Dr. Manabu Ohyama and other Hair News

Dr. Manabu Ohyama

I covered Dr. Manabu Ohyama on this blog before. This week he published an important study that could help advance research into overcoming the difficulties associated with the preparation of trichogenic human dermal papilla cells (and, as a result, help in the bioengineering of hair follicles). The study is too technical for me to understand without devoting many hours of time. However, I found it quite interesting that in the report, they devote a large section to Minoxidil. Interesting quote regarding how Minoxidil works:

“Minoxidil is a clinically used hair growth promoter that enhances hair KC (keratinocyte) proliferation and activates hDP cells to induce growth factors. IGF-1 is among these growth factors, and has been shown to exhibit a potent hair elongation effect.”


I have covered Canada based Replicel (and its Japanese partner Shiseido) dozens of times on this blog before. They just released 5-year safety data for “a high-dose of dermal sheath cup cells (DSCC) for patients with pattern baldness due to androgenetic alopecia”, which is basically their RCH-01 product. Since the injected cells are a patient’s own cells (i.e., autologous), the positive safety results are not surprising. In regards to efficacy (on a small sample size of 19 test patients –> 10 male and 9 female): “an overall stabilization of hair loss was observed among all the patients treated per protocol”. The best 10 respondents witnessed a sustained 4.2 percent increase over baseline hair density at 24 months after injection. Will be interesting to see their 5-year post injection efficacy results, since current data only covered 2 years post injection results.

The scientists involved theorize that rather than one large dose, many small doses spread over some time period will result in even superior outcomes. Results will also improve as they learn more about optimum depth of injections, make use of their new proprietary injection device, and conduct gene expression analysis. FYI — I am much more interested in Shiseido than in Replicel, but unfortunately the former makes very few new announcements.


I have covered Australian company Cellmid a few times on this blog before, usually very briefly since I am a skeptic about any purported benefits of their hair growth product beyond modest regrowth at best. However, today I read that the company’s CEO Maria Halasz purchased 400,000 shares of Cellmid (at a cost of $11,200) and now holds a total of 27.3 million shares. I assume she really believes in their hair loss product, which inhibits fibroblast growth factor-5 = FGF-5. Or she believes that she will be able to sell her stake at a higher price irrespective of how well the product ends up doing. The company has made several important announcements on Twitter recently, and saw phenomenal sales growth in the last quarter of 2016.

Interesting new video from hair transplant surgeon Dr. John Cole. in which he cover hair follicel stem cells.

James Nesbitt and his hair transplants.

And now on to medical items of interest:

Terminal cancer remission in 1/3 of patients after new gene therapy treatment.

New blood test for early cancer detection.

Cambridge scientists create first self-developing embryo from stem-cells. In mice.

3D printed fully functional blood vessel network created via using an ultra-fast bioprinting system.

Interesting stem cell work from Japan via RIKEN.

Editas, Allergan and gene editing for eye diseases.

— Update on DIY biohacking.

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  1. Very interesting video. Would not be surprised at all if a bio hacker cures baldness in their basement before an FDA approved treatment lol.

  2. “Regenerative medicine is not going to cure people in the way that they hope”. Ouch that one definately hurt.

  3. Admin what do you mean you’re more interested in Shiseido than Replicell? They are using Replicells tech.. or do they have other ventures?

  4. Does that Riken article perhaps mean iPCS will not be a viable option to create hair follicles like Terskikh was talking about?

    1. This just applies to that one surgery they did in the eye with that one method for that one person. It should be noted the disease progresion was halted and eyesight improved even if the persons condition/damage was not completely reversed. They mentioned it all cost 900,000 so im thinking were a long time away for this type of eye surgery to be even feasible for most people.

  5. The Ohyama study involved turning ips cells into dermal-papilla cells as a workaround to cultivating the papilla cell themselves. They seems to have been able to create papilla-cell-like cells but not quite there yet it seems.

  6. I am not hyped by replicel results at all. It will be just useful for people who most likley are going to get bald in the future. You can look at your father and grandfathers head and if they are bald, go and have replicel. But for all the guys with higher ) norwood (beyond 1), there is not much hope. It could even be bad for the rest, because if there is a ” vaccine” for MPB no other company will look for a “real cure” for people anymore who have already lost much hair. They will become extinct soon anyway.

