboration with his research team at the University of Cagliari (Italy), as far as the development of the most appropriate formulation is concerned. Fidia farmaceutici has considered this achievement a scientific breakthrough, with a very high potential, and has decided to acquire the intellectual property rights of the technology, to offer all patients who are affected by the problem, a real treatment option.

    Fidia will soon begin a clinical trial, with a defined protocol, focusing on a specific formulation suitable for industrial scaling-up.

    Regretfully, we are not able to figure out in advance the formulation’s effectiveness and tolerability, that shall be demonstrated during the trial, with statistical significance and clinical relevance.

    For this reason, neither exact launch plans nor time-to-market priorities have been defined for the product yet.

    We will keep you abreast of the company’s future steps in this concern.

    Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions on the subject.

    1. Interesting.. Supposively they started the clinical trial in March and we could see this product by next year according to Follicle Thought

  28. I just wanted to show you all a video which I don’t trust, watch it on a large screen. You have to be Dutch or Belgian to understand what they are saying, but Google Translate can help with the website.


    The first video (about hair loss treatment) on that page shows at 2MIN20SEC a before and after picture. In the after picture the crown looks like a photoshopped carpet, as the hair structure repeats itself from left to right. But not only the picture looks weird.

    First the website talks about the fact they perform PRP including among others the component phosphatidic. This hair growth treatment already has been tested on women, showed no adverse side effects and contains only natural substances, besides your own body cells.

    However, they continue in an article by saying, they firstly injected the substance (PRP) but they now might have found a good vehicle for it to make kind of a serum which you can use at home ( whenever this comes to the market).

    Using this a couple of times per week (rubbing it in your scalp) would only repair your existing hair and the hair follicles which have been lost the last 3 years. They state that if you already see that you are thinning (most of us mentioned that after we have lost >50%) you already might be too late.

    Anyway, just to show you all that the pictures of for instance Histogen are at this moment the only ones we got considering treatments that should be released in near future. And after all, those from HSC might look less suspicious than this photoshopped carpet crown from this weird company.

    1. The vehicle / gel for the serum has been made by Pietro Rando. His company is a subsidiary of http://www.intercos.com which develops make-up for the world’s largest international make-up brands during the last decades.

    2. @Netshed Those before/after pictures in the video are indeed bogus. I work with Photoshop everyday and the after picture is a premium example of amateur photoshop skills. The clone and stamp tool (look it up in Photoshop for Dummies, wouldn’t be surprised if it was chapter 2 or something :) ).
      Absolutly appalling that they use this to promote it, smells like a huge trashcan filled with rotting fish scam.

      1. Wow I’m also a professional 3D Artist… just can’t believe how that Stamp Tool is blatant o.O
        F they are really trying to scam that much? Man this should be completly illegal

    3. Dutch here. This made me cringe. The photoshop is SO obvious it’s disgusting. Also, I instantly noticed that as soon as he was asked to explain how their treatments work (fat cells/prp) the amount of ‘uhms’ and stutter in his story increased exponentially. What a load of bull.

  29. I’m getting really close and tempted to a scalp a nw1 right about now. Waiting a freaking long time for a new treatment. I Remember back in 2001 I went to Bosley and he told me hair cloning and new treatments won’t hot the market for 20 years. I thought he was trying to scam me and I didn’t listen to him, looks like he was right. The way it looks 2020 maybe if we are lucky 2018 anew treatment will cone out but I am expecting delays. Hey Farhan where did you get that fue again. I might have to do it next winter. Hairline is thinning out fast even on the big 3 :(

    1. Dude i got it from rahal and then second one I got it from india bcos here in Australia I didnt find a fue expert…. if you are looking for the best alan fellar…but really expensinve… I got my second one done in Darling buds Chandigarh, India. He is really good and does only fue… but yeah you have heaps of options in USA so just google them.

        1. hi ruh i got it in chandigarh… the clinic is called darling buds… the reason i got it there is he specializes only in fue and i found the reviews really good… but you should google around and see if there are any other better docs…I dont wanna advertise any one here..so yeah just look around….

  30. Hey Phil Collins are you still seeing results on tea tree oil and Rogaine? I’ve been doing it for a week now. How long were you on Rogaine before you started adding the tea tree oil?

  31. I have a good feeling about Follica. However I was just thinking -,is Dr. Cotts absolutely 100% sure that his treatment will cause hair neogenesis in the humans and not just minoxidil style regrowth?

    1. I had the same thought… I need to see their numbers (if anyone can point me to them) vs the numbers of minoxidil (need to find that study as well). If their treatment was 4x effective with minoxidil… Meaning that their trial is just as effective as minoxidil… Obviously their is an obvious reason ;) I’m hoping they wouldn’t publish something like that if it was obviously much better than the original minoxidil results…. But you never know.

