Fiji and Russia Take Interest in BioViva and Liz Parrish

I discussed Liz Parrish and BioViva in October of last year.  While there has since been a great deal of skepticism surrounding Ms. Parrish’s self-experimentation as well as scientific credentials, I am still very interested in her approach (in particular, getting treated in developing countries so as to escape US regulations).  She could really help speed up scientific progress.  Moreover, anti-aging work (especially in regards to telomerase) has the potential to help hair loss sufferers too.

BioViva and Sierra Sciences

After some significant negative publicity earlier this year, Liz has received some positive feedback recently and she has visited a number of countries.

  • Shortly thereafter in May, the relatively well respected Dr. Bill Andrews (who I have covered on this blog before if you do a search) of Sierra Sciences announced that his company would partner with Liz’s company BioViva and open an anti-aging clinic in Fiji:

  • Also in May, Bill and Liz co-presented at this year’s 10x Medical Device Conference:

Liz Parrish Visits Russia

For the first time in history two of the fastest growing trends – Longevity and BlockChain – are coming together.

There are quite a few videos of Liz’s numerous presentations in Russia on youtube.  Here are some highlights:

  • The most popular one with almost 100k views:

  • An interview on Russian TV:

  • It really got out of hand in Russia and Liz became a glamour girl:

There is a chance that this company might end up being one of the craziest scams that the biotech world has ever witnessed, but it is nevertheless great to see the popularity of ant-aging treatments in Russia.  The country is the only one besides the US to have its own Cryonics facility.

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  1. Isnt bioviva only catering to the very weathy ones right now? Theres prob no way you me or anyone on this forum could afford her antiaging treatments….yet

  2. Does male pattern baldness really have anything to do with aging tho I thought it was the follicles sensitivity to dht?

      1. Actually if you look at male kids with diseases like progeria, some of them do seem do have male pattern baldness. Check this kid from india – you can see the pattern on his head in the video

        Also the mice that had their telomeres restored from being abnormally short due to being genetically engineered started growing youthful hair.

        So it’s ignorant and wrong to say aging has nothing to do with it.. the truth is we don’t know which processes are shared aming mpb and aging but clearly there are some connections.

        1. So how do you explain one hundred year old men with full heads of hair and guys in their early twenties already Norwood 7, completely bald ???

          It has NOTHING to do !!!

          1. I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not. Saying there is “zero” relation between age and male pattern baldness is ridiculous. Now it isn’t a causative factor, but the correlation is well documented and quite obvious when you look around. The older a man gets, the higher the likelihood that he has some noticeable degree of hair loss. It’s been observed that only about 20 percent of men in their twenties experience hair loss but by their fifties, 50 percent deal with it. So obviously age plays some factor in the hair follicles’ genetically predisposed ability to stay resistant to DHT.

            Norwood 7 teens and fullhead octogenarians are not the norm, they are outliers – and outliers do no not prove anything. The bald kid in your example probably had a long family history of hair loss and virtually no chance to keep it and the old guy hit the jackpot in that department. Nothing more, nothing less.

          2. Julian with respect I have a scientific degree and it’s not as simple as saying aging and hair loss are different therefor not related. Many processes of the body involve overlapping biochemical pathways. The point is not saying that all hair loss is due to age alone, but saying that some of the pathways involved in aging and therefore the treatment pathways may also influence hair loss. Telomerase in this case may benefit both aging and hair loss.

          3. of course aging and hair loss are VERY connected to each other. even by the fact that aging controls our hormone production and much more…not gonna list everything

    1. Admin, can you do a post about this myth that Aging has nothing to do with hairloss over time, and that its all about DHT?

      I hear this parroted all the time by people who haven’t properly read the scientific literature and just assume that since DHT inhibiting treatments help reverse balding (in some people, some people it can actually accelerate balding by triggering a increase in AR expression as a reaction to lowered DHT), that DHT is the root cause.

