Tocotrienol and Hair Loss

Hair loss news first:

— The same Ohio State University (OSU) doctor who amazed us recently with this breakthrough from his lab is now making claims about hair regeneration from palm tocotrienol complex. I am highly skeptical, but still willing to keep a track of his work because of the OSU affiliation. Tocotrienols are a form of vitamin E.

— Who else but “nasa_rs” notifying me that Aclaris Therapeutics finally updated their pipeline page. The most interesting part is that they now term their topical JAK inhibitor for androgenetic alopecia (AGA) as a “soft” JAK inhibitor (no surprise), and they term AGA as an “inflammatory” skin disorder. I have theorized for a while that perhaps people who have major itching and dandruff associated with their male pattern hair loss might be suffering from significant inflammation. Therefore, if topical covalently bound JAK inhibitors work for AGA, perhaps they will help those with itchy scalps much more than those without. Aclaris has also started a CEO blog on its site.

— Perhaps of even more importance, Dr. Tsuji/Kyocera/RIKEN partner Organ Technologies also updated or renewed their website (h/t Fuji Maru Kagurazaka) recently. On their hair follicle regeneration page (after translation), they state:

“We are currently pursuing research and development with a view to clinical application of hair follicle regeneration as the world’s first organ regeneration in humans in 2018”

As an aside, whatever has happened to our invaluable Japanese correspondent/informant “nosyu”? Hope he comes back some day.

— Of least significance, but nevertheless worth mentioning, Follica finally added text to the bios of some of their new team members including Dr. Dhurat.

Dr. Koray Erdogan.

— Interesting article on the travails of hair loss in UK paper Mosaic.

Androgen receptors have become an increasing area of focus in the hair loss world. A new paper on androgens and androgen receptor action in skin and hair follicles.

— Topical tofacitinib possibly promoting hair growth via VEGF growth factor induction. This is the kind of research that keeps me interested in both JAK inhibitors and platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

— Generation of iPS-derived model cells for analyses of hair shaft differentiation.

And now on to medical items of interest:

China: pig to human organ transplants two years away.

Nanoparticle drug to turn bad white fat into good brown fat. I am thinking as my next project.

Bionic lens, superhuman threefold vision.

CRISPR changes flower color. Would be great to change untanned Donald Trump into a Sudanese African. That is my political input for the year.

Coma patient communication.

Vaccine to prevent tooth decay.

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  1. Thanks Admin! Such Reports about novel developments and findings like the Palm Tocotrienol Complex, EVNol SupraBio (Excelvite) give hope for near future Treatments available at the market sooner than we all think.
    This for instance is already tested in Humans and available as oral Supplement in the market. However this Special Vitamin E is only poorly absorbed by the Body but better by topical Treatment:

  2. Great post Admin.

    More than ever, it is evident, that Aclaris are moving forward to trial (Soft) JAK’s for AGA.

    Although the breakthrough since 2015 (or 2014?), was solely related to Alopecia Aerata, we should always bear in mind the following points:

    1) Angela Christiano and her team, have discovered and tested the correlation between jak inhibitors and reversal of AA,

    2) During a particular interview with Spencer Kobren, Christiano seems to have let it slip that jak inhibitors are/could be the solution for AGA. However, she was quick to re-adjust the wording.

    3) Soon after, Aclaris (a relative new hairloss/derma company) has ventured into the hairloss pharma arena. All this coupled with a plethora of updates every so often.

    4) Aclaris has bought Christiano’s I.P, and from the initial stages, had AGA clearly manifest in their pipeline. Albeit still in pre-clinical stage.

    5) We were all aware that any jak cure or therapy, would only come in topical form. Hence, my excitement when I’ve learned that Aclaris has bought in Confluence Inc, which has developed soft jaks, possibly a topical form of jak inhibitors.

    Nothing is a proven fact to date, yet when compared to other companies, it is evident that Aclaris seems to be in a constant race against time.Considering that this company was never mentioned in the hairloss industry prior to Jak/hairloss direction, a lot of investments have been done by this company.

    Following all of the above, I sense that they must be already in the knowing as to whether jak’s is the way forward or not.

    It would be also interesting to know, whether the soft jaks type, have already been approved by FDA or not. As this would directly impact whether development would rapidly follow the trial phases.

  3. Pretty advances in the medical world! Jak technically should be the cure. Tsuji looks good and moving forward which is awesome news! We just need to know what clinical use refers to….clinical trials or actually patient use in market? Rivertown is 5 years away lol, how convenient lol

    1. @sets: No, read the article again, please. Clinical application in 2018.

      This is the best hair loss forum. GREAT BLOG.

      Paul Pheonix.

