Wnt/β-catenin Signaling and other Hair News

Wnt/β-catenin Signaling

— More evidence that enhancing the β-catenin signaling pathway in dermal papilla cells allows faster and denser hair growth.

— New findings from a Stanford University (US) and A*STAR (Singapore)’s Institute of Medical Biology collaboration: Wnt/β-catenin signalling plays a critical role in hair follicle stem cell maintenance. Interesting quote:

“Compounds, particularly those which have already been established to be Wnt activators, can now be tested against cultured HFSCs to see if they do stimulate hair regrowth. The scientific community may also be able to culture HFSCs more efficiently by tweaking Wnt signalling to the optimal levels.”

Other Hair News Updates

Histogen gets $6 million funding from China and also targets the Chinese market. Also, Hairlosstalk is interviewing CEO Dr. Gail Naughton this week. Unfortunately the questions are already finalized, but its still worth a gander through this thread.

Kyocera updated its article on the biggest news of this year in the hair loss world. They plan to conduct clinical research in Japanese fiscal year 2019 and put the technology into “practical use” in 2020. Interesting quote:

“While various methods are under evaluation, Kyocera’s piezoelectric technology is of particular interest as a means of discharging small amounts of viscid cells in a precise manner during the cell processing process.”

PGD2 inhibitor Fevipiprant could be a miracle treatment for asthma. I am still hopeful that Setipiprant will be better than expected when it comes to treating hair loss. Worth listening to Kythera CEO’s interview here if you haven’t already.

— New article that covers Dr. Christiano’s company Rapunzel as well as other relevant subjects including Samumed, Vixen/Aclaris and Dr. Joseph Greco.

— New study from China: “Hair follicle and sebaceous gland “de novo” regeneration with cultured epidermal stem cells and skin-derived precursors.”

— Joe Tillman discusses his Dr. Cooley PRP treatment results. I have covered platelet-rich plasma for hair growth many times on this blog.

Healeon Medical is starting a new clinical trial in Honduras that will “evaluate the safety and efficacy of the use of a biocellular mixture of emulsified adipose-derived tissue stromal vascular fraction (AD-tSVF) and high density platelet-rich plasma concentrate (HD-PRP) as compared with adipose-derived cell-enriched SVF (AD-cSVF) + AD-tSVF and HD-PRP concentrates in treatment of androgenetic alopecia (AGA) and female pattern hair loss (FPHL).”

— Dr. Jeffrey Epstein is conducting the “first ever FDA-approved study in the US on the use of fat-derived stems cell for the treatment of hair loss in men and women.”  If you are near Miami, perhaps worth a visit.

— He says that black guys do not always pull off the bald look. I still think he pulls it off.

UK celebrity funnyman divorcee gets a hair transplant to prepare for online dating so as to not look like a thug.

And now on to medical items of interest:

— Last year I discussed the inspirational Zion Harvey after he got a double hand transplant. He had lost both his legs, both his hands and his kidney to a childhood infection. One year after his double hand transplant surgery, here is the result.

Chinese scientists to pioneer first human CRISPR trial.

— “Bio is the new digital.”  Great article from Taiwan that is a must read after translation. Boston is to biotech what Silicon Valley is to information technology. In the hair loss world, it seems like New York and San Diego are far more important than Boston,

— Two stories on aging in the Economist in the past week. Here and here.

Excellent article on human enhancement.

— At least androgens have some benefits such as telomere length extension.

Gene therapy cure with a money-back guarantee.

Peter Thiel is a fan of parabiosis.

158 thoughts on “Wnt/β-catenin Signaling and other Hair News”

  1. Hi Admin,

    Great Updates! I was wondering what your thoughts are on inflammation and immune response in attacking the hair follicles for those with AGA.

    I personally feel those with aggressive hair loss (especially when there’s a sudden onset) are susceptible to this theory. I have an inflammatory muscle condition in the ribs and whenever this area flares up I feel a weird sensation in the scalp over the next day and this ultimately leads to more hair being shed in the following days. Of course it could be nothing but a theory that seems to make sense in my personal case.

    1. I’m experimenting with this myself….Taking Niacin (vit B3) and anti histamines …going to start with Vit D soon too

    2. I also have inflammatory disease/ immune disease – psoriasis, not much but a little. It was more when I was younger. I also battle with acne flare ups. So there is something going on in my body. I recognize the weird feeling your Are talking about in the scalp! I have that sometimes too. And I shed hairs the following days!

      Admin, what are your thoughts on np96’s question?

    3. Hey np96, that has been the million dollar question when it comes to JAK inhibitors potential to treat AGA. Just do a search on “immune” on this blog via the magnifying glass on the top right and read all the resulting posts.

  2. Looking forward to something new to get excited about! Meanwhile topical fin and min is going well. Around the 6 week mark and I am noticing regrowth around temples. Anyone else having results with topical fin and minox mix? I know they are new hairs as I never had them before as a few of them are thick and white. Im brown haired so they stand out. Also I have a thickening in velours hair everyehere.

    1. There’s no reason to think that at this point, other than just spouting negativity because you’re protecting your own pessimism

  3. Another pgd2 antagonist yet we still haven’t tested kytheras drug. Doesnt make sense. Why the continued delays? Dont they want to help people now, not ten years from now??!

