Hims: Hair Loss Treatments Go Mainstream

Update: October 2, 2020 — Hims is going public via merger with Oaktree. The deal values Hims at $1.6 billion.

Hims for hair loss.
Hims for hair loss.

Hims (aka forhims)

For the past six months, I have seen an inordinately huge number of online and TV ads concerning a relatively new US-based company called Hims. The startup also goes by the name “forhims”. The direct-to-consumer company sells men’s wellness and grooming products. They have an especially keen focus on the hair loss and erectile dysfunction (Sildenafil) markets. Hims is planning to add more products in other sectors, especially in skincare.

The surprising thing is that hims only commenced operations in November 2017. Yet, they already have a global Alexa website traffic ranking of under 35,000. Their Google Trends chart for the US (ht/ HLprevention) has also been on quite an impressive continuous upwards trajectory in 2018. How on earth can such a recently formed company succeed so spectacularly? Especially considering that they still having some relatively barren pages on their website as if in Beta mode?

Of course the answer as always is money and funding. Absolutely tragic that most world renowned hair loss research scientists who are working on hair loss cures can never get this type of access to funding. In fact several scientists and companies have even been desperate enough to ask me to help them raise funds in the past.

By March 2018, hims was already valued at $200 million, and had raised $40 million in funding. All this less than four months after starting business.

Update: Shortly after I wrote this post, they raised another $50 million.

Company CEO Andrew Dudum seems to have great connections in the venture capital world. His company managed to get positive reviews in well known online publications just weeks after launch. Such favorable publicity continues to this day, and hims now has Snoop Dogg on board.

Hims and Hair Loss

One of the main consumer markets hims serves is the hair loss treatment sector. Their focus is on men’s hair loss products, although most of their products can also be used by women after consultation with a doctor.

Normally, I do not write about any hair loss product related company on this blog. I do not want to promote anyone for no strong reason, especially if I have not tried their products and the products are not groundbreaking. However, hims has become so big, that at this point I can not ignore them. Moreover, I am extremely glad that they are providing these products at a very low cost relative to existing vendors.

Currently, hims will give you all of the below for just $44 a month. Prescription for Finasteride is given via an online consultation. Disclaimer: I do not get any commission or advertising income from this company.

  • 30-day supply of 1-mg generic Finasteride pills.
  • 2 ounce supply of Minoxidil (I assume this will last for a month).
  • A DHT blocking shampoo.
  • 30-day supply of biotin gummies.

Not bad at all, although at this low price, I would want a lab to check the ingredients, quality and veracity of all the above products. For example, the DHT blocking shampoo page does not really list many DHT blocking ingredients at present. Moreover, it seems like one of the listed ingredients (Ketoconazole) was not in the shampoo in 2017. At least per the footnote in the Racked magazine article that I linked to earlier in this post. Instead, the shampoo had salicylic acid in it at the time. You should also check reviews and ratings for hims hair loss products before purchasing.

Despite these reservation, I am glad that after years of us consumers being gouged by crazy high prices of Finasteride and Minoxidil (even after generics version came out), this type of company is now succeeding. It represents a mini-revolution in the hair loss treatment world.

If hims were to ever come out with topical Finasteride or topical Dutasteride, I would seriously consider buying from them every month.

Keeps: Competitor

Interestingly enough, shortly after the launch of hims, a new competing company named Keeps was launched in early 2018 with significant fanfare and publicity. Unlike hims, Keeps limits its offerings exclusively to the hair loss market, and is focusing on monthly Finasteride and Minoxidil subscription plans. Keeps has obtained nowhere near the funding levels as hims, but nevertheless has still managed to get decent publicity in recent months.

Update: Keeps will open a state-of-the-art hair transplant center in New York in early 2022.

90 thoughts on “Hims: Hair Loss Treatments Go Mainstream”

  1. I see ads for Hims all over NYC. I’m currently using Finasteride and Minoxidil at the moment. I really hope Replicel or Follica have something by 2019. Losing your hair in your mid twenties REALLY sucks!

