Elon Musk’s Hair Transplant

Update on Elon Musk hair: Almost two years after I wrote this post, Elon Musk seemed to credit the “crown chakra” as helping him regrow his hair. Recent photos of him in 2018 suggest that Mr. Musk’s fuller hairline is still going strong.

Elon Musk's Hair TodayElon Musk has had a phenomenal 2015 and has been in the news virtually every week this year. His motor vehicle (Tesla) and solar power (SolarCity) companies continue to grow despite some turbulence. This week marked a new zenith to Mr. Musk’s fame after the successful SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launching and booster landing.

Several weeks ago, Elon Musk, Peter Thiel (a fellow Paypal co-founders) and a number of other IT sector luminaries created a non-profit artificial intelligence (AI) research organization called OpenAI which aims to develop AI while protecting mankind from rogue unfriendly AI led annihilation. While reading about that story, I came across a past photo from 2000 of Elon Musk’s hair (link to WSJ article with photo here):

Elon Musk’s Previously Thinning Hair

Elon Musk Hair Loss
Elon Musk’s Hair Loss

I was quite shocked to see Elon Musk’s past thinning hair, as I always see Mr. Musk with a full head of hair in all his recent photos. In 2000 he was just 29 years old, which means that he probably started balding in his mid-20s or perhaps even earlier. You can see even better balding images of Elon Musk in this video from 1999.

Elon Musk’s Hair Transplant

The below is what Elon Musk looks like nowadays per a Gawker magazine/CBS before and after hair transplant photo:

Elon Musk Hair Transplant Before and After
Elon Musk Hair Transplant Before and After

I bet that he has had a hair transplant surgery procedure. Perhaps one day someone who interviews him will ask him which surgeon he went to for his hair transplant? The results are excellent and prove that as of 2015, hair restoration remains the best option we have to treat hair loss.

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    1. Yes, Yoda. I am praying everyday. God will answer but I don’t know when or how.

      I can’t get off the subject of JAK inhibitors, though. Guys with male pattern baldness (not Alopecia Areata) were cured in the 80s with a JAK, but they were worried about tumors or something so it got scrapped.

      Now, 2 other JAKS cure a different type of baldness? JAKS are the answer. No cells or genes or transplant bullshit. A topical with nearly 100% regrowth. It’s coming – we just need the right JAK with the right dosage and the right delivery system.

      All talk of transplants, Histogen, Replicel, and the rest should end now. JAKS are it!

  1. Khourii….You don’t know nothing…The “God”of hair loss research…he has done something for hair loss? Where is the cure? Where is the new treatment? Are you kidding us? Maybe you’re a troll… you must be realistic. A new treatment maybe a cure is coming in a couple of years….


    1. Not God of hair loss research, KING of hair loss research ;) he did not do anything yet but he is working on it. Cristiano did not do anything and the JAK thing was discovered by accident while treating another desease, so she did not do anything as well

  2. I deeply agree with nasa that jak will work to restore hair for mpb. My concern is will christiano ever say it will and will it ever be released. This will wipe out every hair loss treatment and procedure if jak works. I have a feeling they know this works since the 80s. I know you guys hate my conspiracy theories but think about it I make a solid point. The evidence is there showing how they have been putting it off trialing jak for mpb since 80s. That would be fking awesome if it came out next year bit something tells me other players aka nih, big Pharma won’t let it released. They might tweak it where it only works moderately and not full hsir coverage

    1. You’re familiar with Swisstemples, right? He and bunch of testers have tried topical Tof already for quite some time, with zero results..

  3. The only reason why I say this is because I know for a fact the makers of propecia, rogaine, all the snake oil companies, hair supplements companies, tupe companies, hsir transplant doctors are not going to just sit back and allow jak inhibitors to wipe them out of business. It’s sad and depressing knowing this is most likely the case.

    1. If this would/might be the case, then we have to make sure that we, as an ever-growing group of consumers with hair loss, stay updated on every development with these JAK inhibitors, like we are already doing now actually. Keep the discussion and ‘trial-and-error’ going.

