Wounding, Interleukin-1 and Other Hair News

There were way too many developments in the past month, at least half of which probably deserved their own post.

Wounding, Interleukin-1 (IL-1) and γδ T-cells

Wounding induced hair growth has been in the news a lot over the past several years.

At the end of 2013, I first discussed Dr. Krzysztof Kobielak and Dr. Eve Kandyba from USC in relation to their work on how the Wnt7 gene activates hair growth. Fast forward to this month, and both scientists are back in the news and (via a collaboration with researchers from UC San Diego and from India) published an important paper titled: “Stimulation of hair follicle stem cell proliferation through an IL-1 dependent activation of γδT-cells“.

Interestingly, one of the three most important words used throughout the paper and of primary importance to us (“wounding” or “wound“) is missing from the above title, although not from the complementing photo (see red area in the image further below).

These scientists found that wounding triggers interleukin-1 (IL-1), which in turn activates certain immune cells (called γδT-cells or gamma delta cells). These immune cells then awaken resting stem cells in the hair follicle so that they can then “multiply and travel to the wound site to repair the injury”. For our purposes, the hair follicle stem cell activation is more important than any kind of wound repair (i.e., hair > scar improvement).

Commentator “Omg” who has posted some great material in recent weeks (including the above — thanks) wrote that this finding is the biggest discovery of the past decade. I am not so sure. Note that the authors of this latest work are not affiliated with Follica (the widely discussed company that is developing a “wounding + favorable compound injection” related procedure to regrow hair); nor are they affiliated with Dr. Rachita Dhurat, who has published several groundbreaking papers related to wounding and hair growth. Makes this discovery from an entirely different group all the more exciting, and further validates the potential of wounding spurred hair regrowth.

Wounding, Interleukin-1 and Hair Growth

Nanogel Encapsulated Dermal Papilla 3D Spheroids and Hair Follicle Regeneration

In 2015 I interviewed Dr. Malcolm Xing from Canada. In 2016, I discussed the same doctor’s new findings related to a novel improved “hanging drop” 3D cell culturing technique for the purpose of hair growth. Dr. Xing has constantly been trying to improve upon the renowned Dr. Colin Jahoda’s work.

This month, Dr. Xing and a team from China have published a new paper titled “Bottom-up Nanoencapsulation from Single Cells to Tunable and Scalable Cellular Spheroids for Hair Follicle Regeneration“.

I am not motivated enough to try to make the sci-hub site work to gain free access to this whole paper. I am, however, in no doubt that any new development related to 3D spheroids and hair culturing is of utmost importance and warrants coverage on this blog.

More Good News from Aclaris

In November, I discovered an interview in which Aclaris Therapeutics’ chief scientific officer mentioned that in the  first half of 2018, Aclaris planned to commence phase 2 trials to treat androgenetic alopecia (male pattern hair loss) with topical JAK inhibitors. This was a huge development, since we are used to virtually all companies in the hair loss world postponing or delaying clinical trials. In contrast, Aclaris is doing the opposite and moving to phase 2 trials without even having done phase 1 trials! They probably got to skip phase 1 trials because they have tested the same JAK inhibitors (including oral and topical versions) for other conditions.

Several weeks after I posted the above pleasing development, Aclaris announced at an investor conference that they would start the above trials at the end of the first quarter of next year (i.e, end of March 2018). Yet again they surprise us with their speed, and do not want to wait will June 2018. The announcement can be accessed by going to their website and finding their latest investor conference presentations (often available in both audio and slide formats).

Thanks to “Royaume” who listened to the whole audio for us (albeit misinterpreted its favorable implication). Commentator “Malcolm” even felt like I should have devoted a whole post to this news, but I did not want to do so less than a month after my prior post on Aclaris. Moreover, past experiences make me think that Aclaris will delay its trial commencement target dates (like all other companies seem to do), although I hope I am wrong.

Replicel CEO Update

Replicel’s CEO was interviewed by “Investing News” towards the end of last month. Key quote:

“There’s a possibility… that [our] hair products could have an early launch in Japan. Our partner Shiseido is funding a clinical trial in Japan that’s expected to release clinical data next year. It’s entirely up to Shiseido what they do in regards to this product. There’s certainly a possibility that they could decide if the data is positive, to launch the product in Japan and that would trigger… milestone payments and sales royalty revenue”.