  4. @Admin, I thought the same thing regarding the interview with Dr. David Weinstein. Was impressed by his awareness and knowledge of other research in this space. Still don’t know what to think about Rivertown, but his interview increased my confidence in him/them. And usually these type interviews have the opposite effect for me. Still a ways out though.

  5. hell yes, awesome.

    ok so,
    Replicel/Shiseido makes announcement in about 4 months saying whether or not they will be available to buy 2018

    Polichem in Phase 3 finishing 2018

    Follica ???

    Tsuji starting clinicals

    Rivertown trumped up minoxidil release date 2022 LOL ..ok? whatever

  6. Rivertown is a huge disappointment considering a lot of people thought it might be immanent. Standard bloody hair loss industry.

    My experiments with Topical Citirizine, Niacin and Vit D has been mixed – loads of vellus regrowth in a pattern which would take me back to NW2…but just vellus.

    So…I’m thinking of a 4-5k graft FUE, just going to down on the frontal 2/3rds with good density and hoping to god that somebody comes out with a good treatment in the future as I lose more. Anyone any thoughts on that strategy?

    1. 5k fue is too much. I think you would look balding in the donor area. That being said if done by one of the best surgeons you would see pretty large results.

        1. Nah no doubt there that FUT is better, but I always want the option of being able to totally shave down as a worst case scenario. Plus I like to have it shaved on the back and sides anyway, so density won’t be tooo much of an issue I guess

      1. 5k fue is OK in donor I did it.

        I went with one of the best surgeons. but in no way shape or form is it a cure. urban still insecure. the bold spots don’t go. but u will bide a bit of time.

        put it this way u won’t like wind or rain any better

  7. 2018 is around the corner… I am the only crazy with tsuji team???
    the last interview was awesome. And is the end to this nightmare for all ages.

  8. Aclaris labeling hairloss as an ‘inflammatory’ disorder doesn’t make me very optimistic. You cannot just throw away the well established/tested DHT theory just like that. My chips are on hair cloning + transplant. is a cool idea, especially if they came up with a pill :) But i have cured that for myself with good old fashioned grit and hardwork. Heres the proof.

  9. By the way the other day I was walking in the park and I saw this big furry dog, and the only thought I had at that moment was why cant I borrow about 10,000 follicles from this dog, and implant on my head. Its not like his wife is going to care !!

    You know you suffer from hairloss stress when you start having thoughts like that. :)

  10. Great work and Blog, as always ADMIN. Excellent work.

    I would add, it is worth re-mentioning that Aclaris just got TWO patents for JAK for normal pattern hairloss. It shows they are serious and sounds like they are moving forward.

    As I always said, if JAK works for AA type hairloss then why not us? Too many simply just write it off as different issues. But the Admin hit it right on the head a while back when he insinuated that there was, a Inflammation Component to hairloss. Seems like the Admin hit it dead on.

    The good thing is we are not far off from knowing. Aclaris is getting close to start trials on JAK for Normal Pattern Hairloss. After about 9 months of being in Pre-Clinical stage they could have removed it but not only is it still there in pre-clinical trials but they slightly modified the wording (due to further research?). We will know very, very soon.

    And always great to hear about Dr. Tsuji, and there speedy development. Whoever gets the Treatment First for AGA should get the Nobel Peace Prize (seriously).

    Hang in there we are So, SO CLOSE…

    1. Well I hope your right but its already FDA approved so it should be here tommorow right? Thats what you said last year now we got 3 phases I dont think they will be out before follica shiseido … I doubt they will be out before tsuji even

      1. How long did it take for AA hair loss sufferers to get JAK? Not very long was it. Again, why should we be any different? Never settle for less.

  11. Well it has been know for a while that corticosteroids (steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) lead to hair regrowth. This is basically something that has been identified from a very long time ago so i would not credit or discredit aclaris for just saying its inflammatory since its a given for most of the scientific community anyways. Lack of blood supply will lead to inflammation as well too.

    1. I had a very recent and weird experience with the use of steroids. I got a breast implant infection not long ago and on top of antibiotics I was also put on steroids (prednisone). I’m a girl (obviously haha) and I started to grow A LOT of facial and body hair. I then researched online and found out it is one of the side effects and one of the the others is (scalp) hair loss :( Sounds like what would happen to someone with excessive testosterone (excessive body hair + baldness)
      I don’t think I experienced significant hair loss (aside from the hair loss I already have lol) but I was so scared I stopped the treatment.
      I then remembered my grandmother has diabetes and has to take steroids everyday and she is balding very very badly :(
      Anyway, I wonder what these drugs would do if applied topically. I really hope it does grow scalp hair when applied on scalp but I still wonder why they would cause the opposite effect when taken orally.. (At least for some people)

      1. Yes it is one of the uncommon side effects. So much we dont know on this. Wish more people would donate to scientific research in general.

