Follicum Latest Summary

I have covered Swedish company Follicum a number of times in the past on this blog, with my first post about them going back almost three years. You can click on the company name that is right above the title of this post to read all my past posts about Follicum.

The company is working on an interesting modified human protein based product called FOL-005, which can both reduce hair growth (great for those with excessive body hair) and increase hair growth (great for those with less scalp hair).

After I published the recent news about Follicum’s phase 2 trials in my last post, a representative from the company reached out to me several days ago and provided the excellent below summary of where the company currently stands.

Follicum FOL-005 for Stimulation of Hair Growth

Follicum has, in collaboration with international R & D partners (e.g. Charité Hospital, Berlin, Germany) evaluated FOL-005 (a peptide) in different models for regulation of hair growth. Both in-vitro and on humans. Our development process may briefly be described as follows:

  • Trials on mice (2012).
  • Trials on human tissue in-vitro (2013).
  • Trials on human tissue transplanted on mice (2015).
  • Toxicity trials, three months (2016).
  • Clinical phase I/IIa trial on humans (2016/2017).
  • Development of a topical formulation for FOL-005 (2017/2018).
  • Beginning of 2018 Follicum will start a clinical trial (phase IIa) in Alopecia on scalp. This time including 60 alopecia patients. The study will read out during end 2018.

Preparing for further clinical trials of FOL-005, Follicum conducted two separate three month toxicity trials during 2016. Both trials showed FOL-005 to be safe for further administration.

During the period from late 2016 to early 2017 the first clinical trial was carried out on healthy humans at the Charité Hospital of Berlin. The main objective of the trial was to confirm the safety of the drug, FOL-005, and to measure effect and response. The results showed, first of all, that the treatment was safe while also showing a considerable increase in hair growth.

In all, 76% of the trial participants with the second lowest dose of FOL-005 during the trial showed increased growth. At this specific dose, the growth was stimulated roughly 8% compared to before treatment. The increase is statistically verified (p=0,0038). Please note that this was a short 3 month trial on thigh and that the next study will be on 60 Alopecia patients on scalp.

We are in parallel with the clinical program developing three different topical formulations from which we will select the one that is most attractive during Spring 2018 to be used in phase IIb clinical trials 2019. The prototype formulations are the following:

  1. Powder formulation – FOL-005 in emulsion of lipid-based suspension.
  2. Cream – nanoparticles of FOL-005 in lipid-based suspension.
  3. Gel – FOL-005 incorporated in polymer nanoparticles.

Note that the company’s CEO Dr. Jan Alenfall has a number of mostly Swedish videos on youtube (although with English presentation slides in some). One useful recent one is here.

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    1. Agreed, although dosage and time-frame were limited.

      Also, anything that can even maintain is great for at least half of balding people, and all of future potentially balding people who will then not have to worry about it anymore:-)

    2. 8 % after only three months, Hair needs at least 6 months. Jan Allenfall says it was a just a test to see if there will be any hairgrowth. And there was.

  1. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst…

    I will take good news any day. Soon we will likely have a “solution ” to this problem once and for all. I bet we will all be shocked when the problem is solved in a way nobody could have predicted.

  2. This is great! One of the most detailed timelines I’ve seen provided by a hair loss research company. I’m particularly excited about follicum as I’d like to use it for both reduction of body hair and increase of scalp hair.

    Considering people here get very upset at any delays, we should expect from now that these timelines may change slightly but hopefully we get there by 2020 or so :)

  3. Let’s see what it can do on the scalp where dht is. Thigh hair is irrelevant to us since it’s not being miniturized by dht. Either way good news since they moving along with trials.

  4. This probably will role out in 2020. @ admin, is this the most promising treatment, besides hair cloning? I think I am going to jump on topical finasteride and latanoprost while spiking hgh in the body. I already have two different M.D that are willing to do this. It’s not cheap, but might be best until 2019-2020. I will start in march. I just have to pay off semester of med school before I try.

    1. I tried bimapotrost and it didn’t do anything. Tried it for a year. I’m very interested in topical fin straight. I tried it with a minox, retinal mix but I got really bad scaling of scalp so I had to drop it. It grew hair which was cool but stopped working after 3 months due to the inflammation it caused me and I think retina everyday in a topical will lead to hair loss. Retina should be used 2x a week for absorption. I read it can cause diffuse hair loss with prolong usage.

