Is Brian Urlacher the Machoest man to ever get a Hair Transplant?

On this blog, I have discussed celebrity hair transplants a few times before.  Among these include world renowned sportsmen who got hair transplants, including Wayne Rooney and quite possibly Lebron James.  Yesterday, out of the blue, recently retired Chicago Bears NFL linebacker Brian Urlacher “came out”.

This is quite amazing, since there are very few athletes who have as macho an image as NFL players.  Moreover, Mr. Urlacher was among the most feared players ever in the NFL and was elected to eight Pro Bowls during his career.  It is rare for a manly alpha male to admit to any kind of cosmetic surgery, but we are now living in a strange world — one in which a gold medal winning ex-Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner becomes a woman at age 65.  Another NFL player, Wes Welker, admitted to a hair transplant in 2012, but he was not exactly an intimidating athlete.

The videos below are going to greatly increase the popularity of hair transplants among men in the US.  Dr. Arthur Katona’s Restore by Katona will be the most popular hair restoration clinic in the US this year.  A lot of people think of hair transplants as pluggy and leading to a linear scar at the back.  Mr. Urlacher has pointed out how he can still shave his head with no scar at the back, and he has done a very good job at describing the FUE technique in some of his interviews.

FYI — I would say that the majority public opinion seems to be that he should have kept his bald head as is and he looked great that way. I agree with that opinion, but at the same time I am glad he got a hair transplant so that the media talks about hair loss a lot more (and angers Bill Gates in the process).

174 thoughts on “Is Brian Urlacher the Machoest man to ever get a Hair Transplant?”

  1. Havent been on here in a while. Came back hoping for some good news or an update on something. Haha ohh wellll guess I should stop hoping now eh? Lol

    The medical industry does not give two flying s**** about men with mpb. I was actually informed by my balding friend who looked into hair pieces/ toupees that he asked his insurance company if they covered hair replacement, and guess what? They do! For anyone with any kind of hairloss…except mpb. So losing your hair for any reason other than mpb and they will cover the cost of a hair piece. Not that this applies to any of us anyway, but just goes to show how much people care about mpb.

    1. Because they know they’d have to spend a lot more! Other alopecia types are nothing in comparison to AGA in terms of numbers. MPB and hair thinning affects about 2/3 of adult men in a fairly young age. There isn’t another disease, or disorder if you prefer, that reaches a proportion like that in a population, not even close!!

  2. Its all about women guys…this world is bloody feminist…type hair loss news in shows women going chemo and Alopecia Areata ….not much about mpb

    1. Okay, common hair loss affects about 25% of women. Not to mention that there are still many women that are not affected but just wants more/fuller hair. It’s absolutely startling that this tremendous need hasn’t been properly and effectively addressed yet.

    2. It’s all speculation, but since MPB has a LOT(!) more potential on the market ($$$) compared to AA, Dr.Christiano might be blatantly hiding any information and enthusiasm of a possible cure for MPB until she fiancially secures her product etc.

      Wasnt she building a new company for the production of her products or something? Also the way she was speaking in the latest TBT Interview makes me think of this.

      Any thought?

    1. This could also possibly have an effect on other diseases like MPB as well. The fact that he has an agenda to push for a cure for cancer is a good indicator that the 21st Century Cures Act will be passed and along with it will come new treatments and developments in medical research and biotech.

  3. Something has to change this year! We deserve more than propecia and rogaine. It’s 2016 and mpb should be successfully treated with a better treatment that is made for hair loss. One of the following treatment needs to be released : follica, samumed, jak, theracell, sishedo, histogen etc. Congress needs to pass this new cure act asap and get the ball rolling. Fking tired of not being able to fight this do genetic disorder when we all want to fight back and not accept. The worst feeling is knowing there is nothing more to can do and you have accept failure. So unfair

  4. I know this is off topic but anyone on here get more hairloss and itchy scalp after taking vitamin d supplement? Since taking propecia I get depressed and vitamin d helps but ….you know. Dampened if I do. Dampened if I dont.

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