Brief Items of Interest, April 2016

Hair loss news first:

— We start with Samumed and its Turkish CEO Osman Kibar being featured in a Forbes magazine cover page story and article that everyone was talking about last week. Turkish media also picked up on the story.  I did not realize that Mr. Kibar was such a good poker player (I do not agree at all with some hair loss forum members who have said that winning and placing second in his first two tournaments is just luck, especially when considering that the second tournament had 3,000 participants). More importantly, I did not know that Samumed is potentially valued at $12 billion (so Mr. Kibar is worth $4 billion with his one-third ownership stake), an unreal number for a company with somewhat unproven products and potential.  Further proof that the biotech sector is extremely overvalued.  As far as Samumed’s SM04554 hair loss product goes, the article does not divulge anything new that would raise my optimism level above what I gauged in my last post on the subject.

— Two weeks after I write the most sarcastic and innuendo filled post that I have ever written on this blog, the main subject matter in that post actually makes what seems to be a logical and wise move! Thorn Medical bought a majority stake in Okyanos Holding, the leading stem cell therapy center in the Bahamas.  In that sarcastic post from two weeks ago, I pegged Okyanos as being legitimate.  Note that Dr. Irum Khan’s previously subpar website has now also been revamped with some additional information on how she adds stem cells during a FUE hair transplant procedure.

— Two important studies were published in Japan in the past several weeks.  One on the never-before-heard-by-any-normal-human-being topical penta-peptide Gly-Pro-Ile-Gly-Ser (GPIGS) and another on the somewhat less esoteric Wnt-10b.

— The UK’s Mirror had an excellent article on the dangers of getting bad hair transplants and the importance of picking an experienced surgeon and adviser. Also see my post on the dangers of getting hair transplants in foreign countries such as Turkey.

Pfizer and Allergan have scrapped their merger plans after US tax rule changes limited potential benefits.  I mention this news because Allergan has two important hair loss treatment drugs in the pipeline in Bimatoprost and Setipiprant (search the “Categories” menu on this blog for posts on those products).

New positive PRP and hair growth study from Spain.

— New study summarizing 11 older LLLT studies concludes overall favorable results when it comes to hair.

— Histogen’s Gail Naughton will be making a presentation for 25 minutes in Boston at the 5th Stem Cell Product Development and Commercialization Conference on April 27th at 2:15 pm.

Hasson & Wong updated their topical Finasteride page at the end of March.

— French spiderman climbs an office tower to call attention to hair loss.  Well done monsieur.  The French are supposed to be among the best in the world at realizing the important things in life: for example, hair loss day was celebrated/mourned in the country on March 24th 2016 per the last sentence of that article.

— Someone from the HLT forums asked me via e-mail to help in publicizing a group buy of ingredients to make Dr. Brotzu’s lotion.  I never participate in group buys, and I do not like posting about them since I do not want to be responsible in case someone purchases a dangerous ingredient from some unreliable international vendor. Nevertheless, I will make an exception here and encourage blog readers to visit this link and decide for themselves.  As always, I am not a doctor or medical professional, and I take zero responsibility in case the group buy ends up being something illegal.  I have done no research about the ingredients involved in this group buy.

And now on to medical items of interest:

Salamander’s are known for their limb regenerative abilities.  And now, a team from Australia claims that a stem cell therapy that is capable of regenerating any human tissue damaged by injury, disease, or aging could be available within a few years due to the development of new techniques.

Garage labs of DIY gene hackers.  I want my own, but am not rich enough to quit working, and am a bit lazy to learn something so different from my day job.  Hopefully some day.

Implant lets paralyzed man play guitar.  I suspect that hair loss and paralysis could both be cured around the same time by the end of 2020 at the latest.

Mind transfer to a computer very possible by 2050.  Very popular story on Reddit based on number of comments, but I think they have this same kind of mind uploading story every single month.

The convergence of programming and biology.

— Two new breakthroughs in diabetes treatment: one makes sense,  but the other is a bit of a surprise.  For probably the 4th time on this blog, I will repeat that the UK’s much maligned gossip rag “The Daily Mail” seems to be at the forefront of covering important hair loss and medical news stories.  I am always impressed by them.

Gene therapy that restores eyesight in some to be tested on humans.  Everyone seems to be having an easier time moving from testing on animals to testing on humans in comparison to hair loss researchers and companies:-(

First 3D printed drug Spritam (for epilepsy treatment) now FDA approved for sale in the US.

234 thoughts on “Brief Items of Interest, April 2016”

  1. The hair on the head is increasingly important in today’s society and self-esteem and personal self-improvement. Full head of hair is very important. And this condition is underserved and forgot.

  2. We should all inject ourselves with native American genes. They never go bald. Thorne lol. If they cure baldness I will eat my own scrotum lol

  3. WELL today was my first day applying that rice bran supercritical CO2 extract that I order from aromantics in Scotland. It’s actually very thick in the bottle but melts when it touches your hand. Today I just got a small dab and mixed it in with coconut oil and massaged into scalp and left in for a few hours. I’m still applying undiluted tea tree oil/minox at night. It’s still too soon to tell, but things haven’t gotten worse.

