Histogen’s Update from the Stem Cell on the Mesa Conference

Histogen’s excellent presentation from the Stem Cell on the Mesa Conference is finally available online and I have embedded the youtube video at the end of this post (hair loss related presentation is just under 3 minutes long).  Thanks to “Noisette” for letting me know about this in one of the comments under the above linked post, as well as to “the X” for letting me know in the hair loss chat. Also see Histogen’s presentation from last year.

I am not surprised about Histogen’s decision to get their final clinical trial for its male pattern baldness product done in Japan in early 2015, especially after Shiseido (aka Replicel) announced their intention to start trials in Japan during the first half of 2015.  Since starting this blog, I have frequently discussed the high likelihood of hair loss cures becoming approved in heavily populous Asia before anywhere else in the world, but I always thought that experiments, trials and approvals would be spread across the region, especially in developing countries such as China, India and Thailand. It is truly a wonderful surprise to instead see developed technologically advanced Japan dominating this sphere.

Histogen’s Hair Stimulating Complex (HSC) product seems to be significantly better than Replicel’s product as far as increase in long-term terminal hair counts go, although it was not entirely clear to me whether Replicel’s results were based on using a very low dosage or not, and how much better the results would be with higher doses assuming safety was not compromised.  Histogen’s results indicate efficacy in all areas of the scalp as well as on people over the age of 40.

For the female readers of this blog, the below video also shows that this treatment works for women too!  Although Histogen’s clinical trials (in the US) for women’s hair loss are well behind the trials for men’s hair loss, I wonder if women will be able to access the men’s product (administered via injections) as soon as it is approved and comes out?

FYI — US and EU citizens do not need to get visas to travel to Japan…but maybe I am getting ahead of myself here:-)

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  1. Hopefully this is all approved & ready to go by 2018. And if it is only available in Japan then I will travel to get it done there.

  2. Este es uno de los artículos que mas me gustó del año pasado. Principalmente porque el juicio final se llevará a principios de este año en japón. Alguien sabe cuando empieza el último ensayo de histogen en japón???? estoy ansioso por eso. Espero novedades. Saludos.

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