Response from Camber Regarding its Generic Dutasteride

In the prior post, I completely forgot to mention that a few months ago, I emailed Camber Pharmaceutical about its generic dutasteride quality. The product is actually made by Ascent Pharma. Camber is headquartered in New Jersey (US) while Ascent is headquartered in New York (NY). Moreover, Camber in turn is owned by Hetero (India). Update: The latter’s site no longer exists as of 2022.

In their response pasted further below, they also attached their Camber Pharma Generic Dutasteride Information Brochure.

I have read that Dutasteride and Finasteride can both increase body weight. But perhaps the person responding below is correct in that it is not a common side effect.

Generic Dutasteride Made in the US

My E-mail to Camber:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I recently purchased your Dutasteride from Costco. I thought that in the past it was made in India by your parent company?

However, in the latest product label, it says that the Dutasteride is made by Ascent Pharmaceuticals in New York.

Can you let me know if your manufacturing location was changed recently? Are the active and inactive ingredients still the same if you changed manufacturing plant location?

Also, since I switched to your brand, I am getting a bit more acne and seeing some body weight gain. Are these both common side effects from Dutasteride?

I would also like to be assured that your plant in New York is following strict manufacturing practices and is approved by the FDA. I assume your Dutasteride is very similar to brand name Avodart?

Thank you.

Camber’s Response:

Dear Consumer,

Trust this email finds you well.

Please be informed that Dutasteride Capsules manufactured by Ascent is approved by USFDA in Oct 2016. Product is manufactured by Ascent in New York facility from the date of launch (never manufactured in India).

All the active and inactive ingredients in the formulation is approved by USFDA and is similar to brand Avodart. Also, please be informed that acne and body weight gain are not common side effects of Dutasteride Capsules.

Please find attached Patient Information Label for more information about Dutasteride Capsules.

Thank you.

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  1. “How air pollution may lead to hair loss”

    “While the link between air pollution and serious diseases such as cancer, [chronic obstructive pulmonary disease], and [cardiovascular disease] are well established, there is little to no research on the effect of particulate matter exposure on the human skin and hair in particular.”

    1. This was presented at the EADV Congress in Barcelona which goes until the 13th.
      I went through the programme. Here are some noteworthy lecture topics:

      OP03.06 Up-regulation of Follicular Sulfotransferase Activity via a Novel Pathway may Increase Minoxidil Response Among Androgenetic Alopecia patients

      P0991: The Effect of Daily Aspirin Use on Topical Minoxidil Treatment for Pattern Hair Loss — (Study Findings: chronic low dose aspirin is likely to reduce the efficacy of topical minoxidil treatment)

      P0994: Worldwide Growing Interest In Hair Loss (!!! Now let’s hope “Interest” isn’t the only thing that’s growing in the nearest possible future!!!)

      P1001: Is it Really Effective to Inject Botullinum Toxin on the Male Pattern baldness? (Study Findings: Botulinum toxin was found to be safe and effective therapy for the management of androgenetic alopecia in this pilot study)
      Pictures Here:

      P1014: Association between Androgenetic Alopecia and Coronary Artery Disease (Study Findings: There was statistically significant association between male AGA and CAD : (

      P1019: Effects of Flavonoid Silibinin to Promote Hair Proliferation in Human Dermal Papilla Cells (Study Findings: silibinin promotes proliferation and hair induction through the AKT and Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathways in 3D DP spheroids.)

      P1024: Cosmetic Intervention in Androgenetic Alopecia
      P1027: Effects of Particulate Matter on Human Dermal Papilla Cells (Air Pollution Article Above)

      1. Thanks! I have covered the CAD and AGA link in the past, and the Botox more recently.

        As far as air pollution, I am certain that I have seen the best quality scalp hair and lowest balding rates in the world’s most polluted cities and countries when I have traveled!

        And if air pollution hurts scalp hair, does it also hurt body hair?

  2. The study says some of the Particulate Matter comes from ‘industrial activities such as building, mining and the manufacturing of building materials like cement, ceramics and bricks.’ The theory goes: three proteins responsible for hair growth are decreased with exposure to Particulate Matter, the greater the level of exposure, the greater the decrease in hair growth proteins… Where ever that leads.