    1. I know pain bud :( I have already been using 18500 nok(the norwegian currency) thats approximatly $ 2254 dollars on prp. Wish I had read what Scott said about it before I spended that money.

      But I have started doing meditation and it has helped me with accepting my new self. Still got some work to do. I was the cocky guy before hairloss. Suddenly you have a weakness and things change.
      People is more aware of your insecurity rather than than the hairloss i have realized. People are seeing the opportunity to break your confidence with the hairloss.
      21 and will be pretty bald when I am 25 :)

      1. @enge I also wasted money on PRP and laser cap, biotin tablets, etc. They are all gimmicks, fighting the sea with grains of sand. Usually someone objects to this, which then prompts me to ask for proof, which in turn kills the conversation stone dead.

        If you have the money I would strongly suggest a hair system. This is what I now do and me being in the UK and you further north in Norway it’s never too hot so they last longer. Anyone reading this from anywhere too hot or humid without air conditioning, forget it. I am going bald for the rest of summer as its going to be hot and I am travelling to Burma; very humid. The glue won’t stand a chance. But when I was young with my own real hair I would shave the hair off in hot summers anyway so it’s not like I am cheating :-)

        Regarding confidence, if that’s your only problem don’t worry about it. People are so obsessed about their own problems (losing weight, being in debt, keeping up with the Jones’s, etc) they don’t have time for you. As a test, do you care about the bald guy down the street?

        Walk past a restaurant window in the evening and you may see parents with their children eating a meal. Before and after the meal, each of them is looking at their phone, not to each other. Not even our own kids have our attention anymore so nobody is going to bother you for being bald. It’s just “yeah whatever”.

  2. Here’s an excerpt from The New Yorker article:

    ”And, within all that attractive packaging and identity branding, the company was very casually offering the holy grail. My latent obsession led me to ask some questions of the ad campaign. It turns out that Hims’s baldness pills are just finasteride, and their topical solution minoxidil. Thanks to expired patents on those products, Hims is able to sell them cheap. And yet ultimately they’re providing the same old solution. Another false prophet.”

    1. Doubt anyone would claim that this is even close to a cure…maybe some marketing slogans had exaggerations in them? Main advantages are low cost and not having to visit a physician in person for the prescription.

      1. Much of their “gorilla” social media campaign has insinuated their product is a cure. Or at the very least new. They would be fined if this were the UK.

        Also – Hims is paying Instagram influencers to post pics of balding celebrities and bald shame them with captions like “Prince William was so hot….Should have used @hims”

        1. All the more reason to hope the cure comes out soon. Unfortunately, all companies who advertise in the hair loss market exaggerate to some extent…especially shampoo producers claiming hair growth.

  3. Giving it a try. First order is on it’s way. They are overwhelmed however orders are backed up. I’ll update progress. I did have luck in the early oughts using finasteride but was a big hassle and pricy as heck. Getting the complete kit.

  4. Nope

    This leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    * High end marketing distracts from the inherent long term commitment and safety profile

    * The branding normalizes what should be a very careful and calculated decision you make with your doctor not some random person who’s literally paid to hand out prescriptions like candy – this is a dangerous conflict of interests and appears to be provided as nothing more than a legal formality

    * The inherent long-term commitment of the drug mixed with the branding and repackaging makes me feel as if this is just a savvy millennial-targeting cash grab. Nothing was invented, nothing was developed, these are people who are just modernizing the way they pull us into spending money on the insecurity of this disease.

    * Speaking of money, the Kushner family is involved. Joshua Kushner is an investor. Another red flag for me. Albeit a more emotional than logical one.

    I don’t like this. It popularizes a glamorized picture of fin complete with a celebrity.

    I’m sure many of you here use it without a problem but personally I think those who suffer from this should be focused on developments or acceptance, not feeding finasteride to men in their early 20s.

  5. Is this the company that says “hair loss is a choice”??

    I love how they make bald men feel worse by letting everyone else in the room know that they chose to be bald (obviously complete BS, as their products far from work for everyone).

    For being yet another half-… hair loss company with the goal of making bald men feel even worse about themselves while offering no help for most, I just want to give a giant.

