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Is Brian Urlacher the Machoest man to ever get a Hair Transplant?

On this blog, I have discussed celebrity hair transplants a few times before.  Among these include world renowned sportsmen who got hair transplants, including Wayne Rooney and quite possibly Lebron James.  Yesterday, out of the blue, recently retired Chicago Bears NFL linebacker Brian Urlacher “came out”.

This is quite amazing, since there are very few athletes who have as macho an image as NFL players.  Moreover, Mr. Urlacher was among the most feared players ever in the NFL and was elected to eight Pro Bowls during his career.  It is rare for a manly alpha male to admit to any kind of cosmetic surgery, but we are now living in a strange world — one in which a gold medal winning ex-Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner becomes a woman at age 65.  Another NFL player, Wes Welker, admitted to a hair transplant in 2012, but he was not exactly an intimidating athlete.

The videos below are going to greatly increase the popularity of hair transplants among men in the US.  Dr. Arthur Katona’s Restore by Katona will be the most popular hair restoration clinic in the US this year.  A lot of people think of hair transplants as pluggy and leading to a linear scar at the back.  Mr. Urlacher has pointed out how he can still shave his head with no scar at the back, and he has done a very good job at describing the FUE technique in some of his interviews.

FYI — I would say that the majority public opinion seems to be that he should have kept his bald head as is and he looked great that way. I agree with that opinion, but at the same time I am glad he got a hair transplant so that the media talks about hair loss a lot more (and angers Bill Gates in the process).