Is Brian Urlacher the Machoest man to ever get a Hair Transplant?

On this blog, I have discussed celebrity hair transplants a few times before.  Among these include world renowned sportsmen who got hair transplants, including Wayne Rooney and quite possibly Lebron James.  Yesterday, out of the blue, recently retired Chicago Bears NFL linebacker Brian Urlacher “came out”.

This is quite amazing, since there are very few athletes who have as macho an image as NFL players.  Moreover, Mr. Urlacher was among the most feared players ever in the NFL and was elected to eight Pro Bowls during his career.  It is rare for a manly alpha male to admit to any kind of cosmetic surgery, but we are now living in a strange world — one in which a gold medal winning ex-Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner becomes a woman at age 65.  Another NFL player, Wes Welker, admitted to a hair transplant in 2012, but he was not exactly an intimidating athlete.

The videos below are going to greatly increase the popularity of hair transplants among men in the US.  Dr. Arthur Katona’s Restore by Katona will be the most popular hair restoration clinic in the US this year.  A lot of people think of hair transplants as pluggy and leading to a linear scar at the back.  Mr. Urlacher has pointed out how he can still shave his head with no scar at the back, and he has done a very good job at describing the FUE technique in some of his interviews.

FYI — I would say that the majority public opinion seems to be that he should have kept his bald head as is and he looked great that way. I agree with that opinion, but at the same time I am glad he got a hair transplant so that the media talks about hair loss a lot more (and angers Bill Gates in the process).

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  1. His transplant looks stupid and half assed. It’s like lifeless rug of hsir that is uneven on his head. I agree with you admin that he looked better bald. I disagree that this will promote hair losd more. If anything it will promote hsir transplants as the cure and this is thr opposite of what we want.

    1. There is zero chance that any of the companies and people working on a hair loss cure will slow down because they see hair transplants getting more popular. If anything, they will see how much more money is out there if they come out with a cure.

      1. I hope so admin…I really really do. I pray for the nightmare to end for all of us in 2016. Maybe my prayers will be answered

      1. Topo really? Have you seen anyone get all their hair back with an HT? come on man you know better than that. Do you work for Bosley? Lol

        1. Topo…mjones is right….Many improvements are needed in hair loss industry. Of course is not a cure a HT…Come on…is that a joke…?

  2. Just watched the whole video. I take some of my comment back. The transplant is actually not bad. Only thing is that he was a shaved Norwood 4b. So he still has some hair on top. Bad thing is those hairs will fall out which will require an additional ht I’d he has any donor left. I wonder if they used toppik or any concealer for this. I like how they quickly show the top of his head and change screen shot so we can’t examine his hair. Typical shady ht doctor advertising. So sick of this fked up shady ht industry . I just want my fking hair back damnit! Ugggh

    1. wish I have that much hair at 37…early 20’s and I already have less, so HT is not an option. Your lucky mjones, trying being 20 when every other biitch guy my age wears their man bun in my face! But then again, I’ll live.

  3. I think he looks better with hair.
    he did the smart thing by talking about it openly . It’s not like people won’t notice if he doesn’t

  4. Admin, can you tell me please, your opinion about Christopher trial with jak inh. and what you think about Replicel and shiseido product, do u think that their product one day really can regrow all hair?

  5. I wonder what the maximum number of grafts is Katona will be able to transplant during 1 session …
    FUE methods which claim to prevent any visible scars are very labour-intensive.
    This often means that the achieved density in the recipient area is not that high as the patient desires.

  6. Not bad really, but I have seen better cases in turkey, HT is done in a whole different level there. Frankly speaking HT is the only way to help people with high norwood levels but I prefer to have a cure or treatment and keep that as the last option.

  7. Anyone who says he looks better is fooling themselves. Instead of looking clean and confident, he just looks like that middle aged friend on a television show.. you know.. the one the main characters are always disappointed to run into. Poor Urlacher.

    1. He looks better with hair. His bald look wasn’t too bad considering how common it has become for guys to go for that look now days.
      I just hope he’ll be able to keep his hair as ht doesn’t stop mpb.

