ISHRS 30th World Congress

ISHRS 2022The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS)’s 30th Annual World Congress will run from October 27-October 29, 2022. The location is Panama City.

I have covered these ISHRS meetings every year since this blog was incepted in 2013. Make sure to track #ISHRS on social media, and follow the ISHRS Twitter account and Instagram account. The website for this 30th World Congress of the ISHRS can be seen  here.

Interesting Presentations at the 30th ISHRS Conference

The final program guide of the 30th ISHRS World Congress is worth a review. I will highlight some of the most interesting presentations below:

  • Dr. Claire Higgins is one of the featured guest speakers. Its been a while since we heard from her. Her talk is titled: “Integrating Computational and Biological Approaches to Modulate Hair.”
  • Surprisingly, another of the featured speakers Dr. Juanita Anders will talk about “Photobiomodulation Therapy for the Treatment of Hair Loss”. A lot of people are very skeptical about low-level laser therapy, but I always felt that there was some logic to light energy impacting hair growth and hair cells positively. Even 15 minutes daily exposure to direct sunlight seems to make my hair feel better. Dr. Calos Puig and Dr. Robert Haber will also talk about LLLT and light for hair growth.
  • Yet another unexpected presentation entails the positive correlation between Vitamin D deficiency and hair loss. The latest findings are courtesy of Dr. Sharon Keene’s incredible case report of a severely vitamin D deficient patient. His vitamin D value was just 12ng/ml, which is also around what mine is when I do not supplement. This patient regrew significant hair after completing a 6-week course of weekly dosing of 50,000 IU vitamin D3, followed by 10,000 IU/week for 8 months. I often stop taking my own Vitamin D supplement (and it might even be expired as I always store it outside), but will surely reconsider this winter.
  • As expected, there will be a few presentations on oral Minoxidil.
  • Dr. Sergio Vañó Galván will present on Clascoterone (aka Breezula).
  • Dr. Pradeep Sethi of Eugenix and Dr. Anil Garg of Rejuvenate will discuss the use of body hair in combination with scalp hair during hair transplants. As I mentioned in the past, Indian doctors are doing the most BHT procedures in the world. Dr. Sanusi Umar (US) and Dr. James Harris (US) will also present on body hair to scalp transplants. A few other lesser known surgeons are also presenting on BHT. One unique presentation from Dr. Kazuhito Yamamoto (Japan) is titled: “Long-term survival observation for 14 years regarding leg hair transplanted to scalp scar.”
  • Only one presentation on exosomes, courtesy of Dr. Ronald Shapiro. I suspect a major reason for the decline in interest is due to the stringent new FDA regulations.
  • Other presentations of interest include ones on umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells, adipose-derived stem cells, and stromal vascular fraction (SVF).

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    1. I never read what it said on the bottle about storage and since it looks like oil drops, I store it like I do olive oil (in a dark slightly cool place). When I get a new bottle soon, I will definitely check if it needs to be in the fridge!

  1. ISHRS Congress in 2050:
    – Effects of using oral Minoxidil
    -Topical Finasteride and dosage
    -PRP treatment for hair growth
    – Essential proteins and vitamins for healthy hair
    – DHI vs. FUE vs. FUT
    – Strip surgery with high surviving rate of grafts.
    – George Cotsarelis on dermarolling and Follica. Clinical trials are expecting to start in 2052
    – Claire Higgins showed improved method for culture dermal papilla cells in mouse. This method can lead for better understanding of dermal papilla cells and creating better hair loss treatments in 2072.
    – Ralf Paus showed that his new shampoo product can lead to increase of 5 new hairs if you apply it 10 times per day in 2 years. Results are expecting to be publish in 2051.

    1. Great list.

      I am currently doing lots of research on DHI, so I would love to read more about that.

      I started with Dr. Bicer and her DHI work which she seems to prefer, from what I have now read.

      Did they do any sessions on new advances in testing? I would be interested in reading more about that as well.

      Thanks so much.

  2. I wanted more on Dr. Zarev and his technique and how he may be sharing some of his proprietary equipment soon. Etc… guess there is always next years conference.

