Donald Trump’s Physician Claims President Takes Finasteride

Donald Trump’s somewhat crazy (but still believable) long-time physician Dr. Harold Bornstein just claimed to the New York Times in several interviews that both Mr. Trump and Mr. Bornstein take Finasteride to tackle their hair loss problems. Mr. Bornstein claims that his own full head of hair as well as Mr. Trump’s full head of hair are a testament to the efficacy of Finasteride. Surprisingly, the article even mentions how Donald Trump’s prostate specific-antigen (PSA) levels were an extremely low 0.15 due to his taking Finasteride (a hair loss drug that was was originally developed to shrink enlarged prostates in men and in the process reduce PSA levels).

I try not to devote entire posts to celebrity news, but this particular development was significant enough to write about separately. It is very rare to see a story on Finasteride and hair loss in a major newspaper (except when it involves athletes who take the drug and get banned).

Mr. Trump almost certainly has had significant work done to cover his hair loss over the years according to numerous sources. The most in depth research and speculation covering that subject was in this impressive article from last year.

I hope one of Mr. Trump’s advisers tells him about Dutasteride in the near future. Perhaps he can then even get that drug finally approved in the US to treat hair loss. Especially considering this new initiative from the president.

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  1. admin
    Surely with Trumps hair loss history he can do more than just approve Dut. Dut is not that more effective than Fin.

  2. He’s probably gonna die, before Dutasteride gets approved, unfortunately…lol We really need duta approved, no matter how, it’s about damn time.

  3. If trump dont get the hair back this year and in 2018 dont beleive will have…… In 2019 and 2020…. Sad but true!

  4. More interested in trumps policies toward improving innovation within the pharmaceutical industry. Hoping that another drug (dutasteride) that causes chemical castration and hormonal imbalance with a plethora of side effects to treat hair loss shouldn’t be top priority future treatment option. It’s 2017, we can do better.

  5. Yes move on, we can do better. Why always in this industry we have delays and more delays? Histogen would have to have been release in 2014…breezula in 2021? That’s not logic…in this industry all are bad news.

    1. Truth is, hair loss is a complicated issue to resolve. There is a huge demand for a cure in our materialistic vain society we live in. Just look at many businesses engaged in hair transplants, plastic surgery, and other dermatological and weight loss institutions. The only thing that’s coming between us and a cure is red tape, and that’s is squarely on government. As long as demand exists, innovation will meet that demand.

      In the mean time, chill out. Don’t worry about hair loss. We’re men, it’s perfectly normal for us to have male pattern hair loss. Just buzz/shave it, and focus on taking care of yourself. Dress well, stay in shape, be successful in your career. Being bald isn’t a death sentence. If you were a good looking guy before hair loss, you can easily still be after. You’ll still attract women, you just need to be confident in who you are. Confidence needs to be built, and that takes hard work and sacrifice. Nobody is born confident without having something to be confident about. If hair was the only thing you were proud of, than you have much bigger problems than hair loss.

      1. So if you had a bigger problem then hair loss I guess now you have two problems. Your bald on top of whatever your other problem was is that a good thing?
        Sometimes fixing or changing other things to try to compensate for MPB isnt a practical thing. Its not a solution to MPB to tell guys well just do better at other stuff

  6. Dutasteride and Loniten (Minoxidil tablet form) need to be passed as hairloss solutions Asap. I’m sick of buying it at an inflated price on the net.

  7. I don’t understand why everyone wants dutasteride to be approved for hair loss. It’s old technology and done with. A topical version wouldn’t be bad but pills no thanks. We need new hair loss technology like stem cells and activators. SM, Histogen, tsuji, follica. Etc. Hopefully trump will allow fast tracking and less red tape at the fda. 12 years for a new drug to hit market is just dumb

  8. As a Trump supporter. Please. I beg. Don’t turn this political. I am so sick of people attacking Trump so lets keep this about hair. Just had to say that in advance. That said, Trumps had the big wigs of pharma sit with him and practically say its time to find cures, and even state plans to ensure they have plenty of money for innovations. I am optimistic. The way He is cleaning up corruption I wouldn’t be surprised if cures come quicker, even more so for hair loss. But we’ll see :)

    1. Don’t turn this political, followed by: The way He is cleaning up corruption…


      Also, this goes down as part of an even bigger conspiracy than “big pharma is hiding the cure”: Trump is sitting down with the big wigs and telling them to find the cure. I almost spit my water out of my mouth.

