Replicel’s update from the Stem Cell on the Mesa conference

Replicel gave its presentation today at the Stem Cell on the Mesa Conference.  Although my regular day job meant that I missed the live webcast, Replicel kindly Tweeted its presentation summary to me.

I was expecting the presentation to be dominated by the company’s achilles tendinosis related work, but there was a good amount of information on the male pattern baldness work (RCH-01) too.  As previously discussed on this blog, their phase 2 trials began in Germany in 2014.  However, it seems like the Japanese trials have been delayed and moved from late 2014 to the first half of 2015. Both trials will last for 1 year.

They also presented their completed 6-month phase 1 trial results. Average density across all participants increased 11.8 percent with no side effects.  I wonder if this average density increase figure will go up significantly as they increase dosage and time frame?  I would hope so.

FYI — today and tomorrow, you can listen to some excellent track 1 webcasts and track 2 webcasts from the Mesa Conference.  The future can’t come fast enough.

4 thoughts on “Replicel’s update from the Stem Cell on the Mesa conference”

  1. Into the pdf presentation, Did they put the wrong image into the cycle of diagnose pattern baldness, where the doctor seems to test the leg instead of head?

  2. I am very much intrested in more news about the regrowth of hair as i had undergone the treatment of hair plantation but still no effect plus i have a big smily scar on the back of my head. This is a moral boasting news as i am very much interested in the trials as well if you or some one guide me how to contact the Japanese scientist or who ever is doing the trials as i am available for the hair regrowth trials. kindly contact me with more information. Thanx

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