FUT vs FUE Hair Transplant?

If you were to get a hair transplant, would you pick FUE or FUT? Another name for FUT is strip hair transplants. FUE is a more recent hair restoration technology.

What is the Difference Between FUE and FUT?

  1. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) scars are small, round and numerous. In contrast, Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) strip scars are linear and can stretch or remain minimally visible.
  2. FUE procedures typically take a much longer time than FUT procedures.
  3. FUE is more expensive than FUT on a per graft basis.
  4. In most cases, FUE surgeries involve fewer grafts than FUT surgeries.

It has been a while since the last poll.  Today there are two of them, and both are related to hair transplants: the best currently available option to treat hair loss in both men and women. The first poll below can be taken by both men and women. However, the second one is only applicable to men as far as I know. Only two options for each answer.

Please closely read all the options in the below poll before voting. You can only vote once, and cannot edit your vote.

Poll: FUE or FUT Hair Transplant?

A total of 1756 people responded, with 1,536 picking FUE and 220 picking FUT. Most people clearly seem to prefer FUE versus FUT.

FUE or FUT Hair Transplants.


Would you Ever Get a FUE Body Hair Transplant (BHT) ?

A lot of FUE procedures now include some body hair that is moved from the body to the scalp. Such procedures are known as body hair transplants (BHT). Would you get such a surgery?

Total responses = 1,854.

YES = 909 (49.0%).

NO = 945 (51.0%).

146 thoughts on “FUT vs FUE Hair Transplant?”

  1. FUT vs FUE seems like a no brainer, but you need to consider that FUT can mean higher survival rates of grafts for certain types of hair

    1. There are many surgeons who still offer FUT (some almost exclusively) so I am surprised that the poll results are 100 percent pro FUE so far. I guess most FUT customers are less educated about their options and probably never visit hair loss blogs and forums.

      1. Very possibly, but I also think a large percentage of guys going for HT’s are in advanced NW stages in which higher graft counts are needed, and as such are advised to get strip surgery first up and FUE as follow ups. Interestingly, I saw a really interesting case by Dr Saifi of Poland recently who performed FUE but had left a strip of hair spanning the entire head intact so that FUT could be performed later. An inverse logic to current thinking but makes perfect sense.

      2. I could actually see most FUE patients being less educated than FUT patients about HTs. FUEs are seemingly the default practice, most promoted (no scar!), and more expensive/profitable. I could see most people saying “give me the scarless procedure I saw advertised” while knowing nothing about the different transcetion rates and simply being told “FUT is the old way.”

    1. @Spex…do you have any thoughts on the Saifi case I mentioned above? It’s something I’d definitely consider but not sure if there’s something I’m missing…

  2. Isn’t FUT more dangerous? Also you are most likely going to be left with a scar.

    Maybe FUT + SMP to cover scar for higher norwoods

    FUE for lower norwoods.

    1. FUT will leave a linear scar, FUE leaves small pin prick scars all over the back of the head. If a tricophytic closure is carried out, the scar should be minimally visible at FUT, and using a small punch renders FUE scars practically invisible most of the time.

      FUE normally has a higher transection rate than FUT as the surgeons cannot see what they are doing whilst separating the graft from surrounding tissue, whereas in FUT they can. Thus FUE has a higher transection rate, an probably 5% (with a good surgeon) of grafts might not survive. One of the main factors to consider based on my research is that of hair type…If you have straight hair, the transection rate will likely be lower as the follicles won’t be damaged by punching straight into tissue….Curly hair is likely that the follicle itself isn’t directly under the hair, instead curved to the side, thus the graft might be transected from the follicle.

  3. I had FUT first to fill in. I will have FUE as a top up. Done by Rahal. I was fully aware of both options. It was cost and graft number driven.

  4. FUE’s can also give you a lot of scarring and cobblestone looking skin in the recipient area if not performed correctly. So that something people should be cautious of as well

  5. I would probably go with fue. Having a scar line across the back of my head just doesn’t settle right with me. I wonder if piloscopy WI ever get released. That looks like a good method that will be scarless

  6. Only a couple of questions: Why hair transplant always have a sensation of a big forehead? That looks really bad. And the other and the most important question: Why we don’t see any improvement in the field of hair transplantation and hair loss treatment? It’s awesome.

    Thanks admin.

    1. Agreed – currently the objective is simple. Try and hide as much of the head as possible given the quantity of hair you have.

      On a bright note – leaving the office the other day – was so happy – I walked out and by the statues was the most handsome, swish looking, muscular, awesome guy with a shaved head I have ever seen.

      It was awesome – literally triple take – I looked, I walked and turned to look again, I walked and no, I must turn and look again!

