Brief Aclaris ATI-502 Topical Update

Yesterday, Aclaris Therapeutics provided an update regarding its  ATI-502 JAK inhibitor product for the topical treatment of androgenetic alopecia (AGA). It seems like this product was called ATI-50002 in the past? In any event, the main quote:

“AGA-201 Topical – Completed enrollment of this ongoing Phase 2 open-label clinical trial of ATI-502 for the topical treatment of androgenetic alopecia (AGA), also known as male/female pattern hair loss. This trial will evaluate the safety and efficacy of ATI-502 on the regrowth of hair in 31 patients with AGA, and data are expected in the first half of 2019”.

Based on the hype several years ago, I would have thought that Aclaris would be finishing Phase 2 trials by year-end 2018. Will nevertheless take this news in stride.

Big year in 2019 to weed out the players from the fakers.

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  1. Thank you for the update, admin; I hope they have good news in 2019. I can’t believe it’s already November. I’ve recently decided that I’m ok waiting for a good treatment; nothing I can do about my current hair loss as I’m not willing to use finasteride/minoxidil or get a hair transplant. I’m excited for the future of all things medicine as I also have arthritic TMJs that only regenerative medicine can help. Here’s to a bright future for us all!

    1. Sorry to hear about your arthritic TMJ :-( Most of the world is aging now (fewer young people and births, more old people) and that will mean far more research spending on regenerative medicine.

  2. Hi
    i have a question about stem cells i think this is the question of many people who did hair transplant!
    my question is ” if in future this cure was available is it possible to regrew or recreate new hair follicle on the donor area by injecting stem cell under cured donor place of hair transplant(for example empty place from FIT?
    please if you access any of these companies ask this question

  3. Admin, any thoughts on @Kira’s post? I saw the story this morning too..

    Seems too good to be true, applied once a day, works better than minox in only 16 wks and releasing in a matter of wks potentially???

  4. Aclaris stated earlier they would release Phase II data with photos BEFORE summer 2019. – For AGA.

    The did give an update a few months ago that IThe lotion was working for AA even though not releasing data until a few more months. But they also started AA trials a few months before us thus we mind find its working in a press release anytime now assuming it works but at least no press release that they stopped trials. Bi’m still very hopeful.

    1. Thanks Nasa_rs. I have become lazy at checking past announced dates these days due to so many companies moving the goalpost so often.

  5. That Korean product looks great for women but there were 29 women in the study and 1. That’s a Brotzu-style stunt. Happy for the ladies but why not say it doesn’t work for men, or prove it does…..

  6. 1 man! WTF?! Hopefully there will be more products coming soon and it will be just a matter of sorting the wheat from the chaff!

  7. Adding, Aclaris on their pipeline chart still shows AGA in a Phase II (it still appears to be active) right by AA Phase II and they already announced that AA lotion works but it also started their trial before starting the AGA trial.

  8. Why ‘open-label clinical trial’? that’s not great new IMO since the accepted standard is double blind, I guess they are not convinced in its efficacy yet?

  9. @Hopeless girl – Replicel/Shiseido present at the end of this month at some conference.

    Currently enjoying a full NW1 with my hair system, to the detest of most members on this forum that see it as either black magic or cheating :-) but if Replicel/Shiseido have something then that will bring me back to the table.

  10. @Sasquatch – when I first had it done the people I was most concerned about regarding harsh comments were my workmates, but they all liked it.

    Maintenance is not an issue because I have it combed forward, not backward, so after a few days when you get slight lifts at the top front I just leave them and nobody notices. There is a previous article on here with my videos in and on the one where I am wearing the denim shorts I had a big lift at the front but you would not notice and I was due to have it re-glued the next day so no worries.

    It can get uncomfortable in heat so during the summer I did not wear it and had my hair shaved, which is what people with hair do anyway so it is not cheating/surrendering :-)

    The hair piece itself looks real, but for how convincing it is depends on you. The best before and after videos, dare I say I am one of them, is where you get a young guy who is still lean, clean, healthy and the only thing seemingly letting them down is the hair. The link here is the best I have seen based on my reasons just stated:

    This guy deserved the awesome results because to lose that much at such a young age is cruel.

    But at the other extreme is some guys I see walk into the studio, they are in their mid forties or older, their dried scabby skin from too much alcohol and junk-food makes them look even older, they have put on weight from too much protein and not enough aerobic/cardio training, then they put a 14 year old’s hairline on their head (the cheaper option whereby the density is not reduced to 80% to make it look more natural) and you can just tell it’s not right, which raises the ironic question of “Do you even deserve young looking hair?”

    And perhaps for this last point it is worth trying. The psychological aspect. The hair is now fine and we realize the rest of us is not so we then deal with that, we lose that weight, we stop drinking and smoking, or do a lot less :-)

    For me personally, my parkour training surrounds me with much younger guys and I feel older so not deliberately I move slower and don’t push as hard, rest longer, etc. After the first hair system I started to integrate more and get more competitive. A couple were even scared that I would even rise above them. So it did not just give me hair, it gave me my youthful primal instincts and energy. Aclaris can’t do that. Follicum can’t do that. Samumed can’t do that. Brotzu can’t do that. Shiseido can’t do that; yet!

    1. Hi Scott, I recently left a comment with some questions for you in the original thread which you have partly answered. Best wishes


  11. @Scott – thanks for the response. Glad to hear your enjoying having hair. Im young, only 23 and may be heading down the hair system route as propecia, RU and minoxidil aren’t stopping my hair loss. Want to look at least presentable in my 20s ya know. Hopefully Tsuji actaully becomes an option in the not so distant future.

  12. Off topic ..
    I have been shedding about 60 hairs a day although I am on dutasteride since 4 years. 5 days ago I added Nizoral 2% ketoconazole and since then I have been shedding 0 hairs a day.
    please please please Dont overlook Nizoral … it is really effictivvvvve

  13. Yeah thats what to do….500 for a months supply of something which is sketchy in terms of results at best and potentially very bad for you at worst.

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