      1. Topical finasteride is already available in my country being that it is a haven for legitimate generics. Works pretty well imo and I have used it for a year.

    1. He states that more and more patients don’t want to take FIN, and that Trichostem is a good alternative for FIN and a long term solution comparable to a HT, but then without surgery.

      Any happy costumers here?

      1. I don’t have experience, but I haven’t seen anything ground breaking in the last couple years all this has been promoted. I looked at the first 3 pages of photos and it’s hard to tell because on some, their haircut or length is different. For the most part, it may work, but besides maybe 1 picture I can still see their pattern of baldness on before and after. Maybe someone else can chime in.

      2. I saw all his YouTube videos and such. Something about him rubs me the wrong way. It may very well work but if it was really good we would have heard and seen tons of positive pics and reviews from customers not just from Prasad.

  5. Slightly off topic but 2018 is the year of hair loss cure thus this worth a post. Let’s not worry about pennies and miss the “windfall”.

    JAK – It worked for AA. It turned cue balls to hippie look. That means one thing – it works. I realize AA is a different type of hairloss but it’s like switching on a light switch the bulb could be florourescent it LED the light goes on. AA types had been bald for years yet it worked in other words hair can be re-awakened.

    1. As previously mentioned how do you think JAKs deal with DHT damaged hair follicles? ‘Turning’ the follicles on doesn’t mean they won’t still be damaged thus resulting in small whispy almost invisible hairs.

      I get JAKs probable work wonders to push the hair follicles into anagen, but the hair follicles are still damaged in this case.

      Do you have any scientific understanding as to why JAKs would promote fully healthy follicle growth as apposed to damaged follicle growth?

        1. I think if jak works which I hope it does it will be fighting the inflammation angle caused by dht. Dht isn’t the bad the guy it’s the inflammation it causes to our follicles that shrinks and damages them due to our crappy sensitivity to it. Lucky us lol. So if we have a constant anti inflammation immune booster to the follicle then they should grow back long and thick. That’s how I think it will work. I think jak will work but they will tweek it to where you still need an ht. It’s just my conspiracy theory kicking it. No way ht industry will allow a topical to kick them out of profits. That’s why I think follica will be the first to market because it will be administered by ht clinics and you will still probably need an ht to get full coverage. Just my opinion so please don’t bash me for saying it.
          I was thinking more about follicum. 8% growth on the thigh is extremely weak. I see this being a maintenance drug. If it can only push 8% on non dht area then imagine what it will only achieve on the scalp. 4% ? However if it can stop mpb progression then I’m game with using it. Just find it weird that they tried it on the leg for a trial? Just put it on the freaking scalp and push this along. Too many stupid delays…..

          1. Thanks MJones, that makes sense to me regarding the inflammation angle. Did oral JAKs not cure AA due to anti inflammatory properties and as such why is this different than removing the inflammatory responses due to dht?

            I am probably incorrect in the assumption but I thought the reason AA was reversed was due to JAKs ability to reduce inflammation and the auto immune attack angle of hairloss.

            1. I think jak worked from an autoimmune angle for AA since thats the root cause. Jak is known for inflammation reduction so it would work for mpb. At least that’s what I think lol or it won’t do sht and NASA will fly to aclaris and scalp the ceo lol

          2. It’s a shame I’m a diffuse thinner and hair transplants can make the situation much worse, that sort of rules out HT options for me until a time I diffuse to a much greater extent

          3. Just my opinion but on the conspiracy theory issue, I don’t see the HT Industry being much of an impediment. Sure they don’t want their livelihood to disappear, but when there is finally a real breakthru (which we have zero proof of yet), I don’t know how they would stand a chance against the Pharma/Biotech industry………….even if they tried.

              1. Ht clinics are global and I’m not referring to just the USA. Ht is a huge business for hair loss. I’m not saying it will blocked but I can definitely see ht industry fighting hard to stop a fully effective cure. I hope big pharna will win that battle because ht surgery is a big inconvenience and not great for many people.

      1. The eon brothers – as I call them. They appeared in a news paper article after their experimental cancer drug resulted in hair growth in the 1980’s. The older man who was 70 had been going bald for decades and ended up with “hair as much and thick on top as on the sides of his head”.

        Remember up until three years ago hair scientists had said getting hair after you had been bald for while was impossible. That the hair follicle shrinks up and dies kind of like watering a tomatoe plant after it has shriveled up and died from too little water. Wrong!!!

