Brotzu Lotion Countdown Begins

Update: April 15th 2018

— Dr. Brotzu’s video presenrtation about his Brotzu lotion is now embedded below. Keep in mind that this is not necessarily a summary from Fidia Farmaceutici itself. Hopefully, Fidia will update its website’s Brotzu lotion status later this year.

— The actual full presentation slides are available via the bellicapelli forums.

I first discussed the very interesting Brotzu lotion in early 2016. Since then, I have written several other posts in which I provided updates about the product, but all-in-all, there have been few major developments of note. Moreover, the product is supposedly not likely to benefit those who have lost most of their hair over five years ago. So its not a real cure for balding and hair loss, but nevertheless, a much needed potential alternative to existing hair loss medications Finasteride and Minoxidil.

The inventor of the product, Dr. Giovanni Brotzu, is now 83 years old. He is unlikely to make any further major breakthroughs at such an advanced age, although perhaps that is a moot point and the Brotzu lotion DGLA→PGE1 product is already as good as it can get for its particular chemistry.

Moreover, the patents for the Brotzu lotion and its potential future release are both in the hands of Fidia Farmaceutici (Italy) and not in the hands of the Brotzu family. The company last updated us in detail about the Brotzu lotion in January 2017 and concluded that:

We envisage the development of the potential product candidate being completed by 2018.

I am guessing that Fidia has its own researchers who are heavily involved with the product’s development, and Dr. Brotzu himself is now mostly an adviser.

Brotzu Lotion Status in 2018

Having said all that, the reason for this update is Dr. Giovanni Brotzu himself. Tomorrow, on April 14th, he is supposed to make an important presentation about his lotion at the Italian Society For Hair Science and Restoration’s annual conference. You can see a summary of this presentation on this page. When I translated the title, here is what came up:

Title of the Report: Liposomal solution containing DGLA, Equolo and Carnitene for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia.

If you live in Italy or are in the nearby vicinity, you can attend Dr. Brotzu’s lecture. More information after you scroll down in here. Questions will not be allowed.

  • There are a number of rumors online that the lotion could be released in the summer of 2018. I am skeptical that it can happen so fast, but that is probably why most people are so excited.
  • On Reddit Tressless, people have been going crazy about this since the beginning of this month. Eight of today’s top ten threads on there have the word “Brotzu” in their titles! Complete insanity.
  • Zero of the top ten threads on Reddit Tressless have the word “Aclaris” in their titles:-( See my next blog post from later today for more on that.
  • Also make sure to follow the original still growing Italian forum thread on this subject as well as the gigantic HLT forum thread on this subject.

66 thoughts on “Brotzu Lotion Countdown Begins”

    1. I always found it quite ironic that nearly everyone over on HLT dismisses JAKs as junk science but ride the hype train known as Brotzu.

  1. I think it will be like the laser cap or PRP. Just because you can go out and get it, don’t expect it to have any difference visible to the naked eye.

    1. I’m using Google translit
      The excitement around this lotion is due to the results of alopecia areata. Girls are 100% resurrected their hair, photos are on the Internet. Parents of small children who were cured with this lotion posted video on the Internet, they ask Fidia to release this product. Brotzu is indeed a respected professor and very educated, so his trust is great. That this lotion has worked for areata is already a great success.
      As for AGA: on HLT the participants laid out correspondence with the son of Brotzu, where he says that the lotion can replace finasteride and minoxidil, equole will work as an antiandrogen, dgla (pge1) as a vasodilator. Also there are photos of one medical worker who himself made the lotion. The results are really good, I hope he did not deceive us. If it works it really will be a breakthrough. I do not even know what I will think about other companies that are developing a tool against AGA. 5-10 years revolve around their research and investor money, and the results are zero

    1. This is a very relative term. Some people go from nw1 to nw7 in five years. I bet more likely you can gain an NW or best case scenario two NWs.

      Of course not everyone will respond.

      1. lol a Norwood or 2 and thats a cure for me, Ive got some thinning on my swirl on my crown, hairline hasn’t moved…….yet.