      Androgen Receptor Accelerates Premature Senescence of Human Dermal Papilla Cells in Association with DNA Damage :

      There have been multiple studies that have shown the way DHT exacerbates hair loss because it activates the androgen receptors in follices (which people prone to baling tend to have over-expression of AR in frontal/crown hair follicles), which accelerates stem-cell senescence.

      We’ve had multiple studies show that the number and activity of follicle stem cells, especially progenitor cells decreases over time. Everyone’s follicles miniaturize over time in response to DNA damage, men, women (yes even eunuchs), its just that some people have genes and an environment which means this process happens so slowly that they die long before their hair noticeably thins out.

      1. Aging definitely has an impact on hair loss..just not as much as DHT sensitivity of hair follicles does. The vast majority of men will bald by age 90, including those that have 5AR deficiency.

    2. Also see:

      Oxidative Stress in Ageing of Hair

      Not only does oxidative stress from free-radicals damage DNA but also lipids, proteins, and cell membranes which are all important parts of hair follicle structure.

      Damage from inflammatory response of the immune system is also implicated in this study.

      Damage is an intrinsic part of the aging process, and the loss of hair follicles. There may be many different pathways that cause that damage, and many different ways to manipulate those pathways to allow the body to repair and recover from that damage but accumulated damage is the root cause.

  3. Yes it does for SOME people H. Protective cells grow older and die sooner and arent replenished as when younger from what I understand.

    1. I guess and I never foresaw it happening this quick which sucks I wonder why my hair is so sensitive I don’t even think my grandfather’s or my dad started off balding this early….

    2. Castrated men with baldness genetics never lose their hair if castration was done before they started losing their hair.. This has been observed in ancient times.. you should know it Mr. Science Degree… People think hair loss and aging are linked because it is progressive, though for some it is faster and for others it is slower that is due to the baldness genes – some have more ancestors with the gene, some have fewer.. so in some cases it is more aggressive BUT some people who have no bald ancestors never go bald BUT they age just as anyone cause aging affects all the people without exception… so it would affect all ones features, all his appearance but hair??? In the case of those who never lose it… AGE DOESN’T AFFECT HAIR LOSS !! Not being sarcastic just being logical !!

        1. Why ignorance? I’m just telling that LOGIC SAYS that if it was related to aging EVERY MAN should get bald at some time in his life and we know that there are men who never go bald, not a strand of hair… BUT There is man that escapes aging or have you ever seen some 90 year old looking like he is 25 just because he has hair??? skin and everything else are affected while aging, not hair ( but hair in those who are genetically predisposed to bald will fall and get scarce while this same person ages because hair loss is also progressive, as is aging.. and that’s what makes many think they’re related, but they are not!!! just two different things happening simultaneously (only in those who have the bald (bad, in this case) genes. Some bald faster and younger than others because of the power, which varies, of that heritage. It’s just that. Everybody ages at – more or less – the pace, and everybody ages, 100% of people, everyone at 80 years will look more or less 80 years, not 30, NEVER !! AT LEAST WHILE LIZ PARRISH TECHNOLOGY ISN’T AVAILABLE FOR THE REST OF US…
          hat causes hair loss isn’t what causes one to age and look old… I’m just saying that… So why men who have a family history of baldness – that would bald inevitably, when castrated don’t bald anymore and maintain their hair for life, until the end of it.. WHY ??

      1. Julian you have not understood my point. I will repeat, I’m not saying age affects hair loss, I’m saying that some of the biochemical pathways involved in aging can also be involved in hair loss, and therefore a drug can affect two very different things like age and hair loss in different ways. For example – Vitamin D is involved in skin health, and is also involved in countering depression, but no one is saying depression is related to skin health – see my point?

  4. I have a question.
    I UNDERSTAND folica’s method like this

    1. Make scars on balding area by device
    2. SCAR recovers with follicle

    Is that right???
    If a little hair remain balding area, can we make scar at that area??