    1. Ugh! “Hair loss is a choice” —Something only someone without aggressive alopecia would be insensitive enough to say. But not quite as bad as an old advert from the 50’s: “You don’t want a bald-headed husband – do you? Your husband will either be bald or good-looking. It’s largely up to you!” —Wildroot Hair Tonic.

    2. These companies have to say some things for marketing and business reasons. Let us appreciate they are giving us such cheap Propecia and Rogaine and not ripping off like the stores such as Walgreens. Anyway if cure is here in few years, these people all go out of business.

      1. This company actually says, “baldness is now optional”, which is false on multiple levels. First, the “now” implies some sort of new treatment. Second, they are flat out lying about their ability to stop baldness for most people. Why does the hair loss industry have to be so shady? Ah well, I just keep the faith that there will be a real breakthrough someday by honest people.

  6. I see a good and a bad side of a company like this coming around.
    The Bad.
    People who are not balding and those that are newly balding will look at a company like this and believe it’s the Cure. So instead of more people demanding better treatments, we’re still stuck in idle because now a new generation thinks yesterday’s repackaged drugs are the answer. We literally need every voice to be heard to help push a cure through.
    The Good
    If this company literally is overwhelmed with the orders then other companies have to take notice and realize there’s a huge demand waiting to be met. If there was any doubt before that a hair loss cure is a gold mine then the popularity of this company has surely made it crystal clear

  7. Started topical FIN a few months ago, using it mainly on the crown because that was my area of concern. Hard to tell whether it is stabilizing … anyone here with progress on topical fin?

    Two days ago I got a buzzcut (grade 2 / grade 3), now I see clearly my front is going fast as well. Front density probably has dropped below 50%, wt*. Will start to intensify the use of topical FIN in the front as well, I only used it on the hairline before, now starting a larger front area.

    1. Don’t bother. It’s useless, plus the treatments that will be released in the next 2 years will make using that stuff look like witchcraft.

  8. Hello fellow baldies, I have a quite old finding which I would like to share as I would like to know your view on it. It’s from 1972 and I do find it interesting as it states that aging affects the layer of skin of MPB in a different way that it affects in non bald subjects. There was a time that I was looking into a small mole on my arm and saw that it has dar thick hair coming out of it while there was only small white hair around it that’s when I have learned that it is loads of cells ended up in the same place making it a thicker layer. Maybe it has something to do with baldness?

      1. Well written, well articulated, well researched and they probably got a PhD out of it. But back to business, if there was anything in it some company would have capitalized on it by now and made a fortune. Sadly this did not come to pass and here we are 46 years later still playing with chemistry sets for the elusive cure.

  9. When I seen hims, to be honest, I just thought about telemedicine. As a possible future script write myself, this is what I thought. Hims has to hire practitioners to write scripts. Other than that, you can get generic finasteride pretty cheap. Even grabbing Proscar and bashing it into whatever you want pieces. Minox at 2%…..I can’t speak for. However, I have seen minox for 5% online for a 3 month supply for cheap. Overall, I see this as more of a dollar shave club for thinning men. It offers convenience, and maybe to some not willing to go to a Dr/Nurse Practitioner, or P.A, a better option. I would agree with the admin about the topicals though, if ever offered. Did wong take theirs down?

  10. Its still kind of a rip. Pages and pages of well this might work products, and the only thing worth using right now is still the magic propecia pill. For all the crap propecia gets its still far and away the best thing out there.
    None of that crap they give you is worth it except the propecia. Minox is also good though I have to say, but its not the heavy lifter.
    What we need is another real legit FDA approved treatment that gets good results like a reformulated propecia, or stronger AAs

  11. Its not a bad idea though just the convenience might make it worth it for some, but hair loss is a life long battle. Think about that its a forever thing.
    Is propecia going to be at the prices its at now in 20 years? Will they even manufacture propecia in 20 years? There is a lot to chew on when you realize how much things change in 20 years this package or company might not be in business anymore.
    Sometimes MPB really feels like its not worth the effort for the very mediocre results most people get. Most guys go bald anyway despite treatments. What was the point?

