Scalp Micropigmentation for Hair Loss

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) has become all the rage in recent years. Since I first wrote this post in May 2017, I have received regular feedback from SMP clinics. Readers have also continued to inquire about scalp micropigmentation, including its effectiveness and side effects. The rise of SMP for male and female pattern baldness sufferers continues to garner news coverage in 2021.

Previously, I wrote a post on tricopigmentation, a temporary form of scalp micropigmentation. In that article, I promised to write a post on actual permanent SMP in the future and here it is. I am quite surprised by the significant number of people who have e-mailed me about this subject over the past few years. Update: Also make sure to read my thoughts on microblading.

For many people, scalp micropigmentation is a great short-term solution to cover their baldness and move on with their lives. If you ever decide to get a SMP procedure (also known as hair tattoo), it is imperative to look at provider reviews and client testimonials online before proceeding. Ideally, you want to go to someone who also offers scalp micropigmentation training to other practitioners.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure for both men and women of all ethnic types who are suffering from hair loss. Beauty Care Nederland has kindly shared the below before and after SMP image with me.

Scalp Micropigmentation Before and After
Scalp Micropigmentation before and after.

Other lesser used terms for SMP include: scalp tattooing; micro scalp pigmentation; micro hair pigmentation; and micro hair tattooing.

The SMP procedure creates an illusion of hair via the injection of thousands of pigment dots into the scalp. The incisions are typically to a depth of around 2 mm. Right to the point where the upper skin layer (epidermis) meets the lower skin layer (dermis). Rassman et al. concluded that scalp micropigmentation is a good nonsurgical concealer for hair and scalp deformities.

Different clinics use different type of pigments and typically tend to keep their proprietary ingredient combinations secret. The needles used in scalp micropigmentation are much smaller than in regular tattooing. One of our favorite hair loss researchers, Dr. Rachita Dhurat, recently published an important study on standardizing the SMP procedure.

While the scalp micropigmentation procedure is advertised as being “permanent”, the ink marks in SMP can often fade over a few years. Most people will require minor touch-up procedures once a year or two. However, it should be noted that in some patients, the SMP procedure can truly be very long lasting. So one should never assume that the ink will always fade significantly in 5 or more years.

Factors that affect how rapidly the SMP inks fade include:

  • A person’s immune system.
  • The type of pigments that were utilized.
  • The depth of injections (made by human or machine).
  • The amount of time the person spends outdoors in inclement weather.

Scalp Micropigmentation Cost

As of 2019, costs for a typical scalp micropigmentation treatment range from $1,000 to $5,000 depending on clinic. In Euros, this cost would translate to €800 to €4,000. Reddit SMPchat has more current information on what people paid for their SMP procedures.

If a totally bald person wants to cover his or her entire head, prices will be substantially higher. In contrast, if someone wants to just cover up their crown region or any type of scar on their head (e.g., a strip hair transplant scar at the back), scalp micropigmentation prices will be much lower.

Initial treatment typically consists of three sessions spread across 2-3 months. SMP costs will be substantially cheaper in poorer countries where there are often fewer regulations. Irrespective of cost, it is imperative to check out scalp micropigmentation provider reviews before proceeding.

Main Applications

Scalp micropigmentation is in demand for four main reasons:

  • To date, the most common use has been in creating the illusion of hair (stubble) on a shaven head. i.e., creating a shadow effect on a balding scalp that has been shaven or given a “buzz cut”. This process camouflages areas of hair loss and can give a person a full well defined frontal hairline if desired. People with patchy areas of baldness due to alopecia areata are also great candidates for SMP.
  • To increase hair quantity by covering up balding regions of the scalp. This is an increasingly popular option for women who want to maintain long hair and cover up any small visible balding regions with permanent ink.
    Scalp Micropigmentation in Women
    Scalp Micropigmentation in Women

    For most, this turns out to be a more efficient option in comparison to daily covering up via hair loss concealers. The Scalp Micropigmentation Center in Canada (photo on right) calls their version of this option “SMP HD”. The “HD” stands for hair density.

  • To cover scars from hair transplants, burns and other injuries.
  • To enhance the appearance of a hair transplant procedure.

Scalp Micropigmentation versus Tricopigmentation

The main difference between scalp micropigmentation (SMP) and tricopigmentation is that while the former is permanent, the latter is temporary. However, the definition of “permanent” and “temporary” varies depending on clinic and depending on technique used.

In general, “temporary” tricopigmentation ink marks can last anywhere from 6 months to 2-3 years. On the other hand, the so-called “permanent” ink marks in SMP can start to fade after 1-2 years. Thereafter, one will require minor touch-up procedures. In general, SMP is cheaper than tricopigmentation in the long run. The former will require less maintenance and fewer repeat procedures. Future maintenance treatments are also much shorter in duration than the original treatment session.

SMP ink is injected into the scalp at a depth of around 2 mm. This is significantly deeper than the 0.5 mm injections involved in tricopigmentation procedures. Scalp micropigmentation is therefore riskier than tricopigmentation. Nevertheless, as far as I could gauge from reading online testimonials, the majority of people who get scalp micropigmentation seem to be reasonably happy with the results. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages.


However, online reviews for both SMP and tricopigmentation are not anywhere near as prevalent as online testimonials for hair transplant procedures. Especially when it comes to discussion forums. Over the coming years there will inevitably be more complaints from dissatisfied patients who went to sketchy clinics. Or some who just got plain unlucky despite going to highly reputable practitioners.

The majority of hair transplant surgeons in the US who are adding scalp tattooing procedures to their offerings seem to prefer tricopigmentation over scalp micropigmentation. However, many still offer both options.

SMP Tattoo Artist Opinions

According to the highly experienced Nicole Large of the Shapiro Medical Group in the US:

“We offer both trico and “perm SMP” procedures. I use them interchangeably and consult first with the patient and evaluate their needs and then I choose which procedure the patient is best fit for. Some people have a TON of anxiety it’s a no-brainer to start with trico and then transition them over in maintenance treatments to perm.

I have some patients who are young and who want a thickening look but they are on no meds to prevent future loss – I choose trico. If I have a patient with a full head of transplanted hair and they want a thickening look then we go with permanent because that hair is not going to fall. I still stand by trico as the safer method because it is a standardized procedure with a pigment that offers a full ingredient list.

If the system is followed correctly the chances of error are much, much lower. I have developed a permanent procedure that is safe and that I like but still have no ingredient list with my pigments. We have no problems with discoloration or migration but my protocols are very safe. I always err on the side of caution. Quite honestly, pigment migration and discoloration is often technician error by injecting too deep, or choosing a color that is too dark.

There are other permanent clinics that I have visited that I think are also doing safe and ethical, and awesome work. Some people have it figured out and others still haven’t. Really they are both great procedures if performed in the right hands.

Mostly they just appeal to different patients. It’s important at this point in time to really find a tech with experience because the market for teaching is absolutely blowing up. You can go take a 3 day course with some yahoo who hasn’t done more than 20 patients themselves and get certified. It’s a joke and it’s very scary”.