      Sorry for posting off-topic – in a weird mood today.

  7. Imagine if Follica could give results 2 or 3 times better than that Polish fue. That would be absolutely awesome.

    I just hope their claim of 25 terminal hairs per sqcm and 75 neogenic per sqcm isn’t just make believe on the part of PureTech to attract investors.

  8. I know two persons who had FUT procedure. Both told me that they wish they never did it because of the scar on the back of their heads. I would also never undergo FUT and risc getting a huge scar. Its pretty impossible to predict how the body will heal when you remove a piece of flesh that size. You could have it done by the best in the business and still end up with a scar thats looks like something out of a horror movie.

  9. Stem Cells Transl Med. 2016 Jul 25. pii: sctm.2015-0397. [Epub ahead of print]
    Hair Follicle and Sebaceous Gland De Novo Regeneration With Cultured Epidermal Stem Cells and Skin-Derived Precursors.
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    Author information
    : Stem cell-based organ regeneration is purported to enable the replacement of impaired organs in the foreseeable future. Here, we demonstrated that a combination of cultured epidermal stem cells (Epi-SCs) derived from the epidermis and skin-derived precursors (SKPs) was capable of reconstituting functional hair follicles and sebaceous glands (SG). When Epi-SCs and SKPs were mixed in a hydrogel and implanted into an excisional wound in nude mice, the Epi-SCs formed de novo epidermis along with hair follicles, and SKPs contributed to dermal papilla in the neogenic hair follicles. Notably, a combination of culture-expanded Epi-SCs and SKPs derived from the adult human scalp were sufficient to generate hair follicles and hair. Bone morphogenetic protein 4, but not Wnts, sustained the expression of alkaline phosphatase in SKPs in vitro and the hair follicle-inductive property in vivo when SKPs were engrafted with neonatal epidermal cells into excisional wounds. In addition, Epi-SCs were capable of differentiating into sebocytes and formed de novo SGs, which excreted lipids as do normal SGs. Thus our results indicate that cultured Epi-SCs and SKPs are sufficient to generate de novo hair follicles and SGs, implying great potential to develop novel bioengineered skin substitutes with appendage genesis capacity.
    In postpartum humans, skin appendages lost in injury are not regenerated, despite the considerable achievement made in skin bioengineering. In this study, transplantation of a combination of culture-expanded epidermal stem cells and skin-derived progenitors from mice and adult humans led to de novo regeneration of functional hair follicles and sebaceous glands. The data provide transferable knowledge for the development of novel bioengineered skin substitutes with epidermal appendage regeneration capacity.
    ©AlphaMed Press.

  10. Will the transplanted body hair be like head hair when it grows in or will it be like body hair? Body hair tends to be coarser, darker, and it typically grows to a shorter length then stops. Also, body hair doesn’t grow as densely as head hair so donor scars would be very visible.

  11. I had due twice 5000 pound a time. On second procedure the surgeon/doctor made sounds and noises and words to the effect he was happy with the first one. He then tuck picture. I agree the picture looked good. But I wasn’t even happy after the second.

    I think there camera’s and lighting trick u into thinking there better.

    Also I will admit I had high expectations and wanted my hair back ie fully back. It’s basicly see through on temple’s in day light

  12. The amount of votes for body hair transplant shows how desperate people are. It looks so gross and grimy looking, and any bet youd hate yourself and regret it forever after you got it done. Woud miss your old clean shaved look lol

  13. If you are thinking in get HT you need to look how the football player in the picture end with the hair. XD

    The only HT solutuon for me is if you want to be the bald person or the person that have and hair transplant.

  14. The ht industry really needs to upgrade their procedures. Still way too many doctors butchering people and doing things they shouldn’t for a buck. Not cool! If you see shady before after pics on a ht doctor site just don’t even consider them. They really need this cloning thing to happen then ht will be the cure! They just need unlimited donor hair or else ht still looks like your balding. If done right I guess it can look good but there is always huge life long term risk of a botch job which terrifies me. I would get one for my hairline but afraid they will mess it up and I’m stuck with a disfigured look for the rest of my life. Fingers crossed for tsuji, cots, replicel for ht advancements. Without these new treatments ht industry will be the same lackluster protocol

  15. If BHTs actually looked decent id be set for life. Id have the hairline of a child. And still look like Chewbacca’s hairier cousin. My ass is like a shag rug.

  16. @Mjones any luck yet tracking down our Greek friend?.. Hmm I wonder where Swiss lurks now adays too besides on AskFM?