    1. That’s why I went with my hair system. Norwood 6 to 1 in 2 hours, didn’t even have to wait for the hair to grow. Show me any other treatment that can do that. No more propecia, lasercap, PRP, coconut oil, witchcraft potions, etc.

      The only weakness is the adhesive. Mine lasted 4 hot weeks then needed to be re-glued. But regardless of whether a magic cure may/may not come out for baldness in the next few years, there will definitely be new adhesives coming out.

  12. Choi HI, Kim DY, Choi SJ, Shin CY, Hwang ST, Kim KH, Kwon O. The effect of cilostazol, a phosphodiesterase 3 (PDE3) inhibitor, on human hair growth with the dual promoting mechanisms. J Dermatol Sci. 2018 Jul;91(1):60-68

    “In summary, our results demonstrate that cilostazol significantly stimulates hair growth both in vitro and in vivo. In addition, it accelerates in vitro proliferation of DPCs, enhances ex vivo hair shaft elongation, and induces in vivo anagen hair induction through the promotion of vessel formation. Furthermore, the possible mechanisms underlying the effects of cilostazol, which make it a potential treatment for alopecia, include direct stimulation of DPC proliferation through the MAPK signaling pathway and facilitation of neovascularization around HFs. Our findings show that cilostazol effectively induces the growth of human HFs; therefore, it may be a new therapeutic agent for hair loss.”

  13. Lee CY, Yang CY, Lin CC, Yu MC, Sheu SJ, Kuan YH. Hair growth is promoted by BeauTop via expression of EGF and FGF‑7. Mol Med Rep. 2018 Jun;17(6):8047-8052

    “BeauTop (BT) is mixture of a variety of Chinese
    herbs including Ginseng radix, Astragali radix, Radix Angel‑
    icae sinensis, Ligustri fructus, Rehmannia glutinosa and
    Eclipta prostrata (Linn). A previous study demonstrated that
    there was non‑toxicity using BT in a Wistar rat model (6). The
    aim of the current study was to evaluate the promotion of hair
    growth by BT in C57BL/6 mice and the mechanism involved,
    for consideration of BT as a potential therapeutic medication
    for alopecia.” ……

    “These studies in mice indicated a significant increase in
    the number of follicles per unit area in the BT group compared
    with the controls on day 8. Thus, BT has the potential to
    improve hair growth through upregulating the expression of
    EGF and FGF‑7 and through downregulating the expression of
    FGF‑5. However, no clinical trial investigating the use of BT
    and its effects of inhibiting human alopecia or promoting hair
    growth has been conducted, thus a trial should be undertaken
    in order to verify the effects of BT in humans.
    These results have demonstrated that the mechanism of
    action of BT in improving AGA is potentially associated with
    EGF, FGF‑5 and FGF‑7. Taken together, these results suggest
    that BT has the potential effect of promoting hair growth.”

  14. It will be nice when a Real Cure arises when we do not need to squint to try and count the number of hair follicles to see if there actually is more hair growing. Going from a cue ball to hippie hair should be what the Before and After pictures should look like.

    In saying all that, I am Diligently AWAITING Any Word from Aclaris if it Does Not Work OR If It Does Work. I am waiting… and waiting… and waiting. They Know Now Just Tell Us.

      1. i imagine it will be on an individual response basis. Not everyone will get the same results, assuming that even some do as i do expect to happen

    1. We get it, you are an Aclaris believer.
      Good for you.
      Now, stop spamming every single Admin’s post with your chattering about Jaks…

      1. I bet if one participant grows just one extra hair, visible only by microscope, the whole community will still go nuts about it. I can already visualize the article on LAD Bible.

      2. *SPAM*

        Some want a real cure. You keep up with your peach fuzz therapies and closed mind.

        JAK works it grows 100% hair no theory about IF. The only question is does it work for AGA. The greatest potential treatment will be announced ANY day now and I am not keeping quite about it. And maybe it will not work but if it does work it COMPLETELY ends this for most of us.