      Ultimately, if it takes too long for Christiano to reveal significant results or to reveal any results at all for MPB, we have to find a way to bypass the existing field of researchers, as there should be at least one honest (young/new) scientist who wants to solve the JAK inhibitors puzzle.

      I wonder where this FGF friend of us has gone, he had a total plan to cure his own MPB. He said he was a scientist, which I believe, based on his immense explanation of his research plan.

      I saw some posts of him on another forum, and they were dissing him, which I did not understand because I thought he was one of the most intelligent posters on all different fora.

      FGF … if you read this, please consider to write something on this blog from time to time …

    2. Again, Mjones?? man, there isn’t a hair loss big pharma to begin with, who is it? L’Oreal?? they only make shampoos and hair dye.. they are the most interested in a cure so they’d sell much more shampoo, don’t you think?

      1. Well maybe not big Pharma but definitely hsir transplant industry, possibly Merk and the makers of rogaine. It’s just you never see a cure for any cosmetic treatment. Acne, hsir loss, wrinkles, etc. All treatments you have to use daily. Botox needs to be used every 4 months, acne meds must be used daily, and that is probably a bigger scam industry than hair loss. I don’t know julian but I highly believe they figured out the baldness cure a whike ago and for whatever reason they won’t want it released

        1. Accutane is pretty close to a cure for Acne.. The thing about Accutane is that it was a drug designed for cancer. Maybe that is what we will see with JAK and hair loss.

    1. BTW,

      I really believe that Christiano might be one of the most honest persons involved in hair loss (research) nowadays. We must respect the fact that she is both a scientist and an Areata patient herself.

      For now we should trust her honesty and hope she will be able to help the Androgenetica patients as well.

        1. I agree with julian about christiano not being honest. Anyone holding the key to a baldness cure is not honest. Like she doesn’t know if jak works for mpb. That was probably the first thing she tested it on. All these researchers are after $$$$. If they were honest and cared about us a cure would have been out years ago.

          1. No, I believe she is honest and has all the interest in developing her work. It only takes time and investors and the bureaucracy is enormous so that’s why it is so slow, unfortunately. But you may rest assured that she will do her best to move forward and bring it out to market asap.

  4. disagree with so-called scientists finding a solution at home.. disagree with the “big pharma, ht doctors, snake oil and wig makers conspiracy” mjones advocates all the time.

    Hey jones, how the big horse breeders and horse-wagon industry let the car emerge at their time?

  5. Okay,

    Which means Julian DOES believe in conspiracy in case of Christiano, while he states he disagrees with Mjones when it comes to total conspiracy in the entire hair loss industry.

    Although I’m optimistic, I am also aware of the pitfalls in science, and aware of the fact that most of them are after our money.

  6. No, where did you get this? I don’t believe in any conspiracy. I drug or treatment or whatever will emerge when it is the right time. PERIOD. And I hope it’s close, off course!!

    There is no conspiracy, and even if there was one, it wouldn’t be able to bar a new treatment as long as it is efficacious.

    Once there is a better solution, it will prevail… this is the rule, always.

    1. Scientists, real ones, don’t really want money that much, theirs is another kind of motivation. Investors and companies off course want to make money and really don’t like to risk it. But though scientists are not greedy, they do need money, lots of, in order to work in their research and studies until they’re able to come up with a solution, and that involves risk, a lot of, of failing, so it’s really difficult to attract investors. On the other hand, there is all the regulation from the government and health authorities that make all this process even more costly and lengthy. So, that’s the conspiracy:

      Christiano needs money to go on to further trials to see if it works in MPB. Investors/big pharma needs strong evidence (convincing data) that it WILL work in MPB as it did in AA to put their money on it.

    2. Julian,

      I think our replies crossed, look at the time. 5:03pm was your first message about Christiano and at 5:04pm my message, so I was still typing while you already answered.

      No problem at all. Btw, at that time it was midnight in Europe, so my brains were already in hybernation.

  7. We have to keep pushing the topic to Researchers. When will they try all the JAK Inhibitors on male pattern baldness? It is that simple.