      1. I mentioned the corruption as it goes hand in hand with talking to pharma. Related. Also I never said they are hiding the cure, what I mentioned is factual and not a conspiracy in the slightest. they talked about better funding. You are the exact reason I mentioned try to keep it about hair. Because cunts like you pop up to start arguments and wave your dick around, save it for someone who cares. Look it up yourself, its not exactly a speculation he did sit with major people from pharmaceutical,

    2. It’s hard to take this post seriously given the filters I have in place for the piece of garbage you support.

      “As a Facef Von Clownstick supporter. Please. I beg. Don’t turn this political. I am so sick of people attacking Facef Von Clownstick so lets keep this about hair. Just had to say that in advance. That said, Facef Von Clownsticks had the big wigs of pharma sit with him and practically say its time to find cures, and even state plans to ensure they have plenty of money for innovations. I am optimistic. The way He is cleaning up corruption I wouldn’t be surprised if cures come quicker, even more so for hair loss. But we’ll see “

        1. “Human being”? “Person”? “Woman who’s been falsely accused of an absurd number of ridiculous things”? Those filters?

      1. Oh look. Exactly what I tried to avoid, another c trying to be funny and failing. He has started cleaning corruption fact, and I only brought it up to highlight my point that since he talked funding with pharma about getting them more budgets it could be good for us. So good attempt at trying to get attention in your attempt at understanding my mindset. That said, you’re whole paragraph was garbage and childish so you take the least serious comment award.

  9. Trump is going to make hair great again. He’s already making America and soon the rest of the west great again.

    All we need now is for the God-Emperor’s follicularly challenged state to seep his greatness into the hair loss arena and we will have our cure!

      1. By creating policies to help pharmaceuticals bring new products to the market sooner and reduce the red tape on innovation. Does that answer your question, or are you too busy protesting against free speech?


    looks like Japan has the upper-hand

    “In the 21st Century Cures Act, Section 3033 is the Accelerated Approval for Regenerative Medicine Advanced Therapies. So the U.S. now has, just like Japan, an accelerated approval process for regenerative medicine.

    But unlike Japan, where a company can potentially pursue an accelerated approval for anything as long as it can prove that the product is safe, has probable efficacy and is cellular heterogeneous, regenerative advanced therapy in the U.S. needs to “facilitate an efficient development program and expedite review of such drug. A drug is eligible for designation as a regenerative advanced therapy under this subsection A) if the drug is a regenerative medicine therapy, B) if the drug is intended to treat, modify, reverse or cure a serious or life-threatening disease or condition.” That’s the big difference: It has to be serious or life threatening.”

      1. Write him a letter dab it with a little water title it Blue Christmas make sure the crayon is blue too. Try to have a nice melody when expressing our thoughts and send it away. There’s no way it won’t work…seen it in a movie once.

    1. Shut up. it’s 2017, not 2012. If you are afraid your little friend will fall, don’t take it.

      Otherwise, just shut up… baldie..

  11. Finasteride: erections problems it’s obvious….Thanks Lucas Rinaldi. We definitely need new treatments and leave Finasteride behind forever.

      1. In the year 2017 that’s THIS year the one that just started were in the beginning of the second month we still got basically 11 to go lol that’s all they mention is THIS year could be in December or long enough for them to find an excuse to why it all didn’t pan out. For the benefit of the doubt I’ve emailed them and asked hope it’s positive news.

        1. You misunderstand. There is no hope they have zero funding yet ready for treatment today. Extra retarded planet we live on here

  12. We’re all better off playing the powerball to open the cure before 2020, in other words the odds are against us because of funding

  13. If trump is happy with his propecia then im not sure he is pushing for more hair technology as many balding men like myself had originally hoped.

  14. @tom- no I’m not going to make another appt. I tried setting one up last fall but he has a year long wait list and then the nurse practitioner told me he only accepts existing patients. Honestly though I stopped caring about all of this hair loss crap. No point. It’s been since the 80s and 90s since an effective treatment has come out. I give up and tired of the constant disappointments throughout the years. It’s freaking exhausting! If something comes out then that’s awesome but I’m not holding my breath. I don’t see anything in the next 10 years that will be a full on cure. Follica Rain sounds great and I think it will help many in conjuction with SM but it won’t give us the density to jump in a pool and cone out hair wet and not look thinning. That’s a cure for me. Full thick healthy hair nw1.5. All these new treatments are just going to be a step up from Rogaine and Propecia. Tsuji sounds promising but sounds complicated to be available in 3 years. Maybe select few doctors in Japan. Replicel honestly scares me. Injecting cells into your head. I sense tumors in 10 years. How do those cells know where to go. How do they inject it to each follicle? That’s probably why they can’t succeed. Idea sound promising but hard to achieve. Anywho sorry for the rant, don’t want to sound like a Debbie downer but I’m just speaking from the experience in the industry for the past 17 years. Something should have come out years ago by the fda.

  15. @mjones listen man im right there with you. Its very frustrating indeed to be single balding and watching your future fade away. Not sure what else to do other then hope.

