Brotzu Lotion Named Trinov. Releasing in Italy Soon.

Update: As expected, Fidia officially announced yesterday that the Brotzu Lotion will be named TRINOV. This much anticipated product will be released in Italy by the end of 2018.

Brotzu Lotion Update

I first covered the highly interesting Brotzu lotion and its octogenarian inventor (Dr. Giovanni Brotzu) in early 2016. Thereafter, I discussed the lotion several more times, including a post from earlier this year regarding the countdown to its release.

I do not want to repeat all the details about this PGE1 precursor (Dihomo-Gamma-Linolenic Acid — DGLA) based product yet again. So please make sure to read all my past posts on the Brotzu lotion.

The Brotzu lotion has caused more frenzy in hair loss forums than any other product during the past year. In the process, it has taken over from the excitement surrounding JAK inhibitors and hair loss.

However, it should be noted that at best, this product will only bring back hair that you have lost in the past several years per Dr. Brotzu. It is definitely not a hair loss cure.

Brotzu Lotion to be Named Trinov

Five days ago, one of the Italian hair loss forum members posted groundbreaking new information about the Brotzu lotion: it will be named Trinov. The forums moderators have nicely summarized this information. Some sources also indicate the names “Tri Nov” as well as “Trinov Capelli”.

The original patent for Trinov was filed by Fidia Farmaceutici (Italy) on June 11th 2018. It looks like a patent for rights to both the name “Trinov”, and the appearance of the Trinov logo. Another related patent was filed on July 30th 2018.

Also significant, it seems like Fidia Farmaceutica has registered a new domain called Trinov Anticaduta.

You can track the latest developments regarding the Brotzu lotion in the below forums:

Trinov Product Release in October?

From some of the above threads, it seems like the Trinov product will be released in October 2018. However, I would not count on this to be a certainty, as we have learnt many a times in the past.

Keep checking out Fidia’s news section for future updates on Trinov.

99 thoughts on “Brotzu Lotion Named Trinov. Releasing in Italy Soon.”

  1. I’m part of the group that was trying to replicate this.

    Let me tell you it was a huge pain in the ass (albeit fun) so if this comes out commercially then all the better.

      1. I made it but didn’t use it, it was such a pain in the ass to make I’m not going to bother buying the ingredients again.

        I’d rather stick to my current regiment and use this Trinov stuff when it comes out.

  2. awch utter bollocks. I saw this on the forums and didn’t even think it merited posting on the comments on here. It’s an absolute snake oil, as we’ve known since Brotzu started backtracking all his statements then put together the most amateur presi known to man.

    As for the Oct release, it’s all hearsay from forum threads where the same posters whip up hype with no grounds to do so.

    I used to be an optimist about HL and recovering it, but it’s screwed. About to have a last throw of the dice and get on fin despite swearing I’d never gamble with my health like that. When Gyno hits and I start growing baps, I’ll name them “Brotzu” and “Cotsarelis”….shortly before hanging myself probably.

    Cheers, HL researchers. You had one f*****g job. One job. Could have used your qualifications to cure something important instead of whipping up hysteria with false hopes and fuelling an industry of self-image problems. Tossers, to a man, absolute tossers, the lot of them.

    1. Wait for Shiseido’s results either this month or the month after. If they draw a blank, then you can hang yourself, or like me just get a hair system.

  3. I think that hairloss is way too complex too give a statement like past several years regrowth. It’s really unprofessional in my opinion. For me it would be a cure since my hair loss started 4 years ago but kicked in very hard. Others that receed slowly over 50 years will have more or less no effect then? I don’t think so. Or do I miss the point here?

      1. Another treatment is in any case a good thing and I will test it out for sure. Even bringing back one year of hair loss would be a great success for me. Something g that minoxidil unfortunately couldn’t achieve. Thanks for the reply admin!

  4. IF it’s a product that REALLY works just give me the link where I can buy it.

    Time to start growing hair (in 2018). And hopefully better products and more hair in 2019.

    1. Nasa,

      It all depends at what norwood level you are currently.

