Dr. Takashi Tsuji’s Hair Loss Cure will be Costly

For those of us who have followed hair loss cure research over the past decade, the number one person of interest is Japan’s Dr. Takashi Tsuji. He previously aimed to release a hair loss cure by the end of 2020. This was prior to the onset of the global pandemic and his subsequent issues with funding.

Dr. Tsuji’s work occurs at RIKEN’s major research center in Kobe, Japan. Also of note, Japan is home to another groundbreaking hair loss researcher in Dr. Junji Fukuda (Yokohama University) and to Shiseido. The country is also where hair transplants were first ever performed and documented in the 1930s via Dr. Shoji Okuda (see “Okuda Papers“).

This post is very lengthy due to the fact that I cannot keep making new small posts each time there is an update by the Tsuji/RIKEN team. Instead I just add the latest developments on top. Make sure to also read my past writeups on Dr. Tsuji.

Update: November 27, 2022

Dr. Tsuji Now Aims for 2026

Reader “Theo” just sent me a link to an interesting recent interview with Dr. Tsuji in which he makes the following statement:

Now, we are drawing up a blueprint to assemble a new management team, raise funds, conduct clinical research, and start free medical care using “seeds” from fiscal 2026.

In 2021, the team’s venture company Organ Technologies (which was supposed to mass-produce the hair follicle “seeds”) failed to raise 2 billion yen in funding. It suspended operations, and later on Dr. Tsuji took over its debt in order to prevent patent loss.

Interestingly, Dr. Tsuji mentions that similar research is underway at Stanford University, Harvard University, and Yokohama National University. He suggests that all this competition will improve overall technology and reduce costs. This is the first time where I have seen him discuss any competition.

Update: A new April 2021 interview with Dr. Tsuji.

Update: They need $4.8 million in donations or funding in order to start clinical trials. Now also starting to appear in western news sources.

Dr. Tsuji and RIKEN Hair Multiplication 2021 Update

Riken has finally posted a major update on their site. You can translate from Japanese to English. Key sentence:

“We succeeded in developing a culture method that can amplify hair follicle epithelial stem cells while maintaining the ability to regenerate hair follicles.”

The official paper is published in Scientific Reports and titled “Expansion and characterization of epithelial stem cells with potential for cyclical hair regeneration”.

By using the culture method established in this study, the Tsuji team can create a large amount hair follicles from a small number of hair follicles. Moreover, these hairs will have normal regenerative capabilities and cyclical phases. The researchers were led by Dr. Takashi Tsuji and Dr. Makoto Takeo.

This update apparently represents a substantial improvement on their past work. The Riken team managed to multiply hair bulge-derived cells 4,000 times from one hair follicle. Dermal papilla cells were amplified in vitro about 100 times, so that from one hair follicle they could create 100 hair follicles. Key quote: “We have made great strides toward the realization of clinical application of hair follicle regeneration medicine.”

Note that this successful hair multiplication process entails extracting, multiplying and implanting hair follicles in mice. However, they also mention culturing human hair using specific proteins. Bulge-derived cells and follicles were amplified and about 80% regenerated 3 times or more in 80 days. In addition, the cultured cells had a periodic regeneration ability, just like normal hair.

I am disappointed that there is no news on when they will start their delayed human clinical trials. However, it has been a long time since we got such a lengthy update from the Riken team. Probably never this detailed.

Moreover, per another recent encouraging update, Dr. Tsuji is still keen on bringing this to market as soon as possible. Once he finds a new partner to replace Organ Technologies:

Clinical Trials and Practical use as Soon as Possible
Dr. Tsuji Human Clinical Trials
Dr. Tsuji human clinical trials for hair growth.

On the official Twitter feed, they state that this represents successful cyclical regeneration of bioengineered hair. And the next stop is clinical hair regeneration. I prefer using the term hair multiplication, but probably not hair cloning.

Update: February 7, 2021

Thankfully, I was correct in my last prediction. Dr. Takashi Tsuji is still in action and rumors of his retirement were premature. A couple of weeks ago, an official RIKEN Twitter account started following me on Twitter. To be honest, the account started to look fraudulent and a bit unprofessional after each Tweet. I assumed it was a definite fake.

However, earlier today, I noticed this wonderful update on the RIKEN site (!!):

Takashi Tsuji and Riken Hair Research
Takashi Tsuji and Riken Hair and Tooth Regeneration.

So we are back in action, I am pretty sure :-) The Twitter account is official. Note that they will make a major announcement on February 10th, 2021 per the last Tweet:

RIKEN Hair News Tweet
RIKEN hair regeneration news.

Lets hope that Dr. Tsuji has found a new partner to replace Organ Technologies. Even better would be if he announces the beginning of human clinical trials or the results of completed Phase 1 trials.

Update: November 8, 2020

Rumors of Dr. Tsuji’s Failure Exaggerated

Recently, we learnt that Tsuji/RIKEN partner Organ Technologies had failed and was shutting down. A lot of people including myself were extremely disappointed. However, it seems like work at RIKEN continues. This month they published an interesting new study related to human skin.

More relevantly, in November 2020, Dr. Tsuji and his hair growth research was featured in a local NHK BS television broadcast. It was titled “Humanience-4 Billion Years of Plans.” Thanks to the various people who posted or e-mailed the above links. I sent the video link to “Fuji Maru” and hope he lets us know if it contains anything useful.

And today, to my utmost surprise, the most troll-like and negative commentator “jan” posted the most relevant link. Apparently, Dr. Tsuji and the RIKEN + Kyocera team’s patent was just updated. It is based on an April 2020 filing date, so probably just international approval formalities. Organ Technologies is still listed in there as a co-inventor.


TSUJI, Takashi; c/o RIKEN
TAKEO, Makoto; c/o RIKEN
OKAMOTO, Naokazu; c/o Organ Technologies
OGAWA, Miho; c/o Organ Technologies
MORI, Yutaka; c/o Kyocera
KISHIMOTO, Kyosuke; c/o Kyocera

Update: August 8, 2020

Clinical Trials in 2020 Delayed
Human clinical trials delayed after the end of partnership with Organ Technologies.

Youngjet added a summary video of his attendance of Dr. Tsuji’s Zoom lecture. On Twitter and Youtube, he told me that human clinical trials will start in 2020 after approval from the relevant Commission for Regenerative Medicine. To be honest, this is disappointing news as I was hoping human trials already started earlier this year.

Youngjet’s prior video at the bottom of this post and past statements from Dr. Tsuji both indicated faster progress. In any case, trials in Japan will not take as long as in the west, especially in the autologous regenerative medicine sector.

Update: August 6, 2020

Dr. Tsuji replied to my email, and it seems like no new announcements in the August 5 presentation:

Dear Admin,

Thank you for your interest in our research. There was no updates because the lecture was for graduate school students aiming to get fundamental knowledge. For further information, please refer to our laboratory website for the latest news on the progress of our research projects. Our laboratory is striving to advance research with the aim of fulfilling the expectations to improve quality of life for many individuals. We thank you for your patience and continued support of our research activities.

Takashi Tsuji
Laboratory for Organ Regeneration
RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology Research (BDR)

Update: August 4, 2020

Dr. Takashi Tsuji Zoom Events in August

By now, most readers know that Dr. Takashi Tsuji is participating in several Zoom and web based online presentations in August 2020. I have sent a few messages to Fuji Maru and to ハゲリーマンちゃんねるin case they can attend any of these events. I will update this thread if they or others send me any new information.

Dr. Tsuji will be presenting via a Zoom conference on August 5, 2020 (h/t reader “Karl” and “RolfLeeBuckler” on HLT):

Then, on August 24 and August 25, Dr. Tsuji and RIKEN will be making a  two-part web presentation.

  • Part 1 = “Of hair science front line: from the basics of innovation to beauty and health.”
  • Part 2 = “Overview of new products for FY2020.”

Also keep an eye on RIKEN’s Facebook page, and on Organ Technologies’ website.

Takashi Tsuji Web Presentation.
Takashi Tsuji Web Presentation in August 2020.

Update: June 26, 2020

New Interview

Recently, a number of readers have asked about Dr. Takashi Tsuji’s January 2020 article and interview in a Japanese magazine. Earlier today, reader “Lurker10” managed to purchase it from here and also posted it on Imgur! Keep in mind that all the information in this article is from prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. So there could be some delays in the work’s progression. Update: It seems like the interview mostly covered Dr. Tsuji’s historical hair loss research related work per reader comments and translations.

Dr. Takashi Tsuji in 2020.
Dr. Takashi Tsuji in his lab in 2020.

Baldness will be Extinct

Update: August 14, 2019 — English version of below video is now published. Title: “Baldness will be Extinct! The Time has Come!!”

July 22, 2019

In June 2019, Dr. Tsuji gave some interesting quotes to the Financial Times about the future importance of Kobe when it comes to medical tourism. Also in June, Dr. Tsuji gave an important 4 page interview to Beyond Health.

Dr. Tsuji: Hair Loss Cure in 2020 or 2021

Recently, a Japanese hair enthusiast named “Youngjet” posted a video regarding his attendance of a recent lecture in Japan by Dr. Tsuji. Five people emailed me or commented on here about the below video!

After you translate the video, it seems like Dr. Tsuji will release his cure in 2020 and/or 2021. It will initially cost 20 million to 40 million Japanese Yen ($190,000 – $380,000 per today’s exchange rates). Prices will then slowly come down over the next decade.

Perhaps Dr. Tsuji gave us two numbers (20 million and 40 million) because some people will have one session and some will have two sessions?

Note that as of 2019, they are already testing this treatment in humans. Favorable Japanese regulations probably allow for this possibility, even though clinical trials are yet to be completed.

Make sure to see the results of my 2016 poll on how much you would pay for a hair loss cure. Only 12.5 percent of you voted for over $100,000!

— The guy (“Youngjet”) in the below video has the following Twitter account.

— Another Japanese person named “Tonegawa” has more information on these developments.

Perhaps the most important screenshot from the above video:

Hair Loss Cure in 2020 or 2021.

434 thoughts on “Dr. Takashi Tsuji’s Hair Loss Cure will be Costly”

  1. At what price point does pathetic male vanity stop? How weak do you have to be to let your feelings of inadequacy overcome your common sense? IMO If you are stupid enough to pay more than 15k treating something cosmetic instead of just dealing with the psychological issues which make you think it’s worth doing… you don’t really qualify as a man anymore, you’re just some angst driven entity floating through life making excuses for himself.

    380K – laughable.

    Accept how you look bald. Try fin. Try minox. Drop 10k max on a Turkish hair transplant. Top it up a few years later. For god sake, move on with your life.

    1. Don’t be a f and talk down to other men, or call their manhood into question. We all have our crosses to bear. If they have the money to spare, which you apparently don’t, I would say they’re more manly than you’ll ever be.

      1. Nah, I’ll talk down to who I want. Get some perspective, 380k is a joke and there are issues much more requiring investment than our reflections. If you have that money to spare and use it for your own vanity, I don’t think your worthy of respect.

        1. Gbh, Wow, look at the tough and judgy anonymous guy insulting people that are interested in a hair loss treatment. How did you find this website again?

          In general, the world is superficial and sensitive to small things. Nature is superficial and sensitive to small things. These are facts. Who are you to judge if people want to spend some coin to look their best? I happen to have a head full of scars, so a real solution to grow hair would help my life in ways you can’t even begin to understand.

          Anyway, thanks for your anti-treatment stance on a hair loss treatment forum. You must’ve accidentally searched for the wrong website.

          1. It is silly but any price is a joke !
            I mean 15k ?! You have quantitatively defined what a “real man” mathematically breaks in a balance of manhood vs vanity and 15k is your bar lol. Silly. What if you were 50 mill plus 200k is a drop in the bucket.

            psychological health is just as important as physical. No one wants disease.

            1. So true. No wants look ugly and undignified and lets not kid ourselves that exactly how women and most men look without hair-and even worse when they get older. Indeed, not having hair makes them look and feel older.

        2. Pathetic male vanity? You sound like an angry feminist. Did you go to the Women’s March with a pink cap and protest the evil orange monster?

          Grow a set. You clearly don’t have any.

          1. Wrong. They’re massive.

            Pandering to vanity is what feminists want for males, it keeps them weak and distracted. If half the guys on forums deleted tinder, their Hairloss would stop being an issue to them I’d bet.

            My point of view comes directly from my masculinist opinions. It comes from the conviction that men should be empowered enough to say “nah this is too much” or “nah, even if I have the cash, I don’t want to partake in a society designed to oppress male mental health” or “nah, with that sum, I could make a difference to the world”.

            Masculinity isn’t about loving your reflection, it’s about loving yourself. I’m not saying HL isn’t a big deal, I’ve been through hell with it. It’s important to indulge oneself too, if it will make you happier treat it. But what I’m saying is that it’s disgusting to consider paying that much for follicles when it could pay a cancer treatment for someone, feed a community for a year, go towards ocean clean up… Tell me how it’s not pathetic to put your looks above that?

            Make Masculinity Great Again!

            1. gbh,

              Masculinity means a man can confidently do whatever the F they want to look and feel their best (short of harming others). Your random thresholds of right and wrong are asinine.

              Or by your “logic”, since you’ve searched for and are now visiting a hair loss website, your concerns are superficial and weak. But maybe that’s an unfair assessment of you, because your “logic” is just BS.

              1. You are right. So a man should do what the F he wants without the social pressure of undergoing surgery to marginally improve his appearance at that kind of price. Cures in this price range which are still uptaken by men just exacerbate the pressure to conform to what “looks good”, whilst at the same time making the ability to conform impossible to most men who don’t have the financial means. I don’t see much masculine about participating in something so explicit of others, based purely on vanity.

