RIKEN Fundraising for Regenerative Medicine

RIKEN is a Japanese government funded research institute, with one of their many areas of focus being hair loss cure research. They get very little in the way of public donations. This should change in FY 2021 due to their widely publicized request (which I discuss in the second half of this post).

RIKEN Updates

Update: October 12, 2021

Two interesting new developments this week in relation to RIKEN and hair made me update this post.

  • First, they published some interesting new findings in relation to untangling the process of hair follicle development. Their scientists created a dynamic four-dimensional atlas that explains the origins and development of adult hair follicle stem cells. They call this a telescopic model and it analyzes the cellular dynamics and gene expression changes involved in hair follicle development. The actual study was published in “Nature” in June 2021 and is titled: “Tracing the origin of hair follicle stem cells.” Per lead researchers Hironobu Fujiwara and Ritsuko Morita:

“The findings could help drug developers to design new therapeutics to combat baldness and other types of hair loss.”

  • Of more interest to this blog’s readers, a new lengthy summary of RIKEN and Dr. Takashi Tsuji’s work was just published in an online Chinese publication. There seems to be some kind of collaboration between RIKEN and ISEI Health in China’s regenerative medicine sector. Thanks to “Jan” for first posting the link. Key quotes from Dr. Tsuji below, including an implication that trials already started:

“The initial hair follicle regeneration clinical trial invested about 500 million yen. If the results are confirmed, I want to spend an additional 1 billion to 1.5 billion yen to gradually increase the number of trials.

“Cost is about 50 million yen until the first 100 people. If it becomes 10,000, it will be reduced to 25 million yen, and after that, it will be reduced to 15 million yen. The more users there are, the more likely the cost is. reduce.”

February 11, 2021

I have never written a fundraising related post on this blog before. I have encouraged readers to donate small amounts in order to send people to major hair loss conferences twice. However, those fundraising goals amounted to just several thousand USD.

Several days ago, we learnt that Dr. Takashi Tsuji and his hair loss cure project was still progressing. Although he split from commercial partner Organ Technologies in 2020, his RIKEN (Rikagaku Kenkyūjo) team’s research continues to thrive. Next stop is clinical hair regeneration.

RIKEN Fundraising

However, the hair loss and teeth regeneration work from RIKEN now needs private funding.

“The team is seeking 500 million yen ($4.8 million) in donations from companies and individuals. The money will be used not only for clinical testing on the safety of the hair transplant technology, but also for other trials, such as regenerating teeth.”

  • In FY 2018, RIKEN received only 37 donations for a total of approximately 8 million yen. Equivalent to $76,000 at current exchange rates.
  • In FY 2019, RIKEN received 380 donations for a total of 25 million yen. Equivalent to just $240,000 at current exchange rates.

I wrote to the RIKEN team and suggested their using GoFundMe or contacting Allergan for investment. The latter has invested in 5 hair loss companies in recent years. In 2019, Allergan gave $25 million to Exicure, along with potential milestone payments of $265 million. RIKEN only needs $4.8 million.

Surprisingly, RIKEN replied to me right away. They were interested in my introducing them to the Allergan team, so I will need to figure that one out! More importantly, they said that they have created the below two links for those who want to donate:

Update: I have asked them to add a Paypal option. Hope they do so, as I prefer that option over paying by credit card. Someone on Twitter has also asked them to be more transparent by posting total funds raised to date information.

I later also asked RIKEN about approaching locally based Aderans. Their response was as follows:

“Aderans is a partner of hair diagnostic project but not hair follicle regeneration. I would like to meet a new partner of the hair regeneration for clinical application in human.”


If you do donate to this cause, please note that the chances of any particular hair loss cure coming to realization are always abysmal. We have been disappointed over and over again for decades. I also doubt that private donations will get them more than $1 million, although I hope I am wrong.

I would suggest that the only reason to donate would be to support the overall goals of RIKEN when it comes to regenerative medicine. The implications of this work go across all of human biology. Not just hair and teeth.