  4. Cheers for the update Admin, always look forward to your next post!
    Don’t like drifting away from the topic of the post but I just wanted to offer a very simple thing that I have been doing recently which I think has been working (alongside my above comment concerning niacin and Anti-histamine) Basically, I am hypothyroid and I feel there is a lot which suggests that hair loss is both an inflammatory response but also a question of metabolism. One of the best things to take to boost thyroid is Iodized salt. Basically, started to wash hair once a week with Iodized (Jodiert here in Austria) salt + olive oil about 2 months ago, and can report that I’ve seen a lot of vellus hairs developing in the last few weeks. Might be a reaction of sulfates with minox on scalp, but either way, definitely more vellus and other hair looks much healthier. Very cheap thing to try out, thought I’d give you a heads up.

  5. @GBH can you please summarize exactly what you are doing and what you feel is definitely helping your hair? I wouldn’t doubt that the thyroid can have a small role. I have been taking my temperature and im almost always low to mid 97 degrees however my nails are strong and seem to have a fast metabolism so I doubt im hypothyroid. …and of you are on minoxidil then there a strong chance that that is what is helping you as opposed to the other things you mentioned. And also whenever I take vitamin d my hair gets much worse and sheds bad fyi.

    1. Wtf am I, your doctor?
      Might be minox, though I’ve never had great results from it until I started doing using the recent approaches.
      Vit B3(niacin) to reduce inflammatory response.
      Antihistamine for hayfever and generally think it helps with MPB.
      Wash hair with salt to help scalp metabolism.
      What I’m trying, maybe im wrong but can see mild benefit. Trial and error.

  6. You have to be careful when it comes to thyroid health. I myself am Hyperthyroid and it runs in my family. I am supposed to stay away from iodine like its the plague, and have no idea what to take to help mu thyroid, other than Soy. Apparently it helps people with hyperthyroidism.

    For those of you who are hypo, you should look into rosemary oil. I read on many websites that people who are hypothyroid apply this to their scalps and it helps quite a bit with the hair thinning.

    1. I have been testing this theory out for a week now the rosemary I mean. Added it to my shampoo and also use it for aroma therapy. It is said that it increases focus and concentration also so I thought I’d test that too and actually it kinda does sometimes lol perks ya up i guess

      1. Hey thats pretty cool. Keep me updated? Id like to see if it worked on hyperthyroid thinning as well, and might give it a shot.

  7. http://www.gamenguide.com/articles/38988/20160816/baldness-cure-2016-news-update-japanese-scientists-aim-to-cure-alopecia-hair-loss-by-2020.htm

    They are developing their regenerative process and want to introduce a treatment in the market as early as 2018 for $1,000. [[- Experts at California’s Sanford-Burham Medical Research Institute are also reportedly working on similar treatments]]. Sanford-Burham are working in MPB too!! AWESOME. GREAT BLOG.

    1. From the japan times article that is cited on the one you cited (on riken):The team took out hair tissues from a patient’s normal scalp and cultivated two different cells. Regenerated follicular primordia made from the combination of the two cells were then grafted into thin hair parts of patients to increase the number of hairs.

      A follicle regeneration experiment using mice has been successful.

      This implies the product has been tested on humans. There has to be an error in translation. Or am I missing something?

  8. @Breezy

    good conclusion! I havent understood everything so far. Might someone be so kind and repeat it for me again, due to my english skills.

    Is Shisheido and replicating hair going to be a surgery or how does the treatment (apperently) look like?

    First time i read about Histogen, Riken and Follica. What is the goal here and is it going to be surgery or not?

    Thanks in advance.
    Credit to the Blog. I am from germany and looking forward to something close to a cure. Hair is still fine overall, but gets less and less, day by day. I am very positive thinking in general. My hair loss change that to be honest. Non the less, this Blog makes me feel good and gives me serious hope.

    Lets say, 1000$ as a cure for example..i would take it :)!

  9. Admin….u are on it man!! We are grateful for your dedication!!!!! This is all very positive… This is an exciting time for science in general!!!! MPB will soon be another thing that us as a people have conquered….it’s surreal that we are getting so close…. BTW is there any news on the DIY guys from Italy and thier group by of generic Brotzu Lotion?

    1. Thanks Richieron. I have not been following Brotzu lately and never visit the Italian hair loss forums…maybe I should at some point.

    2. From what I know those guys are just waiting on their lotion now, once they get it and have used it for a little while we’ll know more. Question is will we get an official response from Fidia before then?

  10. So many ways to “cure/treat” only say 1 thing. This will be all cosmetic effect in HL. Hope that maybe will big in same way that botox

  11. Is anyone here agreed that the new lineup of treatments looks very solid for going beyond maintenance and actually restoring youthful hairlines.

    Shisheido + Replicel

    At least 5 companies with positive headlines and all before 2020, hopefully. That’s only 3 years away basically.

    1. @Breezy

      For slick bald areas I think the only one of those that will hack it would be Tsuji/Riken.

      Shiseido and Follica will work better on people who still have more hair.

      I hope Brotzu’s lotion lives up to expectation though I doubt it to be honest. But it’s the closest we should hear from Fidia in the next few months or possibly weeks. We need an alternative to fin while waiting for that game changer regrowth package.

  12. Any news on the Histogen interview?
    If someone can link to it when they post, that would be greatly appreciated.

      1. Interview posting has been delayed until Tomorrow (will be released before noon)

        In the meantime, check out this cool “treatment pipeline” that HLT has put together: https://www.hairlosstalk.com/pipeline/ . Many have been asking for this, and its nice to see something finally out together. They will be updating the progress of each company as more information is released.