        The 70 year old man degree his hair, campfire bald guy regret his hair. In fact, some lung cancer patients go from grey dried out hair to beautiful thick and rich with volume back to their original dark hair color.

        It has to do with proteins and enzymes. I’m not sure what role dht plays.

          1. Mjones has a good understanding.

            JAK will work might even gist rid of grey too. They just have to figure out how to rip us off. Probably make to weak to where we need to use it a few times a week.

            1. Nasa if it cures gray hair and baldness then this will never see the light of day and if it does aclaris and Dr christiano deserve the nobel peace prize haha for the discovery of the century.

              1. Well its not impossible, especially because Christiano saod that they obsvered that jak inhibitors push hairs into anagen and the hairs grew back much darker and mich thicker.

                Aclaris, Fidia, Shiseido. Which company will make it or is it like everything else that if it comes out, many more companies come up out of nothing like PolarityTE.

                2018 will be a good year and I am as optimistic as Nasa is. The before and after pics will hopefully be amazing

              2. Luckily, Aclaris CEO is a dermatologist, and would not bow to ht surgeons.

                Aclaris is developing pharmaceuticals that avoid invasive procedures form many uses not just Aga.

                I am sure that both Aclaris and Angela Christiano believe that there’s a probability that jaks work for aga too.

  6. The link that Ruh provided, 110% snake oil the testimonial from the editor guy Ted Kane, he is slick bald before taking the product and provided his progress update at WK 7 he quoted – ” I am sold. Nutralyfe Regain is hands down the best hair health and regrowth formula on the market” but there isn’t before/after photo so what do you think can this be legit? Pathetic with this ppl using scam method to target ppl who suffers from MPB as they know we’re desperate with a cure and they know they isn’t any out there….

  7. @admin: this question has always got me curious.
    Do you notice drugs we take are eventually losing its effectiveness one or other? we try something it works for awhile and then just stops working. I had that xp with fin, min and others too.
    It is almost something like the body wants us to be bald, always finds a way to counteract the effects. Dont you think it is just too odd to be not true?

    1. Donitello…our mpb is genetic so our bodies are programmed to go bald. Drugs will work differently on each of us based on our genes. Some lose effectiveness of fin after 3 years others after 12…it all depends. The body wants to defeat this outside medication fin and min so it can do what it’s programmed to do,…making you bald. We are just trying to suppress dht but the body counteracts with making our hair more sensitive to the remaining dht so we can still lose hair. Theoritically fin should halt your hairloss from the point where you started the drug. Ex you started fin as a long as you take fin, you should be a nw2 for life but unfortunately that’s not the case. Min doesn’t lose effectiveness, it continues to increase blood flow but remember min doesn’t attack mpb at its root like fin does, it’s just an added bonus. The BIG question is will jak lose effect after a while and follica? Susheidi supposedly is changing the genetic code by adding cells to dht prone hairs to be immune with the hair cells from our donor. Now that should never lose effectiveness.

      1. Follica most likely will not be permanent. From the info that can be gleaned from their website information, patents, and just the science behind it, it will likely be an ongoing therapy; possibly requiring in-office “touch ups” every so many years.

        I know that for a lot of the overly dramatic, that’s some sort of death sentence, but there is not a sane person out there concerned about their hair who wouldn’t keep using a therapy that could make you fullhead for life or very near, with negligible side effects, if they had the option.

    2. The main reason seems to be that the current drugs are not designed to save our hair, they are designed for other diseases, and they just happened to help (some) with hair loss.

      And there is the old story again … that it is deplorable that MIN and FIN are still the only things we have against AGA. And both are pretty old, MIN from the 1950’s, FIN from the 1990’s.

      1. Does min and fin lose effectiveness for people who use it for bph and blood pressure ? That’s the better question…anybody know?

  8. @admin – I would like to congratulate you on by far the best post I have seen to date. I am relatively new though :-) I never rated Follicum before but now I think they have a horse in the race. I think it is now between Follica, Shiseido and Aclaris. And I hope this news by Follica will cause the other two to not get too comfortable with their current progress and push forward.

  9. The article a few months ago was about some lung cancer patients having their grey brittle looking hair returning to more natural looking With Their Original Hair Color. Thus it’s possible for JAK’s to do the same thing.

    I am going to stay 100% positive from now on. The Phase 2 Aclaris is doing is incredibly important for anyone with hair issues. We will find out if it works for hairloss, and color restorization, and overall hair vitality, column and shine.