Other Items of Interest

— I saw a number of comments and received several e-mails regarding the Brotzu lotion. It seems like they updated their EU patent page and several Italian hair loss forum members are claiming that the product is coming out in early 2018. For the time being I will refrain from writing a post on this, as it seems like there is a lot of speculation going on.

— A great thread with before and after photos on Reddit about the power of  the “Big 3” treatment of Finasteride plus Minoxidil plus Nizoral when effective.

PolarityTE starts using its SkinTE product on humans. No info yet on potential hair growth effects on the scalp, but still great to see usage in humans rather than mice so early in the process. Key quote:

“We are confident and believe that SkinTE will replicate its preclinical success and help patients regenerate their own full-thickness, hair-bearing skin”.

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  1. Excellent news on Aclaris and PolarityTE. I sincerely believe these two are on the fastest path to a hair solution. I’m just imagining growing a square foot of scalp skin with hair follicles using the rapid process they’re working on for accident victims. Those with real health issues obviously get priority over us, but we can certainly benefit from the technology and provide many additional customers for PolarityTE. Definitely COOL.

    1. Yes, personally, I would anticpate a Polichem topical fin release Xmas ’18, given that Phase 3 ends in Feb in Europe and May in USA

  2. Are any of these in the pittsburgh area? If so, I can try and place a call and ask. Also, any updates an expected release. Secondly, why are people down on Brotzu. Just trying to understand.

    1. With Brotzu it’s mainly the whole “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” factor.

      The original inventing Dr.Brotzu has said it will reverse 5 years of hairloss, if true that would be absolutely ground breaking and game changing, so naturally people are sceptical.

      Also, total lack of pictorial evidence of efficacy, or indeed any solid updates from Fidia, the Italian owners of the patent/product- If it was so damn good, surely you would have stacks of amazing before/after shots

      1. Reversing “five years” doesn’t even make any kind of sense. The unpredictable nature of pattern baldness means “five years” could be losing all your hair, to a centimeter of barely noticeable recession. 2018 is going to be yet another year of suffering for us, just like 2017 was.

        1. @Hanginginthewire – the first written hair loss treatment was in 1553 BC in the medical book The Ebers Papyrus. A bizarre mix of animal fat (lions, crocodiles, snakes and hippos) and other natural ingredients (onions, honey, iron oxide and red lead).
          Still no verifiable cure over 3,500 years later, but very likely it will happen in our lifetimes. I think we can give it a few more years :-)

          1. That is a profoundly funny comment.

            It just amazes me that we have sent rover to mars and modifying genes using crispr and remove tumors from the brain and transplant one dudes heart to another … but. We. Just. Can’t. Grow. Hair.

        2. Hanginthewire, out of your 40 comments to date, literally three quarters are repeating the same thing about how each year is terrible and the cure will never come (and at least 10 comments are of 2-4 words). And you have never posted one single useful new study or new development, nor have you ever been happy about any positive development even once (!!). Yet you continue to visit this optimistic blog…Not a single comment about all the positive developments in this post from you either.

          Very strange.

          FYI in your first ever comment you participated in a laser prize draw. At least you believe in laser working!!

          You doubted Tsuji immediately thereafter in your comments, so you must know something we do not.

          Then you doubted everything else in between through today.

          Maybe I should write a new post on laser to get one positive comment from you?

          1. Wow @admin that made me laugh :-) There is disagreeing with someone and then there is throwing the poor guy under the bus :-) :-)

          2. No, I don’t think laser works either. Let’s get a running tally on how many “Great blog!” “Current year!” “Within five years” posts are present here. But yes, hair loss makes people pessimistic and focused on the negative, go figure. I didn’t know brightsided and delusional were the preferred posting styles. Duly noted.

            With regard to Christiano’s comments, as I said I listened to the BaldTruth interview in full. When asked about the possibility of JAK being used in androgenetic alopecia, she speaks of the various challenges and questions that would have to be addressed. At one point when theorizing about what they will be looking for she says, “when the hair grows…” then quickly corrects herself to “IF the hair grows.” Only someone who was truly stretching and coping would extrapolate from this that she “let it slip” that JAK works for andro alopecia. I was hoping that there’s more to the story, but yeah…

            Great blog! 2018!!

            1. Hanginginthewire, that is by far the lengthiest comment that you have ever made (no exaggeration), and you made it 5 mins after I wrote my comment so I am glad that you keep up with this blog constantly, even if you disagree with every single positive development of the past 4 years! I mean not one thing in any of your past comments has something nice to say or add to the discussion.