        Note: Currently Replicel/Shiseido, Histogen, and Follica are all listed as currently on stage three of clinical trials.

  13. @Red, cool pipeline graphics. Do we know for sure that Follica is as close to release as shown?? I belive its pure guessing and wishful thinking.

  14. Follica will most likely be released in 2018.
    I will try to participate in the clinical trail for tsuji research

  15. I like the direction HLT is going – as in building up stronger connections with the actual researchers instead of relying on the occasional press releases. I don’t know if this website Admin’s full time job, but it seems like he is also in a position to build rapport with researchers and conduct Q&A for this site as well.

      1. @paul we have all seen those pictures…what rattles me is these small investments for a huge cosmetic problem that if there was anything close to a curr would result in billions in annual revenue. So $6 million doesn’t do anything for me. A random guy from China will drop 6 million on a house in Vancouver and not think twice as an investment. I’m going back to my mind palace meow…Brotzu 2017. Tsuji 2022.

  16. The treatment regrows vellus hairs back to full terminal length for one anagen phase (2-5 years), after which the follicles will become susceptible to DHT again, which means people will have to go in for more injections/start taking fin again. It’s too bad that it’s not permanent, but 2-5 of great regrowth and maintenance could be the perfect stop gap until Tsuji’s product comes out.

    Also, if Follica can create small baby vellus hairs all over a slick bald scalp, then Histogen will bring those newly created vellus hairs into full terminal hairs. Gale basically confirms this.

    Histogen+Follica+Antiandrogen could very well give people back full heads of hair, and be a functional cure.

    This is substantial news.

    1. Or Follica + Brotzu could work well if the lotion turns the new vellus into terminals.

      By the way, regarding Follica: do we think the wounding could be performed over the entire scalp (including sides and back) in one session?

      Or would the trauma involved reduce the areas of treatment e.g. the temples or the crown? Ideally I would my whole scalp treated with this procedure to increase density right across the scalp.

  17. All good news. But it won’t be great until they actually start trials for hsc. It’s time we see things evolving and progressing to a real release. Lots of talk but no actual clinical trial 3 yet. If this is as good as Gail says and follicle can grow 100cm2 then we are seriously looking at cure like density which would be freaking awesome! Let’s see what the coming months bring.

  18. Histrogen plans to do this, Histrogen plans to do that! How about they release some evidence thats not bad combovers made by a well known hack already exposed for fraud once before.

  19. @mjones, they dont have anything…I’ll start to believe them when they stop all their empty talk and stop associating with hair loss frauds. Also, if they had this wonder product why is it so hard to get funds and investors?

    1. It hasn’t been hard. They have acquired funds and partnerships in both China and Mexico, and even turned down a partnership offer in Japan.

      Their results and reported data look very promising, and whether you want to accept it or not, that picture does show substantial regrowth with low dosage, regardless of the accused “combover” or “different angle”.

      They are on stage 3 clinical trials and are planning to release their product next year in Mexico. I’m not quite sure what more you want. I’m sorry companies are not as transparent as you would like them to be, and I understand there are grounds for pessimism, but I think you’re being a being overly pessimistic.

      As Mjones said, let’s see what the next few months bring before definitively calling something a cure or a bust.

      1. @red,
        Don’t try to reason with them. They are fair weather fans. Watching a sports game with these guys must be excruciating. I can imagine their basketball team down 5 at half and their reaction: We lost again. Only to come back and win by a 20 point blow out with them saying, “see, didn’t I tell you we would win!” Guys are going to have heart attacks based purely on their speculation. Their highs are the highest and their lows are the lowest.

        Thanks for uploading the links. I appreciate it as someone that doesn’t have all day to sit and dig for the articles.


  20. “The treatment regrows vellus hairs back to full terminal length for one anagen phase (2-5 years), after which the follicles will become susceptible to DHT again, which means people will have to go in for more injections/start taking fin again. ” (red*)

    Can someone confirm this please? Sorry, if it was answered already during the other blogs. I just started reading this one.

    So, this would be a cure for 2-5 years?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Not a cure because if your follicles are “dead” it can’t bring them back. I’d say it’s a very good treatment but will be costly for those not close to mexico

    2. https://www.hairlosstalk.com/news/new-research/histogen-hsc-interview-0816/

      It’s all in that interview that was released today.

      Gale says that the vellus follicles that are returned to terminal status will grow normally for one full anagen cycle (one anagen cycle is typically 2 to 5 years long). After which, DHT will start to act on that follicle again. So in a way, Histogen is restarting the clock on your vellus hairs.

      So yes, it sounds like this will be an excellent treatment for however long your body’s hair anagen cycles are (typically 2-5 years).

  21. I’m confused…maybe someone can clear this up. Have they ACTUALLY started phase 3? Like physically got all the participants in a lab and are injecting them or are they just still talking about it happening soon?

  22. @admin, First of all apologies for not being on topic (not sure where to place this). As a female I’m thrilled I stumbled across your site. Your articles, links and updates have rendered me far more educated about the subject than I was a couple of months ago. No offense to my sex, but the female forums I have read tend to be grim and offer little information. The larger male sites are much better, but it’s like entering a boxing ring. Brutal.

    To all the posters with respect to potential new treatments and cures not one of us has a clue beyond press releases and interviews. All of the other comments are nothing more than speculation. The accusations of comb over photographs, snake oil merchants, and frauds have been a mixture of highly amusing and depressing. And as for those of you with absolutely no scientific background, rampantly interpreting data clearly renders any researcher’s schooling or experience irrelevant. As for the hair loss players, it is wait and see. However, Gail of Histogen (snake oil merchant or not) has proved herself to be incredibly classy. Would you respond give interviews to forums that throw the amount of bile you do? Not to mention the angry, and desperate content of emails sent to her website? Me either.

