Cooling Caps to Reduce Hair Loss after Chemotherapy

Cooling caps to reduce hair loss after chemotherapy make the biggest wave in hair loss news this month.

Cooling Caps Hair Growth
Cooling Caps to Reduce Hair Loss.

Cooling Caps for Hair Loss

— Breast cancer patients often complain about hair loss being the most difficult part of chemotherapy. A good recent article on this issue. Note that Swedish made DigniCap cooling cap was FDA cleared early last month.

According to the company’s website:

“The NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®), European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), and Cancer Australia recognize scalp cooling as a treatment recommendation to reduce the incidence of chemotherapy-induced alopecia for breast cancer and ovarian cancer.”

More on cooling caps and scalp hypothermia to reduce hair loss after chemotherapy treatments.

— Make sure to see my updated list of the best danduff shampoos in the world. There are many other options besides the renowned Nizoral.

— My post from last year on the ligature of scalp area arteries to prevent further hair loss was not too popular when it comes to number of reader comments, even though I thought it was a fascinating subject. Yesterday, someone named Peter Renardo posted an extraordinary account of his positive experiences after having this procedure done on himself 30 years ago! A must read as far as user comments go. Having said that, please do not ever get this procedure done.

— Perhaps not immediately relevant to hair loss research, but scientists have developed an algorithm that can predict the factors required to convert one human cell type to another. This could have major implications for regenerative medicine. More importantly, the creator of the computational algorithm, Dr. Owen Rackham, has made a publicly available site called on which you can find the cellular factors required for cell conversions. I tried doing the dermal papilla cell to hair follicle cell conversion, but got two different results. A user named “InBeforeTheCure” on hairlosstalk also tried the same thing and saw results that were different to my two results. More on this development here.

And now on to medical items of interest:

Who will finally get the Nobel prize for discovering CRISPR (a guaranteed event in most scientists’ minds)? Will they change the regulations and for the first time ever award more than three scientists?

— China was in the news a lot in 2015 due to it being the first to use CRIPSR on human embryos; creating genetically modified micropigs; using gene editing to create extra muscular dogs; and planning to soon open the world’s largest animal cloning factory.

— Maybe even more spine chilling. The somewhat creepy Dr. Canavaro might well be correct that a human head transplant (more accurately full body transplant) is possible within the next several years. Apparently a monkey head transplant was recently successful, although they only kept the animal alive for 20 hrs due to ethical reasons. This is real animal cruelty.

Printable organs are closer than ever. Perhaps a hyped up title.

Would you pay $100,000 to clone your pet? My answer is “no way” even if I was a billionaire.

Jason Silva on Transhumanism.

167 thoughts on “Cooling Caps to Reduce Hair Loss after Chemotherapy”

    1. I can’t imagine that it is great news. Maybe the stuff didn’t work at all, so they are hoping more time will impact the results more positively.

      1. It’s positive news. If you actually read the study, the extension is to do a biopsy 45 days after ending treatment. It’s to see if hair continues improving, or starts shedding again if you stop.

  1. I read a comment somewhere that Samumed might be trying to gather enough scientific evidence from their phase 2 studies to be able to skip phase 3 (something that should be doable with the cures act ). I havnet done any further reading on this so dunno if its possible or just wishful thinking…

  2. @Ddog Why cant you imagine that it can be positive? Do you know something about medical trials treatments that you would like to share?

  3. Why would they extend a trial if it were a positive thing? Why would positive purpose would it serve to cause an unnecessary delay? I am all ears.

  4. They already completed their phase 2 ddog with successful results per their press release last month. This is a biomarker trial of phase 2 supplement to investigate how they got their results. They are extending it to learn more, ma y be they need more investigation, or they want to skip phase 3 and need more info for fda approval. I don’t see this as bad news at all . Personally I thought it was suppose to last till March.

  5. Finger crossed for their news release. Hope that they will disclose really good news for all of us.

    I think that sammumed had many pre-reserched data of other companies reserch. And after that they started new reserch based on other companies failure and success stories or findings. So they have definately some promissing news to release.

  6. ^^^ This! What mjones, Paul and Hari said! The biomarker thing what was I was referring to in my first post. Looking at the pace they do their work it surely seems like they have something interesting up their sleeve that they wanna release:-O I never heard bout a company working on hair loss treatment who does things this fast…fingers crossed that this will continue so we can all throw our money at Samumed.