    THANKS if you respond

  5. A patient from the Brotzu/Fidia trial has been posting in regards to Brotzu’s new hair regrowth treatment on an Italian hairloss forum (BelliCappelli). The rough translation can be found here:

    Apparently she is saying:

    1. that the product has so far produced very good results for her, as she hasn’t had this much hair in 5+ years. Keep in mind she is suffering from AA, and was completely slick bald before the treatment.

    2. She has been told that this product will work for all types of alopecia

    3. She has not suffered from any negative side effects

    4. The product will be released in 2017

    5. The product that Fidia has finalized is more effective than the original lotion that Brotzu himself made.

    Also, apparently Fidia has stated that they will be making a public announcement sometime in September.

    Take this with a grain of salt, as the translation was very rough, but still understandable enough. It would be appreciated if an Italian speaker could verify this.

  6. It’s been said (proved?) That her telomeres got shorter after the treatment (mesured before and after)… She’s supposed to be 20 years younger (by the length of her telomeres now)… She is (was?) 44 years old. By the videos I didn’t notice any change.. of course she already looked much younger than 44 so it’s really hard to tell. You’d have to be really close and pay a lot of attention, but I’d like to know if she did see some changes in her skin for example, she would notice even if it was minimal for sure. 44 to 24 would have to be visible and that would be the proof that it worked, that the shortening of the telomeres really turns the clock and reverses aging.

    1. The information comming from Bioviva is unfortunately very cryptic at this time. They only said that her white blood cells gave telomeres long as a person 20 years younger than her. We don’t even know which type of white blood cells.

      I assume they will release more info about the state of her other cells once they feel confident about releasing the info.

      But yes it seems like a bummer that there are no visible xosmetic changes as this would propel this telomere lenghtenibg into the medial stratosphere.

      Maybe human body needs more than just telomere extrntion to look younger – skin maybe needs senescent cell clean-up, intercellular junk clean-up, protein crosslink clean-up and etc – this is Aubrey De Grey’s area

      1. Gotta see her right to know it. In mice it seems to work. Old mice restored their youthfulness… maybe her body hasn’t had enough time yet to translate in her exterior what’s happened inside at cellular level.. I don’t know but at some point she would have to become a twenty year old girl again.. I’m waiting to see that, with real curiosity and interest !!!

        1. everything changes forever when they figure this out. since discovering the work of george church, aubrey de grey, and liz parrish, i’m no longer concerned about hair loss at all. the thought of living in a 20-year-old body for 150 years is much, much more intriguing. many seem optimistic that we indeed will be reversing the aging process in our lifetimes. it’s criminal that this gets as little attention as it does, if i ruled the world this would be the single most important objective of humanity with a virtually limitless supply of funding.

    2. Julian sorry, you are spreading some misconception;
      the 4 telomeres are a repetitive Dna sequence at the chromosome ending, it gives indication about the age of people, but with the age the telomeres get shorter, not longer.

    1. Susana, you can get topical finasteride in Spain. I believe you need to see a doctor and request finasteride to help with hairloss, but topically.

      Pharmacies in Madrid can make them for you

    2. Thank you for saying this. I just have to add, if you believe a treatment for AGA is coming from a cosmetics company, you are in for a serious let down.

  7. Apparently Dr. Brotzu posted on the facebook profile of a woman with alopecia universalis who was on his trial and is now using a cream from Fidia. Brotzu’s comments were “this is a cure for alopecia universalis” and “it works well for younger people with alopecia universalis” or thereabouts.

  8. From paul phoenix link (above) regarding tsuji.
    “The trio is expected to make a final decision on the feasibility of the new therapy following a scrutiny of its costs and other factors.”
    Doesn’t sound like it’s a done deal by far

  9. I keep only hearing about Brotzu when it has to do with AA or AU, never AGA. Has this even been shown to help aga at all?

    1. Not. The think in paper can help AGA… But i will happy if work for AA AU. They need help too. Lets see if the september thing is true.