    We all want our hair back, and we all want it to happen now, but ranting, bickering, and throwing insults (you posters know who you are) will not change one single thing. Here’s a suggestion, if you have nothing of value to add to admin’s posts then move on. Anything else is distracting and fluff and meaningless. If you’re right and 20 years from now nothing has changed and you’re still on this planet bald and upset I encourage you to post ‘I told you so’ loud and proud.

  23. Anywho? So if histogen only works for 2-5 years (it was kinda expected we still make dht so they would continue the process eventually) how bout Tsuji? Will his procedure ultimately do the same be okay for a couple years then continue the balding process?

    1. Pretty sure their process would be equivalent to transplanting hairs from the back of tour head ie. Immune to dht. From what I understand anyways.

      1. That’s what I’m hoping if they can get our 100 000 hair density back permanently not having injections every 2 months or whatever that’s the kind of stuff that really excites me not that all these other treatments are bad just ya know?

  24. Ok so when does phase 3 start with histogen? Tired of waiting. Is it just gonna be the standard get quiet for the next six months before we hear that they are starting to organize trial participants?

    1. I, for one, enjoy the SINGLE Histogen result picture of the guy from the top view, where the “after” photo is at a carefully selected angle as to show no identifying body or facial features that’d prove it’s the same guy as the “before” photo.

      For a company that has made great progress in a treatment for hairloss, I sure do enjoy that ONE case photo! That’s not shady at all.

      If I ran a company that made a significant advance in a hair loss treatment, I’d be sure to show only ONE male after photo from an angle that hides all physical features of the patient. After all, why show a convincing variety of photos showing real results? Mystique must be great for a company’s value.

      Does anyone know of better male Histogen result photos to put an end to my sarcasm?? Otherwise, for not being able to produce a single set of clear before and after photos (let alone dozens of consistent patient shots from the many trials), Histogen is about as good to me as Acell and plucking (Dr. Cooley slam, though he had better photographic evidence than Histogen… I had “autocloning” done with him… seemed very legit… nice PowerPoint… zero growth… cost thousands… sent my life in a worse direction for several years… my second shady hairloas surgeon to F with my life… no big deal).

      1. Exactly my feelings… Histogen is creating hype so that every one will get excited… And when they release it we all hair loss sufferers will rush and get it done… Even 20 percent of hairloss sufferers get Histogen that’s enough for them…. It might be like prp… No harm done but zero results.. You can’t even sue them for not having any results….

        1. @Farhan
          Lol. Hype? Someone from a forum contacting them and them taking the time to respond is hype? Farhan, you were saying before that they need to release something if they have something… which is exactly what they are doing. Now that they are promoting their product to get investors to do so you say they are creating hype? You prefer the companies to stay in the shadows until they have a product? (I’m looking at you Follica). Pick your poison man.

          When will you let it go Farhan and wait until they release their product before making such claims as “zero results”? You’re already wrong and the data they have provided from low doses is better than “zero results”. The funny thing is that I know you are going to be part of that 20%… hell you’d be part of the 1%. See you in Mexico in 2018 bud.

          @Slick – They have various photos and more importantly have release data. The fact that you decide to focus on just that one speaks more about you than it does about Histogen.

          1. Dude she said in the interview that they have a high end software to track the hair follicle growth.. She didn’t even update her website on years and talking about high end technology… And photos …. Those are two different guys… I mean seriously how dumb does she think people are… Tell me one thing… Why is she struggling with funds with such a good product… Look at Brotzu… Fidia bought it straight away…. Aclaris bought Jak.. People will be lining up for shares if she really had something… Come on dude.. Time will tell… They will release some thing like prp and laser max… No results

          2. Lol Farhan… What article did you read that says histogen is having trouble with funding? I know you like to go with your gut like good old George W. Bush because it… Feels right. But those wmd’s never came to fruition just like your links to back up what you say.

            Link it up or shut up.

            I’m not ready to call it for Histogen because I want to see the final study as well as a product release and that goes for the all of them. Your pessimism gets you nowhere, your outlandish claims makes you seem dense and your insistence that they are trying to fool people makes you seem naive.


          3. Ps. Their use ess model might no be dependent on being bought out. I’m glad that you are fully informed on their business strategy. They may be waiting for a full fda/ product approval to leverage a position to sell their company for much more that it would be worth in clinical trials.

            Jesus… I would never want you at the head of the company I own… Your business model is “sell sell sell!” And watch others reap the profits because you didn’t have patience. Imagine if zuckerberg sold FB in the first few years of its inception.

          4. Autocorrect messed up that first sentence horribly: their business model might not be dependent on being bought out***

          5. @Curious please send me a link to the various photos of meaningful regrowth on a man.. where you can tell it’s the same man in the before and after.

            No photos means no product.

  25. Guys,

    We need to put things into perspective. I know alot of us are devasted about losing our hair and dealing with the social stigma of being a “bald guy.” But the truth is, there are many people on this earth who suffer from diseases/conditions that would make a bald man look like a socialite by comparision. There are kids born into this world with genetic deformities that prevent them from ever being percieved as normal. Alot of them will never have a family of their own, a career or even live past adolesence. So if you are feeling down about losing your hair, just think about how lucky you are to begin with. There are alot people ouy there who wish they had what you had. Remember that.

