The Best Amino Acids for Hair Growth

Update: May 1, 2022: Dr. Rodney Sinclair praised the amino acid cysteine in today’s Reddit AMA:

“The key nutrient is Cysteine. Based on animal studies, cysteine incorporation into the hair follicle is the rate limiting step for hair growth. The relative importance of other nutrients has not been quantified.”

For years, I have read that amino acids are good for your hair. In a similar manner to vitamin D, protein, biotin and vitamin B12. Note that proteins (polypeptides) are just a chain of amino acids (peptides) that are linked and bound together.

Hairfinity Hair Vitamins with Amino Acids.
Hairfinity vegan hair vitamins with amino acids and biotin.

On Amazon, one of the most popular hair loss products is HairFinity’s vitamin capsules containing amino acids, biotin and numerous other vitamins. It contains an exclusive Capilsana Complex, which  includes: hair strengthening amino acids in hydrolyzed collagen; sulfur-containing MSM; and hair boosting horsetail with silica. Other ingredients include vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin B5, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B12 and silica. The average rating of this product is currently 4.3/5.

I always assumed the benefits of amino acids to be very limited for hair growth. In my post on Viviscal and Nutrafol, I mentioned how malnourished vitamin and protein deficient people in developing countries often have unbelievable hair. Including Indian ascetics and holy men who are entirely vegetarian and frequently fasting for prolonged periods. I remain skeptical that amino acids and protein can help reverse androgenetic alopecia. Also of note, numerous nutritionally deficient bald men still have tons of robust body hair.

However, a long-time reader from Australia named “Quentin” has made me at least consider that amino acids are good for your hair quality. Perhaps better than protein and biotin. Quentin’s first comment on this blog came in 2016. Almost all of his subsequent 70 or so comments seem consistent and usually helpful to other readers. It is very rare for me to devote most of a blog post to the opinions of one reader.

Amino Acids and Hair Growth

In humans, there exist 21 amino acids of which nine are essential. An essential amino acid cannot be synthesized fast enough by humans, and must therefore come from the diet. Deficiencies can cause dull skin and fragile hair. On Amazon, you can find many essential amino acid supplements for sale.

According to Quentin (via his blog comments and e-mails), there are nine amino acids that benefit hair growth. The first five of these nine (listed below) are the most important. Aminos high in sulphur such as cysteine are the key per Quentin. However, my cursory online research suggests that cystine is more frequently recommended than cysteine.

  1. Cysteine. Many cysteine-rich products are used in the hair and skin care industry. The ingredients is listed as L-cys or L-cysteine.
  2. Methionine (essential). Promotes the development of hair follicles via the Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway in rabbits.
  3. Lysine (essential). Per one study, the role of l-lysine in hair loss appears to be important and it supports collagen production.
  4. Glycine.
  5. Arginine. One report found an inositol and arginine solution to benefit hair growth. L-arginine also reduces blood pressure and is a precursor for the synthesis of nitric oxide.
  6. Cystine. A 2020 study found L-cystine to benefit metabolic activity, cell viability, and proliferation of keratinocytes. Cystine based product Pantogar is a popular hair growth product.
  7. Tyrosine.
  8. Glutamine.
  9. Proline.
Before Amino Acids
Quentin’s hairline before he took any amino acid pills.

Interestingly, this number  of nine exactly matches a very recent article’s findings. However, Quentin also mentioned many of these amino acids in past comments.

Another recent article recommends seven of the above nine amino acids for hair loss sufferers.

Before Amino Acid Hair
Another view of the hair before any amino acid treatment.

Quentin’s before and after photos show clear improvement in hair growth. He previously also posted some photos showing some reduced hair greying. Make sure to read his comments in the past several blog posts (I have pasted the most relevant ones at the bottom of this post).

Note that some people also use liquid amino acids directly onto their scalps. I am sure that other topical versions in cream and spray forms have also been tried. At best, my guess is that such attempts may have temporary benefits towards hair texture, elasticity and thickness.

Amino Acids and Vitamins

Please note that Quentin is not a doctor, and I cannot vouch for any of his suggestions. If you do contact him or get any products from him, I am also not responsible. I do get a strong sense that he is sincere, honest and knowledgeable. However, some of his claims seem exaggerated. The insightful amino acid section in this report claims as follows:

“Overall, the data regarding the use of amino acids to treat hair loss is limited.”

Having said that, I have never tried taking any amino acid supplements in my life. And earlier in the post, I did post some links to favorable studies in regards to the use of amino acids for hair loss.

Per Quentin, these amino acids are to be ingested at 8 grams per day. He splits them up into 4 grams twice a day. 1000mg of vitamin c (ascorbic acid) is added to this mixture when taken orally, as “this will create the building blocks for protein in the body”. Some of these amino could cause side effects in certain people, so please consult a doctor or dermatologist first. Especially if you already have any underlying medical conditions.

Quentin feels that people with the 5AR gene are deficient in these essential and non-essential amino acids. Per Quentin, “Amino acids high in sulphur are what is the key to regrowing and thickening hair“.