              On a more relevant note, I have allowed numerous pessimistic people to post negative comments here, but when the batting average is 100 percent negative (excluding laser devices in your case), makes me extremely suspect about your intentions. I banned one person who lived very close to your IP, and am a bit suspicious based on your comments.

              You are here daily or hourly, but some of your obvious questions such as what the big deal with Tsuji is and “When I google its unclear other than that he partnered with a large Japanese firm” etc… are obviously garbage and you know exactly what Tsuji technology is. Did you really need to google for Tsuji despite reading this blog daily?

              ***One guy keeps writing “great blog” and I told him not to a couple of times….but of course you pick that out to prove some kind of point you are trying to make. I ban less than 1 percent of visitors, but you are close. Judging by your comments, I find it hard to believe that you even enjoy commenting beyond trolling. And you have succeeded in trolling me if that was your intention.

              1. No, I am not some other poster reincarnated. Nor am I “trolling.” If you have an issue with my posts perhaps you could have done so in a more tactful manner. Rather than guns blazing. I’m not aware of a way I can quickly review my posts, so I can’t really respond to what I knew or said about Tsuji at any given time without context. What you mentioned doesn’t sound familiar to me, and since you are apparently conflating me with another poster i have to wonder. Certainly a lot of my posts are negative. And I haven’t contributed anything about new studies. Those are fair criticisms I suppose. I’ve been visiting here for well over a year. 40 posts doesn’t seem all that much to me in that time. If I was spamming the heck out of every post or antagonizing other members with my negativity I would understand why you are coming after me, but I don’t do that. I’m a frequent visitor because I can pop on on my phone as part of my social Media/internet browsing routines and see what’s going on. Its not a big deal. And obviously I’m very upset and devastated over my hair loss. Good day.

                1. Sorry to hear about your hair loss. And maybe I should have been a bit more tactful you are right, but it is a pain for me to go through 100s of comments (including spam folder) and try to figure out who is trolling and who is not. So far I have been 100 percent correct about the trolls, but you might be the first where I am wrong.

                  Having said that, it never makes sense for me when some daily visitor to a blog titled “hairlosscure2020” believes nothing even remotely close to that…nor does he/she believe in any positive development whatsoever of the past 4 years. You are probably the 5th such person we have had here. Aren’t you wasting your time in so frequently visiting a place where you agree with almost nothing?

                  It is perfectly fine for anyone here to say that they do not believe there will ever be a cure. Even I am doubtful about many companies working on a cure.

                  It is not fine to have 100 percent negative thoughts about new developments, and not even one single positive opinion ever, nor any positive research input to benefit others.

                  Even “mjones” posts useful things once in a while. Usually, he is the closest to getting banned on here.

                  1. Your point is taken. As I’ve indicated, I am devastated by this problem and am struggling mightily with it. Often I probably do post out of pure emotion and frustration. I shouldn’t do that. I don’t know how to articulate my thoughts on our prospects treatment-wise. I am hopeful. But I’m also cynical and don’t underestimate how craven and cruel people and companies can be, even on vulnerable people. I visit daily or thereabouts because getting thru a single day is challenging. Anyway, I don’t want to derail. I will dial down the negativity or keep it fact, not emotion based. You do have a good resource here and I’m grateful for the repository of info and the work you’ve put in. I hope 2018 brings us something – anything – tangible. We all deserve it.

                    1. We all are in the same boat but this goes for you and everyone here. Have you considered a hair system as a temporary solution. When done correctly they look real and amazing. They can truly look undetectable. I was totally against it at first but the way I see it is I would rather be happier and take advantage of a solution in this day and age while a real permanent solution comes around.

                  2. Admin, I can understand hanginginthewire. I visit your site daily, read the developments… but to be honest… I only come here and hope to read something about release dates or new before/after pics. I am also devastated by my hairproblems…. and if someone says to me I can’t be or write negative, he/she does not understand the psychological results of the problem. You know, I really love the work you do with this site, but please give people also a platform to share their frustrations. They get bigger and bigger the longer the news is only developments. Please don’t ban them as long as they don’t do it because they want to troll. Kind regards… AJ

                    1. Yes I agree and rarely ban anyone, but there is a certain percentage of time you can be negative. 100 percent of the time is of no use to anyone.

                      If you post very useful information once in a while, you get away with more useless comments. i.e., Give and take.