One famous clinic named Scalp Micro USA has particularly useful YouTube videos on scalp micropigmentation.

Removing Scalp Ink Marks with Lasers

In my opinion, a person should always assume that his/her scalp micropigmentation ink/tattoo marks can never be entirely removed. Even with a laser, inks market will fade, but not disappear. If one is dissatisfied with the original results or has side effects from a micropigmentation procedure, it is best to be cautious when deciding on the next step. Having said that, if done correctly, SMP marks can usually be removed with lasers down the road.

According to Isabelle van Rijn of the popular Beauty Care Nederland (which offers both the temporary and permanent procedures):

“Scalp micropigmentation can usually be removed with the use of a good laser” provided that the original procedure was done correctly. In her own words: “The pigments must be placed correctly! If too deep, the pigment won’t fade and will turn blue, which is then difficult to treat with laser”.

According to Nicole Large:

“Most “permanent smp” does fade too but it fades to grey and needs to be lasered for a full removal. As long as the clinic is using a “scalp pigment” it should laser off in 1-2 sessions but if they are using permanent makeup could be up to 12+ times”.

A word of warning: if your SMP is mixed in with existing hair in certain areas of the scalp, laser removal of those pigment marks could then also very likely permanently damage the existing native hair in the same region. Usually not something anyone would want.

SMP in Men versus Women

Historically, the scalp micropigmentation market was dominated by men who wanted the fashionable “shadow” look that indicates a full head of hair. However, an increasing number of women are getting SMP in order to make their long hair appear denser and fuller by covering the in-between thinning regions with ink. According to Tino Barbone of the Scalp Micropigmentation Center in Toronto, Canada:

“I’ve seen a huge rise in women coming in to have SMP. The reason why women are perfect for this treatment is because they have a lot more hair than men, and they keep it longer. Therefore, the camouflage of our hair density treatment looks outstanding. Our ladies that have done this treatment use 90 percent less powder and fiber type camouflaging products, and some have stopped using those entirely.

They usually use the powders and fibers for special occasions when they want to add more volume to their hair, but they don’t need to spend hours in the mirror anymore putting it on. My guess, and what I’ve seen thus far, is that women will outweigh men for this treatment in the coming years”.

Pigment Types

Most clinics will not divulge the ingredients in the types of pigments that they use during a scalp micropigmentation procedure. However, all reputable clinics use natural pigments that are not harmful to the skin. Most will also be using an assortment of shades of inks.

According to Tino Barbone:

“Our pigments contain Carbon, Glycerin, sodium hydroxide and water”.

If I get any more detailed information from clinics regarding chemical composition of inks and so forth, I will add it here.

People in the SMP Industry

A number of people in the SMP industry deserve a special mention.

  • The highly experienced Nicole Large from the Shapiro Medical Group sent me an unending supply of information via many e-mails. The vast majority of which I could not cover in this post due to my self-imposed length restriction. Nicole has trained with and visited numerous renowned scalp tattooing clinics worldwide. I have also read her name a lot on hair loss forums in the past. She offers both temporary and permanent SMP, although a sizable majority of her clients go for temporary.
  • Isabelle van Rijn of Beauty Care Nederland sent me some excellent material, a lot of which I could not cover in this post. Her clinic currently treats around 400 patients every year, and they offer both SMP and tricopigmentation.
  • Tino Barbone of The SMP Center in Toronto, Canada sent me a great deal of information on permanent SMP. I was very impressed by some of his responses in a detailed magazine interview that he gave. Make sure to check his clinic’s numerous instagram photos and videos.
  • His Hair Clinic (UK) was supposedly the world’s first company to offer SMP starting in 2002. So I had to mention them. On their website, they list the acronym SMP as a registered trademark, although I have seen numerous other clinics use that acronym too. The company’s founders, Ian Watson and Ranbir-Rai Watson, are proclaimed to be the inventors of SMP. However, I would guess that numerous others must have tried permanent scalp tattooing many decades earlier. None of them likely perfected or patented their techniques.

175 thoughts on “Scalp Micropigmentation for Hair Loss”

  1. Related comments only please…unless something new and very important to share. If you prefer other posts, comment in those instead of here.

  2. I think that the lack of hair world needs to leave the dark ages (no pun intended on hair tattoos) and have a real treatment one that involves hair regrowth.

    The significant news just released two days ago about (the possible discovery of what causes hair loss and color loss in hair). It appears specific Proteins cause it and of course it was discovered by accident when researchers were studying tumors.

    And when you consider that JAK blocks Enzymes (most enzymes are proteins) I can’t help but feel that there is some type of correlation somehow.

    Still believe JAK is the cure. I want hair loss to be an option in 2017.

    ADMIN – just trying to give those on here a glimmer of hope.

  3. Very thorough post admin. I prefer a cure but may go for an HT and Tricho SMP procedure first in case cure takes forever.

  4. Thanks Admin!.. I appreciate hearing the names of some reputable people in the industry. I’ve noticed that most of these clinicss offer a linear scar camouflage for hair transplant patients. It looks as though most places get about an 80% to 99% masking effect of the scar with the shaved bald hair stubble pattern placed over it. The results depend on discoloration and texture of the scar, with the better results coming when the scar is most similar in color and texture to the adjacent skin. Also, for those who have a linear scar covered with longer hair and who’d like to be able to clip their hair shorter and get it wet, the SMP shading of the scar can help conceal the scar under hair (just by making the scar match the hair color).

    I have HT scars that were treated with regenerative Acell from Dr. Cooley, so I’m lucky in that they look soft and similar to my adjacent skin. After years of covering my scars with fake hair systems, I’m thinking that scalp micropigmentation might do the trick in setting me free from all that terribly time consuming maintenance. The SMP would simulate a full head of shaved hair, so people might actually believe I chose the bald look style for myself. More importantly, if my HT scars are undetectable, that’d have an immense effect on my life. The problem is that I have long scars on the back and sides of my head, so the SMP camouflage would have to be dang near undetectable for me to accept it as presentable in my career. That said, only about 20% of scar camouflage “after” photos have an acceptable result in my opinion (80% of treated scars still look to be pretty noticeable in the SMP “after” photos).

    And finally, the hairline is an important consideration. Many clinics make a straight line ruler style hairline, which is simply not a natural pattern that follicles would grow in. I’d highly recommend a slightly jagged quarter inch fluctuation to avoid the artificial look. Just view some pictures of celebs with real hair when it’s shaved down, and you’ll see the variations in a naturally shaved hairline.

    Anyway, that’s all the advice I have after a few months of investigating. I think SMP has potential for me as a fix for failed hair transplants and a semi-cure for baldness if they can manage to hide my HT scars.

    Please excuse typos (typed on phone). Again, great post Admin!

    1. Great comment Slick. I would highly recommend talking with Nicole even if you do not end up using her team’s services (note that she seems to prefer temporary over permanent in most cases). She works for Dr. Ron Shapiro, one of the most respected hair transplant surgeons out there who must know a lot about covering up strip scars.

      1. @Admin. Thank you. I will definitely speak with Nicole to see what she recommends. This SMP has the potential to help me out a lot, so fingers crossed.