  7. Hi Admin,

    How do you interpret those results? When they say there was a 4% sustained increase. Do you take this to mean that there was overall a 4 percent increase yet in earlier months past the baseline there was a higher increase however, the increase dropped to 4% due to loss of the new follicles im assuming which is due to the Andro alopecia? Another point, even if this method by replicel increases hair count wont these follicles eventually die as there are not dht resistant when speaking about patients who have problems in their dht levels?

    1. It was 6% after six months then declined over the next 2 years cery slightly although this could have been solely based on nonresponders. Takeaway: the treatment is quite fast acting!

      1. 6 percent average for all participants but 4% sustained for the best responders im thinking its about flat after 2 years.

  8. I’m going to give Evolis (Cellmid) a try. Like admin, I’m not expecting much but I figure the experiment will cost me about $500 to test for 4-5 months and I can apply at at same time as minoxidil so not much of a hassle for me (I apply in a spray bottle). My guess is that at best it is a maintenance product with enough pop to let you know it’s working. The product seems to be generating some repeat sales but the intriguing part to me is that it is a completely different modality, FGF5 inhibition, that I have never tried or heard of anyone trying before.

  9. Just heard trump wants to cut funding for medical research. You can forget finding a cure here in the states for hair loss now. Good thing most big players are outside the US or funded by venture capitalist and not by the govt. Sad for other illnesses being studied by the govt that should be cured.

    1. Ha, you surprised? The guy’s broken every promise he made. Just like everyone said he would.

      He’s got his lace front, what does he care?

      1. Did he promise to increase or keep spending the same? I think not.

        So what promises u on about.

        Did gov money even go on mpb. Doubt it.

      2. Broken every promise? WTF atleast please stay factual. I don’t like him and would pretty much preffer Rand Paul but saying such ignorant statement is higly unfair even toward the Orange Don.

  10. Replicel may have acted very deceptively by including both men and women in the same study and in how they have released the study’s results.

    There should have been a separate study for men and women because men and women experience different forms of AGA. AGA is typically far more aggressive for men. By including both genders in the one study, the less aggressive form of AGA experienced by women may have skewed the study’s results, making it seem like Replicel is more effective for treating male AGA than what it actually is.

    Replicel only refers to the top 7 and top 10 responders. This is very suspicious. As there were 9 women in the study, Replicel could have been referring to only the women participants (plus 1 male), who as women of course would have experienced less hair loss than the male participants. Technically, all the men in the study could have lost most of their hair at the 24-month mark, and Replicel could still have released the results that they have.

    For a clear and transparent understanding of how effective Replicel is for both genders we need to know the results of each individual participant as well as their corresponding gender.

    I’m not saying Replicel’s technology doesn’t work but by including women and men in the same study, who generally experience AGA differently, the results they have released aren’t dependable.

    1. They did note the figure for each. They just decided to further talk about the best responders. There were also people who actually lost hair and were consodered non-responders.

            1. Sorry but how is 4.2% increase after 2 years good? Maybe I’m missing something but that is dismal given how much HYPE that replicell project has received.

              Pathetic. I can tell you this; its going nowhere. The innovation in this space will happen unexpectedly and I don’t for one moment believe that any current parties working on the tech will be the ones to actually find a ‘cure’.

              4.2% pffff

  11. I think our only hope in the next few years will be histogen in mexico. But u never know as they have have more delays then the airport during hurricane season. In late 2016, gail stated that phase three trials will begin in mexico by mid 2017. She sais US will begin phase two. And she is getting things started in China. Either way, it will be $1500 for the treatment and involves minimum 3 sets of injections every six weeks. Then every two to five years thereafter. I dont know what I think about this as im hopeful for a product however it is pricey. People will pay for sure as I witnessed numerous people, especially ladies, paying big bucks for prp. Its just not fair for the low middle class who are teachers and such.

    1. I think it will still be affordable for the low to middle class (teachers in your example). It would just require a little bit of saving. To put it in perspective, I have seen people at the lower spectrum of income pay out large amounts of money on the newest shoes, clothing, cars well above their means, vacations, giant 70″ TVs… the newest $800 phones etc.

    1. “Cure No” What time period are you referencing? Are you saying you do not believe there will be a cure at all?

  12. Paul phoenix lol. Are you a robot? I like your positivity but since I have joined this blog a year or go or so, your comments are the exact same.