    1. Would not expect much from it. The main active ingredient seems to be curcumin wich will probably give some benefits. Ive had a diet very high in saw palmetto’s actives for over 10 years and can tell you that wont make much of a difference for frontal loss hydrolyzed collagen is a joke as an active.

    1. Tsuji is unlimited cloned follicles they said they can control the size of the actual hair bulb to make it even more of a chocolate to the industry as well

  12. somehow my gut feeling says Tsuji aint gonna work… I have been around more than 10 years on these forums. started off famous Hellouser remedy threat where he advanced few NWs. good Canadian lad… desmond and all others… now it seems like they are all gone with heartbroken.
    this is just sad for all of us

    1. In theory, Tsuji’s method is the most scientifically sound i have personally come across who is actually advancing it for wider use, however there’s no doubting the big question is whether it will work on humans on a large scale and that only time can tell. HairClone has a good team behind it also so let’s hope they update us with something good too.

  13. I have a question: Do you think “Soft” Jak Innhibitor Topical will be effective to regrowth extremely miniaturized hair? I’m DUPA and all my scalp is affected by extreme miniaturization (the crown also). I will be completely bald soon and Tsuji/Replicel can’t help me because I have no healthy hair…

          1. My beard and my body hair are not very thick. Also, it’s not the same color. My hair = Chestnut/Blond, my beard and my body hair = Brown/Ginger. Ginger is very ugly.

            -Do you think Tsuji method can control density, size and color?
            -If the biopsie is on my face (beard), do you think it is dangerous for the scar? Because Tsuji need many follicle (1000?) for cloning.

            I’m not sure but I think the only future treatment for guys with no follicle is Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute. They are in the process of making new hair with IPS cells, which can be made using any adult cell in the human body. It may take some time for this method to be commercialized.

            Are you really sure Tsuji do the same thing?

            1. They can control width since they would control the amount of dermal papilla cells. More testing is needed but in theory you could take hair from anywhere and modify its width. As for color they can control as well as they have stated before they can control the proportion of melanocytes in the hair. I think the holdup right now is figuring out how to multiply the cells to begin with. Once that is craked development should be quite swift.

                1. Youre welcome. Forgot to answer on the follicle/scar. They say they can multiply each follicle they take out times 1000, so 10-20 hairs would not be a big scar, specially it they take hairs out fue style.

  14. Donatella I don’t think tsuji will fail. I don’t think he will have a treatment available in 2020…maybe 2030 available to the world. Clinical release means clinical trials. 2030 maybe be far off..2025 sounds about right. Sht rivertown mentioned release in 2022 and they are just using minox with some other stuff. I still have hopes for follica by 2018 early 19. Sisheudi sounds promising but who knows. I just wished prp and kerastem would actually show dramatic regrowth that would be the easiest solution with no downtime or daily topical hassle. But yes donatello I’ve been around just as long and it’s sad we have no new real treatments that work. It’s depressing and discouraging. It’s like the hardest condition treat and science just can’t do it ever. Freaking hair man.

  15. So.. Aclaris, Riken, and COOL

    These are my top 3 for some very good news in the next two years. Let’s hope they stay on track :-)

  16. Just came to realize Big News. On the Aclaris website they recently redesigned the product pipeline page. Now they have a Discovery tab, then Pre Clinical Trial Tab, Then Phase 1 Tab, etc.

    However, if they already have Soft JAK in Pre Clinical Trial but it is PAST the Discovery section. Then maybe that means they know it works otherwise how would it get past the Discovery Section?

    Hey hairloss news is by the year I might be overstating it due to such a slow news cycle but I could be right.

    1. This would be awesome if it’s not a scam. Unlimited donor would be a cure. I’m surprised more ht doctors haven’t worked their ass off figuring it out. This would make them rich.

    2. Interesting if true. They do mention most plucked hairs (70%) will die, but about a third will grow as a normal transplant would. Given you dont loose donor this could be great news. Cross your fingers! If true its hard to believe nobody figured it out before though.

      1. I plan to find out a bit more about this so will report back. Lots of people go to India for their high quality medical services at much lower prices than in the west. If this has a low risk profile then I’m likely to give this a proper try as worst case I’ll lose some money along he way but hey I’ll make a holiday out of it :)

    3. @Jay… I got plucked hair plus Acell transplants from Dr. Cooley about 7 years ago, and it did NOT work. Dr. Cooley made detailed lengthy PowerPoint presentations back then showing plucked hairs becoming new follicles under microscope, and he claimed a 70% success rate. This would obviously be a cure. Unfortunately, ever since those impressive presentations and claims, I’ve heard nothing new on the topic. In my view, it was a failure. He succeeded at getting my money for adjunct FUT surgery though, which I assume was his plan!