                And I’m on here because I’m a man. And can do whatever the F I want. ;)

                1. Lol.. So you embraced my concept of doing whatever the F you want when it comes to spending your time on superficial hairloss websites, but you fail to see the hypocrisy of criticizing others for wanting to improve their hairloss (which was my obvious point). Also, you invented some random monetary threshold for what’s appropriate to spend on hairloss, and that figure has no relevance of any kind as a debate point. And finally, you think societal pressure is driving men to want to look attractive, which is mostly a falsehood. In reality, the nature of competition and attraction is making men want to look their best. Wanting a woman to be attracted, happy, and feeling genuinely romantic is not a societal thing. Men want to be as attractive as possible to women, which has everything to do with natural instincts and little to do with society. Competitive instincts and wanting to outcompete other guys is also mostly a genetic instinct. Go ahead and deny that human nature isn’t an important part of life! Do animals feel societal pressure when seeking the best mate? Maybe they do to some degree, but it’s nature, and you can’t deny its permanence and importance. Your baseless, self-righteous judgments are asinine.

                2. “And I’m on here because I’m a man. And can do whatever the F I want. ;)”

                  Oooh, so tough. Save some of that “masculinity” for other s posters like you defending their fragile ego.

        3. Another way to look at it is you’re making the price drop for the rest of the boys when you drop 380k….someone’s gotta take one for the team lol

      2. Asa- you are so right. Obviously gbh cant afford it or doesnt need it. Hes macho enough and has no insecurities in life. Good for him. If you have money to spare then go for it. Free to do whatever you want with hard earned money.

    2. Guess what? Not all hair loss victims are men. Women and children also suffer from hair loss from a number of different diseases and conditions. For a child who must face bullying and loss of self esteem during their most sensitive, formative years, hair loss can be extremely traumatic. Also true for women for whom baldness or sparse hair is definitely not “normal” or accepted by society.
      I would spend $200,000 for a permanent, high-quality cure if I could come up with it.

      1. Answered your own point. Other diseases and conditions, for which other treatments are being released, aka JAK. Another thing, when we see the elite of society scramble desperately for a cure for this “horrific affliction”, that’s what it continues to be. This crap at this price reinforces the angst felt by everyone who can’t access it.

        Drop the moralising crap, it’s voided when you feel your follicles are worth squandering that kind of money on over something truly worthwhile

          1. Yes, just as many are much, much poorer than myself too. A car at least has some utility more than a strand of keratin extending out of your scalp, and furthermore purchasing a car isn’t compounding the loss of a car by others.

    3. Idk, if you were worth $100 million, had a couple nice homes fully staffed, a NetJets account, a fleet of cars, a bespoke wardrobe, why wouldn’t you drop a couple hundred k on looking better?

    4. You’re obviously annoyed because like me you saw ‘cure 20/21’ then got hit with the price tag.

      You obviously are very concerned re: the quality of your life because of hair loss – or you wouldn’t be here.

      It obviously makes a bit of sense, there are hundreds of thousands of men that can afford this. Tycoons, Sports stars, Actors, Musicians just to mention a few. These things will always be done in waves. It also means the company won’t be instantly flooded and become uncoordinated.

      It hurts man but you can’t judge people like that. I would easily pay £200 a month for the rest of my life if it gave me a full thatch on top. Hopefully in a few years it will be financially doable for most of us.

    5. Who is to say 15k is reasonable and not 150k? Why do you think you’re the arbiter of such matters? Get over yourself.

      Nobody appointed you to discern what is essentially a value judgment and proclaim that if others differ with you, then they must have a psychological issue.

    6. firstly this whole world we have been born into revolves around vanity. there is nothing wrong or shameful for wanting to look attractive. women wear makeup and spend heaps of money on clothes so why would men wanting to keep their hair be any different. secondly who are you to say spending any more than 15k treating something cosmetic makes someone stupid. what if someone takes a 10k loan to get a hair transplant vs a billionaire spending 190k on this process. anyway to sum up, you’re an idiot. take care.

    7. Turkish hair transplants RUINED my life.
      Now I have to hide myself under a hat 24/7.

      So when Tsuji becomes affordable around 2030, it is gonna be a huge relief for me.

      1. What clinic did you go to in Turkey? There are a couple of ones that are very reputable and they have video results showing off the before/after from all different angles. fue-hlc looks top notch imo.

    8. Why are you so violent? If you don’t want to spend more than 15K for your hair, that’s exactly what you should do! On the other hand, if I want to spend a cool million in stupidities, who are you to stop me? Respect is an undervalued commodity these days.

    9. Hair loss is NOT a cosmetic problem. Maybe it can effect how long a person lives?

      If you look older than you feel inside, are you going to act the way you think society expects you to act, according to your exterior looks? What about people who have progeria?

      How about men who want to be trans women? They could save themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars, right? What counts is the way they feel about themselves, right? I’m not going to tell any human being that they need to be “satisfied” with exactly how I think they should be “satisfied” to look.

  2. @gbh Your words sound like you’re not a man at all. You’re using the shaming language of a bitter over the hill woman. You can’t judge anyone for their motivations behind wanting to cure their hair loss. If someone can afford a 6 figure cure, more power to them.

    1. Nah, think it’s pretty shameless dropping life changing for many amount of money on vanity. Same reason I think super yachts are disgusting, for example.

      1. Everyone agrees your a POS GBH. Your incurring bad karma for yourself by talking like your better than other people. Hope you enjoy your bad karma, cause you won’t!

        1. “You’re”

          Gramma > Karma.

          And my entire point is to try and do people a favour. See thereality for what it is. A life-changing amount of money for some vanity, which won’t fix the true underlying esteem issues. Deak with it if you need to, but don’t sell out to that extent – all it does is reinforce the stigma and divide between those who suffer from MPB and those who don’t. As a victim of it, why support that?

          1. I actually agree. I mean, I’m not here to judge others for being insecure about their hair and I wont tell them what to spend their money on, but what you said is pretty true in my opinion.

  3. LMFAO! What a complete joke! $380,000?! Who in there right mind would honestly spend that much money for something like balding? It something like this that really put’s hairloss into perspective. If you are willing to spend that much money on hair then you really need to be evaulated by a professional psychiatrist because only someone who has serious inferiority issues would ever consider that. This is truly the definition of irony. It reminds me of that South Park episode that had to do with Magic Johnson and the cure for AIDS. If you’ve seen it then you know why this is a joke. If not, do yourself a favor and watch it…it’s hilarious!

      1. makes no sense though that they teamed up with some manufacturing company for mass production or whatever…they’ll maybe have clients in the 100’s max. Instead of millions…maybe that is the max production potential for this method, which is sad.

      2. Hey, admin!
        I commented several times on many of your posts, but, you didn’t reply. A few points that I would like to get cleared by you:

        1. Is this supposed to be a PERMANENT TREATMENT? (i.e. a one-time treatment?)

        2. What If someone still has some hair on the top of their head, is there a possibility of removing the miniaturizing hair follicles and implant new ones (cloned ones) in these spots?

        3. Is this a treatment that is going to cure all types of Alopecias? I.e. (AGA, AA, DUPA…)

        4. Whem will this treatment be available to the general public?

        5. Is there a possibility of paying in installments for this treatment?

        6. Can this treatment work on a completely bald scalp? I mean how are they going to multiply the hair follicles if there are no hair follicles left?

        7. In this treatment, are they going to multiply the hair follicles individually and then implant them back in the scalp?

        Sorry for my bad English and also sorry for asking you so many questions.

        Please reply

    1. Relatively high initial costs absolutely make sense, since the Firms have limited amounts of capacities to treat people, whereas on the other side their are hundreds of millions people who would like to get this treatment. It’s kind of a selection, but as others described here already, the products price will probably decrease in the following years, due to factors like increasing capacities, shared patents and hopefully competitors!

  4. I do not understand what is wrong with you guys, finally, this seems (I will be cautious until they will really prove it) the first time in history that a cure for hairloss will come to fruition and you have to moan about the price…
    The price is totally irrelevant as what really matters is the scientific breakthrough of it ( I neither can afford nor willing to pay that money). With time competition will quickly catch up and cheaper alternatives will arise but it is obvious that the first ever treatment will not be available for the average Joe, so let all pray that this indeed true because if it is, we can really start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
    @GBH: your comment does not make any sense at all, you are only a man if you are willing to pay up to 15K?? Every pocket is different so it is not a matter of how you are man enough, there are people paying millions of USD for a car or a watch and there are people which would not pay even 100 dollars because they have to survive a month and could not care less.

    1. That’s a fair point – I’m coming more from the perspective that regardless of income, there should surely be a point when our values and self respect comes before our vanity. As in, even those who have it at their disposal see greater value in doing something good with it than having a few more hairs.

      We don’t even have any indication it will work

      1. One could also say that the vast majority of people could afford to send money to charity every month. That going vegan would free up 45% of the earth’s fresh water thus providing clean water to those that need it.

        I guess by your logic there are no men.

        My point is, your perspective is just that. Your perspective. It’s an entirely subjective stance to hold and the very fact you are looking down on others because they don’t share your subjective moral stance is ridiculous. You could be doing more right now to help other people but you aren’t. And to someone else you might seem like a vain selfish prick.

        But from another subjective perspective you can be seen as just and giving.

        It’s subjective.

    2. I’ll tell you why people are kvetching, they are human…

      2017: people complain that hairloss research is too slow and there is no cure. Meanwhile tons of companies more than ever are starting up

      2019: bald people complain that a cure was essentially found in “2020”. Price is too high. Other continues are in phase II or III nearing in.

      2028: people who were bald now have hair, but they are complaining of having grey hair or bad skin.

      something new is a problem. It’s human nature. Personally I can now just relax knowing I’ll be temporarily thinning and slightly bald for a brief few years. I know I’ll be 34 or 35 ( a guys dating prime) with a full head of hair. This is a big chip of my shoulders as I’m young. People don’t realize that you’re right with a free market the price will drop faster than they realize. It won’t be cheap but a fair price compare to today’s hair transplant quality and quantity.

  5. Nonsense.

    A cure for cancer in this price range would make sense. A non life threatening condition cure for that price is simply ridiculous.


    1. You would be surprised! The cosmetics market in South Korea is bigger than that in Los Angeles. A common leaving school present for your 16 year old daughter if she gets good grades is either a nose or chin job, so you can imagine how far the elite would go.

    2. Steve Harrington, because of people like you I’m happy in this case that hairloss isn’t considered a severe disease as cancer, otherwise governments would force companies to offer the product for a price accessible for the wide public, leading to elimination and ineffectiveness of Research & Development. The market will solve this sooner or later, but let’s first not take away the companies motivation to simply develop and drop a product. Don’t take it personal buddy;)

  6. I think the initial price is quite irrelevant. If an effective hairloss cure is made available through this treatment, then it is already a huge success for us and will drive solutions for the peasants of more modern means among us losing our hair (which I would personally pay upwards of $60,000 *life time* to treat).

  7. Nobody seems to be asking what the price will pay for?

    Suppose it works, does this treatment promise a full head of hair, forever, that does not require some maintenance package like my hair systems do?

    Or is it just another futile “maintenance” treatment that he won’t dare test on anyone beyond a NW4?

    In any case, I suspect, just like plasma screen TVs, the price will halve every 2 years until eventually everyone has one!

    1. Indeed! The price will come down eventually. We should really discuss what the actual treatment is, how effective it is.
      Admin, are you able to find out more about the treatment?

  8. 2013 – Dr. M. Post et al. first lab-grown meat $300,000 per pound
    2020 – Aleph Farms or JUST lab-grown meat $100 per pound

    3,000 fold price drop within 7 years!

    2020 – Dr. T. Tsuji et al. hairloss cure $380,000
    2030 – Hair follicle culture, spacing and orientation has been fully understood. A laser scans your scalp. 50,000 fine needles penetrate your skin at once and inject your desensitized hair follicles. $126. Thank you. See you again in five years.

  9. I doubt even President Trump would spend that much $$ for hair restoration.

    On a side note, I would like to see a president who is completely bald. Then the most powerful man in the world would be bald.

    Already, the richest person in the world is bald – Jeff Bezos

    1. Jeff Bezos is bald because the treatment is not available yet. Even if the treatment cost 1 million for him , it would be like $10 dollars for you. Richest people in the world pay:
      – $4.5 Billion for a yacht!!
      – $ 450 million, for a Salvatori Mundi painting
      – $ 70 millions for a Ferrari 250 GTO
      – $ 8 mill for an iphone Diamond Rose
      – $3.1 for a tuna.
      – $ 3 mill. for a Tequila Bottle (Pasión Azteca)
      – $ 3 mill for a baseball card, etc, etc,

      1. If he really cared about being bald, he would easily invest in hair loss cure and find one in a matter of months. And invested money would still be a pocket change for him. That’s how rich he is !

    2. What that eco-monster Bezos did to deforest a huge part of green space in my community he deserves to be bald! I’m boycotting Amazon forever.

  10. I was hoping for something below the 150K dollars mark, even taking into account the fact that Japan is a very expensive country. That said, and as others have pointed out, the sooner this gets started the sooner the price will fall and competition will work its magic. So let’s look on the bright side for a change. Also, there are a number of other companies out there, in the US and Europe, working on different hair multiplication and bio-engineering solutions (not just cloning per se). Let us hope they are also on the market soon and come out with a more affordable initial price.

  11. The prices are just rough estimates and by any means aren’t really set in stone. Like some of you mentioned, you gotta take into consideration what type of NW you are.

    Another possibility which some clinics allows you to do is partial payment over set amount of years. Not sure if that is or ever will be the case for this type of treatment – BUT if this is the cure – AN ACTUAL Cure, and you’re complaining about the price…. Just think about what an amazing breakthrough this.

  12. I have mixed feelings about the presented news. Of course the price is undoubtably high and higher then I personally expected. On the other hand: we have a further and brand new sign that this cure might actually really happen, which is great since at present we have still reason enough to doubt that a possible treatment to bring back a full head of hair is even possible to exist AT ALL. Further, a very high price at least speaks for the quality, unlike replicel/shiseido, where the mentioned price of a few thousand dollars (don’t remember the exact amount) made me really not optimistic to deliver a real cure, rather a partial treatment. I mean think about it, just knowing that finally sth theoretically exists outside there would decrease my depression to a high extent and motivate me a lot to get my ass up and get that cash!