    Let’s get a cure in 2016. Just need research done on JAK Inhibitors with male pattern bald subjects.

    It is either JAK Inhibitors by itself or combined with sun that cures male pattern baldness.

    1. I was expecting some resolution by yesterday, but no go. If nothing today, I will have to delay that post and write on a new subject today.

  8. lets make our clinical trial to see if jak inhibitors work for hair loss, we need an advanced scientist and we are the group of candidates.

      1. Christiano is advanced in hair loss, but there many scientist that are advanced in Jak inhibitors mechanism and their side effects, i think this is enough.

  9. The reason why I said I will get my hair back (start treatment) in November 2016 is to make things happen. If I do not set a date then things drag on and nothing happens. By setting a REALISTIC date it forces me to stay on top of JAK Inhibitors, that I know will regrow hair, and let me come back ASAP.

    Someone soon will prove that JAK Inhibitors will work on male pattern baldness. I already found links to similar drugs from 20 years ago that stated a side affect was they grew hair on male pattern baldness. It is out time.

    November 2016 it Starts, and I mean it.

    I am not going to live another day beyond that without my hair coming back.

  10. A day on hairloss2020:

    Nasa: JAK is teh shite im getting a full thick mane in january 2016!! I want to believe:-0

    Mjones: the goverment!!! The goverment!! Wear a silver foil hat to prevent further baldness and thoughts being stolen by the hair loss industry.

    Fadi: Can I have my pubic hair transplanted on crown?

    Julian: I totally agree

    Nasa: JAK!!! I Lets make our own clinical trials and rub eachothers scalps! 2016 teh cure!

    JK guys! Spreading a little happiness while we wait! Happy new yrs everyone! Lets keep our fingers crossed for new treatments in 2016:)

  11. Dude NASA far far away in the galaxy.. Bald people are talking about you.. You know what you should take a sign board saying cure baldness and sit in front of Dr Angela Christianos office

  12. Spanky makes fun of my JAK Inhibitor statements but I am sure he will line up to put it on his head when it is proven to work. Scientists toying with these other treatments are slowing everything down.

    There is no new treatments coming. JAK Inhibitors are what WILL give us our hair back in 2016. One good scientific test with 10 male pattern bald men will prove that it will work.

    I thank Christopher1 for his bold experiment but he probably does not have the right dose or length of time.

    November 2016 I get my hair back.

    1. WHO WANTS TO USE JAK INHIBITORS FOR MALE PATTERN BALDNESS WHEN THESE DRUGS ARE STONG AS HELL AND CAN CAUSE SIDE EFFECT? NASA you are lost man… you contradict yourself in every post…. saying that you are SURE its the cure but still need CONFIRMAITON.. which one is it? im not using propecia because of potential side effects.. defo not using even stronger drugs like jak inhibitors

      1. I am not using anything until I know that it works. But, at least a lotion would have much, much less side affects than a Pill.

        JAK Inhibitors have worked in the past but not sure if they need to be combined with something else like strong sun shine.

        What it will take is an actual experiment with male pattern bald men using JAK Inhibitors in a scientific test – if that ever happens then we might learn if it works by itself and the dosage needed. Nothing can be said in absolute terms until tests are done. Lets just say I very strongly believe it will work. If they would only try it NOW.

      1. Well, I believe that topical JAK in a right dose might HELP (maintance or maybe some marginal regrowth, like 20%), but saying it will give you a FULL HEAD OF HAIR, 100% REGROWTH? Sorry Nasa, you’re deluding yourself.

    1. C’mon nasa isnt bad. He just doesnt want what feels will work to go quietly in the night. He wants change and refuses to let it get off the burner til it happens. He is frustrated and so am I.

    1. I’m just curious:

      Has there ever been anybody on the internet satisfied with the ‘results’ of Rogaine of Johnson & Johnson? Because I truely believe I have never seen anybody positive about it, including myself. And I fully understand because its worthless.

      How on earth is it possible that Johnson & Johnson only sells crap. Including the pelvic meshes they have spread all over the world, while they knew beforehand that women would be injured / handicapped by it for the rest of their life.