    2. What happened with your hair transplants that they weren’t successful? Was it just continued recession after the transplant or was it not effective from the beginning?

      1. @John, I was never a viable candidate for hair transplants due to lack of donor hair. My hair has always been very fine, and it started falling out rapidly at age 19. And despite seeing photos of my completely bald grandfather, the “doctor” decided to take my money anyway (for three consecutive Spring Breaks in college). He left me with big linear scars and pluggy looking hair in 2005. Long story short… the hair on top was much too thin after a few years to do anything with it, and my hair in the back is too sparse to cover the scars. My scalp looked pretty darn cratered after 3 surgeries, and the hair plugs didn’t cover it.

        Hiding what Dr. Larry Shapiro did to me has cost me thousands of hours and thousands of dollars over the past 12 years, and my high maintenance equals no real relationships or family. I’ve been able to look presentable for my career through hard work every morning, but that’s about it.

        Moral to the story… Linear scars can mess up your life. I’m generally pretty clever with fixing and accomplishing things, but there’s been no escaping the humiliating HT scars in a highly visible location. My hope is that maybe SMP can help with a buzzed look, or I need a baldness cure asap.

        1. I’m sorry to hear what happened. I’ve seen some great results with SMP. Hopefully something like that could give you peace and comfort.

          Do you think it’s inadvisable for people destined for nw6-nw7 to get transplants even if they use finasteride?

          1. Hi John,
            If you’re genetically on your way to NW6 or 7, you may still be viable for a hair transplant if you have natural thick hair shafts and high density in the donor areas. I would recommend to ONLY GET FUE. NEVER GET A LINEAR SCAR. If you have the potential to lose most of your hair, you will always want the option to clip hair very short or razor it off. A linear scar will prevent being able to cut your hair short, which is the most attractive option for a balding guy. You can’t imagine how exposed the linear scar can be in day to day life until you get one, and the effects can be profound. Please never do that! FUE only, especially for high NW.

            1. thanks so much for your insight.

              and man, i’m sure if SMP doesn’t work there will be something coming along soon to help. too many people have fut scars they need to cover.

          1. Hi Nicole.. My apologies for mentioning Larry in a forum discussing the more reputable Shapiro! I can see how that caused confusion, so my bad.

            I plan to contact you soon about SMP. I might be a good candidate for camouflaging my HT scars.

      2. TBH transplants are good in the beginning phase of hair lost. I did a HT but i was one of the few that was told after the 1st session I would need 2-3 more sessions to complete the process to regain my hair back so 2500 per-session yea big money but im not sure what with this person but it maybe the same

  5. One more thing… Has anyone come across a reported issue where the SMP ink would turn blue after a few years? I’m not sure if that is still a problem in modern clinics. Or.. it could just be that the reports I’ve read on this ink problem a few years back were planted by the hair transplant industry or Hair Club!

    Does anyone have advice on avoiding ink that might fade to blue? Is the reported issue resolved?

    1. From the clinics I talked to, they said this is not a problem as long as the SMP was done correctly (appropriate depth and correct ink type usage being the most important factors)…and of course all those clinics claim they do it correctly :-)

      1. @Admin, At this point, I think it’s good just to raise the discoloration issue with whatever clinic is chosen, and then see if they have a reasonable logic for why their special ink is guaranteed to keep its color. I recommend that everyone be cautious of this and ask.

    2. I have been doing SMP since 2012, so I feel I can comment on inks turning colour. Please don’t believe everything you read on companies that say their inks don’t turn ‘blue’. ANY carbon based ink can turn blue, not just because of the ink, but because of the persons skin type, needle depth, and general experience of the technician. Anyone caring to know please contact me and I’ll be happy to help with any questions.

  6. @admin: nice article. however I always wonder one thing.. because SMP can be a cure?

    what if you do a hair transplant and cover your backside full with SMP? Can it be done? Image you took 8-9K grafts from back and sides and fill those area with SMP. ok you will have one type of hairstyle but still it looks perfectly natural for buzz cut. isnt it?

    what is your comment?

    1. Interesting question donitello. I imagine it can be done, but perhaps it might look too obvious when the front newly transplanted hair all grows long, and the back SMP looks very short due to so many (8k-9k) grafts having been taken from there. Worth asking some of the clinics that offer both SMP and hair transplants this question.

  7. Does anybody know if hair transplant can be done one areas where SMP was done?

    Not sure if skin penetration will damage the skin to a degree that hair transplant cannot be done. Looks like combining HT and SMP can give you a very full and dense head of hair.

    Great post again, thank you so much Admin!!!

    1. I strongly suggest you wait until the results of the Shiseido trial are out (2018-2020). Imagine if they say they have the cure to baldness, can multiply hairs to treat even the most bald people, but it does not work on patients who have had this!
      Remember the 50/50/90 rule. If there is a 50/50 chance something can go bad, 9 times of out 10 it will.

      If however the Shiseido results are like PRP (you need a microscope to tell the difference so what’s the point) then by all means get your head tattooed.

      1. Shiseido will probably be a 15% gain tops? Not sure why anyone would think its a cure as there are not injecting dp.

        1. 15% gain from generating new cells based on original cells that can be copied again. This could translate to 15% gain per session. They achieved close to 15% gain in the phase 1 test that was injection limited for safety reasons and not based on repeat sessions. I think it will work, but just like the previous milestones will not be out on schedule.

          1. I’m wondering if Replicel will thicken hair that’s been saved by Finasteride or if it will only work on already healthy hair.

            Plus, if I’m gambling, no way is it reaching Japan next year. This is something we’re going to be waiting on until the 2020s and it’s going to under delivery at this point too. Better than nothing I suppose.

          2. If people in here truly think Replicel is going to release this in 2018 in Japan and it’s going to be a game changer then invest a grand in the stock. It’s dirt cheap right now. But I don’t see it happening.

  8. I’ve posted on here before about my SMP journey. Best thing I could have done considering my hair loss. In my opinion bald spots look far worse than a shaved head with SMP.

    @Admin I would highly recommend Skalp – they only specialise in SMP and they were incredible with me and lots of other very positive reviews on their forums.

    I had mine done just over a year ago and only had one touch up because it was free and included within 12 months, I didnt really need it.

    If anyone has any questions about the process I’m happy to answer. With regards to the question about ink turning blue above – no it should not do this if they use the correct type of pigment.

  9. It doesn’t solve anything.. You just look like you’ve just shaved your head.. The bald looks continues the same… For certain types of faces, the same ones that look good bald, it may work but not for all. It’s just that for some people it matters less being bald than having hair, I mean lucious great hair, not just the appearance of having hair that these tattoos give.

  10. For some ppl this solves the problem. Have a look at some before and after SMP pics of slick bald guys. IMO this really makes a huge difference. If I went slick shiny bald I would never ever wear a wig but SMP would without a doubt be something to consider. I have never seen it in real life tho, so im a little worried that its like a hair piece where the person wearing it is the only one who actually thinks it looks real?