  32. Furthermore, I read an interview with Dr. Cotts dated 2014. In it he says that $2 million in funding would help to develop a treatment better than propecia and minox, but wouldn’t give a fully bald man a full head of hair. Then he said that $20 million in funding would make it possible to develop an even better treatment, but that was at least 10 years away(!)

    Clearly this creates many more questions: about funding, treatment protocol etc. If the Follica method is wounding + drug, then why would it take so long and why the variation in results? The excitement over 2017 trials is for which of the two treatments Cotts hinted at in 2014? Full blown cure or better than minox?

    1. Hey brdinley. Great questions. I remember reading all of this too. I think said on another post this exact same thing but I’ll say it again either way. Follica has always confused me with their lack of transparency. For better or worse it has made me question what they truly have. Now with various companies that set real time lines and have passed through later stage trials or are going through later stage trials I feel that follicas hand is being forced into producing something.
      One of the reason I speculate this is that if they have a product that works but is maybe not the cure but they still want to r&d it to make it the best but now have run out of time if they wish to cash in on the cash bonanza that will happen once a new treatment comes out.
      Secondly, once new treatments come out… The first treatments that come out, if they work well enough, will most likely have lifetime customers. Humans are creatures of habit and any brand manager will tell you that once you have gotten someone to purchase/ use your brand you most likely have a lifetime customer. That’s why I’ve been using the same deodorant since I was 13 – if I change now I feel like I smell like someone else. This is particularly true when we speak with doctors as out trust level goes up. The treatments that we are first sent to doctors and produce good results for their patients will be there go to treatment. And once our doctor has reassured us that this is their recommend treatment we will continue along that path.

      With all that said. If follica waits much longer they are going to miss out. Major companies in the HL game are putting out real timelines with real dates now. 2018 seems to be the soft target for many and follica doesn’t want to miss out on their money too.


      1. I would be very disappointed if Follica’s treatment had to be taken long term. Follica and Cotts have talked about hair neogenesis/creating new follicles from the very start.

        This should be a permanent treatment with permanent new follicles, not something that you will lose if you stop treatment.

        Or do we think Follica’s new follicles won’t be like the real deal and will need to be tended regularly like flowers so they don’t drop out?

        That would suck.

        1. Hey Robo,
          This is just my opinion/ view on the subject matter and I know everyone is in a different boat but with where I’m at (around a NW3) and really even if I progress more I would still have the same expectations to consider it a success.

          If a company came out with a cure that could be compounded (the treatments would continue to work over time and add to the results previously accomplished) I would be happy with first and foremost stopping my hairloss with at most a once a year treatment. The second factor that I take into consideration is how much hair I grow back – this is no less important than the first point but is a little more complicated. I’ve lost 1 Norwood over about 6 years. I’d say in general it was 10 – 15%, of my overall (including everything down to my neck) hair on my head. The progression has been slow so I wouldn’t expect a treatment to be much faster. With that said, if I could get growth back that would resemble 15 – 25% per year of what I lost from Norwood 1 I would consider it a successful treatment. That would mean it would most likely take around 3 years to get back to a Norwood 2 which I would be super happy to have (I personally think the slight receeding hairline is the best hairline out there but that’s my opinion).

          Finally the price is important but ultimately isn’t as important as the first two. I’d be extremely happy with a treatment that would cost initially $1 – 3K for the first couple of treatments per treatment (first couple of years) to get back to a Norwood they like (this is based off of a NW 3 or NW4 – prices would obviously go up the higher norwood you are) and then have to do maintenance once every 2 to 3 years.

          All in all about $10k for the first 10 years and then $2 to 3k/ 10 years once you are back at a look you like for maintenance.

          Over a lifetime I’d suspect someone investing about $20 – 25k in their hair which would be VERY financially viable to most people in the states. Outside it might be a little more difficult but doable if it is important to you.

          That’s my thoughts on the subject but again I try to be more pragmatic when it comes to my expectations.


  33. Anyone have any info on these?
    Brotzu lotion
    N2C hair cream?

    I know none of these are big hitters, but i am curious if they do SOMETHING. Maybe at least be a minox substitute for me or slow down loss.

  34. @RancidMango, Althrough I dont have much knowledge bout either, Brotzu is the one im rooting for. On paper this product seems like it could actually be something to look forward to. I might be wrong but did the old doc not say that it could turn the hair loss clock 5 yrs back?

  35. Hey admin, any news about the guy who said he will report back soon about his promising results with JAK inhibitors+minox combo?

  36. In an email again to fidia regarding dr brotzu, they said that they cannot give any timing for the trial and launch plan and whether the final product will be a lotion or smth else

  37. @hlscc, Really great that they are replying to your mails. Still, this is just the same typical f***ing story we end up with every single time. When we first heard about the product the news was that Brotzus product was just about ready for release early 2016. And what do we have? A product going into trial without any estimated release….just like the rest.