    1. Not yet my friend. I didn’t have a chance to pursue it. Work has been busy. I will try over the weekend.
      So I was watching this Greek TV show this morning and a doctor there was promoting his new hair loss lotion. It’s called Genethrix. Most likely snake oil. But my point is just because a doctor sells it doesn’t mean it’s good

      1. Almost certainly garbage – doubtless the world will quickly become aware otherwise.

        Want to hear a JK – minoxidil has literally grown a load of hairs on my head and on other parts of my body. The most pronounced are those on my fingers. I wonder why?

        Re. Body hair transplant – your body is literally covered in hair – it may be miniature but it is there.

    1. Dude – don’t bother looking up garbage like that – it is not conducive – may as well go and dunk your scalp in some cow crap on a field somewhere for 10 minutes and 22 seconds exactly. Trust me, we will know when we have something good – we may even be ahead of the game thanks to Admin – so can register for the treatment early.

      This is my fifth comment today – your typical behaviour is rubbing off on me – ayayayay

      1. Ugggh I know. So many snake oils out there. It’s crazy. Yeah there is only mjones brah, don’t copy my style lol. That was my last post for today…well this is now. I will try and hunt down that Greek dermatoller dude

  17. Guys a quick aside.

    Hair cloning is considered by many to be the end “cure”. But it will do nothing to aid miniaturized hair. Hair cloning will in effect be like unlimited hair transplant and most ht docs recommend their patients to use fin for their native hairs.

    So if cloning would immunize and save existing hairs, what will? Replicel? Brotzu? Does Follica assist in this area or will it be only for new growth?

    Thank you.

    1. I thought what Dr.Tsuji was doing is to reawake follicles, not clone them.
      And let’s wait and see if Rivertown Therapeutics really can back up its claim about regrowing miniaturized hair.

      As for HT, I wouldn’t do it mainly because of permanent scars.

  18. Guys do all men lose hair after quitting fin? It seems like they do. There are even those who start taking fin as a preventive measure who might not even have mpb, but i’m yet to hear of anyone quitting fin whose hair stayed exactly the same

    Second thing I was wondering about. Imagine if Riken or others found “the cure” in the form of cloning. Say you had been maintaining well on fin and decide to quit when cloning is on the market. How long would you give your hair to stabilize and stop shedding before doing the cloning treatment?

  19. @habe I definately think you have some good questions I really wonder about this too so I don’t have the answer but I’m betting you’d have to have multiple appt. Nobody knows what hairs are gonna fall out when. My grandfather has been nw7 forever but he still has a hair here and there right on top of his head it’s weird. Why do we bald severely just on top of the head anyway?

    1. Hey @H, thanks for answering.

      Yeah it’s difficult because once cloning does arrive, you don’t want to require multiple cloning procedures over a long period because that would cost a lot of money.

      But if you stopped fin etc. when cloning was announced, there’s no way of knowing how long it would then take you to lose all the hair you were meant to lose so that you can proceed to have the cloning.

      It could take 1, 3, 10 or 25 years after stopping fin to reach your final balding pattern. If cloning comes in 10 years, some of us who stopped treatment now might be horseshoe by then and ready for the full works. But if we stop our treatments in 10 years, it would take ANOTHER 10 years to lose it enough to get the cloning.

      1. If you are a nw3 or higher you already lost about 60 to 70% of the density on your top of head. Once cloning will be available just ask for 100,000 Hairs on top of the 20k hairs you have left. The 20k hairs will eventually die since you got off Propecia and you will be down to 100k. In reality we really only need like 50k on top for full density the other fifty is from the sides and back.

        1. What about if you’re diffused with intact hairline?

          Wouldn’t getting new hairs packed on existing mpb sensitive hairs mean you’re not getting the whole head covered by clones?

          The moment cloning is available (I believe it will be someday in the future), I want to get off fin asap. I just got on fin so it might last me 10+ years until Tsuji.

          Upon stopping fin I don’t know how long it would take for the balding process to reach its natural end point (horseshoe). It could take 5 years or 20 years.

          Yet I don’t won’t to postpone having maximum cloning done when it becomes available. I won’t be able to afford repeat touch up cloning procedures.

          Yes I know I am speaking as though cloning is a certainly, I know it isn’t but for arguments sake let’s suppose it will be.

        2. Really? 60 to 70% of the density?
          Maybe I have a lot of density for a NW3 but I’d say at best I’ve lost 30% “density” which is really just my receding hair line, no loss in actual density to the middle yet. Maybe you thinking of NW4 or higher.

  20. Here is the link to the Greek guy and his successful regrowth. There is a ton of topical this guy used with derma pen wounding. Tool him 3 months to get these resujts. 2mm wounding derma pen then added a whole bunch of stuff like scalp rejuvenating serum, olive rosemary, castor oils, folligen, some other wnt oil etc.