  13. Admin, weren’t you posting a new topic? What happened to that.. Curious to see what it was now that you teased me lol

    1. Yup but some problems. See my last reply to Cris. Might have to delay a post I really wanted to write and replace with something less interesting.

  14. Very interesting but light years away from helping mpb. The fda will require a decade minimum before it allows doctors to manipulate genes to help mpb.

  15. That’s not the point, Tom. The point is this allows researchers to understand all the genes that impact baldness. It is still a mystery. If they can figure out all the involved genes and pathways, they can better devise treatments.

  16. Just went to the doctor for a physical and follow up with my hair. Pretty much told him my hair loss is getting worse. He looked at my head and agreed then said to continue with treatment. He knew there is nothing else he can do. Going to check dht levels and vitanin deficiency. If nothing comes out by next year I am pretty much fked. It’s sooooo upsetting being on propecia for 14 yrs and using it to hold on to what I have in hopes of a better treatment but unfortunately it will be too late when something and if something ever comes out. Medical science is a bitch

  17. It was only a matter of time, MJones. I almost wonder if the treatments really helped you to begin with. You know, hair loss comes in spurts. It’s not gradual. You may stay how you are now for another 4 – 6 years.

  18. In a few words: A new treatment with less side effects than Propecia and Minoxidil is coming in a couple of years. :) Really really nice!.



  19. Hey Ddog I doubt my hair will stay like this for 4 to 6 yrs. My hair line is getting destroyed by the month and my healthy left side of my head took a big hit last month. Feels and looks so much thinner. It’s like in overdrive mpb. Ever since I started rogaine things accelerated. Got regrowth in some areas and other areas it thinning out fast . Hair line and temples are just thinning way too fast. Propecia did work, I was shedding tons of hair at age 20, like 30 to 40 in shower and was thinning . Hopped on 1mg and it thickened things back up nicely and maintained for 12 yrs with slight hair loss. 2013 came around and hsir loss picked back up again and hasn’t stopped. Just feeling like shit today, sorry guys for the depressing post:(

  20. Propecia destroys hairline mjones….Don’t worry man…Perhaps in 2017 we have Histogen and Samumed with SM! And Follica hits the market with a new treatment but i don’t sure about that…

    The race started months ago…

  21. Paul Phoenix sorry to disappoint you but nothing will come out in two years that will make any sort of difference. All we hear are delays, shady result pictures and secrecy. Nothing has gotten better in 20 yrs. I just feel like things can only get worse and not better. If you are right and in two years a better drug comes out what good will it do if you are a nw4, 5, 6. Grow some hair that will still make you look like you are balding.. it’s a lose lose situation. These new treatments will be for the early balding new generation. I feel for NASA the most on here. Poor guy will jump off a bridge when jak won’t be released for mpb or revealed as a treatment that will work for mpb. You are better off getting aids at least you can now successfully treat that or even cure if you have magic Johnson money.

    1. Hi Paul I just watched this video and it was even more depressing than how I feel now. Wtf. It mentioned nothing but hair transplants. Our goal is to eliminate transplants dude. You should watch the video before posting it on here and praising Spencer. He said a cure will be here in 5 years back in 2004. Well he 12 years late and wrong.

  22. Hey Paul you know how to read right ? Mjones is saying nothing new will come out in two years and he is not saying nothing new will hit the market for 20+ years. Please when you read be careful and think before you reply

  23. nothing new will hit the market for 20+ years.
    You’re insulting everyone who suffers MPB or Androgenetic Alopecia…You are a clown….A new treatment is here and you and mjones know it….hahaha sorry. Take care. Pathetic. Get a new job.

  24. I think Mjones is right. Nothing new will hit the market in time for any of us on this blog. Anything that works is years away and will most likely be a maintainence or small regrowth drug similar to prop without the sides. That is good for future baldies, but we are f*****. And Mjones I really do think propecia kills hairlines. Mine went fast when I started propecia and I barely had a problem in that area before starting. 1 year later and it still hasnt stopped even though I stopped prop. Could be a coincidence, but ive read too many stories saying it does that to not believe it anymore. And its side effects were horrible to me. Lost a nice looking young lady cuz of that crap.