    Fingers crossed for Polichem to come through very soon!

    1. yeah spanky true…same feelings…i got excited when they said they are going to release this summer….but like other every other treatment again in trials…I wish one day some product just releases out of the blue….

  38. Hey guys not sound like a Debbie downer but I think all these treatments will fail except for follica and jak. Those are the only two that have real science behind it from top end research universities. All the other treatments are just half ass attempts. I had high hopes for SM but it seems like their results aren’t good enough for the next stage HSC is shady as sht and no new progress just delays. Replicel seems to be delaying and sisheido is doing the same, plus they still don’t know if their treatments actually work lol. Follicum sounds very interesting but I feel it will be like minox which I don’t mind if it were to be released this year because I will take anything I can get lol. CB and setiprant have vanished lol. It’s like a giant circle of failures and empty promises to build brand awareness. I only have faith in Follica and Jak and 50% faith in Follicum.

    1. Like to say one more thing about this as well.. They didn’t vanish they are in trials still it’s not like we are going to get new information every week about them damn lol

  39. Brotzu sounds amazing if it’d true. I would love to get 5 years of hair back but what type of Guage is that. What if you have been bald nw5 or 6 for 5 years? Kind of suspicious with results based on years not actual hair growth totals. Plus he said they wouldn’t need trials since it’s non cell chemical based or whatever the term was he used. Strange

    1. I believe it was supposed to be interpretated as that the lotion can bring back follicles from up to 5 years ago… So it would be different for everyone . So what they are probably trying to say is that they can reboot those follicles

  40. @yoda was bald

    ..we’ll know about thorn/tricogeneca this year definitely before october. in other words, we’ll know thorn is real or a failure way before follica or JAK brotzu follicum etc.. Aclaris doesn’t even have AGA trials scheduled for JAK- only mention of it in words, Follica claims 2018 with shiseido.. replicel’s stock is less than 10 cents last I checked.

    Everyone everywhere thinks Thorn is a scam for pretty tenuous reasons they have no scientific proof or pictures? OK wheres follicums scientific proof and before and afters? how about JAK? how about follicum? they got rats .. *fart*

    either way we all will know sometime this year Thorn made a huge claim real public applying for IPO and say’s their going live in months not years … …

    if nasars = JAK Egghead = Thorn

  41. sorry tired i typed that wrong,

    Thorn med is a scam because no pictures or proof then why believe JAK shiseido follicum -they have no pictures and aren’t 100% sure it’s going to work on humans..

    Replicel’s marketcap is 6 million dollars …. 10 cent stock….. replicel is a penny stock…

    JAK / Aclaris = 408 million
    Thorn plans to float @ $489Mil

    The only good argument against thorn i’ve heard is that “how could we assume they learned how to clone follicles that would be 10-20 years ahead of Tsuji or anyone in the field that specializes in the sub genre ..we would have heard of them…”

    The only logical conclusion I can think of to rebuttal that is IPSC cloning and SCNT cloning… I don’t believe they are doing anything with fat regardless of Khan’s connection to Kerastem guy or Okyanos, because Bashir specifically used the words “survival of 10% which is enough to yield 100% cure” I interpret that as (-we clone follicles and 10% of them survive to be able to FUE which is good enough to continue over and over till 100% scalp is covered-) After the Bahamas is known for passing SCNT laws which is the only place in the world to do that. Why would they open up a knock off kerastem facility … it’s just illogical to think that Thorn medical is any more of a potential scam than any of the forum held big names

    plus the edward snowden of british parliment Henry Gewanter is the guy that published the PR release I think he is a man of integrity, and Lord Beaverbrook (lol) gradnson of the Daily Express fortune.. it just feels a little too prestigious for them to be spam

    1. If this is correct then why would Thorn/Trichogenca appoint Dr. Khan like that? What is the significance of her appointment?

      With due respsect to her, there is nothing to suggest she anything more than doc who does hair transplants, SMP and… prp! I had never heard of her before.

      Also her twitter feed sounds very immature. Just one year ago she posted a tweet saying smp is a cure for baldness lol. Other random tweets about how personality traits relate to different body part lol.

      Its little wonder ppl have little faith in Thorn. They sound like cowboys.

    2. I agree — Really don’t see why the Admin tried to make a ‘sarcastic’ article about them on this site. That was pretty unprofessional and and bad overall

  42. also last thing, Dr bashir is the scientist who claimed the cure that should make you ask what is Dr. Khan? a transplant surgeon .. why would they have Khan practicing in the bahamas for stem cell therapy when she’s not even a stem cell scientist?

    Pretty damn sure she is going to be doing FUE with cloned follicles “grown” in the lab …

    I feel Thorn has been terribly misrepresented when I read the zero thought criticisms against them. I’m not denigrating the magnitude of their claim. But at the same time I’m very skeptical there a scam, they look totally legit to me —where am I thinking wrong? Tell me how I’m wrong curious to know.