  8. Transplants: Making you baldies Norwood 4 to Norwood 3,5!!!

    Hair Transplant doctors: The world’s most well paid butchers!!!

  9. That’s true Julian….hahaha that’s depressing….boycott hair transplants maybe is a good idea…We have been 30 years without a new treatment! That’s unbelievable…

  10. When it comes right down to it, there really isn’t a treatment invented for hair loss. Propecia was originally for prostate, and minoxidil was for high blood pressure, right? Duta is for prostate, and a lot of guys use it, but it is not approved for hair loss. Urlacher’s case shows where we are at as a society. People badly want hair. Hopefully some company actually gets it right.

  11. What is a hair transplant?

    Taking trees from Central Park and moving them to the Mojave’s desert. And expecting it to look like Yellowstone!!

    It’s really an invention from a genious!!

  12. Can’t wait for the day that we finally have a cure or even an effective treatment and see that fake smile wiped from the face of HT doctors.

  13. Would kill to have his bald head. Transplants were worse decision ever and there is nothing I can do about..literally has ruined my life. Unless you know u wont bald further, it is a never ending nightmare no matter whar the HT “doctors” tell you.

  14. Better off spending the money on a benz or porsche than dropping 20k on a fked up HT that looks bad on you, scarred up donor site. Shit density, overall big mistake to do. Even the good transplants eventually deteriorate after 5 to 10 yrs.

    I cant wait to see this ht industry crumble once a better treatment comes out. These con artists and liars need to be penalized for this. The only hope they have is if they adopt histigen or sishedo technology into their clinics and replace ht with stem cell transplants.

    1. The fact that the guy just covered his bald scalp isn’t enough to tell a hair transplant is a good solution. That’s not the only problem, to cover up. The hair has to be beautiful, not just have hair. It has to grow and when longer looks good. In his case it is ok because it is too short. Good hair looks better longer and that’s when you can style it in various ways and change it according to your will. Having to let your hair always that short, kind of like mjones smartly said, “like lifeless rug”, not being able to let it grow and get long a beautiful, to me, is no much better than letting the head shaved.

    1. Just to show how hair is important.. Imagine Elvis without his hair, he wouldn’t be Elvis!

      I won’t post it again, lol.

  15. Is it correct to think that now we have a two-steps-cure :

    step one: hair transplant now
    step two: 10 years later a definitive cure

    1. No.. If you think that just putting some hair over the top of your head to barely cover it is a cure, then it is, for you.

      If you think that growing ugly strange hair is a cure then it is, for you.

      Hair transplants, as Paul Pheonix always say, is PATHETIC!

  16. Imagine how happy we will be if the cure ever does come. When we look in the mirror, it will be like seeing a friend we haven’t seen in many years. Let’s keep hoping.

  17. step 1 Hair transplant now.
    step 1.1: 10 years to enjoy life, make as money as possible and get a beautifull wife an kids and so on.
    step 2: Definite cure or die in peace

    1. As I said, you’ll pay – A LOT – to have the hair you already have. Not one strand more. That’s a hair transplant. To take the trees of Central Park ( back of your head ), moving them to the Mojave desert ( top of ones head ) and hoping it to be Yellowstone ( your dreams ). This is not what happens, obviously.

  18. Don’t worry so much about hair when it comes to women. They really don’t care once they get to be a certain age. All the other guys around won’t have great hair either. Just take care of yourself best you can.

    1. DDog, it’s not just a matter of getting women. The problem is not the hair, it’s that confidence goes away with hair, at the same proportion, it seems. lol… And confidence is what matters the most to get women. To everything, in fact.

      Think of Elvis without its hair… that’s why I posted the pictures so many times. HAIR MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE!! unfortunaltely.

      1. I don’t think so. Elvis is a bad example. There are plenty of dudes who look just fine without hair. Do they look like super models or do they look as good as they did with a full head of hair? No, but you can still be a reasonably good looking dude without it. Aging is a sad fact of life.

          1. Ddog, I didn’t say using babies is invalid. I SAY IT’S IMPOSSIBLE!! How would that be done? I get your curiosity but this couldn’t be done in practice.