      1. @Slick thanks for sharing your experience. Sorry to hear it did not work for you! I’ll be sure to ask them about the previous failures of this type of treatment and see if they have any insight. Its possible things may have progressed in the 7 years but I admit I’m an optimist in all things :).

        1. I was optimistic too! Dr. Cooley is a very good surgeon with impressive presentations on the Acell subject. Unfortunately, if his claims were legit, we’d all know by now. I recommend looking at his old “autocloning” information as a basis for comparison. I concluded that his claims were just a way to get people like me into his clinic (and then they talked me into FUT alongside the plucking.. should’ve been a red flag in hindsight). Best of luck.

          1. I’m afraid I have to agree. So I had a few emails and online chats with They are not legit, simple. I know how to spot a scam and they never answered a single simple question and it was all full on sales pitch with bs seasoning. And I always like to give something a good chance but no, just no. When I asked about the specific multiplication HT from hair plucking they gave me all the details for standard FUE vs FUT vs PRP etc. And with all the spelling mistakes on their website let’s just continue our hope where it matters. I’m still an optimist and as hard as it may seem for all of us right now, it’s up to us to manifest our own destiny. Google ‘law of attraction’ if you don’t understand what I mean. :)

            1. Jay. No worries. I understand the positivity, as perception affects reality according to some quantum physics theories. But regardless, it is good to have a healthy skepticism in the shady hairloss world (to not get taken advantage of like has happened to me several times). In any case, I’m optimistic about Aclaris, Riken, and that skin growing “COOL” company. All 3 of those could have very good news in the next year or so. In the meantime, avoid getting an FUT scar if you still can. You’ll always want the option to cut your hair short and possibly get some good SMP work (which can look natural if done right). Take care and good luck to us all.

    1. Angela Christiano? Hmmm.

      Do you think they might Finally make an announcement that JAK can treat normal pattern hairloss? If they had a major announcement I would expect her there for it.

        1. Hi nasa_rs,

          Angela Christiano, is the key speaker for AA. Yet, the three other speakers, relate to both auto-immune and inflammation issues.
          Moreover, one of the speakers has bw=een involved with jak/tofacitinib development.

          So my take, is that Aclaris is moving forward towards a breakthrough in the aga camp.

          The fact that all three speakers were previously involved with Pfizer, means that they high level professionals, who won’t shift from a mammoth like Pfizer to Aclaris, unless they can forsee a positive outcome/

            1. Aclaris has bought numerous right, patents, ip’s and Confluence inc. Basicaly, they have expanded their jak portfolio. It would be wise to note, that this company has never specifically mentioned aga in any of its media communications, except a vague reference on their pipeline.

              However, very recently, Aclaris has bought Confluence, which has developed soft jaks. Basicaly, these soft jaks could be topical versions of Janus Kinese inhibitors. Some of Confluence researchers, were previously Pfizer’s very own top brass researchers.

              The fact that the updated pipeline on Aclaris’s website shows soft jak’s as part of Confluence, could be a potential indicator that Aclaris has purposely acquired Confluence for R&D specifically for aga. Otherwise, it would be very unwise for them to invest millions of dollars just to inflate a hype.

              1. @Malcom Bingo!

                There biggest heavyweights are appearing for that upcoming Telecom. I personally believe that we will get that ground breaking announcement that all of us have been waiting for.

                Yes MJones we need photos for confirmation down the road. Although Christiano has a great reputation.

                4th of October could be our day. Yes it’s just a guess on my part but I am desperate for news. I am practically ready to give up but this year has given me hope.

                1. In all honesty, I don’t forecast any breakthrough announcements on the 4th of October. More likely, Aclaris will introduce its new lineup of top researchers and discuss the way forward for aga experimentation.

                  But my instincts tell me, that this company wouldn’t have embarked on such a massive investment in term of both capital and human resources, hadn’t they been in the know of some exciting discoveries..

  17. They better just say it works, show pics with great regrowth and say they are moving towards trials with an estimate market release date. If they don’t do any of this then they should just shut up and stop getting our hopes up with vague hints that it works for aga. It’s a yes or no answer.

  18. MJones they did change the title in the pipeline to Soft JAK for AGA. That is in itself groundbreaking.

    After all this time, 8 months, why not just pull it from the pipeline instead they re-titled it as if they are trying to Perfect it. They must know that it works why else just have it in the Pipeline especially for so long? Aclaris is not one of these tiny companies trying to make a name for itself. Its a $500 million market cap company with industry Titans involved with its research. It’s the real deal.

    I say it works. I say we might get the news Oct 4th that it works. All is my opinion.