    New treatments coming! People deserve better! Propecia Rogaine are the devil! It gives you aids! This year new treatments will arrive! People demand it!

    Then NASA…..2017 jak is coming! The cure!

    Sorry admin I had to get that out of my system hahaha.

    Well I hope you two are right because I want my hair back; )

    1. @mjones. You love it. Know it :)

      But that’s the truth. there will be advances in the field of hair loss restoration (androgenetic alopecia). Believe me.

    2. It better be JAK for if it is not better rename the blog hairlosscure2050.com

      It will be JAK, as it works and it suddenly NOT going to work. Just need the right skin level.


  13. I am assuming when they indicate that there was a “4% sustained” growth from baseline that this means even if there growth early on in the trial (As high as 20%) this then dropped to only an increase of 4% from baseline when measured later in the follow up. Does this mean that later on in the trial they actually lost about 16% of what they gained ? I assume this is shows that the treatment is not dht resistant. 4% is not good… Not confident in Replicel. This does not solve the dht problem.

  14. No news fromTsuji? I remember they said they plan to start trials in 2018.. I wonder if this is still up?

    Great blog, btw. Thanks again for the work admin :)

  15. So I’ve been in the process of getting an SMP. Is it normal to pay 2200$ for a pretty high Norwood. And 700$ each year for maintainence? Need advice for the price.

    1. Hi I had a SMP two years ago, I paid pretty much the same price or even a bit more. I had three sessions wihtin 8 weeks but you do not need maintenance treatment each year!! I´ve never had one! And normally you will not need! I had my SMP done in Paris with HIS hair. It is important do select a company with experience! It is better to pay a bit more!

  16. @mjones, we are all just repeating ourselves. Nothing new is happening so its Groundhog day for all of us…only 5 more yrs until the cure arrives, lmao.
    Also @mjones, you have been here WAY longer than a year.

    1. Haha Spanky I know :) Crazy how time flies by and nothing new to speak of. We are all broken record players lol.

      Paul you know I’m just teasing you buddy :) Positive attitude is the best way so keep repeating the love. Just don’t trash propecia because it did cure me for a solid 12 years.

      Follica 2018!! It’s coming !

  17. Replicel results from single injection are amazing! Hair maintainance without 5-AR inhibition!!
    I’d consider it a MAINTAINANCE CURE for responders if your visit the doctor every two years or something.
    Hopefully prices will drop fast as Asian labs jump the money wagon.
    Good times for our fur, I guess!

  18. I can’t remember the source but I remember Replicel saying that current methods of delivery weren’t ideal, that’s part of the reason they developed the dermal injecting device. They still don’t know the ideal injection depth and only use one needle. The dermal injector has several tiny needles and can control the exact depth. It’s not guaranteed that’s the only issue holding it back but there still is hope. Also it was only one treatment, it’s not over yet. I’m gonna pick up some stocks.

  19. Histogen website not working at the minute. histogen.com redirects to histogeninc.com which redirects back to histogen.com etc which continues until it fails to load.

    Their website wasn’t great before, so hopefully they are updating which can only be a good thing. (Optimistically thinking they might be preparing for a product launch!)

  20. Research needs to abandon animal experimentation and put re-available high research funds into human genomic editing research (CRISPR-like). Only then we can expect a final cure in our life time.

  21. Any news on samumed?? I feel like there treatment will be a long term treatment and over time we will see better and better results personally. To me I believe many people want a treatment that will regrow a Norwood In six months lol that sounds phenomenal but not very realistic (except JAK for AA) but anyways I think people should be happy that something actually grows hair.. And nobody ever seems to think about it over the next 5 -7 years do you know how MANY treatments might be coming out!? So many its ridiculous CB, Follica, Follicum, SM, Replicel, Tisujii, TissUse, Brotzu and many more! They might not all make it to the market but wow we have so many more potential treatments than we did 10 years ago so that’s a win right there.. I don’t believe anyone that thinks “nothing is coming out” because that’s ridiculous

  22. I tried Evolis for 3 months, I live in Australia and the product is not that expensive here. No result at all but again maybe it takes time to see results.

  23. @Sam, lets hope your right! But ppls negative attitude is not completely without reason. Sure, those who hope to grow several norwoods within months are dreaming. But its the constant stories bout the treatment only being 5 years away. Most of the companies you mention have been riddled with delays, so its easy to think that they will be delayed even further, and like you mentioned, maybe not even see a release at all.