  10. Well they say they think brotzu lotion can help AGA, but I havent seen anything on trials for aga, or even evidence it could work.

  11. I highly doubt brontzu works for aga. It might have some peach fuzz bs results at best. If it worked as well as everyone is hyping it brontzu himself would have released pictures with results just like how he did with baby with areata. He hasn’t showed anything. When this happens I always feel that it will be a bust. It’s always a secrecy with mpb. It’s annoying! I wouldn’t be surprised if the big Pharma shut him down from releasing a superior product for aga. Yes conspiracy theory but a valid one.

    1. “Big pharma” is doing a trial for AGA on Brotzu’s lotion right now. He has shown 2 pics of his lotions effect on AGA although they are not very good pics. Brotzu is only speaking about AA recently because he is running a trial right now with patients suffering from AA. Fidia is doing a trial for AGA so we will not hear anymore about its efficacy in regards to AGA until fidia makes their announcement. If this in fact does not work for AGA why would fidia spend the money to put it through a trial?

  12. 1st I would like to say thank u Admin.. People should start off grateful and give him props… Anti-aging is huge and im almost as obsessed with that as tackling aga.. Look up the immortality timeline from transhumanist pez candidate Zoltan Istvan…very interesting and to think our brain could be mapped and we could be living in an indestructible avatar by 2040…hmmmmm.. Anyways.. Admin do you know if Brotzu licensed his product to Fidia? im hearing some very exciting things in regards to them and aga.

    1. Thanks:-) I have not looked into Fidia/Brotzu much recently, but will try to do so if there is some more excitement about it on the hair loss forums out there.

      1. Living in an indestructible avatar for ever. Couldn’t think of a more horibble thought. We are meant to die. Pain creates depth. We would be nothing with out joy hope misery

  13. Awesome!!!! Thank u Admin!!! BTW i am having success with wounding protocol without stemox.. I want to use it but need more info on its safety profile.. Im sure its safe. Or loreal wouldn’t use it however when creating an environment by wounding there could be a cascade of events that could go sideways.. Do u have any thoughts or links that may give insight?

  14. Stemyoxidine, i honestly don’t think it’s bullshit because i tried it for 3 months and i actually noticed some really vellus hairs grow, but they never turned terminal. So it’s not complete bullshit, but at the same time it’s not helpful and doesn’t fully live upto the claim of new hair growth.

    1. Very interesting…they have acquired a firm speciallizing in the production of transdermal patches….The delivery is where hairloss products often fail….

  15. Where did u see that the brotzu girl got hair regrowth ? And someone said that brotzu presented 2 pics for aga any link ?

    Stemox only grows vellus temple hair… But give better result on the crown

    1. Some of you desperados fall for this time and again. If his lotion worked, he’d shout it from the rooftops, not “share” a couple of “dodgy” pictures.
      Just move on, this has “snake oil” written all over it.

  16. admin writes “there is a chance this might be one of the craziest scams ever.”

    She mentions multiple times even in these videos that this is a scientific experiment to move into human models in Fiji, this isn’t a product, it’s an experiment. Just the sophomoric use of the word scam rubs me the wrong way. Don’t succumb to broscience vocabulary please we have enough of that from 27 yearold swoop and friends

    great blog

  17. seen photos from Koray Erdogan in BHT. he pulls off some serious magic… he can turn NW7 to propoer NW2 with 8-10K grafts… all he needs is more grafts…
    he can even give a better hairline than ur original one

  18. I appreciate the comments on the stemox guys thank u!!! My main cocern is it’s safety profile… Does anyone have knowledge of this?

  19. Hey Admin!!! Not sure if u observed all of the Brotzu interview so here is the link for all to see!!!!

    Extremely encouraging especially because aga is addressed!!!!! Peace and love to my hair warriors for now!!! Keep on fighting the good fight!!! Remember the night is always darkest before the dawn!