    1. I have to correct myself.

      We probably will NOT get the big news on if Soft JAK works for AGA on Oct 4th. But regardless, they are moving forward on the research and that is good news.

      I just wish they would get going on this stuff. It either works or it does not just tell us.

  19. None of that means anything to me. Not trying to be pessimistic but realist. They showed pics of AA and amazing regrowth in preclinical if it works for AGA then need to just show us what they got. No pics then it’s the same investor funding propaganda all these companies do aka histone, SM etc.

  20. RepliCel @RepliCel

    We’ve been invited to present our recent dermatology & pattern baldness clinical trial data at the @ESDRorg meeting:

    1. The link said first half?

      “We are progressing our proprietary regenerative biology platform technology, and expect to initiate a pivotal trial in the first half of 2018”.

      1. No, you can read there: Our regenerative biology program is currently progressing into a pre-pivotal pilot optimization study expected to start in early 2018, with a pivotal trial expected to begin in the second half of 2018

        First they said the optimization study would begin immediatly with a pivotal trial first half 2018 now it they explain they will not start the optimization study immediatly but in elary 2018 and pivotal trial second half 2018. I do not trust them anymore. They are not reliable but shift their timeframe every week a bit back and this for years! So sad!

  21. Yeah that is a bit disappointing about time line delay with follica. I’m not surprised. All these companies delay delay delay. Good news however is that on that article it mentions that the new hair growth from wounding with follica approach grows thick normal terminal hair :) That is huge news! If this is 100cm2 terminal then we technically have a reasonable cure or at least game changer here. They said that they are working on compounds to enhance the hair growth. I have a feeling they want to really perfect and release a major breakthrough than just release a solution that is like 10% regrowth and that’s it. All we can do is wait. I just wish we had something a bit better than minix or fin to bridge us through. I really don’t want an fue but if ita going to take 3 to 5 years for something new to come out then I might just bite the bullet and get fue to fill in my hair line and diffuse areas.

    Have you guys heard of FUE Experts located in Madrid? They have some really good fue results on their website.

  22. It will regrow normal thick hair and not vellous. So that’s a positive. They said before 100cm2. 3x to 4x more is still good. Does that include 3x 4x more than HTs? Or just fin and min results? So many unclear answers.

      1. Remember this therapy is based on dermarolling and minox and we have not seen amazing compound results even the dhurat study had multiple wounding sessions people have been experimenting with this stuff for years and this site remains. I wouldn’t bank on this new gizmo completely changing everything but that’s up to you I’m just giving some perspective.

  23. Ok so another one bites the dust for the short term…

    Lets be clear here guys, if the pivotal trial begins in H2 2018 then there is no release of product before late 2020 at best!

    Rivertown totally flopped too, extremely disappointed in them on the back of their latest interview – target release date is around 2021, 4 years! …and even then its scalp/vertex specific – Honestly a poor showing from them, 4 more yrs to release a product which will likely be redundant by then.

    Best short term hope is Polichem with their topical Fin, Phase 3 due to end Feb ’18-

    Should keep those on the low end going for a few yrs until 2020/21 when one of the more serious options is slated for release

      1. Sorry mate, care to point out the contradictions?

        I like Folica but it aint coming before 2021 hence not short term solution/hope…

        Rivertown is a flop

        Finally, I said Polichem is finishing it’s phase 3 in Feb ’18 so its a good bet in the short term as it may well release late ’18

        That would make it a good bridging option for those low end NW, to carry them through to 2020’s when the more serious players r expected to release

        1. I agree with Mutruk, we would be looking at early 2020 at best assuming it has an usual timilime/pace. Its looking more and more the case like shiseido would be the first new treatment.

    1. All that they have left is a pivotal trial on the device…

      Which they had initially planned to start in this half of this year with a market launch in 2018. So I’d say you don’t know what you’re talking about with you’re 2020 “at best” call.

      If they start the pivotal trial in the first half of 2018, there is no reason it shouldn’t be out by the end of the year — They are very close.

      1. Bt!
        The trial is to commence in the second half of 2018.
        That means it could be released the earliest in the second half of 2019.
        2020 seems alright about RAIN’s release.
        Sorry, not sorry.

        1. Literally right on PureTech’s website, regarding Follica:

          “We are progressing our proprietary regenerative biology platform technology, and expect to initiate a pivotal trial in the first half of 2018.”

          First. Half.

          I don’t know why you guys can’t do just basic, 10 seconds worth of research to find this information instead of just saying whatever you want everyone else to believe.

          They clearly stated before that they planned to initiate their pivotal trial in this half of this year and a market release in 2018. So that’s probably about six months, give or take, from completion of that trial to market launch, meaning a late 2018 release is the “at best” based on current information.