  19. you have a lot of trees in your back yard and you want to move some to them front of your house to look better. It is valid.

  20. but the front of your house in this case is 100 times larger than your backyard… Okay, if you are happy with just being less bald, it is valid indeed.

    1. For me, there is just two kinds:

      Bald ( all Norwoods except 1 AND ALSO diffuse thinning at any stage )

      Full head of hair ( Norwood Zero to 1 )

      I’m sorry.

      1. PS.. ** thin hair is not full head of hair!! thin hair is as ugly as Norwood 7!!!

        hair transplants can only give you a thin hair look, at best!

        That’s why it isn’t a CURE.

        All is my opinion (nasa_rs).. LOL

  21. forget the cheap or not of the solution, do you think that thousands of people paying for HT are stupid ? there are a lot of very good examples in internet.
    Less bald is better than balder. 10 years of decent hair is enough time to find a cure I think.

    1. Ggg you make a good point but you better hope you go to a good doctor and he does a good job or else you are SCREWED and have a big scar on the back of your head. So you can forget about shaving it.

      Imo when I see post op pics it scares the shit out of me! Bloody, stitches etc looks barbaric abs horrifying. The only way I would consider an HT and go through all of that is if it was capable of growing a dense nw2 but it doesn’t so f it.

  22. From what I see, with a good HT you can’t tell if someone is balding or no even if it’s not the same density than a full head of hair.

  23. Ok, then I’ve never seen a good HT in my life.

    And the balding keeps progressing so in a few years you need another transplant. Results are limited, so much poorer as high as the Norwood degree is.

    I don’t see less bald as being a good thing. Less bald is still bald. So, you’ve not changed. I’m sorry, that’s the way I think.

  24. Admin you should write a post about artas robot new generation. It is a matter of time that the robot make all the transplant procedure. I think ht surgeons are very worried about this robot advancement. Just imagine you get the same standard result wherever you go any country any clinic.

    1. HT surgeons are worried? Why? I don’t think that…is just only a advancement…In medicine is logic. Progress in aesthetic medicine is inevitable.

  25. Why worried? Artas is a hair transplant. It doesn’t do all alone because it is a robot. The procedure is still done by a doctor. And it is far more expensive with the same limitation. I really don’t get the excitement over these things that basically change nothing.

  26. It may be more precise but it is still a surgery. It doesn’t change what it is. And it’s butchery man! Hair transplants are unsatisfactory, in my view, cause their main limitation can’t be overcome, which is, they can’t create hair, they just move hair from one place to another, what’s the big deal about it? And furthermore, they don’t stop balding, it keeps going on and later you’re the same again. So, how can one call this a solution??

  27. Ht bloooooooooooow! The only time an HT can be good is if you are a Norwood 3 with full density on crown and top with just temple loss. You can do a mega session to fill in the hairline really dense with fue. This will be only good if you aren’t going to bald anymore than a Norwood 3. If you are going to bald more than f it, just cut it short and save your money and put it towards a car, housr down payment or steroids to get jacked up so everyone will be afraid to make a bald joke about you

    1. yeah, but what you described wouldn’t be a Norwood 3, it is a Norwood 2. Obviously the balding won’t stop and in a matter of few years it would have been advanced and you would need another transplant (now with less donor and more to cover). So, this is a lame solution, it’s really good only to the doctor’s bank accounts.

  28. Just noticed this but has anybody realized that new born babies tend to have hair shaped in the same horse shoe pattern as MPB? Anybody know if there is any correlation between the two and perhaps if there are studies done on their scalps that would give some type of hint as to why in MPB our scalps revert to this stage?

      1. I believe they should study the babies. You should be able to test what is happening to the scalp as it matures and grows hair.. Pgd2 and what not.

        1. It already is hard as hell to do human studies in grown ups, adults that volunteer themselves and can sign to be responsible for any risks. How would that be with babies then? are you nuts Ddog??