      My hairloss is too vst to go for Trinov. Hopefully Aclaris might bring a game changer.

  5. Let’s say this lotion comes out next month. I am curious about how many people from this forum would be willing to give it a try and what is the age bracket of those who want to try it. Also, does anyone have info. on whether this lotion has any side effects?

  6. Define Several years? Under 10 or under 5? I lost some hair in the front due to scarring alopecia. So none of these treatments will work for me, but I think some hair loss was just regular and the rest of my hair is thin. If that’s the case this might work. My issue started in 2012 but scarring alopecia is a slow silent killer. It could have been killing my follicles since 2010.

  7. So, what are our best hopes for an actual cure announcement in the next couple of years? Jak inhibitors and what else?

    I don’t care about slightly better than Propecia and Rogaine. Who has a hair follicle cure?

    1. Slick,

      As much as I’m an avid Aclaris (Jaks) supporter, there’s no guarantee that they will work for AGA the same way they are proven to work for AA.

      However, for the time being, Jaks could be the only game changer as a topical treatement/cure for AGA.

    2. Slick: I think the labs working on hair cloning have the best chances to accomplish the cure. RIKEN (Dr Tsuji team) already has the stuff (they are done with the research stage).

      They are already testing the cloned hairs on animals and the next year they will test it on humans.

      RIKEN is probably the one that is closer to free us from this curse.

      1. Spyro, Thanks! I agree. I’ll focus more attention on RIKEN. Some form of follicle multiplication will be the true cure for all. :-)

  8. Serious question: is this going to be another vasodilator with minoxidil-like side effects? Or does this work differently?

  9. The results shown at Sitri were really bad. You can see an improvement of 1 percent… The brotzu clan clearly tricked us. Especially the son is the worst liar. First he said he recovered 2 Norwoods. And then it came out that he lied. False promises and nothing more. Do not believe the brotzu clan, a few days ago they said again that they have astonishing before and after pics but obviously they are not allowed to share it. You know why? Becauae the only purpose of fidia to release this lotion in October is it to make as much money as possible until we realize that our gisueppe brotzu became a millionaireby fooling baldies around the world. I will never ever believe a random guy on the internet. Always think like that: if someone really has something, they show clear pics. The brotzus only talk. Thats it.

    I agree with Scott, lets just wait for shiseidos results. Someone who is apprently an insider said that shiseidos efficacy is about 18 percent of regrowth and stop of further hair loss. This is what apprently came out as a results from the study. He had way more information but many members insulted this guy on hlt so he deleted all his information and said just wait until october and them you will see if I said the truth or not. I mean if it is true its still better than the fake brotzu lotion. Stabilization of hair loss + regrowth? I will take it.

    Either way, I guess the functional cure will definetely come from our japanese friends.

      1. I was also banned because I exposed them as liars. I did not say that it was the truth what the poster said but it makes sense. Anyways, we will see what the brotzu lotion is. My bet is 99 percent snake oil and 1 percent minoxidil effects.

        If you dont see clear before and afters like areata results, you can forget it.
        I hope that all liars get what they deserve. The brotzu guy tricked many people for more than 3 years and then we have seen the astonishing before and after pics.

        Disappointing my friends… Just Disappointing.

        Get a hair system and your problem is solved until japan comes with something new. Maybe our cotsarelis will show something after almost 15 years of research lol

  10. This from the Puretech pipeline site: “Follica expects to initiate the pivotal study in androgenetic alopecia following completion of an ongoing optimization study in the first half of 2019.” This would appear to put the pivotal study a full year behind Follica’s previous estimation of mid 2018………consistent with past delays, and casting doubt on whether the optimization studies revealed much of anything positive.

  11. Coming here from the giganric HLT thread. Apparently a photo from fidia’s study has been leaked. I just don’t know , man . The photo is good.

  12. I’m on setipiprant and am looking for a growth factor and am hoping that this will be it. Does this inhibit DHT which could lead to sexual side effects? (I’ve tried minox and couldn’t stand the chest pain, PGE2 is an option but this seems more promising if there aren’t any serious side effects and it is priced relatively well)

  13. So brotzu pictures befre and after we’re about tuhe same as kelopeia you had to squint to see anything and whatever u managed to see turned out to be you imagination.

