Aclaris Granted two Patents for JAK Inhibitors and Hair Loss Disorders

Aclaris Therapeutics’ latest e-mail from today morning contained a link to the following press release:

Aclaris Therapeutics Announces Issuance of Two U.S. Patents Covering JAK Inhibitors for Treating Hair Loss Disorders

Quite often, when Aclaris discusses hair loss disorders in its press releases, they only mention alopecia areata (an autoimmune disorder that is responsible for hair loss in 2 percent or so of hair loss sufferers). However, this time they specifically mention androgenetic alopeia (AGA) six different times in their press release so it was worth writing a post on this development. Around 98 percent all men who suffer from hair loss suffer from AGA.

If you are new to this subject matter, make sure to read all the past posts on this blog regarding Aclaris.

Aclaris’ Latest Patents

The two patents that were just granted to Aclaris are highly detailed and informative:

Patent Number 9,737,469 — covers the use of tofacitinib, baricitinib, ruxolitinib and decernotinib, specifically for treating androgenetic alopecia.

Patent Number 9,730,877 — covers the use of baricitinib for inducing hair growth and for treating hair loss disorders such as alopecia areata and androgenetic alopecia.

If you have time, I would encourage you to go through all the “US Patent Document” links in the upper part of the above two patent pages. Those reference documents go all the way from 1998 through 2016. If I had more time, I would search for “androgen” in all those documents and see what comes up.

153 thoughts on “Aclaris Granted two Patents for JAK Inhibitors and Hair Loss Disorders”

  1. Anyone who actually knows about this stuff care to hazard a guess as to what that might mean for a product release? Does it mean it could be soon? Or is it more just that they are still researching but want to ensure noone can get to market before them?

    1. They are most likely still researching, but these products are in the pipeline. Given that they filed patents, they will now be able to continue trials/testing without the risk of other competition, so that is awesome!

      1. I don’t think it is so awesome if that’s the case. It means they can sit on them, take their time and bring it to market when it suits them….that could be years from now if market forecasts dictate it will be better. Plus they will just totally price gouge. So…not optimistic about this.

    2. No it will nota be soon. Some jak work for some ppl with Aresta. This was release in 2015 with some great recovers almost 100%. But only with AA. We are almost in 2018…..AGA have a long long way…. First we need to have this drog on the the market to AA then we can dream about jak on AGA. Until then forgot about jak Cures….

    3. Nobody knows buddy. Did someone understand what the press relaese means ???
      I thought that Aclaris was trying tofacitinib for androgenic alopecia for 2 years ago now ????
      I will have grey hair the day someone will find a cure

  2. You can only guess what time they need to bring a product to market. But several oral JAK Inhibitors are already approved for several illnesses and we look forward to apply these as highly selective topical which altogether leads to much quicker Trials and release. Since Aclaris already started Phase 1 and 2 I would say we see a release in 3 years.

  3. The big question is does it work to grow back tons of hair ? I’m talking serious regrowth like the areata trial showed. Tired of all these claiming stuff and show nothing or 5 hairs growing in the hairline. We need treatments that grow enough to give the illusion that we aren’t balding. Not something that we have to examine a picture for an hour to see if there was regrowth aka rivertown and histogen.

  4. Whoa, re-check Rivertown’s pics..if you need a magnifying glass to see those results, then you need to see an optometrist!

    Rivertown’s results are amazing

    1. Really dude? Go back and look at the difference in lighting from before after and also look at how his hair is different color. Typical signs of scam photos and if there was growth it was minimal and it required them to alter the before after photo with those effects. I’ve seen better regrowth results from rogaine that didn’t have different colored hair to trick you in covering scalp. We need real results!

      1. @MJones what’s happened to you? You used to be such a good contributor to this group but you’ve become so negative lately. Hang in there buddy stay positive.

        1. Sorry Jay. You are right:( I’m just having a bad couple months. Hair is heading downwards and I’m just fustratrd. I just wish aclaris would show some proof that it works. A picture like they did with the AA patients. Why is it that ylthey can show proof it works for AA but AGA it has to be this secret hidden thing. Only thing I can think of is that it doesn’t work that well as we hope..