  3. I have never heard such a conference like ISHRS with no results. Has anybody heard any development from this meeting at the end of the each year until today? They arrange a high society conference in high luxury cities, and they just appreciate and claping eachother, dancing , eating , drinking expensive wines. One claimed professor makes a presentation the others are listening or sleeping and at the and appreciating.
    Next year again and again forever.
    It means they earn good money, why do they need new improvements?
    Perfect life with easy busy job , minox, fin, prp, and vitamin D,C,E etc.
    Every stupid human knows that any lack of vitamins effects your skin, hair, organs or your life quality,
    For that no body needs any advise or a conference.

  4. I agree, I think the conference is really to congratulate themselves and discuss things everyone already knows about while making it sound like more than it is (making old ideas sound like new ones). Shampoo. Vitamins. It it 1985 again? What a snooze fest.

    It’s more about finding ways to suck money from people using crap that doesn’t work – like they’ve been doing for decades. And suckers buy these Products so why stop? I wish everyone would stop buying snake oils and scam products. Cure or nothing. Tired of the gimmicks, oils and outdated ideas. It’s okay making these people rich, not putting hair on your head.

    No offense admin, but regardless of any studies (which I have no faith in), I think laser lights are a total waste. I’ve spoken to many and I have yet to find a single person (not one) that has said it helped them. I’m sure there are plenty of fake reviews out there, though. If laser lights did anything there would talk from people that had results. Only ones I’ve come across have purchased and regretted it.

    1. I stand by my claim that Chinese research almost always appears to be sketchy.

      The papers are written in such a complicated way, it’s difficult to grasp what they are even up to.

      My impression is that China is way behind in R&D.

  5. Anyone have info on MnPS3?

    “Based on these results, the team prepared MnPS3 microneedle patches and treated androgenic alopecia-affected mouse models with them. Within 13 days, the animals regenerated thicker hair strands that more densely covered their previously bald backsides than mice treated with testosterone or minoxidil. The researchers say that their study both produced a nanozyme treatment for regenerating hair, and indicated the potential for computer-based methods for use in the design of future nanozyme therapeutics.”

  6. Very minor news: Tsuji‘s got a new patent, it‘s an addition to a former patent from 2019 and was published yesterday:

    Well, I guess it’s something…

    In the meantime Haiclone‘s news focus is becoming ridiculous. Now they celebrate Dr. Farjo‘s one year anniversary as president of the ISHRS. The rest is sensationalistic news articles and conferences announcements. How low can it get? It’s safe to assume Hairclone is going nowhere, unfortunately. What a disappointment.

    1. @Ben

      It doesn’t mean nothing. It is just procedure. Usually it takes to 18 months your patent to be publish online. Nothing stops anyone to move forward with their clinical trials in case they apply to protect their technology.

      My opinion is that Dr. Tsuji technology is too robust and expensive to be translated into clinics. Pharma companies wants shampoo or regular injection treatments. That brings them huge profit. Probably that’s why he can’t find investors to continue with clinical trials or maybe he has some science obstacles/delays at this point to continue forward. Time will tell. It is very strange that he went totally silent for almost year and half.

    2. Dr. Farjo gave a very long & solid interview with the guy that moderates the “Hair restoration network” site via Instagram & gave a very soild explaination of thier approach & thier planned timeline.
      He also explained that thier main delay issue is COVID related because the first teatments they will carry out will supervised by universities which were opened & closed in an unpredictable pattern.
      The treatment they want to offer now also won’t be an official treatment so to speak but a patient-to-doctor treatment (like the prescription of oral min off label) in the UK & data of those canidates in the first 2 years will serve as the pre-clinical data for a phase 3 trial to get in on the market in the rest of the world. This is done to avoid sinking money into useless mouse models which is very good idea.
      So yeah to put it short they are still very committed just forced into an annoying waiting game which isn’t all on thier end. I’d give them a little bit more time before writing them off just now

      1. Sorry, but no. Time they had enough. Research was already finished in 2016 and built upon Intercytex results, they just had to start the trial (which also takes time of course).

        Corona is just a cheap excuse, and how did other ventures deal with it? They also went on and proceeded with their development.

        Paul Kemp said in 2016 that it would be available in 18, then in 18 it was 19, in 19 it was 20, then Corona, in 21 it was 22, now it’s 22 and they say it will start in 23. I am too long into the game to not see a clear pattern here.

        They hugely lack in funding and staff. I trust the tech, but not the organisation. They will be overtaken left and right very soon.

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