    1. Oh, do piss off with that bullshit! Of what use is that to anyone you moron? You sound like my parents. At the end of the day, there isn’t one guy on here who isn’t totally aware that things could be so, so much worse and I’m sure, like everyone else, people on this forum are grateful that they have their health intact and whose sympathies absolutely lie with others who have worse afflictions. However, these comments just serve to induce a sense of shame that one would have the audacity to ever let the negative feelings of hair loss get to them, that it is selfish to have such worries. It’s been well documented that there are massive knock on effects of hairloss on the psyche of sufferers, the last thing anyone needs is some moral high horse prat like you with your “could be worse” comments. As if we’re not acutely aware of that?! Fyi, you’re also on a hair loss forum…a community to discuss cures for this particular affliction. If it offends your particular sense of moral order that people might really hate losing their hair and be keen to discuss industry developments, then find better ways to waste time on the internet than here you self righteous tosser.

    2. Agreed with the point to be honest.

      It will be sweet when we can nip this in the bud – but agree that if you’re allowing the problem to consume you and absorb your time, you need to adjust your perspective – will make you happier. Unless you’re working on fixing the problem, in which case it be a good – awwww, you know what, what is the use in discussing anything – you end up having to account for all nuance and BS e.g.
      – No-one is seeking to make a priority health issue or spend tax revenue on it
      – There is always a better / worse relative
      – Perhaps misplaced because this is a forum for discussing R&D – but perhaps not because where else do you have a convenient forum for reaching the target audience, some of whom might hear the message and it improve happiness and acceptance, QoL

      blah blah blah blah – this is how you should live your life, no this is the right answer, people need to hear this message if they haven’t heard it elsewhere, we should make this strictly factual, but what is a hypothesis
      I have had some SUPER AWESOME REGROWTH – you MUST TRY mustard-egg-ginseng-scalping PROTOCOL which works only with your pants and underwear around ankles. I cannot post pictures – top secret!!

      Everyone already knows all of the answers to the easy questionssss………!!!!!!


      — Please no solicitations. Admin.

  26. That hlt chart says folica are working on a wounding device to work alongside minoxidil. If that’s the case I hope there’s something special about the wounding device as the minox wounding has been done to death.

  27. @skin, to my knowledge Follica has never made any claim about using minoxidil with their procedure. Whoever made the chart are probably just guessing.

  28. Jus wondering how do they position the hairs in ht’s to look aesthetic and follow your scalps natural lean or pattern? Or I guess do they take that into consideration?

  29. 2-5 years on restarting the anagen cycle sounds good to me actually. I have tons of vellus hairs in my temporal areas and either that or a good HT will tide me over. But that is impressive, i’m guessing it will also state off hairs that are currently shrinking and make all your hairs thicker and juicer.

    1. Worrd. Same boat. Might bite the bullet and get an FUE to do me the next 5 years so I’m not gluing my hopes and dreams to these forums like a cast off from Dallas buyers club. Genuinely thinking of going against what all HT docs say and get a solid 4k grafts done, no Fin, and relying on very good treatments being released and coming down in price by the time I have further loss, say in 5-10 years

  30. @admin: u believe shiseido is for maintenance. however they keep saying they ve found the cure..

    I think at this point we dont need a broscience from mjones or spanky on what they think or why is not a cure.. rather we need to dig deep down and really learn what they are up to. Is it true or just speculation? can u try to reach out to them?


    1. That isnt coming directly from shiseido… thats some random fashiom blog thing. Gotta wait for actual statistically significant info from a reliable source.

    1. Thank you for posting on the English-speaking hair loss websites. Please let us know how well Brotzu lotion (copy) works and try and post links to photographs.

  31. @skin, okay so I guess its safe to say that the chart is worth nothing.
    God I’d give my left nut for some actual good news with a release date. Polichems topical Fin would be a good place to start:-)

    1. You can get topical Fin from several places currently..Minoxidilexpress.com being one of them.

      Will DM you my shipping address so you can send that left nut …

    2. Id say bite the bullet and try some topical fin. If you don’t want to wait there are a few on the market. Im experiencing no sides so far. Nearly 2 months in. Though despite what I said a couple of weeks ago I have had some minor shedding this past week. It’s a tiny amount and most likely falls in normal range. It’s probably just because I’m looking for it. It hasn’t noticeably effected my density. Also confusing as I’m already seeing some regrowth of almost impossibly thin hairs but they are dark. Back to the time line chart; I’m disappointed that jaks are so far down the line. They are one of the main things this year that got me back into fighting my hairloss. I had chemotherapy when I was 23 and my thick hair never came back. It thinned me out all over. Id say dropped me to 50 or 60% coverage. Slowly but surely this has been made worse by mpb(a double kick in the teeth) and my hairline is now following the expected horse shoe shape baldness on top of diffuse thinning from chemo. I’ve always wondered if my immune system taking a hit played a role in my permanent thinning. So jaks have my interest. Despite all this my hairloss has stabilised and I really dont think it’s worsened in the last 3~4 years even with no products. Minoxidil did work for me and so has fin in the past. So yeah there I was excepting my fate for a good 3 Years, shaving my head and getting on with life and now this past couple of months of amazing progress in hair loss treatment has got me back on fin and minox in a hope I can get something back as a good foundation to a better treatment.

