David DiMuzio and Tiger King

Update: December 9, 2020 — Tiger King was the most searched TV show globally in 2020 per Google.

April 1, 2020

A few months ago, I wrote a very popular post on exosomes and hair growth. One of the pioneers in this new technology is hair transplant surgeon Dr. Daniel McGrath of Texas-based McGrath Medical.

This doctor has become increasingly famous online due to his very informative video talks and interviews with a certain David DiMuzio. I posted one of those videos in my exosomes post.

David DiMuzio Gets his Hair Back

David DiMuzio Before Hair Transplant
David DiMuzio, before his hair transplants. Age = 24.

During this surreal period of social isolation and curfews in large parts of the world, I would highly recommend checking out Mr. DiMuzio’s youtube channel. And subscribing to the channel for regular updates.

While Mr. DiMuzio’s main interest seems to lie in Filipino music, he has also uploaded many videos related to hair loss. This is in large part due to his own experiences in losing and then regaining his hair.

David DiMuzio After Hair Transplant
David DiMuzio in 2020, after his three hair transplants. Age = 33.

Mr. DiMuzio has had three strip FUT hair transplants to date per my conversation with him. Most people prefer FUE vs FUT hair transplants, although FUT can still be a better option in some instances. Mr. DiMuzio’s third and last hair transplant was done by Dr. McGrath.

I would say that David DiMuzio’s hair transplant results have turned out superbly. On the right is his current hairline in 2020 at age 33. The earlier photo was him balding at age 24. Note that he also takes topical Finasteride to treat his hair loss and has had a SMP procedure.

Mr. DiMuzio has covered exosomes in a few recent videos. He will likely continue to do so on an infrequent basis throughout 2020. In some of his videos, he talks with the very helpful McGrath Medical patient adviser Steve Cook. A hair loss world veteran, Mr. Cook has also had hair transplants.

Dr. McGrath has excellent Google and Yelp reviews. Note that he is not paying me in any way for promotion or advertising activities.

Dr. Dan McGrath Hair Transplant Reviews

Boredom and Isolation

Living near Seattle, we have been under extreme social isolation guidelines for over two weeks. The US Coronavirus pandemic initially started just four miles from where I reside. New York has since taken over the title of worst hit city from Seattle. I have had to find lots of things to watch on TV during this home-bound time period.

When it comes to screen time, only one thing clearly beat watching David DiMuzio’s videos this past boring week.

Tiger King

Tiger King Reinke
Tiger King’s John Reinke and his favorite lion Bonedigger. Source: The Oklahoman.

A new Netflix documentary series called “Tiger King” is the greatest thing that I have seen on TV in years. And it is hard for me to admit to this, since I am very pro animal rights. I am uncomfortable with tigers and other animals ever being caged. In any event, my morality took a backseat a few days ago. I watched all 7 episodes in one sitting.

Joe Exotic (aka “Tiger King” aka “Joseph Maldonado-Passage”) is the craziest real life nonfiction character that I have ever witnessed. He even beats John McAffee in wackiness. Numerous celebrities and podcast hosts have reached similar conclusions this week. While Joe Exotic makes for must-watch TV, he has a very evil and nasty side.

This show will end up being the most watched Netflix documentary of all time in my opinion.

Spoiler Alert

Interestingly, all the men that Joe Exotic is attracted to and marries have full heads of hair. Joe also makes fun of Jeff Lowe for being insecure about his Norwood 6 hair loss. Lowe always wears a cap. No-one including myself liked Jeff Lowe’s character, so perhaps this insult is appropriate for once.

If you do not have Netflix, you can still see many older zoo clips via Joe Exotic Zoo’s youtube channel. I have a feeling that Joe will be released from prison well before his term is supposed to be completed. However, I doubt that he will ever run for US president again.

The only relatively normal lead characters in this crazy true life show seem to be: both-legs-missing John Reinke; and one-arm-missing transsexual Saff. Says it all.

43 thoughts on “David DiMuzio and Tiger King”

  1. I’m 21. I worked really hard and made my money with drop shipping and investing my money for the long term. I have the money for Tsuji. I’ve been diffuse thinning ever since I was 15. I’ve been on finasteride and rogaine daily for 5 years. I tried everything under the sun and my hair is so waspy. When is this freaken treatment going to get released. They said they would release it this year with pre clinical trials in 2018. Does anybody have an update or know anything. Shiseido, Replicel, Histogen and Follica are dead. Let’s be honest with ourselves. Does anybody know anything, I’m dying here from waiting.


  2. I know Steve Cook personally and vouch for his level of integrity while advising patients. We worked together for several years. He’s been in the hairloss business for ages, first under Ziering in Los Angeles. McGrath charges a lot for exosomes. I’m thinking about going to Cooley and add A-cell and CRP.