Japan’s declining and aging population means that the country leads the world in anti-aging research. So these funds could indirectly benefit all of humanity. Clinical trials in Japan also proceed faster than anywhere else in the developed world. Especially when it comes to autologous regenerative medicine.

Of related interest, 10 of the 50 oldest living people in the world as of today are Japanese. That list is based on proven birth records. At the same time, Japan’s population has declined for 9 straight years, and a likely 10 straight years when new data is released.

RIKEN Tweets
RIKEN Tweets from February 11, 2021. Their hair multiplication works in human cells too.

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  1. Just an idea, similar to crowd-funding: you define a single funding-amount, for example USD 1.000. Then you need 4.800 funders for the full amount. Could also be 100 for 48.000 funders.

    Every funder gets the advantage of having the treatment before regular people – if it’s successful. Normally you get a voucher or a discount for the funded product, here it’s just a (possible) privilege. The risk is that the trial fails and you loose the money.

    1. Well, people can chose to donate securely via Riken’s official website. they have designated a section of donations to regenerative medicine. Would I would like to see is more transparency. For example, they can show the amount that has been donated similar to a gofundme donation bar.

      1. FYI — see the recent two RIKEN Tweets at the bottom of the post. We were going back and forth with the mice v/s humans…looks like they are confident that this new research works in humans too.

        1. Admin, i was absolutely shocked to see that. Its not quite clear if they have used a human to human approach. Im assuming they are deeming it a safe protocol from clean animal tests (as seen in their latest study). Though, they wouldn’t proceed with clinical trials if they didn’t think it was safe for humans.

          With that being said raising 4.8 million from a public funding campaign will not be easy. Especially when they can take on one of the many hair loss players in Japan. Its only been one day since their publication so we will wait and see what develops.

  2. Wow, Admin Riken has shown openness to partnering with Allergan. I really wonder why they have not considered Aderans. Thats a big task you are now dealt with. I wonder if Allergan is aware of Dr. Tsuji’s research.

    Thanks for spreading the awareness about this. If only every person suffering with Alopecia in the world could donate a couple of cents.

  3. Wow I like the transparency and the communication this is amazing! You don’t see that with other players. I’ll donate soon. I wish I was a multi millionaire I would fund it all lol.

  4. I guess it’s good that it’s only 4.8million that’s not alot I was thinking like 10million+ they can easily get an investor.

    1. The lower amount also makes me trust them more. Moreover, Riken seems as trustworthy as any organization can get. Otherwise, I would not have written this post so fast.

      The Japanese need regenerative medicine more than any country based on their high life expectancy and shrinking young population to support the old. A double whammy.

      1. All Japan has to do is increase its birthrate through natural means. I would rather have more high I.Q people than the opposite.

  5. Admin, how about you get into consulting those research-companies on how to fund and connect with the players. Pull the strings and so.

    I mean, you would be 100 % suitable for the job!

    After all the work you’ve done and hope you‘ve given I would want you to be the first to have a new treatment. Hell, I would even start a crowd-funding for you to have the treatment.

    1. Hah thanks Ben! This is the only work that I have done in my adult life where I had passion to continue for so many years. So not usually a chore.

      Last year’s Tsuji/Organ news was depressing, but this year has seen a great start.

      1. Whats funny Admin is we know we have some diamond hands in here. Maybe we need to work this within this site and the reddit forum to get some funding . Sure 3 quarters of the 9 mil are balding. Lol.

  6. Admin. Get in contact with Elon Musk somehow. 4.8mil would be pocket change to him. (Didn’t he have a hair transplant too?) Mention Tsuji will give him new teeth as a reward. Call him out on YouTube like Nandi Bushell did to Dave Grohl recently. Tell him to stop with all the exploding rockets, ugly cars, etc, cut back on the pot, and concentrate on this hair loss sh*t instead. ;-)

  7. That actually good they not looking for invesment.

    Invesment mean the price of the treatment would be high.

    When riken control the price they can make it low as they want.