          Anywho…I’ll try and stay positive…bit for rivertown….the pictures are obviously fake for that guy. I think it’s a totally different person lol.

          Any new updates on Follicum, samumed?

    1. Yeah wait, what the heck? That looks almost too good to be true. The most recent news on their site is from 2016. I’ve sent them an email, hopefully I can shed some light on them soon.

  5. We need to see an actual result of Jak working on AGA in human males…even just one terrific result would inspire a legion of hope at this point.

  6. Any alternative to Propecia? When we don’t have any alteranative in 2017…It’s almost 2018…pathetic hair loss industry.

    1. Huge market here: New election/substitute to Propecia will be great. The market is HUGE. Millions of men with sides.

      1. There are not “millions” of men with finasteride side effects lol.

        The majority of men have never even heard of it and even when they do, won’t take it because it offers next to nothing for regrowth.

          1. I myself had finasteride side effects and had to stop taking.

            I’ve also talked to at least 10 people about it and they have not taken it even though I told them the risk is (apparently) very low. Millions might be high, but more people know about finasteride sides than you think.

          2. No, they do not.

            Stop projecting your fear of a pill to discourage newbies from taking the ONLY thing that will slow or stop their hairloss and has less than 4% side effect rate.

            The number of men that even take the drug at all (for hairloss) is probably in the single-digit millions at the absolute highest; I cannot find official numbers, but there is no shortage of market research that shows ~10% of men with AGA pursue treatment and research also that shows, time and again, that most men don’t pursue treatment because it doesn’t provide regrowth and nothing to do with “sides”. They’d rather go bald.

            That’s incomprehensible to most regulars of hairloss sites, but that’s what the facts show us.

            Sure, it CAN have nasty side effects, but the majority of propecia horror stories are straight up BS and most people who tell them can never keep their story straight. Many more men take the drug, at a higher dose, for BPH and there is no massive “ED”, brain fog, or gyno scare to be found. Correlated, there is also no internet culture built around the drug for prostate issues and also no scaremongering…

            Finasteride phobia is a crock.

            1. That Guy, I’m your father! :-) Agreed, I was on finasteride for 20 years and switched to Dutasteride two years ago. I’m 54 and have no problems getting wood (relative for a single guy my age, not coupled with the same piece of ass for many years, which in itself can cause ED) or other side effects that I’m aware of. I know many people who seem to get whatever side effects that are listed no matter how low the %, you know, the hypochondriacs!

              1. A sizeable portion of men on forums who take finasteride for hairloss are, by their own admission, single men who watch tons of pornography.

                I have literally seen guys on forums say they’re doing ‘no fap’ for porn-induced ED (somewhat of an epidemic these days) while also blaming fin for their problem…

                There is also the matter of nocebo. Just about every guy who says he has fin “sides” was aware and afraid of those side effects beforehand.

                  1. Lol there aren’t any lies on my part. I’m sorry that the truth hurts: MOST men don’t get side effects and MOST men don’t even take the drug for hairloss because they don’t care enough to do anything about it.

                    Care to cite your claim that “millions” of men have finasteride side effects? How about some hard data on how many men take the drug for hairloss?

                    According to just one source (with very similar stats echoed across the board) 87% of British men (this is just in UK) don’t know that there are scientifically proven medications for hairloss.

                    75% believe it cannot be prevented.

                    Just 20% of men are likely to LOOK UP hair restoration surgery.

                    Although the majority who have hairloss and are surveyed say they would give up sex and money for hair, the overwhelming majority do not even know propecia EXISTS, dude; and they don’t care enough to even SEARCH for treatment.

                    I’ll happily send you these sources and more for you to see for yourself, though I doubt it will change your ideological, anti-fin stance, once HLT is back up and running.

                    Most men don’t know propecia exists, most don’t care enough to even look it up, and the ones who do are not impressed by the regrowth and so they don’t take it.

