Jeff Bezos’ Grandfather’s Crazy Body Hair Transplant

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has been in the news a lot during the past year and a half. First, he surpassed Bill Gates as the richest man in the world. Then Mr. Bezos made a much hyped announcement of the location for Amazon’s second global headquarters. And today, he shocked the world by announcing that he was divorcing his wife of 25 years.

Jeff Bezos’ Grandfather’s Body Hair Transplant

I have watched a number of videos of Jeff Bezos over the years, since I really like listening to his speeches, interviews and lectures. He is a much more interesting speaker in comparison to other billionaires such as Elon Musk and Bill Gates.

My favorite Bezos anecdote (a shocking one at that) is found in the below video, from 9-12 minutes in. To summarize:

When Mr. Bezos was younger, his beloved grandfather had an accident in which he ripped apart his thumb. To repair the injury, he had to move some skin from his butt to his completely torn thumb.

Lo and beheld, ever since the butt skin transplant, the old man kept growing butt hair on his thumb for the rest of his life and had to keep shaving it off!

It has been several years since I last wrote a post on body hair transplants. For those who do not know, a number of surgeons offer body hair to head hair transplants where they move body hair to your head. This is only done when a male patient does not have sufficient donor hair at the back of his head to cover his extensive balding regions in the front and top (crown) of the scalp.

So Mr. Bezos’ grandfather might be one of the earliest examples ever of proof that one can shift hair from one part of the body to another part. And have it keep growing for decades!

Watch from minutes 9-12:

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    1. I suppose it is no surprise that they will try to sell other products on the back of the Trinov lotion: as long as there is no suggestion that you only get decent results if you use all three (!). I will be interested to hear what is in the shampoo.Have started on the lotion (used as a spray). Will give it six months or so. It is very expensive. With shipping it costs nearly 100 dollars a month. I am skeptical, but getting desperate, so willing to give it a go. I wish there was something else (new) on the horizon this year, but looks as if we will need to wait for 2020 or 2021 for the next product to hit the markets. Please correct me if I’m wrong! Fingers crossed for a miracle cure. JAK inhibitors maybe….(?)

  1. Skin transplants grow the hair of the donor site. This has been known for as long as we have had skin transplants. (Am a doctor)

    1. Of course, in theory that is a given.

      However, in real life, there have been countless body hair to head transplant cases over the past two decades in which the hair never grew once moved.

      And this is the first example of a world famous person vouching for BHT’s efficacy as far as I know.

      1. A body hair transplant isn’t a skin transplant though. Body hair transplants are transplantations of *just the hair,* which are then transplanted individually. Skin transplants that are full thickness always include the hair of the donor skin and are transplanted as large sheets of skin.

        1. Interesting. I assumed a body hair transplant entailed body hair grafts (rather than just individual body hair) with intact skin grafts included/attached to the hair. But that is not the same as actual skin transplantation I suppose.

  2. Is this an anecdotal post ?

    I come here because I usually appreciate the quality of the articles plus some of the people that comment.

    But come-on guys, this is what we arrived to speak about ? A guy growing hair from his ass skin ? Be-it even Bezos!
    If you want to do a BHT article, do that.

      1. Nothing wrong with having some fun during a slow news week. The title was clear, so people can skip the subjects they’re not interested in. Careful, they might want their money back!!

        1. Thanks for the support:-)

          This blog would become truly boring if I only talked about research status updates, clinical trial updates etc… In fact I would have to stop writing it if that were the case as I would get really burnt out!

          And I have always been fascinated by body hair moves from one region of the body to another.

          1. True! This post is still a very relevant topic. All body hair seems to grow under all blood chemistry conditions better than damn scalp hair. Somebody has to figure this out soon.

  3. Very interesting. I always thought and hoped that the skin would act more like the recipient area once transplanted…isn’t that what happens with body hair transplanted to the head; it becomes more like head hair?

  4. Samumed’s newsletter (which Admin covered last November) announced:

    Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) program update
    · We Have initiated our phase 3 clinical trial (outside the US)

    I just wanted to add some details—the study location is in Turkey and will be completed in June 2020.

    If I’m not mistaken, this is the first new-tech treatment to have an actual endpoint on a phase 3 trial (Follica has yet to begin phase 3 and Follicum will begin phase 3 in 2020). Unless a dark horse comes along, FDA topical treatments will potentially enter the market on the tail end of 20-21. IMO. …And high-tech / high-cost cloning procedures will start to become available and offered by transplant doctors around the same time—possibly spreading worldwide quickly thereafter.

    So in a few short years our biggest problem will be picking the right treatment based on our wallet size and severity of hairloss—And what to do with a head of glorious golden curls! : )

    1. I disagree, based on the history of businesses like IBM, Microsoft and Ford. I think it will be “first past the post”.

      The cure will be released by some company (please be Shiseido this year :-) ) and then in light of this, the funding for the other players will dry up due to no more incentive and the financial risk.

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