  7. Why do you suppose that? Says Samumed could even create follicles.. Apparently, it did this in 14 days. Could be something special, but who knows.

  8. @Paul, 1 minute your posting positive comments getting ppls hope up and the next your posting pardon my french crap like “a combination of all treatments” are you some kind of troll trying to toy with ppls emotions? All treatments huh? So you wanna use 10 different topical treatments, be on procepia, get multiple scalp injections from various companies, do wounding etc etc etc all at once?

      1. think he just means something like 2 or 3 good products like they mentioned on some medical website on what they thought the future treatment would consist of, like one that helps with some immune reaction and another to promote the growth…

  9. Yeah. I’m not buying the combo nonsense. Either something will work out it won’t. The reason why there is a big three is really because Rogaine barely works, but somehow people feel like they HAVE to use it or they will lose their hair more rapidly. This is debateable since they really don’t even know how or why it works. It is speculation. A lot of people think it kills the hair line.

    Nizoral really isn’t a treatment since it doesn’t thicken or regrow hair. So really, the only treatment is Propecia, which many can’t use. I have always felt like a topical wouldn’t be able to treat hair loss since the problem with our scalp is in the blood, but may this will activate the follicles like JAK proposes.

  10. No I think paul is correct. There are so many things that contribute to mpb, if there wasnt then we probably would have the cure by now. I don’t see how one topical could be a cure or even remotely close. Definitely may be like a rogaine on steroids and even regrow up to % 40 or something, but there are multiple issues with mpb. Creating new hair follicles may be cool, but they will be genetically doomed to miniaturize as well.

    Now im not trying to be a downer, and I will throw my money at SM lol, and I have high hopes it will be a great maintainence drug until the cure DOES come out. But I wouldn’t get too wrapped up in it being THAT good of a regrowth drug. They havent released results yet either, and I cant really fathom why they need more time. I heard the theory that they want to bypass phase 3 but the bill didnt pass yet anyway did it? So the only thing I can think they would need more time for is if they want to try and get better results. Regardless I’m excited for this to come out, but I’m not betting on it being the end all.

  11. Ok.. but there’s no reason why not a one single treatment or drug couldn’t – alone – work fine if it targets the right path, cell signaling or whatever. Propecia, as Ddog said, is the example. It is effective if taken at the beginning for many people, and it works alone. I suspect it works even better without minoxidil.

  12. It seems to me like they need to happen upon the major breakthrough in mpb by the end of this year if we want a treatment by 2020…3 years for clinical trials then a year to be brought to market.

  13. The logical thinking is: one thing is good, another thing is good also. So, both together will be twice good!! right?! it’s just an automatic conclusion!!

    It may be right, but it may be not. And if maybe one thing interferes with each other, even nulls each others effects. Then the good can turn to bad! Who has already demonstrated that minoxidil + finasteride works better than using just one of them alone? I don’t know.

    1. Is there some study proving this? just minoxidil versus just finasteride versus both together… was this already scientifically tested?

      I guess not. It’s just an assumption that MAY be wrong.

  14. I agree with u guys. I also dont think SM will be the end all cure, but I do have a feeling that its gonna be alot better than anything we’ ve seen in yrs. No, they havent released much info yet but I honestly prefer to wait until they have clear evidence if it works or not. I dont want SM to become another Histrogen releasing highly questionable photos produced by some hack whos previously been involved in fraud.

  15. Based on all the hair loss pictures I have seen, and what doctors recommend, I truly believe that minox does nothing but drain your pocket and cause a placebo effect, at best. It’s like those people that buy “special shampoo” and are convinced their hair is growing thicker.

    1. The second least knowledgeable person here. Minoxidil can give an amazing results even better that finasteride for some people. Just remember everyone has a different body and some people respond to minoxidil better that finasteride or the opposite. Next time when want to say something think before you say it, ok kid !?

        1. Don’t mind him, he’s just a sad man who doesn’t have anything better to do than to insult others for their opinion. I like to think of him as white noise. Irritating, sure, but ignorable.

          1. No doubt. I just haven’t met anyone who has had great results with minox, and I haven’t seen anyone brag about doing great with it on here. I have heard much more complaints than positives.

      1. minoxidal makes your head super greasy looking when its short…I’d rather be bald and clean looking. As with propecia, I won’t even give my opinion cuz I’ll likely offend people who praise it…and this is the one internet board I take seriously and don’t want to start fights lol

  16. I think we’ll might know more bout SM release date after they have presented some results. Are they not main sponsor of some convention sometime soon?