        1. My mind is not closed. It has travelled through more than 30 countries, good and bad. My hair system gives me Norwood 1, no peach fuzz :-)

          As I have suggested before, if they know the result by now and it is a cure, the most pertinent cause of action would have been to announce it; to kill off the funding for the competition stone dead. But this has not happened. The LAD Bible are still telling people to eat fries.

        2. I never intended to negate your conviction about JAKS, sir.
          Be an Aclaris believer.
          Just be more restrained about it.
          That’s all.

  15. Nasa stop talking about jaks. You will jinx it hahaha. However I do like your positivity:) I am the follica version of you haha. Honestly, none of these treatments will grow a full head of hair from nw7 to nw1. Don’t see it happening. At best a couple Norwoods or ht density regrowth. I just can’t see a treatment coming out curing us all. Not that it won’t happen but I have been disappointed since 2001 where it has ruined any hope of a cure. Maybe my grandkids will see a cure. I just want to keep my nw2.5 and fill in the lost density so I don’t look like a moron when it rains out or when the wind blows and my hair flys around like crazy. Or being able to jump in a pool or ocean and not have to worry about bald thinning spots when I come out….bs drama we have to deal with….

    1. MJones you are right it has been too long. Let’s hope for something soon you just never know what will happen. One day it could be Poof a 100% treatment (whatever it is). Like The show says, The Truth Is Out There, we just need to find it.

    2. nw 2.5 myself checking in Mjones. I keep my hair shorter and spiked in front, hold it in with wax in front. I am doing ok. Ever thought of a different hair style? Not an insult, just a thought. Yeah when you spike your hair, the right side recession is visible, but I am not hiding it, and it takes away from it actually.

  16. The conspiracy theorist side of me believes there is a cure for mpb, aids, stds, cancer etc. The corporations won’t profit from one time purchases…they want the repeat customer lifelong….

    1. If that was true, surely Steve jobs, one of the richest men in the world, would have purchased the cure to cancer instead of dying of it aged 56. The iCure!

  17. This question is directed to SCOTT. Scott it sounds like you giving up on this hair system if I am correct about what you said on this forum when you said you were going to Berma and you planned to shave your head bald. So the hair system is bad for the summer. I recently considered wearing a hair system myself, but it sounds like at least for the summer season you think it is not worth it to wear a hair system. Again please explain?

    1. @JohnCaddy – it depends on how active you are and how hot your summers are and how much time you spend in the summer heat where there is no air conditioning.

      If you go to a gym sometimes you will be fine. If you work in a gym full time, or a bakery, then forget it. If you are reading this from anywhere humid like South-East Asia or anywhere near the equator then forget it.

      This summer in the UK has been exceptionally hot this year, my parkour training has been upped to 6 days per week (2 days outside with no air conditioning) and yes I am going to Burma in August where it will be constant maximum humidity. Long hair in that heat will be uncomfortable anyway; real or not, so even though I could probably sustain it, given that during my refit they used a stronger adhesive, I won’t bother. I will just take a baseball cap.

      And when I was a kid with real natural Norwood 1 hair I would shave it off in summer anyway so I am not cheating :-) I will wear this one for another 2 weeks up to its end of life, then take it off, shave my head and start wearing one again when it gets to October. It saves money as well; the good ones are not cheap. I have plenty of money but I am not an English Lord with a castle and servants.

      The system lasts about 8 weeks but the adhesive only lasted 4 so you go for a refit at week 4 then at week 8 get another system and start again. I will be keen to see, if during the colder months and them switching me to a stronger adhesive, if I can get the system to last longer, an extra week or two.

      And you don’t have to be careful when it is on. I have been doing handstands, back flips, upside-down aerial kicks, etc and it held.

      If they can come up with a stronger adhesive, resistant to acidic sweat in the same way that it is waterproof, so it can also be used by people in hot humid places with jobs in hot or humid conditions then the likes of propecia and minoxidil would be irrelevant. Why maintain a peach fuzz when you can maintain a Norwood 1?