                    It’s not because of the incredibly small risk of side effects — accept it.

                    1. @That_Guy: I think I should say something here. You @That_Guy is wrong, not to say very wrong. Indeed, true government institutions with the best public health professions published this warning in the United Kingdom:


                      On the other hand, another institution related to the ministry of health in New Zealand had the approval that Post Finasteride Syndrome was REAL. Besides that in many pharmacies it is no longer possible to buy it.


                      And all the scientific studies that I publish here are real: Published in magazines with a certain impact factor (I doubt you know what that is).
                      The trials will be next month, perhaps in November 2017. We’ll see what happens, but it will not go well for Propecia or Merck.
                      You bring nothing. Just nonsense. I strongly believe that the hair loss industry needs to URGENTLY IMPROVE THE AVAILABLE TREATMENTS.

                      Best regards

                      Paul Pheonix.

                    2. Paul, you just posted a link to a drug safety profile entitled “rare reports of depression and suicidal thoughts” as well as an examination of PFS, in which it stated the “Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring” only received TEN reports of.

                      Despite your disagreement with me, you’ve just posted two links that do a very good job of proving exactly what I’m saying: Finasteride side effects are rare, and the number of men who take the drug for hairloss is low.

                      Birth control is literally a higher-risk drug.

                      Stop trying to scare n00blets away from the only thing that will stop their balding just because you are afraid of it.

        1. No, wrong again, genius. The majority of men who HAVE heard of it don’t take it because they either a) don’t give a or b) are concerned with side effects.

          1. This is a rediculous arguement. There isn’t any valid data available on the percentage of balding men who know about propecia and would care to take it. The reality is there are lots of bald men out there, and if propecia was as safe and effective as its marketed to be then MPB would be far less prevalent, especially considering how vain our society has become.

            I think we can all agree that solving hair loss without blocking DHT would be better, and for good reason. Nobody wants to mess with their hormones especially male sex hormones.

            We need to stop accusing finasteride complainers as hypochondriacs, and likewise, accept that for many people finasteride results in no obvious side effects. Many people are able to cope with the cope with the large reduction of DHT, but for many others they cannot.

            I personally, that cannot cope with it. I’ve tried many times for many years at different dosages, orally vs topically. Even different DHT blockers like equol and saw palmetto but the bottom line is that for me a DHT reduction yields a reduction in male libido, erectile performance and tumescence. I’ve accepted going bald. I cut my hair short and just move on, and accept my imperfections. I’d rather be healthy with physical imperfections then to jeapordize my male sexuality to hold on to hair.

            For those that have kept their hair with propecia successfully, great! Here’s hoping something better for the rest of us. Until then, it.

  7. You have to satisfy 3 requirements to get a patent: it must be novel, not obvious, and must offer an advantage over alternatives. The advantage is normally established by showing it would be economically viable. The only concern is that there is such a huge number of AGA sufferers, even if the product only helps 1% of them, it could still be economically viable.

    1. Novel, non-obvious to one skilled in the art, useful, and reduced to practice are the requirements for a patent. There is no qualification for “better than alternatives”. There must be some data provided in the new patent, so when it is published, we will be able to see the basics of what Aclaris knows.

      1. Admin,

        All the rapid developments surrounding Aclaris during the past year, I suppose that this pharma co, knows much more than it is currently forthcoming to announce.

        The basis of my logic is as follows:

        1) Angela Christiano has already experimented and provided photographic evidence that both Tofacitinib and Ruxolitinib work wonders on AA test patients when a topical or cream solution is applied. Therefore, conversion from pill to topical form has already been created.

        2) Aclaris has bought Dr. Christiano’s I.P, and that didn’t stop the company from investing further in Confluence to aquire the rights to soft jaks (probably a liquid form of Jaks)

        3) Unlike other companies, Aclaris seems to be constantly present in the media with a pleothropy of announcements.

        4) A correlation between sonic hedgehog antagonist (which produced hair growth) and jak inhibitors is mentioned in one of the approved patents. SHA study was discontinued due to the risk of skin cancer. Yet, jaks seem able to reproduce the same positive results but at an incredibly faster rate, and no mention of cancer risks have been made so far.

