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I have discussed “The Bald Truth” show many times on this blog. The program’s hosts are Spencer Kobren and Joe Tillman. Spencer has been involved in the hair loss world for 25 years, and in 2000 even authored a book on hair loss. He is also the founder of the American Hair Loss Association.

I have covered Joe several times on this blog, and he has had an unbelievable 10 hair transplant surgeries. Ranging the gamut from bad surgeries; to repair surgeries; to crown and scar improvement surgeries; to a minor body hair transplant procedure. You can find Joe’s before and after photos and videos on his site.

I will republish this post on most Friday’s when the show is on live. The post will only remain on top for a few hours. You can click on the below embedded video to go to the actual broadcast on YouTube. Over there, I sometimes participate in the sidebar chat.

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34 thoughts on “The Bald Truth Show: Live Today”

  1. I like the show but Just wish they would bring on more scientists maybe an interview with FDA peter marks who would over see hair cloning regulation. And I’d like them to bring on Dr Rassman or plukis to talk about progress on hairy nevus.

  2. Oral minox is not a game changer. At all. It’s another method to take the same thing that’s been around forever. I’m unsure why everyone is making it out to sound so great. I’m on it. It’s no better than taking it the other ways. Another hype-up that does not deliver. Surprised? I’m not.

    1. Have you tried it? Because it was most definitely a game changer when I took it.. the fluid retention I experienced coupled with fatigue made me quit.. but if I could have, I would have taken it indefinitely.

      1. I’ve been on it for several years. NOT a game changer. I’m thinking of stopping. Pretty much does nothing for me. And the others I know that take it. Glad it works for you, though.

  3. Again, I tried oral minoxidil for about 8 months or so.. it made my hair grow like it did when I was in highschool, made it way more style-able, brought the corners and sides of my hairlines in a little bit.. but it wrecked my face with fluid and made me EXTREMELY tired all the time.

    Maybe using sublingual can fix this because of the minuscule dosage? Don’t know.

  4. I’ve been on oral minoxidil for 2 years. Started at 1 mg/day. Up to 5 mg/day now, which I take as a single pill which also contains 1 mg finasteride. Very convenient. This is through Sinclair Dermatology in Melbourne Australia.

    Before stating on the oral, I was on finasteride and rogaine (5ml) for 2yr, both of which had an effect of stopping my hair loss and regrowing some hair, but the results had plateaued. I also tried a couple of other formulations of topical minoxidil but they didn’t make much difference. However, switching to oral minoxidil, even at the initial low dosage, had an immediate effect with new hairs coming through, where the topicals hadn’t.

    Haven’t had any noticeable side effects from taking it.

    Overall, while it has thickened my hair where it was already growing, and reduced my (initially small) bald spot to the point where it just looks like a slight thinning–all great–it hasn’t added anything at the temples.

    1. Cheers for that. I’m no authority on the science of hair loss, I’m just a stupid tit from downunder who loves art and surfing, but I was surprised (naively perhaps) by some of the negative YouTube comments immediately rejecting it-comparing Stemson to Tsuji, etc. God knows what Tsuji is doing now? No offence to the fund-less doc, but he could be dancing around Kobe with a pancake on his head for all we know?! At least Stemson has got some backing. I get the frustration, anger and dispair regarding hair loss, I really do, but I can’t help feel this guy might be legit. It doesn’t feel like a another bs fundraiser for the lab-coats to live off. It gives me a speck of hope at least. It could be light years away, and even cost a bomb if it even makes it to market, but at least there is finally some momentum towards ending this wretched sh*t.

      1. Thanks! Yes very easy to get disappointed.

        The biggest problem is that most CEOs and investors prefer money over hair by too large a margin. Would be nice to get a CEO who was really obsessed with his/her own hair loss for a change. Maybe a 25 year old balding with a combover CEO.

    1. Thanks Ben! FYI — you can post in the Epibiotech post too in future if its an important development. When people search the company name on Google, that post will show up rather than this one.

  5. Thanks, admin. I’ll check it out. Can’t hurt to give it a listen. Personally though, any mention of fin or minox (how many decades have they been around and here we are, still searching for something better) and I stop listening (sometimes permanently). Old news. It’s like talking about Tylenol or Advil for a headache. We know already. Onward and upward, as they say.

      1. Yeah, I guess. But it just seems like another push to make more off of fin and minox (when they’ve made gazillions already). Maybe the different applications will produce different results but they said that with oral minox and while I know it works for some, it did nothing for me (or many others I know that took it). So it just seems like they don’t have a real cure or anything new to talk about so it’s back to the old stuff.

        The Du injections might be interesting but for all of this (topical fin too, which you can already get, I believe) they need to solve the side effect issue, which can be hefty and is likely why some/many avoid them to begin with. A large obstacle.

  6. Yep. Things move slowly in some areas. I work for a big surfing company here in OZ. They still pretty much use the same old tech from 60+ years ago-give or take some slight improvements. Fibreglass and foam or neoprene and elastine are like the Fin & Min of the surf world. Always been around-always will be. (Unless Putin pushes the button.)

  7. I don’t really follow the show anymore. It’s a good show, but I tune out when the subject of hair transplants inevitably rolls around. (However, if transplant + cloning was available today-I’d be all ears.) That being said, the best thing I ever heard on it was; “Hair loss is a cancer of the spirit”. Nothing truer was ever said about this despicable condition.

  8. Hahaha yeah its astonishing how people even find something to Talk about, there are more or less 6 topics

    Minox oral/topical
    Fin oral/topical

  9. Oral minox is indeed extremely potent at regrowing hair. But there are two problems: the product works great for 2-3 years and also your face looks like shit (dark circles, wrinkles, low quality sleep). The most effective dosage for me was 5mg/day but I had to reduce to 2.5 to limit the side effects. At some point, I will completely stop this medication… it is not a game changer, can be a relief some time, but it is not a long term viable solution.

    1. Very difficult to navigate their site, but it says at the top: “non surgical hair replacement”. Surely, Shatner wears a hair system (??). It is no secret that he has been balding since his 20s. He would have next to no hair left to transplant at age 91; and even if he did, there is no way he could achieve that coverage. His system does look very impressive and shows what is possible with modern techniques. I’m edging towards getting a system to tide me over the next ten years (hopefully not more!) before their is a real cellular cure.

  10. I sincerely believe that this page, like FT, are the two best in terms of news and advances and updates of possible solutions for those of us who suffer from the problem of alopecia, but seeing that unfortunately the news is based on a program of television is disappointing… I hope you don’t feel bad about my comment, because I understand that it’s news and you have to publish it, but it’s my opinion…

    1. Hi, please read the post. I only promote the show for a few hours each time it is on. They also promote this site. And many people really like the show, including myself :-)

      1. I visit The Bald Truth every single Friday night. It is my priority. Joe Tillman and Spencer Kobren go out of their way, as do you, to promote the absolute truth about hair transplant surgery and hair loss treatments.

        There is so much medical and treatment misinformation circulation in Social Media and on the web, thank god we have Joe Tillman, Spencer Kobren, and HLC2020 to depend upon.

        I appreciate all your hard work and long time commitment to the hair loss community.

  11. Sorry about bringing back the annoying Google Ads after several years everyone. I lost two private advertisers recently, and a third is late for renewal :-(

  12. I remember The Bald Truth first shows were on the phone, we needed to call in and just listen. I have more years on treatments and fighting this than the years before hair loss started. Spencer said back then that the cure was 5 years away.

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