  18. Nasa, i went to try to participate in the jaks trial. Unfortunately I didn’t make the cut but I did read a lot of the paperwork and had to sign a lot of documents before I met the doctor. I do not recall seeing any non-disclosure agreement or anything that would prohibit someone from announcing that their hair is growing. So it seems that if indeed it is working there’s no reason somebody shouldn’t be saying something. But on the same note if we don’t hear anything that’s even more scary since there’s no NDA stopping them from talking. Could be that no talky = no worky

    1. It might not have worked or it might be working. We need the info from the company. They probably will mention it during their conference call early August. I think they would want to show a full head of hair to the world like someone else’s trial for AA. It puts their solution in the most positive light.

      Can you imagine if it does work turns the completely bald into hair hippies? It would be like a UFO landing in Times Square. Just my opinion.

      1. @nasa_rs – Shiseido are also due to release results this year. If your love affair with Aclaris ends in a messy break-up don’t be too upset. Other treatments are on the way.

  19. Shiseido will release the product this year? I understand by investors that they think to release the product by the end of the year 2018. Is it true?

    1. Yes. On the condition that it works :-) Japan only requires phase II to pass and this is the phase II trial for them. I have already saved the money for the treatment, plus the flights, plus some extra to get totally drunk and go on a bit of a bender while in Japan in celebration.

  20. On another note. I saw a young girl with AA this weekend. (Odd because ive really only seen like 4 ppl ever with AA and its all been young girls/women)
    Got me wondering about the original tofab story and how it regrew a total head of hair on that kid. It was a 100% success. So why is the topical for AA not out in the market yet? Ive heard nothing about it.

  21. @Netshed It’s in the fact sheets and presentations at Replicel: https://replicel.com/investors/presentations-fact-sheets/

    — Q2 2018 · Expected Data Readout from clinical study of RCH-01 – Japan

    — Phase 2 Clinical Study: Japan (ongoing). Potential Market Launch. Costs covered by Shiseido, Data expected 2018. Potential near-term market launch.

    — 2018/19: first biologic (pattern baldness) potentially launched in Japanese market (milestone & deal rev)

    So expect data (Q2); pray for release (18/19). ; )

  22. So 7 products come to market in next 7 months? … Sounds like something to start with. Well even if not the cure its still a sign of changing times! I like it! :-)

    Polichem topical Finasterid
    Fidia Brotzu
    Shiseido RHC-01
    Medipost CM-3 Stem Cell Fluid
    JW Pharma oral Dutasteride
    Montfort Labs Esthecin
    Olympus Stem Cells and Zinc Thymuli

  23. Even AIDS can be treated in the very near future.We can not be bothered by simply hair on our head too long.

  24. most likely nothing new will come out in the next 10 years if not more … I fight against baldness for more than 25 years … it’s always the same story … the only thing that has changed is the awareness of the problem … and this only thanks to the internet …
    There have always been thousands of doctors who have tried … we just did not know anything before … now we do “INTERNET” …

    1. i choose to be optimistic anyway.it is unbelieveble that we human has made a trip to moon at 1960 but could not do anything to hairloss at 2020

      1. @ ommmmm: If I keep reading this blog it’s only because I’m also optimistic … but at the same time I know… it will not be easy …

    2. If you have been fighting baldness for more than 25 years, then you most probably started the battle against hair loss before propecia (finasteride) was released (that was in 1997).
      Avodart (dutasteride) was released in the early 00’s.
      So… during your battle against hair loss two new treatments occured.

        1. Not really…
          “Most likely NOTHING NEW will come out in the next ten years…” is completely different than “Most likely the ultimate cure won’t come out in the next ten years…”.

          Except for Organ Germ Technology, I also believe that none of the current treatments on trials will prove to be the ultimate cure.
          But to believe that none of them will ever come out is not even realistic, dude.

    1. there are so many bald bro watting for a cure.so i think even tsuji works there must be very expensive and millions of rich baldies wait in line.