        I don’t have a crystal ball, yet something in my guts keeps that something positive for us aga sufferers might be boiling.

  8. Farhan…I would suggest adding Propecia if you really want Rogaine to work it’s best. I am on Rogaine with OK results. I got some thickening and regrowrh in parts of my scalp. I got a small shed starting but nothing crazy. I would say the top of my head is better with Rogaine but it didn’t do much for my hairline. Crown is stable. Remember though I’m using Propecia with it so not sure how results would be with just rogaine.

  9. it seems every october we have a little surprise from the industry lets see what earl y christmas presents we get this year

    1. Hey mjones!!! Nope!! I don’t the situation where paul pheonix is…but i think IMHO he has some reason in what he says man…LOL. you don’t answer my questionn!! Hehehe

    2. I think Phoenix is the one who always says great blog…Newerah does not. Obviously Phoenix is the more knowledgeable one:-)

      Both seem to hate Finasteride.

    1. Not sure on others but shiseido has data come out q1 2018. Im thinking of contacting histogen to make an investment if they havent finished their round maybe i can get some info in the process.

  10. I don’t get it does the act of making the patents change jak inhibitors so that now they work on androgenic alopecia or do they still not work on androgenic alopecia like before they made the patents?

  11. @That_Guy:

    Immunohistochemical evaluation of androgen receptor and nerve structure density in human prepuce from patients with persistent sexual side effects after finasteride use for androgenetic alopecia.

    This provides the first evidence of a molecular objective difference between patients with long-term adverse sexual effects after finasteride use versus drug untreated healthy controls in certain tissues. PMID: 24959691 PMCID: PMC4069023 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0100237

    And more and more….

    1. That Guy, maybe these guys are right…possibly I’m just imagining that I haven’t had sides in the close to 25 years I’ve been on DHT inhibitors! :-) My wood, sex drive, etc are just figments of my imagination. Better yet, the pharmas, FDA, etc. should have some reporting mechanism for those who haven’t experienced sides or adverse reactions. “If you haven’t experienced side effects please call this number”! Hahaha!!

      1. I’m done engaging these people, master Yoda.

        Paul, you can link to all the studies you want that show Propecia CAN have side effects, but it’s still a strawman.

        Anyone capable of a minor degree of rational, objective thought is able to find that the numbers show that MOST men don’t take finasteride because they either don’t know it exists, or do know it exists, and don’t feel the results it offer justify taking the drug: They’d rather. go. bald.

        I know that’s shocking, but it’s the truth: most men don’t care enough about their hair and appearance to do anything about it, low regrowth is what turns most men away and not “sides”, and there are not “millions” of men with side effects.

        Peace out.

  12. “@Yoda, @That.Guy: All people knows about Finasteride. Mother of god….that’s inbelievable…hahaha…please come on….you are so naive. Please. Take care yourself @That_Guy. Neurological sides are real.

  13. The topic is JAK.

    I would think that since AA type hair loss sufferers get almost all their hair back from JAK that there is NO reason to believe that Normal Pattern Hair Loss will have any different type of result.

    It’s hope.

    But ultimately it comes down to Photos, ability to get it, Cost, and Safety. If they start Phase one trials for normal pattern hairloss then that will be a very good sign.

  14. Sleep deprivation increases 5-a-r which leads to a higher incidence of psychotic episodes in people. Finasteride has been shown to have similar effectiveness to lithium, an anti-psychotic in helping offset this risk. This is a positive side-effect that is seemingly unrelated to the drugs intended effect in AGA. Every substance will have its cons and its pros (along with dozens of unknown ones). The question even with otc drugs always is is the benefit worth the risk and that is somewhat of a matter of opinion since the patient is the one taking the risk. Regenerative medicine should be able to chnage this, as medicine moves away from the drug-based treatment model into more of a healing/cure model. I take finasteride, but I believe people should do their research before blindly following the drugmakers or doctors words like sheep to the slaughter without even doing minimal research on it. Its not just drugs either, theres been studies showing that both gaining weight/BMI and diabetes increase erectile dysfuction risk more than fin. It is a big time investment to be able to learn biology and be able to interpret studies by yourself, but it is your life and quality of life that are on the line.