  2. Long time follower of the blog admin and I really appreciate the updates, hoping for some decent news today! I think the last official update from Fidia was on the 10th January 2017 though rather than in October 2017. The date is given in English notation rather than American English.

  3. hi I wondered if you could publish a link to Brotzu’s web page or something. Would appreciated it a lot.

  4. doubt he will say anything we don’t know…that is: It works, and will be released only if they obtain a stable formula that is feasible to use for consumers…

  5. I suspect brotz will give similar results to those of “good responders” to fin/minox. That is, no nw7 is going to recover to nw1. An nw3-4 may get back to nw2-3.

    Keep in mind that this is a poor man transvestite regimen operating on estrogen increases, so there may be sides. But if it is better than minox/fin then it is better than minox/fin.

  6. It will be interesting to see what becomes of this. The amount of hype and memes around this is truly insane.

  7. I’m a diffuse thinner who’s loss has only gotten really noticeable in the last yr 1/2- 2yrs.

    Hopefully this works as there aren’t a whole lot of options for people with tellogen effluvium

  8. It Will Be released in octobre 2018. i Hope so much that there will be No side effects… and that The Lotion Works !!

  9. If this was their best case, good night. I think the lightening was ok, but the ankle is somewhat different and maybe if you really want, you can see some results. But the results are very poor. And that must be their best case!! So maybe this guy was 35.

    So what´s our next hope? Follica. Only hope. Forget about Brotzu.

  10. There is no way an over the counter treatment will work better than anything else. It’s a cosmetic like Neutrogena face wash for acne…and we see how well that stuff works for acne.

    1. To stay with this example. I had very bad acne in my youth. Tried all kind of cosmetics, nothing worked. Until some dermatologist said … it and gave me Roacutan. Bamm. 6 months later – cured. No sign of it anymore.

  11. Forget Brotzu, 2 pictures, one of an older male with no real different after 6 months and a conclusion drawn from the study was that hair diameter remained unchanged

  12. Brotzu ist dead. Something more relevant: Follica. Last time I heard that the pre-pivotal trial was ONGOING. Now I read on the puretech website they are not? What is true?

    1. ?

      Just checked the website, and I don’t see anything different. Noisette had posted a link to a press release a few weeks back that stated they are currently in the middle of the pre-pivotal study as planned.

      1. I hope he was right. I checked the link and yes he was true. But I do not understand why they didn´t change their website too. I hope they just forgot. When they are in this optimizing study they could potentially continue with the pivotal trial soon. I really need something to look forward now. Concerning Brotzu I feel really fooled.

  13. The pictures I saw, the male was bald on 50% of his head. The bald part seemed to be reduced by half?

    The women’s thinging part line nearly completely filled in.

    Am I wrong here?

    1. Sorry but have a closer look and compare to other “fake pics” from histogen for example. I do not see any chance in the man´s pic. There was a slightly different angle that could give the illusion of regrowth. But consider that this HAS TO BE their best case from 60!! So best case means NO REGROWTH. I do not get it, it simply does not fit to what the doctor told in his patent: Something like “all the areas of hairloss were replaced by robust and shiny hair”. So he must be a liar, or??

  14. I agree will all of you. It has to be its best case. And there is absolutely NO resut. Also, people tend to say that woman has great one but frankly she wasn’t that bold to start with. I guess any product could have produced the same result on her.

    It is super weird that the doctor could say it will regrow 5 years worth of hair. I mean if he had at least 1 case which worked out of the 60 and the 59 others failed, at least he could speculate on that. But here, no result at all !

    It’s REBOOST / KELOPESIA all over again !

  15. Well, quite disapponting. …. But hey would be interesting to have some numbers. What is the increase in Diameter, length and Count? Always remember most other companies just release numbers or Show only a pic size 1cm2. When I double check baseline and 1month I think there is shedding and at 6 month result I think there is a bit regrowth. …. Still poor results. :-( What are the reactions in Italy where the Hype was big?

