Dr. George Church: The Augmented Human Being

On very rare occasions, I write posts covering biological or medical subjects and breakthroughs that are either:

a) Groundbreaking, but entirely unrelated to a hair loss cure, or:

b) Potentially related to a hair loss cure (and grey hair reversal) in the long run.

This post on Dr. George Church falls under the second category.

Dr. George Church

I have discussed Dr. George Church a few times on this blog before. In my opinion, there is a good possibility that he will be known as one of the 10-20 greatest scientists the world has ever witnessed when all is said and done. Interestingly enough, Dr. Church got an F on one of his graduate program college courses at Duke University in 1976, and he has proudly posted that letter of rejection from Duke on his current Harvard University website.

Dr. Church was adopted as a child. In his own words, he has had “early-onset health problems (insurance companies take note): heart attack, carcinoma, narcolepsy, dyslexia, pneumonia, motion sickness.

Several days ago, a new interview (more like a speech) of Dr. Church was posted on YouTube, and I was very impressed by the range of subjects that Dr. Church covers in this video. The title of this video is “The Augmented Human Being.” Hopefully, this augmentation will imply a full head of hair for all, even though that is probably the last thing that Dr. Church is thinking of when he discusses things such as CRISPR and genetic therapy in the video.

It is quite revealing that the above video only had a little under 500 views when I embedded it in this post, despite being online for two days. In sharp contrast, the one week old gorilla enclosure video now has close to 11 million views. Dr. George Church could bring back that now dead gorilla back to life, just like he will the extinct woolly mammoth.

Dr. Church is currently 61 years old, but from the looks of it, I doubt that he will retire anytime soon despite his health problems. He is a vegan dyslexic narcoleptic workaholic.

During the past few months Dr. Church has been all over the news almost every single day. Some highlights:

Aldous Huxley increasingly looks prescient.

47 thoughts on “Dr. George Church: The Augmented Human Being”

  1. Its too damn bad we have people and organizations that try to stop our medical advancements because they fear the moral and ethical repercussions. Stuff like that holds groundbreaking thinkers back, waaay back.

  2. Morality has to be suit on the social developments, not the opposit. Without development you cannot or couldnt had have a lot of values. And morality is build on this values, so its funny to see how moral aspects attack their own source, and by doing this it harms us more than it helps us.

  3. I chuckle every time someone says we are being ‘held back’ by organizations such as the FDA (if I had a dollar for every time someone said this… Kerastem and PRP treatments would be on me, everyone!). I want a cure as much as the next person, but I don’t want to use medicine that turns out to be carcinogenic after a few years – you can never predict how the human body reacts to something. Let’s not act like medical restrictions are only there to hold us back. They are there to protect us from harm, as individuals and as a society. Doesn’t mean we’re not advancing.

    1. Well of course the FDA serves an important function, the question is whether or not they’ve been granted too much discretion to the point that they do in fact stall medical progress. That’s how I would describe certain regulatory government bodies and the FDA belongs at the top of that list. It’s hard to argue otherwise. With numerous required phases for drug testing, each lasting years, it makes it extremely difficult for start-ups and smaller firms to raise the necessary capital to wait this out – even if they have the science to revolutionize a treatment protocol and help millions . The excessive red tape here makes the FDA look like a bureaucracy; they get to line their pockets due to the absurd trial lengths and ensure that big pharma companies are the ones with the capital to pursue bringing new drugs to market.

      Safety profiles shouldn’t take so long. In a country where drinking, smoking tobacco and countless other vices are the norm, I should be able to test out certain compounds with potential risks if I deem it essential or worthwhile.

      1. “…if I deem it essential or worthwhile.”
        Famous last words that came back to haunt you. YOLO.

        1. Haha, ya maybe. Should be my choice. After all, I was told there was a one percent chance of sexual disfunction on finasteride and I had aggressive ED for over a month on it. There’s nothing worse than that.

      2. I think you’re underestimating how difficult it is to see if something is really safe. The human body is incomprehensibly complex and you can never predict how it will react to new treatments. How many times has it happened in the past that something assumed safe turned out to have devastating adverse affects that only became apparent years after the date.

