Stromal Vascular Fraction Enhanced Adipose Transplant

I have covered the link between fat cells and hair cells a number of times on this blog in the past. In this post, I discuss Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) enhanced adipose transplantation for hair growth.

The regenerative action of SVF is largely attributed to its paracrine effect on neighboring cells via the secretion of various growth factors and cytokines. This includes adipose tissue-derived stromal cells (ASCs).

Update: December 16, 2022 — A new study concludes that autologous stromal vascular fraction injection treatment of androgenic alopecia is effective.

Update: August 2021 — A South Korea study covered nine AGA patients who received one single transplantation of autologous SVF via injection. The results showed increased hair density and “keratin scores” after 6 months.

Update: December 2020 — A Turkish study on 20 patients concluded that SVF is an effective and safe treatment for AGA patients. The average patient saw an almost 25% increase in both hair count and hair thickness. Interestingly, the researchers also included dermapen wounding alongside the SVF treatment in order to boost regaional blood supply. Make sure to read my post on microneedling for hair growth.

Fat Cells and Scalp Hair Growth

  • In 2014, I discussed a newly published paper by Dr. Fiona Watt and various others that found a positive correlation between hair growth, adipocytes (fat cells) and epidermal Wnt/β-catenin signaling. One of their findings (albeit on a small sample size) was that “regions of hair loss were correlated with reduced adipocyte layer thickness in the samples we examined“.
  • Thereafter, in March 2015, I wrote about Dr. Valerie Horsley’s work related to fat cells and scalp hair.
  • In April 2015, I wrote a post on adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs) and hair growth.
  • Also in April 2015, I wrote about Advanced Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Protein Extract (AAPE) and hair growth.
  • In July 2015, I wrote a post on an upcoming company named Kerastem that was working on using autologous fat graft enriched with adipose-derived regenerative cells (ADRCs) in the treatment of early male pattern hair loss. Kerastem has become much more renowned since then, and has been conducting clinical trials under the acronym STYLE. These trials are supposed to be complete in September 2017, and the renowned Dr. Ken Washenik is actively involved. I have discussed Kerastem in several other post since 2015.
  • In my February 2017 brief items of interest post, I discussed the STRAAND clinical trials that will be completed in June 2018. These trials focus to on something called stromal vascular fraction (SVF), which is a type of adipose tissue, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

There are some significant differences between some of the above subject matters, but in the end, they all involve adipose tissue and hair growth.

A number of doctors around the world are now offering procedures where they inject adipose tissue into your scalp, often with the addition of growth factors and various stem cells. In most cases, these procedures are insufficiently tested and largely unproven.

I am skeptical about the potential of these treatments beyond making existing hair stronger and perhaps reversing very recent follicle miniaturization (in an absolute best case scenario). However, I remain open minded based on the assorted wide range of work from around the world related to fat cells and hair growth that is outlined in the earlier listed bullet point past posts of mine.

Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) Enhanced Adipose Transplantation

As several commentators have pointed out, this week fat cells and hair were in the news yet again. This time, the excitement was limited to UK newspapers due to some work in which locally based Dr. Edward Ball was involved (note that the actual study is here and the principal author is Dr. David Perez-Meza).

Update: It seems like this whole study is related to Kerastem’s Celution System technology (and Puregraft’s fat purification technology). See Kerastem CEO update here. Strange that both the UK newspaper stories (see bottom of this post) that covered this development do not even mention Kerastem.

Before and after image below from the Maitland Clinic per the two UK newspaper links further below:

Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) Adipose Hair Growth
Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) enhanced adipose fat cell transplantation for hair growth.

Basically, they conducted a small study in which they removed fat from six people’s stomachs, added stem cells to the fat, and then moved the resulting concoction to the same people’s scalps. They supposedly got great results. The procedure is described as “Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) Enhanced Adipose Transplantation”. Dr. Craig Ziering was also involved, and I have covered him on this blog several times in the past. I can’t think of many superficial things that I would love more in life then less stomach fat and more scalp hair:

Express article on moving fat cells from stomach to scalp.

The Sun article on moving fat cells from beer belly to scalp.

Note that there was another small-scale nine patient study done on SVF enhanced adipose transplantation in 2016 with a favorable conclusion. Two of the authors in that one were Dr. Ken Washenik and Dr. Eric Daniels (the latter also co-authored this latest study).

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  1. I had the Kerastem treatment done. It took 4 months to see a halt to my major shedding (which I had before), for 1 month I had no hair loss at all, for 2-3 months in total my hair was thicker. After 8 months the results are now fading away. I had regrowth but I also had a major shedding before, so I would not attribute it to the treatment.
    It’s a very invasive procedure, you need weeks to recover from the bruises, etc.
    For that kind of results & money I don’t think it’s worth it.


