Trinov Works Better in Women

I have discussed Trinov (formerly known as the Brotzu Lotion) a number of times on this blog. My main reason for doing so is because it is the first at least somewhat reputable new hair loss product that has been approved in many years.

Trinov is a non-prescription lotion that is is manufactured by well known Italian pharmaceutical company Fidia Farmaceutici. Trinov is currently sold by a number of Italian companies, and will be available for sale in the US in 2019.

Is Trinov going to bring back your childhood hairline? Not even close. Will it even bring back hair that you have lost more than several years ago? I highly doubt it, even if initial reports from a few years ago suggested that it could bring back hair that was lost up to five years ago.

However, I do believe in the science behind it, as I have stated a number of times before. I would not be surprised if Trinov ended up being at least as effective as Minoxidil.


Trinov consists of a three-pronged attack on hair loss via topical liposomal delivery of:

  1. Dihomo-γ-linolenic acid (DGLA), which improves microcirculation and blood and nutrient flow to the follicles.
  2. S-equol, which inhibits 5α-reductase enzyme activity. This reduces the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT).
  3. Propionyl-L-carnitine, which promotes lipid metabolism and stimulates energy production.

S-equol will obviously not inhibit DHT to the same extent as Dutasteride or Finasteride.

Trinov Works Better in Women than in Men

Dr. Giovanni Brotzu and various co-authors recently published a new study on Trinov. I am surprised that no-one on here or on the hair loss forums mentioned it, but there were some concrete findings in there. The most interesting ones:

  • Daily topical applications of the lotions resulted in a hair count that significantly increased for women and marginally increased for men after 6 months of treatment.
  • Significant increase in anagen hair and a significant decrease in telogen hair were observed starting from 3 months in male and 1 month in female patients.

So, in a rarity, women may benefit more from a hair loss treatment than men. As a male, I will still gladly take a cessation in hair loss and a marginal increase in new hair count if the above findings are really true.

It seems like there were two lotions in the study.

The male lotion was: TRINOV Lozione Anticaduta Uomo.

The female lotion was: TRINOV Lozione Anticaduta Donna.

Trinov E-Book

Several days ago commentator “Hope” posted a link to the new official Trinov website. You can read the Trinov e-book on there. Some highlights after translation:

The patented formula consists of phospholipid liposomes, i.e., microscopic vesicles formed by a double phospholipid state that protects the ingredients and allows controlled, local and gradual release, improving absorption in the application site.

After six months of daily application of TRINOV men’s anti-fall lotion the increase of total number of hair is observed in 63% of subjects treated; more than 70% perceive a minor fall, improve the condition of the scalp and report feeling healthier and stronger hair.

After 6 months of daily application of TRINOV Women Fallout Lotion the increase in the number total hair is observed in 90% of subjects treated; more than 70% report an improvement in the state of the scalp and refers to feel healthier and stronger hair, and almost 70% perceives one lower fall.

— Per part of the translation, it seems like Dr. Brotzu’s son Giovanni Brotzu is the CEO of the American company Liposome Advanced research LLC. Could not find much on the company in my few minutes of research.

— The first two new Trinov Youtube channel videos were not very encouraging.

Update: Fidia press release.

— Also see Trinov’s Facebook page.

My Thoughts on Trinov

Trinov will either be:

  • A new product that is similar to or slightly superior to Minoxidil. This would be miraculous, as only two products have ever been approved to treat hair loss (Minoxidil and Finasteride),


  • Yet another overblown overhyped hair loss product in a long list of them over the past few decades. This time, with the added insult (to us) and ignominy of being approved by a pharmaceutical company;  and of having famous doctors and universities involved in its research and development.

53 thoughts on “Trinov Works Better in Women”

  1. I thought it was supposed to be effective for alopecia areta ? Admin- do you recall any mention of it’s effect on alopecia areta?

    Thanks a lot

  2. The following website (in Italian) is interesting:

    On the difference between the male and female lotions, it says:

    “… the anti-fall lotion for men and the fall prevention lotion for women TRINOV ( which differ mainly for the different dosage of S-Equolo, 11.2 mg for him, 5.6 mg for you ) ….”

    And on directions for use:

    “…The lotion should not be rinsed and should be left to act for at least 2 hours before the next shampoo. It can be used simultaneously with other topical treatments, taking care to leave a few minutes between the various applications…’

    ie could be used in conjunction with liquid minoxidil

  3. Why is Fidia so quiet about this product? To me a new product even similar to minox is a great advancement in this field but I’m not seeing anything about it on the news. That Turkish snake oil ……… was promoting had a better marketing team than Fidia!

  4. These are messages from Trinov. Only in Italian market as for now. How much the price ? About 70€.
    Is the product under cosmetics or FDA approval? Cosmetics in EU.

  5. Am confused by reference to a lotion. I am applying minixidol cream each night, and would be interested in applying Trinov in the mornings providing it is in the form of a spray that does not mess up the hair. Can anyone clarify?

  6. Hello everyone,

    Since part of this product works by inhibiting 5 ar, is likely to give sexual side effects to users ?