    1. It’s starting to look like micro needling can work extremely well if combined with the right topical. This looks a lot like Swisstemples and also Brotzu-ish; here are the common ingredients with the Swiss Temples list:

      -Valproic Acid
      -borage /rosemary oil

      IIRC Brotzu is ONLY a PGE1 precursor and a DHT blocker. PGE1 probably stimulates growth and the DHT blocker allows the new growth to survive. Borage and Rosemary oil happen to act as analogues for these two functions.

  21. Hey guys I have lurked on this forum ever since I’ve been shedding when I was 18. I’m turning 20 next month and approaching a nw2 pretty fast. What would you do I you were this age? I feel like fin is the only real answer until a cure comes out but is it worth the risk given a cure is around the corner? Being a nw 4 at 25 sounds awful but ED is even more terrifying

  22. I thought about a solution that I think would be useful someday when I need it.

    What if I’ll take the majority of my hair on the sides and the back of my hair and put it in top with fue and than do the shaved sides and back long top haircut ?
    Is it possible ? Would a man who does that would have scars all over his head ? Why most of the HTs give a large forehead look ?
    Other thoughts ?

    1. Hi PaulPhoenix,

      Nice find! What does it mean in layman terms? And which researchers are actually working on a treatment based on the things in that article? I was hoping to see Cots name on there but it seems to have been conducted by a different team at Cincinnati.

  23. Would be good to see those pictures in high definition and update pics. The general hair area looks darker but would it look good grown out?

    Anyway over to you Cotsarelis.

    1. He definitely got regrowth using a kitchen sink approach which is VERY encouraging! Now we can only imagine what cots can do with all his advanced methods and his undisclosed topical.

      Random question: has anyone used Sisheido Adenogen and got regrowth. Looking into it

  24. I know spanky!! Let’s cross our fingers and hope cots brings us 10x better results:) This Greek guy put a lot of stuff on his head lol. I don’t see that he used fin or Rogaine which makes it even more amazing

  25. The greek guys results would really be satisfying to most guys. I mean, micropigmentation does not look as good as his result. Who cares if he can grow it long, it looks like he has a proper head of hair and he was close to slick at the crown area.

  26. And why is it that not a single hair loss researcher or company can take pictures like this Greek guy. I not registered on the site and can only see the minatures but I can still see they are better than anything I’ve seen from ANY of the companies discussed here on a daily basis.

    1. Damn – it is so easy to fake pictures man.

      Maybe it works, maybe not – pictures are available for scrutinising but they’re no guarantee.

      Easiest thing I could do is get a friend, give him a balding look haircut and wait for his hair to grow back and say how the solution is X, Y and Z. Then bam you search where can I get X, Y and Z and you will find my store.

      Evidence is EASY to fake – so easy. Hell, would not be surprised if half the comments on forums are written by bots – not people.

      Try it brah and see what happens.

  27. But damn, looks like he used every single product out there besides Fin and minoxidil right? I cant help thinking if could have left anything out and get the same results with wounding and just some or maybe 1 or 2 of the products listed?

    1. See my reply to mjones. Borage & rosemary oils in some medium like dmso plus microneedling would be an interesting experiment.

  28. Hi everyone, sorry to get off topic however has anyone ever tried ell cranell? Of so, please state whether it slowed down the loss or made it worse, or same?
    Has anyone tried Dr. Carlos wesley’s topical finasteride blend? Any sides?
    Thank you have a great day!

  29. @TopicalJack, nice post, missed it before. Would be awesome if someone could translate the instructions from the Greek guy ( cough @mjones). His procedure clearly works very well. Kinda comical that we have all these multi million dollar companies working on a treatment and then this common man comes out of nowhere with awesome results and pictures. I hope its not a hoax cuz it almost looks too good to be true:/ I’d be more than satisfied with a result like that. His hairline and density looks spectacular. Anyone as bald as he was should be grateful if they could just get back to the buzz cut look he has in those pics. Just awesome!

    1. Haha man there is way to much to translate but I will just sum it down from what I read. He used a 2mm dermapen once a week and then applied the first 3 topicals the same day the rest he used daily or every 3 days. In other words he was putting this stuff on his head practically every day. He took castor oil topically and internally. It looks like definite wounding response here and every know topical that has shown some sort of hair growth property. He mentioned pge2, pgd, wnt, wounding and natural oil for inflammation control.

      Yes I agree with spanky. The multi million dollar research companies just got their asses handed back to them from some random dude living in an apartment in Athens. I love it! Hahaha

      Oh one more thing. Those researchers who say once the hair life cycle is exhausted it’d dead forever is obviously a dumb ass. This Greek dude just crushed their theory

      1. I like this post Mjones, I still think about it after all these months since you posted about it the first time. It-to me- is just as interesting as hair cloning, why? because like you said we could be sitting on “the cure” right now, widely unknown only because of various miscellaneous reasons. I hope you try his protocol out yourself with the kitchen sink. I would do it starting tomorrow if I had the money and exact know how.