          1. They can do testing very easily now.. Don’t even need to do biopsies.. so I am not really sure what you mean. It is not like they are altering the babies… They are merely taking hair samples from hair that is growing or falling off… Why do you act like every opinion on here besides yours is invalid? lol

            I am interested to see what the make up of the scalp is like when it is in its prime phase of growth. You would think the thing to do is examine that, and try to make our mature scalps emulate that environment…

  29. Imo in 2 years a robot will perform all the procedure with no doctor needed. You choose options presented by the machine and it shows you a simulation of final result in a hd screen in any angle (this is today) All without any doctor just in case a nurse and clean environment. If you were doctor you would not be affraid ?

    1. Samumed, Shisiedo, Histogen and Dr. Christiano are our only hopes. If these treatments/cure dont work, we’re doomed for 15 years.

    2. Afraid of what? he doctors will own the robot my friend, you forgot that? The doctor is going to continue to be the one that will get your money, not the machine. Or do you think that it will be placed in supermarkets, gas stations to be self operated by customers??

      A nurse?? c’mon!!

      1. In fact, doctors will profit much more with this machine cause what it allows them to perform a hair transplant much faster than the normal so they will be able to do more transplants per day/month/year.. off course. This machine is not their rival but it is a great ally.

    1. I have hopes for samumed, possibly susheido and cotsarelis. Histogen needs to show 10 before after pics untouched from all angles. If they can do that I will put them at number 1. Christiano is good in research but she hasn’t really done anything for mpb like cots. Cots hasn’t released anything commercial but he has seti and wounding fgh1 in trials. Christiano just now after 15 years started looking into mpb trials

      1. I believe in the King of……, he does not give too much info about his technique otherwise everybody will use his technique and he will loose. That’s why he does not give a lot of info in congress and in media in general

  30. Christian already cured Areata. And may be holding the key to cure MPB as well if it is also reversible through the same or similar mechanisms. The commercial potential of a MPB cure is immense as it affects a great percentual of adults, unlike Areata, many at a young age, and it is common sense that thin hair and balding is a major concern of everyone.

  31. There was a story yesterday that they are growing human organs for transplant inside animals – but of course they can’t grow hair. This is bullsh*t – out with the right JAK formala / delivery already!

  32. Just got my hair cut and I lost more hair since last month wtf! This is so depressing! Crown really thinned out and hairline. It’s like it went into aggressive mode since Oct even though I am taking propecia and rogaine. Dht levels low not sure wtf is causing this. WE NEED A NEW TREATMENT NOW! WTF. Does rogaine foam cause a huge yearly shed? It’s been a year since on rogaine is it possible that shit is causing this rapid thinning the last 4 months?

      1. Mjones the big two are loosing the battle with the beast( hairloss), so not the treatments are not causing any balding and its your genitics.

  33. I’m sorry guys bit if they can human organs they can growing fking hair! Hair is an organ. I’m still sticking to my conspiracy theories. They can practically grow anything but hair. I’m not buying it

  34. The only thing that bothers me is why not guys like elon musk or google or apple are trying to find a solution. Forget cure atleast something that looks and feels natural permanently..wish i had studied dermatology and I would have dedicated everything to MPB.

  35. You know what pisses me actually …of all the hair in other places it has to be from scalp….I have freakin hair like wolverine all over my body and it has to be scalp thats thinning…even a hole has heaps of it…but no it has to be scalp…

    1. Farhan I totally agree brotha! We have on our arms, backs, face, ass, dick, balls, legs and dht promotes hair growth there but Noooooo it has to kill hair on our scalp. Total unfair BS!

    1. i think so, i am suffering form hair loss and itchy scalp and bad irritation and dandruff, i am using propecia for 3 to 4 years, and now i am using a month ago nizoral shampoo which solved completely my itchy scalp and bad irritation and dandruff problem, and also decreased my shedding and thus hair loss, i am using it 2 to 3 times a week.

    2. Yes, a lot of us do.

      It still takes researchers some years to confirm what some of us are saying for a very long time: the inflamed, flaky, itchy, dry, painfull scalp is caused by the immunesystem. DHT might start the hair miniaturization process, the immunesystem finishes it.

