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Top Hair Loss Forums in 2022

Over the years, I have frequented numerous online English language hair loss forums on a regular basis. However, sometimes I forget to visit some of the less popular ones for months at a stretch. Especially any discussion board that only focuses on hair transplants.

Some hair loss forums have also disappeared or become inactive over the years, while other newer ones often escape attention. Scroll through this entire post to see the full list. Not that I am not including newsgroups such as alt.baldspot. I am also not including  hair loss chats (mostly on Discord), of which there are many.

Top 10 Hair Loss Forums and More.
Hair loss forums (includes hair transplant sub-forums).

My biggest area of neglect in research on hair loss has been an unwillingness to frequent non-English language hair loss forums. Primarily due to laziness in going through the translation process. Moreover, many of the non-English baldness discussion boards are not very active or are limited to hair transplant forums.

I am hoping that having all the important hair loss forum links in one place in this post will encourage people to visit the non-English language message boards more frequently. Some of them are highly active and often have interesting local information that is missing in the English language hair loss forums.

I have tried to only include the most visited forums below. Note that I have not posted links to women’s hair loss forums. However, most of the below listed ones are largely unisex. Many men’s alopecia forums also have active subsections and subforums devoted to female hair loss.

Main Hair Loss Forums (English)

In the above list, there used to be a popular hair loss forum called Hairlosshelp (HLH). However, it seemed to disappear from the web around the year 2020.

Other Hair Loss and Hair Transplant Forums

Chinese Hair Loss and Hair Transplant Forums

If you have any suggestions to add to this list, please free to post them in the comments to this post.