  17. I may be in the minority, but I’ve used minoxidil to quicken the growth of my beard the past 9 months and it is definitely not placebo. A lot more facial hair, and it has made my eyebrows and body hair much thicker. Not so sure how well it would work over time on a already miniaturizing androgenic head hair.

    1. I think very funny how most bald guys direct their vanity to a beard.. like if it’s a compensation. Like okay I’m bald now but I still have a really thick pretty beard! lol

      1. So you’re proud of your beard??! I’m sure you’d exchange it right away for your full head of hair back, if you could!! lol

  18. Wtf is everyone talking about haha. Samumed will grow new follicles and grow hair most likely a lot better than rogaine propecia. It will be a maintenance and growth solution because it will signal wnt pathway of the hair follicle. It’s a drug designed for hair loss unlike propecia or rogaine that were discovered by accident. Out current treatments are half assed because they were not meant for hsir loss at first. Samumed will stop miniaturization by signaling miniaturized hair and velour hair to grow and thicken and become healthy agsin. I would expect this to thicken up quite a lot of hair especially for those who are nw2, 3 and 4. Nw 5 and 6 will get some growth but would need a combination of ht as well and maybe histigen. If it ever comes out. Let’s just cross out fingers and hope samumed exceeds are expectations and provides us with a new effective treatment superior to current rogaine and propecia

    1. I don’t agree with this combination theory, it has no validation for me. It’s even possible that different treatments may even counteract each other, you never know…

    1. I just wish I could look ahead three years and see if all these treatments live up to what they claim. It would be great to have peace of mind and know that in just 3 years there will be a great maintenence/regrowth treatment out on the market.

      And slightly off topic… a lot of people always claim that we basically have cures for pretty much everything except MPB, which that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are tons and tons and tons and tons of things that still needs cures . And once a cure for MPB arrives, which I think will be very soon, there will be no hiding it. It’s virtually impossible for people to keep the cure a secret. When’s there is a cure, we will know about it.

  19. Look I highly doubt replicel, sishrido, histogen, jak and cots will all release a treatment in 3 yrs. I bet you just samumed will come out since they are the only ones to move quick. I’m still waiting for cots to do something. He either has a great solution or he ain’t got jack shit and is just dick teasing us this whole time. Either way I’m tired of all this shit and might as we just shave off my hair and move on. Fk it . I’m sure one cute woman out there likes a bald man, with a handsome face, good paying job and a big dick ..right? Or is hair the only thing

    1. Dude, the problem is not women not liking it. The problem is us not liking it, not feeling good! that is the problem.

  20. Admin, would it be too contrary to the mission statement to do a post about treating the feeling underlying the desire for mpb cure? It seems like most people here are very self conscious about being bald (myself included). I want a cure, but I can’t help but feel like I ought to really focus on the aspects of my body and image that I can actually control– I.e. My diet, my body shape, effort at work/school, improving myself as a person. I worry a little that even if a cure does come out that I wasted my life obsessing over my vanity.
    I think that as a break sometime, it might be good to post about ways to improve your health and image empower mpb sufferers. I think that might alleviate some of the anxiety plaguing members of this blog.

    1. Egg, I agree with your sentiments, except that I have become very lazy at self-improvement in areas such as gym and wearing nice clothes. Without personal passion in a subject (and incomplete belief in its effectiveness when your genes/luck can just be bad in certain areas), I would find it almost impossible to do a good job writing such a post or maintaining a page on self-improvement:-(

      1. Haha, thanks for the honest reply! Honesty and accuracy seem to be core to your philosophy in writing this blog, and I admire that! I like the blog and I like your posts. You are a talented writer! Keep up the good work, man!

      2. I think there is something to be said here. I’m probably somewhere around a NW 3 about to hit 30, still feel confident, dress nicely and am active about doing things to improve myself (although i rarely go to the gym now… but I have the skinny gene). I actually think that there is grace in going bald if you do it right. I undoubtedly have bad days where I get frustrated with my hair but at the same time I see some of my friends/ colleagues that have gone fully bald and are still in it to win it, constantly working on their game. I think it is part of growing up and taking care of yourself. Yeah, I might go bald one day and that blows but I can also see being a good looking bald man because I’ve seen people that have done it and I’m not talking about celebrities. I’m talking about talking the talk and walking the walk. Understanding fashion, finding hobbies and things that make you interesting, knowing how to treat a woman, being emotionally honest, knowing how to detach from bullshit (including balding)… etc. You don’t have to be super ripped, you don’t have to be loaded with cash. It’s about being conscious of the way you present yourself.

