Mitochondria and Hair

Mitochondria are the powerhouse of every cell in the human body. I am surprised at how little importance hair loss researchers (as well as interested parties such as ourselves) have given to this important subject.

Update: June 2022 — A new study from Singapore finds that there is altered dermal papilla mitochondrial function in androgenetic alopecia. Balding dermal papilla cells were also found to be under significantly higher oxidative stress than non-balding dermal papilla cells.

Note that mitochondria is the plural of the actual organelle known as mitochondrion.

To date, I have only covered this important subject twice on this blog. Moreover, both instances only occurred earlier this year.

New Mitochondrial Hair Treatment Patent

Yesterday, someone on Twitter messaged me about a highly interesting new patent application from Israel. This patent was filed on March 22nd, 2018 and was published on October 4th, 2018.

The scientists involved seem to be highly qualified. All have high levels of education, have started their own companies, and have many patents to their names:

Going back to this particular patent, the scientists make numerous claims in regards to hair loss reversal, new hair growth, hair follicle size and cycle elongation, hair cell proliferation and more. The main method for doing so seems to be via:

“Administering a composition comprising an effective amount of about 1 μg/ml to about 100 μg/ml of intact mitochondria, ruptured mitochondria and/or mitochondrial constituents selected from the group consisting of mitochondrial protein, mitochondrial nucleic acid, mitochondrial lipid and mitochondrial saccharide.”

Writing this post at 11pm, you will have to forgive me for not putting in the effort to try to figure out any further details regarding the above (or the rest of the lengthy patent).

Hopefully, the few scientists among this blog’s commentators will do the hard work for me this time.

9 thoughts on “Mitochondria and Hair”

    I think it is the best treatment for baldness, but we need more information about the treatment center and doctors in Singapore and Israel.

  2. I know this might turn out to be nothing, or maybe it will be a cure of sorts, but I am seriously getting the vibe that we’re ALMOST there. Here’s hopin! :DDD

  3. Random fact for the day. Belarus is a country in Eastern Europe, known as the last dictatorship in Europe, that shares borders with Russia and the Ukraine.
    It is a criminal offence for a journalist to publish a photo showing the President’s bald spot.

  4. Interesting observations! It’s pretty mind boggling the amount of avenues this problem could possibly stem from.

    On an unrelated note – is there any news of what happened to that guy in the netherlands (?) who took some sort of formula to kill senescent cells? Is he in good health still?

  5. Probably an interesting and mostly unexplored direction for future treatments.

    It reminds me of ‘CoQ10’, a coenzyme that supposedly improve mictochondrion functioning:
    * A wild google search yields articles like this one: . Interestingly, the authors reports a positive effect on cardiovascular health (and supposedly predisposition to heart disease and premature balding are correlated)
    * I recall reading some anecdotal comments about hair improvements with CoQ10, but nothing really solid.

    Interested to see where this is going!

  6. Probably the only plausible supplement today to achive mitochondrial regen would be something like nicotinamide riboside. It is available for humans too

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