  8. not sure how this is positive. They need like 4-5 mn usd…which is nothing, a rounding error for a real pharma co. If they can’t find that from what I thought was a breakthrough in hair restoration, then I definitely overhyped this in my head.

    1. As onlookers, we are only speculating at the moment. Just days ago, we thought Tsuji’s team was done for good. Now they have proven safety in humans.

      The 4.8 mill is going to be used for small scale human trials, as laid out on the document they produced on Riken’s site. You can see that they don’t require extensive money for what they are planning to do. Not every form of research requires hundred of millions of dollars. All they figuratively have to do is transplant a few cloned hairs onto human skin and monitor it for a certain time frame.

      They have not formally made plans to produce a marketable item like stemsontx, so it makes sense to be publically funded. They also clearly expressed that Riken is not as interested in providing them with large funding due to it being a cosmetic issue.

      1. And this is where StemsonTx is far ahead. They set up a company very early on, got the funding several times, they have a CEO and not just a CTO: they have the clear goal to market their technology.

        With Allergan and Fortunis on board there’s also pressure timewise – this won’t be an eternal R&D venture like Rapunzel, Hairclone or Follica.

        Although I think RIKEN is superior, if not far superior from a science standpoint. I mean, StemsonTx work is (partly) based on Tsuji‘s iPSc 2016 paper and is even referenced by them. Unique is their proprietory technology/patent in terms of cultivation/amplification/transplantation.

  9. If people could put a down payment on this as a future treatment, they’d have 4 million in a few hours, $100 billion in a few days, haha. : P

    I like that the project is named “Regenerative Medicine for Everyone”. Reminds me of the Oprah meme, only it’s “You get hair! You get hair! Everybody gets hair!!!”

    BUUUT… the donation duration timeline is Feb. 2021 to Mar. 2024 which sucks if they’re really planning on spending another three years doing basic research.

    I will support them by offering up myself as a lab rat. I can begin injections tomorrow Admin, let them know I’m ready. Thanks!

  10. Hey Admin keep up the great work! I was wondering if it would be a bad idea to get a hair transplant in the next 2 years let’s say. Would that harm/damage the chance of being a viable candidate for hair cloning (when it becomes affordable in the next 10 years), since you’re extracting hair follicles? Or would it not matter because the cloning process requires very few follicles so a transplant won’t effect that in the long run? Thanks

    1. I would go for a hair-transplant, but only after Riken and StemsonTx trials are positive – so let’s say wait another year and see how they are progressing.

      Because then you don’t have to calculate the transplant with future hairloss in mind. The next procedure then could be made with cell-cloning.

      Remember that a cloning-technology is still years away and might be very expensive.

      1. Thanks my man! I don’t have severe balding but I have noticed my hair wasn’t what it once was, so I’m waiting after I finish school and see if I would still need one and continue on minoxidil and start on breezula after the transplant (fin. gave me bad side effects). But I don’t want to exhaust my donor zone because I heard that you only need a few follicles for cloning to work. Tsuji’s is unaffordable with it being $250K+ but if StemsonTX offers it for much cheaper I will go for that obviously but if not I want to maintain what I have for 8/9 years until it’s affordable for the average consumer.

        1. I do not like to advise people on getting or not getting a hair transplant. In the event that you do, just do a lot of research and make sure to pick a quality surgeon. And make sure to see at least several of his/her past patients in real life.

          1. Thank you, I was just wondering if you think that a transplant would ruin the chances of hair cloning because of the disruption of the follicles? Or do you think that the transplant won’t affect the ability to have hair cloning done? Thanks

  11. At $4.8 Million I guess they’ll be testing less than 13 people. Assuming a market price of $380k per treatment :)

    My bald head would love for this to work. I wish I could invest rather than donate. RIKEN to the moon? lol

  12. Hey everyone, I dont wanna be too negative but in my personal opinion this dr. tsuji thing stinks to high heaven. They didnt give any particular feedback on when they would start human trials in phase I again or how exactly they made any progress. I think this tsuji guy is a total hoax who’s just gonna take the money and run!