Note that Quentin also uses topical Minoxidil in combination with Retin-A. He stresses the need to use Minoxidil in addition to the earlier mentioned nine amino acids. He uses high-strength Minoxidil 7.5% with retinoic acid (tretinoin) at 0.0125%. He thinks that Minoxidil will help the blood flow to the scalp so that these amino acids become  more effective.

“I was doing a minox/tretinoin mix. However, I now use them separately. I had the compounder make a separate bottle of retinoic acid in a liquid vehicle and minox in another.”

“The key to regrowing your hair is using minoxidil with these 9 key amino acids. I promise this is the key and I am astonished at how well it works.”

Quentin’s After Treatment Photos

After Amino Acids Hair
A collage of Quentin’s hair after his amino acid and vitamin regimen treatment.

According to Quentin, besides the nine amino acids mentioned earlier, the following is also important (I paraphrase at times):

  • A vitamin/mineral mix is crucial to take every day, as the body needs to be healthy and we need energy. Our internal health and organ health also reflects on our skin, nails and hair.
  • A multivitamin containing vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B12, C and magnesium will help with energy production.
  • Zinc taken at an amount of 50mg-100mg a day will help with the body’s immune system. Zinc is also important for hair growth.
  • Vitamin C between 1000mg-2000mg.
  • I am inclined to also add arginine and methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) to my shampoo.
  • A 1994 patent related to using methyl sulphonylmethane (MSM) and a sulphydryl group releasing agent for hair growth. Quentin sent me two of the “recipe” related screenshots from there, including one in relation to the use of castor oil.

Other Notes

Some items of interest from Quentin’s recent e-mails and comments are posted below.

“I am about to start studying trichology at the technical and further education college in Australia. I will be offering 10-minute free online consultations over the next month or so. Thereafter, I will be charging (not much) for longer follow-up consultations.”

“After much thought and research I have changed my mind from studying trichology at the technical and further education college in Australia, I have decided to do it under the World trichology society under Dr. David Kingsley.”

“I am going to create a supplement which is much needed in the hair loss community. It will be a mix of 4 main amino acids and 13 others in smaller amounts. Cystine, lysine, methionine, arginine are the main ones, as well as high amounts of choline and vitamin c, b vitamins and minerals. And high zinc as well as biotin at 10000mcg daily. This will have to be taken twice a day and at 8 grams each time.”

“No-one out there is offering this type of nutrient mix for hair loss so I thought I would do it. Not sure how to market it yet, but it works so well for me that I don’t think it should be kept secret. It has taken me 5 years to get the amino acids in the right ratios, about as long as I have been posting here.”

“I am willing to make these in 50 day supplies. I use “n-acettyl l-cysteine.”

“I hope the admin will write a post about this. I was considering making a blend and selling it online, but you can do it yourself.”

“I have been posting here a long time, and tried almost every shampoo and different minoxidil formula available. ”

Minoxidil, Tretinoin and Rhodanide

“It’s 7.5% minox in one bottle. And 0.0125% tretinoin in the other.
Apply the tretinoin first, maybe 10 minutes before minox. Ask to have a very low PG content so it dries fast. You want the tretinoin to be dried before applying minox. Tretinoin (retin a) will also help with cellular turnover. This is just as important as minoxidil and can be used on its own.”

“The usual prescribed amount with formulated minox is 0.025%. I always found that too strong so I use half of that. For minoxidil, I am using a cincotta in nsw (Australia). Only this particular cincotta will do it at this price. It is cheaper for 100ml of 7% minox with tretinoin than it is for 2 bottles of rogaine, so I am very happy.”

“Retinol at a high amount 0.5% is a great way to get your skin ready for retin a. It will turn into retin a within the skin.”

“I was using c pharmacy (Australia), but they are just too expensive. I learnt a lot from them and now I make my own amino/vitamin mix.”

“I don’t know how, but I was going grey. I am pretty sure that it is the amino acids that have changed that, but I look at my hair now and I see one grey hair? It is incredible what some things that are currently on the market and that are legal can do.”

“Has anyone heard of a compound called rhodanide? It was originally used on sheep to thicken their fur and give farmers a bigger yield. Only a few companies use or know of this and have it in their products. From my experience, it slows shedding but also increases hair growth rate excessively.”

94 thoughts on “The Best Amino Acids for Hair Growth”

        1. So far nothing.
          my hair is just getting longer and longer. no noticable loss or shedding.

          it would be 5 inches give or take at the moment

  1. I’d have to think, unless you’re severely malnourished or only eat McDonalds, everyone has enough protein/aminos in their daily diet and don’t need supplements. In the body building community, aminos are the butt of a joke when it comes to supplements. Total waste of money.

    1. I eat insanely healthy. Always get my bloodwork done. Take vitamins etc. My doc says my levels are all great. Annnnnd I’m bald as heck. Or getting pretty close to being shiny like Picard (though Picard is awesome).

      I personally don’t believe supplements are the answer. Nor do I think lack of vitamins are the problem (though of course if you’re super deficient it might be).