  3. Regarding Tiger King, I can’t stand the idea that crazy d-bags are so closely associated with and in charge of such beautiful animals. I’ve refused to watch it based on that. Also, why we amuse ourselves with the darkest and most twisted of humanity, I never understood (it’s slightly more harmless when purely fiction).

    Anyway, thick and textured hair can get good transplant results if you’re a reasonable NW. Also, lightning and products like Toppik can make a big difference. SMP to add some shadow under your hair can also work wonders, and that never washes off. I’m glad that some people can get a good result using all of the tools. Unfortunately, NW7 with fine hair are still without hope.

    1. Hey Slick, the two people I mentioned at the end of the post under spoiler alert are absolute inspirations. Many people also see Doc Antle and even Carole Baskin as hero conservationists and big cat rescuers.

      Tiger King himself also started with decent intentions (built his zoo in memory of his animal lover dead brother), but then got sidetracked big time.

      Without all the insane craziness and characters, you would just get another impressive (but repetitive) David Attenborough documentary :-)

      1. Thanks Admin, I appreciate the explanation. The description of the show seemed terrible, but its popularity is so ridiculous that I’ll have to watch it to have a real opinion on it. Hopefully there are some good people as you say :-)

        1. Finished watching Tiger King. It was definitely rotten to the core and lowered my faith in humanity even further (it’s been a rough 4 years). That said, I suppose it’s better to have seen it and not be naive to just how pathetic people can be. Unfortunately, those were real people and animals; not just “characters”.

          1. You can disagree with most of the characters and the animals being in cages, and still enjoy the show in my opinion. I was impressed by Reinke and Saff. If you are anti-gay or believe in the sanctity of marriage, you will have a hard time liking any part of the show.

            1. No, the gayness wasn’t an issue.

              It might’ve been the horrific character of everyone on the show. It was the continual psychological exploitation of naive young people by old people. It was adult men tricking straight boys into gay sexual relationships and marriage using their resources and drug addiction. It was the cult-like working conditions leading to sexual exploitation of young ladies by old men. It was the shitty conditions of squalor that the animals were kept in. It was the continual use, abuse, and killing of beautiful animals (particularly breeding fresh new cubs.. money makers). It was the constant spewing of aggressive, false, and ignorant ideas. It was everyone dicking over everyone else for money without a shred of decency. It was obvious murder and continual threats of murder. Basically, it was a bunch of uncivilized people with no sense of empathy or value as human beings.

              The whole point of the show was the shockingly horrible nature of these people. You thought the only thing that could’ve been bothersome was the sexual orientation? Did we watch the same show? Lol

              1. I think most of what you are accusing adults of doing is Joe Exotic’s doing, not “everyone” in the show, or even half the adults. The animal rights aspect I already mentioned in the post and earlier comment.

                The end of the show has Joe Exotic going to prison and the zoo essentially closing or downsizing due to the big cat rescue lady’s lawsuits and indirect victory. Maybe you missed the ending.

              2. Interesting and crazy series. They are now planning to release episode 7 asap!

                Kelci, Reinke. Erik and Howard were very decent people. The lawyer and the campaign manager were also honest and normal. But the nastiness of Joe is the main part of the show.

              3. Straight boys???
                Dillon Passage is gay.
                John Finlay is definitely not straight.
                He’s a gay-leaning bisexual, who knocked up a fag hag. Passage has consistently denied that Finlay is straight, as he was hit on by the latter on several occasions!
                The guy who got imprisoned was also not straight.
                The only one who seems to have been mostly straight is Maldonado.
                Oh, and none of them was underage.

                Last but not least, human sexuality is not black or white.
                It’s mostly grey.

  4. The dude looks good in both photos to be honest.

    But his results after FUT are undeniably amazing so I’m happy it worked out so well for him.

    Admin have you heard of anything new on DS Labs?
    They’ve re-upped their adverting campaign on nanolixdil and I wonder if they’ve updated their formula.
    The most surprising thing is they claim it works on the hairline.


    1. New poster here but follow David a lot. Wouldn’t say “best case“ as he’s had at least 8-10k grafts planted over 3 surgeries and also uses dermmatch, which he’s quite open about. He’s more “lucky” in the sense that his donor area must be quite dense. He’s also had SMP done

  5. Thanks Admin. I’d say his ‘before’ hair is in a similar state to mine, better perhaps by half a Norwood. The absent baby hairs and lack of sufficient density on the hair line makes it a tough sell at realism though.

    Meanwhile, I’m doing something new with microneedling. Instead of going over the thin areas, I’m focusing on dense needling along the edge of healthy hair. What I hope is that the bald areas decrease in size, instead of fill out from the inside.