    Thank you

    1. No, this product will work against DHT in the same manner that RU58841 will. I.e., it prevents the DHT from physically binding to the folicle.

  7. I think Trinov will work better for miniaturized hair and diffuse alopecia. In a statement made by Brotzu to a Moredaror from IESON, it was that the follicle must be alive.

  8. do we now if the carrier is pg? we know the main 3 ingredients but safety is still important especially if we are to only get marginal results.. anyone?????????/

  9. If admins more optimistic conclusion turns out to be the case it may be another adjunct treatment to slap on the head. The different mechanisms of action could assist with growth. My feeling is that it works better on women due to it’s weak anti-androgenic properties. Women typically have lower DHT levels than men, even those who are thinning. Would mean most guys would need to stay on the fin, dut, RU to see any real results. 70.00 euros seems pretty steep for a small bottle that will last a month (1x per day application). I’ll wait for more info and testimonials from those who are willing to jump in sooner.

  10. #Admin or anyone else knowledgeable-
    Off topic I know, but –
    If I was to get a 2000 graft transplant for the crown area, (apparently all is needed at present) – would it be safe to assume Tsuji or equivalent would be able to backfill the donor areas in again if he comes thru as anticipated?
    I was avoiding it altogether, but I’m really considering it now.
    Really hanging out for the latest news from Tsuji

  11. Lol still trying to figure out what other ingredients are in this. i.e. …Carrier.. Other than the main 3 we all know of.

  12. Not related but I thought it would be an interesting share. This company I like, hairprint, starting selling a regrowth serum made with only 4 ingredients:

    While I’m not expecting miracles, their scientific understanding of hair loss seems sound and I like that the product is natural. I figure it couldn’t hurt to try!

    1. Daniel, I tried the Hairprint color restorer for gray hair, epic fail. I was in contact with the company and they always wanted me to try different things to help the process, after many months of toil I finally gave up.

      1. Thanks for letting me know. The color restorer intrigues me, but I always held back buying it because I keep my hair really short (due to hairloss) and thus I’d have to apply it quite frequently which would quickly become tedious and expensive.

  13. Admin-

    Can you please do a poll on this website to see what users find effective, even minimally? I am studying synergistic effects of several approaches and believe that it is possible to come up with a semi-kitchen sink approach with what is available to us now whereas any one treatment alone is not effective but in combination with other ingredients can become more effective (meaning 1+1=3).

    Will users please list ingredients that you have found to be helpful? Any data will be appreciated.

    From obvious ones like minox, finasteride etc to others like rosemary oil, peppermint, ketoconazole, sandalore, saw palmetto, onion/garlic extract, certain copper peptides, salicylic acid etc.

    I am working with a lab tech and cousin who is a compounding pharmacist to develop a kitchen-sink-style all in one topical formula with an effective delivery system of the most promising ingredients that people have found helpful or would like to see in a new product that they have not seen before together. Any input would be most appreciated.

    1. Hi Ray, I was thinking about doing something like that a while back, but there were two major issues that deterred me:

      1) By far the most effective ingredients (Fin, Dut, Minox, Spiro, RU, Flutamide etc…) would all be prescription only.
      2) I am not sure I would trust how the 20 plus other less effective non-prescription ingredients would interact with each other. Or how likely they would all be to get absorbed into the scalp without having some lab test this out. Also, there are already a number of shampoos that have 10 plus ingredients such as saw palmetto and low-dose Ketoconazole that are modestly beneficial to hair. You would need to make something that would be proven to be much better :-)

      I may write a post on this in future, but don’t think this can be a simple project.

      1. Hey Admin.. Do you happen to know what compounds are in Trinov besides the three we know of? For example what’s the carrier? I may email them to inquire but just curious if you know. Thanks ..

        1. Have not checked beyond the Big 3, and did not even think the men’s and women’s products could be different till I did the most recent research this past week.

  14. Sounds like a good idea Ray.. I will start off by stating my current approach. Dermarolling… A mixed solution..of rosemary and peo .. I use emu as carrier… Keto… And follione.. Also tumeric golden cream which has sandalore.. Hey do u happen to know what chemical Trinovnis using as the carrier.. We already know the main 3?

  15. Wasn’t there supposed to be some hair conference in Japan this weekend? I think Dr. Tsuji and Shiseido were going to present? Any word?

  16. To me the price is good news. I think if it was £30-35, like 1 bottle of regain is in boots for example, it would be able to last as a fad product withimted effectiveness. Unless they are going for the 6 month scam approach which surely would not be profitable. In summation £70pm is considered worthy of a decent amount of research by most.

  17. Very interesting! I will absolutely give Cassiopea Winlevi a try in 2020!

    Winlevi (clascoterone), a new topical anti-androgen and NCE that penetrates the
    skin and helps prevent the cascade of events that lead to acne. Winlevi successfully
    completed phase III development with very positive results reaching all primary and
    secondary endpoints. US filing is planned for Q1 2019 with first launches expected
    in Q2 2020. Winlevi has the potential to become the first topical anti-androgen on the
    market that treats acne with virtually no side effects. Oral anti-androgens are
    available with proven efficacy, but use is limited by systemic side effects. We
    conservatively forecast EUR 400+ mn peak sales.