    1. Great post Richieron!

      There is the confirmation that the lotion DOES work “exellent” with patients with AGA. He does say the lotion works best for patients under 30, but good results were also seen with men older than that. He notes that vellus and miniaturized hairs were returned to full healthy states. As for treatment procedure, he believes patients will apply the product daily for a few months until they get desired results, then will only have to apply 1-2 times a week after that to maintain.

      Also, he explains the reasoning for not posting pictures. He initially did not seek permission or sign agreements with patients in order to release their photos, and claims that he soon left the AGA side of the product to Fidia (which explains why he suddenly stopped talking about AGA a few months back).

      I’m optimistic. This could be a good bridging treatment before Tsuji releases his procedure.

      1. Sorry, but he could just pixelate the faces. Also, he didn’t get them to sign waiver to allow him to share results (pictures/data/etc) of the study?? Seriously?

        Doesn’t sound like a legit excuse not to post any photos.

  20. Tsuji and riken article: only thing I saw different in the article other than what we know was this added bit, “The trio is expected to make a final decision on the feasibility of the new therapy following a scrutiny of its costs and other factors.”. So…nothing is really final yet, hopefully its financially feasible, ie. Wont cost like over 50k or something

  21. Brotzu is claiming that he has found the cure for Alopecia Areata with his product via a Facebook post which reads “We have the cure. We are completing the confirmation trials”.

    Brotzu isn’t in charge of AGA trials anymore btw, that is now Fidia’s domian. He is no longer involved in those trials, but keep in mind he did already state that the product does work well for AGA when he WAS doing his own trials on AGA a few months ago. It is not his place to comment on trials he is no longer a part of. Fidia has said they will release more information regarding the AGA trials after the European Summer Holiday (basically Month of August). If he is making the bold claim that they effectively have cured AA, compound that with the fact he has stated the product works well on AGA, this could be big news.

    Info can be found from pages 62-66 via this link:

    I urge you all to read.

    1. Looks promising for early sufferers for AGA.

      Looks good for the players with AA.

      Apparently it can grow back your hair to how it was 5 years ago.

      Sadly my hair loss started about 5 years ago and I lost a ton :=(

  22. There is ALOT of highly dubious things bout this Italian lotion. No proper pictures and the one good picture of the baby is clearly a fake. If you look close at the before picture you can see that there is hair at the back of the babys head. The after pic with the supposed growth is just a combover. Also, who starts a trial for a product and then forgets to get premission from the patients to show off the results??

  23. dude spanky its actually us that are creating hype…neither Fidia nor brotzu are advertising them….have you seen any ads in Italian tv or fake presentations like histogen or did you see anything in gud morning america like cots show up once in a while…. no….we are talking about it bcos we see some potential in it…

  24. @farhan, im aware. I hope it has potential but I havent seen anything that makes me optimistic. If this really can regrow hair lost the past 5 years why not any pictures? Ohh yes, they forgot, haha. Also, what kind of hairs does it grow? Thick healthy normal hairs? Fingers crossed that it is what they say it is but I really doubt it.

  25. @name, well thats always the 1st important thing in science. Satisfy Spanky and then we can move on to splitting atoms, saving the global enviroment, finding a cure for HL etc.
    They already released info so why not release something good instead of the usual bad lighting pictures thats all im saying.

  26. If we really could reverse aging would the government even let us? I mean with population control I feel like they would sweep it under the rug as fast as they possibly could.

  27. I give brotzu 10% chance of working. I’m sorry but if you claim 5 years worth of hair loss back on our heads that’s a fking breakthrough and it would be all over the news. Plus no pics because he didn’t get their release approval? Shady. Time will tell….

  28. There are a few trial participants of Brotzu/Fidia over at BelliCappelli (Italian hairloss forum). They corroborate with Brotzu, saying they themselves cannot post pictures of their own results because of legal reasons. I’m assuming they signed a non-disclosure agreement with Fidia, which explains why the AA patient WAS able to post her own pictures (because the AA trial was run by Brotzu, not Fidia). Although they aren’t able to post pictures yet, they do confirm that the lotion works for AGA as well as AA.