    “Here we review the essential pathways of androgenetic alopecia pathogenesis and collate the current and emerging therapeutic strategies using journal publications databases and clinical trials databases to gather information about active research on new treatments. We introduce and discuss the newest therapeutic options which have the potential to execute in the near future. Clinical trials, experimental studies, and reported patents that are <10 years old were evaluated in this review."

    They call it the "The androgenetic alopecia disease mechanism".

    1. @OMG: Very Nice! That’s absolutely a great blog…This blog is the best forum, it is based on evidence based medicine (EBM). In conclusion: There is no reason to be pessimistic. There are many reasons to be upbeat for upcoming treatments in 1 or 2 years.

    2. This survey confuses me. Are they saying there is a correlation between exercise and AGA, but it depends on how intense?

      It seems like they think low intensity work outs are actually worse than regular, high intensity work outs due to high intensity work outs protecting against oxidative stress? Am I way off here? Because I work out like a bat out of hell and have 8% bodyfat last I checked. I thought it may have been making my AGA worse because all my workouts are at least 5 days a week are high intensity, but maybe its helped and im losing much slower than if I didnt work out? I dont take any work out supplements either now and havent for a long time other than just milk protein.

        1. Its just because low intensity tend to last for a long time. Think abot how old marathon runners can look for their age.

          1. When you exercise long periods of time in a single workout you averpower your bodys protection mexhanism in the other hand high intensity you cannot keep it up for a long time normally

  3. ://
    Apparently researchers are taking control of wnt bmp and other mechanisms now

  4. Follicabio tweeted this:

    Hair Repigmentation During Immunotherapy Treatment With an Anti–Programmed Cell Death 1 and Anti–Programmed Cell Death Ligand 1 Agent for Lung Cancer.

    Very impressive before and after pictures!!!

    Original tweet of follica with before and after picture:


    1. Very interesting! Though I do wonder why his hair went from curly to straight in the before and after pic in the tweet?

    2. Absolutely amaze-balls!

      – during study they do an Anti PD-1 (protein) and Anti PD-L1 (ligand) therapies
      – these proteins/ligands inhibit immune response (cancer cells often cloak themselves from immune systems this way)
      – PD-1 and PD-L1 supressed > immune system now free to work its magic and suddenly hair gets like fully pigmented again

      ? we knew immune cells are somewhat responsible for many things that happen with hair growth (JAK-STAT signaling pathway – JAK inhibitors as wonderful AA drugs and possible AGA drugs) but how?

      Is the immune system now free to dispose of some let’s say cellular garbage that stood in the way of pigment to form and enter hair? Macrophage comes in, detects previously undetected cellular garbage, starts removing it? Or macrophage comes in, starts chemically talking to the cell environment and it starts creating pigment for hair again?? So many questions :D

  5. My question is how long are the new hairs created by the Follica method expected to to last.. My guess would be without something to combat dht/inflamation.. It will ho through one cycle which could be years however if the right treatments are being used it could veey well last indefinitely. Any thouhhts out there Admin? Paul Pheonix? Mjones

  6. Richierson nobody knows at this point except for follica. I just hope they start phase 3 ASAP and get this out on the market in early 2018 because I’m starting to lose the game.

  7. Based on what we found out this week about Wnt signalling controlling both scalp hair and body hair growth, I come back to my prediction of last year :- The first product brough to market which can be classed credibly as a cure will be…FOLLICUM.

    1. Follicum is done with phase2A. Now they are starting phase 2B. Phase 1 finds out if its safe. Phase2A finds out if it works at all phase2 B finds out the best possible dose. Phase 3 finds out the % of population it works on.

      April they said 2a was 14% high avg 8% regrowth a definite statistical success so we can only wait and see how well they maximize their results in 2b. And that would surely be 2 to 3 years to market

    2. I think both follica, and samumed’s drugs/therapies target wnt signalling pathways and samumed has already finished two phase 2 trials they need to hurry up with the third final trial and get their stuff on the market

  8. @Rancidmango and subhuman their are a growing number of studies that show HIIT has many many health benefits and this is probably one.

  9. At this very stage in their research why do you guys think Follica doesn’t release photos ? As much of a teaser trailer the website is I don’t get it what are they holding out for? For people to get pumped about it when we see it works like a dream come true or perhaps another reason that involves people not getting pumped…?

    1. Follica isn’t an indie-startup; they’re backed by PureTech

      The only reason the others post photos at all is to entice investors.

      An article from a couple months back said that they plan to make the data publicly available, but did not say when. Could very well be after it’s released.