      1. I never said this would work for people who have had hair follicles dormant for many years. I’d suggest an fue. Rather than waiting for a so called cure

  2. Methionine is in so many things, it’s almost impossible not to get. Too much is not a good thing as most diets already have a lot if you eat any meat. Cancer also feeds off it.

    Pretty sure Lysine is common as well.

    Those before/after pictures almost look the same, and I imagine any difference would be primarily from the 7.5% Minoxidil with the additive that makes it even more potent. Never even heard of it being that strong before. After adding the Arginine orally and topically, that guy’s head might literally explode someday in the future.

    I honestly don’t think this is a very smart way to go about it. Just throwing the entire kitchen onto your scalp and into your body for insane blood flow…seems exactly like something a college kid would do!

    This article is very unusual for this blog.

    1. There are studies (several I linked to in the post) that suggest that these amino acids have benefits to hair.

      The post clearly indicates my skepticism about hair regrowth claims. In 5 plus years, Quentin never posted anything that seemed suspicious. I do think that he really believes in this, even if it may end up being dicey at best.

      You can also google for “amino acids hair growth” and find 100s of articles. Maybe all of them are incorrect, but this is not a new subject matter invented by Quentin or myself :-)

    2. So out of all the above mentioned amino acids, you think the three you just mentioned are enough purely from diet?

  3. His hair does look like it has improved in density from the limited amount of before/after photos, however, I am a little skeptical of his conviction that his results are due to his amino acid ingestion. If he wasn’t taking minoxidil for over 6 months before taking these then there’s no way to isolate what really improved his hair. It would have likely been the minoxidil- it does work decently for a while.

    Anyways, nice to be back and to see you still posting entries.

    1. thankyou for the compliments,

      as i mentioned. i had used minoxidil from the age of 26 or 27 with no regrowth, just prevention of further loss.

  4. From memory I think Quentin is/was using Dut as well? (I could be wrong?) Min and Tretinion could also be what’s mainly working for him? It’s hard to say what treatment works when used in tandem or if amino acids have a role to play on top of that? However, a Derm once told me AGA hair loss is not diet related and that it’s genetic. My brother for example has the absolute worst health and diet, yet his hair is still pretty thick with a straight hairline and zero temple recession. I’ve even seen homeless guys with more hair than Brad Pitt. Just a thought…I’m not a doc. Anyway, props to Quentin for trying to help and giving up his time. I hope the responses stay civil and the lad keeps posting his thoughts.

    1. Great recall.

      Per some of his past comments, it seems like he went on Dut in 2020, but then took a 3 month break. No change in hair loss during the break, but Dut does have a long half life. Then he went back on Dut again, but had a major shed. Then he stopped and went on again (once every three days dose). Maybe he can elaborate further as to why he thinks the amino acids/vitamins/Minox/Retin-A are credited for all the new results. I do not think Quentin has mentioned the time between the before and after photos and any overlap in Dut restart(s).

      1. I did read somewhere that the hair regrown by tretinoin MAY come back darker.

        It didn’t say it would turn grey hairs back to what they were before.

        It did say “MAY” grow back darker and faster than minoxidil alone.

    1. By the way Sodium Thiocyanate is reported as causing hair loss. Where does Quentin get the notion NaCYN helps thinning hair?
      If Quentin is getting hair growth he could be an anomaly. One person’s results are almost meaningless.

  5. I was waiting for all the keyboard warriors to comment first before i replied.

    So, if you had read the article properly you will see that i am not trying to make money. In fact i am trying to help people with was is already available without prescriptions and what i truly believe is the cause of most male hair loss.

    I have offered 10 minute free online consultations. NO i am not a doctor, and YES i have started studying thrichology.

    I am not saying amino acids are the cure, however i am saying they are incredibly important for your hair to grow, amino acids are the building blocks of protein and what is your hair made up of?

    I will post more before and after photos.
    Unless somehow after 6 years of using minox it has finally started working, then i guess i am completely wrong about amino acids being beneficial.

    i have 90% less grey hair now than i did 6 months ago. I have a good 30% increase in density.

    If you have a shiny scalp with zero hair left then this is probably not going to benefit you, and as i mentioned above as far as current treatments go, your only real options are FUE or FUT.

    I thank admin very much for posting this, regardless of whether you talk to me about it or do your own research, i am trying to help everyone know that there is current treatments available to help with your hair loss.
    I would say i have never gone past a nw 3.5, however i was diagnosed by a dermatologist with AGA at the age of 26. I am now 33.

    I struggled with minoxidil and finasteride, for 3 years. i then switched to minoxidil and dutasteride. Same story. It stopped further loss, but never regrew and hair. Until i added the amino acids, also zinc, vitamin b’s and vitamin c. MSM and added certain things to my shampoos.

    i will post a list of ingredients in my current shampoo and im not going to mention what brand it is because i will repeat I AM NOT TRYING TO MAKE MONEY, merely trying to help.

