Top Hair Loss Forums in 2022

Over the years, I have frequented numerous online English language hair loss forums on a regular basis. However, sometimes I forget to visit some of the less popular ones for months at a stretch. Especially any discussion board that only focuses on hair transplants.

Some hair loss forums have also disappeared or become inactive over the years, while other newer ones often escape attention. Scroll through this entire post to see the full list. Not that I am not including newsgroups such as alt.baldspot. I am also not including  hair loss chats (mostly on Discord), of which there are many.

Top 10 Hair Loss Forums and More.
Hair loss forums (includes hair transplant sub-forums).

My biggest area of neglect in research on hair loss has been an unwillingness to frequent non-English language hair loss forums. Primarily due to laziness in going through the translation process. Moreover, many of the non-English baldness discussion boards are not very active or are limited to hair transplant forums.

I am hoping that having all the important hair loss forum links in one place in this post will encourage people to visit the non-English language message boards more frequently. Some of them are highly active and often have interesting local information that is missing in the English language hair loss forums.

I have tried to only include the most visited forums below. Note that I have not posted links to women’s hair loss forums. However, most of the below listed ones are largely unisex. Many men’s alopecia forums also have active subsections and subforums devoted to female hair loss.

Main Hair Loss Forums (English)

In the above list, there used to be a popular hair loss forum called Hairlosshelp (HLH). However, it seemed to disappear from the web around the year 2020.

Other Hair Loss and Hair Transplant Forums

Chinese Hair Loss and Hair Transplant Forums

If you have any suggestions to add to this list, please free to post them in the comments to this post.

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  1. This is awesome thanks admin! Will deffo aim to have a read when possible and will share anything of interest :). FYI follicle thought is missing from the list? Also FT posted on twitter that they have some clinical data for a popular company coming out today….

    1. Reboost? lol. Nah just kidding, follicethought has some informative articles. Too bad he decided to push that Reboost.

      Thank you admin for this list, always some hidden precious info out there!

  2. Admin
    This is a great effort .
    Introduction To Lactate Protocol (additional Additives Discussed) topically :
    ● Sodium Lactate / the sodium lactate from Lotioncrafters .
    ● Arginine / Arginine is something I personally will be adding to my topical. Arginine aids in NO flow, which aids in hair growth.
    A simply study:
    Arginine powder from BulkSupplements.
    ● Dermarolling:
    With follica hype going around and the wounding studies showing increased lactate
    # What members of the forum saw in this according to the latest study on lactate .

    1. If you want to raise arginine levels in blood you should take l-citrulline its way more effective. It will help increase Arginine and NO. You could combine with a NOS (nitric oxide synthase) booster for a bigger boost in NO. Just one word of caution if you have herpes it will increase the risk of outbreaks drastically.

  3. The promotion of hair regrowth by topical application of a Perilla frutescens extract through increased cell viability and antagonism of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone.

    Li JJ1, Li Z2, Gu LJ3, Choi KJ3, Kim DS4, Kim HK5, Sung CK6.
    Author information
    This study investigated the potential hair regrowth effects associated with a plant extract of Perilla frutescens, which was selected due to its putative hair regrowth activity. Extracts were prepared from dried P. frutescens suspended in distilled water, where the resultant aqueous suspension was fractionated sequentially using hexane, ethyl acetate, n-butanol, and distilled water. We observed that the n-butanol fraction resulted in the highest hair regrowth activity. The n-butanol soluble fraction of P. frutescens extract (BFPE) was further separated using AB-8 macroporous resin and silica gel chromatography to obtain rosmarinic acid (RA), which demonstrated effective hair growth regeneration potential. BFPE also showed in vivo anti-androgenic activity following the use of a hair growth assay in testosterone-sensitive male C57Bl/6NCrSlc mice. Furthermore, the effects of cell viability promotion were investigated following an in vitro analysis in primary hair follicle fibroblast cells (PHFCs) treated with RA. The results suggested that RA was the active compound in P. frutescens that triggers hair growth, and RA could be a potential therapeutic agent for the promotion of hair growth and prevention of androgenetic alopecia (AGA).