    1. In Japan, scientists are treated to high standards. There was a suicide at Riken when a biologist faced some backlash for zealous claims he made. Riken would never allow a scam to happen in there institution.

  13. Isn’t Tsuji the guy who wants to charge 100-300k per treatment? So, by donating you will make him a rich guy if the treatment works and you don’t get anything in return unless you can pay 100-300k for a treatment.

  14. If they have a solid legit working solution to hairloss and it has a potential to be the cure….then they shouldn’t have an issue raising the money needed to fund their trials. If they struggle to get investors then you have your answer early on. If tsuji needs crowd funding to start trials then I place them in the same boat as hairclone.
    And for the poster who said cots has been in the game for 20 years and hasn’t released anything…well tsuji has been in the game for 7 years now and following the same footsteps as cots and worst, not even a preclinical human trial. I see tsuji passing the 20 yr mark…only time will tell.

    1. With crowdfunding, Riken has to answer to no-one. With investors, their hands are tied and they have to keep providing regular updates. Most likely, the investors may also want Riken to add select staff, board members etc. And they might also make key decisions (e.g., tell Riken to focus on teeth first, since almost everyone loses or damages them throughout life).

      I am guessing that after Organ did not work out, Riken/Tsuji prefer crowdfunding. But they also seem to ok with at least trying to approach Allergan.

      If Riken was not so reputable, I would have considered this a potential scam.


  15. Hahaha TJ..that’s 25 yrs of experience lol. Yes it’s a long time I agree and we should have had something out by now. Just dont go glamorize tsuji or these other companies just yet because they are following the same pattern.

    Admin I see your point on crowdfunding but my gut tells me this is a bad sign. Allergen just shelves treatments so I hope they dont go that route. Aderans is shady. There has to be another Japanese company that can give them 4M.

    1. mjones I understand were you’re coming from because hair cloning wouldn’t really help you because you’re a low Norwood same with yoda. so Follica would probably be more of help to you and LITTLE yoda ;) lol jk yoda

  16. Hey Admin, i am very glad that you Are on contact with RIKEN. You know that Riken is in a Joint Venture For commercialization of Takashi Tsujis hair regeneration with Giant company KYOCERA which already developed successfully a device for hair multiplication.

    Can you please ask them why Kyocera doesn’t invest the 4,8mio $ in the technology? Otherwise the efforts of Kyocera in developing this device would have been worthless

      1. Hey Karl, if you have a responsive Kyocera contact, feel free to e-mail me their info and I will e-mail them no problem. Riken not answering such questions right now :-(

  17. Admin.
    Can you double check with them regarding GoFundMe?

    They are much more likely to raise money that way. For obvious reasons (transparency, motivation, millenials.)

    Let’s not downplay the importance for the HL community to encourage research notwithstanding the odds.

  18. they will get funding. the product is way too hot to sit on the shelf. SWORD-financing would be better than gofundme.

    good work

  19. That New RNAi Therapy they should have done a mouse that had minoxidil and another mouse with topical Finasteride. So we could also see those differences.

  20. How many celebs are out there obsessed with their hair and go through several transplants and systems just like us? Lebron James for example. It should be super easy to get money raised by these famous people, they want a cure just as much as we do. We need to reach out to them!

  21. Greyghost1864 is here. I could list out 50 products over the last 28 years claiming a miracle is coming….its just 5 years away…hold tight

    My bet is as I read above from one comment that they had some sort of bad news..

    My personal outlook is 4.8 million to retire….

    Cheers fellas….

  22. Admin thank you for all your work truly informational . May I ask you for any updates from histogen? This is the month they release there trial data .

  23. Gosh it’s a strange ol’ world!

    First up, massive massive kudos to Admin for pro-active positivity and being a conduit! You, sir, are a legend.

    It does seem so very strange to be in this situation, however.

    Here we have something with mind-blowing global potential, with untold wealth awaiting success; we have the science seemingly proven, the obstacles well documented and seemingly overcome, we have the Japanese government apparently determined to establish Japan as THE epicenter for regenerative medicine; we have fancy dedicated headquarters; we had a timeline to commercialisation… we had all these things in place, and though stuff happens, and the best laid plans can fall apart of course, etc, we’re now … crowdfunding?