    1. Rancid actually my hair line maintained for 12 years on prooecis. Around the 13th yr my hair line in particular right temple started to lose ground. I added rogaine and it just destroyed it so fast. One year later today my temples have gone up and thinned. Not sure what to do. I stopped applying it on my temples and just add it to my crown and back part of my head. Even that area is thinning now. I hope it’s not an up regulation of androgen due to my heavy lifting at the gym in 2013 mixed with protein isolate. That’s when I noticed the thinning started

      1. Dude, protein supplements have nothing to do with your hair loss. I know you are looking for something to blame besides your genetics, just as everyone does, but that isn’t it. I hate to see you actually worried about that. I used protein and other supplements on a daily basis since I was 13 for athletics. I didn’t start thinning until I was 26. If protein and supplements were really a factor, it would have started much earlier since I am genetically predisposed. Remember, they are finding that each hair actually has a biomarker which programs it to fall out at a certain point in your life. It’s just going to happen at a certain point in your life without intervention if you have the gene.

    2. you lost a nice looking young lady as you went balder. Not that i don’t believe it. But why would you even care or want her for leaving you for a thing beyond your control.

  25. mjones, khourii, Rancidmango, egghead, follicleman….users who suffers MPB and don’t want…or do something to get a new treatment….crowfunding…or something different…Say this: You dont’ want a new treament, you don’t know what is suffer MPB….that’s awesome.. People like you are our enemies. We want a new treatment. Do you understand it? Maybe no…Propecia and Minoxidil is a sh*t. Hair transplants: Pathetic results. PATHETIC HAIR LOSS INDUSTRY.

      1. I’m old and always… listening false hopes. For 25 years listening the same.
        I ask you to forgive me…if I’ve been rude.

        Have a good day.


    1. Propecia is good man it saved me for 12 yrs! Can’t throw it under the bus dude. I’m just frustrated that it’s not effective for me as it once was.

  26. There has NEVER been so many companies working seriously on hair loss cures as there is now…something will come out sooner than we think. I know its depressing guys, but it does not help your hair loss to stay as negative and pessimistic as some of you are. And plz….dont give me the “im just being realistic”

    1. Hi Spanky, I aplogiz to you and everyone on this site for being pessimistic and depressing today. It’s just this is thr only place I can let out my emotions. Just having a really shit day. I agree there are many new companies working on treatments for baldness. I just hate waiting longer since I have been treating my hair loss fir 15 years now about. It’s exhausting and we should have had a new treatment by now. I just feel that there is alwa ys a delay or sudden issue with a new treatment to be released. It’s Ike we expect everything that is hyped to fail. Sucks!

      Khourli I just turned 34. Why you ask? If you are going to say it’s age related hair losd then I have to disagree. I see 90% of her 30 yrs old out at my gym, club, mall wherever with nw 1 hair. If they have temple recession with no diffuse loss then that is age related losd not recession, diffuse thinning and crown loss like how must of us hsve.

      1. 90 percent is extremely high man. I think you are just easier on other people then you are on yourself. Whenever I am out, I find it remarkable how many people are dealing with hair loss. It is really quite astounding. Seems like almost 90 percent of white guys that I see that are over 40 have a bald spot.

  27. Ive noticed a lot more guys thinning 40 and uo as well. I think some of those guys are guys that came off of propecia just like me. Its not worth the sides. I must say im looking forward to histogen. A product that doesnt have any sides that acrually does something! I know its far from a cure but it is what I am looking forward to for some time now.

    1. I’m afraid histogen may cause cancer. I remember that being a concern. What happened with that? When she mentioned Mexico as a place to get HSC it worried me because their laws are different and if HSC gives you tumors then good luck suing the Mexican clinic. But then again I doubt histogen would release a product that would make us ill. ?

    1. I’m rooting for Histogen as well, even if I have to travel to USA, Canada in 2017. Maybe that 21st Century Cures Act speeds up the release of HSC and other treatment!