          It’s possible they could still delay, but any available information suggests this will be out before 2020, and any reason as to why not, is nothing more than baseless speculation.

          Sorry, not sorry.

            1. @Yoda, I don’t go to the forums anymore; I just check this blog and some other feeds I have set up for anything regarding Follica or Shiseido.

              1. I don’t blame you TG, I just lurk. I’ve been fighting this crap for 35 years and have tried many different treatments over the course of that time. I probably have something valuable to add but there are too many angry douche bags, know it all’s and loons for me on the forums to contend with. This place is close to the edge but I haven’t gone over yet.

                1. Well, there’s that, but the main reason I’ve abandoned the forums is that IMO, there isn’t much worthwhile discussion to be had about anything other than Tsuji, Follica and Shiseido. Tsuji is cool, but I’m not convinced that the treatment will be a practical option for most people for a long time and I base that on their own words.

                  Anything else besides these three is so far off that I just don’t see any sense in being hyped or waiting for it unless you’re like…15 or something. If a new startup were to announce tomorrow that they had a potential cure and were going to start trials, the first phase would definitely be in the 2020s and I simply won’t wait that long; especially with the big 3 working for me and I’m still in between NW2 and 3.

                  The TissUse interview was the last straw; aside from Tsuji, there is no one else who will bring “hair cloning” any time soon.

                  So I know what I can expect in the coming years, and even my conversations there have become redundant. But as a P.S. I’ll take that user’s word for it that the trial begins in the second half of 2018; it still makes the “2021 at best” claim pretty absurd. They’ve experienced a setback of about six months from their initial planned start date, which they expected a market launch next year. So it’s pretty clear they expect the approval for the in-office not to take long. There would have to be some pretty serious setbacks for it to wind up in 2021.

                  Sorry, but I’ll take the people actually developing the product’s estimate over blog and forum posters.

                  1. You won’t take forum posters estimates to heart? What about people who know what the treatment will be before it’s announced (it’s only minox and rolling)? You know, their screen name rhymes with “poop”, they advocate rubbing unregulated Chinese chemicals on your head, work for a transplant surgeon, are good at re-posting stuff they search on Google and forum readers think he’s a god! :-)

          1. On Puretech’s website, within Follica and the ‘Expected Milestones and Timing’ tab is the following: “Our regenerative biology program is currently progressing into a pre-pivotal pilot optimization study expected to start in early 2018, with a pivotal trial expected to begin in the second half of 2018.” Second. Half.

            In previous incarnations the website wrote that pending favourable data, Follica would “plan to seek FDA clearance in 2017, with commercial release to follow as soon as 2018.”

            So, it is reasonable to factor in a year after FDA approval, before distribution—the period in which manufacturing devices, formulas, educating doctors, and market strategizing would be necessary. Follica is still in the Trial phase (1/4 Phase 2) see Pipeline chart. Let’s say a very short pivot with favourable data/FDA 2019-2020. Market 2020-2021. Pending no more delays. And depending on how fast the FDA approval paperwork process is—that alone could eat up months and months. So I personally would be very delightfully surprised to see RAIN before 2021.

            Sorry. Actually sorry. : (

            1. Thanks.
              Some people will always be just IDIOTS.
              No matter how many times have they been proven wrong, they keep acting like arrogant know-it-all, but in reality, they are just losers.

                1. But shouldn’t you acknowledge that you were incorrect and indeed Follica has been pushed back? Your very confident sounding initial posts seem to have been demonstrably wrong…

                2. I ain’t saving NO shekels.
                  I own them already, loser.

                  Keep your faith in the joke called RAIN.

                  Follica has been around since 2006.
                  Delay after delay, and all they have come up with is dermabrasion/rolling + minoxidil.
                  Even if Organ Germ Method becomes available in 2035 (wasn’t you the one who insulted those who said that a year ago?), it will be a true cure, loser.
                  But, uh, life ends when you get 40 years old, so I understand your delusional belief Follica will be effective in your case with just 3,000$.

                  Every single one of your claims have been negated thus far.
                  You are not even close to a position to call others names, loser.
                  Stop with this nonsense.
                  Just take your pills and hush.
                  You are just.

                    1. @c.miller. so sorry guy. Nothing to do here. New treatments for mpb are here. Follica is in pivotal phase 2, if you don’t know it…it’s a phase 3. Sorry. Don’t worry @that_guy: mpb will be new treatmentS better than the sh*t of propecia and minoxidil soon. GREAT!

                  1. Lol whatever. Even if it’s pushed back to the 2nd-half of next year, it’s still a six-month delay from their initial start date. Which, the expected a 2018 release upon completion. So even with the delay, the 2021 “at best” is a ridiculous claim.