    2. Egg, really, that is the truth. It is all in our heads. Bald, successful dudes are everywhere. Many of the men I looked up to when I was a child were bald, but I didn’t even focus on that. I never really thought about it until I was older. In short, people are so busy thinking about themselves that they really don’t care about what your hair looks like, but it matters to us.. That goes back to it being in our heads.

  21. I don’t understand why some guys think that a cure has been kept secret…what is it some indiana jones thing…there is no reason to keep it a secret as it will make tons of money…

  22. and what is it with the girls…we are not born to impress them..dude just go to ukraine or thailand…you can get a ultra hot wife just with your american passport…

    1. Sorry farhan bit I’m not looking for a gold digging Ukrainian woman to use me for citizenship and then divorce my ass once she gets it. I want a woman who will be with me and loves me.

      1. lol..i know thats one thing with these women..cant do much about it…get indian bro they are stable, hot and they cook well.

  23. I think for now the best thing is, if you are little bald get a hair transplant or if you are overall thinning just shave it off. Have a good body

  24. What if we manipulate people to think that bald is sexy? Media brainwashes masses every day. I think this can be our last resort if a cure fails to arrive.

    1. Because it’s like having a painting with no frame. Just like how something thats not symmetrical is also strange looking. It’s natural to think that way, it’s not media brainwash…

  25. guys have anyone read inferno by danbrown…in that story a scientist releases a virus that makes women infertile…what if someone release something that makes them bald…lol…wouldnt it be funny…bald women

    1. Farhan, no more comments like that please. Its a lot more difficult for a women than for a man to be bald. No debate whatsoever about that.

  26. Admin, looks like there are a lot of least knowledgable people here and need to get blocked so they just don’t give bad info to the others or insult others.

  27. sry guys just kidding…if something like that happens..i will be the first one to be sad…just cheering you guys up…no hard feelings

    1. Good pictures!
      As the left and right ear of this guy are not located at the same spot on the side of the head, the pictures seem to be valid.

      So these are the results of 1 treatment?

  28. Wnt pathway is involved in sammumed therapy. In 2012 that “wnt” word was famous when follica company’s news were in hot news. After 2012 the follica and dr. Cotsarelis disappeared.
    Now, once again after three year this wnt thing is in hot news again. Hope this time it will not disappeared as before.
    I think in histogen hsc therapy, they also uses wnt protine in their hsc injections. During last hair congress we saw pictures of histogen (though was not much encouraging) but as per my opinion sammumed has much better understanding and usage of wnt thing. So their result must be encouraging.

  29. when i use minoxidil the deactivated follicles become more visible and darker but do not increase in lenght and my girl friend tell me that you have new hair.

    1. i mean by this that minoxidil works on deactivated follicle and activated follicle and increases the hair growth, but the deactivated follicle looses the ability to induce the hair growth follicle.

      1. Yeah, like Christopher is a scientist and knows shit about JAK Inhibitors…….. nope. Dude tried to make his ‘own topical’ solution and didnt work and you guys think it’s legit… bhahaha

  30. Kerastem trials in the usa better be 10x better than the crap before after pics I saw from their European clinic centers. Shit sucked! We need to see an entire crown filled back in to be called a good treatment. Not 30 extra hairs growing in. I can put urine on my head and grow hair lol. This hair loss game is getting very annoying. I’m sorry but I think histigen will fail. Too much bs with funding and alerted photos. Replicel and susheido keep postponing so they probably don’t really have a working treatment. Only thing left that has some hope is samumed, jak inhibitors and a big stretch follica. Follica only because supposedly he completed 3 phase trials and has been hush hush on his treatment. That could also mean he is failing too but I will give him benefit of the doubt and say he is going to shock us all really soon. Prob 2017. Upcoming potential is Folicum, theracell.

      1. tom, I have asked me that question.. Why would Kythera, now Allergan, buy rights to a medicine, Setipiprant, knowing that his seller may have a better treatment or solution (Follica) up his sleeve??