  13. The doctor must be confident that he’s working on the cure not a treatment. I hope this pushes other scientists to work harder to beat dr.Tsuji.

  14. Hey guys….
    In my opinion if the price is so high then the “pool” of customers that can afford it will be depleted within a few years Something like 4-5 years.
    After that the price will go down at least at 60.000 bucks

  15. If this is all true and tsuji confirms this then fellas the cure to baldness has just been found. If he can create 100k hairs for everyone then Mr Tsuji deserves a Nobel Prize for this amazing accomplishment. I bet cristiano and hair clone are shtting their pants now haha. This of course will cost 300k because it’s the holy grail of mpb. I want to say on 5 years it will be around 100k which is about right for a cutting edge cure. This means no more topicals, fin, min, etc. One and done full hair coverage. I like how people are pissed haha. The guy has every right to charge 300k. He solved one of man’s greatest problems. He will get millionaires from all over the world to buy it and pay off his debt etc. Later on us commoners will be able to get it for 50 to 100k. Let’s all wait for the official announcement from tsuji and pictures!!

    Admin if this is true then tour target time like of 2020 was spot on haha

    Good news is for us commoners is that we got SM and Follicle coming out in the next two years to help us till we can afford tsuji.

    1. One thing that is still bothering is the process of their timeline. Please correct me if I’m wrong but they still did not even start testing it in humans right ?

      1. @Red Tsuji said that they’ve been doing “experiments” on humans and that an update will be made near the end of 2019.

    2. @Mjones In complete agreement, Mjones. If this is true, and whoever I’ve talked to said there’s no reason for it not to be, then this is the news we’ve been waiting for. It’s costly but as you said, costs will go down. Just look at tesla. But it’s good that it’s hundreds of thousands and not millions. Then it would be completely unaffordable. But yeah, official announcement would be great but he’s already done a number of interviews with magazines and such, like this one: https://project.nikkeibp.co.jp/behealth/atcl/feature/00003/061200009/?P=1

      This goes to prove that you never really know if something’s true until some news comes out about it.

      1. Deal! You’ve provided a great service to us, it’s only fair to repay you somehow. I would definitely donate to that.

  16. I’m not sure why many people on this site or HLT are complaining of the initial cost of the treatment. The possibility that commercially available cultured neo-follicles are less then two years away is truly exciting. For years, we always heard the infamous “5 years away”. Now the technology has arrived and “5 years away” reflects an affordable price point rather than a viable treatment. The future is finally here, even if the cost is prohibitive for most of us.

  17. Admin, you believe that video is real? Can’t see a reason for it not to be but it’s not official. Anyways, life has a way of getting back at you. I just fell really ill the other day and today I woke up to this tweet. I guess everything evens out. But if this is true then it’s pretty damn cool.

  18. these are the people who speculate on the lives of others, just like those who speculate on terminal illnesses … I prefer to be bald for life than to give money to these monsters.

  19. I see this as great news. Don’t care about the price. In a funny way this legitimises the news. Just hope it works!

  20. If this treatment do not bring back at least NW5 to full head of hairs then in my opinion i’ts just a Benny Hill Show.

  21. Every time Riken reassures that a cure is imminent, that is fantastic news! If they say the price will be very high (which would scare investors), then that means they’re just being realistic about their capabilities and that adds legitimacy. I’m thrilled that their time frame is about 1.5 years away. Imagine the hope just seeing photos that it’s possible. Huge companies will buy in and figure out a way to deliver it to the masses quickly. It’ll happen.

  22. when this comes out who cares about the price the only thing important is knowing that its the cure we’ve been waiting for and its finally out.

  23. Admin, please, are you sure that this video is authentic?
    And how much do you believe this is the CURE and not the usually silly treatment?
    You have more experience than us. So, do you have any clue? How to do to know more?

    I am sad that it is costly, but I think it is fair. Because people deserve to be rich for our problem, if they discovered the cure, not the stupid (unuseful) treatment for example like Trinov. These ones deserve to be poor and bald.

    Maybe it is possible to deal the price for the average joe.
    There is the possibility that within ten years there will be another competitor, so they prefer to treat me cheaply today than nothing. And there will be always bald people so a source of money there always will be for them forever.

  24. Is there no way to invest in this? I don’t see any info about organ technologies inc. being publicly traded…

    1. I asked the same question above .. no answer either. I’ve found Riken, however it is unclear which Riken stock umbrella OT falls under.

  25. If this is true… Truely amazing. I want to see human before and after videos. when I went to see my doctor to get a script filled for Finasteride. I was talking about how we can put people in space and on a different planet but can’t figure out a hair loss cure or better treatments is mind-boggling. Obviously the price is super high. No way in hell I could afford that. Hoping other researchers will reverse engineer their technology and make it more affordable to the general masses. I’m really hoping one day that happens. Every guy and girl that goes through the stress of getting ready in the morning, worrying if there is going to be strong winds or rain, etc. Not to mention your confidence being lowered. The day where we get our hair back and not have to go through the above will be priceless.

  26. Since a hairloss cure would (potentially) improve one’s quality of life and self confidence, it’s important to look at how much quality of life you’d then lose going into debt to pay for it. If you’d have to take out a huge loan (assuming you’d get approved) with a corresponding huge monthly payment akin to a mortgage to pay for it, it’s worth considering if you’d still be able to enjoy life being a debt slave for many, many years if not a few decades just to have a full head of hair again.

    Seems like waiting isn’t so bad, you get to see others’ results beforehand and they will most likely fine-tune the treatment as the price falls.

  27. Anyone think of this…Let the wealthy be Guinea pigs lol. Why would you want to be the first for this? It’s long term effect for health reasons etc. It’s not like this has the extensive trials. Also note they are using the word, “Experiment.” It still has to hit a trial, even by Japan standards.

    If it works… you know you got time if you are in your 20s and 30s…even 40s and 50s. Sit back and see it.

    Meanwhile, you got topical fin, now topical dut being kinked out.

    Idk…maybe it’s my lack of sleep. If this is true, then regular hair transplants must improve or get cheaper….imagine that, the standard gets raised.

    Also since it’s still surgery, other treatments that may come out can be viable. I mean think this.. .if you woke up tomorrow with a treatment that could grow 20% of hair without fin sides.. would you not take it? I guess to some, that wouldn’t he good enough to say great treatment. I get that if you’re a nw 4 or greater. It’s valid to feel that. However, a 3 or less?

    Idk if any company is proposing 20% regrowth with less sides. I haven’t kept up on here as much besides last week when I laid out why I don’t see a prescriber writing a Jak kinase inhibitor for cosmetic. Until that word cosmetic changes to dysfunction or disorder it’s hard to back. Think viagra…treats ,”Dysfunction.”

    Hope news is good when there is confirmation.

  28. Although this is a cure, it would still be nice to figure out a way to reactivate the follicles we already have since that’s still a mystery.

  29. I had a hair transplant with renowned UK based hair transplant surgeon Dr Asim Shahmalak two years ago. What is under reported is the fact hair transplants cannot bring your original hairline back. This was explained to me by the good doctor because of the issue of increasing forehead wrinkles as we age. So, if you’re beyond a certain age (probably late 20s as I was when I had the treatment) a hair transplant will unfortunately have to push the hairline back so it looks more natural with our age now and in the future. This new treatment from Dr Tsuji will not solve this issue as it is still effectively a hair transplant.

    1. It’s not a traditional transplant per say so I don’t see why it can’t be done on any skin that’s capable of having grown hair there in the first place.

    1. This is a great article, thanks for sharing. Does one need to take these specific supplements, eat these specific foods or can you take any probiotic to see similar results?

  30. Lol I could afford it my networth is around 400k early 20 if the price drop down to a 100k I might be in but I think I’ll use up my donor before that

  31. I suspect price will drop pretty fast, or, competitors will jump in with offering sam product with very slight variations. At those numbers, competitors can justify the investment to try and steal market share.

  32. Great news if it’s definitive. The cost is fairly outrageous but I would think I t would drop like a stone as soon as the technology and the system is copied by other companies.
    If it is definitely going to work and I still think it’s a very big IF at this stage, I can’t wait to see the results and for some news reader to say the words “much to the joy of millions of people pattern baldness is now finally a thing of the past” after that. it a case of worrying about getting the money together. Personally i think the astronomically high price is just to get the very rich to the front of the queue, when the demand at that price plateaus Ul see the price drop fairly rapidly I’d guess.

  33. Technically the price isn’t outrageous if you think about it. Since we have 100k hairs on our head tsuji is charging 3 dollars per hair to equal $300k. If you were to go to a top hair transplant doctor who charges 8 dollars a graft which consists of 1 to 3 hairs you are looking at 8 x 100,000 or 8x 70,000 so 560k to 800k for a hair fue transplant. That’s if fue docs could clone hair. My math may be off so feel free to correct me :)

    1. thats my question also, does tsujis process include ttransplanting, or is the price only for cloning the hair follicles? I doupt its including the price of transplanting, since tsuji is not a hair transplant, and its process cannot set the rules for the price of transplant docs. Regeneration of Organs in lab is an expensive process, and every hair follicle is a very tiny organ they reproduce, so probably the price will only be for the cloning the hair follicles. The follicles would then probably sent to an hair transplant, and we’d need to pay additionally money for the transplantation. Maybe it can drop the price of transplanting every follicle, since the work is halved, due the fact, they dont need to graft it from a donor area, but i still doupt a transplantation of 100k hairs will be any cheaper then 1 USD per Hair follicle, since it is long medical process. And also im wondering how many sessions and days would it take to fully reconstruct your hair?

    2. If u don’t think 300,000 dollars isn’t outrageous then you’re either a multi -millionaire or you’re insane. Try getting a loan or a mortgage for 300,000 and when the bank manager asks what the loan is for and you say for a full head of hair, just watch his reaction as he throws the loan application in the bin! Anyone who thinks paying 10,000 a year for 30 years is reasonable for the privilege of having to get a haircut has either too much money or is bordering on obsessed. It’s hairloss it’s not an illness.

  34. and another thing is, i dont know, if a doc is capable of transplanting a fully natural looking hair line. Since nobody so far had the chance to transplant so many hair follicles on one person. Im not familiar with the transplantation process, but i know there is several problems like setting the direction of transplanted hair in a right position etc. These problems exist initial to the hair cloning. So maybe someone who has more knowledge about this issue can answer.

    1. @nk I talked to the Japanese guy who uploaded the video about tsuji (through YouTube comments) and he said that tsuji told him that he will recreate a natural hairline.

  35. To remind people of Admin’s Poll (Top 3):

    10-25k = 812 (24.4%)
    5-10k = 776 (23.3%)
    > 5K = 607 (18.2%)

    So 65% of us won’t go above 25K, and we’re talking about a treatment 15x more expensive than that! Where are they gonna find all these desperate mega-millionaire playboys? (no wife is gonna let her man spend that sum of money, especially if it’s gonna make him more attractive ; )

    “Prices in Japan for hair restorations average at around USD 4 per graft, resulting in a total cost of approximately USD 11,200 for an FUE hair transplant necessitating 2,800 grafts.”

    That’s cheaper than what I would pay at Hasson and Wong (15,695 for 2,800 FUE) in Canada. Any sound mind will opt for the transplant instead, and then “fill in” with Tsuji, if necessary.

    So no way Tsuji! I think we’ll be very pleasantly surprised when the real price is far, far, far below that rumour.

    —Now let’s move on and not give them any crazy ideas : $

  36. Also…

    In the study, they injected 28 bioengineered hair follicle germs into a 1cm² skin area and grew 128 hairs/cm². This is the method they said would be adoptable as a treatment for alopecia patients.

    There’s no way some surgeon / intern is gonna calculate a full head’s worth on a per germ price. How many hours would be spent counting cells under a microscope just to determine the cost. The price will probably be per injection (??).

    **And the elephant in the room, three-hundred-thousand dollar question is: how long before all the new follicles suffer the same fate as the old ones and fall out? Can Tsuji really guarantee lifetime regeneration? He grew new teeth using germs, can they not still decay all the same? So what about these lab hairs?**

  37. This all sounds amazing but why is so much trust put into what this guy says? I feel like I missed something. Is he associated with Tsuji or is a trusted source in the industry?

    1. The baldness community is by far the most optimistic community I’ve ever seen. We try to cling on anything that might help us. With all due respect for Dr Tsuji, until we see a before and after video on a NW6 live person getting a full head of hair (since if this tech works then it’s all or nothing) I’ll classify him as a delayer (was 2020 now 2021 and maybe 10 more years)

  38. Dollars but no data.

    Commercialization and pricing is not left to doctors. He may be accurate but as many have pointed out, at that price point they will not have enough demand to balance the investment out. Prices are almost always arbitrary and relevant only to demand. You can discover a new mineral, metal, device that can fly you to the moon but costs billions to produce. If no one purchases your product because you price it too high or there is no practical use for it. That’s why there are professionals, not doctors, who set the price. I’m sure they understand the narrow market for their product at that price point, one that won’t have as high yields, roi, at a lower price point. That coupled with other treatments (current and future) will drive this price down fast. Most men will be content continuing current treatments at much cheaper (remember that we are the few neurotic members of society).

  39. When I see a full set of hair then we can talk about price!

    Regardless, if there is a real cure and someone charges whatever fortune believe the copycats “competition” will quickly step in and compete on price.

    Let’s see the photos before we see the price. We saw the real photos of JAK by Aclaris for their initial study but I think there next round of photos will be better and the increased dose study due next summer should be Sizzling. Just my opinion.

  40. First we need to know that it works and that this really is the cure. We are jumping ahead by discussing price at this early

  41. Admin, after Tsuji releases how long do you think it’ll be before another cloning procedure releases? Because then the price will go down drastically. Companies like stemsom therapeutics or Rapunzel or HairClone aren’t even in human trials yet so how long do you think it’ll be before one of them releases and Tsuji’s price drops?