    So far the strongest statements were two investment banker bros that doubt they’ll be approved to float in london or new york but no solid evidence backing their belief.

  43. Idk about you guys but I feel very confident in Histogen as well… I mean just take a look at the speakers for the stem cell summit, some are from very prestigious universities like Harvard for example, I mean cmon if it was a scam do you really think we would’ve known by now?

  44. Guys I’m at the point now where I want to see real freaking results and no more delays and bs. This is getting annoying. Now I understand why guys just say f it and shave it off and move on.

    1. Well,if you wanna see results then you could see this video https://youtu.be/b1TaY_w0GTU

      Companies are searching for cures yet this guy grew back his hair just with ACV, onion and garlic added with Nizoral dan Regenepure. Of course it doesn’t work for everyone. So yeah, lucky him.

  45. I think the admin was correct , in being sarcastic, about Thorn . Look at the facts , there really isn’t any . You have a company doing what countless other companies have done , saying they have a cure , when really they have two things , jack, and shit . I would love to be wrong but, i need actual proof , hell , give me even a shoddy photo or a trial start date . Until then , i will hold out hope for the other legitimate studies. I’m really hoping im wrong.

    1. It’s just the fact that you don’t post something in this way on a website were your readers actualyl trust what you’re saying ‘usually’. It’s just common sense

  46. It is my belief that Dr. Takashi Tsuji of Riken will be first to find a curative treatment. They are working on bioengineered hair follicles derived from stem cells.

    He and his team have already successfully grown hair on mice and human hair on artificial human skin. They seem excellent at reaching their goals and have an in-depth knowledge of hair.

    I hold Dr. Tsuji and Riken in very high esteem. All the other prospective treatments pale in comparison to Riken. I believe Riken is the only lab on the path to a cure.

    I think we as a community should be concentrating mainly on Riken. Like 90% on Riken. They are the real deal.

    Dr. Tsuji aims to begin human clinical trials for hair regeneration in 2020. If there could possibly be a way to speed these clinical trials it would be great.

    Of course we don’t know if Dr. Tsuji and his teams have ironed out all the kinks, but they may well do before 2020. And bringing the human trials closer, say to 2018 or 2019, would be significant for us.

    On a related note, does anyone know how long clinical trials in Japan last before a treatment can be offered to patients? Is it something like 3 years?

  47. Guys fidia replied that they dont know the reason why dr brotzu talked about reversing 5 years of hair loss and no promise can be made before finishing the study !

  48. I’m not surprised by this reply from them. All high end advertising of great success to hype up their products then the take it all back and actually test their solution. Typical marketing 101.

  49. We should just focus on treatments that are in trials . The rest need to be seen as snake oil until proven otherwise

  50. Me too Will. They are the only legit ones with a big venture capital behind them and a solid prestigious university. I still have hope for jak. Maybe jak will be the new topical he was talking about..but I think they mentioned an asthma drug that will be turned into a topical that gas regrowth capability.

  51. Instead of individual companies all these hair loss scientists should form a league, like a bald league and should work together for humanity sake….

  52. What about my feelings Khourii..lol…. just yesterday I realized how thin my hair is….when dry its good, no one knows that Iam thinning…..but yestarday I was having yes eee ex with my gf and I my head was covered with sweat…I can see my scalp through.. man really need this JAK thing come out ASAP….

  53. Allergan acquired Kythera Biopharmaceuticals Inc. last year for the its double chin treatment (Kybella) but also for the rights to Setipiprant (KYTH-105) to treat AGA which, lo and behold, was being developed with the University of Pennsylvania (Cotsarelis et al.):

    “KYTHERA is pursuing the clinical development of KYTH-105 under two separate license agreements with Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and the University of Pennsylvania, which provide KYTHERA with exclusive worldwide rights to KYTH-105, as well as certain patent rights covering the use of PGD2 receptor antagonists for the treatment of hair loss.”

  54. Will Follica be able to do their wounding shizz on thinning scalps and diffuse thinners? It’s an important question we need to know, as the majority of balding men have thin areas still covered by hair – not only slick bald areas.

    I feel sorry for the dudes who have been following follica since 2006 or whenever it is. Details have been so thin on the ground that whole time and people have been left in the dark.

    I wish Cotseralis provided more communicational updates pertaining to his treatment. At least the scammy companies like histogen and replicel provide some details about their technique and who it would be applicable to (for example histogen says they could treat the entire scalp including temples).

    Of course I don’t think histogen will work at all, but follica could be a bit different. We just don’t know enough and that p*sses me off.

  55. I am one of those dudes Brindey. It sucks! Luckily I had a good head of hair until 2013 when everything went to sht and stopped working. The past three years have been painful watching my hair thin out and no thin I can do about but watch companies come and go with no results.