        So you sell me a remedy but you have one better???

  31. In regards to some comments up top. Women do not suffer from hair loss more than men. If a woman has to shave her head due to hair loss, she receives appraisal from others for her “courage”, I’ve seen it too many times. You can’t even dream of that happening to you as a guy, and if you can’t pull off the bald look? Tough luck, cuz you aren’t going to be a hit with women. No one gives you any appraisal as a balding guy. Hair loss is mostly a guys issue that needs recognition, don’t discredit our suffering by bringing up women, most women don’t even know what hairloss at youth feels like.

  32. “Jak Inihibtors didn’t work on Christopher1”

    Does balding also make people stupid as well? Because at this point it looks like it. Who is this Christopher1 guy? He is a nobody like you and me, what credentials does he have in the medical, scientific, or dermatology field? Try thinking for once. You obviously just can’t apply Jak inhabitors on the scalp and expect to see regrowth, the methodology of its application is what’s key to getting results.

    1. Well said kain… This is what I have telling.. If women had same ratio of hair loss sufferers.. It would have gotten big recognition.. Probably would have cured by now.. I’m not saying women should suffer.. As a matter of fact no one should… What iam saying when women get something why it is big issue…there should be no discrimination in anything in the world.. Especially in cures…men suffer the same way as women do.. Men are no exception…

      1. I get your point, Farhan.. you’re not wrong. I just don’t agree that if more women had hair loss it would have been solved by now, because they would get more compassion for that. It’s not that way. It’s not been solved yet because the thing is too complex, that’s all, and unfortunately the problem has not yet been completely understood. It the problem was that, much more serious diseases, you know, that affect both men and women, would have been already cured, don’t you think. Not to mention that there is much more research for them. So, that is a wrong assumption, and unfair to them women.

    2. there have to be some secret, obviously.. what’s the sense in studying, researching, all the hard work and costs until something is found, and then some guy, out of nowhere, just by knowing what was used, buys it somewhere and gets all the gain.. hey.. off course it’s not just JAKs.. it’s something else.

  33. Thanks Admin for these updates. Feeling pretty stupid after the china vid, but yeah the THUNK vid was inspiring haha.

    For the record histogen gail said “we’ll be live in mexico end of 2017 very possilbe” the video here zering says “has been v-very promising” as he looks down akwardly. I would still pay for mediocre results i dont believe histogen is gonna be supernatural but definitely magical.

  34. As hair is linked with feminity if a woman is bald is hard to look like a woman that’s Why is so devastated, most people think you have Cancer and thats why you could get some “recognition” . In the case of man they have options in my opinion, they can work out and get in a good shape
    as bald a man with a good body is hot.
    Anyways, living in 2016 is hard to beleive there’s no cure or at least effective treatment . Great blog and sorry about my english.

  35. @Kain, no one was discrediting your suffering. I can understand since reading these forums that hair loss can be just as distressing for men.
    However, not all women would receive appraisal for shaving off their head either, and some women who do experience female pattern loss can experience it at a young age too. If a female was to shave off all her hair, people would probably assume she has done it because she had cancer or something and would probably stare a lot more at a woman with no hair.

    I personally think it is harder for a woman as most women have nice, long, strong hair and therefore we tend to compare a lot more. However, most of the male population have hair loss (it’s considered a normal thing). Before I started thinning, I personally wouldn’t of minded if guys had their hair shaved off (most of the men in my family have good hair but they still shave it all off). I prefer their hair shaved to be honest, with a nice stubble/beard, it looks good.

  36. if samumed and histogen can generate new hair follicles then i think it is a matter of doasge the cure what do u think admin ?

  37. hey guys,
    what do you think about admin’s info about the german invention.

    i.e Thiocyanat (Rhodanid), already known for a couple of years but to me it sounds at least worth to be noted doesn’t it?


    best regrads to all of fellow sufferers.

    1. So the mixture has been in the drawers for 30 years and now they have the indication it shows significant results …

      However, the photos are not very convincing, why do they make a picture on the side of the crown?

      At the end of summer 2016 it will be released in Germany … we will hear fast enough whether this will work. If it will be publicly available, we will get our hands on this in the Netherlands as well in September.

    1. Baby jesus, what’s wrong with you man? It’s like your leg is caught in a bear trap, always saying please please more info, new hair. Your crap is filling up discussion room for the topics. Go get help if that’s what you need, it’s annoying here.