  15. Paul I understand your concern of the side effects Propecia gives off but you have to agree it has saved many men from being nw7s. I myself being one of those who held on to my hair for over a decade while on the drug. I had some sides early in the first few months but they disappeared with continued use. So please stop scaring the new users on here from using Propecia because that pill can save their hair for 10 plus years and they can live a normal happy life during those years instead of watching their hair fall out in two years and bald at 24 yrs old. Now you praise future treatment…what makes you think Jak, siaheido, follica, SM, etc won’t have side effects. You are talking about cellular injections, immune changing, and scalp topicals formulas that can have side effects as well. Just wanted to say all treatments will have sides so stop blabbering about Propecia and post comments that doesn’t piss off the forum members…

    1. Yup. Dont do rogaine unless youre on fin. Minox increases 5 alpha reductase so its good in the short term due to more blood flow but bad in the long term due to minox toxicity and increased alpha reductase.

  16. Mjones I don’t have a problem with Paul badmouthing propecia. If you got bad relentless sides on it, I wouldn’t doubt that you would throw in your two cents just like you do when you praise it from time to time because it works for you. Let him be man. Put yourself in his shoes.

    1. Note the comments:

      “Pretty sad and pathetic when you cannot deal with a natural process like baldness. I guess it’s part of being the snowflake generation”

      This is why you don’t have a cure yet.

      What was that conversation I was having earlier with Paul? Something where I was saying most men don’t care, and he insisted it was side effects?

      1. I wish I could follow that Bates guy around and anytime he decided to complain about anything I’d just bring up his grandfather I could use it over and over again until he finally stfu…

        1. I always find that fallacy odd. The idea that “young people had it worse in WW2!” somehow invalidates whatever complaint you decide you think is unimportant.

          Like, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but WW2 is over, and you’re allowed to complain about things even if there aren’t bombs dropping.

          These baby boomer, early Gen Xers, and their antiquated outlook on life in general need to be gone and they need to be gone YESTERDAY.

          1. hahaha thanks for your comment in HairLossTalk. Good luck with your Propecia. Side will hit you very soon kid. Good luck again.

            1. I can continue Posting proven scientific studies that talk about the danger of taking Propecia, government warnings about the danger of taking Finasteride … And you will remain the same. Instead of struggling for better treatment. And stop arguing with me. Ok. Awesome.

          2. They best not complain about anything their entire life either cuz the bars already been set people have been tortured already. Those are the kind of guys who still think women should love them even if they are a pile, should still wear bonnets, not vote, and do all the house chores… dumb as f***

  17. Thing is most men will initially deny it. Once it has become obvious they try half-baked remedies like shampoos. Once the issue gets worse they try minox which will speed things up and when they get desperate they finally go see a doctor and start considering taking finasteride. At this point regrowth will be a lot less than if it had been taken years earlier.

        1. What are you trying to say? Propecia for ever? Please that’s not medicine. If I were you I would start taking a break from Propecia. I know what I’m talking about. Taking Propecia is not like taking candy. Boy…

          1. What I am trying to say is very simple:

            Your claim that there are “millions” of men with finasteride side effects, is a lie. Your studies and warnings about side effects; a strawman.

            Because it’s a stone-cold fact that millions don’t even pursue treatment for hairloss, as that STATS, and other reports, demonstrate.

  18. @As someone working in a pharma, I would never recommend a pill to someone with permanent use. There is no end in taking it neither anyone considers half-time of those pills. Yes I am talking not only fin but all pills. Taking it over a decade will have consequences in the long run no matter what. it will be shown either in your blood results or kidney….etc

    Humand body is so complex. my advise is unless it is life threatening, stay away from any pills for a continued use.