    1. @spanky. New generation treatments for MPB are not 4 or 5 years away. Just accept it. The next year or in a couple of years…people with mpb at least will have alternatives to current treatments.

  24. Thank you @sam! I’ve been saying that for a while. People may have reason to be negative but whether we are negative or positive that outcome is the same, only being positive makes the present time more pleasurable :)

  25. @newerah, you havent been following the progress in the hair loss treatment industry for long have you? I hope your right like I hope @Sam is right. But if there is a lesson to be learned when following the development of new treatments it is > expect absolutely nothing< and you wont be dissapointed. When I started following these sites years ago I wrote the exact same posts like the one you directed at me. There is always some treatment just on the verge of being released or some last trial to be conducted, but alas. There might be more playes in the game now but we still havent seen crystal clear of any new working treatment.

  26. @newerah, I hope your right:-) Im still looking forward to the day a company presents solid visual evidence backing their data.

  27. @mjones. What makes u believe good ol’ Georgie will have an effective product available in a year?..dude has been at this technology for years and he is still trying to figure out how to prevent scarring. I wouldnt get too excited about a box advertising his company. Its like putting the cart before the horse.

  28. @tom, I didn’t know about the scarring issue. Well scratch what I said earlier. F it looks like a few more years. Either way I just had false hope lol. Looks like nothing is coming out till 2020 then. So what so we have to really look forward to? This blows

    1. The study is accurate but your comment is not.
      Who’s at a higher risk of depression?
      Severly shedding/balding guy, losing over 200 hairs a day or a stabilised low NW guy with a softer dick?

      I’d been on Fin 1.25 mg since I was 19 and had experienced lack of sexual excitement and softer errection symptomes. After a year or two I’d figured out that I had a way too weak pubococcygeus muscle (pelvis/dick muscle), so I began training it consequently.
      Even though I think that sex and maleness stereotype is totally overrated (->primitive instincts!) I can tell that by then I could sport a steel-solid errection and hairy appearance again. Recently I’ve switched to 0.3 mg Fin with no change in hair and scalp itch.
      So guys, don’t be afraid of your meat, it won’t fall off.

      Combine this with a healthy diet and find a higher goal in life, past chasing money and bitches, and you’ll profit. With or without hair.

      Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to advertise Fin and think we definitely need better treatments, but there are too many deeply depressed balding, potential responders out there, to not at least give it a try, as long as we’re wating for better treatments.

      1. Finasteride is used against prostate gland enlargement / prostate cancer. The incidence of prostate gland enlargment is much higher in old men, that is why they are prescribed Proscar. The risk and probable side effects are worth it. If their prostate gland goes back to baseline due to the drugs, they may be problem free and their quality of life improves.

        There are always exceptions, however young men in general don’t have an enlarged prostate, meaning that if they lower their normal DHT levels by FIN (because we all want our hair back, of course I understand that), they are manipulating their prostate (also other processes in their relatively young body).

        As I said, the study has a large population = 93197 with a similar control group = 93197, which is good. However, your own example Finasteride7vegan leads to a population = 1.

        Therefore I stick to what I said. I would not be surprised that the risk and the impact of (persistent) side effects will be much higher for younger patients taking FIN, because they don’t have prostate / DHT / depression trouble in the first place!

        Years ago I encountered the severe side effects of Saw Palmetto myself. It took months to recover from it. My GP told me that if I wanted to chemically castrate myself again in future, I should just give him a call and he would prescribe me FIN (sarcastic but serious).

        From the MD’s I spoke, I heard the same SP and FIN results concerning young patients . Therefore I don’t form my opinion based on my own situation with a population =1, that would be wrong. My opinion is in line with what the majority of Dutch scientists claim.

        Everybody wants a safe remedy, we still have to wait for that.

        1. @Netshed
          I have my very own theory of severe sides from 5-ARi in young balding people:
          They are very low in DHT/5-AR expression naturally but have very high follicular sensitivity to DHT and are ultimately those who suffer most from unresponsive hairloss and from Fin/Dut/5-ARi sides. And if it’s aggravated by a up immune system, the person is doomed and unresponsive to anything (except JAKi maybe).

          As you said, every human being is different and one can only find out by trying stuff by oneself or getting tested.

          Congratulations to you and your daughter!
          I remember many years ago people were claiming one month off Fin is enough to return DHT level back to (almost) normal for family planning, not sure if it’s true or not.

