Stephen Miller’s Hair Paint

For those of you who are not in the US, Stephen Miller is officially a senior advisor to President Donald Trump. In reality, Mr. Miller is among the 5-10 most influential people in the Trump administration.

Stephen Miller Balding HairA few days ago, Stephen Miller made a much talked about TV appearance on “Face the Nation”. Lo and behold, it looked like he grew new hair. Or, more accurately, he grew a shadow-like semblance of new hair.

Stephen Miller Spray-On Hair Paint
Stephen Miller Spray-On Hair Paint.

Many online newspapers and TV shows in the US made fun of his new look and suggested it was spray-on hair or painted on hair. Among the comedians who panned Mr. Miller included Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah.

Mr. Miller knows that he is always in the public eye. He is also not strapped for cash by any means. So I do not understand why he could not find anything better (e.g., scalp micropigmentation) than this paint job. I liked this quote from the Washington Post:

“Here was a man who apparently craved more hair. And in his pursuit of it, he went on national television and did the one thing that would draw blatant attention to his baldness.”

Update: Mr. Miller ditched the spray-on hair in an appearance on CNN yesterday.

19 thoughts on “Stephen Miller’s Hair Paint”

  1. Damn, people are cruel. Hairloss hurts. I like Colbert and Noah but they clearly have never felt the sting of mpb; esp not to the level of Miller.

      1. hello, could you please email Dr. Tsuji again to ask about his recent progress? It’s coming to the end of 2018, how’s the pre-clinical trail going?

      2. All of that is true, but still to go on TV with painted on hair welcomes at least a little bit of comment, no matter how far to the right the person is. That hair would look odd if it was on someone to the left of Bernie Sanders. It was a very unwise decision to do it.

  2. Maybe the Donald keeps him around as by comparison it makes the birds nest on Trump’s head look good. Oh yeah, and also because he’s a baby killing racist…birds of a feather!

  3. A women can do anything to improve her appearances and if anybody says anything, that’s call judging.
    While on the other hand, a man spray paints his head just to improve his appearance, he is made fun of.

    Double standards.

    And regarding that migrant thing, I am not a Trump fan but I wonder how many of all those migrants want to really serve the country. They are just there for the benefits.

  4. I wondered if you’d post about this.

    It did seem ironic that a guy who makes a career out of targeting people based on how they look was getting targeted based on how he looked. I believe Colbert and Noah would agree with me that race is a superficial quality.

    Miller’s lucky though. Toppik’s gone with a shower. Race doesn’t wash off. He’ll have a job for years to come.

  5. If you don’t bother being consistent or looking in the mirror at the fake hair, then you kind of do deserve the mockery. People see it as an insult to their intelligence that you try to trick them with such obvious fake stuff.

  6. How is he a racist? Please educate me. It appears that if you look in the wrong direction then the white man is racist. I believe as a society we are moving backwards due to severe sensitivity. Yes there is racism out there with all races but no where near what people try and make it. And social media loves it as it boosts their ratings.

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  8. lol oh god, lets please not talk politics and race on here. Yah balding sucks but, this is hilarious. Ya’ll need to stop being so sensitive, its funny, relax.

  9. Well, no miracles happened this year but hopefully 2019 is the year we see a big break through.
    Merry Christmas my balding brothers and sisters.

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