    As for follica extra two year push back, sad. They must not have 100hairs per square” like mjones said if they are sacrificing another extension in optimization phase.

    And shiseido looks like their going to be a fail not having said anything.

    I had a little fro when I start visiting here I’m about n4 going on 5 right now I guess it’s riken or nothing I can’t see POLARITY doing anything before 2021

    1. Hate to say but Egghead’s comments are pretty accurate…Timeline has clearly been pushed another 3-5 years realistically

      Tsuji and Polarity only realistic hopes…Disgusted at Polichem and their topical Fin which completed Phase 3 this year, should have been out at Xmas, not 2021 as stated.

  14. The hype for this crap after all this time really highlights the desperation with MPB. This stuff has almost zero evidence right now it does anything except regrow a bald patch in your wallet! Yet here we are talking about this as if its some huge breakthrough. It has zero credible studies, and zero real proof of any kind it does anything. Here we go again with MPB snake oils.

    1. That’s why always say the real big 3 is
      1. photo proof
      2. Release date
      3. Price

      Those 3 are the only reason blog like this get ANY traffic

  15. @John Doe. Interesting article. But for me, LED = Latest Evolutionary Deadend. Still a topic? I don’t know? Over the years, I haven’t seen much evidence of anything really? Anything it seams, will grow on the skin of mice too. Remember when the lab-coats once grew a ear on the back of a poor mouse?!

  16. the before after photos are total crap and there isn’t any official statement that it should be out next month… If it’s effective and it’s release date is in 1 month you should have seen huge marketing for it… No one in italy knows about it lol

  17. Considering this defect has affected humanity since before the pyramids were built you are lucky that the cure is going to emerge in your lifetime. Or maybe it won’t. It might be another 200 years, assuming there is not a nuclear war or the AIDS virus has not mutated with an airborne virus to create a plague that sets us back to the dark ages.

    1. Yeah if I am going to be honest I think I am going to retire, and die while people will still be on forums bickering back and forth about what works and what doesnt. Possible cures coming. Notice the pattern? Its repeated over and over for the course of hundreds of years. Its not going to be cured best learn to live with it, and try whatever junk we have so far.
      Not to be overly pessimistic, but the history suggests this.

    2. Even if replicel/sisheido was coming out with something good. Would you drop your hairpiece now that ure used to full set of hair?

      1. If Replicel / Shiseido or any other player release an actual cure then yes. But given how happy I am with the hair system, nothing less than a complete cure will bring me back to the fold.
        And unlike others on here, I don’t insist it be a topical cure. If it is a full cure I will take it; an operation, pills, even if its a big needle up the anus.

          1. Burma was awesome. All the monks were bald but they did not seem to mind :-) Very similar to Thailand but without the tourists. People look at you as though you are from outer space.

            No way could you wear a hair system there, it’s just too humid; the bond would not hold out long enough for it to be affordable and it would be uncomfortable. Here in the UK though, much easier.
            That would be my advice to anyone wishing to try a hair system. If you live somewhere humid or you work in a kitchen or gym or bakery then forget it. Otherwise go for it.

            1. Cool thx a lot Scott !
              Are you afraid sometimes that it may go off ? Like after 3 weeks of a new one ? Or like if you are at a party or something that someone could pull on it and it would go ? Also how often do you change it -every 4 weeks ? Thx !

  18. You keep saying hair systems are a good solution and then completely rule out using them in 80% of the world. Live in Florida or West coast? Cant get one. Living in or traveling to the Middle east, China, indochina, Australia, Latin America..? Can’t use one.

    It’s not a good solution at all. I’d rather be optimistic about cures than be pessimistic about them and promote an extremely flawed ‘solution.’

    1. I mean like every thing it has positive and less positive aspects.

      First of all, I think it’s super nice and brave of him to go on the internet to share this experience with us. This is always something I’ve considered doing and the fact that we can have someone’s true feedback is quite great (similarly would have loved to have feedback of someone who did Biofibre impkants).

