ISHRS 31st World Congress

ISHRS 31st Annual World Congress 2023.
International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS)’s 31th Annual World Congress. Delhi, India: November 1-4, 2023.

ISHRS 31st World Congress in Delhi, India

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS)’s 31st Annual World Congress runs from November 1-November 4, 2023. The location is Delhi, India. I have covered these ISHRS meetings every year since this blog started in 2013. In the past, I have also analyzed the organization’s hair transplant statistics surveys.

Make sure to track #ISHRS on social media, and follow the ISHRS Twitter account and Instagram account. The website for this 31st Annual World Congress of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery has all the details.

The full program guide for this 31st World Congress is worth a browse. Of special note, the Norwood lecturer is the legendary Dr. George Cotsarelis from the University of Pennsylvania. Below is a rare recent interview with him on the ISHRS YouTube channel:

The Stough lecturer is Dr. Melissa Harris and she will talk about grey hair prevention and reversal plus hair aging. Her brief interview is here, where she says that grey hair reversal is a certainty in the future. She is a lecturer at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Also of interest is Dr. Maria Kasper’s talk titled “Follicle Cell Types and their Origins.” Dr. Kasper’s Group is based at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

The main focus of these conferences is always on hair transplants,. However, as usual, there a large number of sessions of greater interest for us: including PRP; LLLT; exosomes; dutasteride mesotherapy; stem cells; SVF; Alma TED; and hair regeneration in general.

I will update this post with more information and updates in the next few days.

24 thoughts on “ISHRS 31st World Congress”

      1. I do not see any, but you can try contacting the ISHRS via their social media channels. Please update us if you find a video.

  1. After follica going out with a whimper, how can Cots go on stage with a straight face and say ‘significant clinical advances are being made in treating hair loss’?

  2. I’m excited to see what Dr Melissa Harris has to say on grey hair reversal treatments. She is speaking on Saturday morning. Also curious to know if she knows about Eirion therapeutics approach and what she thinks about it, how well it could work, side effects etc.

    1. She’s a wonderful scientist and friendly lady but I wouldn’t hold your breath in all honesty. I actually had an email exchange with her about 4 years ago and it was the same narrative, a cure is on the horizon soonish.

      1. Every research/development that is not incorporated in a company will never come to fruition in form of an effective product.

        I don’t doubt the credentials of Dr. Harris, but I‘ve seen many researchers like her. They are researchers, not business developers. Eventually they need funding for their lab/university, and they only get it if they do research and publish papers. It‘s not hers to fund a business.

      2. She worked alongside Rivertown Therapeutics when they published their studies in 2020 showing some success in reversal. Things have come further since then.

  3. So George Cots said that he doesn’t believe that hair transplant surgeons will be out of business. Which pretty much means, “Yeah we won’t be regenerating hair. There is no imminent cure. You guys have nothing to worry about.” This is terrible. :(

      1. Sorry I’m confused admin, how is it a good sign if he doesn’t believe hair transplant surgeons will be out of business (which is ideal for us because it means there would be better alternatives for us to use)? With companies like Amplifica and Pelage and Fukuda, I don’t feel like the near future is looking too bleak

    1. Unless he means that they’ll simply pivot to becoming centres to administer cures or superior treatments — if I owned a transplant surgery, that would certainly be my strategy upon the advent of a cure or new longterm treatment. The business would remain open and profitable, with the primary business line changing (much like IBM dominating computer hardware once upon a time, and then pivoting successfully into research, patents and cloud hosting following the subsequent market saturation of Apple, Sony, Dell etc).

  4. Doctors, conferences and so on… but when will the good news arrive? After 30 years of waiting I no longer believe it, I simply think that curing baldness is a very complicated thing to do, maybe and only maybe, those born today will be able to benefit from a possible cure.

    1. I don’t care for George he’s all talk. There’s better players in the hair loss world and George isn’t one of them. Admin any news on stemson therapeutics? They’ve been quiet for sometime now. Stemson, and Dr. Rassman seem to be genuine. When people on Reddit DYI micro needling I bet follica took note of that and decided “f we can’t make any money” “people can just DIY micro needling”

  5. Sorry admin I don’t know where else to write. I found a company from Taiwan which is developing a topical DHT-degrader based on PROTAC-technology (just like Kintor).

    They are early stage, but received 10 million USD in financing this year.

    Maybe worth to mention, maybe not. Enough information on the website if somebody is interested.

    1. Thanks, and feel free to post anything in any recent post (unless the discussion entails something unique and popular where we do not want to get sidetracked too much).

  6. Lorence I’m right there with you…its hopeless unless you can tolerate antiandrogens or vasodilators…I guees nothing ground breaking to report from the conference. Doesn’t surprise me.

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