    Although the study is framed around the prevalence of hair loss (it says 2/3’s of men will lose their hair), it doesn’t mention androgenetic alopecia specifically, only hair loss in general.

    They may be trying to find out why more men are getting BITEY (Balding In Their Early Youth)… “Recent research in China found men in their 20s were going bald sooner than previous generations. Although balding is typically associated with aging, an increasing number of millennials in the U.S. say they are experiencing hair loss.”

    More reasons for me not to leave the house… hair pollution.

    1. The study authors are chasing a ghost.

      All major industrial activity/poverty has been outsourced to either China or India but westerners growing up today in towns that during the industrial days would have never seen a clear blue sky are not only still going bald but balding sooner.

      What is significantly worse now however are the eating habits worldwide. The fattest guy in your local gym would have been the world’s fattest man a hundred years ago. Merchants are making money on Facebook selling DNA kits for nutrition benefits so people can blame their DNA, despite the fact that the 300 generations before them in their same bloodline did not have obesity.

  3. Great, air pollution causing hair loss and FDA approved generic meds being inferior and the cause of any unwanted body issue one has. This is two clicks away from the everyone gets sides, pharma company tin foil hat crowd. I’ll have to rethink all those generics I’ve taken for years, with no issues, for hair loss and pretty much anything else one get’s afflicted with.

    1. Typical teens: Why should I learn science? It’s got nothing to do with my life and what I want to do when I leave school!

      These people as adults: Vaccines cause autism, everyone gets sides and the Earth is flat.

  4. I have taken 2mg generic finasteride sourced form an Italian pharmacy and my peepee feels weird and my erections aren’t as solid.

    I am also a severe hypochondriac and think I’ll be fine in 1-2 weeks.

  5. Admin
    I think the key to the baldness puzzle lies in two treatments.
    ● Sonic hedgehog
    ● Mitochondrial
    ● WAY-316606
    These treatments should be highlighted because they are the treatment of baldness in the future

  6. I live in NY and take the same generic Dutasteride and have the same side effects. I never used to have any acne but since being on Dut I break out all the time on my face and back… makes me wonder if it’s affecting my hormones differently then the dut I took a few years ago where I didn’t have any Acne. If it’s affecting the testosterone in a way that is different from the other dut could it therefore effect the DHT differently? Perhaps not as effectively…

      1. I take generic Dut and gained weight. I stopped eating so much and lost weight! Really admin, are you crossing over to blame anti-androgens for all of life’s problems?

        1. If you read the original post in detail, it is full of uncertainties about how much blame to attach to the drug. A few new studies suggest more side effects of Dutasteride that originally presumed, but I still choose to continue taking the drug. Remember that these drugs do alter your estrogen, testosterone and DHT…so 10 lbs of weight gain as a side effect of the drug is not completely out of the question. I am of course hoping it is just my lifestle to blame rather than the drug.

          On hair loss forums, lots of people have said that Finasteride reduced their acne. And some have said that it caused them new acne that they never had before.

          1. Admin, I don’t know how old you are but weight get’s easier to gain and harder to loose as we get older, Yoda knows this 1st hand. While I haven’t had any acne from Fin or Dut, unfortunately I find it hard to put much stock in what a few or number of people report on various internet forums. Guess that could include me saying I’ve never experienced appreciable sides, although at least that’s consistent with the data.

  7. I stopped using finasteride about 9 months ago, now I’m just using 5% minoxidil and so far nothing has changed, the hair is exactly like 9 months ago.

  8. Been on Propecia for nearly 5 years, maintaining well. However, just started applying minoxidil to on my face to grow a beard (hopefully) and was wondering if it would indirectly benefit my scalp hair too?

  9. Is it just me, or has there been a noticeable lack of good, promising news in the world of hairloss treatments / possible cures? It seems awfully quiet out there.

    1. August was super, with Tsuji, Fukuda and more. Bit slow since then, but unfortunately you can’t get great news every month :-(

      Hopefully Follica , Follicum, Shiseido, Stemson and Samumed release major positive news before the end of the year. And then Tsuji overrules them all!