  36. I do. personally I think theres a relation, least in my case. hate to bring jak up as everyones sick of it. but they stop skin problems that come with mpb. such as dermatitis and skin issues from immune system. I have dandruff but not now as I have nizoral, but hopefully one day a jak inhibitor will stop it as well as cure us. I do feel immune system causes mpb. Arent genetics a bitch.

  37. We are all agree: We want a new treatment…What happens in 2016? We don’t know…Current treatments have very limited effectiveness.

    1. Apparently they still don’t know of Jak inhibitors.. somebody should tell them of Dr. Angela Christiano’s research and findings.

  38. I hate this shit! Really tired of seeing our hair just fall out and rapidly deteriorate even while on treatments and have no treatments on the horizon to save us. So depressing

    1. Mjones, didn’t you say your family are all Norwood 6’s? You are fighting some hardcore genetics man. You should be happy you have had hair this long, brother. Do you worry what it may be like when you finally quit propecia?

  39. I’m telling you guys those ht docs are tight with the fda and they will not allow a treatment better than propecia and rogaine in the usa. We haven’t seen shit since 1997 and every breakthrough craps out or ends up with latisse results. They can grow vaginas, human organs in animals but a hair follicle is impossible lol. You have to be ignorant to not believe this. Only hope is for a country oitsude the USA to give us a treatment.

  40. Thanks guys for response, I’ve recently been using a shampoo called (wen) its relieved a lot of the itching and dandruff, but after a couple of days it starts to return. Is their anything I can do to stop the irritation completely it gets so bad. I’m sure I can actually feel my individual hairs popping out my scalp one by one.

  41. Really, baldness is a genetic disorder, in my opinion. They don’t list it as such because they want to tell us it is perfectly natural, but we all know that it is not something anyone wants; hence, disorder. There are many different genetic pathways involved. These are things that really can’t be cured yet, and probably won’t be cured until they get deeper into gene editing. I am really starting to prepare myself to shave my head in a year or two, and trying to imagine how to set myself up for success by doing so.. Keeping in shape, good dental health, etc.

      1. Doesn’t matter, John. If hair is going to be gone, so be it. Can’t fight it if there is no help. We all age. Sometimes you just need to make the best of it.

  42. you in usa have all the technology and all the opportunities and all is cheap, stop complaining living there.

    HT doctors are not stopping nothing, just filling the gap and making as money as possible. Like all people in the world and especially usa people.

    It is simple, Now there are no cures. Neither we have cures for other similiar things like gray hair, dental cavities, old skin…etc.

    The only solution today for a bald NW 3, 4, 5 to have hair.. is to spend 20K and have a HT.

  43. With 20K in USA you can buy a decent car… In other countries, with 20K you can buy a car that costs 10K in USA or Europe.

    Hair or new BMW ?versus Hair or second hand used car?.

  44. Hair or a Bugatti, Ferrari, whatever, I would choose hair, but I mean HAIR.. not hair transplant!!!

    As of today, you can have a Bugatti but not HAIR.

  45. If I had a Ferrari or the most beautiful and expensive car in the world and being bald/balding/thin hair ( whatever of this shit is the same for me! ) I still wouldn’t feel great… If I had all of my hair back I would be happy and proud driving an old rusty beetle!, if you know what I mean…

    1. Bugatti/Ferrari/Lamborguini/Rolls-Royce… all are POSSIBLE with MONEY.

      Hair back (miniaturized follicles back to normal size and function) is IMPOSSIBLE even with all the MONEY of the world!!

  46. Exactly. It can’t be done. I, for one, am not going to pay $20,000 for natty hair just to be able to say I have hair. There are other things that are crucial to masculinity. Being a man is about more than having teenage hair. If they come out with something that actually helps, and is practical, sure… I would love to have my 18 year old hair again. But all I see out there are expensive, or impractical short-term, half measures.

    1. I agree, exactly, I’m not against a HT, and it being expensive either… I just can’t put up with a 20K HT that at best will just give you meager hair and is in fact a short-term half-measure, as you well put it, Ddog.