  42. An answer to the guys that asked about OT stock price. Organ Technologies is a privately held company that it’s government funded. Although, back in June 2018 right after their update they raised 590 millions ¥ (approx. 5.6 mill. US $) from Itochu and Mitchuo. If I am not mistaken, Dr. Tsuji and some of his co-researchers are behind Organ. So they are definitely plotting something behind the scenes. I hope the above is of some help to you.

  43. nasa- if you think the JAK pics were at all decent you have zero expectations!
    If you think they will go from zero to sizzling you are nuts !
    Stop riding JAKs bag and littering the forum with this BS product.

    1. The test subjects were Norwood 4 or less, hardly any loss. They knew JAK would do JAK so they stacked the deck in their favour.

      One of the Japanese players is about to blow them and the other have-a-go-chemists out of the water. It’s just a matter of which one.

  44. Let’s go Follicaaaaaaa!!! The poor man’s option to hair loss :) This is what we need to focus on. Could be released next year. If it can give us 100cm2 then that’s the poor man’s tsuji cure :)

  45. Regardless of costs, seeing photos of a real transformation will provide so much hope and optimism. That said, they’re talking two years max to market, and still no photos.

    Let’s see some photos.

  46. I don’t understand why people are upset about the initial price. It will go down for sure in the coming years as they ramp up production and/or partner with international clinics. It’s also very possible that you could use this to supplement a conventional HT, say 3000 grafts from donor area and 2000 cloned which will definitely be cheaper.

  47. How bad do your genetics have to be if topical finasteride isn’t working? I mean I’m on a pretty low dose (0.1%) and ive only been applying for a month but I think some hairs may still be falling out.

  48. It all sounds like BS to me.

    1. Process has only been tested in mice.
    2. Price can’t possibly be known prior to restoring a full head of hair on a human.
    3. Release date can’t possibly be known prior to restoring a full head of hair on a human.

    Lot’s of other red flags come to mind.

  49. I watched the updated video in English. We don’t hear from anyone credible in it. A guy on YouTube…unless there is more of something else I didn’t see.

    Either way, if it’s true at least it would he there and ppl in 10 years can plan accordingly….and really the first year or two, you’d want others to do it anyway before yourself.

  50. Well, thanks ti capitalism a treatment like this is now true. And hearing this crazy amount makes me only really optimistic and sure, this treatment is the one we need. Will make only men suffering from this problem more motivated in getting rich.)
    This is capitalism i love)

  51. I am so so so happy for this. But tbh ,I would have been happier if they focused on Parkinson’s, cancer or Alzheimer first. I would kill and die for getting my 16 year old head full of thick,dark,black, beautiful,smooth hair but there are people dying for a problem that truly is life threatening unlike MPB

  52. Thank you so much for sharing that, Admin!
    We have to know which informations we got in this article – hope we find somebody to translate!

    Also a big chance is the lecture in august of Takashi Tsuji, We have to find somebody who will attend and share us the content

    Maybe you could also contact the Japanese hairloss youtuber who did the interview last year 08/2019 with tsuji?

  53. I’ve translated it with translator Deepl. Some parts may not be correct.

    I wondered if this was the case. If the hematopoietic stem cells, which were being developed at Niigata University, could be turned into a drug for treating autologous blood disorders, it would certainly be a cure for autologous blood disorders. However, the company’s top management decided not to develop the drug, fearing that it might be contagious if it used human cells. Descent. is the row that would later lead to making stem cell-based therapy, or regenerative medicine, a life’s work. After finishing his doctoral studies in 1973, he joined Japan Tobacco Inc. and was assigned to the Life Science Institute in Yokohama, Japan. Then, he was hired a year earlier, and he immediately hit it off with Yasuhiro Fudwara (currently a professor at Osaka University), who was three years younger than him. He immediately got along with Yasuhiro Fudwara (currently a professor at Osaka University), who had joined the company a year earlier and was three years younger than him. According to Toshihara, Tsuji was friendly, without being “too old for him”. They had one thing in common, too: they were both sons of local shopkeepers and had a passion for fishing. Both were sons of local shopkeepers and had an unparalleled love of fishing. After a year of lively discussions about research and research, Kajiwara was transferred to Yokohama City University and Tsuji was transferred to JT Pharmaceuticals, Inc. He moved to the Discovery Research Institute in Yokohama, Japan, but the Bunryu continued. Tsuji’s research focuses on the proliferation of hematopoietic stem cells in the umbilical cord blood of newborn babies in vitro1. At JT, he wrote a paper on hematopoietic stem cells, which became a major beer-boynt. At the University of Science, he taught a course on non-specialized subjects such as pharmacology, chemistry and physiology before he was an undergraduate. The university was blessed with a high level of funding among private schools and its students were serious. However, I was assigned to a laboratory with 10 students per year. I was assigned to a laboratory, which had an annual stipend of ten students, and I had to supervise more than a dozen students, including those in the graduate school. When I was a student at Kyushu University, I felt a sense of tension and a sense of alienation in the Spartan laboratory HeC, but I was the leader of The pressure from the height of purpose and the difficulty of managing a lab with many members when you become a I was confronted with the fact that I was in the same position as Dr. Nakamura. He said, “Having been in the same position, I can now fully understand how Dr. Nakamura felt about his feelings of unity and loneliness. I’m sure that I’ll be able to help him more if I’m on my own now, and I’m sure that the relationship with Kajiwara, a colleague of mine from JT, will be very important. This was the beginning of a unique encounter with Otsuka Chemical. This was the point of contact with Otsuka Chemical, which later became a researcher in the regeneration of organs such as teeth and hair. Kajiwara, who specialized in glycoscience, was engaged in research together with Otsuka Chemical. Tsuji was put in charge of the biological evaluation of tambac proteins synthesized by Taxahara and linked with glycolysis, and he was assigned to work with Otsuka Chemical in the field of science and technology. Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd. entrusted me with its first endowed lecture series at the University of Tokyo, and my original specialty, regenerative medicine, is the study of three-dimensional organs. The aim is to regenerate. The large and complex structures of the liver and other organs are created in accordance with the biological principle, and are covered all over the body surface. If “teeth and hairs are not directly linked to life and death,” it would be easier to build an experimental model, so Tsuji quits JT and moves to the University of Science. After immersing himself in research and education, Tsuji decides to leave JT after seven years of service. He had the confidence to think about his research theme, implement it, and write a paper on it. He wanted to take the initiative in researching a new field that would lead to practical applications, and he asked the university to fight for him. At that time, he was appointed as a faculty member of regenerative medicine at the Tokyo University of Science’s School of Engineering and Technology and became an assistant professor in 2001. . In the whole industry, patents are more important than papers.

    I got it. Tsuji is a good presenter. Since his time in the corporate world, he has how to persuade his superiors by using management’s words to persuade them. We make sure that all students and staff members, including those who have been working at the University, are fully aware of the importance of greetings, keeping their promises, and beilearnedng organized. This is because he believes in the importance of the researcher as a human being. Mayumi Murofushi, an assistant at Riken, said that a student of hers at Ritsumeikan University T There are a lot of things that are line packed and I have a lot of sympathy for [Tsuji’s] beliefs,” Aogan said. The company is not only engaged in the field of regenerative medicine, but also in the field of health care. In 2006, he led the world in the development of artificial skin for the evaluation of the safety and functionality of cosmetics and quasi-drugs. It was released. In the midst of the trend of banning animal testing, this product is attracting a lot of attention as the next generation of artificial skin. Tsuji is also aiming to commercialize hair diagnosis. RIKEN has been working on it for some time now, saying, “I understand the words of people in the light industry, and I have a good idea of the seeds that companies are looking for. I’m sure I’ll be able to play a role in bridging the gap with companies. In June, Tsuji was appointed to a position at RIKEN, but while he was being held accountable for the research fraud surrounding STAP cells, Sasai’s father, a former professor of chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley, was also being held accountable. The loss of his spiritual pillar and supreme mentor, a comrade who took his own life in August of that year, made Tsuji For a short time he was at a loss for words, but Yoi, who was busy with industry and academia, entrusted him with the mission of “fusion cooperation” which was completed in five years. The idea is to attract companies to the Innovation Promotion Mechanism. The external funds obtained from the joint research with Tsuji alone will be used to pay for all the joint research that RIKEN receives from companies. It reached 10%. Like the pre-war science and research centers, it is an independent, self-financing, two-year organization. We aim to pursue our research and collaborate with private companies for the practical application of hair follicle regenerative medicine, and to apply the seeds of our research and Organ Corporation, which was recognized as a “RIKEN Venture”, formed a partnership with Kyocera. Kita, who sympathized with Inamori’s philosophy, directly contacted the founder of the company, Kazuo Inamori, and signed a contract with him on August 8, 2002. It was cultivated and made more than 5,000 hair follicle taphone-the equivalent of 10,000 hairs. In an experiment in which these were transplanted into mice, the hair regenerated and was replaced for life. It is expected to be a treatment for not only male pattern baldness, but also for intractable hair growth disorders such as congenital Whairui syndrome. On the other hand, in the area of tooth regeneration, Harumei of Tokyo Medical and Dental University and Masao Oshima, an associate professor at the University of Tokushima and a pupil of Tsuji’s, have been working with The next generation of “hybrid implants” is under development. The company has been working on the development of a new type of implant to replace missing teeth, which is widely used to attach an artificial tooth to a full alveolar bone. This is not a good treatment. In this case, the artificial root membrane is connected to the alveolar bone through the artificial south root membrane to provide the same physiological function as a natural tooth. Reproduction. The artificial tooth has the advantage of not becoming an orchid and regenerating organs while enhancing their function. The company has already achieved success in experiments on dogs, which have a strong ability to blow together, and is aiming for early commercialization. Tsuji, who is particular about useful research, has been pursuing innovative basic research innovations that will help to make Japan’s health. This is the mission of his own. The realization of this mission is my mission. The company is developing a traditional way of doing business. First institutions such as Organ, Yahoo, and Aderans establish a consortium, and joint research is a star”. And then the clinical research of the real life hair – a clinical study of about 100 hair follicles taken from Sekikata’s scalp.

    However, he had neither the knowledge nor the research experience on the development of teeth. He was introduced to Kasugai Shohei, a professor of dental implantology, by Kazuhiro Eto, the vice president of Tokyo Medical University. It was made. It’s a cloud-grabbing story, and I don’t think it’s going to be possible,” said Kasugai, who was consulted by Tsuji for nine years When these tooth seeds are transplanted into the adultus, the teeth with blood vessels and nerves regenerated for 8 years, the adult mouse’s teeth If you plant it in the area where the tooth came out, you’ll have a complete set of teeth that will grow back in just over a month, and you’ll have a perfect fit and feel the pain. Successful regeneration. Kasugai was taken aback by Ichijitsuji’s research sense, and in two years, he succeeded in the regeneration of hair from hair seeds. Because hair grows in a fixed cycle, only two types of stem cells necessary for official regeneration are available in adult organisms. In teeth, a seed for a tooth can only be made from the toothpaste of milkshakes or shui-ku’er. In order to regenerate a tooth in a toothless adult, the stem cells that can be used for tooth regeneration must be deepened, which is one of the barriers to practical use. In his early years, Tsuji founded Organ Technologies, a venture company with the support of Otsuka Chemical. In his early years, Tsuji founded a venture company, Organ Technologies, with the support of Otsuka Chemical. In order to put Tsuji’s technology to practical use, a number of patents, including one for the organ germ method, must be consolidated The University of Science and others have filed a pre-patent petition for a patent, and the company needed a box to stock it. The University of Science and others received a pre-application proposal for the patent, and the company needed a box (company) to stock it “passionately and sharply dropped. The “V” is an endowed lecture given by the Organ Corporation in its year of residence, bringing new life to an old company like Otsuka Chemical. In 1996, he became a full-time research professor at the University of Science. In the following year, the University of Science constructed the Organics Regeneration Engineering Project, and it became a major research center of the Organ Corporation. In 2000, the Organ Regeneration Engineering Project was established at the University of Science, and it became a major research center of the Organ Corporation. However, a miscalculation occurred. The support from Otsuka Chemical differed from the original plan and was cut off after 4 years. The business was reviewed. However, Tobe continued to invest in the company privately even after it was separated from Otsuka Chemical, and he continues to meet with Tsuji several times a year. For Tsuji, who was a close friend of Otsuka Chemical’s business reports, it was a form of support from Otsuka Chemical. However, a new opportunity opened up for him in a different way. Yoshiki Noui, a leader in regenerative medicine and a former researcher at Riken, invited him to join Kyoto University’s Department of Regenerative Medicine for two years. The same age as Noui, who sat with him at a lecture at the institute, was a supervisory stem cell (E) student. Tsuji had been fascinated by RIKEN since his high school days. The history of Riken dates back to before World War II, and Sasai, who had a high standard of research and an air of respectability, told him that Riken was a good place to work. I was invited to be the Group Director, but I turned down the offer twice, thinking I was not suited to the position. In the end, I decided to apply for the position because I wanted senior researchers to be responsible for applications and young researchers to focus on basic research. He shared Sasai’s desire for a “tooth”, so Tsuji learned about the principle of the development of the South and exchanged ideas with him. He is convinced of the regeneration from the “Tanee” (the original organ of music). He made the base of the organ, the seed, and grew it and regenerated it into a 9-toto organ regeneration and play AK Me. When a clear mammal with a good research sense is in the embryonic stage of development, the seeds of organs needed for a specific location are stem It is made from cells and grows into an organism. Tsuji took a rakugo story from a mouse nodule, which was determined to become a tooth in the future, and created an epithelial stem The cells were paralleled into two types of stem cells and cryptogenic stem cells. These two types of stem cells were combined into a two-layered structure in a single high-degree trial, and the “Southern Seed” type S method was named “Instrumental Palace Method”. This led to the success of the revitalization of the government, which was largely due to the wise decision of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. Initially, Organ was established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Otsuka Chemical, and Otsuka Chemical was the only company to provide research and development funds to the government. Sadanobu Tobe, then president of the company (now. Otsuka Tobe was overwhelmed by Tsuji’s heatsuke in his first game against

    1. Wow thanks Soull! How did you manage to copy and paste the Japanese text? Even when I pasted into Powerpoint and uploaded the Powerpoint to Google Translate, it did not accept the file. Even though it said it does accept .ppt files.