  19. LOL…I’m agree with pheonix…i don’t like Finasteride…why merck have lawsuits (propeci patients)…that’s embarrasing…come on…

    1. Of course you agree with PP, you guys are in sync with logic and intelligence. The FDA must be in cahoots with the conspiracy as they keep increasing the number of companies that are approved to make these drugs generically as opposed to pulling them from the market. And we all know how reckless the FDA is with getting things approved, to market…it’s called logic, reason and rational thinking guys, try it some time. Just because your terrified of these drugs, had real or imagined side effects does not mean everyone is subject to what you think, imagine, believe or experienced.

  20. Newerah you must be Paul You both write the same and sound the same.

    @Tom. I agree Paul can say what he wants but he shouldn’t tell people not to try a proven mpb treatment that works because he got sides from. He can say try at your own risk instead. Not do this whole constant scare tactic. Its stupid! I agree Propecia is archaic along with Rogaine but it’s all we have until these companies give us new treatments. Since paul think new treatments aren’t coming out because people are on Rogaine and Propecia is just silly. New stuff will come out within 2 years regardless if Propecia is still being used. Pharmaceutical companies are driven by money and they are working on better treatments that will make them more money they don’t bring out new treatments because people get sides on Propecia and we deserve better. They care about what will make them money.

  21. @Hairplz…Rogaine doesn’t increase alpha reductase…here is a study from NIH proving so…

    I think Rogaine increases shedding and might cause telogen shock or kicks out the dying follicles without replacing it with a full terminal hair but with a Rogaine vellous hair instead so i agree by itseof it wont work well but with propecia it works better. .Rogaine needs to be used with Propecia plain and simple.

    1. Minoxidil increases 17 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase and 5 alpha-reductase activity of cultured human dermal papilla cells from balding scalp.
      Sato T, et al. J Dermatol Sci. 1999.

      1. They can both be valid. I dont think they are conflicting per se. One says minox is interfering with the functionality of the androgen receptors the other is an older study just measuring the 5-a-r itself. Basically your study implies minox not only works via increased bloodflow but via this mechanism as well.

        1. Hairplz interesting. Well all I know is Rogaine is saving my crown and top but messing up my hairline. I guess it’s a trade off I have to accept. Anybody here dermaroll with success? Maybe I should get a 1.5 mm once a week roll. I hear people have been getting growth.

  22. MJ, I don’t think Rogaine is negatively affecting your hairline, it’s just not helping and nature is taking it’s course. I feel your pain!

    1. I had the same experience with minox i always thought that it was negatively affecting the top/front. Once I stopped the shedit completely stopped for weeks and was then followed by a large decrease in density. It then slowly partially regrew and shedding was back to lower seemingly permanently. Just anecdotal…

  23. My two cents. Ive been on fin for 8 years now. Im 42 and between a norwood 2 and 3. I think that without a doubt I would be an NW 7 had I never begun taking it. I’m also using dutasteride on Top of propecia.
    I don’t like the idea of having these drugs in my body for 10 years or more but I really have no other choice right now if I want to maintain my hair. If you’re only slightly losing your hair then I would suggest jumping on it for the next 2 or 3 years and ride it out until something better comes along because something better will be coming along. Have noticed some small side effects but nothing has ever kept me from being able to perform with a woman
    Give it a shot fellas. This is our only bridge between now and 2020

  24. Thanks champy. I am going to get my dht levels checked again. I’m on fin for over 10 years and Rogaine foam for about 4..but liquid for a year. Still nw2 but thinning. I’m afraid to use dut..won’t risk it. I’m just hoping something will pop up soon. I’m losing ground and it blows when we should have a better treatment after all these years using fin and min. So should I try dermarollijg or is it a waste of time?

  25. @mjones

    I will not say to use ir dont.
    Just say that dermaroling can create inflamatori on you scap and the thinning will be worst.
    We need to star realize that this BS will stay the same in the next year or more.

  26. Does dermarolling really cause inflammation ? I thought it does the opposite by reducing fibrosis and enhance absorption of topicsls

    1. Well all injuries cause inflammation. The real question is whether its effective and how exactly to do it. Never tried it myself.