  3. I do have a question though. Several of you have intimated that Christiano let slip that Jak worked on androgenetic. What exactly did she say that leads you to believe that? I listened to her Bald Truth interview and I didn’t hear that.

    1. You can search for JAK inhibitors/Christiano and you can find a lot of info on this blog. Then let us know what you came up with as even I forgot what she said 4 years ago!

      When you asked about several other companies in the past, many readers were willing to help…so I hope you return the favor :-)

  4. I believe I wounding to grow hair. I am getting a fist sized tattoo removed from the middle of my chest with lasers. I’ve never had chest hair, maybe 2 or 3. After starting the treatments my chest hair amount quintupled. I know actually shave my chest now. I’ve had about 6 tattoo removal sessions, but even after the first session I’ve noticed the chest hair amount increase. Just wanted to share my story.

  5. Replicel hit over $1 they are around 30 cents a stock with 100m+ market cap. Without a product … just an announcement. This stock could pay for the flight treatment hotel and follow up treatments if shiseido actually has something. I saw bitcoin at $3 in 2010 and missed out lol now I got FOMO on REPCF . I wish we had an announcement date for shiseido

    1. I was under the impression that the stock has been plummeting and has been for years.

      I really wonder how many posts in the hair loss world have undisclosed proprietary interests behind the scenes. Get that cash! 2018!

  6. Aclaris within 5 years and follica by 2019 or maybe earlier if hair loss gods have any sort of pitty on us. I’m 50 50 on replicel sisheido. Messing with cells and injections scare me. I’m pretty sure it’s safe like they say but what about 10 yrs down the road. I would wait for phase 3 completion within the US to get this treatment just to have a piece of mind. If brotzu actually grows tons of hair i will buy the admin the first bottle lol. All I know is we need something asap! Losing ground fast on only the right side of my scalp and it looks weird and bad. Going to try Rogaine liquid hoping for some regrowth because the foam ain’t doing sht.

    1. Trying to be as optimistic as possible here (maybe not the most sensible outlook) but why 5 years for Aclaris? If phase 2 goes well and they initiate phase 3 late 2018 why not an early 2019 release?

      I know I’m clutching at straws here but what makes you think 5 years?

      1. Just a guess bud. Let’s say 1 yr for phase 2, then that puts us at March 2019. Then test results etc…Oct 2019 phase 3 starts…add another year Oct 2020. If all goes well prob 2021 release. Ok so I’ll rephrase and say 3 years. Now will their trials be a year long each or less like 6 months? I’m hoping it comes out tomorrow lol but I’m looking at it from an fda govt process and we all know the fda takes forever.

        1. Fingers crossed for short trial times and their continual speed but I hear what your saying :)

          Where is nasa when we need a boost of optimism

          1. Keep in mind next trial does not start right after the prior trial is complete it is common for there to be many months in between.

  7. Hey guys! Just giving you all a heads up I will be trying to get Into this clinical trial from Aclaris. Admin I will email you how it goes

    1. @Sam, any progress getting into the trials? If you have any suggestions as to how one might get into them, would very much appreciate the advice! Able and willing guinea pig right here.

  8. I don’t think the JAK inhibitors will work for androgenetic alopecia. When men totally bald from alopecia universalis (from alopecia areata) were treated with tofacitinib, their hair regrew in a male pattern distribution. (In other words, it works for alopecia areata, not androgenetic alopecia).

    I am skeptical about Follica (Dermabrasion + Lithium)

    I think we will eventually find good treatments for androgenetic alopecia, but these aren’t them.

      1. Oral dose should have worked.

        Their claims about how oral drugs can’t reach the skin are proven false in other studies with JAK inhibs, no less lol. Oral drugs, like finasteride, JAK, and just about everything else have no problem reaching the outermost layers of the skin.

        JAK will not work on AGA and you can take that one to the bank; it’s simply a stock pump.

        No reason to be skeptical about Follica since its science has long been proven and its results are enough to push it to a market release.

        1. You are right on JAK inhibitors- they don’t work for androgenetic.

          I think that Follica will help with some mild regrowth, but it will not be enough to justify dermabrasion which is quite invasive.

        2. Phase 2 starts in March…ish. Results probably around 6 months later. No point in getting into one of your classic pissing matches over it.

        3. I think the Jak topical is also a slightly different product to the Jak oral. Former was called a “selective soft Jak 1/3 inhibitor” or something to that effect in the past.