      Stay positive

  28. Thats right paul. I hope they fast track an agreement with mexico. How cool would it be to fly there for vacation and get the treatment while there! How great a week is that! If she has the agreement elsewhere I may be less inclined to go due to expense. Hopefully it will be there in mexico within a year from now.

  29. I prefer Canada than mexico. Go to Toronto or Montreal get HSC then hit up the club with full confidence knowing you will get hair back and hook up with some hot Canadian girls

  30. Sorry Paul, but there is nothing that we as a group can do to expedite the process. Its all inthe scscientists and FDA hands now. Spamming people with emails, raising money etc will do nothing. As you said, for 25 years you have heard the same stuff about new treatments. Im pretty damn sure you and a lot of other people back then had the means to “Do” something like you said. It doesnt work. Christiano wont even answer any emails. Now I agree we shouldnt be so pessimistic, but I am not 40 years old with hairloss. I am 24 and up until now I have been decently attractive and attracting women was a simple task. Now all of a sudden in the last 2 years that has changed. In TWO years. Hard not to be pessimistic, especially when you said yourself you have dealt with these “new cures” for 25 years and yet are in the same boat as us.

    Ddog – WPI definitely does increase the rate of hair loss. It wont cause it if you arent already prone to it mpb, but it can definitely speed it up if you have it, even studies show that now. And ive taken it off and on since 16, and I have seen the effects. When im on it hairloss increases. When im off, it decreases. I recently switched to soy protein and it has definitely slowed a little at least. Could be in my head, but there are way too many coincidences for me to think that.

    Mjones, im not knocking propecia, I believe it works for many, but it doesnt for all of them. There are too many posts on increasing loss like myself, libido issues, brain fog etc. My libido went in the toilet when I was on it, and my hairline flew off my head like it was a bad toupee. I was also using minox on my hairlone for a good 6 months as well though, and that may have contributed. Even so though, the libido issue was enough to kill propecia for me.

    1. I am not buying it about WPI. I have not seen any of that literature.

      I agree about Propecia. I experienced side effects very quickly. Shoot, Mjones, you were lucky to be able to use it for so long. You should be thankful.

  31. Yeah guys I def got lucky with propecia..I mean my hair was thinning quickly at age 20. Took propecia at first signs of hsir loss and it stopped it for 12 yrs. The past two years I have been losing ground. I added rogaine foam last Nov 2014 and since adding it my hairline got destroyed and diffuse thinning, right temple looks like shit and left is now following. I think rogaine speed it up but I was losing ground before adding rogaine so I don’t know where I would be now if I didn’t use rogaine . Better? Worse? The same boat but a year from now. Ugggh so confused. I bet I would be a great responder to CB if it was available. Seems like dht blockers are effective fir me. The one thing I can say is that I knew I was going to lose my hair so it wasn’t a shock when it started falling out ar age 20. All the men in my family are Norwood 6 and 7. A few nw 4s but dominately nw 6 and 7. My dad, his dad, my mom brothers, all men on my mom’s side except for her dad. Age related loss but had coverage at 84. Nw4. Damn this curse

  32. The majority of the men in my family have little to no hair loss. I initially came to the conclusion that even if I was prone to hair loss, it would occur during my thirties at earliest and never paid it thought. Well nope. My hair started thinning midway through 23, so it’s obviously a cruel punch nuts how my genes defied the odds. I was finally feeling comfortable and confident with myself after years of dealing with depression and low self-esteem and this just had to come along and shoot me down. It’s like god wants me to be unhappy and neurotic.

  33. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/18/health/alopecia-patients-in-study-grow-hair-with-new-drug.html?_r=0 very old article I am aware. But i see a lot of comments saying that christiano knows and isn’t saying. I’m sure she knows it will cure mpb. If they even make it affordable, the article mentions how a topical needs to be shown before marketing, and phase 2 has been done successfully so far on a girl at yale earlier this month so :) I think its good to keep an open mind about this. Plus i find it interesting universalis and areata both have been fixed by inhibitors. male pattern baldness could also easily be our immune systems attacking the follicles. Yes i believe its genetic and passed down, but that goes hand in hand. my dad passed his shitty genes onto me, just shows people can pass on immune systems that do this.