  29. Link for the participiants ?
    I beleive brotzu for aga will have minox propecia regrowth but without side effects

  30. Can anyone confirm that there would theoretically be no side effects with the ingredients cited? Anything that’s a DHT killer sounds scary. Is there any guarantee that it wouldn’t go systemic like Finasteride?

  31. @ Hlscc, brotzu says in the interview that good responders will experience vellus hairs turning normal again and invisible dormant hairs will start growning again. Sounds crazy good:-0

  32. I gotta make a correction of one of my previous posts. I wrote that I thought it looked like there is hair on the back of the babys head in the brotzu pic, which is combed over in the after pic. I looked closer and can see that its because there is a person standing behind the child. My mistake:/

  33. I’m getting all this information from the Brotzu thread on HLT: The member Lucawsc is an Italian who is taking part in the lotion group buy. He is also a member of the BelliCappelli forum. He is the one making the claims that participants of the trial are telling him it works for AGA as well. I am assuming they are men, but I don’t know for certain.

    I would go over to BelliCappelli and find the posts/links myself, but my understanding of Italian is only very basic. The best bet would be to wait for Lucawsc to provide confirmation. A poster on HLT has just asked him for confirmation and links so we should know more soon.

    Don’t take any of this as 100% truth! Right now it’s just rumors so we’ll have to wait for some confirmation.

    @TJT Brotzu has stated there are no negative side affects. The lotion is not a DHT killer like Fin. It mearly protects the follicles from the conversion process of testosterone to DHT in the scalp. That is why the lotion apparently stops hair loss and returns vellus and miniaturized hairs to terminal growth. S-Equol plays a large part in upstarting growth.

    1. If the S-Equol binds to the DHT and prevents it from binding to the hair cells in the scalp, then I would think it would also prevent the DHT binding elsewhere in the body where it’s necessary. There is no way to target DHT in the scalp only and there would be some systemic effect. Finasteride supposedly had no negative side effects either.

  34. so if i’m 31 years old and my extensive hair loss started 1 year ago will i regain what i lost using brotzu ?

  35. @hlscc, thats right! If this comes out within long and does what they say it will basically be a cure to many ppl, myself included.

  36. it will be a cure for me, i had temples receided since like 12 years and their progression was very very very slow and didnt use anything for maintenance all this long period, last year after a face surgery and heavy prolonged stress all my hairline is fu**** up and the hair loss just cant stop, my situation is worst after using minoxidil this year …. so i hope brotzu can regain me what i lost, it will be a cure for me :)

  37. @Spanky; Fidia maybe update all of us in two or three months. The reality is this: people who can not tolerate Propecia or Minoxidil need a better, safer and ultimately more effective alternative.

  38. @Paul, so from you last post to this one you suddenly change it from 1 to 2 or three months. Are you just guessing and posting from your own imagination?

    1. Fidia says they will update after the summer vacation in Italy (ends late August). So it could be 1-3 months but no one knows for sure. But that Italian group buy should be done producing their lotion late August/early September so we may get news on its potential efficacy from them first.

  39. Hey @AC thanks for the great info.. Question if done by August don’t u mean weeks?? Do u have any thoughts on how connect with the group buy members… Funny I’m talking to a friend of mine now who runs a compounding pharm and we already know what chemicals we’re listed for brotzu ( will copy and paste later).. Tempted to shell put cash and try.

    1. Some members on HLT are participating in the group buy so they will definitely post about it when they receive the lotion.