      Then, I think one of the best things is that you do not get just a bit more hair with the hair system. You get a real set that you can play with. It’s kind of cool. I can understand that the downside is that it will be less resistant if you are in humid environments. Doesn’t mean you cannot go to humid places all together…

  19. Anyone here got the news about brotzu lotion? Hairloss forum got a hint about efarma that is going to sell the lotion in December. Price about 70-75€ for 30ml

  20. Hi everyone,
    I really dont understand how in todays era of information, one cannot trust these releases on cures? Does this Trinov aka brotzu lotion actually work or not? I meam these companies cant just lie about their studies?
    Why is there no non pharma study on this?
    Anyone tried thiocyn?
    An amino acid serum….
    I hate this. Will save up for a transplant. Elon musk did and he looks fine :p

  21. There are NO before and after pics and everyone on every forum is blowing up with excitement. Admin have you seen any photos? I remember seeing some kelopesia like possible peach fuzz b/a’s

  22. No before or after pictures. Zero proof.

    This product is merely a wider social experiment of how desperate people are. And I hope it does not take off, otherwise competition will fill the inflated need and there will be dozens of such products out there.

    I would like to see someone do a before and after video that rivals the ones I did for my hair system, then we can decide who is talking crap.
    Previous people criticized my hair system because I suggested it could not be used in very hot places, like Africa, Burma, the Middle East. This is true for the moment, but given that I went from a nw6 to a nw1 instantly, no needles, no months of waiting, no microscope needed to see results, all they need to do now is invent a stronger bond that can withstand the acidity of recurring sweat in these hotter climates and then you have a practical cure.

    I know you would all prefer some topical magical potion but you must accept that my prediction may be how it ultimately plays out and your preferred version of the cure could be 50 years away.

  23. @scott . Most people wont even consider hair system because its not your real hair.
    And there is something very unsettling about using a fake wig on your head. You only get people around you looking at you suspicious and you create a very weird image of your persona. I dont know if im explaining myself but a hair system would be a big no for most people.

  24. I agree with you Scott on broztu and how other snake oil companies will get away with bringing out crap treatments and the media claiming it to be cure. It will just set us behind big time. The more snake oil the more behind we go and the less better treatments will be released and more weak ineffective treatments will come to market for a quick buck. Now, hair systems is not a cure either. Im happy that you are comfortable wearing one and very confident about it. I totally respect that of you and I wish I had that confidebce to wear one. However, hair systems are the most archaic treatment to this disease. It’s 2018 and hair systems, fin, min, snake oils should have been replaced with hair regeneration and 100% maintenance treatments. I couldnt imagine the embarrassment of a hair system falling out when on a date, at the beach, or at work or if a girl was playing with my hair.

  25. Brotzu will just be another disappointment. Trust me. If it were really effective against hair loss, its manufacturing company would be doing an international PR everyday until it hits the market. Yet, I’m not seeing a single before/after photo only months before its release.
    What’s even sadder is that so many of us desperate people will still buy the product and Fidia won’t lose that much of its investment.

  26. With all due respect, maybe Brotzu won’t be a lifesaver. In my case it can do nothing since all of my hair is almost gone.

    However, wearing a rug is not an acceptable solution for everyone, myself included. I don’t even wear a cap to hide my baldness, let alone a rug.

    Their are many different approaches to treating hairloss, like Tsuji’s and all the rest. In my case, I hope that Aclaris will be the one to come forward with a real game changer, although I can’t say that my hopes are sky high to be honest. But I would prefer to apply a topical and have my hair back, or swallow a pill with my daily breakfast and sport a full head of hair.

    Alas, it’s pointless to try and ridicule members of this forum who are willing to give Brotzu a try.

    It’s a free world, and we’re all free to try or discard any treatment, procedure or cure(if ever) for hairloss.