  11. I would like to make a comment on the potential downside of tricopigmentation/SMP for those considering the treatment and for those who have seen nothing but positive feedback.

    A couple of years back, I had a tricopigmentation treatment done using the Milena Lardi technique. I am a Norwood 6 with fair skin (original hair colour was dark brown). The treated area continues to have a slight reddish tone which creates a contrast between the treated area and the untreated area. The only way that I can create an even skin tone between the treated and non-treated area is through the application of a cover-up, or BB, cream.

    Even after 2 years, the treatment is still very much visible. Any fading is slight. While I have seen many pics of what looks to be successful results with SMP/tricopigmentation, I am one in which the results created less of a blend and more of a contrast between the treated and non-treated areas. The fairness of my skin may be the reason. It looks to me that darker skins, with a lower contrast between hair colour and skin colour, fare better with SMP/trico than fairer skins.

  12. Problem is…if you’re white, instead of people thinking you’re bald…they now think you are part of the aryian brotherhood/neo-nazi (most people with a nice look and thick hairline don’t shave their hair that close). I think I would choose looking like a walking penis over a neo nazi lol.

    1. @guest99.. you can avoid the white supremacist skinhead look by staying tan, wearing nice clothes, growing some facial scruff, and/or wearing some stylish glasses. I think that’d all look better than the old man horseshoe pattern

      1. Why we care about how people think about us. Nobodies right to judge somebody just by looking at him/her. So we can also try to change the bad image of beeing bald and seeing as a nazi. Look im leaving in Germany, looking like arab and wearing long facial hair. So i get also judged of beeing a islamist terrorist. But people dont even know me. I also beeing confronted with negativities in the work and personal life, but just kutting it off, that means changing the style and wanting to not look like someone can think youre nazi or i am a terrorist doesnt help at all. We are not the problem, the problem is in the head of those kind of thinking people. Just do wathever you like to do and live your life happylie. We live in a free country, but what is the use of it if we arent use it.

  13. @ Jay
    took a look at your website and i have to say it gives me the same anger as the so called “up and coming product cure photos”
    why can’t any of these company’s make before and after pictures with the same settings like lighting and angle? It’s because the after is not quite as good in real life so they need to touch it up to make sales.

    1. @JJ its not MY website, just the company i used. They have loads of videos too so you can clearly see results on various people and skin tones. You seem to forget there are months in between the first and last treatment and they are not professional photographers, it would be nearly impossible to have teh exact same light and angle.

      Look guys, SMP is the same as any other treatment or procedure where you have to do you research and the quality will depend on the practitioner. I spent months researching and there was a clear difference in quality from different companies I spoke to and had consultations with. I’m sharing my own experience for your reference and my results are amazing and look very natural. Skalp for me were the best. I make no commission from their sales.

      @Kirkland sorry to hear of your experience, it seems they must have used too heavy a needle on your skin type and have caused some damage to the scalp. Though I do agree this does work a little better on darker skin tones.

      Side note: I’m of course in favour of an actual AGA cure because I still want a full head of hair. Though for me I am far happier and look much younger and attractive (I’m told) than if I had growing thinning hair with a big bald crown and receding hair line. Lesser of two evils.

      1. Hi Jay, do you think you can do hair transplant on the area of scalp where SMP was done?

        I believe these 2 alone can create very very impressive look on my head.

        1. @ABC.. I tried some primitive scalp tattooing after coming up with the idea on my own over 10 years ago (before technique and ink were improved in this new popular mainstream market). Anyway, the tattoo ink didn’t affect follicle growth (both natural and transplanted).

          I then had laser tattoo removal to fix the mess I made by going to a clueless permanent makeup artist, and that didn’t stop the transplanted follicle growth either (Though it was extremely painful). I think that follicles are in a deeper layer of skin than the ink, so the effect on follicles is minimal (hopefully true for everyone).

        2. @ABC Short answer.. I have found that tattoo ink does not affect hair follicles.

          I had even studied many photos of tattoos where you can see that hair still grows through the tattoos. Of course, I’m not a doctor, that’s just my experience and observation.

        3. @ABC while I’m not 100% sure, from what I have read and spoken about there should be no reason why you can’t get an HT and SMP as one does not affect the other. Many people who have had HT’s also use SMP to cover up scars and also add ‘density’ undr thin areas.

          @Spanky whether it looks crap or not is down to personal opinion. I’ve had lots of compliments from friends that knew I had it done and from others I’ve had no comment as they have no idea my shaved head is partly ink.

          The guy who did my head was white and his SMp looked great so whoever is saying it doesnt work on white skin is wrong.

        1. Well I’m not a doctor so I don’t know the medical terms but people have very differnt skin types and if your skin is very thin and a heavy needle is used or even if the practitioner was just a bit too forceful with the treatment it may have damaged blood vessels under the skin or caused some sort of scarring under the skin.

          There may be a solution to help reduce or even remove your redness if you speak to your doctor or perhaps do some research online. This is certainly not a normal outcome for SMP. Did you speak to your SMP company about this?

  14. Just checked, ALOT of these results looks like complete crap. Im sorry to say, but whats wrong with these +45 men who gets their scalp pigmentet with a “hair line” that goes down to the middle of their forehead? Looks comical, unnatural and even worse than ppl with bad wigs. @Jay, I hope you got good results visiting skalp;-)

  15. This is very good news to many people, especially people suffering from diffuse thinning. I knew that SMP can fool people into thinking bald people have hair follicles in areas where supposed to be slick bald, but I have never thought of increasing hair density through.

    Smp is like a “discount” for people who want to undergo hair transplant, because it means you can use less hair on the hair-loss-affected area. For diffuse thinning sufferer, having a SMP maybe a functional cure, given the hairloss is not too severe.

    The only worry is how having SMP will affect the subsequent Hair transplant procedure or any cure in the future. I dont think SMP will interfere with the latter, but I am worried about the former.

    Could anybody who did both share how did you guys do it? This is very good news to me.

  16. guys can someone pls answer my question? do we have any examples of smp on where hair follicles removed? can we have a nice buzz cut image?

    1. Are you speaking of SMP over an HT donor scar? Just Google search “micropigmentation scar” for many results. Each clinic also has this category of photos on their websites.

  17. This smp stuff in my opinion is great for covering up scars from strip and bad fue punch hole scars. Now tattooing your scalp up top is a different story. I wouldn’t do it on myself but if you have dark skin then this might be an option if you can pull off the shaved head look. All I know is that it’s 2017 and we are still looking at paint and camouflage as treatments and not actual science that grow a lousy freaking hair follicle. Sad sad sad progression in our field of dermatology .

    1. @mjones Agreed in that it’d be better to have a medical cure. But the young Vin Diesel look is definitely better than the obvious male pattern horse shoe or weak looking thinning hair. The texture simulation of SMP is excellent, so long as the hairline is soft and not too straight. You can soften your look further with some facial hair scruff. It’s better than nothing. Also, a tan and some glasses can help this look as well.

  18. Yeah I’m fair skin so this wouldn’t work on me at all but I think if you are black or very dark skinned it would work well. Most black guys look great with mpb. They just shave it and you can’t barely tell.