    1. Mjones, part of me wonders if your hair is bad for you. I think you would grow quite a bit if you just shaved it off.

  56. Setiprant probably doesn’t work. If it did they would be pushing that through trials much quicker than double chin meds

  57. www DOT doublechin2020 DOT com LMAO! At least we can have some fun (and get rid of out double chins) while waiting for some kind of treatment to come out.

  58. Surely time is pressing for Cotts and Tsuji. They’re not 35. Both are well into their 50s I would imagine. Cotts has been in the hair research game for over 25 years!

    They’ll both be hitting retirement age in the next 10-15 years so are now approaching the last stretch in their careers, which seems to be focused on hair.

    They must be motivated by the huge wealth and acclaim that discovering a cure would bring them. Surely they must want to have this sooner rather than later so they can enjoy their retirement in luxury?

    I don’t see why they would want to delay commercializing for another 10-15 years, unless they don’t truly believe in it themselves and the research funding is a more secure living than the potential hundreds of millions they stand to get from a cure.

  59. @ Erich @Chris
    “I think the admin was correct , in being sarcastic, about Thorn . Look at the facts , there really isn’t any . ”

    I think Thorn is real but I agree, no proof no pictures with Thorn. But neither does Follica, Shiseido, Aclaris Where’s there hard evidence? they have NONE! Same as Thorn. Follica, Shiseido and Aclaris have the same two proof of concept studies as Thorn 1 Jack and $%$% .. no arguing in a difference. The only one that actually has pictures is Histogen.

    Also the constant misconception that Dr, Khan is the “scientist” she isn’t – Dr. Mahmood Bashir is.

    did you even READ their paper?

    ——–>”Dr Mahmood Bashir, who heads up Thorn Medical’s Stem Cell development and treatment efforts, said: “Although current techniques are still in their infancy, with
    only 10% of the new hair follicles cultured remaining alive, we can culture sufficient quantities in the lab to provide a complete cure for male pattern baldness.”

    If that’s not a statement alluding to cloning follicles I don’t know what is.

    But nevermind all that, go on thinking Dr. Khan is an accupuncturist and Thorn is an IPO pump and dumb scheme. That sounds like logical skepticism – pfft

    1. Those companies dont come out claiming to have the cure yet @ egghead , They say they are working on a cure or treatment , Thats the difference .

  60. To come out and say you have the cure ,to me is a big deal . I mean really? did they ever even plant any cloned hair in a human head to know if it can stay alive and grow ? I have never heard of or seen one person Thorn has cured. History has shown that companies that come out with grandiose statements like that ,especially for hair loss ,tend to be a scam . But like i said before i hope im wrong.

    1. good point, but those companies atleast suggest they do – buckler calls it “a functionable treatment” which is a mousy way of saying cure..

      I don’t think Thorn is another Follicept because unlike the others their going to float on LSE and NASDAQ. So I understand you skepticism a little better now and if you are right I’m fascinated to see how this story turns out regardless

  61. I would be too, if it was the only thing out there but,there are other companies ,and we hear more news about future treatmens almost weekly . Im still very hopefull that in 2018 we will have a treatment thats twice as good as we have today. So dont be in dismay if Thorn turns out to be B.S. ,there will still be hope.

    1. I don’t think there are many serious future treatments being proclaimed on a regular basis. Yes you get things like Brotzu’s ointment and Kelopesia popping up, but they are bs.

      The serious players have all been around for years: Follica, Tsuji labs, Chinese labs and various researchers like Christiano and Jahoda etc. Even the semi-serious ones like replicel and histogen have been around forever.

      I don’t see how a brand new research team could enter the fray now starting from scratch and have anything ready in the next 20 years. The time it takes to develop, test and trial a curative treatment is just too long it would seem.

  62. Yeah the problem is we hear something different every week. Theres always something “just around the corner” and its been like that since my father was a child. Its like once a month I hear of something new that could be a cure and then poof its gone. I remember a year ago after fin failing me, I was all pumped about seti. Supposedly it was gonna be the next big thing to replace fin. Where the hell did that go? Oh right pretty much haven’t heard a damn thing about it positive since. RU was big, seti, bim, CB, and yet still, we have nothing. I dumped so much friggen money into rogaine, fin, RU, saw palmetto, different kinds of oils, started eating way way better, etc and nothing. I wasted time, money, and for nothing. So tired of having nothing. Can’t even live out my friggen 20’s normal because all I can focus on is my rapidly declining looks. Say what you want about “its not what you look like, its whats inside” but its 2016 and theres two things that get you places in this world – looks and money. So far both my hair and bank account is f*****.

    1. Bro get a hair transplant…atleast you will be happy until something comes out…dont wait one scams like histogen..maybe JAK is the answer for our prayers but until then get a fue….I was like that my hair receded and i cant even stand a minute..so I got fue now..I wont say Iam really happy..but atleast my looks are normal….