      1. Hopefully! Admin, have you ever done any posts that focus on diffuse thinners? Also, have you ever seen any diffuse thinners with buzzcuts?

        I’m able to hide my thinning with concealer – just – but the daily routine is absolutely exhausting, and my hair still doesn’t look great, so I’m tempted to buzz it. Have you any experience with this?

        Mjones? Have you ever buzzed your hair?

        1. My guess is that diffuse thinners would be recommended the same advice as others with MPB, although I am no doctor :-)

          i.e., dutasteride or finasteride if you are ok with any side effects, minoxidil, maybe spironolactone, ru58841 and more if you want to risk a high intense MTF transsexual transition type regimen with major side effects, microneedling, PRP etc…

          Do you go to any dermatologist who specializes in hair loss?

          1. I can’t try finasteride as my wife and I are trying for a child. I will try it as soon as I can. Does anyone use finasteride and dusteride, or is that pointless? I’m not familiar with RU, but I’ll look into it.

            I went to see a dermatologist who specialises in hairloss. She wasn’t very helpful. Didn’t seem too knowledgeable. You guys seem to have better knowledge!

            Going to GP (tomorrow) to ask about Oral Minox.

  10. Respectfully Admin, that is a misleading statement. “Possible” side effects from fin/min, probably remote but I’ll throw ya a bone. RU is not a transsexual transition treatment, yes it carries risk as an unregulated Chinese chemical. Oral spironolactone would be a transsexual transition treatment, topical is not. You seem to be on the side of sides for everyone these days. Are things not going well?

    1. Really? So you are saying no possible sides? I have never claimed as such since starting the blog, so not sure where you got an impression otherwise.

      I could have written a much worse post about sides with the recent studies believe me :-) Just do not want to trust 2-3 studies as yet.

      BTW I said transsexual “type”. Meaning kitchen sink.

  11. No, I didn’t say “no possible sides” , please re-read it admin…I said “possible sides” and quantified that with they are “probably remote” meaning unlikely as the data reports. In my opinion, again “opinion” not a fact, the loudest voices on internet forums are ones that proclaim sides if they’ve taken the meds or not. Can you site credible studies by respected medical professionals about sides that you referenced so that I can get better educated? These would be counter to years of data, not only for hairloss but the conditions these drugs were intended for, e.g. prostrate, B.P. I’ve seen recently seen commercials of “ambulance chasers” regarding side effects from fin so maybe there’s something to this…that was sarcasm! :-) While we may disagree on the extent of sides and what the side are , e.g. weight gain, I really appreciate all that you do and also the clarification on transsexual “type” . BTW, I’m on a kitchen sink (no spironolactone though) and don’t have those sides that I’m aware of.

    1. Ok no worries..but there is no doubt that these drug change estrogen and testosterone levels. So it is really not a surprise that some could get sides from those changes. I never claimed my sides were definitely due to Dutasteride. But more testosterone can cause acne. And more estrogen can cause weight gain (one of the reasons women have more body fat, breasts etc…).

      Mayo Clinic and other even say weight gain is a less common side effect, which is what I am essentially saying as a possibility:

      The most concerning recent studies have been by 3 different teams (found two of those and am pasting below). I did not want to post here without my analysis, as people get scared very easily. But you asked for it :-)

      Probably many other older studies like this too. e.g.,

      “Dutasteride also reduced suppression of nonesterified fatty acids by insulin and increased body fat (by 1.6%)”

  12. You are correct admin, I did ask for it! I see these studies specifically relate to diabetes, cholesterol, etc.not the garden variety sides that are commonly discussed. My insulin and cholesterol levels have stayed fairly constant and like most people can be affected by genetics, lifestyle. Seems like there’s always a number of ways to dissect the data in these types of studies. Then another study comes out that contradicts the previous study. In regards to 1.6% in body fat, that equates to about 2-3 lbs in a 175 lb person. If, again If this was the case I gladly trade this, a change in diet, a bit more exercise to save my hair. Thanks again for all that you do!

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