    1. Nasa, fingers crossed for jaks working on Aga, but the latest slides released by Christiano show an AA patient recovering hair but albeit as white as xmas.

      IMHO, if jaks will work to recover all the long lost hair, it would be the best outcome. We can always dye the grey hair if it bothers us :)

          1. I would like to remain cautiously optimistic on the whole thing and like to think that Aclaris wouldn’t be pushing for speed and spending large amounts of money for patents and trials if they didn’t at least believe that there is a decent chance of some success, although time will tell how much.

            I believe they are focused on speed due to potential competitors it the market and want to launch their product as soon as possible.

            I don’t have enough scientific understanding of how JAKs work although they have been shown to be a powerful hair growth stimulant.

            I keep going back and forth in my thinking as the patients who suffered AA and AGA had full hair growth of AA related hairloss but nothing with AGA and I believe the explanation to that was related to the delivery (oral vs topical). What I don’t understand is the oral delivery method still must have affected the hair follicles wether directly or indirectly so to me that sort of negates the oral vs topical argument.

            I’m not sure if my optimism is hope and my rationalism leads me to become nervous.

            I don’t believe Aclaris is doing this just to increase stock, they must have at least some confidence but I would really like to understand why topical could potentially work but oral does not.

            Then we go back to the point of AGA affecting the hair cells and wether or not something that pushes the hairs into anagen actually somehow fixes the damaged hair follicle aswell.

            Do JAKs somehow still cause growth and the hair is healthy or will it cause growth of unhealthy hair. There is no way a company like Aclaris hasn’t also asked this question and to proceed with trials makes me believe that they are optimistic that JAKs can produce healthy hair.

            If AGA is in fact an immune issue then I don’t see why the oral version would cure AA (also an immune issue) and not AGA unless the cure for AA requires much less of a concentration of JAKs to be effective whereas for AGA the concentration must be much higher and specifically localised to an area.

            I wish Aclaris would release all their scientific finding and understanding and also give reasonings as to why they believe JAKs would be beneficial to AGA.

            In 9 months we will hopefully know, but 9 months is a very long time when suffering with this condition.

            I guess we need to all keep our heads high and hairs on until we have some more news.

            As Aclaris now has patents for their products for AGA treatment I don’t understand why they can’t now give more information out. Any competitors must abide patent law so there is no case of another company profiting from their work. A lot of assumptions have been made that Aclaris are keeping everything very close to their chests but I don’t see why they can’t communicate any evidence they have now?

            During the 9 month period we should at least have trial data for shisedo/replicel which could help bridge the gap until JAKs trials are over. I don’t expect RCH01 to be a cure but hopefully a permanent maintenance that will give us all some time.

            Really looking forward to RCH01 trial results. Any idea of expected communication of these?

            1. basically,


              p16INK4A === AGA hair loss



              TNFa => inflammation => higher p16INK4A

              “we show that TNFα induces permanent growth arrest and increases p21CIP1, p16INK4A, and SA-β-gal, accompanied by persistent DNA damage and ROS production.”

              “We found that TNFα activates a STAT-dependent autocrine loop that sustains cytokine secretion and an interferon signature to lock cells into senescence. ”



              JAK inhibitors would stop all of this TNFα/p16 that kills the cells…

              Basically, the above two papers prove that JAK inhibitors should work. The only question is do they work the same in practice as in theory and how do you deliver it, when , how much, and so on.

              1. Omg, has anything you have read suggested a reversal of historical damage or does it lead to prevention of further damage ?

              1. OMG, from the second link you’ve posted, it seems that lost hair cannot be recovered through jaks.

                Or am I misunderstanding he text?

                  1. I’m refering to the following:

                    “However, inhibition of STAT1/3 did not rescue cells from proliferative arrest, but rather suppressed cell cycle regulatory genes and altered TNFα-induced senescence.”

                    1. does seem more of a prevention of further damage than a treatment of existing damage. Maybe JAKs plus replicel/shiseido

                    2. Perhaps, but then we would have to ask how come AA folks got full 100% reversal? Given those repeated results, I would say that sentence you highlight is either wrong/contradictory or may be in reference to cells/cycles unrelated to regrowing hair.

                    3. It’s just a matter of time now. Trials will take off in a few months.

                      TBH, I don’t know whether hair follicles are dormant or dead after they stop producing hair for a long time.