    5M’s chump change for a government or institution or cashed up human, really, and it beggars belief something that looks to be on the sharp edge of changing the game for the future of medicine, worldwide, is now in the hands of … geez … us?

    When an outfit that has routinely ignored requests from Admin for interview / information for years now gets back to him quick smart looking for a link to Aderans, well it really does speak to an operation with limited options and not a lot on the table.

    Not the end of the world, of course, and it does feel like something is close, and not taking anything away from the brilliance of the science, and I get that here we are, but… you have to admit, and scratch your head (you know, that particularly itchy spot just to the side of the crown)… it’s a strange, strange ol’ thing!

    1. Thanks! Regarding Aderans, I did ask them two days ago, and this was their reply:

      “Aderans is a partner of hair diagnostic project but not hair follicle regeneration. I would like to meet a new partner of the hair regeneration for clinical application in human.”

      I have also asked them to add a Paypal donation option. I would prefer to use that myself.

  24. admin,

    you can now write history. In the beginning this was just a blog for hair loss victims with mental disorders. But now you can actually change the world.

    I would do it myself, but with your side you have a better reputation.

    Companies you need to contact for Tsuji:

    – Allergan
    – Shiseido
    – Bayer
    – Co.don (Germany, regenerative medicine)
    – Johnson & Johnson

    and even more.

    1. “Hair loss victims with mental disorders” nice. being at a nw5 I don’t think it’s a mental disorder, my pain is justified.

  25. Here is a question…What about topical finasteride to lower dht. However, with fin, your scalp DHT will go up bc a surplus of test not being converted to DHT. Would topical, instead of oral deal with that. Also, would Ru deal with that. Has anyone done a stack like that? Just thinking outside the box.

  26. Japantimes “Tsuji’s team plans to culture hair follicles taken from those with the condition using a method it developed in 2007“ 2007?

  27. @admin

    Scientific Reports is part of Nature, but doesn’t have same impact factor like Nature. Plus, it is open-access paper.

    Why Tsuji didn’t publish this work in journals with much higher impact factor?

      1. @admin

        Maybe, but Scientific Reports doesn’t have very high credibility among scientific community, and complain that sometimes Scientific Reports accept very poor reviewed papers. I don’t want to believe it is the same with Dr.Tsuji.

  28. Hey admin,

    Are you able to contact Samumed to find out when they will be publishing their Phase 3 data?

    Although their earlier trial results weren’t spectacular, they did demonstrate some good regrowth in high NW patients. Maybe in combination with Finasteride that will help us maintain long enough to hold out for Riken or Stemson, who are currently lighting up the end of the tunnel?

  29. Hey admin I have an idea. Email the CEO of Stemson

    Email address.

    Think about it, kyoceras technology is complete, and if the two r&d teams come together and combine research it seems better than two failed solutions. I think giving it your all and failing with a good chance of succeeding is better than both failing from lack of resources. Email him and see if they’d be open to a partnership and introduction to aderans. Maybe they combine equity if the clinical trials are successful. Let Riken know and give them that email

    1. I e-mailed him last week, and he had already seen the Riken paper. He had not seen the Asahi article regarding the funding request and found that interesting. I am sure he will figure out if its is worth partnering with Tsuji (or funding them) or going at it alone.

      Regarding Aderans, see what I wrote about them in the post.

      1. I did, aderans is the maker of botox, which is arguably one of the most profitable medical advances humans have created that and viagra. It makes sense they wanna go after hair. After all romaine makes a billion dollars in profit every year, and I think propecia made 400 million every year. If they can do a 50/0 equity split that would be crazy. after all there was that email with Kyocera saying they finished making the manufacturing equipment but were waiting on organ technologies to wrap up for a launch.