    I have regular blood work done, and i am a fit, healthy 33 year old male with a father that has aga and no one else in the family does.

    I currently have a mother who is going through chemotherapy with ovarian cancer. This is related to a mutated gene called the BRCA #1 gene. I have been tested for this gene as I had a 50% chance of inheriting it and I DO NOT have that gene.

    So before people say that I am unhealthy or have inherited a cancerous mutated gene, this is not true!

    enough of my rant and here is the ingredients of the current shampoo that i use

    purified water; sodium laurylglucosides hydroxypropylsufonate; sodium cocoamphoacetate; coco decyl and lauryl gluocoside; sodium lauryl glucose carboxylate; sodium stearoyl lactylate; sodium and zinc PCA; plant extracts: red clover, horsetail, nettle, rosemary, sage, skullcap and magnolia extracts; AMINO ACIDS: arginine, aspartic acid, glycine, alanine, seine valine, proline, threonine, isoleucine, histidine, and phenylalanine; stabilized sodium and potassium “RHODANIDE”; glyceryl oleate; panthenol, dimethylsulfone (MSM); disodium EDTA; lactic, citric & anisic acids; Australia juniper, rosemary and cedarwood essential oils.

    you will not that I have put RHODANIDE in capital letters.

    I do believe this ingredient is the most important as far as topicals go.

    I use this in both my shampoo and leave in treatment.

    Before the keyboard warriors try to tell me I am incorrect again I will also mention that, several compounding pharmacist I have spoken to have given people tretinoin, on its own with results. Tretinoin without minoxidil.
    One pharmacist actually adds several amino acids to his tretinoin formula, as well as Menthol crystals and MSM. this also has great results.
    So before saying this is merely a result of minoxidil, please do your research.

    1. While I was skeptical of shampoos with growth factors helping with thinning hair, I can vouch for studies that show the hair follicle, not necessarily the skin, show absorption of some of these listed ingredients, ie, Caffeine. I have no idea what chemicals, natural or not, are absorbed or adsorbed well. I believe there is benefit and I noticed results after 3 weeks with a similar shampoo and “conditioner” with similar compounds.
      My hair fall out became much like my teenage years. No regrowth however, maintenance.
      (BTW I take Dut 3 times a week, oral Minoxidil 2.5mg daily)

        1. B-I-G results. After adding the oral Minoxidil, changes happened meaning losing 2-3 hairs when applying a gel after a shower. That was back in May and no changes to that. I am hoping for a product that might create some regrowth.
          I believe the natural products are helping too. I had one period where I started losing 10 hairs a day for about 2 weeks back in August so hit the natural products and in 3 weeks back to normal, meaning no excessive fall out.
          Also I want to point out oral Minoxidil has another non hair effect in that it reverses vascular stiffness which is a normal progression of aging so could be a remedy for atherosclerosis? This is in my view a very big finding. I don’t have a link to the study but you can see if you do a simple search, surely.

  6. I call BS on this. I started Minox with a sheet of dark brown hair. Today, I’m almost all grey. That “doctor” needs to get her head out of her backside. I’ve often wondered if minox accelerates the greying process.

    1. I say back off a little. Quentin is getting results and I don’t know what is making the difference for him.
      As far as Minoxidil goes, oral Minoxidil will darken your hair. I do not know about the topical form.

  7. PureTech half-year report (thanks to glammetal over on HLT). Follica plans to initiate a Phase 3 registration program in male androgenetic alopecia in 2022. probably won’t work, just go to their website and open it. Also, Puretech was having a live conference and webcast today, maybe they will touch on Follica. They mention the live cast will be loaded onto their website later.

          1. I hope no one sends you hate mail…gee you are spending your time enlightening us with a personal experience and getting abused, man, uncalled for.

            Lay off Quentin please. He does not get paid to come on here.

  8. Anybody here having difficulty finding brand name propecia from their pharmacy? My pharmacy says it’s on special order and it’s been two weeks. Keep telling me they are waiting from the warehouse. Cvs by the way. I called up Merk and propecia is manufactured by their sister company Organon. So organon told me they still make it. Not sure why no pharmacy carries it all of a sudden.

  9. Admin
    Thank you for inquiry.
    ALRV5XR is very effective for male patterned baldness. A clinical trial in men will be published within the next month. In the clinical trial no men lost hair on ALRV5XR. There was a 100% response rate in men and responders separated into 2 distinct groups; a low response group and a very high response group. It is suggested to use the product for at least 3-6 months to see an effect and then to continue the product for as long as you want to increase regrowth. The products are all vegan and alcohol free.
    I contacted the company and this was their response to He says that it is 100% effective in men’s baldness.
    Please advise and share from forum members before buying

      1. Yeah, just went and read some testimonials, been around for a while. One guy says he has been using it since 2018, never heard of it before. If it was that good, we would have known about it. Oh well. still may work for some.

  10. In terms of nutrition and natural ways to slow or stop AGA, only three things make sense:

    Intermittent fasting, paleo/Mediterranean diets, and sunlight and maybe supplement vitamin D in the darker months.