        1. the reason might be because when take orally, the substance will be processed by the liver first,
          when absorbed directly by the scalp , the substance goes directly to the hair cells

    1. @Anon Giant. IMHO you are wrong. Follica will be a great treatment for male pattern baldness… I think follicle should not fall asleep. And advance 100% in the product.

  9. Dear. Admin
    Shout out from South Korea for this blog. I really loved it, and I wonder if i can translate this to Korean so I can share with korean people with androgenetic alopecia

    1. Thanks. Can’t allow that unfortunately due to copyright, but you can let them know about Chrome and Google translate fyi. Both are pretty decent nowadays. Email me if you need help with those.

  10. The research on hair follicle stem cell proliferation is fascinating. I have read twice now trying to digest the science. Two interesting points relative to microneedlers: 1) “cellular responses to an excisional wound to the skin are limited to the cells immediately proximal to the trauma…… This is particularly relevant to studies of hair follicle
    stem cell activation during wound healing. Only a handful of hair follicles exhibit activated stem cells upon trauma to the skin…..” This would seem to reinforce the need to thoroughly needle the scalp since the response (without further help i.e. Follica) is weak to begin with; and 2) The efficient repair of damaged tissue depends upon the interactions between the inflammatory, proliferative and remodeling phases of
    the wound-healing response. Given that light rolling (mild erythema, India studies) seems to be effective on a weekly basis, forum rollers with a heavy (bloody) roll was not effective on a weekly basis, but a heavy deep roll (China study: 1.5-2.5 mm deep with 3-4 passages with electric pen drawing blood) every 2 weeks, was effective, perhaps there is a relationship between the frequency of the roll and the extensiveness of the roll. In other words, maybe the following roll should not occur before the inflammatory phase has ended ………..and the length of the inflammatory phase is dependent upon the extensiveness of the roll.

  11. @ Admin,

    Great post, as always.

    Since it seems that Nasa_rs and myself, have taken the task of unofficial Aclaris updates spotters, I would like to bring to your attention Aclaris’s October webcast.

    It is a four hour lenghty pr, including Angela Christiano as key speaker. Mostly she spoke about AA, but at the end of her speech, she mentioned that Jaks definitely turn follicles from telogen into anagen.

    Again, this is just my two cents worth of opinion, yet somehow, I am getting a stronger gut feeling that Aclaris knows something more than they are willing to divulge presently,

    Most probably, they are increasing the hype in anticipation of their AGA trial, which happens to be an open label type trial.

    After the launch of their first product Eskata, this company is gearing up for a broader and more lucrative target.

    Is it a coincidence, that while rumors about a Brotzu March release, Aclaris is set to commence a fast trial in Q1 2018, ie: between January and March?

    1. A few years ago, Dr. Christiano definitely mentioned some positive signs that they had seen with JAKs for AGA.

      However, Dr. Brett King, who seemed optimistic in the past, has since become pessimistic (search his name on this blog to find my posts mentioning him).

      1. From the latest conference, Christiano holds still the same belief.

        In all honesty, Aclaris is a high flyer, and I wouldn’t imagine that they would ever bet on a horse that is doomed to fail.

    2. Any speculations as to how long the trials may last? From my understanding JAKs work quickly and therefore the results could be out very soon after commencement of the trials?

      1. Better be 3 to 5 months tops. Then phase 3 it and release. My question is how can polaryte fast track a skin growing treatment so easily yet follica and aclaris has to go through so many hurtles. I would think skin printing or growing is more complex.

      2. Rob,

        From the AA trials, 12 weeks seems to provide a clear indication whether jaks starts to have effect, and 24 weeks is the maximum peak. Hopefully, since they are going for an open label trial, the results will be out soon.

      1. Just wish they would let us know.

        Again, one Beno (x cancer drug) guy who was 70 was reported in the press as having been bald for 30 years ended up getting hair as thick on top as on his side. Only makes sense that jak should give same result but knowing baldness we will get minoxidil type results.

    1. No…like, dude it’s just not. I’m sorry, but your JAK fandom is causing you to lose grip on reality.

      This South Korean compound was a completely NEW biochemical material they made for this purpose and this is the first study I’ve seen regarding the CXXC5 protein up-regulation. This is a new discovery. Aclaris isn’t even aware of it and JAKs deal with the JAK-STAT pathway and this deals mostly with Wnt.