  16. My take on Brotzu and topical Jaks.

    First off topical Jaks…..Do not look promising for MPB. It’s trigger is inflammation. Can there be some micro inflammation that can aid in hair loss? Yes. Is that the main culprit to hair loss? No. So I don’t see how this would work. Also, my understanding is Jak is usually prescribed under strict circumstances like rheumatoid arthritis has to be the DX. I don’t think practitioners, myself included as a future one, would prescribe it. Even if I wanted to( future thinking, I am not there yet )…I would still be handcuffed by the FDA and “Standard Care”, of practice.

    Also to note @ Admin, Dr. Alan, known for hair loss, even stated he does not believe Jaks will work on MPB, but on AA. I agree.

    Brotzu Lotion: What I did see. I was very disappointed, I have his English translated Presentation. 2 people. However, 4 photos for each. The photos were hard because the ends( sides ) of the picture were cut off, so I cannot determine the growth.
    The results on women was note worthy….maybe minox worthy.
    I think you can’t doubt that. Now, what we men want to know is on men. The 1 month pic showed IMO no difference in the male. However, if you read his presentation, he states, it took 3 months for difference for the male, as opposed to 1 month for women. Suggesting…idk why, this might be a better solution than minox for women @ Admin.

    The male Picture. Only at the 6 month mark did I notice the difference. Take a look at baseline ( Photo 1 ) and then 6 month( photo 4 ). Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me….I myself have a presentation, but at a university this coming week. So, I have to get my power points ready lol. So I am tired.

    So my conclusion…… Brotzu might be a great alternative for women’s hair loss as apposed to 2% minox. You can see results early as one month. For men……I think someone on Fin or minox( if a responder ) can yield if not the same, but better results.

    I can also look admin or anyone, in my 2018 drug handbook for drugs like Jak inhibitors. I can write what my medical book states. You have to list the drug’s full name guys. In our drug books, it doesn’t go by system’s that are effected, it goes in order. This is the most updated info on pharm drugs you’re going to get. So if you guys want, I can look them up in the book, but you have to again…..list the drugs full name.

    Anyway, that is my take. 6 month improvement on male- but my eyes could be playing Jedi mind tricks. Also, women it might be more favorable. However, the sample size of 60 is low. Overall, I think my presentation for the university is better than Brotzu’s…..which IMO, it looked like it was slapped together.

  17. LOL just saw the Brotzu lotion results. Wow what a joke. Those are the best pictures they could produce? different angles and parts of his head are cut off? I could have taken better pictures on my flip phone from 10 years ago. I’ve seen many theories as to why they chose to show that old man with NO results and I always say the simplest explanation is usually the correct one, and the simplest explanation is that it does not work. However, props to them for not showing photos that are clearly doctored or hair combed over. I follow hair loss talk and the brotzu hype train was insaneeeee, now people are pissed lol. I don’t get why JAK doesn’t get talked about at all on there.

  18. The results are disappointing but a few things to consider after taking some retrospective …

    1. The legendary HLT thread is over 1k pages, this is hilarious and humbling.

    2. Someone on HLT suggested that the conference was more about the chemical mix of the lotion than the results so not many people were that interested in seeing pictures, just confirmation it worked to some degree.

    3. IIRC the conference was not initially open to the public so the presentation was probably not geared toward our interests primarily (or at all).

    4. Dr Brotzu is 83 as Admin pointed out, he is probably furthest involved from the lotion’s development at this point and if he went out there with a slide deck that had the timeline of the pictures mixed up it makes me wonder who if anyone proofed his presentation.

    5. Given #4, if the parent company Fida wasn’t directly involved in this presentation I wouldn’t take everything said so seriously. I’m still hopeful there are better documented results we haven’t seen.

    6. The results aren’t amazing but they look no better than minox which if true, then that’s at least a good thing. If the lotion gives our bodies something that’s missing from the other big 3 then it will compliment our regiment quite well at the very least.

    I would chalk this presentation up to poor messaging from Brotzu with little to no involvement from Fida.