  27. I tried dermastamping and rolling. I did it once or twice a week for a few months. I know thats not long, but the reason i stopped was it seemed like i was losing more hair in the days after stamping or rolling.
    Im sure i wasnt following any real protocal, but i just didnt like what i was seeing.
    Oh and it hurt like hell too

  28. Does anybody know how long it lasted between the patent of Aclaris for Alopecia Areata and the release of the product ?

    Could give us an idea of how long we have to wait for these jaks even if it could be very diffrent since it’s not the same disease.


  29. @MJones & Champpy: “Wounds, caused by trauma ……………rely on the biological phases of healing, i.e., hemostasis, inflammation, proliferation, and remodeling (HIPR). Depending on the wound type and severity, the inflammation phase begins immediately after injury and may last for an average of 7–14 days.” “One may assume that skin microneedling………that limit penetration to 1.5 mm…..would cause trauma and bleeding followed by the classical HIPR. However, this is not the case or at least the HIPR phases are significantly curtailed and healing never ends in a scar formation.” “Dunkin et al1 found that skin cuts to a depth of 0.5–0.6 mm close by electrical cell stimulation without any trace of scar tissue. Zhao et al2 reported similar effects of electrical currents on cell motility and healing. Deeper skin cuts close by “skin repair” that ultimately results in scar formation Figure 1.” If derma rolling causes pain or draws blood, you are likely not “microneedling” but causing trauma.

  30. Thanks guys. Yeah I don’t have a dermaroller. I just use a small needle and gently prick a straight line down my scalp from crown to hairline. No blood and no scar. Just enough that the Rogaine absorbs better. I can feel the Rogaine effects immediately after doing this because my heart beats a bit quicker for like a few seconds when before it never did. I don’t shed a lot. I am just noticing thinner hair and density where I apply Rogaine. So that’s why I ask if Rogaine is responsible for telogen effmuvium or increase rapid loss. The place where I don’t apply it has gotten thicker haha. It’s very weird. I know I would be worse off without it though. It did grow back hair in spots where I apply but overall those areas are thinner today than 2 yrs ago. I was losing hair in those spots slowly but it was getting noticing. Once I added Rogaine it started to rapidly recede my one temple and part of my crown. Rogaine is very complex. In the words of Paul phoenix we need new treatments. It’s 2017! Propecia is bad! 2018 new treatments! Watch and see! Haha

    1. Just going on what I have researched so far but I think the real benefit from microneedling isn’t so much the increased absorption of minox but the cellular communication resulting from the “electrical cell stimulation” Perhaps this is what Rox Anderson was referring to in his tweet: “This isn’t simply a combination product, we’re growing a new set of follicles and talking to them” Theoretically, the upper level cells in the scalp are “talking” to the follicles as a result of microneedling. Also note that you may want more than a small needle as that study says “To elicit a desired response from microneedling about two hundred needle pricks are created per cm2”

    1. no disrespect man… don’t waste your time on brotzu lotion. I think it was all hype man. I honestly thought they had something then they just went silent

  31. This is Significant News. Aclaris would not spend the time and money to get TWO Patents for JAK for Male Pattern Hairloss UNLESS they had reason to believe they could make a profit from it – a viable treatment with significant growth. Things are better today than they were before this news. Hope is building.

    1. I agree that this is great news. In addition to the money the company spent on patents, this also provides the reason Aclaris has been so quiet and cagey on the AGA subject. They would likely want to keep things subdued until they had full rights to the treatment (to avoid competition). Let’s hope that’s the case, and we now start to hear more positive news from Aclaris.

  32. If aclaris does have a winner on their hand, and its just a topically used drug, and if it really works wonders…would that put an end to tsuji and his work?
    I mean tsujis method seems a little more expensive, time consuming and complicated than just applying a daily topical.
    If aclaris could possibly get excellent regrowth, what need for tsujis method would there be?