    • Breezula (clascoterone), a different formulation and 5x higher dosage strength of the
    same NCE as in Winlevi, for the treatment of androgenic alopecia (AGA), the most
    common type of hair loss. Breezula demonstrated statistically significant
    improvement in TAHC (Target Area Hair Count) and directional improvement for HGA
    (Hair Growth Assessment) after 6-months treatment in an interim phase IIb dose
    ranging trial with excellent safety and tolerability. Top line results of the 12-months
    phase IIb dose ranging trial are expected in Q1 2019. Based on the interim results
    published in July 2018, the company will start a POC trial in women in Q1 2019, a
    large untapped market opportunity where Merck & Co’s oral anti-androgen Propecia
    (finasteride) cannot be used by women. We conservatively forecast EUR 300+ mn
    peak Sales

    1. Great find! Not sure if you read my prior mentions of this company in the past year…a few months ago, one of my key insider contacts (a highly respected person) said he/she was very impressed with the results of Breezula that were presented at a conference. Too bad that they will only release in 2022, but I wonder if Winlevi (releasing in 2020, with same ingredient but lower dose) can be used on the scalp too?!

      1. Not sure what to read into the fact that they solely call out the unmet need for women due to finasteride being an option for men. Although that is true, would hate for them not to pursue a solution for both men and women. We could assume they might be the same or similar formulation, but an interesting call out.

  18. @ Admin … yep I follow your blog quite often and I really apreciate your work. And I absolutely understand that its quite difficult to find all “real” or important News. I really think Winlevi could be very effective together with another topical like Fidia or Medipost or topical finasteride (I dont know). Anyway in my understanding the only difference to Breezula is the dosage. And I see Cassiopea knows it and is not getting tired to tell us between the lines !!! :-) … Just take it 3 times a day! :-)

    @ Tomjones I have lost Hair dramatically in the last 5 years. I am NW 5 now coming from heavy metall. My hairdresser helps me with “Hairdreams” hair piece and I use Hairfibers to cover thin spots. Its a Nightmare!

  19. Its a bit silly the amount of time its going to take to release breezula when you consider we have more info on AAs than almost any other type of drugs for MPB. What on earth is there to test that would leave any doubts its at least safer than fin or dut long term?
    2022 is an awful long time for something with so much data already on it. Breezula is just another AA, but its very effective and very much needed.

  20. So has ANYONE from the US ordered Trinov yet and started using it? Which site do we order from? I want to start using it.

  21. Being optimistic here. Admin, is it fair to assume that things could improve after 6 months? Doesn’t it take Fin twice as long to work? Something about hair cycles.

  22. I ordered Trinov through a parcel service and I live in the states. The lotion comes out on the 3rd/4th, and many of the pharmas in Italy most likely won’t ship to the states until after Christmas holiday. I get the lotion on December 10th, so I’ll keep you guys posted on my results. I’m basically a norwood 6 diffuse thinning with a norwood 2 hair line. Good luck to all who try it!

  23. Yeah for sure! I’ll share how I ordered it. I went to Created an account. Made an order for two bottles of trinov and provided the link for tutto farma. A forwarder responded to my created order and gave me a quote. I accepted the quote(a little bit expensive, but worth it). I paid $260 all together for both the parcl service and 2 bottles of Trinov. Now I wait for the Trinov to make it to my house.

    1. Brotzu dude besided the main three ingredients do we know if it has pg or something else undesirable in it as a carrier? I hope not. LMK please

  24. I don’t it does, if u wan’t to double check though, just go on one of the pharmas’ websites and use google translate to find out if there is any other ingredient…which i doubt

  25. Have just started with Trinov: applying via the spray in the morning, Minox at night and am taking Finesteride. Will give it 6 months. Not a cheap option. If no help then I doubt there will be much that is new this year: perhaps next. What I really want is Hair Cloning in in the UK: it will come, but not soon enough as far as am concerned. Will let you know how I get on: though what we really need are reports from people suffering from AGA that only use Trinov to see what it might achieve.

  26. I am into my third week of using Trinov. I have found that my hair fall has lessened and the little hairs are starting to grow a little more. I am cautiously optimistic. I have been taking Spironolacton-E 100 mg once a day for over a year with little result. I have also been taking oral minoxidil .675 m for about four months. With not much luck. I have used topical minoxidil for a good ten years and it just kept falling out. I also get prp treatments a few times a year. This new ever so slight improvement has me hoping again.
    As a woman I am just devastated my hair loss. It has effected what I do and how I feel about myself not to mention how much money all of the medication and treatments cost. I hope and pray this is a treatment that will yield results.

    1. Hello H-I-M-C,
      How does one acquire Trinov?
      Yes, hair loss in women is the worst ever for all the reasons you state. I myself keep hoping, though, and try not to get too discouraged.


      1. I ordered it from Farmacia Sant’ Antonio. (Google it) Create an account and place the order. Very easy really. DHL made the delivery in less than a week. Cost was $98 a bottle including delivery. Last a month. Good luck.

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