                    4. Scientists have said that hair follicle cells never die. However, progenitor cells do die.

                      Yet, we still have many examples of long-lost hair coming back (progenitor cell regeneration?):


                      In any event, Follica’s technology is based on regeneration of dead cells (or creation of brand new ones) via an “embryonic window of opportunity”.

                      Old humans can create a brand new baby with brand new everything…why not be able to create brand new everything on your own aged body? End goal of regenerative medicine.

            2. Watch the following video from Dr. Angela Christiano on youtube :
              Blocking enyzmes in hair follicles promotes hair growth.
              This video is from 2015 but Christiano clearly mentions that jak inhibitors could also work for different types of alopecia, not only male patern baldness. In my opinion she definetely knows that it works and by that time they sold the rights to Aclaris Therapeutics. Watch the video and let me know if you guys have the same feeling that jak inhibitors could be the cure for AGA.

              Even Brotzu claimed that all kind of alopecias are some kind of related to each other. A few years ago the follica guy was absolutely sure that AGA is not linked to the immune system, now check their website…. AGA is cleatly listed on the category : immune system. I strongly believe that jaks can regrow back all of our hair. 2018 will hopefully be the year in which the world media will announce and publish Aclaris before and after picture and that will be the moment when we all realize that hair loss is history. Merry Christmas to all!

  10. Hopefully, we will get all our hair back.

    I am 38 years old and almost a cue ball. I wish that Aclaris could restore my previous rockstar full head of hair!

    1. Malcolm I hope it all works out for you, and everyone else. I just have to believe JAK will work and finally we are about to find out. Can you imagine 3 more months and hair might be growing on bald heads, a full and complete return.

      1. Thanks Nasa, if that day shall come to pass, I will throw away the clippers and start visiting the barber after so many long years :)

  11. Can someone explain to me why Aclaris wouldn’t publish information as to their evidence for thinking it could work for AGA and maybe what exactly they mean by ‘soft JAKs’. They have patents now so why wouldn’t they still be keeping info so close to their chests?

    If they published the exact scientific process it may provide some comfort and aid discussions ?

    I don’t understand what they are protecting?

  12. As @Admin covered in his blog post on the 8th June 2016 entitled, “JEFFERIES 2016 HEALTHCARE CONFERENCE — DR. NEAL WALKER CONFIRMS THAT TOPICAL JAK INHIBITERS WILL BE TESTED (AND WORK!?) ON ANDROGENIC ALOPECIA PATIENTS”, Dr. Neal Walker, CEO of Aclaris Therapeutics, stated that JAK inhibitors DO work for AGA:

    “We will be developing a topical JAK inhibitor for androgenetic alopecia, and the data on that is quite interesting in that they found that the systemic JAK inhibitor does not work for that particular indication, but the topical does, mainly as a function of the target being more superficial in the skin and not really accessible from a systemic circulation.”

    Furthermore, Dr. Walker is clear that JAKs need a topical delivery system to be effective. It appears there IS a difference between oral JAKs and JAKs delivered topically in the treatment of AGA. This is something that Dr. Angela Christiano hypothesised in her radio interview with Spencer Kobren on 17th December 2015.

    The extent to which JAKs work is another issue.

    Happy Christmas!

  13. Hey Merry Christmas fellow hair thinners…..hopefully, that saying can be obliterated in a few years..or NEXT year. So as most people open up presents when they first get up, I search hair. So, instead of my heart 3 sizes to small, it maybe my hair. Are we hair grinches?
    Anyway, I know we are harping on Jak and will it work on AGA. I have a few questions, and maybe some note of thinking.

    What about Brotzu? Is this rolling out in march? Is this just like the :oooommmm bop:, you know that late 90s song that was a one hit wonder, of hair loss?
    Two, Topical Finasteride. I know MJ you said you tried it, but not as a stand alone and seen results? I might try it in March and litanoprost. I think you used the other.

    On Jak on AGA. My one concern is will this be healthy to take long term? If you look at anti-inflammatory drugs, they are basically catabolic in nature. They can overtime tear down ligaments. Hence one reason cortisone injections SHOULD be spaced out in shoulder injuries. Not just that, but can shut down adrenals. I so happen to have my medical text drug handbook open…@ admin, I am quoting it, and this is for 2018. So up to date. I looked at pregnisolone. Note that pregnisone mode of action works the same. See under action below…..

