Dr. Claire Higgins and her Hair Research

On May 20, I made a post about UK-based Dr. Aaron Gardner because of his presentation at the WCHR2014. Dr. Gardner, who works under Dr. Colin Jahoda at Durham university, has also worked under Dr. Claire Higgins.

Dr. Claire Higgins and Higgins Lab

Dr. Jahoda and Dr. Higgins are probably the two foremost hair loss researchers in the UK, and among the world’s ten most cited ones. Dr. Higgins and her team are based at Imperial College (UK) via the Higgins Lab.

In the Linkedin profile for Dr. Higgins, you can scroll down all the way to see various summaries of her extensive prior hair loss related research. In recent years, both Dr. Jahoda and Dr. Higgins have become well known for their work related to 3D culturing/3D spheroids. In Dr. Higgins own words:

“Human dermal papilla cells, when grown as spheroids, are capable of inducing de novo hair follicles in human skin.”

In 2013, Dr. Higgins was a co-author of an important article on 3D culturing of dermal papilla cells.

Below are two videos of Dr. Higgins that are well worth watching. The first is courtesy of blog reader Desmond yet again. The second, surprisingly, is from a Latino news channel’s daily science, health and technology segment. I am impressed by Dr. Higgins’ knowledge and communication skills. Perhaps the wonderful accent biases my opinion a bit.

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