  27. I really had hope in brotzu, but if you take a look at their trinov product description it sounds like one of these random cosmetic “anti-fall” shampoos and lotions. Their is no clear statement about their trial-outcome and maybe they will not never show their data because it is simply worthless and so won´t show any pictures too (even though I think the one leaked picture was not that bad). I really don´t know what to think, because why not show their AA pictures from this little child?? The results were clear and amazing, so at least brotzu did not lie about this. There were also rumors that fidia will not present any results at SITRI in november….on the other hand another guy mentioned that fidia will present results in a scientific journal and they should even be peer-reviewed.

  28. Sure it won’t be a cure. Meanwhile I really doubt it will work similar to fin, if so it would be a huge breakthrough and they would tell the world about. Even minoxidil is called “hairgrowth lotion” and not “Anti-fall lotion”.

  29. There was a time that I’d be excited about this and be one of the 1st one’s out of the gate to try something new. Now that I’m older, and hopefully wiser, I’ll hang back and let others trial and will make my determination after the data is clearer. I’m lucky that the nuclear option (Dut, RU, Minox) that I’m using is holding it’s own well enough for now until this or something else is proven more effective.

  30. 1. Photo Evidence (None)
    2. Release Date (end of 2018)
    3. Price

    You can’t skip 1.

    Fidia could publish one picture to prove their product. Will they sell their product before any before after evidence? Probably not.

  31. omg wow, just got back from google type “brotzu before and after” click on the first result and check out the pics.
    Flash before, dark setting after. … If the only B/A pic they have is that you will be enriching a scam and they deserve it at your expense.

    Absolutely terrible.

  32. No time to read this right now, but I’m diffuse thinning. Will this “work” for people like me? It’s been going pretty fast but the miniaturized hairs are still there. There are a lot actually.

  33. @egghead. It baffles me why a company wouldn’t take professional shots like any half decent dermatologist would send you off to get done?! Same lighting. Chin resting in a stirrup. Hair parted-centre, both sides and frontal. Not writing it off just yet, but it raises a huge red-flag for me.

  34. When a new product that really works it’s about to come out normally makes a lot more noise… I remember the days in which propecia came out… this Trinov stuff has none of that…

  35. I read some where before that brotzu lotion will work on miniaturized hairs.
    Is it true?

    I have bald spot at crown area but has miniaturized hairs all over scalp will it beneficial for people like me?

  36. Hari, don’t get your hopes up on brotzu. Get on Propecia and Rogaine if you want any chance of keeping and growing your hair.

  37. I concur with the rest. 2018 alleged to have something to market. There has been a few failures. You always have to go with evidence. Evidence would be a simple photo. Heck the Galaxy S7 or S8 has great picture quality and we are talking about phones that are 2 years old. Smart phones have been so good, there is no excuse really to be that un prepared to make a good presentation, in which I think Brotzu failed at. Tomorrow I have clinicals, in fact in about 8 hours from now. I am gathering info so when I walk in I am prepared, yet probably sleep deprived lol. The thing is, even as a Student, I have to be prepared let alone a Doctor Of Medicine being unprepared at a convention. I can understand if it was just a day on the job and his assistants failed to give charts on pts. However early in 2018 it was a speech. It is hard to fail at that. Weren’t the pictures even mis-ordered? I mean cmon, you really want to put their product on your head? I would liken it to this, if you are dating someone and they cannot respect the small things and you date them anyway based on looks then what makes you think they will respect you for the hard things that come up in life later……this thinking gets people cheated on all the time, you get ,”Screwed”. The reason is bc you did not pay attention to the early signs of not respecting you from the beginning, but bc of their looks you over-sighted this. So when things get tough they bail or cheat. Well look at these companies……Looks nice, but look at the flaws. Brotzu had a Dr. present information, and it was not that grand of a presentation. So you really think this is a hair product to uh…”Date?” Understand just like dating, these “Treatments”, require a commitment, like minox applying to head everyday etc…..Just some food for thought. Date wisely.

  38. Will people living in other countries be able to order this product when it becomes available? Will it be able to be shipped in the post?

  39. @Newerah
    Yes it is a shame, especially if you consider that minoxidil and finasteride were a lucky accident …we still nowhere:(

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