  47. For you guys who are sad, this may help you take stock. Here is an article from Follicle Thought while we are waiting for our guy to post new material:

    I’m going to get right into things here with a look at the hair technology happenings I’m most looking forward to so far in 2016:

    1. Samumed’s Phase II efficacy results. Samumed has probably had the smoothest development progress of any hair growth medication I’ve heard of. Samumed recently completed it’s Phase II trial for it’s topical hair growth product SM04554 in November 2015. Dr. Yazici, the Chief Medical Officer of Samumed, is quoted in their latest press release below.

    “The Phase II safety and efficacy data so far are very promising and support moving this program into pivotal studies. We are analyzing the efficacy data further and plan to present results of both preclinical and clinical studies at upcoming medical conferences.”
    The key points here are that the efficacy data is very promising, and promising enough to initiate the Phase III trial which will be the final trial to enable the commercialization of SM04554.
    2. Shiseido’s trial for approval in Japan. By the end of January I anticipate that Shiseido will have commenced it’s first trial in Japan for the use of RCH-01 for hair growth. RCH-01 is the name of the technology which has been developed by Replicel using a person’s own cultured dermal papillae cells. Lee Buckler of Replicel has announced that Shiseido will be initiating their trial very soon. We also know that when all goes with the Shiseido’s first trial of RCH-01 in Japan, they will be able to offer the treatment to the public while they are completing later stage trials for RCH-01. That means anyone in the world can book a flight to Japan and get some hair growth injections. Yoohoo.
    3. Histogen announcing trial in Mexico. We don’t know for sure yet if Mexico will be the official first destination for Histogen’s HSC. If it is though, that’d be cool, because Mexico is a lot closer to me than Japan or Turkey. We know that Gail Naughton of Histogen has been evaluating the best location to initiate the final study for the approval of HSC. We will know that location this year, and hopefully very soon.
    4. Follicum Phase I trial. One of my favorite treatments in development right now, Follicum’s FOL-S-005, will begin it’s first trial for hair growth in the 1st quarter 2016. Follicum’s product is a topical peptide gel, and has shown pretty remarkable results in pre-clinical animal models. It’s my opinion that Follicum has been sort of “slept on” so far online, I believe that is going to change this year. The trials will take place in Berlin, Germany. Follicum has previously said that it would announce recruitment availability for the trial.
    5. DP Cell Culturing 10 Year Trial Completion. This study is just about ambiguous as it gets in the hair research world. We don’t know the formalities of the trial and if any progress has been made over the years. Nonetheless, it’s very intriguing and could possibly be containing some significant results within it. The trial is studying cultured dermal papillae cells being injected into the scalp to induce hair growth. It’s a study that has been ongoing since at least 2007 and is scheduled to be completed in December 2016. The most significant part of this study is that the methods being utilized here are from the work of Dr. Colin Jahoda, one of the most renowned and longest tenured hair follicle researchers in the world. A real hidden gem is that Dr. Jahoda recently updated his patent for dermal papillae culturing alongside Angela Christiano in August 2015. That could be good news for this study.
    6. The Wildcard. The proverbial out-of-nowhere legitimate product that can be brought to market in a very short amount of time. Last year, we had a great example of one in Follicept, which was a potential homerun and could have reached the market in the same year it was announced. Things did not pan out for Follicept the way everyone had hoped, but there is potential that it could still turn out to be a useful product someday.
    7. Bag of goodies. Some updates that I expect to see from treatments that show great potential are JAK inhibitors and other Dr. Christiano research, Bimatoprost for scalp, Breezula anti-androgen, Dr. Guillemat’s Stem Cell Transfer, and Theracell.

  48. It’s hard to have much of an opinion. It is what it is. JAKs would be awesome. Christiano and King have modified JAKs for the scalp, but they aren’t releasing how this was accomplished. They have not provided us with any pronunciations of hope with regard to treating MPB.

    With Shiseido/replicel, I was originally excited when I first heard about them, but they have shown us no pictures, right? Do we even have numbers? Histogen has at least done that; although many like to complain about it. We have nothing from Shiseido.