      1. So as someone who did a tricopigmentation treatment over 3 years ago, I wanted to provide some information on my experiences with the treatment. As a NW6, fair-skinned Caucasian man, I found that the treatment did not thoroughly blend with my native hair. Some skin tones lend themselves to trico better than others. Paler skin will likely notice a difference in the treated area compared to the non-treated area. Also, if your skin is prone to redness, there will be some lasting pinkish hues under the treated area. It took months for that to settle down on my scalp.

        I recently got the treatment lasered off as it was starting to fade and was getting more and more noticeable. Only 1 session was required to remove the entire trico treatment but, after 4 weeks, my skin is still pink in the area where the trico treatment used to be.

        I think trico can be a solid adjunct treatment to a hair transplant or if you have darker skin with less contrast between skin tone and hair colour. As a significant treatment on its own to create the illusion of hair, it has its limitations for paler skin tones.

    1. I don’t know where you’re getting the theory that it’s not for Caucasians. If anything, the shaved hair shadow contrast is greater on light skin, so it has a greater effect of framing the face to add a more youthful look. I’ve seen plenty of light skin guys with soft and real looking results. Just go to a few SMP websites or watch YouTube testimonials.

    1. Great find. Your comments were going into spam fyi, maybe due to suspicion about link with just one word describing it:-)

      1. sorry for the double post….

        Maybe you can do a post on this? I think it proves that a decernotinib topical will work.

        1. I will mention it in my next post.

          In the meantime, can you do me a favor and pick a unique username and stick to it please? You have used “decernotinib”, “cure”, “omg”, “justshaveitbro”, “girlslikebaldguys” “wound” “woundmebaby” and “garzasintern” in the recent past.

              1. Why must all before and after photos have different lighting and/or a different combed direction?

                Does anyone honestly see a big difference in the before and afters? Forgive me for having been subjected to hair loss scams my whole life.

  19. From the link that was posted by “cure.”

    “…and further studies using other immune modulating or anti-inflammatory drugs in the treatment of AGA with better side effect profiles and less limitations with administration (i.e. topicals) should be considered or explored.”

    Could this be more evidence that signals JAK inihibitors may work for AGA considering they are immune modulationg and anti inflammatory?

    1. I would say Yes.

      We have gone from a Moon Shot to let’s open the door and now walk on the Moon. Aclaris, let’s go start those trials.


  20. Good find on that cure link. The young guy definitely had significant regrowth. Is this available now?

    Admin or anyone else…do you know if Aclaris is going to skip phase 1 of trials and hop to phase 2 for AGA since they are trialing phase 1 for AA topical?

    1. I dont think this is viable but I think the rsult means decernotinib topical has a very very good chance of working…or some other immune-related topical.

  21. Why can’t a light be shined directly on top of their head in both photos? Like right on top same place for both pictures not off to the side or a little shade here nope right in the middle?

    1. I see what you’re saying but I think the regrowth is undeniable. The first guy is obviously getting an almost complete reversal starting , even with light differences. It is filling in like nothing I’ve seen (other than sex change drugs).

  22. Two things..follica, has been in business since 2007. They have yet to launch anything. Some spanked who said clinical dates of “2017” and “2018”…need 39 more months, as they just finished phase 1. Look up replicel and the others website for that info. What i am saying this are getting oushed back and their trying to get more investores. Sounds like the Cleveland Brown’s of football in drafting a QB. Always next year right? Secondly….when your working with cells like this…the one worry is cancer. I think people are missing this point. I have my degree in science and took Micobiology, Pathophysiology- basically diseases…Anatomy and physiology. ..advanced physiology, physics, Occupational therapy…human growth and development…Statistics math for healthcare professionals. Also took epidemiology. So if anyone can respond with studies…more than just an abstract…as I am published for undergraduate research at a known university, I just spoke on Inflammatory bowel disease and bacteria at a university. So I would like to see the data. I am sure you guys dig into research of this more. Will be studying to be a full practitioner.

    With that said, I have observed videos …of pigmentation. Hey I like unique thing, IBD, inflammatory bowel disease….understanding UTILITY in women. However..also hormones. You do realize the body likes balance..a chemical either inhibits or enhances something. The body then tries to balance. For instance, if you shot up say testosterone cypionate. It has a half life of 1 week. Your body will then in response shut down LH and FSH…all hormones….so your bodies natural production of testosterone will drop. Again body does this to try to balance out. If you have a lot of free test…and low sexbinding hormone….most likely things will convert if you will to DHT and Estradiol. Henceforth gyno in some men ( where men grow female boobs ). The estrogen gets to high….then males breasts. Very rare. .but if your that 1%…like propecia. .ouch. Also it’s not rocket science why people can get sides from propecia. If you understand hormones. Again the body will try and fight for balance. ……So IMO if you go and get pigmentation, I would go for temporary. Have a few friends…who have thick hair…and choose to buzz instead. It looks real good on the. In fact, I thought they were always like that until they grew their hair out one time.

    Personally if you have a nice jawline. ..think Ryan Reynolds, Nick lachey, Luke Wilson, etc….I think if your bald bad…this look can be pulled off. To note, friends who shaved their head ..well more of a buzz…had a good physique. Also I would think another issue with pigmentation is shaving your head still because the hair on sides will grow still as the rest on what you have. So maybe on men who have lost s lot…and buzz close or shave this would look good. While women who usually have much longer hair…csn cover up and not shave ( bc women with long hair ) could use this to fill in a spot and then highlight their hair to make it look like it has more layers.

    Case and point with other companies..the one worry with playing with cells is cancer. One could argue human growth hormone might increase hair on head. However that’s another story.

  23. Cris, I can’t seem to find anyone testing Kelo on any forum. Everyone thinks it’s a scam. If you find someone using it let us know.

  24. @all. How is it possible? It’s almost 2018 and we still talking about SMP, minoxidil, finasteride and FUT. Something is going very seriously wrong is this industry…Think about it. Improvements in this decade? 2010 to 2017? NOTHING. SHAME.

    1. @Paul Phoenix, life is not a bowl of cherries! A scientist I knew, had to repeat her experiments countless times, killing over 100 mice in the process, just to find out that she wasted five years of her life and sacrificed over 100 other lifes.
      If scientists knew exactly what they’re dealing with, it wouldn’t be science..
      So many potential treatments are incoming, it looks really positive past 2020 (if you overlook the animal holocaust).

      1. @sussanna: what are you talking about? Yoy always talk bad things…souce, link or something? LOL…!

    2. Agreed @paul, it’s a pathetic industry and extremely frustrating for those of us who have been around this game for years and fought the good fight.

      I really really want to believe something may come around to at least halt hair loss and get us off hormone altering bullshit but it’s super hard to be positive after so many past failures.

  25. @ Paul Phoenix. Don’t worry now they will come out of every corner. It’s like everything in life. Once you really need it you won’t get it. If you get it you will have multiple options.

    I really hope that nasa_rs is right. Imagine how it is to get back a full head of hair. Even if we have to wait for it, just knowing the the problem is solved will change everything.