  32. Breezy,

    Have you been to a HT clinic in Spain yet? Or are you postponing HT action just like me?! :p

    I don’t like the idea that a HT is 10 times the price of Shiseido/Replicel, if these €1000/$1000 stories are true.

    Gail Naughton already stated that HT’s are highly overprized. If 5 people would be working all working day on 1 patient for a large session, it means they have €2000 revenue per technician/analist/surgeon.

    1. why dont u book ur ticket from NL to Turkey. there are some great clinics over there and nop notch doctor. If u r considering hair transplant London, US or Turkey … there is no other destination

    2. Nope, i might consider going for a consultation next month and hoping next week i have time to speak to a dermatologist or doctor about trying topical finasteride to help with maintenance. I need to mainly repair my hairline and touch up some areas because i’m a diffuse loser.

      I feel like the HTs are super expensive, but this is a surgery.. you’re paying for the expertise, care and the quality of the design. But yeah, i think Histogen or Shisheido could provide a good alternative. Taking an injection to boost hair growth sounds like an awful idea, but after seeing some of the results so far i’m sold. $1000 is a months work for a punt and the non-surgical aspect of it is really appealing, but the problem is the travelling.. Do i want to go to Mexico or Japan to receive a treatment? I could turn it into a vacation, but i would prefer something right on my doorstep tomorrow with no complications.

  33. Ok curious dude I want to end the conversation with your bad joke that you are going to own a company some day… And I will be glad not work for you.. Cos you are literally too stupid to work for…. Out of curiosity are you Dr Gail Naughton..

    1. Uh oh. I think I struck deep with Farhan. It’s getting personal now ;)

      See you in Mexico in 2018 bud.


  34. There is currently a big trial to cure androgenic alopecia with 100 mg tablet setipiprant.
    But I can’t see any trials about topical tofaniticib or others Jak Inhibitors. Did someone have heard about something ?

    1. Topical Jak is for areata not mpb. At least the current clinical trial. They won’t start aga trial for a while..that’s why you can’t find it. See they want us to wait as long as possible for any news, trials, releases, pics for mpb. It has to be the most difficult and secretive disease to fix. Everything else like Areata, acne, eczema, solutions for those come out all the time, sht even growing vaginas is simpler than a hair follicle. One day an extra terrestrial species with millions of years of advanced science technology will land on our planet and show us how to cure mpb. It’s probably as simple as Rogaine injections in the follicle or vitamin D topical. I bet my ass it’s a very simple solution.

      1. Lol that’s a funny sump up m Jones, but Dr christano seems to believe that jak inhibitors in topical form could work for aga.
        But like you I think that we sent people on the moon, we do heart grief, we could soon cure the AIDS and today still no products just a lotion called minoxidil that you have to apply twice a day during three months just to see three small oily new hairs !

  35. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/fda-issues-safety-alert-for-popular-hair-care-product-over-hair-loss-complaints/?ref=yfp

    Not sure if anyone knows this product but please don’t order it. I know lots of women frequent this site from all over the world. Lots of women are going bald using this junk.

    The fda has the right to band any good hair loss treatment but they don’t have the right to block any bad cosmetic hair product that causes sever baldness.

    Does this make any sense??

    Histogen, sisheido, SM, Jak, Rivertown, Tsuji, FOLLICA one of these must come out and actually work extremely well!

  36. They said the picture they showed was only for a few injections low dosage for the final product they have said there will be many more.

    1. I remember reading somewhere about that and the new phase to see if higher dosage will improve the results….

      I’m hopeful and for $1k i don’t think we will see more value. Especially since after you don’t need to continue with Minoxidil/Finasteride as the people who participated in this trial would have been banned from using anything that might deviate the results. That might not be explained in the results, but it’s extremely strict the regimen which the patients need to be under. So if you can get temperal regrowth from 1 inject for $1k and good base regrowth of at least 30%-70% that sounds good. If at higher dosages or more frequent injections the results improve even more who knows, this could be a very cheap option.

        1. The cost of this seems entirely unknown and has not really been thoroughly explained. I think it’s impossible to discuss costs at this point. Even if a guestimate has been thrown out there it would be naive to conclude it as accurate.

      1. The question is whether this HSC works for areas where there is almost no visible terminal hair anymore and (probably) only invisible vellus hair.
        I say invisible because I can’t check my own crown very well to see vellus hairs.

        Because 30% regrowth from baseline is probably good when you are a diffuse thinner, but less good when you have almost complete bald areas. As 30% regrowth of 3 terminal hairs at 1cm2 at baseline only means up to 4 terminal hairs at 1cm2 after treatment. That would be deplorable.

  37. I’d love to believe that Histogen works as much as anyone on here, but as if the single combover pic wasn’t bad enough, I just can’t get past the Ziering connection.

  38. @Tofacitinib Lotion, Im with you! Imo its pretty unbelievable that so many ppl is so hyped about them when its so f***ing obvious that they are full of crap *cough deep denial*. I hope that I’ll have to come here 1 day and say; sorry Histrogen really talked the truth……

    1. The thing is, is that most of us are skeptical of histogen. But we aren’t in the side of conspiracy theories either.

      We’re not the ones losing our hair over histogen ;) take a look in the mirror. Or better yet go and look at the comments. I haven’t seen one person say “histogen is the cure” but there have been plenty that have said “histogen is a scam”. Get a grip guys, you are becoming overly paranoid. Their numbers are looking good. The photos have something left to be desired. But you need to look at the numbers. When I’m watching what I eat I never use the logic of “that looks healthy/unhealthy” I check the nutritional data provided. Stop thinking with your gut and use your head. I’d say the same if you were yelling out “we have a cure!”.