    The idea is based on the quorum sensing paper: injured follicles cause the release of cytokines that can trigger a variety of responses in cells, such as proliferation… When a dense concentration of hairs were pulled in an area 3 to 5 mm across, the plucked hairs grew back and new hairs sprouted nearby. “plucking 200 hairs, with a proper distribution can cause up to 1,200 hairs to regenerate”.

    **If follicles could continuously multiply and be maintained then there is a real chance at ‘curing’ high Norwoods with this method. It’s recession in reverse. I’ll let you know in a few months if it works.**

  6. I know nothing about this show that has apparently engrossed the collective hive mind, but those before and after photos really underscore just how disfiguring hair loss truly is. Pic one is a man who is a solid four. Pic two is a man who is a solid seven. The sociatal advantages afforded to a seven versus a four are literally life-altering. Aggressive, early-onset high NW hair loss should be classified as a legitimate disease on par with other dysmorphic conditions (dwarfism, maxillofacial defects, etc.) – the consequences are that severe.

  7. Hey admin, or any other interested party, check this out:

    This is a study (on a small sample) that showed spectacular regrowth (almost tripled density and increased hair diameter by 60%). I’m not inclined to trust these, but it might be worth seeing into because it combines carboxy, which is basically wounding and high level of minox. Some guys on forum (different thread) have reported similar results on microneedling + more concetrated minox. Also there is a chinese study done few years ago on carboxy+LLT which showed mean increase of 30 hair/cm2 so they may be onto something.
    This is a lead scientist:
    Even if there is a small chance they’re telling the truth this is a path worth exploring.

    1. I have not banned any of your comments. Maybe went to spam? Will check the spam folder in a bit, but there are 100s of comments in there that I have to weed through :-(

  8. Admin
    Is there still a chance that a cure will be marketed this year? If yes, who could be doing it? Thanks for all the information…

  9. Tsuji / Riken / Kyocera never announced any revised news that I’m aware of, so 2020 is still on the table as a possibility, albeit a very slim one and limited to a small number of super rich clients based in Japan.

    Here’s the email response from Kyocera: “Regarding timeline, we aim to put the technologies into practical use and make medical treatment available in 2020 in Japan (medical treatment at one’s own expense).”

    and: https://english.kyodonews.net/news/2018/06/0078f5ae025f-riken-develops-new-method-for-culturing-hair-follicles.html

    Maybe Replicel / Shiseido—but I don’t think anyone thinks that’s an official cure anymore because it doesn’t seem to “re-establish a full head of hair” like their video said: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCe5mg7X6zg

  10. Tiger King is insane and seems hard to believe is true story. Parts 3 onwards are the best. David DiMuzio’s hair transplant is excellente, but how much of it is the Dermmatch?.

  11. I saw a video of David outside and people were touching his head and he said there were no toppik or dermatch. Good transplant for sure.

    As for people on here posting about tsuji releasing a cure in 2020 lol…I would highly suggest you watch the news and realize what is going on right now in the world. Doubt tsuji is going to start a clinical trial with a bunch of people and risk getting infected. Covid19 aside he is not ready to release a cure. This is 2030 earliest. My mind boggles of the ignorance of some posters on here. Hop on the big three hope it works for. Closest thing to release is SM and Follica but I’m sure cots is going to delay phase 3 to 2021 since PA is on lockdown. He might have initiated phase prior to covid but who knows….everything is all messed up. All I know is that getting a baldness cure out now is the last priority for any company.

      1. Agreed! Excellent transplant. He must have had excellent donor and coarse hair. I was looking to get fue this year but that won’t happen. My hair strands are very coarse and thick. If I could transplant a solid 5k worth of hairs all over my diffuse areas and maintain I would be ecstatic. Best scenario would have been a treatment that could thicken existing hairs and grow 5k all over….wishful thinking….

    1. That’s what I always thought. Cause are environmental. Now, we must undestand if it is stress, diet or smog.
      I think it is diet.

  12. Environment def has an impact. When I go to certain regions of the country my scalp begins to itch and burn and significant shedding in shower. I bet it’s an explosion of pgd2.

    1. Do you think that smog trigger, and as a slippery slope, it is irreversible, or can be stop if you kove to another country?

  13. Interesting discussion at work with a coworker today. A friend of his had quadruple bypass surgery and now that he’s fully recovered, his previously MPB head is now regrowing hair. Not sure if this finding has been specifically studied, but it must be due to healthier blood flow throughout the body.

  14. I am 84 years young.Am I still eligible
    for a hair transplant.
    Very truly yours,
    Bernard Cohen

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