    Studies done on ancient hunter-gatherer societies indicate that early-onset AGA was likely rare. Similarly, examinations of college graduation photos from 100 years ago show a much lower incidence of hairloss or at least bad hairloss, unlike today. This implicates diet and lifestyle changes, which have changed drastically since then.

    Most interesting though, is that studies on identical male twins, who share the same DNA and genetics, shows they will have different rates of AGA. That strongly suggests environmental factors are a huge factor in the gene expression of AGA.

    Perhaps better still, a study in the early 90s found that Middle Eastern and Mediterranean immigrants and their descendants in the USA had a higher rate of early-onset pattern baldness than the same ethnic groups, who are not known for a high rate of early-onset AGA, back in their native lands. The American diet and more time in doors were the near universal correlation.

    Inflammation is found in nearly every guy with AGA and it is now understood that chronic inflammation is likely the source of many chronic conditions and diseases. A huge swath of the population, even in very sunny places, are found to be Vitamin D deficient due to a lack of direct sunlight.

    Well, intermittent fasting has been shown as an effective way to reduce to inflammation throughout the body, and our ancestors not just in hunter gatherer societies, but even 200 years ago, would not have been eating nearly as frequently as we do today. The body is designed to go sometimes days without eating, and if it doesn’t get that, then there are natural processes of self-keeping like autophagy that either don’t happen anymore or get severely reduced.

    Basically, eat the food your ancestors ate, get outside as much as possible, and try to eat within just an 8-hour window. Any one of these things by itself, probably isn’t enough.

    But that’s your best bet for natural options, IMO

    1. As in many such arguments, body hair never seems to be adversely effected by diet, lack of Vitamin D, inflammation, lack of nutrients etc. So for some reason, scalp hair is effected differently. It is possible, but still surprising.

      I focus on body hair a lot since most members in my extended family who have very little body hair seem to have great head hair, even in old age. And the opposite is also true.

      Some arguments suggest that the balding gene is just amplified with each generation.

      On a somewhat related note — considering that fingernails and toenails are made of keratin, it is surprising that more people do not have issues with those not growing. Even my grandmother still needs to have someone cut hers regularly.

      1. I wonder that about body hair too. Perfect Hair Health state that everybody’s hair loss situation is different, i.e. diet, lifestyle, etc. Everybody’s health is different, and one-size-fits-all treatments aren’t always ideal, but there seem to be more commonalities in AGA than differences in my opinion. I’m curious about Quentin’s amino acids, but I’m on the fence at this stage. Lets hope the angry-boys out there play fair and don’t hurl abuse at someone who’s only trying to help.

      2. It is not strange that body hair aren’t affected ! Main cauS of Aga is sensibility to androgens. Androgens gives you body hair and and if you are prone to it Aga. It’s not a rule, but generally if you aren’t androgen sensitive, you will have less body hair and more AGA. I am a female with PCOS, spiro stops AGA for me and also made disappear chin hair i hated to pluck every two weeks.

        Also,.as for the diet. The equivalent of male PCOS is syndrome X : an hairy guy with a bald head and a belly, likely to develop type 2 diabetes….so it makes sense. It looks a lot like my father, except for some reason he had basically mo body hair (he appears to be androgen sensitive only on his scalp).

        You ll still find people.highly sensitive to androgens though independently of the rest.

      3. Body hair absolutely can be affected by those things, but even if they most often aren’t, that doesn’t really discredit anything because body hair and head hair are not the same.

        Androgens are allegedly the driving factor behind scalp baldness, but they don’t cause loss to body hair; the contrary is true.

        So that alone is enough to make the assessment they are affected by environment in different ways.

        The most likely explanation IMO, as the twin studies and such essentially prove, is that although AGA is genetic, the gene expression is probably triggered mostly by things like diet and lifestyle.

    2. @that guy – when you speak about balding in “ancient times” are you also compensating for the average lifespan? I assume you’re referring to the Paleolithic era based on your diet recommendations.

      It might be difficult to go bald if you and your people rarely make it past 35. In fact, if I knew that I’m already in what I like to call “bonus years” I really don’t think my hairline would be much of a concern. That and I’m fairly certain that mirrors were hard to come by.

  11. Eating healthy doesn’t stop or slow hair loss. Fasting doesn’t stop or slow hair loss. Eating shit greasy/fatty foods can cause AGA to speed up if you’re not on FDA approved Finasteride. Eating healthy for your overall health is good but you’ll still have hair loss unless you’re on fin. The only people that think or say natural products or healthy food can stop or slow hair are bullshitting you or they live in a remote cave and they don’t know what they’re talking about lol. If it’s not FDA approved it’s literally not going to work not trying to be negative but that’s the truth lol.

    1. “Muh FDA”, arbiters of truth…right.

      Remember Thalidomide?

      No, because you were born in ’97. Well, you should look it up. It was approved by your Gods at the FDA. “FDA-approved” doesn’t mean anything other than it will make pharmaceutical companies money. The FDA recalls approval on tons of things every year.