    2. My god this is naive, I‘m sorry.

      Riken is Japanese territory with gigantic players in MedTech/BioTech. I really don’t think Allergan will break into Japan for many various reasons. But it’s not impossible, if RIKEN really struggles to find an investor – they might think about it. I personally always thought that Shiseido would be perfect for Tsuji, their projects are rather embarrassing (Replicel).

      Another reason is that Allergan is already bigly invested in hairloss-cures: Stemson, Exicure, Pelage come to mind (I think there are others too). I doubt they would invest in another cell-therapy.

      And why would you want to fuse Stemson and RIKEN together – after all these are 2 completely different approaches.

      Last but not least: it’s highly important to have competition! If Riken competes against Stemson for a cell-treatment, that’s the best that could happen to us! We need a race for the cure.

      1. Have to agree with this, it’s nonsensical to expect Tsuji/Stemson to form a partnership for various reasons.

        HairClone and Tsuji could potentially be a good partnership, although HairClone couldn’t fund it – they have a great links within the industry and have experienced players such as Paul Kemp. Add to that, the combination of knowledge and the potential to have the treatment not just release early in Japan, but potentially also in the UK to help funding ongoing.

        That’d the ideal partnership imo, people expecting Allergan are going to be disappointed, Allergan is now owned by AbbVie, it’s highly unlikely (imo) that they’re going to invest in another hair cloning project, even though its ready for clinical trials.

        1. Thanks for your comment.

          Although I always thought that Paul Kemp is a highly competent and respected scientist, I am more and more convinced he will never bring a product to the market.

          In 2016, when asked, a commercialization was near, maybe even 2018. In 2018 it was 2019, final stages. In 2019 it was rather clear that he will bring Hairclone to market in 2020. Then came Corona, of course everything was out of schedule, but 2021 is still possible. He received additional funds from the state (due to Corona-crisis), something like 700.000 GBP to sustain his project. Well now here we are, it’s 2021, nothing at all.

          Again, I think his science is solid, but he always refused big money and wanted to be independent and walk his way. I doubt it will work out, given the fact how many millions Stemson and Riken need and already spend for their ventures.

  30. OK I just watched an interview with Dr alexey terskihk from stemson therapeutics on the ISHRS youtube channel where Dr terskihk clearly states that stemsons hair cloning will not be available for another 3 to 5 years but most likely more than 5 years away. That’s akexey terskihk exact words. May I ask what do you and others think of that? Thanks to anyone who replies.

    1. nobody knows these things at the moment but stemson and tsuji have been halted by funding limitations at the moment

      1. That’s not true.

        Stemson got a „multi-million“ investment in 2019 by Allergan.

        And another 7.5 million investment from Fortunis just in autumn 2020.

        They are well-funded and are clearly aiming for human trials.

        Tsuji is true, but the investment-request is just one week old. I‘m fairly optimistic for them.

        1. 7.5 million was simply seed funding. It won’t get stemson far with their large board of director (pay scale) and preclinical research.

          They recently requested 15 million for series A which will propel another preclinical experiment forward

          1. Well and the term „seed-funding“ makes it anymore less valuable? It doesn’t matter at this stage if series A or B or IPO.

            That’s huge money my friend and will secure the mission!

            What ist the other preclinical experiment? Never heard of this.

            1. Well they issued a document stating they needed 15 million to proceed with experiments in pigs. So that means the 7.5 million was not enough

    2. That interview was part of discussions already in here.

      There’s nothing really new. Terskikh said 3 to 4 years until commercialisation. This is a reasonable timeline.

      We only have to wait for human trials, which were originally planned for 2021. If they proceed with a Britain-release, this might come true, as Britain has special laws for this.

      1. Ben you are spreading misinformation because it’s not clear whether cell therapies will pass under UKs specials. Don’t count Riken out


  31. At least he didn’t say 10 years. But 3 to 4 more years that’s long. But maybe if tsuji gets funding and gets back on the track and starts human trials shows it’s safe and releases to the public maybe stemson will feel the pressure like another user mentioned but who knows.

