Joe Tillman’s “The Mane Event” on YouTube

Hair transplant advisor and documentation pioneer Joe Tillman (who is on the once a week Bald Truth Show) now has his own show. called “The Mane Event”.

The Mane Event Livestream on The Hair Transplant Channel

The new show is a regular weekday livestream on YouTube and includes a Q&A session as well as interviews. It started last month on Joe’s “The Hair Transplant Channel“. Joe has had a crazy 10 hair transplant surgeries. Ranging from bad surgeries; to repair sessions; to crown and scar improvement surgeries; to a minor body hair transplant procedure.

After watching yesterday’s great episode 5 with Dr. Aron Nusbaum (who said that he has taken Dutasteride for the past 20 years), I am very keen to watch Joe talk with Dr. Jerry Cooley in episode 6 today (see bottom of this post).

Dr. Cooley is a pioneer in the world of hair restoration, and is always wiling to test the latest in regenerative medicine. I have covered him numerous times on this blog. Make sure to watch his 2022 interview with Dr. Robert Haber.

The livestream will occur on most weekdays at the following time:

  • 3:00 PM Pacific
  • 6:00 PM Eastern
  • 10:00 PM GMT

You can call in from North America via 1-833-563-4247.

Also check out Joe’s Instagram page.

3 thoughts on “Joe Tillman’s “The Mane Event” on YouTube”

  1. Thanks for the support, fellas. I’m looking to have all of the surgeons I work with and have highlighted on my website to be on the show soon. I’m also going to bring in special guests that are in the research side of things.

    I’m lining up some interviews for next week so be sure to subscribe to the channel and ring the bell for “all notifications”.

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