      You still have to account for these studies that have absolutely found that diet, inflammation and lack of sun affects the rate and frequency of AGA and that it appears to have been much less common in antiquity, when all of the above was much more in check for the average person. Like, what else is the explanation for taking people from a population that doesn’t experience much hairloss, putting them on a different standard diet and lifestyle, and they then start going bald more often, younger, and faster?

      The “natural solutions will never work lol” people are usually just coping introverts that don’t want to accept the possibility that a life of mountain dew, doritos and 8 hour CoD binges might have anything to do with their AGA and buy the idea that it’s only because of medical science that they are able to live past 20; they’re inherently too pathetic and weak to survive their own environment.

      1. But then I’m super fit. I eat super healthy (plant based diet). Vitamin levels are great. I don’t drink soda or eat junk at all. Everything I eat is fresh. But I’m still going bald.

        I’ll give you that it’s possible I’d be losing even more hair if I ate like crud…but healthy eating and exercise alone won’t cure hair loss. Lance Armstrong was pretty bald or thinning, wasn’t he? Doctors, athletes etc. It may have some impact, but it won’t make a big difference. It won’t grow your hair back. That’s for sure.

        Will a natural solution work? Maybe. I won’t say it’s impossible (anything is possible). But I have yet to see or find one. But I’m glad some are still searching and trying new things.

        1. My hair feels the best after 4-5 drinks (any itching goes away) and this feeling often continues into the next day. But these days I “try” not to have more than 3 drinks (twice a week).

          I have seen a bunch of over 50 year old obese alcoholics with phenomenal hair. Some research suggests that alcoholism reduces testosterone and increases estrogen. Both favorable to hair growth.

          Elvis Presley had the worst diet in the world. However, his minor Native American heritage (gene) superseded everything! Great head of hair till death, and not a sign of any facial or body hair.

          1. …and don’t forget when he went (studio) surfing in ‘Blue Hawaii’, his hair-helmet never moved nor saw a drop of salt water. Amazing!

          2. Elvis died at the age of 40 and there is absolutely no evidence his extremely minor and alleged native ancestry caused him to not go bald instead of likely increased estrogen levels due to alcoholism and being fat.

            Further, in his day, his unhealthy diet was mostly a high-calorie sandwich and fried foods.

            Today we have food that is not even recognizable as food and is also full of microplastics. The average man in Elvis’ time, including Elvis himself, was far more physically fit and spent much more time outdoors than the average man does today.

            Even if we go with the assumption that his alleged native genes were responsible for letting him get away with unhealthy habits, then it means that if you don’t, you need to be even more careful.

            And in light of that, there are at least three studies on immigrant populations to the west which found a significant increase in AGA when they adopted a different diet and less active, less outdoor lifestyles.

            The Dalgard study in 2007, the Graham-Brown study of 1990 and the 1986 study of Masumi Inaba all found that these immigrant populations, which have low incidence of MPB in their homelands, had a great increase in it in America and Europe. That last study was on Japanese Immigrants post WW2.

            Then you have the study on identical twins, with the same genetics, who will bald differently or one will not bald at all.

            This has to be explained, not just “well Elvis existed” to discredit the obvious fact that lifestyle and diet play a major role in the onset and aggression of AGA.

            Because a lot of the attempts at counter points read like obese people saying “See, it’s genetic” and then cracking open a 2l of coke.

            1. Everywhere I go, I see fat slobs and drunks and homeless and druggies with great hair. At my nearby Native American reservation, virtually zero balding. Genes are 10 times as important as diet and exercise. Even Nofap might be more important that diet and lifestyle. No porn 100 years ago. No online porn 50 year ago.

              1. Fat people are estrogen loaded. They can be ruled out.

                Druggies are not relevant.

                Natives likely don’t have the genes as much.

                This does not account for the studies I mentioned and it’s comparative rarity in the past.

        2. JAMES1:
          “But then I’m super fit. I eat super healthy (plant based diet).”
          are you getting enough protein??
          “Lance Armstrong was pretty bald or thinning, wasn’t he?”
          He also admitted to taking performance enhancing drugs.. Go to the gym and have a look at the steroid users.. all of them have shaved or bald heads because its proven that steroids will do this..

          Ok, people will say what about arnold schwarzenegger.
          That is something im not sure.

          there was a guy from good looking loser that was originally writing blogs under hairloss from steroids.
          He admits to what made him shed and what did not

      2. That guy, if you’ve seen my old posts on here I’m anti FDA and anti big pharma. Natural solution will not work on AGA so don’t be stupid yeah eating healthy is good but it’s not better than FDA approved drug. it’s pretty sad that you’re older than me and you think that’s going to work better than an FDA approved product that goes through years of clinical trials. Funny how you’re bringing cod and the life of an introvert gamer in your tantrum that’s not going anywhere, it’s so specific I have to wonder if that is what your life is? folks don’t be like “that guy”.