    As for the wait for 5 years I do believe that it will be quicker but not as a market for mob maybe. As the creams been used in phase 2 for areata or universals (can’t quite remember which) then its safe to say you can’t get a prescription for it when it comes out. If it comes out on market for people for those types of baldness I will be getting it topically. Fortunately i suffer from dry skin which has been linked a lot with male pattern baldness, i ironically only get it near my eyebrows, facial hair and head hair. which shows it could be linked to where my immune system sends messages to destroy my head hair. I could easily mention to a doctor I have the skin symptoms and ask for the topical to cure it. Then woohoo i can try it myself regardless.

    Don’t be mean if I’ve said something you disagree with, or if i seem to not make sense, its hard to get across things in writing sometimes. Also please stop being mean to nasa. I must say he seems the only guy on the whole thread who seems optimistic about jak. He is annoyingly repetitive but least he means well. I must say i am a very realistic 22 year old male and even I feel, a good instinctual feeling jak inhibitors are the cure. The only real worry is price.

    I don’t think companies will try and hide it away. Lets be honest all the companies involved in different means of stopping hairless can take the drug and patent it with something slightly different, then slap their name on it. No one will lose out in the industry really except hair surgeons. But they are outbid.

  34. Ashley, I didnt lose the girl because of my hairloss, at the time it wasn’t really noticeable because I have long hair, maybe 6-7″ all over, so even though my hairline was receding fast, my bangs fell over my forehead and hid everything. I lost the girl because I was on propecia and it killed my libido. After never wanting to have sex, and like 4 times of having sex and going limp halfway through, we kept having fights about how I didn’t want her or wasnt attracted to her blah blah and she left. Thats what made me stop using propecia.

    Netshed- in those two years I lost probably 50-55%. Prior to balding my hair was thick as heck and I had to always get it thinned out at the hairdressers. I noticed a little crown thinning one day and a lot of hairs starting falling out in the shower, I I jumped on propecia. Shortly after, the shed increased a lot and never stopped. Then my hairline started to go fast. I went from an NW1 to an NW3V in 2 years. I can’t say it was definitely the propecia that did it, but I dont think id be this far along the balding process if I hadnt taken propecia. Especially because my hairline was ok before starting.

    Ashley, I agree that it may not be approved for mpb in for like 5 years, but I am not sure if the dose needed for mpb would match the dose needed for areata. I read somewhere (may have been here) that she said the dosage for mpb would have to much higher than for areata. So if we were prescribed a premade lotion for areata, it may not even be effective for mpb.

    1. The speed in which some of us bald is insane. A lot of people, including me, had very thick hair and a large amount of it compared to others before we started balding.

      Then , all of the sudden so much hair is lost, it looks like something turned on/off a switch. I bet even in AGA/MPB, our immunesystem (slowly) attacks the follicles. Scalp continuously inflamed.

      Back in the days, I also had to thin my hair out regularly by the hairdresser. People always asked how come I had so much hair. No idea, my immunesystem was probably my friend during that time.

      3 years later, they ask why I comb it back, why I have it longer, why I don’t use wax anymore, why I don’t dye the grey ones, why I have bald spots and why I have psoriasis flakes everywhere.
      They better ask my enemy, my immunesystem …

  35. I am bit worried about jak inhibitors, as the guy who is expert in that dr brett king is himself bald. I am pretty sure if there was hope he would have tried himself on it. I think it only works for alopecia.

    1. That logic doesn’t make any sense. Dr. Christiano has the cure to alopecia arieta that has been proven to regrow all the hair on your head, but she still wears a wig. She suffers from AA even though she has found the cure. I can’t stand when people say that because a researcher is bald, then it means that their treatment is crap… that is so dumb. It’s not like they sit at home and experiment on themselves. They are out researching and running trials. Stop making assumptions based on the researchers work based off their hair. Appreciate that they are even trying to help you.

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