  29. It’s probably due to the fact that people on Propecia are losing their hair and super depressed and not because Propecia is making them depressed. Stupid study

    1. That is a dumb thing to say Jones… There are many drugs that make you depressed and also have mood swings… Propecia is one of them…

  30. Admin, would you be so kind to contact histogen for an update? I have tried in the past with no success. Im sure they will take you more serious than I. Thank you

  31. Kadaif, that looks legit, a bit of basic pharma plus the use of bio-pharma, the real one, with studies that tell you flavonoid contents in traditional cures of different societies. How does one follow-up on this ? Who are those dudes involved ? What do they do now ? (Apparently they have similar works involving etno-pharma) – Is there a plan for a human trial ? What help do they need for speeding up ?

  32. I did some research on Cellmid’s evolis product. Like you, admin, I am a little suspicious of their claims, partly because of the novelty of their FGF5-targeted approach, and partly because of the contents of the product itself.

    Their most recent study claims that a chemical class called monoterpenes are responsible for the FGF-5 inhibiting effect of their product. It is verifiable that SOME monoterpenes have pharmacological effects, but I have been unable to locate confirming, independent research on the topic regarding this use.

    Also, note that the journal this study is published in — Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigative Dermatology — is a so-called “open access” journal, which is usually a “pay-for-publication” model that has fairly limited peer-review. That by no means invalidates the science (or the journal), but it is worth consideration.

    I am also troubled that the “active ingredients” are essentially neutroceuticals already commonly used in the cosmetic industry (and for many other purposes). It’s a bit like discovering gold in your backyard.

    Here’s a link to the full journal article:


  33. while a new treatment comes to keep our hair or even improve it a bit, i just come from Chipre… yes guys i had a hair trasplant yestarday and the day before, 2525 grafts in temples, hairline and the front and now wait stressless for a new treatment :)

    THAT’S THE ONLY SOLUTION NOWDAYS and all of you know it, what are you afraid of? about what people think? about the results? c’mon guys, you only live once and you have to do what you want to feel better, if you loose a tooth, you go to the dentist, right? so do the same with this, there are too many good doctors around to get a really natural results, so if you guys are really desperate, go and fix the problem, it’s easy, 10 days at home or even less and you can go out again and wait patiencly for the final results.


    1. let us know how bad the “ugly-duckling” phase is…like is it even possible to go to a proper job without your head looking like a ?…we can’t take months off work to get through this early phase which could last up to 10 months

        1. So you combined a visit to Cyprus with a hair transplant in Nicosia, I guess.
          You are located in Spain, if I remember correctly?!

          Please keep us posted about your progression.

      1. GREAT find. Interestingly the gene that encodes for FOXO4 is on the X-chromosome. On wiki one of the roles of FOX04 is negative regulation of smooth muscle cell differentiation. Already know arector pilli muscle loses contact with follicle in AGA (and wastes away).

  34. Check my previous post Admin!

    FOXO4-DRI prompts senescent cells to commit suicide, however it spares healthy cells.
    It separates two proteins called FOXO4 en p53.

    Looks like my previous post went to spam folder.

  35. Interviewers of the AD newspaper asked whether this might be good news for balding men.

    Peter de Keizer said that there is a possibility that FOXO4-DRI would be great against hair loss. He is only 36 years old and balding himself. He states that they are already looking for a topical solution like a cream. It is better if Proxofim doesn’t go systematic due to injections.

    Note that they are still performing tests on mice not on humans. There will be many opportunities for other diseases/conditions as well, like brain tumors. Therefore he asks himself whether hair loss should be priority (number one).


  36. For those who think: what are they talking about ?

    You might wanna reread this:

    – Overexpression of P53 in balding scalps
    – Accumulating number of senescent cells
    – Leading to inflammation and loss in progenitor stem cells
    – Senescent cells compromising the function of non-senescent healthy cells

    The last aspect could explain why we call it PATTERN hair loss. The senescent cells are slowly influencing the neighbouring healthy cells, probably turning them in senescent cells as well. AGA progressing in its common Norwood / Ludwig patterns as we all now.

  37. That is very peculiar, removing senescence cells has been discussed as a way to reverse aging for awhile due to its effects in mice but even one of the discoverers of telemerase Elizabeth Blackburn has said this will not work in humans.

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