      It really doesn’t matter if we see the photos, anyway. If it’s safe and it works, the only people they need to convince are the FDA.

      1. After it released? They would put the box on the shelf without even showing us first it works that well? I know they arent looking for cash from investors but wouldn’t posting photos only help their sales? I can’t see a negative outlook on that for them. If they post a picture of a guy with awesome regrowth and put it into circulation everyone will know about it and initial sales will increase instead of people trying it out and hearing about it through he said she said. I mean obviously the hair loss forums know about it but the other millions of people who could/want to be treated but don’t get on forums? I just don’t understand, they made the fancy website how much is a photo of efficacy?

        1. “Zohar at PureTech says Follica is getting ready to publish some of the results of its clinical studies and marching toward what it hopes will be eventual approval from the Food and Drug Administration.”…..from this article published April 14, 2017 Sounds like they will publish at least some results prior to release and fairly soon.

  10. After event operation I’m suffering with shock loss on side of my head any thing I can do to limit the damage done? Will this grow back? Any products o could b using to help? Any help would b much appreciated

  11. @all:
    WOW in JAMA Internal Medicine…The journal’s Impact Factor is 14, ranking second among internal medicine journals and sixth among 151 general medical journals…
    JAMA Intern Med. 2017 May 1;177(5):683-691. doi: 10.1001/jamainternmed.2017.0089.
    Association of Suicidality and Depression With 5α-Reductase Inhibitors.

  12. Has anyone been able to buy and use EssenGen-6 Plus.. It has minox plus 0.05 percent Finasteride.. ??

  13. Any news on jak and androgen alopecia? There are research chemicals out there using them. However before you put anything on your stuffed experiment teddy bear you want to make sure it’s good.

  14. Guys just wanted to give a quick update – a couple of weeks ago I had posted that I would be starting a regime of Citirizine combined with Vit D alongside my usual once a day 5% minox. I know this is very soon to be updating but there’s been a bit of a change. Basically, tiny vellus hairs which I still had along hair line and widows peaks have increased considerably in length and seem thicker, actually wondered if I was seeing regrowth but on inspection, its the vellus hairs maturing.

    n.b. 1) this is without the Vit D most days as still waiting on delivery. 2) restarting Niacin which gave me great growth last summer with minox.

    1. Its easy to grow vellous hairs I’ve done it quite a few times terminal hairs are about damn near impossible to grow

      1. What excites me is that I see the vellus hairs which I had really growing, I feel they could become Terminal. Am going to introduce Detumscence and Micro needling from week 4 to see what effect that has.

          1. Literally just any hayfever tablet. Amazon Cetirizine….it’s dirt cheap. It dissolves best in distilled water so I just make that myself (Boil water, capture the steam). I’m researching whether that is effective as a vehicle for absorption – can’t use alc or PG as it will denature the cetirizine. Might add the distilled water to castor or Emu oil as they have a lipid profile which gets through skin barrier easier.

    2. There’s only 1 rule of reporting results.. post photos to clearly show cosmetic effect and stop reporting “omg vellus hair” – i’ve seen literally tens of such exact posts on various topicals with 0 cosmetic effects. It’s extremely hard to report the true numbers of vellus hard without precise macro shots of the same place at an angle so the vellus could be seen

  15. Hey John….good find! Sounds somewhat legit. Will this be offered only in India or globally. I hope there are pictures of its hair growth capabilities for mpb. Something needs to come out very soon. This is getting ridiculous….

    1. 8-12 treatments required, 4-6 weeks apart, only available in India. 4 min treatment…

      if you can afford to fly to India once a month for 4 mins…give it a try. I’m travelling there soon but for a maximum of 3 12 weeks ;(

    1. Hey Daniel yeah Royaume posted that in the comments earlier and I can’t believe it. Hope it is a legitimate group of researchers, but will check in detail soon.

    1. Hey egg head! Haha yeah man kitchen sink may be the way now. Little microneedling, melatonin, Rogaine, some pgd2 blockers crushed aspirin, throw the whole shabang into it now. Science doesn’t seem to want to cure hairloss so it’s up to us to do it. That Greek dude seemed legit. He used so much stuff though. No way I could replicate that daily, would have to quit my job. Lol

  16. Guys hate to burst the bubble but the treatment was around 7 years ago from the same people..

    Its just that they now have a US patent.

    Point being, its clearly not really anything more than PRP, at BEST, else it would be the world over by now and there would be no bald rich/middle class people in India

  17. @gbh: “A recent study published in JAMA Dermatology found that there’s no relationship between hair loss and testosterone levels in men”. ANDROgenetic alopecia? Come on… the scientific community needs to update the knowledge of this disease…

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