  30. Guys, HT in the right hands can be a life changer. Surgery however is a last resort. Ive had 11 HT’s all small sessions and if i had my time again id still demo get a ht but obviously go about it differently. I have had strip and FUE and if i could turn back the clock id still go FUT initially BUT its a personal choice. HT is a last resort – Getting hair loss stabilised is vital prior to venturing down the HT rd!!!!!

    1. Hello Spex,
      If I may ask:

      What total fortune have you spent to fight hair loss so far, especially on HT’s?

      Do you think the average person will be able to spend as much as you did?

  31. @Spexhair, your completely right. Problem is that the only “real” way to stabilize our HL is Fin. I have personally been thinking bout starting Fin for months, but havent yet because getting sexual side effects would truly send me into deep depression and ruin my life completely. HL is hell, I f***ing HATE it! But getting some kind of sexual dysfunction on top of it all would simply just be too much to live with…

    1. @Spexhair: @Spanky is right. Finasteride have a lot of side effects. All of us know that. And hair transplants are very expensive. What happens with hair donor regeneration and Pilofocus? You need a new treatment or another drug without sides ASAP.

    1. So many for bht. Wonder have they seen any results? Fue or fut is still acceptable, atleast have seen many good results. Its just not stopping further hairloss else it can be ultimate solution!

  32. @Paul, well personally I dont think we will have a new treatment that will be completely without sides. I can deal with sides no problem…just not sexual sides. It is because of the fact that Finasteride side effects can start after you stop that I havent tried it…yet! Some days when my HL bothers me the most im really close to calling my doc and get a prescription…still dont know if im gonna do it.

  33. Spanky. I have started using topical fin and minoxidil mixed. I was cautious about potential sides. Ive been on it a for a month now. Back between summer 2012 and early 2013 I was using oral fin for 6 months. I don’t know what stopped me from using it but I did. I experienced good gains from oral fin and minox from a norwood 4-5 to 3 in six months. I was worried about sides with oral fin and I think that drove me to stop using after six months. Wish I had stuck with it as I didn’t have any noticeable sides other than hair growth! I lost a lot of hair when I stopped. I payed too much attention to a very small group of people who had suffered sides and to a much larger group who constantly bashed fin for its sides even though they had no personal experience with fin. So just to give you my perspective. I have now started one month ago topical fin and minox. I have so far experienced zero sides. Not even shedding. Even though it’s only been a month I am already seeing new hair growth. I am very happy so far. I always responded well to minox too so I’m hoping to get back to where I was in 2013. I’m sure ill do it as ive pretty much settled at norwood 4-5 diffuse and haven’t experienced much natural hair fall since stopping the minox and fin in 2013. My long winded point is don’t pay too much attention to the very vocal 1% who got bad sides and pay less attention to the 99% who have never even seen a finasteride pill! Yes be cautious, yes weigh up options. But the chances of trying fin for a few months to see if it has a positive effect and then getting permanent sexual sides from it is so low it’s almost zero. It like saying ive never eaten peanuts just in case I’m allergic to them or like saying I’ll never sleep with a woman just in case my dick drops off. Both of these examples are more likely!

  34. Just to counter my previous off topic post. I’d consider a fue. Only if they were able to clone a small sample of hair from my head. I would rather let nature take it’s course than go under the knife with the current methods of surgery. I’m going to wait on hopefully something topical and or better surgical methods.

  35. @Skin, thank you for your post! Very nice perspective. I’ve been thinking bout trying 0.5 or 0.25 for quite some time now. The thing is that Fin could actually be a temporary “cure” for me if im a good responder. Sexual sides is whats mainly holding me back, but also the stories bout ppl who experienced massive shedding and then had to stop cuz of sides and ending up more bald than when they started. I already decided that I want to try Polichems topical Fin when and if it gets released. They have a phase 3 trial going so…

  36. I dont think i would really get either until I knew that what I was getting was going to be a one time full head no buts kinda deal I don’t want to scar my head for a temporary fix.

  37. @ spanky. The topical fin+min I’m using gives you a .5 per dose with 5% minox. Twice a day. It’s a lipid base and actually smells ok lol. I know I looks as of topical fin still goes somewhat systemic but what I gather it may be less so whilst having a greater dht lowering effect on the scalp. If I were you I’d wait on the topical fin too. I’m feeling quite positive to far. The front third of my scalp is the worse. So it’s quite easy for me to notice new hairs. I am definitely seeing a bit of stubble just one month in. Not saying everyone will see anything that soon but I think for me I don’t seem to go through a shedding phase with either minox or fin. Do yoy use minox? And did you shed? If you didn’t maybe you’re not a shedder either.

