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Fiji and Russia Take Interest in BioViva and Liz Parrish

I discussed Liz Parrish and BioViva in October of last year.  While there has since been a great deal of skepticism surrounding Ms. Parrish’s self-experimentation as well as scientific credentials, I am still very interested in her approach (in particular, getting treated in developing countries so as to escape US regulations).  She could really help speed up scientific progress.  Moreover, anti-aging work (especially in regards to telomerase) has the potential to help hair loss sufferers too.

BioViva and Sierra Sciences

After some significant negative publicity earlier this year, Liz has received some positive feedback recently and she has visited a number of countries.

  • Shortly thereafter in May, the relatively well respected Dr. Bill Andrews (who I have covered on this blog before if you do a search) of Sierra Sciences announced that his company would partner with Liz’s company BioViva and open an anti-aging clinic in Fiji:

  • Also in May, Bill and Liz co-presented at this year’s 10x Medical Device Conference:

Liz Parrish Visits Russia

For the first time in history two of the fastest growing trends – Longevity and BlockChain – are coming together.

There are quite a few videos of Liz’s numerous presentations in Russia on youtube.  Here are some highlights:

  • The most popular one with almost 100k views:

  • An interview on Russian TV:

  • It really got out of hand in Russia and Liz became a glamour girl:

There is a chance that this company might end up being one of the craziest scams that the biotech world has ever witnessed, but it is nevertheless great to see the popularity of ant-aging treatments in Russia.  The country is the only one besides the US to have its own Cryonics facility.