RAADfest, Rapamycin, Pig Heart Transplant and New Teeth

It has been a while since I covered news from the world of anti-aging and age reversal. There has been some major media coverage in that area in recent weeks. A cure for or slowing down in human aging would obviously also benefit hair loss (and reverse grey hair).

RAADfest 2023
RAADfest 2023 key speakers. Source: Raadfest.com.

RAADfest 2023

RAADfest 2023 ran from September 7, 2023 through September 10, 2023 in Anaheim, California. It is run by the Coalition for Radical Life Extension non-profit organization, whose executive director is James Strole. The RAADfest Twitter (X) account has some updates from  the conference. Note that RAAD is an acronym for “Revolution Against Aging and Death”.

I am always interested in this unique aging reversal related conference. However, this year they did not release any video presentations from the conference on their YouTube channel. There are some short videos on the Coalition for Radical Life Extension’s Instagram.

Of most interest to me was the list of speakers at the conference. They managed to attract some of the most well known people in the worlds of biology, genetics, anti-aging and technological progress. Among these include people that I have covered on this blog several times in the past:

  1. George Church. A Harvard University based vegan scientific genius who got an F grade in a graduate school course in 1976.
  2. Bryan Johnson. Of BluePrint biohacking fame who has been everywhere in the news this year. A marketing wizard bar none and also a vegan.
  3. Aubrey de Grey, who I talked to in an airport once when our flight was delayed. You can check out all his past Reddit comments where he did some AMAs. He never misses his daily beer.
  4. Ray Kurzweil, a famous inventor and futurist who I talked to at a Singularity Summit once. Renowned for taking over 150 daily vitamin and mineral supplements.

The only anti-aging scientist celebrity that was missing is Dr. David Sinclair of NAD and NMN fame. He is also a vegan.

Among the other presenters included two I have covered in the past: BioViva’s vegetarian CEO Liz Parrish; and Sierra Sciences ultramarathon runner CEO Bill Andrews (of telomerase fame).

The 69-year old still very youthful looking life extensionist William “Bill” Faloon has been a permanent presence at RAADfest since the first edition in 2016.

Longevity Summit Dublin

On a related note, Dr. Martin O’Dea and Dr. Audrey de Grey (via his LEV foundation) are running a new conference called Longevity Summit Dublin. Their comprehensive YouTube channel contains all the speaker videos from the first edition of this conference that happened in August 2023. Among the speakers included Dr. George Church.

Rapamycin in the News

Two new videos in regards to Rapamycin (which I covered in my recent post on autophagy).

Dr. David Sinclair: 

“On and off”.

Mr. Peter Diamandis:

“I am taking 6 milligrams once a week.”

Second Ever Pig Transplant

The world’s second ever successful pig heart transplant to a human just occurred at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Wishing the very best to recipient Lawrence Faucette. The first person who successfully got a pig heart (in 2022, also at University of Maryland School of Medicine) only lived for 2 months.

Can Aging be Reversed?

The Economist (in a cover story and video  below) and BBC discussed aging reversal in detail in September 2023. As did NPR, Netflix (Blue Zones), National Geographic and more. A globally ageing population means an ever pressing need and desire for anti-aging technologies to come to fruition.

Growing New Teeth

A Japanese pharmaceutical startup named Toregem Biopharma (funded by Kyoto University) is working on a drug to stimulate the growth of new teeth. This would be a world-first. The company plans to begin clinical trials in 2024, and put the drug on the market by 2030.

Toregem Biopharma was co-founded by Dr. Katsu Takahashi, head of dentistry and oral surgery at Kitano Hospital in Osaka. In a 2021 report, he stated the following:

“The fundamental molecules responsible for tooth development have already been identified. The morphogenesis of individual teeth depends on the interactions of several molecules including BMP, or bone morphogenetic protein, and Wnt signaling,”

The team already succeeded in growing new teeth in mice in 2018. Moreover, the team also administered the drug to ferrets, which have similar baby and permanent teeth to humans. Yet again, new teeth grew in the experiment.

Interestingly, Dr. Takashi Tsuji and his team at OrganTech (Japan) are working on regenerating both teeth and hair. Previously at RIKEN, they were also working on salivary gland regeneration.

11 thoughts on “RAADfest, Rapamycin, Pig Heart Transplant and New Teeth”

  1. So the last pig heart recipient only lived for two months and this was a year ago? Hopefully this one has better results. I’m sure they’re learning each time. Good luck to the guy. Hope it works out for him.

    So we’ll be able to grow new teeth before new hair. Great.

    I haven’t heard of rapamycin. Interesting.

  2. @Lorence, LMAO, We can give you another 200 years on this planet, with beautiful chompers…but you’ll always be a NW7.

  3. Don’t get too excited, maximum life span even if aging could be eliminated is about 250 years–violence, accidents , natural disasters, *something* is going to get you.

  4. You said 250 lol. I’m exhausted to my core right now. Can’t imagine even 80 years on this planet let alone 250. No thanks. I’m just asking for hair, not eternal life.

    1. Exactly. And being super healthy till death, with aid from science if necessary. Anti-aging research coverage on this blog is primarily for hair regrowth related reasons.

  5. Honestly, the most depressing part of life that leads to the most cynicism and evil is aging and inevitable death. No one ever says it, but it’s true. Knowing death and an unattractive body are the future leads some people to give up on positivity and morality. It would be absolutely astounding if aging didn’t need to happen, but that’s honestly too much to expect in my lifetime. Still, a surprise breakthrough would be mind blowing. Let’s hope it happens soon and governments actually allow it :-) Getting old isn’t really for me.

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