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Joe Tillman’s “The Mane Event” on YouTube

Hair transplant advisor and documentation pioneer Joe Tillman (who is on the once a week Bald Truth Show) now has his own show. called “The Mane Event”.

The Mane Event Livestream on The Hair Transplant Channel

The new show is a regular weekday livestream on YouTube and includes a Q&A session as well as interviews. It started last month on Joe’s “The Hair Transplant Channel“. Joe has had a crazy 10 hair transplant surgeries. Ranging from bad surgeries; to repair sessions; to crown and scar improvement surgeries; to a minor body hair transplant procedure.

After watching yesterday’s great episode 5 with Dr. Aron Nusbaum (who said that he has taken Dutasteride for the past 20 years), I am very keen to watch Joe talk with Dr. Jerry Cooley in episode 6 today (see bottom of this post).

Dr. Cooley is a pioneer in the world of hair restoration, and is always wiling to test the latest in regenerative medicine. I have covered him numerous times on this blog. Make sure to watch his 2022 interview with Dr. Robert Haber.

The livestream will occur on most weekdays at the following time:

  • 3:00 PM Pacific
  • 6:00 PM Eastern
  • 10:00 PM GMT

You can call in from North America via 1-833-563-4247.

Also check out Joe’s Instagram page.