                    I’m sorry that the “team” you aren’t rooting for is “winning”, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s the nearest thing to market that actually works in humans.

                    But whatever. You’re incapable of holding any sort of intellectual conversation, providing scientific examples, etc. You just throw around insults like an edgy 13-year-old; which you probably are.

                    1. See what I mean, why I choose to lurk in the shadows. My guess is my shelf life on here is limited as well.

                    2. What are you talking about?
                      How delusional can you be?
                      I said the trial was to commence in the second half of 2018, you said I had no clue.
                      Guess what?
                      I WAS RIGHT, you were wrong.
                      Stage III clinical trials, henny, last minimum 6 months.
                      That means the trial will be wrapped up in 2019.
                      It takes some time, aka months, to get FDA approval, so the earliest RAIN treatment can be released is mid-2019.
                      By 2020 it could be available in all the major cities of North America.
                      Those are not some clueless claims, betch.
                      Those are based on knowledge, YOU DON’T HAVE.

                      As for Organ Germ Method, I’m gonna be 100% for it, when I see fully functional hair on spots they had been long gone. Up until then, I ain’t in noone’s team, henny.
                      And me holding an intellectual comversation with you?
                      It’s just laughable.
                      I repeat: all your claims HAVE BEEN NEGATED.
                      Keep dreaming…

  24. Hi all. Maybe you guys and girls can shed some insight on this puretech quote from their site: “One of these studies demonstrated that skin disruption alone was safe and generates not only new hair follicles and but also terminal (visible, thick) hairs.” This can’t be skin disruption alone, right? I’ve never heard of anyone reporting back that skin disruption alone has caused gains or thickening. We know in conjunction with minoxidil it is impactfull, however alone is effective?? This has me intrigued.

    1. Tom, One of Follica’s clinical trials used disruption alone (as the control) compared to disruption with lithium gluconate. The result was that disruption alone produced as much new hair as disruption with Lithium. Also, reading thru that new link posted above by MS, it would appear that Follica’s treatment may include a topical that contains FGF9 and possibly something that enhances Regulatory T cells (Tregs) since research links regarding both are listed as support information at the bottom of the link.

      1. If disruption alone would be so great somebody would already have some promising results. I read up on a guy on a ofrum who sanded his whole scalp 5 times over 3 months until he had “pinpoint” bleeding (skin letting through small amounts of blood) and well nothing really happened. So either he was doing something wrong like you need to create small separate wound areas (wounds heal from in order of outside in to center) or using crude sandpaper somehow does not deal the right damage to the skin.

    1. Theyre prob using laser since it can be precisely optimized for the optimal depth and would have less human error and risk of injury and infection.

  25. damn it bobby! oh well Follica is still moving atleast.

    Let’s all reflect on where things were in 2010 in comparison to now. Follicabio was like some ghetto website not even in clinical trials now were closing 2.

    If you guys here a company is in phase 3 consider it successful no company is going to put forth that much capital at a dud

  26. Robert Gadimian announces that Rophe Pharma is in the process of raising the funds needed to conduct the IND-enabling studies in order to open its first IND with the FDA and initiate its first Phase 1/2 study in U.S. where RPHE-7193 will be studied head-to-head against minoxidil. The study will be designed to demonstrate clinical and statistical superiority against minoxidil.

    Read more:

  27. Interesting RPHE….only problem with this is its trying to compete with Rogaine lol. Time this gets released will 2025 and it will be an archaic treatment. Then again all these other companies are just delaying and not showing any pics so who knows maybe RPHE superior minox treatment will be the newest treatment.

  28. guys you are all focusing on the wrong thing. this is not a question of when, but it is if. if they can ever find the cure? – that we dont know. no one knows…

    I will be happy if we find the cure, i dont care if it hits the market by 2025

    1. well according to science your wrong, not trying to be the optimism police I’m a cynic about timelines but Tsuji and Alexey Terskikh have technically – according to the scientific community already proven the “cure” years ago which is a primitive word in itself in petri dish as well as mice with human skin and human hair cloned onto them. The question is when – and with Terskikh I would argue never, with Tsuji and RIKEN money.. I’m holding my breath.

      It looks like shiseido is going to be the first company on the planet to offer anything of value, I never saw that coming I thought Histogen, Follica, Brotzu, would be the first for sure. These companies only know how to delay

  29. I don’t get why everyone is so down on these other treatments that aren’t JAK, Tsuji, or Follica.

    You want LESS people studying hairloss? The big ticket items coming out sooner are going to be VERY expensive. We’re probably going to need these cheaper alternatives to bridge the gap before Tsuji is affordable to anyone.