  39. Brotzu lotion: 2016-2017
    Histogen/ SM (WNT PATHWAY): 2017
    Replicel (Shisjeido)/Follica: 2018
    Bimatoprost/Setipiprant (Combo): 2019
    Replicel (RCH-01): 2020
    Tsuji Labs and Breezula: 2021

    And of course… Follicum…Rivertown therapeutics…Pilofocus….AND OTHERS.

    Are you agree with that?

    1. I agree on Brotzu if Fidia decide to market it.

      I think Histogen will be 2018 or later because I think it’s a dud and G. Naughton knows it but she will try to milk it as long as possible before being found out to be a prp type b.s.

      Shiseido 2018/19.

      Follica I think later than 2018 despite what was written. Too secretive.

      Tsuji remains to be seen if they have overcome the obstacles they were having and when they start human trials and what happens there. Potentially 2021-23 release imo if they have overcome obstacles.

      The rest I don’t know/care.

    2. Don’t drugs take an average of 10 to 12 years to hit the market via fda trials. I think SM might take longer and a lot of the other drugs in the pipeline going through a US release. SM started in 2011 I think. So probably 2021 earliest release here in the US. Follica started in 2008. 10 years for them makes 2018 a good guess for release same with replicel. They both started same time about along with histogen. I think seti will take until early 2020s along with jak. Now with BIM I heard online that they cancelled their rephase 1. Not sure how true that is but I wouldn’t be surprised since it probably doesn’t do sht. I’m using Latisse for 4 months on my thinning crown and I think it made it worse. Hair a bit thinner there now. I think BIM needs seti to work. Tsuji, sisheido can be released whether Japan allows them to so that is good news for their phase 2 release :)

      My favorites would be Follica, Sisheido, SM. Sht I would be happy with a Rogaine that actually grows hair to fill in my diffuse thinning.

      I have 10% faith in bronzu to provide Rogaine results. I just don’t trust a claim that it can grow back hair 5 years worth of hair and be sold over the counter. Yes Rogaine is sold over the counter but it was a prescription only medicine for many years. It’s like buying stridex pads or Neutrogena acne face wash to cure really bad acne.

  40. guys dont let your hopes up or down at this moment without seeing a clear photo. silence doesnt also mean a negative thing. this is multi billion dolar business even if u r holding the cure, u need to be very cautious on ur next steps. well hell yeah u ll be the first one… image how much u could make of it…

    dont forget .. it is like a chess game. they show u a picture but they see 10-20steps ahead. they already know how effective the treatment would be or even it is the cure…

    dont expect Dr Tsuji show a picture of Nw7 turning into nw0 NOW and expect to see the treatment in 2020. do u know what will happen? people will copycat.. steal IP do whatever necessary.. u dont just hold it off… thats why companies dont share anything… again it doesnt mean they are not working on it.. like most people tend to think here…

  41. Skepticism about Histogen, fair enough they’ve been in the industry a long time and could have shown more evidence.. but don’t they have a phase 3 trial in Mexico where they’re testing in big numbers? If you don’t see photos or results after you can continue to be skeptics but from what they’ve said it looks like a good addition. Remember there is no one stop cure to hairloss, DHT, ageing, inflammation, oxiditive stress are all factors that lead to us balding. Histogen promises 2-5 years of regrowth a modest 30%+, but because it’s a handful of injections in one session rather than a topical like Samumed people are skeptical. There is so many different treatments, fat injections, jaks, growing your own hair in a test tube.. god.. come on.

  42. @donitello, I respect your opinion but your in deep and utter denial! Why on earth should the hair loss industry be any different than any other business in the world and not show the results of their product?

  43. @Paul, it is under no circumstances logical. It makes no sense saying that a company cant show evidence cuz they’ll have their product stolen / copied if they do so. That argument also defies the purpose of why a company should patent their product. Anyways, if you ppl wanna believe in theories like that to keep your hopes up, be my guest<3

  44. People are crazy…
    which has to do showing result/photos with patent theft?
    They dont show photos becouse they dont have nothing outside cosmetic grow.
    If you need investiment you need to show.
    Why you think is to dificult to get money in this hair loss industry?

  45. God, we are a desperate bunch. No wonder snake oil has thrived for centuries. Some kind soul help us FFS.

  46. Something is telling me, that there will be a cure until the end of next year.
    This is the 21 century folks. There are good scientists who dont put money first. They see the average human being, their problems with baldness. We will grow back hair again and enjoy me. We are almost there.

    Greetings from europe.

  47. A real cure will be tsuji’s method… Probably in 2022…

    The rest are treatments that should maybe delay our baldness with a minor regrowth and less sides than the big 3 :)

    1. Yes, it can do anything lol. Nobody knows yet my friend. We have to wait and see like always. I like follica. Wounding and follicles grow in the natural direction. No implant surgery needed. Hopefully the 100cm2 density is true

      1. I like the Follica principle too, but the question remains: can it really work?

        They seem highly skeptical about follica and the wounding method over at h@1r site. Seems to be a lot of old hands on there who’ve seen things come and go before and seem to know what they’re talking about.

        Yes, I know that follica would use a known compound in combination with wounding, but Follica has always said that wounding alone causes new hair follicle formation.

        But wounding is just wounding and whatever method Follica is using can’t be so radically different to what has been attempted throughout the ages with rocks, sandpaper, graters and finally, dermarollers.