    First off note, that this drug is systemic.
    ” Inhibits accumulation of inflammatory cells at inflammation sites, phagocytosis, lysosomal enzyme release/synthesis, release of mediators of inflammation.”

    Pharmacokinetics: “Protein binding 65%-91%. Metabolized in liver. Excreted in urine. Half life 3.6 hours.”…….I tossed in that info for you guys with half life. Again maybe why an anti-inflammatory topical is better, to bypass most liver. ****( My opinion ).

    Lifespan considerations: “Prolonged treatment or high dosages may decrease short term growth rate”…….( I am adding this in, it should be noted, that this is in children, growth rate ). Elderly: “May be more susceptible to developing hypertension or osteoporosis. ”
    Ok side effects…way to many to list but I will toss down noteworthy ones of interest( again see the drugs mechanism, I listed ).
    Most frequent side effects…..dun dun…. Insomnia, don’t we see this with PGd2 inhibitors? Ok back to frequent side effects, mood swings, delayed wound healing( hence again why I said these are kind of catobolic ), increased risk of infection, and nervousness.
    I will list the ophthalmic sides as well because if we are to take things on our head, we might be concerned with our eyes. I am only listing this, for the minox users who claim of dark circles under eyes, etc. Sides: Stinging, posterior cataracts.

    Pregnisone can also may decrease coritsol secretion.

    So I direct you back to the top of my writing and brotzu and also topical finasteride. Now if you look at what I wrote down…it would in theory make much more sense for those asking, ” Jak as an oral vs topical.” I think if you look at the orals, you will metabolize through the liver. Think of a bodybuilder right. They IM( Intramuscular ) inject anabolics to decrease liver toxic, plus IMs hit blood faster. Anyone who has been to the ER or has severe emergency allergies and has ever taken a shot of something knows IM injections absorb better than orals. In fact liquid multi vitamins absorb better than oral tablets. If you guys would like I can do exactly what I did for Preg, and do it for Ruxolitinib. I was curious if it was in my medical text book and it was, BAM! I understand Jaks don’t exactly work like other anti-inflammatories, but I was just trying to give an area of thinking. Jaks are also metabolized through liver as well. Idk if this helps shed some light on why topical application vs oral.

    Merry Xmas all!

    1. Thus, the replicative senescence of human cells is not necessarily irreversible once established, and p16 plays a critical role in preventing its reversal by p53 inactivation.

  14. a question to all who believe that jak works at AGA.
    if it has already been proven to work for AA why this treatment is not yet on the market to all AA?

    1. Aclaris is still working on a topical for AA.In fact a phase 2 trial for topical AA treatment has been concluded and next in line is a phase 3.

      It is interesting that although Aclaris has 2 products in trial for AA, the topical version has passed phase 2, while the oral version has only got to phase 1.

  15. Very interesting.

    ACLARIS pipeline chart shows that Phase 2 for TOPICAL AA is complete. I wonder what the success rate was for that and also what the Before and After photos look like.

  16. Adding, it would stand to reason that Topical for AA should not work that well since the hair follicles are being rejected by the Immune system and all of that is internal to the body. Whereas, AGA is probably more of an issue externally primarily from the skin cells.

    1. From the beginning on I had the same opinion lime you nasa concerning Aclaris Therapeutics. This will be the solution and we will see the results in 2018.

      Moving so fast to phase 2 and all the patents show us that they have something big behind their soft jaks for AGA.

      Good times are coming. 2018 will be our year. Fidia, Shiseido and by biggest hope Aclaris Therapeutics! In my opinion all of them will surprise us in a positive way.

      1. Do you think the speed to phase 2 is purely because a phase one isn’t required due to safety profiles already being established for the JAKs being used?

        @admin – are you aware of what ‘soft’ JAKS are, specifically which JAKs are being tested ?

        1. In one of their statements they talked about decernotinib and the admin showed a link where you see that this jak inhibitor is already tested and in phase 3.

          But it is also possible that ita ruxolitinib or tofacitnib because they changed their pipeline many timey but it seems that it is decernotinib because you find it pn their website in their statements.

          Its really weird because AGA and Vitiligo were first in the same category as topical jak inhibitor ATI 5002 and now they are separated but BOTH of them start an open label trial (vitiligo or this other disease, not sure which it was) started a few days ago and AGA will start in about 4 months and it will end in September/Oktober.