    Ultimately, nothing matters until it’s released and available to try first hand.

        1. First slide has a cover picture that Fidia uses on their website. Colorscheme matches the one that is used by Fidia. I suspect that it‘s their standard corporate powerpoint template. He may have reused some presentation he got from them but I suspect it was somehow provided by Fidia.

          It‘s odd in my opinion that they are not mentioned and didn‘t sponsor the congress. In my opinion this product is not as close to market as some suspect.

  19. Its kind of funny given the history of snake oil, and failures with MPB that anyone expected much different from this lotion. Its a completely cosmetic product. They have almost zero burden of proof, and can sell it whether it does anything or not.

  20. Apprently pic of month 3 and 6 were inverted?? But does not make such a difference. Others also mentioned that results take up to 18 months to be seeen…. I do not know what to think….

    1. @ms who said its inverted? So you mean 3 and 6 was mixed up? … Well double checking it I really would say pic of month 3 is the the best result! :-)

      1. It was said on HLT. I did not really understand, I think they were mixed up. Three months and six months are backwards. I think 3 months is better too but still you can see whatever you wish to see. We are all so desperate for a good result…… seeing regrowth in these pics is wishful thinking I fear :(

  21. Sorry for out off topic, but after the latest BROTZU LOTION disappointment,
    I made a little research for any other upcoming trial results for hair loss and I get up to this

    where it is indicated that the trials have already completed by 2nd of March.

    The main site of Kerastem contains also some interesting before and after photos.

    Admin, Do you have any info ? As I saw on your latest post about Kerastem you had received an email from the
    ceo of the company


  22. Guy’s I think we have to be mature enough not to let emotion get in the way of reality…The pics are an absolute disappointment and quite frankly a joke

    Especially mores so given the hype and talking up of efficacy.

    Personally, I was expecting results pics like those of Rivertown Therapeutics

  23. There’s no justification for posting anything other than clear before and after pictures with the same lighting and angle. It’s another snakeoil scam. What a joke this industry is.

  24. If the results were outstanding, this brotzu fidia hair product would be all over global news. Question has anyone see an optimistic news flash?

  25. OK, maybe we spoke too soon lol..

    2 new pics of Brotzu results on Follicle Thought…those are quite impressive and worthwhile

    1. Those new photos look impressive but probably fake since they reportedly came from some forum member named Beps who supposedly is brotzu son. That right there is suspicious. If they got real results like this from brotzu then why didn’t they use those pics instead at the conference instead of the poor results one. This doesn’t make any sense at all.

  26. Lol I just spend close to 2 hours reading through 100+ pages on hair loss talk about brotzu lotion. lol such a damn rollercoaster, I thought I was reading a murder mystery novel. I am glad some of the people from that forum do not comment in here. I will say that the second picture of that guys crown, wow if it is real. Only time will tell.

  27. also, the guys hairline, it is very hard to fake those hairs. There was another guy in there who posted ever more pictures with great results or 3 or 4 different people.

    1. This is all too weird. You would think fidia would be posting these incredible results not random posters. For all we need those temple hairs are from monox and rolling

      1. yeah theres a ton that doesn’t make sense, I am trying to think of one thing about this that makes sense and I can’t. However, if the damn stuff works, I don’t care if it makes sense.

    2. that was a random guy who claims to have made his OWN Brotzu style lotion!! Not the actual thing, which makes that picture useless.

  28. Yeah it’s baffling..Giving the benefit of the doubt, perhaps Brotzu was trying to show it even works in slick bald areas, i.e. even for the worst cases?’s a stretch, I know lol . Very frustrating though, just wish for once a company/individual could be upfront, just show us what you got, release 10 pages of before/after, same angle, same light, no mess!

  29. Getting the same light, same dryness, same combing, same angles is so damn easy. Ive don’t it numerous times myself, you’re telling me a pharmaceutical company can’t too?

  30. Zero chance that the pictures got mixed up . The original pics is what you get ! Can’t believe someone would actually present that dog and expect people to be interested.

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