Elton John and his Hair Mishaps

Today is “Be Bald and Be Free Day”. However, most of us refuse to shave it all off and be free. Therefore, every October 14th is no celebratory occasion for us. Singer and entertainer extraordinaire Elton John agrees with this sentiment. Mr. John has never shaved his head, despite going bald decades ago.

Update: Elton John’s 2023 farewell tour becomes the highest-grossing concert tour of all time per Billboard.

Elton John’s Bad Hair Transplants

Elton John in Hat AutobiographyThis past week, Sir Elton John CBE (born Reginald Kenneth Dwight) has been all over the news. He has been giving some very reveling interviews due to tomorrow’s release of his autobiography: “Me”.

The 72 year old singer and pianist is also on his farewell tour, titled “Farewell Yellow Brick Road”.

In his autobiography, Elton John devotes a lot of space to discussion about his bad hair transplants, wigs, hairpieces, hats to hide his scars and more.

Never Let Anyone See you Bald

My favorite anecdote entails how when Elton John thought that his home was being burgled, his first worry concerned his hair. He ran to his bedroom to put his wig back on. If he was going to be killed by the burglars, he wanted to at least be found dead with a full head of fake hair!

Elton John Hair Transplant Disaster

One of the most surprising things I discovered is that Elton John had two hair transplants in 1976 in France. However, he was highly dissatisfied with the results. His surgeon was a leading hair transplant expert named Pierre Putot.

With his head covered in “scabs and weird craters”, Elton John wore a hat all the time when in public for the next decade. Modern day hair transplants are usually much safer and superior.

Nevertheless, things can still go wrong in the hands of a bad hair transplant surgeon. e.g., see my post on a hair transplant gone wrong. This is especially true if you are travelling abroad to get cheaper hair transplants.

Elton John Hair Loss
Elton John with hair loss and a receding hairline. Source: Getty Images.

Men with excess body hair tend to go bald more frequently, and Elton John is yet another example of this phenomenon. Above photo is from the 1970s, when hairy chests were highly fashionable.

Elton John’s Hairpiece

Elton John Hairpiece Hair System.
Elton John wearing a hairpiece or hair system.

Elton John is one of the most famous people that is confirmed to be wearing a hairpiece. He initially tried a hair weave in the 1980s.

After being told that it looked like a dead squirrel, he got a hairpiece. He has also worn various hair systems and wigs over the years.

Some celebrities such as John Travolta have removed their hairpiece (or hair system or toupee or weave) once in a while. However, Mr. John has never appeared in public without his hair glued on.

No Shaved Head

In the past, Elton John has on rare occasions discussed his hair loss issues. In the below video, Mr. John mentions how his head is the incorrect shape for a bald shaved head look to be suitable.

9 thoughts on “Elton John and his Hair Mishaps”

  1. Interested to read how Elton John ended up wearing hats for ten years. I have got to that stage. and have even had special light weight hats made for in-door wear (e.g. restaurants and galleries etc.). Relatively easy for me as I no longer have to work, so can please myself. As with Elton John, shaving what is left of my hair is not an option for me as I have a head which is not shaped for it (my head goes up too high in a sort of lump and makes me feel extremely self conscious). I have researched hair systems, but I can’t face the thought of having something stuck to my head (and the worry of detection). At least there is the real prospect now of hair multiplication, so I hope that in not too many years in the future I can regain the freedom of having the wind blow through my real hair, and not have to worrying about the wind blowing off my head gear (wig tape is useful), or the problems with overheating.

    1. Feel free to browse previous article on here on my hair system. Frequent trips to Africa and the humid Far East exclude me from using them for now, but I usually get one in winter and they are really good; if you have the money.

      The words fake and detection make me laugh in the world we live in today. Fake tan, filters used on Instagram photos, steroid use for bigger muscles, lipstick, high heels, boob tubes.
      And these people are going to call you out for having a different hair style? Seriously! I would tell you what to say back to them, but I don’t want my comment blocked :-)

  2. as I have already commented in the past … we who suffer from baldness are full of hair, the problem is that this hair is miniaturized, something is needed to bring them back to their original state.

    1. If I was the CEO of Replicel, or any other have-a-go chemistry set outfit, I would be asking people like Elton for a donation. Rich, bald and uncomfortable about it; perfect.

  3. Can you imagine if half the rich balding guys out there donated toward finding a new treatment? Then they wouldnt have to have half their manhood removed by fin and dut and everyone is happy and they did a great deed!

  4. Story is too negative.

    It’s not about being Bald but about having a Full Set of Natural hair AGAIN and hopefully we get great news in 2020. I want great news in 2020!

    On a brighter side I thought Aclaris was about to go bankrupt but they are starting to come back a bit.

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