  4. Caloric Restriction Promotes Structural and Metabolic Changes in the Skin.

    Forni MF1, Peloggia J1, Braga TT2, Chinchilla JEO3, Shinohara J4, Navas CA3, Camara NOS2, Kowaltowski AJ5.
    Author information
    Caloric restriction (CR) is the most effective intervention known to enhance lifespan, but its effect on the skin is poorly understood. Here, we show that CR mice display fur coat remodeling associated with an expansion of the hair follicle stem cell (HFSC) pool. We also find that the dermal adipocyte depot (dWAT) is underdeveloped in CR animals. The dermal/vennule annulus vasculature is enlarged, and a vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) switch and metabolic reprogramming in both the dermis and the epidermis are observed. When the fur coat is removed, CR mice display increased energy expenditure associated with lean weight loss and locomotion impairment. Our findings indicate that CR promotes extensive skin and fur remodeling. These changes are necessary for thermal homeostasis and metabolic fitness under conditions of limited energy intake, suggesting a potential adaptive mechanism.
    Copyright © 2017 The Author(s). Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  5. Follica has just updated the bio of their clinical advisors on their website (R. Dhurat, Dr. Bhanusali, etc.)

    Previously, they appeared in the list of advisors but there was no bio.

    Not a massive news but just a bit of news to show they are well alive.

    Quite frankly, Follica is so silent because it is Puretech health’s policy that their subsidiaries remain silent. This is a blessing for investors as it gives you the opportunity to buy some PRTC shares before Follica starts becoming more noisy.

      1. No it is traded on the london stock exchange with the ticker PRTC. It has a fairly small market cap of around 500M, which would be a total bargain of RAIN makes it to market (and not even considering that Puretech has a diversified pipeline with near term commercializations)

  6. Aclaris Therapeutics updated their pipeline… new layout and now They added soft JAKs for AGA. It’s still in preclincial as topical formulation for AA.

  7. To my near and dear fellow anonymous bros,

    I come with excellent news arguably more valuable than the cure for AGA, easily. A few things. “Biotech” and “the Scientific Community” are two different things. Biotech doesn’t publish papers typically, for trade secret proprietary data reasons opposite to Scientific community which depends on grants and publishing papers. (I didn’t know this.)

    Immortality, organ cloning, and age reversing.

    Hair by the way is one small subset of hundreds on the check off list.

  8. Man we really need a new treatment for aga like yesterday. I’m tired of waiting….tired of this new discovery and that new discovery…just freaking release something already or go away

  9. Maybe it is true and fidia will give a statement on their Brotzulotion soon (IESON) But we were in the same situation a year ago. It is hard to trust anyone and to raise hope. But still for me it is the only remaining hope for a possible treatment to come out in the near future.

    1. The only hope for 2018 are Brotzu and Shiseido. Forget about Follica. Delays after delays. I wouldn’t br surprised if it hits the market in 2020.For 2018 it’s either Brotzu or Shiseido or both of them!

      Fidia will come up with their next statement and according to the doctor from his latest Interview in june 2017, this lotion showed excellent results for AGA after 6 months and it should hit the market fairly soon.

      1. Shiseido according to Replicel won’t announce anything until the winter of 2018. Brotzu has no proof or statements. Follica is just underground, the last thing we heard about them was the NY Dermatologist with the RAIN box. I wish 2018 the best but what do we have left? Histogen? They said they would release in Mexico “at the end of 2017” according to HelloUser’s interview with Gail…

        RIKEN and Shiseido are in Japan which is underneath North Korean ICBMs. 2017 end quarter is the season of uncertainty.

            1. I haven’t found anything to indicate Shiseido is releasing to market or announcing anything Q1 of 2018…. links please Hairplz….

  10. A well-balanced diet can help you maintain your hair’s health. Ensure that your diet contains a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, unsaturated fats, and lean proteins. Also, keep your sugar intake to a minimum.

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