      1. hey phil that’s cool keep at it let me know how it goes

        this is wierd but i have to say, I’ve been practicing intermittent fasting the past 4 days, tea tree oil and lavender once a week (for demodex) and shampooing my hair with simple biotin whole foods shampoo and a gallon of spring water (not tap) because the chlorine was drying my hair out.

        my hair feels very very very good it’s not placebo either it’s a dramatic difference. I wanted to try ricebran, kelopesia, and that video Rev posted

  4. Guys and ladies, I am keeping my fingers crossed that gail na ughton will release her product within the next six months. If not, my goose is cooked! When ever it gets warm out my hair loss accelerates 5xs and people even are tellimg ngryn me I look different. Its getting bad turning nw4 fast. Wish there was something I could do that didnt turn me into a fat face wrinkled guy or turn me into a walking depressed zombie like fin.

    1. When the temperature is hotter you’re body has to use more energy to cool itself down, which includes more sebum production…and chance of fungi…seborrheic dermatitis….start using tea tree oil topically (and use shampoos that are free of harsh chemicals)…going back to the more energy part…psychologically you now associated hot weather with hair loss, which stimulates your fight or flight response because you perceive that your in danger (this also leads to increased androgens in your body). Stay hydrated and make sure your no deficiency the in any vitamins or minerals.

  5. More than 20 centuries ago, the ruler of the Roman Empire who once said ” Veni, Vidi, Vici” started wearing a laurel crown very often. After all, we know that he was ashamed of losing his hair, not being able to hold on to the strands he got.

    Even Cleopatra advised him to try useless substances including hippo fat which have been made by the Old Egyptians. He has never been able to win this battle while he had been Mister Invictus for years on the battle field.

    Now centuries later we are still putting hippo fat (minoxidil) on our balding scalps, with no success. May the month July (2016), which is named after this great ruler, be the start of an era in which we all can proclaim “Vici”.

  6. Totally hate humid weather. I went out last night and my hair was limp and hair line was falling down on my forehead. I looked like an idiot. Took a shower this morning and noticed increase in hair loss this morning and oily scalp which I hasn’t had in months. Gail better have something she can release ASAP because 6 more months I’m going to visibly balding. 2 years for follica is way too long a day will be too late. Tempted to try dut but I don’t think it will really do anything except destroy my hairline. I wish I never started Rogaine. Everywhere I applied it has thinned my hair out. It’s be 18 months on it and my right top side of my scalp from crown to hair line has thinning drastically. The left is much better but Rogaine fked hair line. Nothing else I can use now which sucks. I’d shave my head short but I can’t grow a beard at all just chin and stache. So that’s not an option. Fue won’t work because I’m diffuse losing all over.

      1. MrX in won’t touch dut. Too afraid and I won’t risk sexual sides since it 10x more powerful than fin. Balding is bad enough, having limp dick on top due to dut will just push me over the edge

      1. Been patient for 15 freaking years. Running out of patience brotha. Need new effective hair loss treatment ASAP. I didn’t use Propecia for fun, I used to hold on to what I have till a better treatment comes out. I didn’t think it would take more than 15 years to see something new and we still waiting.

        1. Hang in there man… I’ve convinced myself that if I need to buzz cut (1) my head for a couple of years to help with the anxiety it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. I actually cut it real short when I was 25 just so I could see the effect and see if I could deal with it. I actually wore it buzzed for over a year because it was easy maintenance. I didn’t feel the most attractive but the idea of “yep, this is my hairline” helped me deal with it. It wasn’t full relief but it helped. I will warn those of you who consider this option that I buzzed my head when I was noticing that I was starting to progress from a NW2, so to say that I was bald at that point would have been silly. None the less because I had buzzed it I got comments that I was bald or “I was wondering who the bald guy was” when friends first saw me which didn’t help because that was what I was trying to escape. I think I’d be able to handle it better now considering the greater confidence in general.
          With all that said, I think most of us are here because we think a better product is coming out in the next 2 to 4 years. If it is any consolation, buzz your head and be “that guy” or don’t buzz it and be “that guy” but really remember there are only a few more years of waiting. If you need to be “that guy” for 2 years out of your life, I think most of us can deal with that – there is a light to our dark tunnel.
          Good luck to all of you.

  7. back and forth, round and round.. talk talk talk, blah blah blah
    same old same old, heard it all before.. here we go again

    this is getting so old and is still the same after many years
    i’m getting too old and am already very tired of this

    forget about a cure, we don’t need the cure
    we need a better treatment without sides!

    cure can wait for later, can’t hang on anymore

  8. I’m going to throw in the towel in 2017. If hsc, follica, sm, sisheido, jak postpone, show bad results or go quiet then it’s game over till tsuji comes out with it in 2076:)

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