    1. He must of been half drowned in all those topicals. The chances are maybe only a few of the hundreds of ingredients had an effect. Maybe most of it was more to do with wounding. Shame really as the whole kitchen sink approach muddys the water. But if I was him id be too busy combing my hair to worry about that!

  38. @Skin im not using anything at all. I try to eat healthy and I train a little each day. Okay, I think I’ll wait for Polichems topical Fin then. I already contacted Hasson & Wong regarding their topical product but im gonna wait for Polichem, unless we get news that its gonna be years before release. Sounds like you are responding great to your treatment:-)

    1. Well it’s early doors for me but I’m optimistic. I may as well be! I hope jak will get on the market so I can add that into the routine. If your hair line is holding out ok now spanky then definitely wait out on the topical fin. I have to ask can you not get hold of any topical fin now? Ive ordered a job lot. I use morr f 5% and have it on good authority it’s legit albeit indian. And by my experiences it’s acting and holding out just as well as when I was on oral fin. Maybe just maybe working a little quicker. I used minox on its own for a few years then stopped for about 2 years then hopped on oral fin an minox and regained my ground then stupidly stopped again. So I know the results im sure im getting now has to be the fin in the mix as minox never worked that quickly for me.

  39. I would try the Greek guy approach but my hair is about 3 inches long and it would just gunk up in my hair. Plus I would have to quit my job to do all this haha. Personally it looks like he wounded his scalp really well. Then added L’Oréal serum which is like neogenic from what I read which prob kicked started growth. The the mix of black seed, rosemaey and castor probably played a role along with folligen. The rest of the stuff probably added some benefit but I think these really kick started it. Imagine if he was on fin and Rogaine lol. He could 3x his growth. He went from a solid nw5 to a nw1.5 in 3 months. Not sure how dense his hair is but if he keeps really short like that no one would say he is balding. Which is pretty freaking good

    1. I recently powered through an old thread on wounding with a 1.5 derma roller once a week and using minoxidil. The results seemed a bit lack luster compared to the study they had copied. But none the less some had a bit of regrowth. They didn’t use any topicals on the day of rolling but continued as normal the next day. So maybe there is something in the products this Greek used immediately afterwards that helped? Like I say it’s hard to narrow it down when he literally used every alternative to min+fin on the market. Most of the guys that used the 1.5 also say it was like torture or self harming! But I gather no one was clear on how much pressure to apply on the roller. Some were bleeding a lot. Some were barely denting the skin. 1.5 is quite a depth if you need to drive it all the way home. I imagine 2 is going to be quite an ordeal.

  40. @mjones, my point exactly. If he keeps it like in the pics it really looks like he has a full head of hair. I really hope its a true story because it looks spectacular and brings loads of hope about Follicas treatment.

    1. Yup spanky! It doesn’t look to be fake to me. We nrver know with photoshop and all buy i honestly think its real. Pics all in same angle and lighting. I’m sure the density isn’t teenage but great for his age. I really think follica will bring us results like this. It looks like Def 50 to 100 cm2 coverage.

      1. mjones,

        I think Dr. Cots wounding is grounded in solid science. But I still want proof from Follica and hoping for a 2018 release date.

        Do you think Follica wounding would do anything for existing follicles? I think I remember reading in one of their documents that, as well as creating de novo hairs, they could potentially “reorganise existing follicles”. That sounds like healing existing hairs to me.

        I don’t know much about fgf9 but I wonder if it could help the healing of follicles.

        We really need a two pronged approach: 1) immunizing existing follicles (this aspect is especially important for diffusers or those with still a lot of balding to go through) and 2) excessive regrowth.

        I believe the second can and will be achieved through cloning, eventually. Be that in 5, 10 or 20 years theyll figure that part out.

        But the aspect if immunizing existing hairs seems to be neglected by the scientists.

        What do ht docs always advise their patients? To take propecia for the native hairs. If hair cloning is basically like an unlimited hair transplant, the advice would be the same unless permanent immunization of native hairs is taken care of.

  41. Still hoping some guys or girls with experience with ell cranell can comment on their experience. Also wouldn’t mind feedback on dr. Wesleys topical fin product.

  42. Worried about Replicel

    I am worried about Replicel, if they can meet either of their two aims: immunizing existing follicles and regrowing hair.

    I think immunizing existing hairs would be almost more fantastical than growing new ones. And since Replicel have not shown any evidence they can regrow hair, what chance do they have of immunizing existing follicles?