  63. Anyone else notice that Histogen is under the commercialization category for the stem cell summit? Possibly something to be excited about

    1. Gail Naughton better release whatever the fk she has. It’s to be better than Rogaine and Propecia. Maybe she will have more pics. Fk I will take a treatment that will thicken the wispy dying hairs I have and stopping further loss, add a fue to fill in the rest and call it a day. It still boggles my mind how they can’t find a solution to grow hair especially the billions of dollars it would generate. All companies should be attacking this to be billionaires and to use the profits from hair loss treatment towards other diseases treatments. We aren’t asking for millions of dolkars, free ride in life or super models, we just want our hair back to live life like a normal happy person. I feel bad for those who are in their 20s and teens going through this mpb nightmare. I got lucky and Propecia cured me from 19 to 31 yrs old.

      1. Yeah trust me it’s awful… I’m 18 with a receding hairline and it sucks.. Especially because I was known as being very good looking and now I don’t feel the same. I’m never really happy anymore and my whole life has changed. I’ve never tried prophecies simply because I’m afraid of the sides

        1. Sam, GET ON PROPECIA ASAP! Please my friend do it to save what you have and possibly grow back what you lost. You are still young and excellent chance for regrowth. If you take 1mg of brand name Propecia and work out, eat healthy and not worry about sides, you will be fine. I have been on it for almost 15 years and only had sides for the first 6 months on it and it was minimal just some erectile problems but it went away and I was fine. Kept my nw1.5 for 12 years man with Propecia. Best decision I ever made. Don’t let the horror stories scare. Better to at least try it and see what happens. Worst case you get sides and you drop the drug and go back to normal. However, if it works and I’m 99 percent sure it will for you, you will have at least 7 years of hair on your head and not regret of not doing anything about it. We don’t know when a better treatment will come out. Could be 2018 could be 2026 or never. I’ve been in the game a long time man, take my advice and hop on Propecia tomorrow:)

          1. Okay thanks! I’ve been thinking about it but that’s what I’m most afraid of is the erectile problem lol I’ll talk to my parents and see if they are comfortable with it

  64. Admin, seeing how things are moving the website should be called : hairlosstreatments2020.com and hairlosscure2030.com

  65. I feel that histogen will work, the thing is that it will not work on a slick bald head ( hair that turned to skin) and will be only effective for people with thinning hair. I think it will be as effective as monox and fin combined and that is a win !

    I also want to say something about tsuji, looks like he has two methods :1) creating new follicles which will take LESS than 10 years for MPB 2) creating new skin including hair for bad conditions like burns and that may take 10+ years to be available. All my opinion!

    1. I don’t know why Tsuji said they hope to start human trials in 2020. They’ve grown the hair in mice and seem to know everything about hair follicles.

      Start in 2020 and it takes what, another decade to perfect in humans? Then 2030+? Why can’t they start human trials sooner then it could be here in 2025.

      1. Because we have to all go bald and suffer for ten more years to see his human trials stsrt, hit delays, then fail or get shelved . Lol

    2. I agree with you khourli. This will work well for thinners and diffuse thinners. Early to mid stage balders. Nw4 or less.

  66. I remember the CEO of Histogen will be presenting information upcoming Tuesday somewhere during midday.

    The question is, where can we get the presentation because they might not publish this?!

    Fingers crossed … I hope they will deliver what they promise.

  67. Hey mjones,

    I just started taking propecia a month ago after noticing rapid thinning and two bald spots developing for the first time on the top-back sides of head. My hair feels incredibly thin right now… even if it stayed like this and I didn’t lose more I would still be unhappy because of the thinness.

    What can I expect from propecia, will it thicken the hairs up? I’ve read that hair count improves for the first two years, then there is a steady decrease back to baseline. But you said you’ve been on for 15 years, so is your current hair better than when you started? Is your hair thick or has it thinned back to baseline level?

    I really hope follica or tsuji lab comes out with a real cure of follicle neogenesis soon!

    1. My hair right now is below baseline. Propecia lost effectiveness for me around year 12. I just started thinning again. From year 1 to 7 I was maintaining a nw1.5 and filled in some minor thinning in the front hair line. My crown and top were thick. I started Propecia right at the first signs of thinning. I would expect for you at the least to maintain for at least 7 yrs. But you have a good chance to thicken up your crown because that’s where it works best:) Take Country life Maxi Hair vitamin. 500mg of lysine daily , and Nizoral 1% or 2% 3x a week. That was my regimen. I never smoked or drank more than 1 to 5 drinks aweek. I worked out hit the gym. No smoking either. Just so this and each night lean your head back over your bed for 5 mins to get some blood flow to the follicles. Don’t touch Rogaine! At least not yet. Give Propecia at least 1 yr. How long have you been balding? You should see a reduction of hair shedding around 2 month mark. I saw it in a month. Feel free to ask me anything buddy. I know the feeling of losing hair at such a young age. I’m more than happy to help you:)

      1. Dude you and curious are the only people that support histogen…and as I told you before, I was never against any company or any other individual..I am thankful for all the wonderful people doing something…its just histogen that pisses me..dude I have been following them from 2009 and every year same power point ..changed pictures…we have result …we have efficacy….why should she say something which she dont…who the hell is stopping her to release a product….honestly even in the upcoming presentation she wont give shit….