          I think that the results were amazing and that these drugs already have a safety profile so they are able to skip phase 1 clinical trial. Even Dr. Christiano said that when they start the trials we will know it or see the results very fast. IMO they will give an update in mid 2018 and it will come in news world wide and from this point on we wil know that its finally over.

          How many times its like that in life? You wait for a special thing but it doesnt happen and IF it happens you have mulitple ways to get what you want (Fidia, Shiseido, Aclaris).

          Hair loss will be history in 2018. Barbers are going to be very rich.

          1. Aclaris AGA trial will consist of Tofacitinib. Earlier, Aclaris patented Decernotinib for trials for AGA.

            This could mean that either Tofa works for AGA in topical version, or that AGA might require a two (2) stage treatment requiring both Tofacitinib and Decernotinib at different stages.

  17. hey friends and admin, i saw earlier a post about follica’s “embryonic window of opportunity” and end result regenerative medicine.

    There is a scientist named Dr. Michael West that worked with Leonard Hayflick discovering the immortality of the human germ line in a petri dish that is very similar to Follica.
    AgeX a BioTime ‘skunk works’ research project aims at steering the embryonic window to reactivate what we layman might call “the salamander” gene that regrows lost limbs and regenerates old cells. It turns out because we are eukaryotes we also have those ancient genes and present them the first 5 weeks of our lives in the womb. When the scar gene is activated the regenerative gene is off. Sounds vaguely similar to what I’ve heard at Follica in the aspect that the aim is manipulating cells at embryonic level.

  18. I really hope 2018 will be the year, at least for new treatments. For me personally, the potential of great hair was there. I used to have amazing hair a few years ago, and the back is still there, but it’s the front that is disappearing right now (NW 2.5/3 thin forelock). I’m 18, this has my life up for 2 years now, and I know I dont have it nearly as bad as some others, but I hope for all fellow baldies that next year will be great for us.

    1. I hope so too, good luck for everyone this could be truely life changing.

      I can just imagine the amount of celebrations that will happen if a cure is released!

  19. Cute for hair loss no way but definitely 10x better than the stuff we are using now. We’ll if aclaris, follica can give is nw1 regrowth I would consider that a cute even if we have to use it daily. I just hope something comes out in 2018 or at least show us pics with no comb over or photoshop tricks. Just real pics of thick terminal regrowth from nw6 to nw1/2.

    1. A growth to nw1 with maintenance even if I have to use a topical daily for life I would consider a cure.

      I don’t care about putting somethig on my scalp 2,3 times a day for life if it gives me a nw1 and I can stop stressing about losing more

  20. Well now that we know 2018 is gonna be the year of our lord , Alclaris , time to call my old hair stylist and set up my every three week hair cut appointment ! In all seriousness i hope you are right Nasa ! I will be 40 soon and it would be nice to have my hair back while I’m still in decent shape !

  21. Hair Follicle Immune Privilege Revisited: The Key to Alopecia Areata Management.

    The collapse of the immune privilege (IP) of the anagen hair bulb is now accepted as a key element in AA pathogenesis, and hair bulb IP restoration lies at the core of AA therapy. Here, we briefly review the essentials of hair bulb IP and recent progress in understanding its complexity. We discuss open questions and why the systematic dissection of hair bulb IP and its pharmacological manipulation (including the clinical testing of FK506 and α-melanocyte-stimulating hormone analogs) promise to extend the range of future therapeutic options in AA and other IP collapse-related autoimmune diseases.

    1. Hello Anna,

      The only thing that seems to work is Finasteride/Dutasteride for men and hairtransplants for both men and women. And to be honest about the things that might be effective, we actually don’t like them either.

      You just entered the AGA waiting room, come and join 50% of the world population.

  22. Viviscal, TRX2, Neurkrin, Rogaine
    The treatment for baldness is not just a dietary supplement until Rogaine to stimulate blood circulation is about this experience.

  23. Sorry to change subjects here but I need some Rogaine liquid advice. I just bought Rogaine liquid 5%. I just want to focus on right side of my hair line and thin strip of diffuse hair leading from right hair line to crown. I don’t want to use 1ml since I don’t need to cover my entire scalp. Is putting one drop in the right side of hair line and then another drop two inches from hair line then another drop to the back of the diffuse strip enough to be effective? I’m using foam now but it’s not working in right side of my head. Left side is fuller and fine….

  24. One more thing…is it okay to add a drop to my finger then rub into the scalp? I tried using the dropper and it runs all over the place

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