    2. Nice work! It seems like their still on track with moving forward (covid-19) could play a role with delays but the article mainly features the history surrounding Dr. Dr. Takashi Tsuj, his mission and the different companies involved. No huge bombshells or announcements yet. When they cure it, they should get Time magazine cover and more. For everyone who has to go through the trails and tribulations of suffering from hair thinning and hair loss to have an option – Hope.

  54. Admin, thanks for posting. Could you please update the article again once a solid translation of the major points is posted? Thank you.

  55. The google translate app on a smart phone has a camera feature that can translate as you hover the camera over text. Try it out!

      1. We have been waiting for 1 week:

        – Will Fuji or the YOUTUBER translate the article?

        – will fuji or the YOUTUBER attend the zoom conference on 5. August 2020?

        1. Someone translated the article in the comments and it was mostly about the history of the technology. Plus how Tsuji partnered with various people and companies and the challenges faced thus far. Fuji replied to me and said no new announcements regarding dates.

            1. Admin it is important that a Japanese member will attend on this Zoom Conference. Did you als the YOUTUBER or fuji?
              Both doesn’t answer to me

              1. Yes I sent them both the link, but neither confirmed they would attend. Please remind me again on the day before the conference and I will let them know.

                1. There will be another two lectures in august given by Takashi Tsuji in a free Zoom conference:
                  Can you please ask the Japanese Youtuber or Fuji Maru Kagurazaka to join this and share the content with us?

                  Lecture No 1


                  8/25 ADJ Online New Product Presentation
                  Updated: July 15, 2020
                  Seminar ID: 5291311
                  Date: August 25, 2020 10:30-12:30

                  Location: Online
                  Lecturer: Takashi Tsuji, Team Leader, Organ Induction Research Team, Center for Biofunctional Sciences, RIKEN


                  Lecture No 2

                  [Second day] Thursday, August 27

                  23. Special Lecture 3. 15:15 ~ 16:15 Takashi Tsuji
                  Toward the realization of hair follicle regenerative medicine as next-generation organ regenerative medicine

                    1. Admin, please find someone who will go to this Zoom Conferences. The YOUTUBER won’t attend so please ask Fuji.

                      I assume this is the last chance to get new information in this 2 hour conference which is free and online. Much more easy it couldn’t be…

  56. Egghead has awakened from his long slumber. You have my attention. I will be shotgunning coffee on the edge of my seat until further notice.

  57. Did Exosomes officially fail Admin? Because there was a lot of hype back in November and there has not been any news since.

      1. I’m gonna use my stimulus money on this. Now only $251717272726.99 to go!

        Jokes aside, hopefully it happens. The cure is only five years away lol. Anyways, we will see what happens. Once Jeff Bezos, Bruce Willis, and John Travolta have long locks I know the cure will be ready.

  58. Thanks Admin! … “Part 2 = “Overview of new products for FY2020.”” … can we expect something to hit market this year?

  59. I don’t care how much it costs, as long as it’s real and can obliterate Minoxidil and Propecia. I know a lot of guys can’t afford FUE, let alone a 6 figure cure; but if it comes to fruition, It gives hope. Prices will come down once they license it out to places like Bosley.

  60. Well said Rick+C. I certainly couldn’t afford six figures at the moment-I’m so broke my sponsor child sends me money, but who cares. It’s a speck of hope on the horizon.

  61. If Tsuji’s technique/cure comes to fruition, it will be expensive. However, there is always the option of getting the procedure administered in certain areas of Asia such as Thailand or the Philippines in a few years. As far as Europe, Turkey might be a hotspot. I am told albeit the aforementioned countries are second-world, they have good medical-regulatory agencies. Could anyone speak to this?

  62. I love how the youth get so excited about potential treatments and start brainstorming ways to get it cheaper. I recall myself planning to go to mexico for some discount histogen injections. Go on a vaca and come back with stimulated follicles!:)…those dreams obviously never came to fruition.

    1. So to defeat baldness we must first become immortal … LOL Sorry for the sarcasm guys but I’ve been fighting it for almost 30 years …

      1. I know it must be hard to fight for so long and nothing new came to market in this time.

        But that doesn‘t mean it won‘t happen at some point, and I‘m sure it will happen.

        Here‘s a list of the contenders:
        Stemson Tx
        …are on top of the list. Well financed with lots of expertise.
        …are also there working actively on a solution.

        A great time to have hairloss, I would say! ;-)

          1. True, i didn’t deny that but as you get older it matters MUCH,MUCH less. Try being in your late teens and already receding haha,it’s literally mindf*ck*ng. I have depression because of this sh*t and its messing with my studies.

  63. We haven’t been fighting baldness for 30 years, the drugs we have were randomly discovered. We have to keep it in mind that we might have reached a scientific knowledge that allows us to possibly cure baldness not by accident, but as the goal of a research. It makes a difference

      1. Tsuji is not using IPS cells. IPS cells don’t need a work-around the inductivity problem. Stemson Therapeutics is working with IPS cells to treat hair loss. I don’t know how far along their research is though. I think the Coronavirus may be slowing down their research. Stemson Therapeutics is the company that I have the most faith in because they do not need to solve any inductivity issues since they’re dealing with IPS cells

        whta do you think about it?

        1. Wrong. Tsuji is also working with IPSCs.

          They are developing 3 arms: Dermal papillae cells, the germ method and IPSCs.

    1. Science has always been there, nowadays this is more obvious thanks to the internet, they just didn’t make yet … and who knows if they ever will … To me a hair transplant is NOT a cure for hair loss.

  64. This is it boys

    This is the closest we’ve ever been to legit good news. It’s been 7 god damn years lol


  65. If you’re looking for something optimistic… Here’s a patent—an overlooked gem—which is worth reading in its entirety. I posted this before but it gained zero traction.

    A separate team of researchers associated with L’Oreal also have a germ-method of follicle regeneration which is explained.

    “Surprisingly, the inventors have succeeded in obtaining germ cells in a sufficient amount so that when they are brought into contact with dermal papilla fibroblasts and also connective tissue sheath fibroblasts, a tubular structure responsible for a micro hair follicle forms and because of the presence of the germ cells is capable of recycling.”

    “These micro hair follicles make it possible on the one hand to use them for the prophylactic or therapeutic treatment of a state of reduced pilosity, in particular alopecia”

    There’s your cure.

  66. “Dear Admin,

    “Thank you for your interest in our research. There was no updates because the lecture was for graduate school students aiming to get fundamental knowledge. For further information, please refer to our laboratory website for the latest news on the progress of our research projects. Our laboratory is striving to advance research with the aim of fulfilling the expectations to improve quality of life for many individuals. We thank you for your patience and continued support of our research activities.”

    Admin is this mean no cure in 2021-2022?

      1. no new news there will be just again some general news about nothing, let’s face it cloning is a distant future, maybe not even the 21st century

        1. Jan We’ll see. Try to stay positive though, And You know what if Dr tsuji didn’t exists or all the other companies working on this that have popped up in recent year’s? That would be depressing. But He’s been working on this since like 2011 or 2012 you have to be blind to think we aren’t close by now. Will his cure come out this year? No it won’t after we get past COVID I see a release of his cloning 2021 to no later then 2024 between that timeline

          1. 2024? you are a great optimist mate, all companies that deal with hair cloning do not have any success with people, I repeat once again – no success with people. unless you’re glad there won’t be any bald mice? I’m not a pessimist, I’m a realist buddy – you have to be very naive to think that whatever comes up in the coming years from these companies, these scientists are only collecting money for research and nothing else

            1. Jan, Yes no later then 2024 for Dr tsuji’s hair cloning I stand by that. I think that’s realistic I’ll say it again lol Dr tsuji’s has been testing and working on this since 2011 or 2012 you have to be literally blind Jan literally blind! Lol, to not see that he is close! Now the Americans and Europeans it will take forever many more years because they want to make a career out of there research I agree With you and then the FDA regulations, look if Follica is just now getting to phase 3 it will probably take forever for hair cloning to come out in the United States and Europe. Also Japan already has a track record of amazing stem cell therapy’s that have been testing on humans yes humans not mice that are not approved in the United States yet so that helps my argument also, tsuji’s will test on humans soon and then release it. Have a nice day lol. :)

              1. Woofy be sure that if it turns out that you are right I will be the first to apologize to you, but 2024 is too early definitely for tsuji

  67. Woofy Tsuji is years away from where you and I can go get it done like going to a hair transplant office and booking an fue. It will definitely happen. They will solve it and commercialize but its going to take several more years. Let’s hope that a mix of Samumed and follica can stop baldness completely and grow back tons of hair to bridge us along another decade or longer.

    1. The express (news) is a right-wing, rag-tag tabloid in the UK. Most of their readers are desperate old men over 50, so they publish daily nonsensical articles about new, possible hair loss ‘cures’. Lol! Don’t take them too seriously.

  68. all therapies involving cellular treatments are still too far from a real realization, I believe more in a therapy that can awaken the sleeping follicles.

  69. Did FightForBlonde ever reply to you how the botox injections worked for AGA?

    FightForBlonde went to the Woodford clinic of Dr. Mervyn Patterson Oktober 2019.

    Should have results by now …

  70. I 100% agree with Jan. They are collecting funds for research and filling their pockets. I have asked several dermatologists that specialize in hair loss and are actually involved in trials and are on research boards. They each told me that hair cloning will be the ideal cure and several companies are rushing to release a working treatment. But..they did say they face obstacles in hair cycling. They all know about tsuji and hairclone etc. They said that in 20 years this will be a available. I remember when in 2002 when I went to a ht doc to discuss my first signs of hair loss he told me to hop on finasteride to save my hair for 20 years. He also said in that time hair cloning will be available since several companies are working on it like intercytex, aderans etc. See the pattern here…… it’s all the same bs news every 5 years, 10 years and 20 years. It all has to do with money, politics and greed. That’s the pharma biotech industry for you. If we can get a new better hair loss treatment like SM or Follica then that would be a good step forward lol. Remember hair loss is in the same industry as weight loss and anti wrinkle industry. No cures just bs treatments to help us sufferers.

    1. in america they won’t do it, but in japan i think it’s different and you will admit that neither aderans nor intercytex were as advanced as tsuji

      1. At this point I will just be happy when they start phase 1 human trials. Stemson said that human trials would begin later this year. Hopefully we can get an update. I’d be a guinea pig. Lol

          1. We don’t know. But i heard they started last year that could be fake news but they are very quiet and then Dr tsuji stepped down from organ to take advisor role I find that very interesting. Hint hint they have either done the trial, in the middle of the trial or will begin soon.

  71. Maybe Tissuse/J Hewitt (Roland Lauster, Gerd Lindner, Jon Knight) will surprise us in 2020, as J Hewitt started December 2019 in Japan.

    Roland Lauster is in the advisory board of TissUse. The technology stems from Lauster and Lindner. Knight has taken over in Japan.

    Isn’t that the same kind of move as Tsuji made recently, to the advisory board … which shouldn’t be a bad sign.
    Just a sign the research phases are (almost) over …

  72. AGAIN my post grabbed no interest, crazy! All Stemson and Tsuji speculation even PRP, exosomes blah-blah. Meanwhile, the L’oreal researchers are actually studying cloning techniques in human scalps. This is from a year ago…

    “A mixture of labelled HMx and DP cells was injected in human scalp skin and cultured ex vivo.”

    “When HMx and DP spheroids were co-cultured shortly in vitro and then placed into human scalp skin, small HF organoids positive for VERSICAN, K85, and K6 formed during 10 days of organ culture.”

    L’Oreal has the money, resources, and reputation to sustain high-quality advanced research. If you believe that Tsuji hasn’t even begun testing in humans than L’Oreal is clearly ahead and might very well be the first team across the finish line.

    1. Thanks Toccata. FYI regarding your prior comment — I have emailed L’Oreal several times in the past since I covered them in detail in my grey hair cure and 3D printing posts. Yet to get any response from them, but will try this year too.

      Not sure if Dr. Paus is associated with L’Oreal, but both your links in this comment have him as a co-author.

      1. I noticed Dr. Paus too! He was involved in Replicel. I believe L’Oreal is working with the Monasterium Laboratory—some of the other researchers are listed there. The Paus association is what makes the Replicel part in the patent interesting; I guess they really have officially failed with RCH-01… and Shiseido (???).

        I know you covered L’Oreal and the Monasterium Laboratory—have you tried the Monasterium Laboratory: https://www.clinicaltrialsarena.com/contractors/contract_research/monasterium-laboratory/ (???) Paus gave an interview discussing Replicel before, he might be willing?

        As I was writing this, just now, an associate with Dr. Rahal contacted me about an online consultation for transplant surgery—I think I’m too far gone for good transplants, but I’m interested in seeing the possibilities for the price. Really, I wish hair cloning would show itself soon. Give me hope!

          1. “Tried” meaning contact them for information or interview. You said you tried L’Oreal, “I have emailed L’Oreal several times in the past” … “Yet to get any response from them, but will try this year too.”

            I made a mistake with Rolf Paus being involved with Replicel—it’s actually Rolf Hoffman I was thinking of, haha.

  73. Woofy not sure man. I don’t like using percentages with hair loss. 44% doesn’t mean anything to me. New hair growth per cm2 does. If they can get 100cm2 that is practically a cure. They stated 30 cm2 for new follicles and 100 hair percm2 neurogenesis hairs. If they can thicken existing dying hair and grow back 30 to 100 per cm2 then that would be great. However I am very pessimistic and a realist after being disappointed with each new potential treatment lol. Plus their recent crown photo showed regrowth but responders get the same regrowth when using the big 3.

    1. I’ve tried numerous microneedling cycles now—without exception every time I grew observable new hair or revived miniaturization, it fell out after I stopped needling, sometimes after only a matter of weeks (even though I continued applying Minoxodil).

      So if someone expects to treat their hairloss with Follica, they can expect weekly, bi-weekly, at the very least monthly dermatologist appointments for life. For high norwoods we’re talking years before restoration, if that’s even possible at all.

