Hair Loss Cure Japan: Fuji Maru Kagurazaka

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Based on current hair loss research trends, The US and Japan are the countries that are the most likely to come out with a hair loss cure. This lengthy post focuses on Japan. Please read through it in its entirety, since I cover the latest news from Shiseido (Japan) at the bottom.

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Hair Loss Japan

Fuji Maru Kagurazaka — Introduction

For the past  two years, a Japanese person (or anime or manga character) by the name of Fuji Maru Kagurazaka has been prolifically Tweeting and blogging about hair loss news and developments. Half of his blog articles and posts are summaries of news that he gets from other blogs such as this one. However, it is the other half of his posts where he truly shines in his originality.

I find his blog to be very unbiased. Moreover, he does not even seem to have any major regular advertisers and might be doing all this work for little to no compensation. One of the posts I read about FMK suggests that he has been involved in the online hair loss sector since the early 2000s, although I can’t find this information anymore.

Fuji Maru Kagurazaka
Mr. Fuji Maru Kagurazaka

Mr. Kagurazaka has a knack for finding unique information, especially in relation to developments in Japan. He also has very good coverage of work from other Asian countries such as South Korea and Taiwan. Unfortunately, his blog does not seem to load half the time when accessed from the US, so be patient. Some of his posts can also get lengthy and confusing after translation into English, but your patience will be rewarded.

You can also read all of Mr. FMK’s past comments on HLT. This should be done after you have had a few drinks for the most enjoyment. FMK also had an older hair related site on Geocities, prior to the latter’s closure.

Fuji Maru Kagurazaka’s Recent Highlights

Among Mr. Kagurazaka’s blog’s very unique news items and revelations from just this past one month include:

    • Both Dr. Takashi Tsuji and Shiseido are presenting at the 23rd Annual Meeting of Japan Society of Clinical Hair Restoration (November 24-25 2018). This will be huge.
    • Mr. FMK  discovered a new company from Taiwan called Energis Biomedical that is working on a hair loss treatment product called ENERGI-F701. They recently started Phase 2 clinical trials. Their 2017 youtube video suggests that the trials will occur in the US and Taiwan.
    • Mr. FMK has written a recent post about Rohto Pharmaceutical (Japan) presenting its latest findings regarding adipose-derived stem cells (ADSC) plus minoxidil (and their synergistic effect on hair growth and gene expression).

Mr. Kagurazaka also messages me on Twitter every now and again and provides some interesting views and information. For example, a while back he sent me an image of Zagallo (generic Japanese Dutasteride), which was approved to treat hair loss in Japan.

Zagallo -- Japanese Dutasteride

Cutting Edge Hair Loss Research in Japan

Two of the companies that are among the most likely in the world to come out with a hair loss cure are based in Japan. See my post on RIKEN/Dr. Tsuji and Shiseido’s hair research centers being located right next to each other in Kobe.

In years past, there was a Japanese commentator on this blog by the name of “nosyu” who provided us with important updates about hair loss news from Japan. However, he disappeared several years ago and I now rely on Mr. Fuji Maru Kagurazaka for a lot of my Japanese news.

Shiseido in Bio Japan 2018

Talking about Japan, it seems like there was an important conference over there these past two days called “BioJapan 2018”.

Shiseido is presenting there per something that I found online:

Shiseido at Bio Japan 2018


Also of significance, Shiseido’s partner Replicel (Canada) made this useful comment on Twitter a few days ago.

Update: Replicel’s latest press release. Key Quote:

“With sufficiently positive data from the RCH-01 clinical study in Japan, Shiseido may be in a position to launch the product in Japan for the treatment of patients with androgenic alopecia.”

Some other interesting news from Shiseido:

— Shiseido is now embracing English as its in-house workplace language. A majority of the company’s sales occur outside of Japan.

— Shiseido is tackling neck wrinkles with Retinol. A number of readers use Retinol (Vitamin A1) in combination with Minoxidil for better scalp absorption and hair growth results. Note that there are significant possible side effects that can occur from using Retinol regularly.

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  3. That phase 1 results for that taiwanese usa trial drug looks bad. Barely any hair growth. They shouldn’t call that a cure or a mix of Rogaine and Propecia. They should just discontinue their trial. Even brotzu lotion has better results than that. Sorry for being pessimistic but the pictures say it all for that potential drug. I’m still hopefully for tsuji, sm, follica hopefully with no more delays next year. I agree, whatever happened to kerastem?

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  5. I know this might sound like, and indeed be, a terribly ignorant comment, but I feel like Replicel has turned into Histogen,

    Just confused, muddled and un-clear as to what exactly they have, what it does, how it does it and crucially, when we can have it!

  6. Hello! I am Fuji Maru Kagurazaka.
    I live in Tokyo, Japan. Thank you.

    Is my blog currently loaded in the United States?

    May God bless your scalp!

  7. No Mr. Fuji .. why never loads? I saw it before and liked it very much. Please interview Dr. Tsuji and Shiseido for us balding suferrers!!

    1. Brotzu/Trinov out soon. Shiseido presenting on hair, which is rare and a pleasant surprise. See bottom section of this post. Tsuji also presenting in November conference.

  8. So this is kinda strange, I sense confidence from Replicel but at the same time it feels as if they’re not sure their half of the work is good enough to ensure Shiseido is going to follow through with a launch. Then I have to remember that these guys are trying to sell stock so leading ppl on is normal. O well we’ll all see how the next few weeks go

  9. Hey Admin.. Quick question about Trinov.. What carrier will be used for penetration.. Please don’t let it be toxic PG..

  10. @admin,
    May a I ask what your view regarding Shiseido / Replicel ? Is it gonna be flop ? Things arent looking good to me.

    1. Looking more encouraging now that Shiseido is presenting on hair regeneration. Usually, they focus on shampoos etc…as they are a cosmetics company.

  11. Good luck to shiseido the Norwood 10 masashi ogo guy presenting always makes it feel further.

  12. I use sisheido for face moisturizer. It’s good stuff:) Now let’s see if they can stop hair loss once and for all. Lol. I’m waiting to hear about SM phase 3 trial start date. That will be more exciting than sisheido for us USA citizens. It will be here for us to buy and not travel to Japan to be on a wait list .

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    It is thanks to administrators and readers.

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  14. I’m surprised to see that we still come to look at this blog hoping to read that a cure has finally been found … we are still so far away :( and we all know it

  15. 神楽坂さん,

    Just wanted to mention I do not have any issues accessing your blog in the south-east US (or any other FC2 service for that matter). Access issues may be related to each user’s Internet service provider.

    Thank you very much for your blog covering hair loss!

  16. Hello! I am Fuji Maru Kagurazaka.
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    Dear Mr. Glassesman

    Thank you for the information.
    I’m relieved to hear that.
    In future “Hair Loss Cure JAPAN” Thank you.

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  17. Does anyone have any information on what Shiseido presented at Bio Japan this last month?

    Also any information on Replicel’s relationship with Shiseido./

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