      Fidia never said exactly when they’d update us so it could be in September or October or later just after the holidays. Guys in the group buy should get the lotion in September and if brotzus patent is accurate they should see results quickly. So I’m hoping we’ll find out one way or the other this fall

  40. For those skeptical about Brotzu’s lack of before and after pictures, here is a direct translation of his answers in a Q&A that addresses this:

    ” At first photographic documentation was done randomly and we didn’t ask everybody to give us permission to show their photos. The only available photos are the ones displayed in the periodical “Il Dermatologo”. I then started focusing on alopecia areata and stopped dealing with androgenetic alopecia. Others stood in for this. The only people I treat now are friends of mine and I should ask them for permission to publish their photos.”

    1. Kind of an explanation…a little suspicious though. I trust the guy over Cots though. That guy seems like he must have been drunk over the past 2 decades, hence his slow progress.

  41. And since when do we ever stay on topic …this site should be the hair and the furious Tokyo drift lolololol… Peace and love for now my hair warriors!!!

  42. Dude mjones ..what are you like …the judge of Hair’s Got talent … I give you 10% …lol … what are you even saying…are you a scientist …or atleast a pharmasict….no….so stop claiming things…

    1. obviously doesn’t understand intro probability either…I put it at a 10% chance mjones doesn’t even exist…just all of our collective delusions have created him. 10%, who knows, baldness could make us do that weird sh*t.

      1. Farhan you get what I’m saying man. Stop over analyzing my comments. I’m saying don’t get your hopes up for brontzu. I have more hope for histogen. Everyone on all these forums are going nuts about his stupid 5 year reversal comment. I mean really? How do you measure loss from 5 years? Everyone balds at different rates. He should claim this can take you back from a nw4 to a nw2. That is a better measurement. Why would he start off promoting aga then just toss it to fidia and focus on areata. That’s strange. Whenever a company does this they usually gain publicity by claiming baldness cure then use that publicity to gain exposure into the market for the real product they want to sell which in this case is for areata. If his aga lotion worked as well as he claimed you bet your ass he would be focusing on that to make millions !! Anyways that’s how I see it. Farhan next time I won’t use percentages since I don’t know probability measurements haha you crack me up man haha :)

        1. Dear mjones I am Greek as you. He hasn’t a company to be able to comercialized. he signed with Fidia a contract to commercialized I send an e mail to Fidia and they told me that it will be announcement in a few months. And they are quite clever if you check the European law if they claim as medicine they need more trials over 5 years but the declare as cosmetic so the trials it would be only for a few months. If you ask me they believe that they are effective just they do the trials to complete the law requirements.of course is not the Cure is a treatment better than Minox (that destroy my hair) and fin.have a nice day . Save your hair and come to Greece for vacations it’s amazing right now I went last week and I totally forget my hair loss

  43. I read the interview and it seems even brotzu from the last question thinks that a certain point passes in which there is no turning back mine started 3 years ago diffuse so maybe I can get some recovery but that seems kinda unhopeful for the nw7’s…

  44. Hi All
    Does this brotzu lotion works on miniaturized hairs? Somebody posted that it works for AGA also. Is it true? In my bald patch on crown there are so many miniaturized hairs can that hairs grow?

    1. Brotzu suggests that the lotion can bring vellus and terminal hairs to full growth cycles.

      If the lotion works as he advertises, then the answer to your question is yes.

  45. Wow so much excitement for brotzu lol….anyone know if histogen started trials yet? If they haven’t, they need to so I can hop on a plane to Mexico asap to get a treatment.

  46. So brotzu lotion will be released before Thanksgiving? It sounds like it anyway they mention before the holidays

  47. were still talking about Brotzu? Really? They don’t even have a release date planned in the next 5 years.

    1. It’s a cosmetic so it could be out very soon, it’s been in trial for a couple months and once it wraps it can be released.