  4. Great post. Reversing components of cellular aging will likely encompass hair improvements so it’s win win.

      1. Md – The Admin has a BIG post coming out some time soon that is NOT new news but it helps to clarify our expectations regarding the area you mentioned. I consider it to be very positive in terms of at least some expectations.

        Also I agree with you that I would rather have my existing hair to grow back. I do not want anything clones, or cells transplanted, and I think the miniaturized hair growing is the way things are going to go.

        Everyone chides me on my timeline but I still think it will all be done before clinical trials are finished in a Phase III. There is just too much demand and I am not waiting once I know what works.

        MAT – if you show up let me know I have an informative post with LINKS that offer a lot of hope or a lot of dismal prospects. I need someone who is very well schooled to clarify technical data (from the past) or better yet I can wait until the Admin posts the information soon.

        1. Hey nasa it might take me a few more days since there are probably two other things I need to cover first due to their recency. Thanks again for the links!!

          1. You are welcome and now I will keep it all quite until you can post the information.

            In fact I would not even post anymore but at this point I do think we will have a major blockbuster announcement sometime within 1 year from now from one of the big Researchers.

            We are that close. Although treatment trials might extend years until we can actually get something.

  5. Hi nasa, I like your posts and general optimism that a treatment could be just around the corner.

    However, I don’t understand what makes you think Jaks could be it. Yes it seems to work for AA in some recorded cases, but that’s a completely different condition to AGA.

    What makes you so confident that it could work for AGA? I just don’t see it myself.

    1. Jon – Do not miss the ADMIN’s upcoming Blog Post!!!

      In fact that is why I passed the info onto the Admin since I did not want my over confidence to affect the real facts. The Admin is much more realistic when it comes to the upcoming topic that he will post about. I still say The Admin’s upcoming post will be very significant (at least that is the way I see it).

      1. If they start topical trial or studies for it this year and prove it works, would we b able to get it off label this year or next?

        1. I can’t comment on the last part since I would never want to endanger someone’s health.

          Wait for the next Blog Post it is a giant leap for AGA.

  6. I will also add this comment ADMIN.

    Your website is 1 million percent better than any of the other AGA blogs. Yours is real, with real AGA solutions being presented, and all of that fits right into your upcoming post.

    Some might not think much of it but for those who can read between the lines it literally will shake the web for AGA sufferers although for those waiting it is NOT new news just information presented in a specific way that clarifies the future of AGA treatment.

  7. NASA im a little reluctant to posses your same enthusiasm toward jak. It is in the infancy stages which means in a year from now of it works they will START the steps needed to get it approved. It will take at least another five years after that. I will be out of the game at that point and considered middle aged. This is depressing.

    1. Have you ever seen Geraldo Rivera, Robert Redford, Mick Jagger? The look great in their 70’s and 80’s. Middle Aged???

      They have guys who are 100 who have great hair. One guy had made the pictures since his hair was real black (naturally) and he still had all his hair and he looked 45 and he was really 80 years old. What in the world are you talking about? By the way I am older than you but do you think John Travolta would pass up a chance to have his old hair???

      It is coming in your life time… easily probably 2020 maybe sooner for those????

      It will be just a cream you put on every once in a while when in maintenance mode. And when you are 80 you will look 45 go it? You are lucky.

      You will want to read the Admins New Post in a few days..

      1. That’s ur opinion. The best years of ur looks r in ur 20’s n 30’s so that’s when it matters most. Sux losing hair that young

  8. I posted a bunch of articles a few months back and one of them talked about an oral supplement called integra. I buy my shampoo and a few other topical treatments from ds labs and recently found integra on their shopping website, so went ahead and ordered it today. They claim it contains astressin-b which reduces the cortisol production your adrenal glands (long term stress hormone).

    Also wanted to update on the rice bran supercritical CO2 extract. It’s been 5 weeks of continuous use at night, and I am seeing thickening on my scalp. I have not taken pictures because the full results i want to see won’t start to appear for another 2 months (and I’m not the kind of person who takes pictures of my head and posts them online). I bought some more rice bran extract from said source, and I am now adding about a spoonful to my scalp every night, after I’ve already applied minoxidil and tea tree oil.