      They are two different things and trying to proclaim this success as a “this is what JAKs will do” victory is an admission that JAK ship is sinking. What next? Tsuji is what JAKs are doing too?

      1. Don’t count JAK’s out. No one starts out with Phase 2’s when they are a for profit company unless they thought it would work.

        1. It’s because they already have safety data for JAKS… But anyways I will be testing your strong belief in JAKS when I enroll in this clinical trial early next year

  12. PinotQ, are you still positive about microneedling?

    I have been dermarolling since July and first I had no itch anymore and it looked like I was gaining some hair, even at almost bald areas. Now after approx. 6 months, the itch is returning and my balding spot keeps growing slowly. As you already know, I use 1.5mm once a week + MIN + Keto shampoo.

    I believe you take FIN in conjunction with microneedling, do you have better results than me?

    I am thinking of a FUE transplant during 2018. Growing it out for a year and hope 2019 will bring maintenance with Follica or Replicel. The surgeon said I only would need 15% of my available donor. He said he aimed at 7×7 grafts per cm2. 49 grafts times 1.5 hairs per graft on average, maybe 2.0 hairs per graft on average.

    1. I am positive but I still can’t confirm it works. This has been one big experiment over the last 6 months, reading the research and adjusting trial and error as I learn more. I started with a pen at 2mm weekly with blood then ratcheted down in both depth (1.75 to 1.5 currently) and intensity to where I now draw no blood just a reddening. I am focusing now on frequency and needling every other week. If you believe the research and studies, and I do, the variables I see between the studies is the intensity and time between sessions. I believe there are 2 factors to intensity: depth and number of punctures. Since I use a pen for 20-25 minutes for thorough coverage, that is a much more intense session than 20-25 minutes with a roller as my pen is rated at 15,000 channels per sq inch per minute. (As I understand it, the beneficial effect of the wound extends only .2mm). The China study showed that the the critical factor wasn’t just intensity of wounding alone because it was intense with a pen and it worked vs the India studies that were mild. In this new research, they appear to confirm that frequency between sessions may be the key: “Following injury, three sequential but overlapping phases are initiated, commencing with inflammation, followed by proliferation of stem cells and concluding with tissue remodeling. Despite their temporal differences, there is significant interdependence among these phases that enables the restoration of tissue function (Gurtner et al., 2008). One such interdependency is the interaction between the inflammation and proliferation phases”. Next week will be 6 sessions over 12 weeks for me so I am only half way to knowing something. I will keep you updated as I learn more. Good Luck!

  13. So many commenters here previously seemed quite optimistic about the potential of JAK inhibitors … why all the pessimism now? Has anything changed, other than Aclaris actively looking to proceed to trials?

    1. I was thinking the same, few weeks ago the JAK hype was massive and now it seems everyone is deflated. I guess we will find out soon enough though

  14. Admin, spell check on PolarityTE :-)

    And I will continue to say great article each time you post. You provide a fantastic service of consolidated information, hope, and entertainment in an area we care about. Don’t let the negative guys bring you down. After all, they’re only routinely on this site because they want to be (because you do great work!). Thanks as always.

  15. News from Aclaris. They started a open trial for their vitilgo ATI 5002 topical jak inhibitor and it says that it will end in 24 weeks = 6 months, so it is possible that their AGA trial also ends in September 2018 if they start in March 2018. In other words: We will know if Nasa is right at the latest in September 2018 (maybe earlier because they always give an update after a few months).

    Thats actually very good news!

  16. @ PinotQ

    Very disturbing.

    First I thought I was gaining on the left side of the crown as well due to microneedling, so I was very positive. However, I made a misjudgment, those small hairs actually all were old miniaturizing ones, not growing new hairs! Very long hairs accompany very short hairs in that area, so this was pretty misleading.

    All the pain I have the last 4 weeks in that same spot, confirms I am losing it fast. Meaning that a HT in the short term, without using FIN for stabilization is probably not a good idea. Even when it is a top surgeon. He said I had pretty thick borders next to the balding area, so he suggested it would be safe to tackle the crown at mid 30. And I did not have pain since 2 years.

    You always see the great pictures 12 months after the HT’s, however, they almost never show pictures how it looks like when AGA goes on after someone had a hairtransplant and the patient has to have multiple HT’s to keep up with the ever expanding area. And if the patient shaves it off after one transplant, what will it look like if he has an island of hair / black dots on his crown while the surrounding area is balding.