        1. Man, I understand your frustration. The truth of the matter is that it’s 2016 and we still know very little about the intricacies involved in producing a hair follicle. Think about it, hair follicles are nothing less than numerous little organs. Unfortunately, science hasn’t evolved to a point where we can definitively reproduce and maintain organs for the body. The whole process takes numerous time and research to develop and refine. With hair follicles, you’re dealing with quantitative and qualitative properties like amount, thickness, color, angle, texture, etc. It’s not easy. I think you either need to shut up with your corny humor and be respectful, or trade in that IT degree for a PHD in cell biology.

        2. Farhan… if you don’t understand that clinical trials take time I don’t know what the hell you are doing here. Look at Follica if you need reference to a company that has literally been around forever but still claims to have a product that works. Read up on clinical trials, the FDA process and medical/ scientific testing. Your time would be better served doing that than on here, posting comments that come out of your ass. Educate yourself.

          1. No worries mate.. Go to Mexico.. Probably she will mix whey protein and minoxidil to inject in your scalp… Becareful you might be the next wolverine with all those hair

  68. ok crispy dude…. get histogen done when it comes out…. you didnt get my point….im not frustrated at all…all i say is it is wrong to give false hopes for years and years…

  69. Guys, it’s better to forget about the long running joke that is histogen or at least not to expect much from it. HSC has been sitting on a shelf gathering dust for a decade almost. Cure my ***.

    Replicel is no better – I can only hope that Shiseido do something with it to make it at least somewhat effective.

    Follica seems promising but we don’t know enough. If all it is is dermarolling with minox then Cotts needs firing lol. My main hope is with Tsuji lab.

    I hope Dr. Tsuji realises how much this means to us. I’m sure he does. It’s unfortunate for us that he seems to work on numerous projects besides hair.

    We should send Riken lab cards of encouragement. They seem like a cool and open lab; they even do group tours for free.

  70. I don’t think a cure will be out for a while but a better treatment than what we currently have should have been out at least 10 years ago. No excuses. Rogaine should be obsolete another topical should have been released in the late 90s or early 2000s that grow back a lot of hair. It’s getting quite embarrassing to be honest that this is all modern science can accomplish for hair loss and that still actually allow snake oils to hit the market. Rogaine and Propecia doesn’t work for everyone and for those it works for it usually stops working after x amount of years so we need another option to keep what we have till the cure does come out. Even if histigen can only grow back Rogaine growth but can thicken up and stop further loss I say release the product. It will be another treatment for those of us that current treatments stopped working .

    1. I agree. It seems like each day there’s a researcher claiming science will soon give us immortality – and I laugh. We can’t even grow hair!

    2. I believe it all goes back to the fear that most men have about admitting they have a problem with hair loss. For many generations, it was considered unmanly and vain to care about it. Men were silent about the psychological impact of aging. So researchers focused on ailments that were lethal or disfiguring. If you polled most researchers today, I am sure hair loss wouldn’t even show up on their top 10 most urgent list. If not for this website, I would think that nobody really cared about hair loss and I just need to get over it. All people have genetic flaws. Some are short, some are fat, some have acne, or are scrawny… and some grow progressively balder. You deal with these things and adapt.

  71. I was thinking about this study which hypothesis that vellus hair follicle may turn into skin cells after awhile. If this is the case, how did this old guy grown full head of hair after using benoxaprofen?
    Whether hair follicles dont turn into skin cells, or 30 years of being bald is not enough to turn vellus hair into skin cells, or some medication like benoxaprofen, jak inhib can trigger hair follicle stem cells to make new hair follicles.
    What you guys think about this?

  72. The hair on the head is increasingly important in today’s society and self-esteem and personal self-improvement. Full head of hair is very important. And this condition is underserved and forgot.

  73. We should all inject ourselves with native American genes. They never go bald. Thorne lol. If they cure baldness I will eat my own scrotum lol

  74. WELL today was my first day applying that rice bran supercritical CO2 extract that I order from aromantics in Scotland. It’s actually very thick in the bottle but melts when it touches your hand. Today I just got a small dab and mixed it in with coconut oil and massaged into scalp and left in for a few hours. I’m still applying undiluted tea tree oil/minox at night. It’s still too soon to tell, but things haven’t gotten worse.