    2. You obviously are not well read or informed…arent you the guy all jacked about some crack company injecting you with stem cells in the bahammas? But you have no clue about what could actually be the next real treatment since min? His logic of the science makes sense too me, your stem cell thing sounds like a moonshot…anyways, load up on Aug 12 $126 strike calls on Mondays price dip in FB (facebook stock)…quadrupled investment on $124 strikes Aug 5 bought yesterday…$0.20 …now $1.50!! Enough for a few hair transplants lol

      1. @Guest99. Why you are so nervous? A new treatment is coming. At the end of 2016 or in 2017. No problem. I’m so sorry. Fortunately, new treatments are helping patients live with more quality and live better. Thanks.

      2. ya I am that guy, …I think Okyanos and 20 million dollar purchasing isn’t exactly a “crack company”. but sure, Im pretty informed about Brotzu enough to recall a user emailing Fidia about the product and them replying “we have no plans and no release date within the next few years” GL on trading options bro

    3. It will be released in 2017 as per Brotzu and patients in the trial.

      It is very relevant, so we will discuss it.

  48. Lets have a brotzu party! We can even use my materials from the setipiprant, replicell, s equal, intercytex, and jack inhibitors parties. Lol u guys kill me.
    histogen in my eyes is the only one in the game and that seems to be delayed.

      1. Cots is radio silent what’s going on? Where’s the mice?

        Maybe in a few months we’ll see Dr. Brotzu appear one morning on NBC proclaiming his and Fidia’s cure haha

        “This morning – miracle lotion from Italy solves ancient baldness riddle.

        And we welcome the man who made it all happen, Dr Giovanni Brotzu, so nice of you to join us this morning, we know you’ve been very busy with the international media… “

  49. i did some checking up on FIDIA .. the italian corp doing the trial on Brotzu’s lotion.. i think they are legit.. they are an international corp with hqs in USA, Spain, Germany, , etc and they are planning to open more in other countries such as Russia,

  50. Can someone email Fidia and we can get some info however little straight from the source? I once emailed cosmo for cb before they changed lol.. People usually give some info however little.. Maybe it will calm us for a few weeks and bunker down our speculations.. Who am I kidding we would all be satisfied for about a day.. We are nuts we can’t help ourselves lol…

    1. There’s a member on HLT who has some woman’s contact info at Fidia and he got the response that they’ll update after the holidays. He got the email back in June I believe so things could have changed since then so it’s not a done deal. Also if you email them now you’ll get no real response they’re on holidays.

    1. I’m not sure exactly what the holiday is but they take 2 or 3 weeks of in August I think. That’s what’s delaying the group buy lotion

  51. Fidia reply

    “Fidia offices will be closed for summer holidays from the 8th until the 19th of August. I will be back on August 29th. For urgent matters please call +39 3420704040 or send an email

  52. I recall Fidia replying a user of this website they have currently no plans nor a release date for Brotzu’s lotion. It could be released years from now. Hopefully I’m wrong but definitely remember ignoring Brotzu after reading that post

    1. I have a feeling it’s going to be another Kelopesia. Sounds legit, university, PHD, no pics, no marketing time frame, then boom the pics start coming out, huge let down, history. But hopefully Brotzu before and after pics are worth something.

      1. Kelopesia is apparently now stabilized for storage at room temperature and awaiting ministerial approval in Turkey. The pictures for kelopesia showed thickening in 30 days so I wouldn’t call it dead just yet. Im waiting a couple more months personally before I judge it.

        1. that’s uplifting, I remember me and a user here were looking at before and afters of the actor nephew of Dr. Sahin there was zero difference between then and now. Hopefully I’m wrong, but the actor guy was supposed to be the poster child of Kelopesia’s success. I suppose we’ll see in time.

          1. just to be clear the actor nephew was the man in the original press release video that Dr. Sahin was holding. He was holding his head down and camera flashes were taking while he was smililng. That same man he was holding looks absolutely no different today than he did on the press release.

          2. I know the guy you’re talking about, I don’t understand why they used him as their prime example. He barely had any hair on his head in the first place so they had to know it wasn’t gonna go good.

  53. Seriously anyone thought of that brotzu using his own lotion? If it is good no sides we should see results on him during interviews that just stands out to me.

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