  25. Just to help some out. I have always seen my buddy with his hat. If he wears a suit, he has an ,”Ivy”, cap. One day he took his cap off and his mother thought he was, ” An old man at the bar.” Ok, she over stated it, he looked 10 years older. However, when I seen him this Saturday, he had no hat on…..and his hair was gone. Did he look his age? No, he still looked a few years older. However, he looked better. I even told him, ” You look great shaving, it looks good.” Seriously, I think thinning, regardless if you shave it off or not, you’re still going to look slightly older. Now with a hat, he looked his age. However, his shaved head, slightly older, but much better. I was shocked how good it looked. Now he does have big trap muscles, so it helps. Thought I would share. Seriously I am a nw 2.5ish…..some might say a 2. I got recession and thinning in middle- like an airstrip for air planes( no bald- just thinning ). However, I even thought about shaving…but I am not there yet. Seeing my buddy though, I cannot tell you how much…..he looks a lot better. Of course, I didn’t go this deep with him because didn’t want to make it a thing. I didn’t know him prior to his hair loss. I just thought he wore hats. Far as I can say he is in his 20s. Odd thing is, he has a round face. Mine is like Nick Lachey’s. The jawline and the long face. So I have no clue what I would look like shaved.

  26. Camarillo – Great Find.

    The Follicum breakthrough also helps to ascertain that maybe the JAK’s that Aclaris is working on can also work. Since it proves topical S can permeate down to lower skin levels.

    This is very good news for
    Follicum, for Aclars, and mostly for us. Just wish Follicum would get going on that Phase II.

  27. Unfortunally, I think Shiseido was failure, because there was no announce.
    But, It is no surprise for me, I could not trust this company and Replicel.

    I can believe only Riken.
    Riken is govern institute and this reserch is certainly progress.

    Now, important point in Japanese hair reserch is medical engineering.

    Hair cloning techniques need efficiently machine that could make many hair follicle immediately.


    1. Shiseido are one of the largest pharma companies in the world; not some mickey mouse outfit. If their due diligence on Replicel showed it to be some silly potion they would not have invested in them. We must therefore taken them seriously, even though they may still fail.

      Riken being a government institute puts me off. Are they really pursuing worthy goals with brave decisions or are they, like other government organisations, just choosing the projects that will create the most jobs?

  28. It makes me so sad/angry every time I see one of these commercials. I was dumb enough to try finasteride back in January and after taking three pills (3!) I suffered horrible side effects, both physical and mental, which haven’t gone away in the time since. It sucks that this stuff is getting marketed so aggressively because the more people who try it, the more lives will be ruined. If anyone reading this is considering taking that drug, I strongly strongly strongly advise you to think twice. I wasted so much time worrying about my hair loss and now I wish every day that I’d just shaved it off and spared myself this nightmare.

  29. Yeah, after three pills I can definitely tell you’ve suffered “mental” side effects like being a hypochondriac! I’ve been on over 20 years and have thought way more than twice how lucky I am. Quit the scaremongering based on your three pill experience and go get a mental health check up!
    Who are these people???

    1. You really think because you haven’t had a problem that anyone who did is crazy? That’s not the way this stuff works, man. You’ve been lucky and I’m very glad for your sake. Would not wish what I’ve been through on anybody (even some dude calling me crazy on the internet). The fact is, we both played Russian roulette with our bodies—you got the empty chamber, and I didn’t. Feel grateful and enjoy your life, but just know that everybody who ignores the “scaremongering” isn’t going to be as lucky as you.

  30. Three tablets is not enough time to get (physical) sides which are extremely uncommon anyway. However, it’s plenty to get “mental” or imagined sides . Hell, you can get those even just thinking about taking this or any drug if you try hard enough. Some people can always find a pile of crap under any pony they are looking for. I’m sick and tired reading about “sides” from people who didn’t give fin hardly anytime, even from those who haven’t tried it but profess to know. Sack up sonny, power thru the “mental sides” and maintain your hair. Or be a nancy boy and keep thinking you’ll get every side known to man from Merck and trolls on the internet and watch your hair go down the drain.