        1. Woofy, there is not anything currently that with stop AGA.
          my comments and research are trying to help people regrow what hair they can, I never said eating healthy or taking aminos is the cure, It is however another important part of the routine.
          I would say the big 3 should actually be Fin or Dut, Minox and the right mix of aminos..
          forget keto as part of the big 3 unless you have scalp problems

    2. @woofy97 thank you ! We need more comments like this! Your speaking the Truth, I just wish stemsons therapeutics would start human trials soon hopefully next year or in 2023 but then they also have to create the robots and facilities for implementation of the cloned hair pfff I Wonder how Long that would take like a decade easily.

  12. They’ve been cloning hair on mice for about a decade already I first saw cloned hair on mice in 2012 I believe it was from Dr tsuji research. When is someone going to start human trials already?

      1. @jan bro, but I thought stemsons therapeutic had already completed there pig trial in that vimeo video from fortunes financial that you uploaded on to this blog, and in that vimeo video they said they were looking to start human trials later this back in July the co CEO said after they got another financial backing that they need a couple more years of research and development. I’m telling you guys i don’t see hair cloning coming out until the 2030s . its simply not practical yet for a Long time and it’s just that my life is passing me by just waiting around for hair cloning to come out.thanks Jan for your feed back.

  13. Marc don’t hold your breath on cloning. The science is decades away. I’ve been waiting 20yrs and they are still trying to understand how it works, cycle, maintain structure etc. Its a mess and it may take another 20 yrs tbh. Let’s hope that bayer drug can grow tons of hair or something else because that’s our only real hope this decade.

    1. I really think SMI works and that BAY is the next revolutionary baldness treatment, but that the HairLossTalk group that is currently trying/using it for 2 months wants to keep its effectiveness a secret… let’s wait and see.

    2. mjones and its repetitive message number 35536… but it never stops coming. will be the most hopeful person? Go away and don’t come back for 20 years. You have been repeating the same thing over and over on all the forums. consult a specialist for your mind

      1. Rodri what are you doing here? You sound like Gavin newsom trying to force people to stay afraid of covid19. And how long have you been coming to this site for?

        1. bagasse, not as much as you and of course 24 hours as you. They have already blocked messages for you mentally crazy repeating the same thing. you need self help forums and not these.

    3. I feel like its possible now to start human trials when there’s stemsons therapeutic Dr tsuji? Dr junji, Dr Fukuda and Han bio and stemore that’s six entities working on hair cloning for a number of years now. They just created an AIDS vaccine using the same technology they used to create the covid 19 vaccine, I mean we have quantum computers for a few years now nah if a dictator truly wanted hair cloning Right now I’m pretty sure they would be able to figure it out.

  14. Anyone on topical fin without Minox? Over a year ago I posted in here how No one would ever prescribe JAK inhibitors ( do to Black Box label warning ), I had a few people get mad at that truth at the time. Now you see what I am talking about? Not trying to be pretentious, read below.

    Topical Finasteride I might start after everything below is done. Maybe TRT as well after a few months with topical fin mixed with fatty acids. Also, some other stuff within the topical. No minox. You can’t isolate what causes side effects or gains if you do a ,”Kitchen Sink”, approach. That is just my subjective opinion.

    Will be getting Hormone panels done:
    ESTROGEN ( E2, )
    Free Test
    Total Test
    CBC Panel

    Also getting genetical markers done ( for just health reasons ), also others done.

    Current NW 2.5 with diffuse thinning( Imagine the guy who plays Captain America, with diffuse through his head ). If I can just fill the diffusion, my hair would be pretty solid. It would be nice if I could bring widow’s peak on temple half an inch down.

    Also, any advice would help. I don’t know if topical fin or fin in general could give me the results I am looking for. I was tempted to try RU, but it’s hard to risk a “research chemical”, for hair. I already through body building get enough Amino acids through diet and protein supplements. Namely, Glutamine and arginine. I found none of those to hurt nor help.

    1. What type of protein powder are you using?

      if you are taking alot of arginine and not enough lysine, and you are one of the 90% of adults the the herpes virus, it will cause breakouts

  15. Here’s a study on the ‘structural changes of the scalp’ in people with AGA. We’re talking significant changes to the anatomy of the scalp. ‘The thickness of the whole scalp is lesser, and the depth of the hair follicles is shallower.’

    Does this more-or-less put an end to the possibility of there ever being a real, restorative cure—not just an iffy cosmetic bandaid (i.e. wig, transplant or (big-maybe) cell injection)? *Microneedling, Estrogen can thicken skin layers; but I don’t know. To me this feels like a horrible realization my body is already locked in, fate sealed.

    STUDY: Anatomical changes in the scalp and hair follicles in androgenetic alopecia

    RESULTS: The thickness of the hypodermis and the entire scalp was significantly thinner in the AGA group than in the control group. The AGA group had significantly shallower depth of hair follicles and relative depth of hair follicles. The hypodermis showed higher signal intensity.

    1. Fate not sealed.

      My favorite in the below is the older man who burnt his scalp and regrew hair in bald areas.