    1. Tsuji’s work and endgoal isn’t to cure baldness, but he uses hair as a start for regenerating organs, since it’s a small organ. From there he will move up to other and bigger organs.

  33. Actually the cure would be tsuji not aclaris. Permanent hair for live and unlimited supply. You will get a full head of hair without taking drugs to keep it. I prefer tsuji over aclaris. Those Jak drugs are no joke guys. Topical may be safer but still a good risk of it internal absorption. First things let see what type of regrowth we get with jak and if tsuji can achieve his goal. Let’s not hype up and end up disappointed like always. I just don’t like how aclaris posts pics of their AA patients early on in their trials and won’t show the effectiveness of it for AGA. That seems to be the new trend aka SM and follica. It’s time these companies show us what they got ASAP! P.S. brotzu is bs…not sure why people even talk about it.

    1. interesting to say that Brotzu is bs… Based on what? Based on the fact that they don’t release pictures? Everyone other company does exactly the same and the other conpanies need investors, so I don’t know why you think that this is bs. Would br really interesting to read your explanation.

      For me it sounds way more interesting than follicas Dhurat copy of needling with minoxidil. It’s just a shame. More than a decade of silence to come up with needling and minoxidil + maybe some other ingredients but the base will be Minox and needling.

    2. What most of us may have forgotten is Tsuji said they are now capable of not only cloning follicles but controlling the breadth diameter of the follicle itself making fat bulging clones

    3. Lets wait if the jak drogs comes out to AA. I will be almost happy to sea ppl with AA be cured almost like i will to. If that happend can talk about a cure o better treatment to AGA. Is a Big if!!!!
      And remember that is not the same disease.
      The only true is that jak work for AA almost 2 year ago and nothing indicate that this come out very soon to the market to AA patients.

  34. tsuji is unlimited donor. A full head of hair. for example: if you need 15k hairs you will have and if you need 135k hairs you will have too. The baldness process will continue but you will have always hair donor. It is a total solution.
    They aim clinical trials in 2019 and market ( 2020 only japan).They have good partner (kyocera) and the money…
    admin can you take an interview with riken or dr. tsuji soon?

  35. Just shave your heads and enjoy your lives. When a cure comes out we will all know about it. I would say not before 5-7 years.

  36. I don’t believe in brotzu because nobody talks about them at dermatological or hair loss congress events. I just feel like it’s a kelopsia snake oil. I truly hope I’m wrong but and it works great but it’s at the bottom of my list .The Indian dermaroller study actual grew thick hair and they have pic. Oh one more thing Follica listed in their patent that rain can make new hair follicles gender identified aka female dht immune. So if that is the case this may be a really good thing for us.

  37. I believe brotzu will probably outclass minox since it has the aditional mechanism of action through equol. Maybe it can get to 20%? Well have to find out!

  38. Alopecia and the metabolic syndrome
    8 September 2017

    Hair loss is a common condition that affects most people at some point in their lives. It can exist as an isolated problem, or with other diseases and conditions. Androgenetic alopecia (AGA) and its association with the metabolic syndrome (MetS) has received increasing interest since 1972, when the first link between cardiovascular risk factors and hair loss was raised. We have reviewed studies concerning the relationship between alopecia and MetS. Many studies have investigated the relationship between AGA and MetS and its individual components, particularly in men, where there is a disproportionately large number supporting this association. AGA has also been associated with other metabolic-related conditions including coronary artery disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and Cushing’s syndrome, as well as several nutritional deficiencies, all of which have led to many clinicians advocating for the screening of MetS and cardiovascular risk factors in patients who present with AGA.

    1. From what I read these two patents and the treatment that will come of them offer an excellent opportunity for sufferers to obtain regrowth. The studies done at Columbia showed some pretty miraculous results ranging from 50% to 90% regrowth. Personally, I’d be happy with any amount, but I really want this to work so my son does not have to go through losing his hair. I manage fine without it, but as you all know the heartache is horrible. A couple of articles said a product could be out in two years. Who knows, my fingers are crossed but I won’t be buying a comb anytime soon.

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