    1. Dude, I’ve taken blood tests that show how much that drug messed up my hormones. But thanks for your unsolicited medical opinion. I went to a doctor with experience trying to help people recover from these kinds of effects and they said they’ve seen a guy who got side effects from taking one pill and another guy who got them after taking it for 18 years with no problem. Some people obviously have no issues at all. People’s bodies react differently. The point is that anyone who swallows one of those pills is taking a serious risk with their health and I wish to god I’d had a more realistic idea of that before I did it, so now I think I have a duty to try to warn others who may be in the same place I was six months ago. As I said before, I’m sincerely happy for your good luck and I hope it continues, but trying to influence other people into taking that stuff is bad karma, man. Give it a rest and just enjoy your good fortune.

  31. Can you post your blood tests, cite the names of your “doctors” , who these “guys” are that ” got side effects from taking one pill and another guy who got them after taking it for 18 years with no problem.” You say on one hand it’s Russian roulette on the other you indicate that anyone who takes fin “anyone who swallows one of those pills is taking a serious risk with their health” when the empirical data states otherwise. One thing we can agree on…you are obviously a very sick young man and should seek medical attention ASAP…aka for the “mental” health issues you have, I’m truly sorry about that. However, don’t push that on others son.

  32. Look, it’s obvious that nothing I say is going to change your mind. You can talk about empirical data, but it’s clear from the tone of your replies that you have a very strong emotional investment in believing that finasteride is safe and people who have had problems from it are liars or crazy. So you could see how low the DHT reading was on my blood test or talk to my doctor or hear the stories of any number of guys who have had issues after taking it, and it would all mean nothing to you. That’s fine, man, whatever floats your boat. But my comment wasn’t aimed at you. It was aimed at the guy who’s reading this mulling over taking the drug, and in a month will be kicking himself for taking the risk and getting burned. Next thing he knows, his life as he knew it is gone and he finds himself arguing with some rando on the internet about his medical history.

    Now probably no one is reading this back and forth anyway, and even if they are there’s no reason for them to attribute any special credibility to either of us, so on the slim chance that this will get through to anyone considering using the drug, I would just encourage them to very carefully read through articles like the one I’m posting below, and think about how they’ll feel about the decision if they turn out to be one of the unlucky ones (who, yeah, empirically exist). Losing your hair sucks, but the chance to maybe slow that down is not worth the risk of losing your health. Just work on acceptance for now and hope for a real (and safe) cure in the future.


  33. The point of your posts is to scare guys from taken a proven drug that has evidence of few side effects in the predominant numbers who’ve taken it. You are stating that everyone will get sides and shouldn’t take fin because you supposedly experienced debilitating side effects soon after looking at the pills. #SAD! :-(

    1. I never said that everyone will get side effects. I said it’s not worth the risk since the potential effects are so awful. And it’s just weird that you’re spending so much time insisting that you know what I’ve experienced better than I do.

  34. Not worth the risk for you but for the countless majority that experienced little to no side effects it’s well worth it. Don’t push your vast experience with 3 pills as gospel.

  35. But the trouble is that there’s no way of knowing beforehand how finasteride will affect your system, so taking it is basically running a science experiment on your body. And when the risks are so awful, it just doesn’t make sense for people who haven’t used it yet to start.

  36. ” it just doesn’t make sense for people who haven’t used it yet to start” “I never said that everyone will get side effects. I said it’s not worth the risk since the potential effects are so awful.”
    Go climb back into your mommy’s womb, do you also have anxiety, depression, allergies to just about everything, etc.? You seem like one of those guys that’s afraid of his own shadow and would get sides from just about anything. For that, I’m truly sorry, despite your fear-mongering,it would be sad to go thru life like that. Yoda out…go like your life Sonny! :-)

    1. Nope, I was healthy and happy with a life I enjoyed before I took that junk. As for being afraid of my own shadow, exactly the opposite was my problem —only wish I’d been more cautious and taken the risk more seriously when I had the chance.

  37. Oh yeah, I can’t wait to purchase hair loss products recommended by Snoop Dog. I love his huge bald forehead and can’t wait until mine looks just like his. Get real people.

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