    1. We have got to be right on this one. Just waiting for Aclaris to test out their Mojo. They know how to get things done. They already have the Oral for AA, and are to start the Topical for AA within months, then AGA topical.

      They must be testing it right now to find out wich -nib (JAK) has the best chance of working.

  26. What I don’t understand is why Aclaris waiting so long to start trials for AGA. My only conclusion is that it works better for Areata and not so well for AGA. If it reversed mpb you bet your ass they would push this full throttle. Too much bs, games and manipulation going on in the hair loss industry. I’m with Paul phoenix on this. 2017 and it’s pathetic. 20 years since an fda hair loss treatment hit the market and we are still applying Rogaine. HT doctors are enjoying the cash flow right now and for a long time ahead. I should have been an HT doctor haha. I would always be in demand

      1. Sussana (formerly Susana) do you ever have anything helpful to add? All you ever say on here is negative comments without any backing.

  27. @Paul Phoenix, life is not a bowl of cherries! A scientist I knew, had to repeat her experiments countless times, killing over 100 mice in the process, just to find out that she wasted five years of her life and sacrificed over 100 other lifes.
    If scientists knew exactly what they’re dealing with, it wouldn’t be science..
    So many potential treatments are incoming, it looks really positive past 2020 (if you overlook the animal holocaust).

  28. @derek: you mention 39 months before follica arrives. Please elaborate how you arrived at that number.

  29. wow I just realized the only “treatment” we have is Histogen within the next 12 months. If follica is pushed out to 2019. Or SAM i guess im not really excited about them though

  30. Just came back from a consultation with Hair Transplant Australia. So much miss information in this industry. Told me the only thing to help me without HT was dut or fin (been in fin for year and a half). Told the consultant (not the doctor) I was on Minox for 4 months and he told me to stop it as it does nothing. I do give him credit that he said my hair line was probably not suitable for HT because I don’t have hair loss areas just extreme thinning hair. He did say 2000 grafts in the front could help with some thickness. I got the following quote
    2000 Grafts $11000 AUD
    PRP without HT $900 per session and 6 sessions required
    PRP with HT $550 per session and 6 sessions required.
    I will look like Donald Trump in a couple of years with my thin hair. HELP?

    1. If $11000 is for 2000 grafts say we do get unlimited donor and someone needs 30 to 40000 for their nw7 that’s like 165 to $220,000. That’s makes my stomach roll up.

    2. Tired. I have the same situation. You are a boy. Shave it and get some SMP to correct the line. You will be OK. And nothing will say that you have hair loss. Trust me. A be happy we you life. :)

      1. I just got back from my dermatologist we agreed to go on topical finesteride through compound pharmacy thanks admin for introducing me to that.

        Tired I suggest you do what were all doing here and wait for follica rain. tsuji. Shiseido etc. And thorn medical. Jk

        1. Maybe you can ask your compound pharmacy how many topical Finasteride and topical Dutasteride treatments prescriptions they fill out every year? Am curious. Mine said “just several a year” if I recall correctly.

          1. lol.. dude… i might as well asked them for bacon wrapped chocolate banana’s with coconut whiskey the way they sound like an alien landed in their office

            1. they are now both Doctor and compound pharmacy said they have never made or heard of that being done before and need time to research the best solution % . So now I have to wait. Theres your answer lol. Admin do you know a good reference or %? Need some help here

  31. Mjones. Forget histogen. Just look the best case in the photos. They are just rising funds for other thing. If something get out will like woman beauty creams…..

    1. @Susana: again and again. SOURCE? PDF? Thanks. Histogen will be release in mexico soon…that’s life. Good luck susana.

      1. Source? XD histogen presentation since 2011. Good louck mexico 2018. You will sea in Next press that date going for 2019….

    2. Yes. Histogen has nothing. They are he least worth following at this point… just scamming more investors.

  32. Hey everyone, you can absolutely combine hair transplants and SMP. We do it all the time here at SMG. I actually think it’s the best of both worlds.

  33. We are in the used car sales business of the medical industry. The laughing stock bottom joke. Mice get more respect than us in mpb treatments. I hate being a Debbie downer but sht… is taking so long for a stupid ointment that can sprout a full follicle lol. I don’t know maybe my conspiracy theory of ht doctors suppressing the cure may be true lol. If nothing comes out by 2020 then it’s safe to say it will never happen and something is stopping a new treatment from hitting the market.

    1. MJones Can’t agree more with you.

      That’s why I am All Out in favor of JAK. I want a Cure NOW.

      It’s the only thing that potentially can give us back all of our hair And if it fails to work then it will be a very long wait for the next new thing and too long for me.

      I can’t wait for Aclaris tests results.

  34. I will take a treatment that will stop hair loss and just do a fue to fill in the diffuse spots all over and call it a day. They can’t even stop hair loss. Something is weird I’m telling you.

    1. It’s All Or Nothing. Just the way it is.

      Trust JAK – it’ll work. What version I have no idea but one of the JAK’s will work. Aclaris will prove it.

  35. @egghead Commercial solutions contain 0.1% Fin and seem to work.
    If I were you I would try 0.025% Fin + 5% Minox, depending on how severe your hairloss is.

    Check out this guys recipe:

    Let us know how it works for you at least.

    Personally I’m far more interested into minimum dose topical Dutasteride..

    1. oh damn – he has no pics. i’m going to be taking pics.
      no minox – nothing, just topical fin.

  36. @mjones Nobody kills you for beeing bald. You could just live your life with or without hair. Mice and rats don’t suffer from mpb. They’re born in labs to die carelessly for your hairloss or other diseases. That’s why those species deserve more respect because the individual is dead already.

  37. @ mjones.

    I have a fin question for you since you have been on it so long.

    How did it affect your hairline?
    I have managed to get rid of all sides with grape seed and l arginine. It looks like my crown is actually starting to do okay – but for some reason my hairline is dying quick. Id say it is the shed, but since I have long hair you can see the hair thinning the further towards the root it gets and it seems to have gotten worse quicker the 3 or so months ive been back on it now. It did the same thing the last time I took it, and I dont understand if that is a good sign or bad – but last time I had to quit due to sexual sides? Maybe you can shed some light? Im only on fin – no minox right now.

  38. @ rancid…I was an excellent responder to fin. I started at 20 years old and still on it 1mg brand name Propecia. It maintained my hair at nw1 with some slight thinning in crown and right side of temple but extremely minimal. Never had a shed on Propecia. After 12 years of fin I was still a nw1.5 until something happened and my hair started thin crown, right side of scalp, left side completely untouched. So at 32 my hair loss accelerated. Wondering if it was due to protein whey isolate I was taking at 32 which might have spiked my dht and ruined my hormonal balance or it simply was fin losing its effectiveness. I added Rogaine foam at 33 and it helped a bit on the shedding but started to really hit my right side from temple hairline tk crown. I’m on liquid Rogaine at night since last Oct and foam. Liquid gave me some good regrowth at my temples and all over top. Bringing me back to nw1.5 from nw2 diffuse last year. Now I’m shedding all gains and right temple and crown are thinning again. Not sure if this is a 6 month shed or what. Oct to feb 2017 great regrowth…March to present going downhill. Who knows what 6 months will bring maybe regrowth again.