  32. Admin It pisses me off that these clown hair transplant doctors that say hair multiplication what tsuji and stemson are doing is 10+ years away and then they partner with hairclone the British company hyping there product/company up! It’s basically replicel with another name, the only thing hairclone has going for them is the banking that’s it.

    1. Wouldn’t be so sure about that Woofy. Although it’s not going to cause formation of new follicles, its looking like a solid treatment for those who cant take 5ar inhibitors.

      Combine it with KY in the future and it could potentially regrow follicles. (This is speculation based on the current science)

  33. Do you know this?


    The study shows that even in people who have had severe hair loss for a long time, hair can be reactivated with previously available remedies. The patents for the treatment have all expired. The drugs are very cheap as generics. One possibility would be to reactivate the hair with this combination therapy and then hold it with a local finasteride lotion until the CRISPR/Cas system makes it genetically possible to deactivate the DHT receptors at the hair roots. A combination with ketoconazole, low level laser (LLLT) and microneedling would probably be even more effective. However, these three additional treatment options were not part of the above-mentioned study. RIKEN with its new hair roots would then only be needed in cases where the hair roots had been destroyed, for example, by an accident (burn). A hair transplant would therefore be superfluous in most cases.

  34. It seems to me that if they can’t make money with a definitive cure they try to make money trying to cure it … it all makes me throw up

  35. FYI — A reader got the below response from Kyocera in December 2020:

    “Thank you very much for your inquiry regarding the joint research project with RIKEN and Organ Technologies. The joint research agreement with RIKEN and Organ Technologies on “Treatment of alopecia by hair follicle organ regeneration” ended in March 2018. In the meantime, our company had completed the development of hair follicle cell processing technology. Our company had planned to consider commercialization based on the results of clinical research and experiments led by Organ Technologies, but as Organ Technologies decided to give up clinical research and experiments this time, our company decided to postpone the commercialization of hair follicle regeneration as of now.”

    1. Incredible reportings admin.

      So its now even more clear that Kyrocera and Tsujis research have become distanced, due to previous business-related fallouts. Kyrocera seems to have stated that they will be available if Tsujis team can somehow find a new approach to bring their tech to the market, as a reliable cell processing company.

      One can not dismiss Tsujis team for calling on donations. this will only help things as they inevitably find a partner.

      Admin would are your opinions on a possible Healios and Riken collaboration? Both are Japanese companies and have stronghold in the regenerative field.

    1. woofy97 what are your thoughts on hair cloning coming to market (regardless of the price) in the next 5-10 years? why do you have so much hope in follica, like me?

  36. Balding teen I don’t really have much hope in follica they have been in trials for 20 years. They are not really on my radar and they don’t have potential for dramatic jaw dropping results. If tsuji and stemson can move quick and get it to us then that’s great.

    1. @woofy97 exactly follica has nothing like histogen there isn’t no company on follicle thoughts timeline of products that will yield great growth. Other than Dr tsuji and stemsons but stemsons isn’t coming out until after 2030 let’s be realistic here and UK hairclone has nothing either and tissuse is a joke RCH-01 is not better than minoxidil so what much do we have nothing really just microneedling after 20 years of hair loss research there’s really nothing to show for it honestly. Tell me what you guys think please thanks.

    1. Thanks Woofy97. Ralph Wiggum posted it earlier too, but both comments went to spam initially. I happened to check that folder by chance. FYI — in future, please let me know if you post a link containing comment and it does not show up for 24 hrs.

  37. Admin did you hear about the Bayer Receptor Antibody and the test I’m stumptailed macaques? The phase 1 results seemed extremely positive. Regrowing hair on 9 out of 11 monkeys, results lasted after stopping the testing for months after.

  38. If their research shows that their method really works why have they been reduced to crowdfund for trials.
    Surely, if the science backs their claims, then why aren’t big pharma companies lining up to fund the trials? As it isn’t happening, we can only know that these companies know something that hasn’t been publicized.
    Just trying to save you guys some money!!

