AAPE — Advanced Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Protein Extract

I was originally planning to add the content of this related and important post within my prior post on adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs), but that post became too lengthy in and of itself.

One would assume that, typically, when a person wants to add ADSCs to his/her hair, the cells are originally taken from that person’s own body (e.g., from the abdomen where there are significant quantities of fat cells present). Such a procedure is considered to be an autologous transplantation that is in all likelihood safe, since one is essentially just moving one’s own cells from one area of the body to another.

In fact there are already many doctors and surgeons offering such a procedure. Note that some often use the terms adipose-derived stromal vascular fraction (SVF), which actually only contains anywhere from 2-10 percent adipose-derived stem cells. There might be legal issues in the US that make SVF less controversial (it is classified as a surgical procedure so escapes the jurisdiction of the FDA). The New England Center for Hair and The Phoenix Stem Cell Treatment Center are examples of places in the US offering SVF based stem cell treatment to regrow hair.


However, the two key Japanese studies that I mentioned in my prior post covered procedures that utilized a product called Advanced Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Protein Extract (AAPE), made by South Korean company called Prostemics. This is quite an important detail. For one, I was unaware that it would be possible to purchase such a product legally, since the AAPE product contains protein extracts derived from other people’s adipose cells. However, it seems like this is all legal and according to a quote from the above linked page:

In Japan, over 200 clinics are using AAPE with a clinical hair program for hair regrowth. The brand AAPE is approved by dermatologists and medical professionals from Korea, Japan and USA.

There are various places from which one can purchase AAPE (largely Asia based companies), but I would not trust this kind of experimentation unless a well known hair transplant surgeon is willing to buy this product and work with you. It also seems like some companies produce their own AAPE-type products too, but buyer beware and these products might be illegal to import in many parts of the world. I would certainly not risk using any of this stuff on myself for now.

Here is a video about AAPE (post continues below video):

ADSC versus AAPE

I would assume that results from actual entirely ADSC (so not counting the SVF method mentioned earlier) based autologous hair transplantation will be significantly superior to those from AAPE, but such entirely ADSC cell based procedures are probably not legal in the US at the moment. There are already surgeons and clinics outside the US doing such ADSC procedures. For example, Dr. Rhett Bosnich (who has clinics in Australia and Thailand) offers an “amplified PRP” procedure that includes a small amount of abdominal fat extraction. I think that a lot of doctors who offer PRP will also start adding some adipose-derived stem cells to their procedure. Also, in my March 9 blog post, I had a link to US-based Dr. Craig Ziering’s new “Stemulation” page on his UK website. That page has since been taken down, but I am now curious whether UK regulations are more favorable than US regulations for such procedures?

Who knows what all these guys really do once they extract your fat cells and put them into their centrifuge and final concoction Probably not worth paying much more than one pays for PRP for such procedures at the moment.

Addendum: I recently read an interesting comment that in an ironic reversal of history, the rich will finally start helping the poor by risking their lives first in the near future. How so? The rich will be the first ones who will be able to afford to buy expensive often experimental new anti-aging treatments and the like. Will we see the same in the hair loss world? i.e., rich people travelling to various countries for expensive possible risky unapproved cell based treatments to regrow hair? Then the poor will follow suit after a decade when the procedures become much cheaper and declared to be fully safe?

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  1. Admin thank you for your hard work ,what is the success rate and is this in conjunction with ht or stand alone treatment and how it is administered

    1. It is standalone with injections every few weeks. Read the two Japanese studies I posted in the prior blog post please.

  2. A few general comments:

    ADMIN – Do you still believe by 2020 we will have a 100% hair loss cure? (remember it has been a while since you started the blog thus I am not sure if you are beginning to wonder about the timeline as being more or less optimistic)

    I am quickly becoming to believe that only Stem Cells (new cells along with Skin Perturbation) is the only thing that ultimately will work.

    Also, I need to see Real Unblurry Before and After pictures before I believe what I read. I am sorry but my Optimism is quickly fading in that I do not believe there will not be a cure for at least 10 years, and I am probably being too Optimistic (I wish it were otherwise).