  49. Only hope it samumed and histogen. Everything else is a secret or 10 years away. Too many delays with replicel and susheido and they have no pics or stats. Weird

  50. Ddog yes 90 percent of the males in my family are nw 5 6 7.. I should have been bald at 22 but propecia stopped it for 12 years. My question is why is my hair going to shit now when it should have gone when I was 23. If it was truly aggressive genes I have then it should of over powered propecia in my early 20s not early 30s. I think the assholes at Merk are selling a weaker form of propecia as soon as it went generic a few years back.

    1. DHT is not the only thing that causes MPB, unfortunately. There are many different mechanisms involved. You know this, brotha! I think another chemical in your body must have increased due to age, and caused further recession. Most doctors say that propecia dosesn’t work forever. It was only a matter of time. I just hope everything is okay when you stop taking it eventually. Your body may freak out after 15 years of no DHT.

  51. The DP Cell Culturing has me interested. You just never know. Cots could surprise us. Wouldn’t that be awesome to get a new scalp? I would love to get my hair booted thicker than it was before. I would pay $20,000 for that. lol

  52. Not sure about samumed and shiseido, but histogen is for sure fake…. I mean look at those pics seriously…. remember them releasing a pic of a women growing full hair from nothing in frontal areas in 12 weeks…seriously….even if a product works it takes lot more than 12 weeks for haor to grow that long..they are fake…they are so lazy that they dont even update their website…forget a product being developed…they are just stalling for funds…once their mortgages are done they will go numb like follicept..

  53. Don’t be so negative. They are about to crack this thing wide open, baby! Really, discovering the cure to baldness is the fountain of youth. Whoever that person is, they will be a true God to most in the world.

  54. Havent been on here in a while. Came back hoping for some good news or an update on something. Haha ohh wellll guess I should stop hoping now eh? Lol

    The medical industry does not give two flying s**** about men with mpb. I was actually informed by my balding friend who looked into hair pieces/ toupees that he asked his insurance company if they covered hair replacement, and guess what? They do! For anyone with any kind of hairloss…except mpb. So losing your hair for any reason other than mpb and they will cover the cost of a hair piece. Not that this applies to any of us anyway, but just goes to show how much people care about mpb.

    1. Because they know they’d have to spend a lot more! Other alopecia types are nothing in comparison to AGA in terms of numbers. MPB and hair thinning affects about 2/3 of adult men in a fairly young age. There isn’t another disease, or disorder if you prefer, that reaches a proportion like that in a population, not even close!!

  55. Its all about women guys…this world is bloody feminist…type hair loss news in shows women going chemo and Alopecia Areata ….not much about mpb

    1. Okay, common hair loss affects about 25% of women. Not to mention that there are still many women that are not affected but just wants more/fuller hair. It’s absolutely startling that this tremendous need hasn’t been properly and effectively addressed yet.

    2. It’s all speculation, but since MPB has a LOT(!) more potential on the market ($$$) compared to AA, Dr.Christiano might be blatantly hiding any information and enthusiasm of a possible cure for MPB until she fiancially secures her product etc.

      Wasnt she building a new company for the production of her products or something? Also the way she was speaking in the latest TBT Interview makes me think of this.

      Any thought?

    1. This could also possibly have an effect on other diseases like MPB as well. The fact that he has an agenda to push for a cure for cancer is a good indicator that the 21st Century Cures Act will be passed and along with it will come new treatments and developments in medical research and biotech.

  56. Something has to change this year! We deserve more than propecia and rogaine. It’s 2016 and mpb should be successfully treated with a better treatment that is made for hair loss. One of the following treatment needs to be released : follica, samumed, jak, theracell, sishedo, histogen etc. Congress needs to pass this new cure act asap and get the ball rolling. Fking tired of not being able to fight this do genetic disorder when we all want to fight back and not accept. The worst feeling is knowing there is nothing more to can do and you have accept failure. So unfair

  57. I know this is off topic but anyone on here get more hairloss and itchy scalp after taking vitamin d supplement? Since taking propecia I get depressed and vitamin d helps but ….you know. Dampened if I do. Dampened if I dont.

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