    I think Replicel are selling us false hope.

    1. Here it goes again… you guys don’t get enough news to keep you distracted and pessimism starts to set in. Wait to see the data before getting hopeful/ doubtful.

      1. ^This is totally true lol I’m guilty myself it’s like we gotta be reassured every day at noon with updates or (fart sound thumbs down).

  43. @Habe, I would’nt waste my time thinking bout Replicel. Personally they never interested me. What does interest me is this Greek guys procedure ( IF its not a hoax) and Follica. The Greek guy clearly did this with inspiration from Follica, which can only mean, that there is good reason to be excited bout their treatment. No bald (ing) guy should complain if they can just reach a buzzcut like in the greek dudes pics.

  44. @mjones you looked through the whole thread right? When is the OP made 2015 / 16? Im not registered on the site so cant see much? Can anyone whos a member upload the pics on another site?

  45. I’d definitely give the wounding a go if I could expect his results. I’d start now if we could isolate the genuine players in his drug box.

  46. Yes skin, isolation is key. I doubt most of the topicals are doing anything. Bet its two or three that are effective at the most.

  47. Guys, do any of you frequent a site called hair si.te? It seems to have a lot of knowledgeable veterans on there. Why isn’t it more frequently mentioned on the forums?

  48. Hello to mjones and TopicalJack… Great work mjones on getting that wohnhealing link up.. Topical jack u are on the right track.. I am myself using this regimen.. With a few less items it has been a little over 3 months.. I know u guys can understand how hectic life gets business owner career kids… Cam phone quality wont cut it but i am getting regrowth and with some time and some camera help i would love to post.. Im in my mid 30’s…starting balding at 24… Jumped on dut for a year it held nice slight sides got off no residual effects thank goodness… FUE done by Dr. Doran 4 years ago.. At this point most people dont notice im battling stupid aga… ..more on me later lol… Im still digging up research on lots of anecdotal evidence on co2 pumpkin seed oil success… Between brotzu pumpkin and wounding i believe we have something people. Also i belive internal and external castor oil and rosemary oil as well as pepp oil have played a huge roll in growth for their pge2… And minox like capabilities.. Also taurine to fight against fibrosis…

  49. Man I would love to sit down with Dr. Tsuji and ask him why he isn’t trying to develop a treatment that restored existing hairs/follicles.

    What might he say to that? My guess is he would tell me that those hairs are following their pre-determined fate and there is no way of saving them permanently. He would tell me that the easiest way to cure this issue is to create brand new hairs, which is what he is working on.

    I just hope that a skull with many, many remaining miniaturizing hairs when PACKED choc full of clones will look friggin great and not Frankenstein-ish and “wtf is that dawg?”

  50. @richieron: please simply your regimen for us as we are intrigued by your regrowth. Please dive into what you feel is more/less important or responsible for your success. Holding ground without the use of minox or fin would be tremendous as we are all seeking such a treatment. Thanks man.

  51. Tom i will get back to on the regimen as soon as i find a little more down time … Mjones.. Rosemary topically….there is a legitimate study on it and it performed i believe just as well or better as minox.. Pumpkin is internally and of course there is a double blind study on that in korea..with fascinating results.. Im out of time for now my kids are arguing time to referee lol.. Nite all

    1. It looks like it would be a fantastic and beneficial insight into treatment for mpb for you to share your success and the mechanisms behind it. Thank you.

  52. @mjones. One thing the greek guy is definitely doing that is different to the successful wounding study I read is he uses topicals directly after wounding. If I was going to go through a process of elimination with regards to what effective potions he was using I’d start there. Baring in mind that if he’s driving the whole 2 mil home then what ever is in them topicals will also go into his bloodstream to a certain degree.

  53. It’s me again who has to drop la bomba, però Greek guy’s hair density ain’t stable. It fluctuates and the result is a lot better than being bald but it’s not naturelle-looking.
    Je suis desolè, mais c’ est the truth.

    1. Je ne l’aurais pas imagine. All the treatments we have so far are not stable. However if this is genuine, it is by far the best treatment I’ve seen.

  54. Damn it’s like being in a dylexic nightmate translating from Greek to English. I can’t work out exactly what he’s doing after wounding. Mjones?

    1. He is using the loreal and jeunesse stuff immediately after rolling. Everything else is like 2,3,4,5 days after rolling.

  55. Honestly I think it’s the deep wounding he is doing that is working the magic then adding the serums and serioxil right after that is doing the kick start. Everything else is added bonus

    1. I suspect the wounding is the biggest player. Of course if real. Like I say there’s plenty of studies out there for it. Lets see whether ally way science beats the big boys to the ribbon.