      1. hey phil that’s cool keep at it let me know how it goes

        this is wierd but i have to say, I’ve been practicing intermittent fasting the past 4 days, tea tree oil and lavender once a week (for demodex) and shampooing my hair with simple biotin whole foods shampoo and a gallon of spring water (not tap) because the chlorine was drying my hair out.

        my hair feels very very very good it’s not placebo either it’s a dramatic difference. I wanted to try ricebran, kelopesia, and that video Rev posted

  75. Guys and ladies, I am keeping my fingers crossed that gail na ughton will release her product within the next six months. If not, my goose is cooked! When ever it gets warm out my hair loss accelerates 5xs and people even are tellimg ngryn me I look different. Its getting bad turning nw4 fast. Wish there was something I could do that didnt turn me into a fat face wrinkled guy or turn me into a walking depressed zombie like fin.

    1. When the temperature is hotter you’re body has to use more energy to cool itself down, which includes more sebum production…and chance of fungi…seborrheic dermatitis….start using tea tree oil topically (and use shampoos that are free of harsh chemicals)…going back to the more energy part…psychologically you now associated hot weather with hair loss, which stimulates your fight or flight response because you perceive that your in danger (this also leads to increased androgens in your body). Stay hydrated and make sure your no deficiency the in any vitamins or minerals.

  76. More than 20 centuries ago, the ruler of the Roman Empire who once said ” Veni, Vidi, Vici” started wearing a laurel crown very often. After all, we know that he was ashamed of losing his hair, not being able to hold on to the strands he got.

    Even Cleopatra advised him to try useless substances including hippo fat which have been made by the Old Egyptians. He has never been able to win this battle while he had been Mister Invictus for years on the battle field.

    Now centuries later we are still putting hippo fat (minoxidil) on our balding scalps, with no success. May the month July (2016), which is named after this great ruler, be the start of an era in which we all can proclaim “Vici”.

  77. Totally hate humid weather. I went out last night and my hair was limp and hair line was falling down on my forehead. I looked like an idiot. Took a shower this morning and noticed increase in hair loss this morning and oily scalp which I hasn’t had in months. Gail better have something she can release ASAP because 6 more months I’m going to visibly balding. 2 years for follica is way too long a day will be too late. Tempted to try dut but I don’t think it will really do anything except destroy my hairline. I wish I never started Rogaine. Everywhere I applied it has thinned my hair out. It’s be 18 months on it and my right top side of my scalp from crown to hair line has thinning drastically. The left is much better but Rogaine fked hair line. Nothing else I can use now which sucks. I’d shave my head short but I can’t grow a beard at all just chin and stache. So that’s not an option. Fue won’t work because I’m diffuse losing all over.

      1. MrX in won’t touch dut. Too afraid and I won’t risk sexual sides since it 10x more powerful than fin. Balding is bad enough, having limp dick on top due to dut will just push me over the edge

      1. Been patient for 15 freaking years. Running out of patience brotha. Need new effective hair loss treatment ASAP. I didn’t use Propecia for fun, I used to hold on to what I have till a better treatment comes out. I didn’t think it would take more than 15 years to see something new and we still waiting.

        1. Hang in there man… I’ve convinced myself that if I need to buzz cut (1) my head for a couple of years to help with the anxiety it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. I actually cut it real short when I was 25 just so I could see the effect and see if I could deal with it. I actually wore it buzzed for over a year because it was easy maintenance. I didn’t feel the most attractive but the idea of “yep, this is my hairline” helped me deal with it. It wasn’t full relief but it helped. I will warn those of you who consider this option that I buzzed my head when I was noticing that I was starting to progress from a NW2, so to say that I was bald at that point would have been silly. None the less because I had buzzed it I got comments that I was bald or “I was wondering who the bald guy was” when friends first saw me which didn’t help because that was what I was trying to escape. I think I’d be able to handle it better now considering the greater confidence in general.
          With all that said, I think most of us are here because we think a better product is coming out in the next 2 to 4 years. If it is any consolation, buzz your head and be “that guy” or don’t buzz it and be “that guy” but really remember there are only a few more years of waiting. If you need to be “that guy” for 2 years out of your life, I think most of us can deal with that – there is a light to our dark tunnel.
          Good luck to all of you.

  78. @mjones. I luv coming here and read your posts. The self irony is a breath of fresh air and I can totally relate:D

    1. Haha thanks spanky and some of you wanted to ban me from this site lol. You should be ashamed of yourselves haha

  79. back and forth, round and round.. talk talk talk, blah blah blah
    same old same old, heard it all before.. here we go again

    this is getting so old and is still the same after many years
    i’m getting too old and am already very tired of this

    forget about a cure, we don’t need the cure
    we need a better treatment without sides!

    cure can wait for later, can’t hang on anymore

  80. I’m going to throw in the towel in 2017. If hsc, follica, sm, sisheido, jak postpone, show bad results or go quiet then it’s game over till tsuji comes out with it in 2076:)

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