    They have quite a number of wealthy Japanese that are more than willing to spend top dollar on Tsuji first. Then they’ll start considering letting outsiders use it. Then after all the rich outsiders, THEN the price will come down for regular guys.

    Even if Tsuji is out 2020, I’d say 2030 before it’s anywhere near the price of a modern transplant. But that’s if it really is the miracle cure they’re claiming.

    We’re going to need the cheaper/lesser alternatives like Rivertown, RPHE, Replicel, and Samumed.

  30. The video from Ohio State University applying electrical stimulation to a patch to fix tissues is pretty cool. No immunosuppressants needed also which is a plus

  31. If Tsuji has a cure, then there is no way this will stay unvailable for that long. This will spread like wildfire as the current hair restorayion industry is erradicated. There will be tremendous pressure to make this come to the US and Europe.

    It’s amazing that the Japanese are the only people that are unhypocritical when it comes to hair loss. The Tsuji gang has repeatedly said how much a real burden it can be to a person’s life and social standing. Here in the West, perhaps the most looks obsessed societies on earth, it is merely brushed aside as a vanity issue.

    Result? The japanese government, through Riken and the Tsuji lab, have invested in a cure, and they will reap benefits in the form of money, scientific reputation and public notoriety as well, helping their booming biotech sector. The US, where a baldness cure is seen as a laughing stock, will soon see itself become one as Japan holds the crown of the forst country to achieve a viable and marketable organ regeneration methodology.

    As for the deadline, I hold Dr Tsuji’s word to a higher standard than Organ Technologies who, after all, have a vested financial interest in an early release. Between a conservative scientist and the chest pumping claims of activist investor inspired PR, I’ll trust the former any day.

  32. Well one of these bammas lol better release something asap because it’s annoying waiting all these years only to be disappointed and losing more hair.

  33. Let’s get this cure out man and change millions if not billions of lives for the better. Here’s to finding the cure to alopecia for all sufferers!!!!

  34. Hey Admin,
    I don’t know if this is the right place to post this, still going through with it.
    there are these products available in India, Morr F, a combination of 5% minoxidil and 0.1% finasteride by intas pharmaceuticals and minokem F, same specifications, by alkem laboratories. Also a clinical study for the former product was available online:

    would like to hear your views for the above products based on the study?

    1. Is it a shampoo? I say this bc shampoos containing minox and fin are available….and have been. I won’t drop Dr.s names as I am sure you can find them…..but I say this because there are shampoos not ” Topical solutions ” that leave this in your head for 5-10 mins as you shower. However concerns are absorption rates. Also more than probable than not…it will go systemic as the head is not a bad gateway. For something to work it would have to in theory penetrate skin.

  35. To admin. What is toco 8? I can’t find it…however many bodybuilders have taken it. In bodybuilding forums ppl are claiming it works. I have no clue what it is. I know there are research peptides guys in the gym use for muscle. However this does not seem to be that. I seen posts in 2013 on it…but me studying for nurse practitioner I don’t have time to search unless it’s in a text I study.

    I would dwindle down the expectations of all regenerative like forms of treatments for hair loss…not saying 1 company can’t get it right…but…safety issues could arise. Also the fact thst companies at position in themselves into 2020s leaves to believe their not up in arms in the next few years…just something to think about…not saying it can’t happen.

    Thirdly…if you can get a drug classification to treat a disorder or disease…it is more highly likely to make more $$$ but get covered and tske more serious …which means peer reviews. in other words….take nizoral 2%. You need a script. Which means you need a dx code…or classification of illness or disorder of a sort. The first thing I thought with jak. If they can parlay jak drugs into a new type of coverage ( healthcare ) than just AA
    And can trest dsndruff and by default loosley treat genetically hair loss aka AGA. I am not saying that’s what will happen. However 2% nizoral has to go through those mechanisms to be prescribed . Just a thought.

    1. Toco 8 is just a tocotrienols complex (essentially just a type of Vitamin E) which has anti inflammatory effects and is proposed to be a hair loss cure. It’s be a popular myth in body building circes for a while now as it offers the panacea for guys who want to maintain really high DHT, take roids and get massive, without losing their hair.

      Not to say it won’t help, but it’s never in a million years a cure by itself. Don’t think high doses could hurt really, might as well give it a bash…

  36. John where in the articel stays that Replicel / Shiseido needs several more years to market in USA and rest of the world?

  37. @ goodbay … page 4/4

    “Buckler said the RepliCel’s technology should be available to the general public by sometime next year in Japan, though it may take several more years to see it on the market in the U.S. as clinical trials will still have to be completed here and the data submitted to the FDA,  though the 21st Century Cures Act (Cures Act) may help it along.”

  38. @admin I had an unsuccessful hairtransplant at my hairline…do you think the riken technique will work to restore my hair there? thanks!

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