  56. It’s sad that’s it’s 2017 almost and our best results are coming from a random dude in Greece wounding his head. These scientist should be a ashamed of themselves. Wtf is histogen doing. It’s august and no phase 3 started in July? She needs to either start trials or end hsc. This is getting annoying!

  57. Many times proved mpb person has grown back hair after long time, still scientists says they need to clone hair, they cant rejuvinate miniaturized follicles. Wierd!
    Transplant might never give perfect looks/curls/texture/density like naturals.

  58. You guys are seriously retarded no joke..
    1- we dont even know if this guy or photos are for real?
    2-suppose it is, we dont know if it has side effects?
    3- we dont know if it will be working for everyone. we have seen the same results from very good fin respondents too…
    4-we dont know how long u need to keep up this regimen?
    5- we dont know if it would be still effective after awhile of use?
    6- we dont know if scientists do have a better treatment or cure. They only share what u need to know.

    u guys think u have found your needle in haystack.. however there are so many unknowns. it is just better to leave it to professionals and do not use this forum as your crying wall..

    1. I think most of us are saying quite clearly “if it’s not a hoax” and “if it’s genuine”. Wounding has been showm multiple times in studies to be effective along side certain topicals and other treatments. Also we are aware that companies are already hoping to use similar techniques to release into the public domain. So while ill be holding back on ripping my scalp up and slapping snake oil on my bleeding skull, I won’t lie. I will be watching closely at crazy dudes that are willing to take the risks so I don’t have to! Maybe long before one of the big companies get their procedure through the gate, some random dave from liverpool might isolate the exact compounds in the game and effectively treat his slap head. A lot of the most effective and best medicine we have was discovered by chance.

    2. Amico,
      Gomi is a very well-respected moderator in HairlossGr.com.
      The photos are true and the guy updates occasionally.
      At the moment, as it’s hot, dry, very sunny and everybody is on the beach, qui in Grecia, he can’t apply the roller on his head and the inactivity has taken its toll on his gained hair.
      What else?
      Oh, sì, I would have helped you with the translation wholeheartedly, but somebody decided to take rather drastic measures against me.
      What goes around comes around, ppl.
      Now, just do your google translation and figure the whole regime out. No complaints or cries for help, por favor.
      Kisses , my straight and gay friends!

      1. I have to say judging by his presence and post contents he certainly comes across as genuine. I suppose you can’t blame people being skeptical about what they read and see online. However I’m try to look at things from a glass half full perspective. I’m sorry you feel you can’t impart your wealth of knowledge to fellow seekers of an effect treatment and feel that the actions of a small few has to therefore have a negative impact on the many. I will be honest with you, it makes me question your integrity. I hope I’m wrong.

  59. @donitello, read ppls posts properly and stop making insults plz.
    Regarding you own post. Leave it up to the professionals you say? Sure thing, thats why we all have been talking about follica.

  60. Im losing confidence in cots. People have been saying for the last ten years that somethin is right around the corner and cots and others are close and the publicity….ugh. whats going on with seti? All the rave several years ago and they STILL haven’t begun trials. Seriously why all the delays?

  61. @tom, I never had any hope for Cots, so far the guy is all talk and nothing to show. And yes, ppl have been hyped on and off bout his “upcoming treatment” for years. But…IF the greek dudes home treatment is not fraud then there could be good reason to actually believe that Dr. Cots actually has something that we should be very excited about.

  62. Out of all the new treatments we should be the most excited about follica. It’s the only one where we won’t have to travel to Japan to get it. Plus pure tech is funding it and possible release in 2018 at ht clinics. Think about the business plan is legit. Don’t knock him just yet.

  63. @mjones, I just started to get interested in what Follica might have to offer. You gotta admit that its with good reason that ppl only have little hope that Cots actually have a solid treatment? I mean, almost no updates, never a single slice of evidence that all his theory works (only just now cuz of this greek dude). The guy has been around for decades and has never ever shown anything but maybe a power point or a bald mouse.

  64. Exactly! Show me some proof that you have something. There are a million theories out there but that doesn’t mean anything if they dont work.

    1. I see your guys point and I can’t disagree. I just have a good gut feeling. Fingers crossed he is quiet for a good reason and that he surprises us with a bad ass treatment

  65. Hope balding and hairloss would be end.

    AND one day,I wake up in the morning
    news announces end of hairloss.

    things that we are not considering or dont know surprise us.

    our war and mournful scars be end futilely.

  66. Using fat cells to treat hairloss sounds good but what if you area slender person with no fat? If that were the case then you woukd have to take it from the butt area which is concerning because it may not recover and could end up looking uneven.

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