      1. It never grew back when I stopped taking it last time, but it slowed down shedding in that area alot. I was still balding at the hairline, but not as quickly. Since I had to quit somewhat early due to sides I figured maybe I just didnt get the benefit of regrowth yet, so now since I started again, I am seeing the increase shedding in the hairline, and its going quick. I just dont know if that hair will come back stronger or if its gone for good.

        But roughly 3 months ago I still had the hairline triangles even though it was somewhat thin, but now there are no sharp points, its a big “U shape in each corner. Im happy I have no sides this time around, but I don’t want to take it just to maintain my crown. I care more about my hairline. Or lack thereof now.

    1. You ever tried upping the dose of fin? I’ve heard it can lose some effectiveness after long periods.

      1. Jvan…I upped it to 2mg 3 years helped a bit but I kept losing ground. My scalp started burning and tightness when I hit 32. Once I got on Rogaine it went away. That scalp burn and inflammation vanished. It only comes back when I stress really bad at work.

        All I know is that Propecia was the best thing for me at cured me for 12 years. Sucks that we don’t have anything better after all this time.

        1. i wish there was more empirical research on the long-term effects of finasteride. a lot of people claim it stops working after 5 years. i wonder how much it’s fin losing effectiveness versus other environmental conditions.

  39. @Admin: do you know any release date about follica’s treatment or another propecia alternative? Thank you.

  40. To whom it may concern,

    ReBoost is a hair product developed in Biotechnology and Stem Cell research laboratories at Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey. The name of the hair cream has defined as Kelopesia firstly, therefore it is then decided to be named as ReBoost regarding to the opinions and suggestions coming from the sector experts. ReBoost has formulated as a result of a long-term scientific study.

    First of all, the molecular content of the discharged exosome (nanoparticle) of stem cells obtained from the foreskin was established and identified. These exosomes were determined to have a significant effect on the renewal of hair follicle cells. Then, the molecules that are approved for the production legislation of the cosmetic products were listed with respect to the Ministry of Health in Turkey. These molecules were studied and combined with other important components such as vitamins, minerals and some hairdressing herbal oils for manufacturing the final formulation of RoBoost.
    This is from reboost website.

  41. @nasa_rs: I dont understand why you are so confident about JAK. u keep telling it since Q4. you even proposed a countdown menu to admin. remember?

    Regarding one of the JAK type would work? you must be a joke… then there is already cure for baldness. look at transgender people, you see the transformation?
    you can also develop spidey skills but probably wont live more than a hour or so.
    my point is you are just too damn sure about JAK without even looking at the serious side effects. all JAK types has serious sides and I am not sure they can make to the market because of this reason

  42. @donitello
    at least he is positive and I do also agree with nasa_rs. Aclaris know exactly that it works. This isn’t just a coincidence that everything points out that AGA is related to inflammation.
    They just don’t spend millions of dollars if they don’t know if it works. Dr.Angela Christiano made a lot of money and it’s obvious that she cannot talk about it.
    JAK will be the cure. I’m on nasa’s hype train!

    1. Hi Tom, I do not think any of your recent comments have been deleted by me or are in spam. Which one are you talking about?

  43. A top secret news form Histogen

    Warning : Confidential. You might face some legal action ;)
    Just Kidding, but sadly, Histogen is delaying again.

    In this new presentation, they have clearly shown (Page 4) that the earliest commercial launch will be possible by 2020 in Mexico, not by 2018 as proposed earlier.

    Now the big question is :
    Will you pay for Tsuji or Histogen?

    I am done with these hilarious Histies.

    1. Histogen seems on track for 2019. Great news!! Waiting for the IPO to invest! (Seriously if you expected 2018 you were unrealistic given the study hasnt even begun).

      1. That’s not grt news. That’s depressing as. First the timeline was early 2018 and then it shifted to the 2nd half of 2018 and now they are talking about the Mexican release in 2020. (I don’t know where you got that info of 2019, but on page 4 they have clearly shown that 2020 is the year if everything goes well. However, we know better, right? Everything won’t happen according to the plan.

        1. The presentation gives a range. But yes delays are the norm normally while raising funds. These startups always have difficulty raising funds until they have an ipo. They are having trouble with meeting this ambitious round.

  44. Look to private Facebook pictures of people they Do Smp ,it looks never so good ,the companys faked the video and pictures..
    İ look over 300 private facebook profiles from Usa,europe,brasil and co..
    The people make pictures in a restaurant with basecap!!Why????
    80% of people with smp looks by pictures like a helmet of his bald..

  45. I have a stupid FUT scar I’d like to get treated with SMP. I am looking at Skalp – does anyone have experiences (good or bad) with them or these kinds of scars in general?

    1. Yes very encouraging, but did not think it warranted a post as yet due to lack of any hair product related update!

      1. I wouldn’t think you couldn’t raise that kind of money without good evidence, they must be on to something. Hopefully!!!

        1. Samumed has in its pipeline also other conditions apart from hairloss. So although any investment is very welcome…especially for the company, nowhere within the article is any substantiation to assume any positive outlook for hairloss treatments.

  46. Does anyone know a good place to get the tricopigmentatjon treatment around the Massachusetts area?

    Everyone I’ve researched only does the long-term SMP. I’ve been looking into getting temp and a diffuse thinner. Just don’t want to do anything I regret. Any comments or feedback would be appreciated!

    1. @JayRed, I remember reading about this over a year ago and really liked to simplicity of their approach. Whereas research has run into many roadblocks in culturing cells such as the DP and DC cell in vitro (except maybe Tsuji), the Frequency Theraputics website says unlimited progenitor cells can be produced in vitro. In the link below, they specifically say they are studying progenitor cell activation (PCA) to address androgenic alopecia: The other thing I noticed is that the current trial for ear hair has a very quick timeline, ending after a 3 month followup visit so I presume if PCA works, they expect it to work quickly and with only 1 injection. They should know something by the trial ending date of December 2018.

  47. In this study, significant changes in the IL-1 and KGF/FGF-7 genes expression levels in the skin samples with inflammation, were associated with an increase in the rate and speed of improvement of contact dermatitis, more favorable conditions of the healed skin (in terms of color, consistency, and thickness), and a remarkable increase in the number of hair grown on the site of dermatitis (compared with control groups, and even groups with corticosteroid therapy).

  48. Although the association of the psychological problems and androgenetic alopecia (AGA) gained the increasing attention, the psychosocial state in college students with AGA remains unknown. We recruited a total number of 355 college students with AGA from 18 universities in Southern China for interview. The Symptom Checklist-90-R (SCL-90-R) survey was used to assess the psychological state of these students. There were significant differences in somatization, obsessive–compulsive, interpersonal sensitivity, depression, phobic anxiety, psychoticism, and global severity index (GSI) between college students with AGA and the controls. Moreover, regarding the impact of specialty, scores for the interpersonal sensitivity, depression, and phobic anxiety in medical students and art students with AGA were significantly higher than other professions. In addition, obsessive–compulsive and GSI in art students with AGA were significantly higher compared with other professions. These findings suggested that the therapeutic approach for the psychological problems should be considered in the tailored treatment for AGA in the college students.