      1. Toccata are you not on Finasteride? That’s probably why it fell out. Once the person regrows there hair with follica’s device all they have to do is use Finasteride or dutasteride.

          1. Tom then tell me why it’s not true? I think It makes perfect since you create new hair then you just take Finasteride or dutasteride so the new isn’t effected by dht

  74. In the patent I posted before was included a bit about Replicel (it sounds like a fail):

    “Regarding cell therapy, the company Replicel uses connective tissue sheath cells to obtain a fine shaft which is non-pigmented and which does not recycle; because the connective tissue sheath cells will recruit the keratinocytes of the skin (method used by Jahoda, 1999; Higgins, 2013).

    None of these models contains germ cells, the presence and the amount of which are essential to the formation of a microfollicle having most of the characteristics of a human microfollicle and in particular its renewal capacity.”

    Big Oof for team Shiseido/Replicel.

  75. Good stuff on l’oreal toccatta.

    What do you define as new hair from dermarolling? Are you talking about a few random strands of hair or filling in a bald spot or filling in density in diffuse scalp. People say they regret hair with rolling but 15 new hairs is a fail in my opinion. Did you see a cosmetic difference?

    1. I have a few characteristic markers on my head—a single strand at the front, a swoosh on the side, a small scar on top—I watched how each area reacted around the markers: the strand at the front had a few non-pigmented hairs surrounding it; for a time, the swoosh of hairs darkened, almost approaching a hairline; the scar area got a little denser.

      Nothing truly recovered or filled in (I have a slick bald crown that *may* have slightly narrowed… or was it the winter season?), I didn’t recover a Norwood; the change was noticeable but not impressive.

      Principally, I cared whether or not this new hair was DHT resistant like people on the forum believed. That is, you could grow entirely new hair immune to the damaging effects of DHT (hence me not using an inhibitor). But once I stopped I lost all the hair around the single strand, the new peach fuzz hair line, the dark hair around the scar. I don’t know if I actually created new hair or if it revived a dormant strand or two. But I’m back to baseline now despite continuing minoxidil.

      Follica is 15 years old, almost as old as some of the hair loss sufferers (guys on the forums are 18-19 now) and still nothing to show. That is a bad sign. They need to create a good topical to go with the needling or it will be a failure.

      1. Definitely agree. Did you find that any particular frequency or depth worked better than any other? I could never tell if I had any new hair but one thing I am pretty sure of is that in the 2-3 days after needling, my existing hair seemed to cosmetically look a little thicker as if possibly juiced by growth factors attracted to repair the wounds.

  76. Jan and Mjones this is for you hahaha “human clinical trials will start in 2020 after approval from the relevant Commission for Regenerative Medicine” See I told you guys looks like my REALISTIC guess ;) is working out very nicely lol :)

  77. Mjones it’s above. The “DR. TAKASHI TSUJI’S HAIR LOSS CURE WILL BE COSTLY” it’s the August 8th update admin added it

  78. Thanks woody. Once trials officially start then I’ll start to get excited. Samumed phase ends Jan 2021. 5 months away. Very curious to see the results for this since it grows new hair follicles. I’m hoping for 20% regrowth or 20 plus hairs cm2 and complete hault of mpb long term.

  79. Here is the breakdown of the Summary Video:

    2020: After approval by the Commission for Specified Accredited Regenerative Medicine, we will begin clinical trials in humans.

    Year 1: Safety confirmation is expected to be completed in the human clinical trial.

    Year 2: Approval of self-funded medical treatment and the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act are expected to be completed.

    **Year 3: We will have normal access to Hair Follicle Regenerative Medicine.**

    — 2020-21 Trials. ’22 Approval. ’23 Release.

    1. Do you Think and anyone else reading this comment that there could be another player that comes out with something better then the ‘Big 3’ or something very similar to Organ Technologies before Dr. Tsuji’s releases it to the public? (when ever that is)

      I guess with your timeline I’ve still got to fight this hair loss thing for another 3 years and even then – no guarantees. If it does get released, can’t afford it but cool to know something is out there.

      I speak for everyone on this website. If something does get released that actually gives us our hair back and we can just live our lives without the stress and anxiety of hair loss and thinning. Will be truly amazing. I still think its crazy that there is nothing really out there for what we have to go through.

      1. I don’t, no. I think the companies that have the best chance of being released (Samumed, Breezula, Follicum, Follica) will only finish their final phases and get approval within the next 3 years. Samumed finishes Phase 3 next January 21, read out in ’21, approval takes a year so ’22, and market in ’23, best-case scenario—and that’s the drug furthest along that I know… And none of them have shown to be a cure or have shown much of anything pictorially.

        If cloning does work as advertised—unlimited, DHT immune, natural looking hair follicles—I’ll stop all topicals and wear a system until I can afford to have the procedure.

        And about the price, It’s possible the high price is based on restoring a full head (Riken’s website calls their method “Alopecia therapeutic strategy by hair regeneration therapy” and mentions Alopecia Areata not just male pattern ‘boldness’ [haha, that’s what their website says].

        They’re not going to charge you $300 000 just to fix your hairline and give you a bit of density on top. Let’s be serious.

        If you’re desperate you could get a hair transplant now, exhaust your donor zone and get Tsuji to fix the back of your head. ; )

        1. Good post. I can get by now with doing some jet-eye magic with styling it and fibres. It usually takes an hour to achieve. I would love to just wake up and start my day without having to do all that. Based on what you said I’m considering a HT even more now. I’m currently on Fin and Stemoxydine

      1. Youngjet video linked above, timestamp 3:43:

        “XXXX Years 3: A future where we will have normal access to hair regenerative medicine.”

        2023 is what you get if you follow his year-by-year timeline, best case scenario. Any delays or if he’s off or flat out wrong will push it back, which is why he also has XXXX beside the Years 3.

            1. By “Commercialization” I believe he means when it will be licensed globally, complete full trials, and
              come down in price so anyone can afford it—which he said will take 10+ years. People here already know this is going to be a Japan-only treatment for many years—but at least it will be available.

  80. I suppose I can understand everyone’s excitement at the latest news on Tsuji. However, be mindful that it will undergo trials. In other words, Tsuji’s innovation will be assayed and could be flop a la Replicel RCH-001. Another factor to keep in mind is the price of Tsuji’s hair cloning/regeneration procedure. Even in the West (or at least what is left of it), the average person doesn’t have $190,000-380,000 or the equivalent at his/her disposal.
    Let’s hope for the best in Tsuji but not be Pollyannas!

    1. C Dr Tsuji cloning is not like fraud replicel and I’m not worried about the price can I afford it? probably not, I just want to know that it’s an option that not stuck in a lab and works better then a hair transplant it’s peace of mind.

  81. A better hair loss product will come out sometime in the near or far future… and it will be dirt cheap, forget about all the big names and companies… they are just players…

  82. Tom jones I think SM and follica will both be out in the next two years. Follica prob first. However, I could be wrong and they come out in 2030 lol. Hair loss industry is f up. I am still waiting for histogen since 2013 haha.

  83. Mjones forget histogen..for your own sake….im.trying to figure out if I pay for prp every 2 months just to try and keep my remaining follicles alive so I may benefit from one of the upcoming treatments in next 2 to 3 years? That’s a lot of money! It really is a difficult decision because I fear that they for the most part will be maintanance treatments with some regrowth. Follica will help fill in areas but no way is it gonna turn a desert into a jungle. As you know, my body is retarded and cant handle fin, minox and even laser.

  84. anyone else kinda think its rude that after all these years of follica existing and doing trials they only release one picture to show us! one before and after! think about that.

  85. Admin, I would much more prefer an official statement from Sugimura, the CEO of OrganTech.

    Tsuji always seemed to be a superior researcher and even genius, but in terms of business he‘s the wrong to ask. Even more now as he resigned as director. The information from that blogger and Tsuji are very vague, I take it with a grain of salt.

    I think we have to be patient and wait for an official press release. Everything else is speculation.

    1. And I always thought that the indication of the price (was it 300.000?) was a shot in the dark.

      How should Tsuji know any pricing at all at the time of the statement.

      Which doesn‘t mean that it‘s not an unrealistic price at the very beginning.

  86. Admin Will they be able to confirm that your donor hair is going to last? Surely they wouldn’t clone a hair unless they were sure that it was a “good” one? It would be devastating to pay all that money and have all those hairs implanted, only for them to fall out agani.

    1. Is it possible that the cost reflects a fully bald person? I don’t see why you’d need the same level of treatment. Like I’d assume a Norwood 2 would be less cost. Or the type of baldness.

      I guess one size fits all is possible. But I kind of doubt that’s the case.

  87. ^ Unlimited cloned hair + improved transplant methods will effectively solve this admittedly prohibitive roadblock.

  88. First time poster, great site admin thank you. I have one question, I have read that Dr. Tsuji is working on three separate treatments for MPB. Does anyone know if the cost of all three will be as high as the noted 180-360k presuming they are all successful in trials and reach the market in the coming years. Surely the two treatments other than the cloning will not be as costly? Thanks

    1. but will these treatments be as effective as cloning and will restore the entire head of hair? besides, the price is not excessive, if thanks to this treatment it is possible to recover hair with such thickness as we want, the price must be high because it is a breakthrough therapy for the millennium

      1. I aggree this price is not one bit excessive “IF” this treatment works as planned. But as i don’t have a spare 300k in my bank account I would be interested to see if the other options would be affordable and suffice while the price of the hair cloning drops in the following 10 years after it hits the market.

        1. if the method restores the full density of hair on a bald head, the price is not excessive, if someone manages to do it cheaper, it’s only a plus

  89. Look at the boasting on Organ Technologies’ own website:
    “Long just a dream, successful hair regrowth is now possible through organ regenerative medicine in what will be a global breakthrough”

  90. Never gonna happen.

    AGA is a skeletal matter during birth, anything you try to revive will fail even if it grows it will fall out again. Transplants are a good example too. Nothing will ever work, take it from someone who knows well what he’s talking about. Not 2020, not 2030, not 2050. Not only from a genetic point of view but because the industry is focusing on cosmetic treatments because AGA is a cosmetic issue and not life threatening. Expect better wigs before this whole Tsuji meme reaches climax.

      1. Jan,

        The issue is skeletal development of the scalp during birth. You may see that babies born with thin or less hair, get skull surgery and boom, hair restored. It has nothing to do with the scalp size. It has to do with the fusion and it isn’t environmental (like for example, wrong baby sleeping position that leads to alterations in bone development in scalp) but it’s genetic too (and that’s the “genetic inheritance people suspect of since we never got an actual gene passing down from parent to son regarding hair follicle sensitivity, that’s absolute horsesh*t).

        My point is, complete baldness is autoimmune and it will never be fixed the same way no autoimmune ever is (the rabbit hole is WAY too deep and frankly no one searches for it). AGA being a skeletal issue can never be “cured” because you have to combat it at birth (good luck there). So the hostile environment is created at birth. What does that mean?

        A. It means there can’t be a cure. All cosmetic treatments go out the window. Add to that the millions of delusional people with a maturing hairline that THINK these treatments work, and you have complete chaos.

        B. The hostile environment (aka DHT and inflammation) cannot be cured but can only be reversed by eliminating the hormone and feminizing the man. It’s not a cure. It’s not even a proper treatment which is why it was A. Found by accident and B. Is the only one still relevant. Because nothing else works. However, the market and greed have kept it as a treatment and made “more friendly” versions such as 1mg finasteride. Anyways.

        C. The hostile environment will attack any follicle you try to put there. Transplant hair is known to fall out and I suspect it takes longer because the hair on the vulnerable part of scalp (horseshoe) also takes a long time to fall if we take into account that inflammation starts way before puberty. It’s just that during puberty, DHT attacks. So, any cure you think of isn’t gonna work.

        As far as price goes, I laugh at peoples comments here. 380k? A dozen customers? Haha. If an actual reversal, a magic solution, was found, people would pay 2 million and the waiting list would be five years long. It would be the cosmetic revolution of the century and 50% of men are bald or balding. 380k is NOTHING. The problem is it won’t work as a cure. We live in the era of automatic cars and smarter phones, you have to understand in what fields the world focuses on right now. It’s not hair, it’s not cosmetics. World focuses on what the majority thinks it’s most important.

        Maybe in a few decades if we are alive, we will witness a breakthrough and that’s when the actual interesting stuff will occur in 5-10 year spans.

        I lost my hair when I was 16 btw, at 22 almost all, at 29 right now I’m bald. I know the pain, I’ve tried every treatment and I’ve worn wigs too. At the end of the day, congratulations to this website for providing information but anyone whose vanity abandoned him and can see clearly, can tell u that a “cure” is not going to come. No doubt, new treatments will. Marketing? Absolutely. War between balding men in forums? Definitely. But cure? Nope.

        1. Anton one simple question for You: will cloned hair transplanted to the place where it used to be will not start falling out again after some time? will they be dht resistant?

        2. anton they are cloning the dht resistant hair you moron the donor area lies in a band that starts above the occipital protuberance (the bump felt in the middle part of the back of the scalp) and extends to either side in a gentle, upward sloping curve that follows the contour of the scalp. even norwood 7s still have hair on this region. why do you think all these smart researchers are working on hair cloning right? why do you think these companies have popped up in recent years and are working on this? its because they know it has potential to cure AGA. everything you typed is absolute horse shit! you’re blind or probably a troll

          1. Woofy, how do you know if cloned hair will be dht resistant if placed on the bald area of ​​the head? is it already certain that they will not fall out?

            1. Jan I mean, If you’re cloning the exact hair from the DHT resistant area the that “area lies in a band that starts above the occipital protuberance (the bump felt in the middle part of the back of the scalp) and extends to either side in a gentle, upward sloping curve that follows the contour of the scalp” Dr Robert Bernstein New York quote where donor area is located. it’s going to be a DHT resistant hair. And the top scientists in the world seem to think it will be DHT resistant, or why would they waists there time?

