Coronavirus and Hair Loss

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What is your biggest worry in life this week?

Coronavirus Hair Loss
Coronavirus or Hair Loss.

13 thoughts on “Coronavirus and Hair Loss”

  1. If you’re young you will have higher chance to recovered from the virus.
    Whereas if you carry hairloss gen it will follow you rest of your life, and mentally it just kill you day by day and send you into depression state….
    Hence I pick hairloss my biggest worry EVERYDAY since the day I know I have male pattern baldness :(

  2. Hair loss is the one think I have been obsessing over for the last 8 years, it feels like I have been thinking about it every moment of the day, thinking about how much more joyful my life would be without this condition, but right now if you don’t vote for coronavirus, you probably don’t have a clear clue about what’s going on. I live in Milan, and Lombardia has one of the very best sanitary systems in the world, and eventhough the infected are “only” 15k people and we are given strict orders to not leave our house, we are already on our knees. People are actually dying my friend, and it’s not only the old ones as many like to believe, hospitals are full of young guys who are intubated with a breathing tube to stay alive. Hair loss sucks, but a cure can wait

    1. Great post! Well said! Stay safe and hopefully you and your family and friends will all get over this

  3. To be honest the rumor about pharmaceuticals engineering viruses and their remedies has come to the front again. Sometimes it’s disheartening to her stories about hair loss cures spun on our hopes that a cure is just around the corner every other month, or year or so…

    I just hope that for all concerned we solve the virus and we also solve hair loss because what really matters if living a high quality life.

  4. a true balding sufferer wants to die with hair … it is just one of these things … there is no hell there is only baldness …

  5. My biggest concern is obviously the coronavirus right now. I live in Los Angeles CA and i am graduating university in May 2020. Due to this terrible virus i will not be able to take stage and have my family see me receive my college degree in Public Health ( what a coincidence haha).
    Anyways i planned on getting a hair transplant after college graduation in June 2020. I am 26 by the way. And now due to the coronavirus i doubt surgeons are going to preform any hair transplant surgeries which SUCKS!
    Does anyone have any advice?

    1. I live 2 miles from where most of the US deaths occurred. I am still far more concerned about hair loss. I did have to cash out my 401k a few years ago, so that helps me not focus on the stock market.

  6. Biggest fear is that due to corona virus hairloss research, especially of tsuji and related parties is being delayed even more.

  7. I think moving forward I’ll just read updates regarding hairloss treatments. These comment sections are too depressing and the obsession on hairloss will only make you miserable. I’m in my mid-twenties and suffer from it, so I understand but I’m just tired of caring. Hope to see a fix down the road, but let’s try to be happy with or without hair. Best of luck everyone.

  8. Supply line and personal finance issues means many of us will have to go without Finasteride, Minoxidil & especially research chemicals like Ru58841.

    If you use any of these.. stock up now.

  9. If the idea of balding or being bald worries you more than you or one of your family dying from covid19 You seriously need to take a look at yourself. Try being less vain and self absorbed and have some more empathy with your fellow human beings at least until this humanitarian crisis passes.

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