      And many older people taking Dutasteride for prostate issues have seen crazy hair regrowth. Some even claim regrowth in regions that have been devoid of hair for decades.

      1. Idk about topical dut. There was a discord of 800 ppl who tried it and very few got results. Topical dut has a molecular weight that is higher than topical fin.

        The argument was, that’s a good thing as it’s less likely to go systemic. However, after 5 months most seen not good results. Of course, you have to trust 800 ppl with subjective data.

        I guess you’d have to trust it barely going systemic, but the producing the results part is the issue.

  16. Toccatta this study may be true but you see some people with aga and grow back tons of hair with fin and min. So the thin scalp theory isnt 100% true that it will lock your fate to being bald forever. We just need a treatment that can signal the follicles to regrow.

    Rodri- who are you? If I posted 36578 times i would have remembered seeing you on here lol. I’ll get mental health only if you come with me and seek some yourself. Maybe we can get a discount package from the mental hospital.

  17. To everyone who has contacted me, I will get back to you as soon as possible. I have had quite a response and am getting through it person by person.

    Now my intentions were to help people with what is currently on the market.

    This is completely off topic of amino acids.
    As males we all have prostates. Now I mentioned that my mother unfortunately has the mutated breast cancer gene number 1, BRCA #1.

    I have spoken to a genetics expert, and even though the research of mutated genes is quite new in the science world. They have made links between BRCA #1 and prostate cancer.
    I thankfully do not have this gene, however she proceeded to tell me that they are still rapidly finding genes that cause different illnesses.

    It could be very likely that as males we have inherited a mutated genes that causes AGA.

    this is not a contradiction to saying amino acids are as important as minoxidil, dut or fin. I truly believe they are. I also truly believe they are something that is available for people to try with minimal risk

    What I am saying is yes, genetics is more than likely the culprit of AGA and more than likely one side of your family has a history of balding and one doesn’t. For me it is my father’s side, my mother’s side all had a full head of hair into their 90s.

    For some people it may be both sides.
    And for others it may be that neither parent had any balding at all.

    For those of you that know your family history, can anyone say all the males on both sides of your family had extremely good hair and that you are completely bald now?

    1. I am female…on my father’s side : his mom had AGA, one of his sisters (he has 2 sisters), one of his brother had early AGA, his other brother started to bald well into his fifties, my dad started to bald around age 17 :(.

      On my dad’s side, all of my male cousins and my brother have AGA but one. Out of 5 female cousins, 2 of us have AGA.

      On my mother side, nobody has AGA, well my grandfather had some level of balding but it did not started before he past 60s. And my uncle who is now 65 does not have AGA. And none of my cousins on my mother side have AGA, male or female.

      What i notice though, is that most men on my dad side are representative of male PCOS (syndrome X) except they aren’t hairy at all. My grandmother had a fat belly too, and prolly some form of pcos, she died at 65 of a heart attack. I have PCOS, though i am the skinniest person of my whole family and underweight.

      So for me AGA is a strong gene on my father’s side, and prolly linked to insulin resistance in some way…

      1. Have you investigated in what the gene could be that is causing this,?
        I know that alot of the genetics testing is quite new.
        They may not have figured out which gene it is that causes AGA or PCOS in your case.
        So in summary I think within the next 5 years we will have an answer to what gene causes this. Not a cure as such but at least an answer

        A lot of people will say it’s the 5ar gene.
        However if 99.9% of males have the 5ar gene yet a lot let of us have AGA.

        1. Well, you can be a female with AGA and no pics, and you can have PCOS without AGA. Since on my father side men and women have AGA i suppose it not just linked to PCOS and that without PCOS i would still have AGA : when on the pill my hormones are ok, everything is ok, but i still need 50mg spiro to stop the hair loss. 50mg is still a very small dosage for PCOS some need much more just to regulate their i have a light form of pcos but my scalp follicle are super sensitive to androgens and low threshold of tolerance for androgens.

          As for the gene responsable for AGA in male.and females i guess they can be similar especially in cases like mine ?

  18. I know this is off topic but I would like to know if using avodart should be stopped prior to trying to have children? If the avodart is not stopped beforehand can it affect the child being concieved somehow?

    1. There is no real evidence to show that it will cause birth defects, however i think any doctor would suggest being off any chemicals for 3 months prior to conceiving

  19. I would stop any drug like fin or avodart if you are trying to have a kid. You could stop fin easier since its half life is only 8 hrs. Stop fin for a week and try to have kids. Now avodart has a very long half life…like a few weeks from what I remember. That will be more difficult and will need to wait much longer before trying to have a kid on a drug free body. Just my opinion I could be wrong and would love to hear others experiences.

  20. Hi, as I searched for solutions for grey hair, I saw a lot of search results with claims that peptides help for hairloss. Here are some of the mentioned peptides:
    Copper peptides
    Thymosin beta-4 (helps with regeneration but there are some cancer related concerns)
    GHK-Cu (not sure if this is the same as the first one)
    Acetyl Tetrapetide-3
    Couldn’t find much of a scientific research on these related to hairloss.

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