  3. Adding – The Price is not the issue it is having a Real Cure again I would need to see Unblurry Pictures of Before and After. However, right now their is a choice between Nothing and Nothing, just like last year and the year before.

    I am Optimistic in that the Scientists are finally going heavily into Stem Cells and are avoiding the once again potential peach fuzz chemical cures. Stem Cells are the way, and given Japan’s fast track of stem cell research Japan could surprise all with the Cure. Although ironically enough it probably will be with American technology or scientists.

  4. Final Adding – The Admin has done a Great Job on this informative website that provides Hope to those who have lost it. As difficult as it can be, as this website shows there are a number of litterally break through technologies, especially Stem Cells, that offer a Real 100% Cure (hopefully some time soon).

  5. Admin, just a quick note to thank you for continuing to dedicate yourself to bringing the latest news to this forum. Female readers are still following with interest, and word is spreading of hope! (:

  6. Hi admin: two things: first you are doing a great job covering these advancements!. Second: .do you honestly believe this treatment or any other will become available to the public within the next two years? Thanks for your knowledgeable feedback. We appreciate it.

  7. I have been using a product called Ruby Cell (made in Korea) for about 6 months now. It is working – basically I just spray this on to my head, once a day. I have seen new hair growth in the front of my head and in my bald spot in the back. I think there is a lot of promise in this kind of product.

    1. Oh whoops, one more thing. I forgot to mention that Ruby Cell is a stem cell based product. It’s actually made for your skin but my friend (she sells this product) said it also works for hair growth. She said in the near future they will offer a hair growth product designed specifically to reverse hair loss.

  8. Robert you either have good intentions for others or you are a scam artist. If you are a good person then please back up what you are saying by supplying pictures. If you havent started taking pictures then you should start immediately….that is, if you are really interested in helping others?

    1. I have taken pictures, but where do you post them? I am not scam artist, this product is actually very expensive. I am getting this product half off because my friend just wants to help me out and not take a profit. This product uses stem cell extract (or something along those lines) to regrow hair. She said that in a few months they will make a product specifically designed for hair. I think it’s a good product and with time the price will come down and the formulas will improve. ONce that happens I predict that companies like Rogaine will launch products with stem cell ingredients.

    1. Hi Gaurav, as I say in the post, its hard to know who to trust in such a fledgling industry. If you happen to be in Japan, its worth contacting some reputable doctors there, but even they will probably have no idea about long term safety as yet.

      1. Dear Admin, Thanks for your reply, what is the difference between AAPE & AAPE-HARG?

        Is ARS Medical using AAPE?

    2. If you can find out where to buy, I can show you how to use per AAPE. It involves needling every three weeks. I used the product 4 years ago. I noticed nothing though faithful and diligent in the application, however, I did not lose anymore hair and want to try again.
      Where can we buy AAPE? It is legal to sell but though a health professional AAPE will not sell to me again for reasons that are unclear.

  9. Greetings. I am recovering from breast cancer and been introduced recent to an AAPE containing ampule called Ruby Cell 4U. Is this the same stuff?
    My hair has grown quite a bit after chemo ( has been over a year) but didn’t know if there were any studies relevant to whether it’s ok to use it or not

  10. Dear admin,
    I heard that within few months, Japan start to sell stem cell product. Can you share your opinion on that product. I’m considering visiting JP for it.

  11. Hi
    I would like to ask about the product ” AAPE stem cell for skin and Hair” if I can get it .. Since I suffer from hair loss for a long time. I have used Minoxidil without much improvement, so can you please send me more information and price of the product? Thanks.

    1. AAPE is likely to be the most effective option and if….look, if this AAPE worked with trials to support it, the world would know it. I think the new management of AAPE is out there trying to market it….like a business needs to make money to perpetuate itself? It came out around 2015 with some fanfare but quietly disappeared. Why? It must not work. It did not work then so it still does not work? Sorry to be a downer. I would love to say the opposite but being realistic saves money.

  12. The product sold in Japan is actually different than the AAPE and Prostemics maker of AAPE will not send or sell to U.S. I believe I was told.

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