    Who is actually maintaining his hair with FIN? Are you PinotQ? I believe Admin is on Fin as well, I hope you are maintaining.

    1. Netshed I have been on Dut for the past 1.5 years or so. Definitely seen maintenance, and probably some thickening.

      This despite the fact that I had to take 1 month off in the middle of last year due to international travel and not having enough supplies.

      Moreover, I currently take 1 pill (0.5 mg) every 2 days due to fear of side effects, especially when it comes to weight gain and negative effects on the liver. I am assuming that this way the liver will process half as much as normal.

      I also had to change my generic Dut to a different one some months ago due to my pharmacy switching companies. Hated that.

      If I was carefree about side effects, I would take 5 mg Dut once a week or something crazy like that :-)

      1. Hey admin…are you taking Propecia as well? Where were you thinning and where did it thicken up? Curious because I’m looking into something new. My right side hairline to crown is diffuse thinning out rapidly. Not sure what’s causing this..possibly Rogaine foam or some reaction.

        1. Taking Fin and Dut together sounds exactly like an MJones type of strategy:-) I would not recommend it to anyone except you MJones.

          1. Hey the mjones way is right way haha. Mr admin stealing my name for interviews lol. Actually many people use both. Propecia 6x a week and dut once a week. Some dude in Australia a few years excellent regrowth but who knows if that wasn’t a scam. Anywho…did you get any regrowth in your front hair line with dut?

            1. I hate that interviewer…of all the pseudonyms she picks you:-) Doubt any growth in front. Definite thickening in crown.

              1. Hahaha I like her;) She knows mjones is the name of kings Haha. That’s good that you got some regrowth in the crown. Front is always a pain but you never know man it may kick in randomly with growth up front. Anti androgens work very strangely in cycles. Fingers crossed for quick release of follica and jak. Have you heard of any news from Samumed? Seems like they totally ghosted. I hope it wasn’t a marketing gimick to get public awareness of their company.

            1. Hi Champpy, isn’t adding Fin on top of Dut every day overkill? What is the additional benefit? Like reducing several extra percentage points of type 2 5α-reductase that Dut might miss…if you are lucky?

              1. Admin they work in different ways since they are different drugs. People go through crazy sheds dropping fin then adding dut. The chemical is out of your body so the body reacts.

    2. I took fin for years and it maintained well. Years in, maybe 15, it started to fade. I switched to dut for several years and it did nothing for me. It felt like it made my face greasy. Since it was doing nothing, I am now back on fin as of 6 months ago. Micro-needling is my only possible option to maintain until something new comes out.

  17. Is any one here taking brand name Propecia? If so, do you mind taking a picture of your bottle and posting it here. My bottle changed a few years ago and that was when my hair loss restarted. Mine just says Propecia on it with a green black bar across. The older bottles had the Propecia logo with the green and white stripes with the P. I’m hoping I’m haven’t been getting some knock off brand from CVS. It’s says made by merk in Italy.

  18. 2017 successes:


    2018 successes:


    2018 is Our Year. Hairloss cute will be a matter of getting a subscription. JAK it’s our best hope for now. No reason why it should not work. It in essence turns on the hair growth cycle. Issue has been to get it at the right skin level.

    JAK testing April 2018 by Aclaris. Let’s hope this it. By summer time we will know.

    1. Nasa,

      As you know I am focused on Aclaris. However, my concern is, that during AGA onset, when hair is in anagen, hair still grows, albeit thinner every cycle.

      Therefore, I am just a little cautious with this regard.

      What’s your opinion on this?

      1. It worked for AA. Crome cue balls to hippie look. That means one thing – it works. I realize AA is a different type of hairloss but it’s like switching on a light switch the bulb could be florourescent it LED the light goes on. AA types had been bald for years yet it worked in other words hair can be re-awakened.

        1. @nasa_rs
          hi, i like to get your opinion on finasteride, are you using it? or waiting for jak? i like to use it but afraid of the sides


  19. Hi everyone!
    It’s the first time I post something here, but I’ve been following this site for quite some time and I would like to thank you all for all the news and comments. Certainly I feel less alone ;).
    I would like to ask if Admin or someone knows anything about harklinikken in Denmark. They have also opened in USA ( California and Florida I believe). The site and reviews look good and it’s a topical threatment, like a cream. They say its 100% natural… I’ve read an article in the New York Times about them…
    thank you in advance!

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