  9. Admin have you ever thought about adding a mailing list? I’d find it much more convenient to receive an email when a new post is up. Also sometimes the comments go deep after many days and it’s a little frustrating to look for where I left off from the last time I was visiting.
    Just suggestions. Thanks admin.

    1. Hey jj thanks for the suggestions.

      Several people have in the past asked me about being notified about new posts, and than one person said that the RSS feed for my blog works and he gets notified. I have no idea how to find that out, but will try to search google for an answer soon. Perhaps there is an automatic RSS feed from this blog that I am unaware of!?

      Regarding the comments, I can’t improve the current interface, but maybe I can try Disqus at some point. Just too busy with my real job/work, but maybe I will feel like some late nights soon and improve this blog.

      1. Hi Admin,

        Here are the links for your feeds:

        For new posts:

        For new comments:

        Now you don’t have anything on your blog so users can get notified for new posts, for that you can install plugin like subscribe2 (https://wordpress.org/plugins/subscribe2/) or any other plugin and place the form on right column. It seems you have widgetized right column. so you can just drag/drop and try checking couple of plugins and keep the one you are ok with.

        Until you do that user can use third party subscriptions like here:

        So you just add the feed URL, then email and select the real time and click Feed me button. It will send you the new posts email in your inbox.

        Here is the screenshot of my inbox (no longer works).

        I would advice just to get it for new posts and not comments :) Comments comes like flood.

        Let me know if you need help setting up plugin on your site!


        1. Wow thanks PK!

          I saw https://www.hairlosscure2020.com/feed in the past, but it looked like gibberish so I did not realize its an actual feed that others can appreciate. I guess others can only appreciate it if I add the plugin.

          Will look through the rest of your comment some time this week…but if I forget please remind me.

          1. Sure Admin,

            you are doing so much and I will be happy to contribute a little.

            A plugin is much better for sure, /feed are good for the people who are little technical about RSS and knows how to get RSS to inbox. There are several ways to do so.


  10. Lol nasa is clearly referring to acclaris president talking In New York on June 8th. You’re very persistent nasa, I’ll give you that. I’m with you on the jak angle though.

    1. Forgot about Aclaris talk.

      You will want to read the Admin’s next Blog Post. Just make sure you are sitting down.

      Hope MATT shows up to digest all the technical jargon in the next Blog Post he is going to flip his out.

      1. Hey Nasa mate,

        Hat off to you and your optimism on jak.
        Is it news that every aga sufferers wanting to hear?

  11. @nasa_rs, I can wait for admin to reveal the news. Please be carefull NOT TO SPREAD FALSE HOPE!!! Looking forward to the great news<3

    1. Guys lets not get carried away by nasa_rs’ enthusiasm…I am not sure how great the news is till I read everything he sent me in detail, and it does not mean a cure will come any faster than what we hope for right now. At first glance, nasa_rs’ finding seems great…but I will know for certain only when I read it in detail.

  12. @admin, @nasas enthusiasm is a bliss but your absolutely right. Still, thank you @nasa_rs for helping out the admin, sending him links and stuff.:-)

  13. I really do not want to say right now what the whole topic is about until the Admin posts the New Blog Post in a couple of days. But others may not think much of it but I am ready to defend something that I think is extremely positive news especially those who are hoping for a lotion cure.

  14. Lotion cure hahah, that just sounds weird. I’m messing nasa, but there’s no wrongfulness in being positive about gut feelings. Containing your enthusiasm is key though. There are so many random treatments attacking different angles and everyone has a different view and opinion on each one. I was into the pgd2 angle but after trying setipiprant orally, it doesn’t impress. However, it can work for others just like most treatments. Every one is different.

    The good thing about the jak angle is that christiano claims it reawakens dormant follicles. In AA that is, but AA follicles are under a different attack for the most part. Only time will tell and like I said, try and contain your enthusiasm because every post the admin makes somehow turns into a jak argument hahaha

    We’re not going in reverse, that’s for sure. Goodluck with treatments everyone.

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