              1. Woofy, but even the hair on the back of your head in people with aggressive androgenetic alopecia falls out, how do you know you’re getting the dht-resistant? if you go bald even in this zone? isn’t it better to get the hair from the beard? you have at least be sure that they are dht resistant and will not fall out for the rest of your life

    1. anton you’re actually ill imformed its sad. everything you just typed is not true at all. you probably work for big pharma

  91. Admin will cloned hair transplanted to the place where it used to be will not start falling out again after some time? will they be dht resistant?

  92. 2016- replicel will come out in 2 years
    2018- tsuji will come out in 2 years
    2020- replicel sucks, tsuji will come out in 3 years
    2023- tissuse will come out in 2 years
    And so cycle goes..

    1. Woofy on what basis do you say that in 4 years Tsuji will develop a method of hair cloning? Is this your private opinion or do you have any evidence to confirm it?

  93. First time commenter …long time hair loss sufferer. Started losing my hair at 15. Destroyed my quality of life for a LONG time. I remember when minoxidil first came out as a prescription topical for hair growth. I thought my troubles were over. Happily paid $100 a month for it, but it never worked. I took unhealthy amounts of vitamins for hair growth—didn’t help. Then proscar disappointed. Expensive transplants gave me hope for a few years. But they ultimately became thinner & thinner—leaving only bad scars on the back of my head. I read about hair cloning in the 1990’s. It worked on mice & most “experts” believed it would be available for humans within 15 yrs. maximum. I would be in my late 30’s or early 40’s by then ; too old to even care about baldness I told myself (ha ha!). And, of course, hair cloning still isn’t viable.

    So, now in my early 50’s, I am skeptical that a hair loss solution will be available in my lifetime. I am more relaxed about it now, but I wasted way too many years hoping for a cure. Several, more realistic, doctors have told me that diabetes will be cured before MPB. I guess my main goal is to let younger people know that they shouldn’t put off living their lives waiting for some highly touted “cure” for hair loss to come out within any particular time frame. Scientists have been working on this problem for a long, long time. Estimates of when science will solve most BIG medical problems are notorious for being overly optimistic. —For instance, -my sister got MS in her mid-20’s. She was told not to worry; a medicine to control MS was going too be available within 5 to 10 years! Well, she is 56 and she cannot walk. Her mental capacity is greatly reduced. She wears adult diapers & someone has to be with her at all times so she won’t hurt herself. She is given the newest MS meds, but they don’t really work any better than the old meds.
    —- I hope that a real hair loss solution is discovered tomorrow!!! I don’t want anyone to have their self esteem ruined because of losing hair—like I did. You are not unreasonably vain nor are you unmanly/womanly because hair loss makes you feel less desirable. It’s completely normal to be scared when you notice your identity changing a little bit everyday when you look in the mirror. And you have no control over your hair shedding! The hair that has been such a huge part of how you define yourself. Don’t hesitate to seek help and talk to others who are in the same position. Going bald isn’t easy; especially when you are young. Do whatever is necessary( & legitimate) to delay the hair loss….if it is making you miserable. Don’t fall for all of the scam miracle cures though. Hair vitamins, special shampoos and expensive laser caps don’t really do anything for most people. Get a really good hairpiece if it makes you look & feel better. Wear it with pride! I looked like myself again with a hair system. I don’t regret that decision at all. Most people losing their hair always wear a cap to hide their head. I did. It’s more honest, in a way, to get a good hairpiece and not dread having to take your hat off. A baseball cap is often just a “redneck toupee” when it comes down to it. —-Or, if you are a candidate & can afford it, go to a good hair transplant doctor. They don’t have to scar up the back of your head like they used to. Do the research. There are still many bad hair surgeons. It should be their only specialty, first & foremost. —-Meds may help delay your loss much better than they did for me!? Mainly, don’t count on a cure being available within 5 or 10 years. If it happens before then, great! But my decades of personal experience tells me that it is unlikely.
    —Best wishes!

    1. Lovely and sagely comment, Jackson.
      Sorry to hear about your sister. It puts hair loss nonsense into perspective. A few years ago, an English footballer complained about the stress in his life(first world 1% stress), and a caller to a BBC radio show said that stress is supporting two kids in a council grey concrete apartment block after being made redundant.
      Hair loss commentators usually fall into one of two people. One would like a new type of hair loss solution(there are already solutions depending on your risk/cost preferences) but it’s really no big deal. If it comes it comes, or as you said ” If it happens before then, great! ”
      The other set are the fanatics who verge from manically optimistic to manically angry and depressed. The dimoxinil crowd. Any genuine progress that does not result in a full head of hair overnight for $10 is scoffed at. It’s either, the ‘cure’ is coming in the next few months or it’s never coming.

      One of the reasons I like this site is that it strikes the right balance between cautiously optimistic and providing critical analysis based on knowledge of subject base. Everything is viewed and reported with the right perspective. We don’t know when a better solution may emerge(although I feel it will be like the three buses when it does come.) All we can do is report exactly what is said and is happening, and restrict our conclusion leaps.

  94. This youngjet is a total clown and his past contributions on timelines have proven to be wrong already. We did not hear a single statement from tsuji or any other company representative on why this is delayed for 3 years now. I remind you that we were supposed to have MARKET ACCESS for this solution now! Not a single reasoning. And they didn’t even start TRIALS in humans yet. Everyone long enough in this game knows that we have basically nothing. They’re even behind replicel and I’m not trying to exaggerate here. I recommend dr. Zarev to everyone with enough donor hair and those, where further balding can be excluded.

  95. Look everybody says this every year. they said this about HIV/AIDS. I would rather it be delayed with a better outcome than no cure at all. Even if its 10 years away Ill be 30 by then and in my prime years as a man. Honestly think about all the women living with this curse. They must have it alot worse given beauty standard. I would say I was shook like hell when I saw him talk about compounds, I was like here we go again like replicel. But the science behind cloning makes sense. Nobody in the 90’s thought we’d have an aids cure and look at us in 2020, we’re basically there. I think balding will be cured 1000% the next 20 years, but I also think Tsuji is almost done. Yeah him resigning kinda sucked but given organ technologies and Riken are hush unlike replicel means they might be waiting. I emailed Kyocera and they said because they were a public company meant they had to wait for public announcements because it could change the stock price.

  96. Nothing really new at this point. The patent is obviously just some sort of update regarding international registration. Seems like a usual process to me.

    Interestingly it was filed (not approved) a couple of days AFTER Tsuji officially resigned as a director of OrganTech. This is kind of strange. I don’t want to speculate, but it’s possible that they move on with a different set-up businesswise.

    I mean the research is top-notch, RIKEN is huge. As far as I understand the important science-stuff comes from the PHDs of RIKEN and OrganTech provided the labs, assistants and was assigned to develop of the business-model. And Kyocera is definitely not in question.

    There’s 2 options:
    1) OrganTech f* up from a business/organisation/legal point of view.
    2) The technology just doesn’t work but they resume with the research.

  97. Ben it’s the technology simply did not work. And the same thing is going to happen to stemson therapeutics and tissuse. Mark my words.

    1. why do you go on the internet and ask everywhere about hair cloning when you know it won’t work? is it not a waste of your time? Your opinion as well as mine or anyone else who doesn’t clone hair is worth s

    2. You remind me of a number of people over the last year who told me Trump would win the election: “mark my words”. No evidence put forward for that view of course…..they just knew.

        1. Ben speak to your dermatologist , see what they say to you. I’ve spoken to numerous dermatologist and plastic surgeons and chemist and biomedical engineers they all told me the same thing (the rhetoric of a teenager ) that it’s decades away for many reasons let alone all the lawsuits that can happen if someone develops tumors.

      1. “Small molecule drugs will make complex and expensive cell culturing obsolete. The cure will come in the form a cream in a tube or solution in a bottle. It might be by prescription but probably a cheap OTC lotion at some point. The makers of the most cost-effective solution for hair loss will corner the market forever because their product will be affordable and trusted by many millions of people. And the hair cloning and cell-based hair companies will fade into obscurity, like so much betamax technology.”

  98. Google can’t translate that Kobe blog post well, but it says suspension of business, not shut down. This is probably because they can’t continue business since they are waiting for approval before beginning clinical trials and are worried about Covid. The real question is how they managed 2 billion in sales when they don’t have a product.

  99. It’s an interesting time to be alive. If Dr. Tsuji is successful the world of hair restoration will no doubt be changed forever.

    The price, however steep, is irrelevant. The “first” of anything will always be expensive. For example, if you wanted to take the first flight across the Atlantic you would have to pay roughly the equivalent of over $10,000. Inevitably the price will go down, simply because there is a lot of money to be made from making the procedure more widely available and tapping into a larger market.

    I’m looking forward to hear more updates on Dr. Tsuji’s research.

    1. Agree 100% . Another good point to add:

      When first company achieve this breakthrough.

      Its become easier and faster to replicate that.

      So even if its expensive in some point there gona more company offering the same solution with lower price .

  100. It’s time to move away from tsuji

    Stemson are gearing up for pig trials and if successful it will be one of the biggest breakthroughs in medical history. The world is waiting for that. Currently they are allocating series A funding so they can commence. They want to attain $15 million USD. Fingers crossed they find a suitable partner

    They have demonstrated *CONTROLLED* hair growth in mice using human DP cells, after failing to reach non sub dermal hairs originally. They are facing all the challenges and succeeding.

    We await to see if they can successfully culture human epethial cell lines. It worries me that they have not used them yet

      1. Marc it’s on hair loss talk forum under research. They are looking to hire a person that specializes in animal testing forget the name of that job though. Didn’t know about the other stuff Jan said, interesting

        1. Thanks woofy! Any updates from histogen there supposed to release there trail data this month. I would appreciate any news from histogen.

  101. I understand why you thought the account looks fraudulent, admin. Still does imho, but well, it’s officially confirmed obviously.

    The latest tweet says „the study…will open February 10, 10 AM“ – that sounds like the study starts then, not an announcement. And why the exact time – for an announcement or a study? This confusion might be due to the wooden Japanese-English translations. It’s only in 2 days time, so we will see.

    I hope they move on quickly, the good thing is R&D is done. Potential Partners should be abundant in Japan: Fujifilm, Shiseido, Otsuka, Meiji Pharma, Kyocera, and and and there‘s dozens. Now it’s all about human trials, everything else is useless.

    Riken and Tsuji are definitely legit – i never lost faith in the science, but I lost faith that someone would really pursue and commercialize the project.

  102. February 10th … what could it be?

    what technology were they working on? to me this means that they have overcome a large technical hurdle

    I am so excited for February 10th. For all the years I have been balding, I have never seen so much research being done worldwide. Its only a matter of time now until we have unlimited grafts for transplantation. i have had a couple of derms tell me the same. Really exciting things on the horizon: Tsuji ad stemson trials, Follica, CB, KY, and all of KIntors pipeline

    1. This announcement is worth it. I know it’s the one we’ve been waiting for… I can tell they will be gearing up for clinical trials now

  103. What an amazing find, that’s one more alternative that we can put our hope in. I wonder how much data/progress Riken has been able to make with Organ and whether they were able to keep all that afterwards.

  104. Mjones here to put everyone on a reality check lol. Sorry admin but you know I need to do it. I would take this twitter update with a grain of salt. If tsuji actually says they started clinical trials then I’m going to be completely shocked. I am going to guess that he will just mumble something about how they haven’t stopped research and will be back later on with more far fetched timelines.

  105. To say it’ll be interesting to see what the announcement’s about is an understatement. Will it be an actual ‘clinical’ study (ie performed on human), or further ‘pre-clinical’ work?

    Heart says former, head says latter most likely, given the abrupt halt along that Organ tech / Kyocera 2016-2020 timeline.

    But good on ’em for transmitting.

  106. The translation of that tweet is a bit off. What it actually says in Japanese is that they were successful and will present results tomorrow at 7 PM JST.

  107. The tweet is saying that : ” Successful Development of New Technology Leading to Hair Follicle Regeneration Medicine: Results to be Released on February 10, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. (Japan time) ” So there are results ! :)

  108. Hahahah admin. Two decades of cotsarelis being the boss of hair loss. I will bet you follica will be better than tsuji. I see wisely diffuse hair growth from tsuji. Or a claim tomorrow stating they grew cloned hair but it’s all wiry and weird lookikg. Whatever tsuji says it wont be the exciting nw7 to nw1 news we want.

  109. Personally, I’m not going to get too excited just yet. (Too many let-downs in the past). Cautiously hopeful would be a better description.

  110. Sorry admin and mjones but that Cotsarelis guy just likes to slow walk us. He’s the male version of Christiano.

    1. Hi Admin,

      thanks for your in-depth-coverage and permanent updates, it shows again how much of an expert you are. It seems you dug through the research paper – greatly appreciated. Best blog by far.

      Enough the praise, I tried to fight myself through the new science, and I am pretty confused to be honest (but I am no expert by any means). Because it looks like this new development is even better and superior to their previous approach. Easier to cultivate, easier to amplify and easier to transplant. I am not sure how they do the transplantation (which obligatory 3D-vessel is needed? Or is there none, just an injection?). Lots of questions.

      I assume that they realized during the development at OrganTech this new and better approach – maybe coincidentally? Science, man.

      Definitely a great development. I hope they speed up with trials, there’s no time to loose!

        1. Hi Jan I personally don’t think stemson approach is on par with Dr tsuji for the simple fact that stemson is using scaffolds one will end up looking like pin head with all those scaffoldings and one is supposed to walk around like that for who knows how long before the scaffolds heal.

      1. Thanks Ben. Although I did not try to read more than 20 percent of the paper so early in the morning my time. And the science is confusing to me too. Especially when they discuss both humans and mice being involved.

        We need only humans allowed Phase 1 trials ASAP!

  111. To be honest, this is incredible news for many reasons:

    1. The resiliency of this lab team was shown after the falling out of OT and cases of covid being confirmed at RIKEN. They came through with seemingly a more efficacious model in rodents.

    2. They have confirmed the development of regulated and controlled hair regeneration with all phases of hair growth observed successfully.