  39. Hey Admin, I’d really get onto Tsuji about Allergan. The Stemson CEO during the Fortunis talk apparently revealed that Allergan offered to buy them out after seeing their pre-clinical data but they rejected. Allergan are clearly hungry for a hair cloning technology.

  40. Reach out to Trump for donations. He could win re-election if he promises a cure for hair loss. GAHA – Grow America Hair Again 2024!

    1. Well, he had four years to do something on this issue, but there was nothing. A big zero. Trump looks after himself; and only himself. And it’s obvious he doesn’t read anything, so I doubt he is even aware of what’s happening in the hair World. Fortunately, it’s a big World and there are lots of companies out there that realise there are very big bucks to be made by the first one to really provide a cure. Not just another rub on ointment that might keep things at bay for a year or two, but something grounded in real cell biology: my money is on Stemson and L’Oreal. And after 35 years of waiting, we may at last see it within ten years.

      1. Yea, but even Trump takes Propecea®, so he’s at least aware of the problem. The only cure that I see is having hair follicles that are resistant to DHT – which would either require some sort of gene editing technology or hair cloning. I had a FUT done with Dr. Cooley about 7 months ago (plus exosomes) – for my personal needs. FUT was recommended due to it’s higher rate of graft survival and because there’s a chance I may need further procedures in the future (which would be FUE). If hair cloning was possible then I would have gotten a massive FUE as I wouldn’t have had to/have to worry about exhausting my donor supply.

          1. Well, having all these hairs on my hairline and crown was satisfying to see for the first week post-op, then there was the dreaded shed. Now at 7 months things are starting to take shape…full results aren’t expected until 12 months post-op. My hairline already looks much better than it did, and in retrospect so does the crown. But I’m still waiting on the crown to fill in more as I can still see my scalp shining through in some areas. Supposedly the crown can take the longest to fill in due to it’s large surface area and the non-linear pattern of hair growth. But Dr Cooley advised that it was unrealistic to achieve full density in the crown. Interestingly the existing hair on my crown had a spurt of growth around 4 months post-op which I’m guessing may have been due to the exosomes. Depending on the results I may opt for a second exosome treatment at 12 months post-op. I’m still taking finasteride daily and topical minoxidil at night. Also drinking the Help Hair protein shake daily.

  41. I do understand why there are no new comments to this article.

    It’s just so frustrating seeing this obviously superior technology fading into an neverending academic story although it’s ready for deployment.

    Maybe Hamilton was right – Tsuji is an academic, not an entrepreneur.

    The prices are ridiculous; a technology like this cannot cost more than a good hair transplantat – this is the sole competition on the market. But how on earth would Dr. Tsuji know any pricing at all at this stage?

  42. If he’s wearing a toupee it looks pretty good. I think it’s a hair transplant though. This one guy on Instagram named hairsay514 makes very realistic hair systems for movies and TVs shows and has regular people clients too. He also wears the ones he makes.

  43. This is positive if he’s already moving forward on clinical trials. No need for pessimism here. 97% of millionaires are over 40. 45% are American, over 30 million people. There are over sixty million millionaires in the world and over two thousand billionaires. Imagining over 60 million people, it would only take tiny fractions of one percent to suffice. If a measily 100-10,000 patients are needed to tip the price tag down, the problem isn’t quantity of patients our problem is the opposite. It would be saturation and difficulty getting through the queue.

    If tsuji has that confirmation as he said with the big 3. Picture-proof, price, and release date. Problem solved. We’re waiting for confirmation.

    Tsuji and Stemson seem to be the only real players

    1. If a ‘cure’ really did eventuate…one day, I’ve often imagined how long that queue might be? Here in Oz, (where we get hit with the so-called ‘Australia tax’) I could only imagine the price coupled with that?!

    2. Most millionaires won’t be purchasing this treatment though. As you said 97% of millioniares are over 40. Most are probably married and don’t care much about their hair. And only a fraction are even bald.

      Not to mention the vast majority of millionaires aren’t actually that rich. To be a millionaire you need a NW of $1M+. That is basically anyone with a decent suburban house and a 401k they’ve been maxing for 2-3 decades.

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