  16. I’ll sum it up for you to see why Trump might be actually good for combating hair loss and aging

    – Obsessed about his hair and that’s a strong indication he might be concerned about looks and that means aging, hair restoration and regenerative medicine

    – Peter Thiel a billionare, owner of Calico (a life-extension company) who invested so far in quite a number of various regenerative biotech startups, has been onboard the Trump train and close to Trump since very long time and helped Trump vet the right candidates for the FDA. He said that “FDA gets in the way of drug innovation by making it too difficult for new medicines to get to the market.”.. with a guy like Thiel on board it is likely you can see some positive things happening.

    – Trump himself said just recently at the meeting with “One thing that’s always disturbed me: They come up with a new drug for a patient who’s terminal, and the FDA says we can’t … approve the drug, because we don’t want to hurt the patient,”

    – Trump’s cabinet is choosing from three people to be the FDA chief while any of them is expected to reform FDA and speed up the testing bureacracy that is burdening the testing of drugs and potentially finding new cure. “Faster FDA drug approvals could also lead to lower overall prices, according to Gulfo in Regulatory Focus. “If approvals on a calendar basis were shortened, even by just two years, there are models that the contribution of development time to approval would mean less of a need for price increases and more exclusivity…those two years would reduce the development expenses and then with longer exclusivity, companies can recoup their R&D funds easier.” One of the picks is Jim O’Neill and you bet your pants he would shake things up. He has speeches on youtube – look them up.

    – Trump at one of his speeches said that USA should again have the leading role as the #1 economy through things like maybe space discovery (hinting at Musk who like an idiot ponzi scheme chicken he is quit his role at Trump’s manufacturing comitee due to the ban on 7 countries which on purpose make vetting of possible immigrants pretty much impossible and these countries are actually countries which were picked by Obama’s government anyway) and providing new cures to the world… clearly hinting the biotech industry

    – One bad thing is Jeff Bezos who hates Trump and Trump hates him and he’s the one behind a few very important startups that are behind therapies which target and remove senescent cells and they are important for any anti-aging or in other words regenerative therapies.

    I follow and have on my Facebook many many serious anti-aging scientists as friends and they post articles and messages about Trump almost every day. Trust me these people are ecstatic about what Trump might do for them and they show signs of much joy anytime Trump opens his mouth about FDA, Healthcare or new cures.

  17. The last I had contact with them they said they were doing very well with funding. Maybe they do need more but hopefully not enough to push them back too far. I believe spreading the info to trichologist in your area would increase their partnerships helping them out but as of right now im waiting for their reply. I’ll letcha know.

  18. Taking a full year off of this forum. Finding it has only made me more frustrated lol. Today I am starting a clean diet, yoga and exercise( maybe scalp exercises) Nizoral shampoo and hair vitamins. Took a before picture today and will take an after picture a year from now just to see and will post them in here for y’all to judge. As I said before I would compare my hair loss to that of Kevin Durant (except I’m white) solid hair line but a thinning crown(been thinning for 3-4 maybe even 5 years now I don’t really know but now it’s noticeable) I have itching on the thinning area so maybe the shampoo can help with that. Lol cya in a year, hope things are looking better by then.

  19. Makes sense. That’s why Trump’s dick doesn’t work and he needs to hire prostitutes just to piss on a bed. He’s impotent and incontinent. Also explains the wild mood swings. Just more evidence against finasteride.

  20. @2cents how do you know trump is impotent and incontinent?

    One thing is for sure, there are a boat load of celebrities on propecia. Im curious how many propecia users are on the super super field today?? Tom Brady for sure amongst others. I bet you have to have a certain body chemistry in order to not be harmed by the drug.

  21. Sombody mentioned that Follica could create a 12 % increase in hair so far, another source says that they can create 100 hairs per cm2 (25 terminal), so maybe combined with a transplant it could be a functional cure I think. I am a bit afraid because if Replicel can make hair immune to DHT, maybe other comapanys could stop their research on a cure because it could just be used for the “few” people who have already gone bald. Everyone else would just use Replicels techinque. Nobody would care for the tiny rest of already totally bald people. They will get wiped out soon either way.

  22. @michael, great link:-) Lets hope Trumps FDA regulations actually means we’ll see stuff come out earlier. I got a bad feeling we’ll just hear new excuses from the HL companies now that they cant blame the fda. Why? Cuz most of them dont have anything but false promises to lure in investors.

  23. best hairline so far i ve seen is in Jake Gyllenhaal… damn he has the perfect density and hair…. that I would call it cure… I didnt have that hair even i was 15 probably…

  24. 2017 we cured nothing..hartproblems..eye and ear..bones..we just beginning to understand the human body….let us accept this life is hard…and humans are somekind of supertechnology ..we need much more research .

    ..fda approval systeem is to slow also

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