    3. 80% successful rate of cultured cells turning into follicles

    4. Understanding ways to streamline the cell processing model and what EC to use. We can finally say confidently that hair multiplication has been shown truly. They got about 100 DP cells and follicles from 1 preexisting cell

    5. Huge chance of clinical trials within the next 1-2 years depending on their funding scenario

      1. That definitely wouldn’t be a surprised. Based on their pre clinical findings and demonstrations, im confident they will find a partner. Aderans would be a fantastic one, based on their position in this field previously.

        Admin, were all the cells described in the new study mouse derived?

          1. Holy… if that’s the case this study is huge. It’s a flawless summary of preclinical research.

            Thanks for taking the time Admin. Keep up the good reporting!

            1. Per latest article I posted, seems like it might have been animal to animal :-( Tsuji still sounds very upbeat, but I would have preferred human to animal of course.

              1. Regardless, it’s preclinical and I guess they decided to stick with an animal model through and through which is typical. The best thing that we can say for sure now is that hair multiplication works in a rodent model with 3 hair cycles observed (not monitored after three) and high throughput rate 80%

                I’d actually like to see them try a small macro test with rodents or pigs using animal derived folicles over a large patch of nude skin with results reported 1 year later, prior to starting human trials.

                I think any investor would push them to do a smaller large scale test like that prior to spending millions on humans

                It’s reassuring to know they have still been active. Your predictions were right

  112. This is a superb development. Two years late, but still impressive. First time they have been able to create or clone new follicles that cycle and grow in a normal manner. If these mouse follicles cycle, human ones will too or else they would not publicize so widely.

    1. I thought they figured out the cycling like 5 years ago I’m pretty sure tsuji said they figured out the cycling. But idk whatever I’ll take any hair cloning news at this point.

      1. Woofy97 are you sure tsujis team had reported successful cycling of hair? If I remember this was a problem they were dealing with up until now. Seeing the images of the hair regenerating on its own was very exciting. Everything is falling into place.

  113. I can’t afford it either but to me it’s not about the price it’s about peace of mind. so the direction issue has been solved, and apparently now the cycling issue, they can create up to 4,000 follicles from one follicle. Anything else that needs to be solved?

    1. The hairs appeared to be non pigmented so I’m guessing they will now try to study the incorporation of melanocytes into the follicle

  114. Ok, I feel like they got past the most difficult parts now. The hair color issue will probably be easy to get over. hopefully

    1. you are right, they have. but i was wondering if the medium they cultured the cells in now potentially provided this opportunity cost.

      Besides finding a partner to help develop the infrastructure for post clinical phase and clinical phase tasks what does the team still have to prove in animal studies? i don’t think anything they have developed robust hair that grows directionally well, cycles like regular hair, can now amplify cells very fast and effectively in vitro. Embryogenesis has steps that are highly conserved between humans and mice (https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0140803)

      the lab did this all while the pandemic was occurring and a partner suspended business (which is speculative and we don’t know exactly why – perhaps it was a business move). I have more respect for this research than ever.

  115. You won’t find a bigger cheerleader for T.T than this reader, but seems to me the announcement isn’t so much about the breakthrough as it is about making noise to attract funding. Which is fine. And something so groundbreaking and novel requires due process, as any mis-steps can take years to correct, but part of me wants to say, just go down the corridor, grab Ichiro, Hiroshi, Namiko and Takeo or whoever, and give it a crack already.

  116. So tsuji pretty much stated they are still working on progressing hair cloning and just said he HOPES to do this in human trials asap. So the exact same news he said two years. I won’t say I told you so lol. Plus, not sure partnering with aderans will be good. I mean they own Bosley and Ken Washenick is their c level leader. Ken is also the one who said back in 2006 that aderans would deliver hair cloning in 2010. They failed or shelved their treatment. I’m afraid they may buy out tsuji and shelf this potential cure. Or they will develop it with tsuji but limit the potential. These are just my thoughts. I just dont like aderans track model from the past and bosley. Now we could look at it as a positive. Aderans has bosley clinics all over the usa. Easy distribution method to provide hair cloning to all customers. My gut tells me tsuji will continue to delay. No trials till covid is under control. Prob mid 2022. He will need to partner with new company. My gut tells me 2024/25 before human trials.

    1. mjones you arent make sense here. Please dont worry about timelines too much. lets just focus on the fact that there is active research going on for alopecia. We are blessed to be in a position like this. i look forward to tissUse finishing their research and beginning preclinical experiments

    2. MJones if you think this study was the exact same news as 2 years ago, you are even more of a fool that I already thought. And what’s up with the I told you so and LOL childishness. Grow up. Are you even losing any hair or just here trolling any successes other than Follica’s?

  117. I’m not too sure about all these news… What about a natural hairline? Will they be able to control that? Or things might get out of hand and we all end up looking like cousin Itt

  118. Lets not all dance in the street just yet. Great news, but it’s still very early days unfortunately. ‘Anything’ could happen at this point? Stick to the pills an’ potions in the meantime and start saving…

  119. Tj you are the fool thinking tsuji is going to deliver this decade. I said he would respond with the same things. Which he did. No timelines and some repetitive mode studies that he has been doing since 2015. Come on bro….open your eyes man. I’ve been following these researchers since 2001. Same song and dance. Cots maybe be taking a long time but at least he is doing human trials. Whatever happened to tsuji promise of human commercial availability in 2020. Everyone here was getting all excited. Whoever believe tsuji will perfect and have cloning available this decade is a fool and needs to grow up.

  120. Hahaha Cots who predicted hair loss cure 10 times in different years incorrectly per those quotes!! You are obsessed. And you follow researchers for 20 years, but take the worst fakest one as your leader. Cots should have retired long time ago.

    1. Lets keep this discussion focused on the new Riken breakthrough please. No more attacks on anyone from either side. Thanks.

  121. Tsuji has been in the game a while now compared to others, researching the most and not just getting grants to keep ‘studying’ like Angela Christiano lol. Like he said – He wants to get it out soon to help those suffering. Only time will tell I guess.

    OliX Pharmaceuticals Announces Results from Preclinical Study of Hair Loss Therapeutic Candidate…


    They raised 37.2 Million Capital last December. I don’t know much about them but another player in the race to find a breakthrough treatment hopefully soon.

  122. If they have a breakthrough of that magnitude, why would they need $4.8 million in funding? Companies would be lining up to fund those trials for a potential of that magnitude. $4.8 is nothing in that regard. VC’s alone would be all over that. Something doesn’t add up.

    1. Thanks! It is 3 pages long FYI for those who read.

      “We will invest about 500 million yen in the first clinical trial of hair follicle regeneration, and if the results are confirmed, we will spend an additional 1 billion to 1.5 billion yen to gradually increase the number of clinical trials.”

      How much will the treatment cost be when it is put into practical use?

      “It will be about 50 million yen for the first 100 people. If it reaches 10,000 people, it will decrease to 25 million yen, and after that it will decrease to 15 million yen. As the number of users increases, the cost can be reduced accordingly. Looking back, the basic charge for mobile phones, which initially cost about 30,000 yen or more per month, has fallen to the point where even the whole family and elementary school students can have them as the penetration rate increases.”

      1. I guess the 500 million yen question is: is this in the context of discussing what it would take? OR, is it a statement that funds are now secured, available and ready to proceed? Standing by for lost-in-translation ambiguity!

        1. I guess its in the context of what it would take. Since who knows how much it will take when its available in around 20 years.

  123. Is there any more update on this admin? Do we know if Tsuji got the funding and commenced the trials? And if he did do we know how the trials went?

  124. Thanks for the update, admin.

    Although I have to admit: I have zero believe and faith in Tsuji.

    Not in his tech – he was years ahead and revolutionary – but in his ability to create a company and market its products. It failed terribly last time.

    Sorry. For this technology, it’s only Stemson and Fukuda who are relevant.

    1. Stemson and Fukuda are years behind even starting preclinical trials.

      Like we see from the interview (if I understand him correctly) he protected his patents, now forming new management team and they will chase funds for clinical trials. By the end he is only scientist. Not a businessman.

      2026 is not far away and this technology is the close to cure. I guess in this past 1.5 year they had time to improve their method even more and prepare for clinical trials.

          1. CEO of Stemson told in interview that they will need at least couple of more years till they get to the point to start clinical trials.

            Junji Fukuda experiments are still based on mouse stem cells, which is totally different than human stem cells.

            Like I understand from last interview with Dr. Tsuji he is doing whole testings with human stem cells. He just need to bring right people in right place and the money will came.

      1. @Bryan: 2026 is just a number in the future. Probably this might take longer and there are enough alternatives in the pipeline. Dr Tsuji just hasnt delivered convincing details.
        If it takes years to start clinical trials there is something wrong. Kintor seems to be the only company at the moment which seems to know that timelines are crucial.

        1. It is total legit number.

          They completed their safety trials. Organ Technologies went bankrupt and he need it to pay his own money to protect his patents and technology (like I understand from interview). Plus, Covid-19 pandemia put on hold many biopharma companies and venture capital firms to invest in clinical trials. It was very hard time for many companies. Now Dr. Tsuji is forming new management team and it will take time to get the right people in right positions, so they can chase investors and prepare the company for clinical trials. Time will tell, but this is the closest timeline that we can get from companies tha they are creating bioengineered hair follicles.

  125. It looks like a cure has already been found. HMI-115. And much less invasive than Tsuji. You get shots of HMI-115 every two weeks for six months, and your hair grows back. No need for implanting cells, artistically shaping a realistic hairline, getting hairs to grow in the right direction, etc.

    1. @Fred: But hair multiplication could still be useful to let hair grow in regions where no hair grows naturally. What we know by now is that HMI-115 could let hair grow from NW4 to NW3. Let`s wait if it could also let hair grow from NW 5 to NW 1.

          1. From the hairlosstalk thread:

            5 out of 11 monkeys were >25 years of age and were considered particularly difficult to treat. However, three of those responded to compound treatment.. …..
            25 years of age for a macaque is equivalent to ~66 years of age in a human. The drug worked on three of these animals, and on all 6 of the younger ones.

  126. Uh oh. I’m an old (ish) man/monkey. That’s not good news for me.

    Was there a sixth dose? The guy on Reddit was great giving updates. Wasn’t sure when the next one was supposed to be. Love reading all the details of how he’s doing and how the trial is going.

    1. Honestly I wouldn’t be too worried for now, 3 out of 5 still responded, also I think its pretty usual for regenerative treatments to struggle on older patients because well the cells aren’t as productive as they used to be, but that doesn’t mean that there can’t be some supplementary treatments to help alongside.
      The next update will probably come somwhere next week because it’s always 2 weeks apart, he said a few days ago that he won’t update exactly to date anymore since some idiots on reddit threatened to ambush him to check the results… He understandably wants to avoid giving out his appointment dates now…

  127. Omg!!!omg!omg! what exactly does this mean? does this mean Dr tsuji is back in the game and is he starting human trials in 2026? Or commercialisation in 2026 please somebody in the name Jesus Christ answer me. And thanks Theo for the news I wonder if its Theo con he’s talked about hair loss and hair cloning many many times on his hilarious solo podcast

    1. Commercialisation in 2026. They did safety trials and technology is pretty safe, so they got approved to start clinical trials.

      1. @Bryan thanks bro I really do appreciate your input! Man the thing is hoping he pulls through, though 2026 is not that long away! What are the chances that Dr tsuji pulls this through in 2026? But right now I want to say YES!YES!YES!

  128. It is very strange how other companies gets funding, but Dr. Tsuji can’t.

    Hope Medicine got it, Kintor got it, Amplifica got it, Stemson got it, dNovo got it, Epibiotech got it and so on, but Dr. Tsuji can’t get 5 million dollars for clinical research. I don’t know. Maybe there are different types of investments in Japan or it is matter of business culture.

    By the end he is only scientists, but obviosly he need good management team behind him to move forward. Just hire a guy with experience in biopharma world. God damn it. Otherwise, he will be stuck forever with pointless excuses. Hopefully, we can hear good news from him in next 5-8 months.

    1. @Bryan Yeah exactly! How can that be that Dr tsuji is finding it impossible to get funding when he’s so much further ahead in he’s research than epibiotech which is just an injectable that fades away like prp that’s garbage. No interest in epibiotech anymore or hope medicine. We want cloning! Nothing else!!!!

  129. Wefunder.com raises money like this all the time. Perhaps someone can contact him and bring this site to his attention? He could probably raise this amount on gofundme as well.

  130. The best way to collect money is to go through venture capital firms. Dr. Tsuji is too serious scientist to go through some online platforms.

    I don’t know why he don’t hire professionals to find him companies who might be interested to invest money? Maybe business culture in Japan is different than USA/Canada/Europe? Who knows.

    Ok, I understand Covid pandemia stopped many companies to move forward for some time, but how other companies get money? Amplifica got from nowhere 11 million.

    1. Tsjui already tried a “go-fund me” type of way of raising capital, he a drew a blank. I wonder what ever happened to the hair loss cosmetic products he was going to release when he went bust the first time? You guys ever ponder that he might not be able to raise money for a valid reason with his method? Look, I hope Tsjui is successful as anyone. However, the Fanboys and the Naysayers always crack me up. Maybe we should have a rumble between the two camps, it’d be like the movie Anchorman between the competing news teams!

      1. My opinion is that Dr. Tsuji technology is either not very good like we thinks so or it is very expensive and robust to translate in daily clinical practise.

        But, on other hand, we see very strange and odd companies get millions of funds with very poor science and very poor results behind them.

        Indeed very strange situation. Japan and South Korea (and in last period China) invest billions of dollars in cosmetic products. Countries where plastic surgeries are normal things for many young people.

        There is something strange about Dr. Tsuji. I don’t think that somebody that is having groundbreaking technology in his pocket can’t find company that is interested to invest 5 million dollars. Japan has thousands of biopharma and venture firms.

        1. @bryan,Hmmm interesting so basically don’t get your hopes up with Dr tsuji let’s see if junji Fukuda with his French fry oil can clone hair next year !

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