  38. There is no change or hsir growth from that German product. Please stop talking about it on this firum. This forum is for real treatments not snake oil shit! If this product cool fill that entire bald spot then I would be impressed. This is insulting

  39. This product seems to be nothing important, something like minoxidil. In this article stands that this product works not in every person and if the hair follicle are dead it cannot help anymore, but we know already that hair follicles are not dead by aga, so this product is unpredictable from the effect, you cannot know if will work on you or not and most likely they dont even know the mechanism how it grows hair.

  40. Guys I personally think that in future there might be a treatment, but not a full blown cure because mpb i think is not a disease or anything, I think few people who has in their dna age like that, if it was a disease why not get when we are really young, anyways I hope Iam wrong.

    1. farhan, c’mon man.. hair loss has no relation with aging.. you’re mistaken. It’s progressive, then off course the older the balder. There are man who start balding very early, as teens.. you know that.

      Yeah, fortunately, you are wrong.

        1. I think that is pretty evident, Paul.. otherwise, it would start only at a certain age. There’re guys who start balding just after puberty and are Norwood 6 well before 30. How can that be an aging disease. This thinking is because at, say 50 years, most men show signs of hair loss, at 60 even more, and so on. That’s why people think links it to getting old. But it is wrong. Some men never bald, they die at 99 years old with all the hair they’ve ever had, all white, but all there!!!! And others, as I mentioned before, are already Norwood 6 at 25.. How come is this related to aging???

  41. so why won’t replicel be released in 2017 if they are already in phase 2 study?

    there are a lot of things on the horizon but can we expect anything in 2017? why or why not?

    i know from previous posts people have gotten really excited and saying hair loss cure by 2015 etc but if these companies are going through the trails and they go well along with no restrictions why can’t we have it ?

    Admin, what is your opinion will we have somethin to help with treatments besides the big 3 by end of this year early 2017?

      1. Guys, I see no point in discussing what we don’t have a clue.

        Why is that obsession with dates? 2016, 2017… what is the value, really, of I or anyone here, telling that thinks that some treatment will be released at this year, or the next, or whenever??

        You have to wait a little! How you are 100% sure of something you don’t know 100%, Paul???

  42. Not enough attention is being given to estrogen / progesterone. I feel a topical version of that could be made which could act locally in the scalp, most likely with great results.

    Screw minoxidil and everything else that gives “regrowth” the stuff you see from trans people is amazing. Those hormones are so freaking powerful on hair and nobody is researching how to make a safe topical version with a long half-life? It blows my mind. This is like the closest thing to a cure that we see works over and over, yet researchers just keep pissing into the wind…

  43. i share john jack’s…on transgender we exactly see what what we all most wanted…why there haven’t been developed a way to get this effects of these women’s hormones used on males without the sides…
    on transgenders we have the evidence that it IS possible..even on balded spots..i don’t get it…


  44. Not that simple. Local finasteride can be helpful only for those that hasn’t started balding. Advanced Norwoods or diffuse thinners won’t be more benefited than taking the pill, orally. It’ll be the same. It won’t revert their state. Finasteride is for those beginning to bald, only.

  45. I think most people around here are more interested in more advanced treatments, in a cure that could not only prevent but restore damage to the hair follicles, regenerate them. This is the ultimate solution, something that is not possible so far. But that is the goal, the ambition.

  46. “anything has to be the cure…if someone transgender who is almost bald has almost full regrowth due to androgens…there must be a way”

    No such thing has ever happened. Ever. Why do people insists on exaggerations? Anyway, blaming androgens as the culprit to balding is outdated, it’s merely a part of a genetic domino affect. Better treatments can be made to treat baldness more sufficiently without blocking androgens.

    1. sorry but i have never saw results like that..even if compared to the known “best” treatments i.e. minox, dut etc.

      come on the results in respect to the hair regrowth of some of the transgenders outclass every hairtransplant ;)

      but only being on, strong, females hormones…..

      btw: i just wanted to pointed out…it IS possible..somehow..and treatment with strong females hormones is the best evidence…
      sure it has to be known the main triggers doing so…but it seems that these hormones hit these triggers very well…

      my post doesnt change anything at all…i just wanted to get off my thoughts on it
      greetz to you….

  47. “It is based on natural ingredients that are proprietary to the company.”

    That is enough for me to know what this is: BIG BULL SHIT!!!

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