        I think if wounding by itself was so good at growing hair, humanity would have known about this thousands of years ago.

        Maybe if Follica were using wounding with fgf9 I’d be more excited, but Cots basically ruled this out in 2014, saying fgf9 still needed over a decade worth of tests.

        So what’s left? minoxidil? Pdg2?

        I don’t know.

    2. This is what I’ve been asking! Lol up there^ but anywho I was wondering if anybodys gotten a transplant for the vertex where they redid is natural swirl otherwise ithe would look kinda weird…

      1. Vertex will just eat grafts , it’s normally a huge job to get any kind of density there. Before transplanting it, I would be more inclined to try Minox 15% for a few months to see if it can restart anything

        1. What’s the research like for minoxidil 15%? Anything compelling? I read some logs on a guy who gradually upped his minox from 5% to 30%. Said it worked but gave him heart palpitations!

  48. @GBH I’m actually not planning to get a hair transplant unless tsuji has unlimited hair. I was just wondering if doctors who do transplants on the vertex actually make sure it stays its a vertex pattern by placing the hair just so, that way they lean a certain way?

    1. From what Ive seen over on HRN, there are some Drs much better at vertex than others, Hasson and Wong and Feller being the main ones. You know, I think there must be such a huge market for a wig which only covers vertex…in fact has that been invented yet? Anyone want to go into business?

  49. Balding shouldn’t start in anyone until after the age of 45 to 50. Losing hair at the ages of 18 to 30 is just traumatic, depressing, stressful and just plain painful. Only someone balding can relate. I can’t stand it when people with thick normal hair talk to balding people and say, man up and shave it, or just don’t worry about. I want to shave their head to a nw 5 and have them walk around like that for a month to just have a taste of what we go through.

    If only I started balding now and had the success of Propecia working for 12 years that would take me to 46 years old with nw 1.5 status. Now I and many others are waiting for these snail pace companies to release anything that works better to current treatments

    1. I feel your pain. Started actually at 16 for me. Finally get to grow some facial hair and bam, hair starts falling. The timing also sucks. I wish I could’ve paused my life right when it started and came back with the cure existing lol. What do you think about temporary fixes like shaving your head and getting a SMP?

    2. Yeah but we live in an age where the triggers of baldness are everywhere, which is why we are seeing more young guys with it.
      My theory, and it’s always a highly highly contentious one, is that hair loss is quite strongly linked to sexuality. Been laughed out of forum discussions for this, but I do often wonder if the increase in young bald guys is something to do with the highly sexualized age we currently live in, particularly concerning porn and that stuff. This sounds ridiculous, but I had a quick review of some endocrinology papers on the subject (Im still at uni, have access) and it basically showed that over stimulation causes a surge in prolactin in guys, which doesn’t really sink for a while whilst at the same time plays with neuro transmitters, floods system with dopamine etc. Basically, I think thats all triggering an inflammatory reaction in the body and it just so happens that the scalp is the locus of it. I eagerly await your derision of my far fetched and tabu hypothesis!

      1. I seem to agree with your theory, even though evidence is anecdotal, and there are many counter-examples for people who are genetically immune to hair loss.
        Since it is hard to collect data to correlate people hair situation with their porn habits, I once searched 1 year of google news for “porn-addicts” and found the majority of them having high degree of hair loss.
        In short, I won’t be surprised hormonal changes due to elevated arousal and sexuality do have strong impact on hair loss, hair graying, increased body hair, and many other physiological changes.
        And we know (according to WebMD) that there are hormonal differences for sexual behaviour with / without partner. Deniers use too native arguments (e.g. how can your body tell the difference), not realizing that the brain is the most important organ involved in sexuality.

  50. Can anyone suggest a castor oil product that has caused some hair regrowth or at least stopped most of the hair loss? I have been looking on amazon and have no idea what to purchase. Would appreciate it

    1. Friend of mine swears by Jamaican Black caster oil with Emu oil mixed. Not tried it myself.
      Rice bran oil was proven in studies to have a stimulation effect, not surprising considering azelaic acid is derived from its supercritcal breakdown

  51. guys i dont understand you. maybe either you are not working in multi nationals firms or just in denial.
    R&D is always sacred, they never share results with the market specially. Same for every business… They share with stakeholders, upper management but thats all. No one else knows what is cooking in the background.
    It is same in car manufacturing company as well as pharma..

    Regarding to other question: showing a photo will create fluctuation on ur stock price if u say treatment will be home 5 years ahead. It is better to improve your process and then share it with public. Or only share with stakeholders to get necessary funding u need. Again it is no industry different. Every multi national works same…

  52. Hi all. Ive asked this before and will continue to ask until we get somewhere becauae i like to think im a doer, not a talker of that makes sense. Okay so setipiprant is now recruiting for its trial. Can we please have some guys volunteer to participate and report back please? That way if it truly works we can get involved in a group buy. I am going to try to enroll however fin is one of the meds that they may use and I had bad sides on it so i fear that could happen again. Anyone????

    1. If anyone finds a link to this when it comes out just post her on the latest thread…it trumps all other topics/issues lol

  53. This is such a depressing issue lol..

    But yeah, i honestly wish researchers would take the time and effort to try to focus on why we become bald.. what is the key reason that it happens to people past 21 and that 5% of the world doesn’t have this problem. It’s really strange.. i have a friend on Facebook that is currently 30 and he hasn’t receeded one bit!

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