  49. Hi Admin.. I always abide by the house rules for each post and I know you asked everyone to stay on topic for this post but I need just a little help. Anyone jump in who may have an answer. I know minox forties with finasteride is working well for me amd others as a topical. I k iw that finasteride crosses the BBB but Minox does not. Would this change things because they are mixed. Would finasteride be able to sneak it in now? This would not be good. My presumption is no because I know people who have been doing this topical off label for many years.. Please someone take a shot at this..

    1. So what might happen IF MIN passes the BBB ???

      I am using topical MIN 5% in the morning and topical FIN gel 1% in the evening, so they are not mixed. I actually think that in your case the FIN is getting easier into your (main) bloodstream because of the combination with MIN. Don’t know about the BBB.

      1. Thanks Admin.. Hey Netshed what type of alcohol on the fin is in it? Is it cetyl? Some literate I read about minox is that if it was to get through the bbb it would be possible for it to have negative effects on brain tissue.. However I don’t think Fin has the capability to do this .. I believe only manipulating nano science could sneak in something like minox but I wanted to pick some brains about it.

          1. Can phenoxyethanol disturb the pigments from an SMP?
            I did an SMP 2 days ago and just resumed my alcohol free (contains phenoxyethanol) minox treatment.

    2. No problems about the off-topic comments in such posts…especially for people who do not break the rule continuously.

  50. Please do not try SMP for FUT scar cover up…this doesn’t work and is a waste of time/money/energy

    I’m still looking for a solution and yet to find one

  51. Haven’t heard much about this honestly! My concern is about the ink marks. What do you mean by they fade away in a few years? How many years precisely?

  52. Hi Admin – Are there any substantial updates regarding scalp micropigmentation versus tricopigmentation, i.e., overall satisfaction of procedure after passing years, good/bad outcomes, fade or discoloring over time, removal success, etc. Thanks

  53. Just happened on this site…& if it’s still taking comments(?)…I am as experienced as anyone with getting both smp and tricho. I went for the whole head shaved looked & I needed to cover long, ugly strip scars. Well, actually,.. in the 1990’s..I convinced a permanent makeup person to try & camouflage my strip scars. This was just a few years after I had gotten the transplants and well before smp existed. I came up with the idea after reading about women getting their eyebrows inked in. The permanent makeup “artist” had never thought about the possibility of using ink to replicate hair on the head. And she only did it after I signed an agreement absolving her of all responsibility. She used very short linear strokes, like on an eyebrow. I had her do it on top of my head too, where my hair was grown out, but still much thinner than I liked. It was a disaster! I had all of that lasered off asap. But it didn’t completely come off. I HAD to wear a hairpiece! I finally found a place with realistic, thin skin hair systems and I wore these for close to 10 yrs. Honestly, no one noticed and I was happy to, seemingly, have a full head of hair. But they were expensive and required lots of maintenance. Around 2005(?) I read about smp being done at Good Look Ink in Minneapolis. I flew there and got my full shaved head done including the scar camouflage. It looked pretty good and hid the permanent makeup that remained on top of my head. Still, the scars really stood out. While I was told it would only take 3 sessions, tops, to complete it actually required 5 or 6 visits to get the proper coverage & density. As long as I got those follow ups within 2 yrs(I think?) they didn’t charge anything for as many visits as I needed. But I still had to pay for plane tickets and hotels etc.
    — And-GLI wouldn’t take my hairline the tiniest amount further past where I still had very thin growing hairs. Because of that, and because the scars were still very noticeable, I looked around for a “better” smp provider. Unfortunately I chose a place called Scalp Aesthetics. They talked a great game and promised me perfection. Even though I specifically told the practitioner that I wanted a very natural, non-linear hairline…. she gave me an unnatural straight hairline. Long story short, I had to get three different types of ink lasered off of my entire head. The newer picosure laser worked quite well & took all of the ink off except for some small areas around the scars where the permanent makeup “artist’s” ink stubbornly stayed. I got this area lasered with three different types of lasers but there is still a little bit left…& it has become slightly blue. All of the lasering took away most of the transplanted hair that remained…as well as some side & back of head hair. I was totally bald with my scars looking worse than ever. Finally, I got trichopigmentation done by Eric at Ahead Ink in Nj/NY. He did a wonderful job! And, since I always wear a hat in the sun, it has lasted at least 3 yrs. I’ve returned once for a touch up. That was at least 3 yrs ago & it’s still fine. I will probably get a touch up relatively soon at Ahead Ink or at Shapiro medical. You don’t have to wait until the pigment has faded away to get a touch up. At these places,… I know it will never turn blue.
    I also had an expert in surgical scar repair in McLean, VA close my scars better. I still notice them..but most people don’t. It isn’t as satisfying as having real hair stubble and I have to put a special no shine lotion on my head everyday,…but it looks better than it does without the illusion of hair framing my face. Unless I tell them, everyone believes it’s actually my own hair shaved down very close. An ex girlfriend kept begging me to grow it out and I finally had to tell her the truth. I should have told her from the beginning. Honestly….I still feel dumb telling people I have tattooed dots of hair stubble on my head. But I don’t know exactly why? —I have corresponded with Nicole Large, and she now offers both temporary & permanent smp. She was in the process of adding temporary when I last messaged her. Now, temporary is what she seems to do most. It allows for the smallest marks & thus the most natural look. I’m going to talk with her next week, but I gather that even her permanent smp method is somewhat temporary. And ANY method requires touch ups, so it’s never a “one & done” type of procedure. If you avoid the sun & clean & moisturize it correctly you may be able to go 5 years between sessions. —Bad smp practitioners deposit the pigment too deeply..& that will inevitably have dots bleeding together into bigger dots and that ink will turn blue & green. Never get smp done by someone who only does tattoos or if they only do permanent makeup. Through my own experience & having done tons of research, Matt Iullo(I forget the name of his business?) is considered one of the most skilled artist who only does “permanent” smp. While Nicole Large is the most experienced with both procedures. Eric at Ahead Ink is my personal fave for tricho. only. And most places do only offer one or the other.
    —Temporary (trichopigmentation) will eventually fade completely away….if that’s what you want. Just go out in the sun everyday for a couple of months & it will fade pretty quickly. I’d try to avoid lasers. They are effective but they also “kill” some of the hair you have left.—If you have several long strip scars, like I do, they won’t be 100% camouflaged. If your getting a hair transplant, these days, the best doctors will never leave you with such obvious scars that were so common ..even 10 yrs ago. —The transplant doc in Mclean(sp?) Va…I forget his name…sorry….is who I would go to if I was getting a transplant today. He gets the most density out of the least donor hair. And he has a special technique to leave only tiny scars. Plus, he can perform scar corrective surgery on old scars even when most other docs will not.

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